Marshmello - Power (Official Music Video)


  1. Marshmello

    Marshmello3 months ago

    See more about Million Stories here: Official Mellogang Merch:

  2. Alt3rra

    Alt3rra6 days ago

    I listen to this song to get POWER. Actually all your songs give me power, that is how amazing they are.

  3. Jayanthi Chandrasekara

    Jayanthi Chandrasekara23 days ago


  4. Madlynn Hutson

    Madlynn Hutson23 days ago

    Marshmello you and your videos are so cool 😎

  5. Eliezer Alejandro Zetina reyes

    Eliezer Alejandro Zetina reyes25 days ago

    March mello eres increible cool

  6. Isabela Alves Augusto

    Isabela Alves Augusto27 days ago

    I Love you marshmellow

  7. LouB3rt

    LouB3rt4 hours ago

    how is he paying the rent...

  8. Lalita Kaewsrithat

    Lalita Kaewsrithat5 hours ago

    อึี าาาก็ร่ืะถภ_🎂🎅🏻🐣🐥🦋🌈👯‍♂️👯‍♀️💏

  9. Salahe Salahe

    Salahe Salahe8 hours ago


  10. CatGamer 09

    CatGamer 0919 hours ago

    Geting my marshmello phone case 2:13


    DARK SHADOWS20 hours ago

    I realized the fortnite event was on tv

  12. Lalaka Memdkd

    Lalaka MemdkdDay ago

    8.99k Like marshmello video

  13. Ultimate Shantanu

    Ultimate ShantanuDay ago

    1:47 was that Annie Marie ???

  14. Vandana Gupta

    Vandana GuptaDay ago

    Isn't mello. One of the richest DJs

  15. Marvin YouTube

    Marvin YouTubeDay ago

    Marshmello,je rêve ou tu parles français? Marshmello,it's me or you speak french?

  16. Fanny Mesnage

    Fanny MesnageDay ago

    Trop cool

  17. Danzzz Adventures

    Danzzz AdventuresDay ago

    Marshmello-The Trillogy 2016-Alone 2018-Together 2019-Power

  18. Сибиряк Play

    Сибиряк PlayDay ago


  19. David xd

    David xdDay ago

    Min 0:16 fortnite?

  20. Human The Ape

    Human The ApeDay ago

    0:21 marshmello wants to be himself

  21. Ashley Price

    Ashley Price2 days ago


  22. Rogerio Fernandes Alves

    Rogerio Fernandes Alves2 days ago


  23. Batuhan Sahin

    Batuhan Sahin2 days ago

    OMG Marshmello 36 milli on subsucribe :) :) nice

  24. estefani fernandez

    estefani fernandez2 days ago

    I do not know if nobody noticed but at the beginning of the video he did not have food in his fridge then on TV he saw a DJ keyboard and then he saved to buy it and he did not notice the food xD

  25. Shafeenaar Anaj

    Shafeenaar Anaj2 days ago

    Cool mello

  26. Jk Yt

    Jk Yt2 days ago

    I love you mello

  27. Maria Edjalyn Suralta

    Maria Edjalyn Suralta2 days ago

    Marshmello- is the best woohooo :)

  28. William Crossan

    William Crossan2 days ago

    it's the best 😍

  29. beda parkourista grunfeld

    beda parkourista grunfeld3 days ago

    You Chinese

  30. potato- cat

    potato- cat3 days ago

    Me:Wow so many things Mom:clean up the room,table, and the couch Me:NUUHHHHHHHHH GOODBYE WOMAN

  31. Toa Keehan

    Toa Keehan3 days ago

    I love it so good bro so good bro

  32. Toa Keehan

    Toa Keehan3 days ago

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhg good band

  33. Jhonathan Paim

    Jhonathan Paim3 days ago

    Acho qe voce e um dos maiores youtuber do mundo ale de cer o que as gosto

  34. Jennifer Murphy

    Jennifer Murphy3 days ago


  35. Lil Bozie Vlog

    Lil Bozie Vlog3 days ago

    Was that logic as a cameo

  36. Antonio Magno

    Antonio Magno3 days ago


  37. Til Guse

    Til Guse3 days ago

    Old good melody = Good old Vibes

  38. Barney Stinson

    Barney Stinson3 days ago

    Love your songs

  39. JamezGamezTV

    JamezGamezTV3 days ago

    Lol the styrofoam inside the DJ mixer box were shaped like marshmallows

  40. jerwin grande

    jerwin grande3 days ago

    Ang galing

  41. The Wolverine

    The Wolverine3 days ago


  42. Rodrigo Novelo

    Rodrigo Novelo3 days ago


  43. turkb01

    turkb013 days ago

    Think I can get a job at that place? Looks pretty lit

  44. Sofia Barraza

    Sofia Barraza3 days ago


  45. Sofia Barraza

    Sofia Barraza3 days ago

    A quie estoy yo maro

  46. Outcast

    Outcast3 days ago

    Skrillex x Marshmello - ID

  47. Alfredo Notaro

    Alfredo Notaro4 days ago

    how do people get so many likes I wish you could give me some pls

  48. specktro bro

    specktro bro4 days ago

    GG for marshmello

  49. ooobabymydoggaming yt

    ooobabymydoggaming yt4 days ago

    i think he will gonna beat pewdepie

  50. Magdalena Budz

    Magdalena Budz4 days ago

    Marsz. Melo jesteś suPEr

  51. Sofa Live

    Sofa Live4 days ago

    Я одна пытаюсь найти русских?

  52. lol xx

    lol xx4 days ago

    DJ MARSHMELLO♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  53. Maria Tanea Gonçalves

    Maria Tanea Gonçalves4 days ago

    Se alguem fala portugues da like

  54. jonathan luzardo

    jonathan luzardo4 days ago

    Amazing music!

  55. Zeyad An

    Zeyad An4 days ago

    2019 like😂❤️

  56. Monica Barrios

    Monica Barrios4 days ago

    A poner otra canción pero por favor que hable el tipo