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Maroon 5 - Three Little Birds


  1. Eduardo Díaz

    Eduardo DíazDay ago


  2. pancake fox

    pancake fox2 days ago

    You fuckers cant do this shit

  3. bts vs btr

    bts vs btr2 days ago


  4. AnuVis 950

    AnuVis 9503 days ago

    I am from Z generation and i like this song and Bob marley version XD

  5. Nesrin Kanatlı

    Nesrin Kanatlı4 days ago


  6. Sam Bak

    Sam Bak4 days ago


  7. Houm Xing

    Houm Xing4 days ago


  8. ra前個人

    ra前個人5 days ago

    Disrespectful to Bob Marley.

  9. hurairah _YT

    hurairah _YT5 days ago

    Cause every little is gonna be alright

  10. No Nam

    No Nam6 days ago

    I like bob marleys version more

  11. Brian Eastburn

    Brian Eastburn6 days ago

    These guys need to have their instruments and equipment away from them for this third grade version of a classic Marley tune. Maroon 5 is such a slap in the face to real musicians.

  12. Mr Preeday

    Mr Preeday6 days ago

    I bet maroon , waited for Bob Marley to die so he can play his song , but give no credit to our dead man

  13. Paominzai Lienthang

    Paominzai Lienthang8 days ago

    love how they cover BOB'S Song,

  14. SuperMuuo

    SuperMuuo8 days ago

    White people have nothing sacred

  15. Mr Schneebly

    Mr Schneebly8 days ago

    If it ain't broke…..why do people cover the classics?! It lacks Reggae SOUL!!!

  16. Suzana Jordan

    Suzana Jordan9 days ago

    Efektne naočali

  17. the nightmare

    the nightmare9 days ago

    Wooooohh 🎶🎧😍👌🇵🇭

  18. Liam Gallagher

    Liam Gallagher9 days ago

    Very cool

  19. Juju Aguirre

    Juju Aguirre10 days ago

    2062? Still here

  20. Raven Gargamel

    Raven Gargamel10 days ago

    Sorry Bro, Original Song is much better !!! :-()

  21. Engke Lolipop

    Engke Lolipop11 days ago


  22. muhammad agus noviyanto

    muhammad agus noviyanto11 days ago

    A good song from a great band tribute for Bob Marley

  23. Mark Questio

    Mark Questio11 days ago

    Who's Bob Marley?

  24. Mark Questio

    Mark Questio11 days ago

    Who's Bob Marley?

  25. Cak Hayden

    Cak Hayden11 days ago

    No women no cry

  26. Russell Gore

    Russell Gore12 days ago

    Lsd music video

  27. Giovanni Hernández

    Giovanni Hernández12 days ago

    El mejor bob marli

  28. Tallen

    Tallen12 days ago

    Songs without auto tune are much better

  29. Fun 101 Productions

    Fun 101 Productions14 days ago


  30. justmeandshit

    justmeandshit14 days ago

    white washing is not dead wtf smh

  31. MichaelBFDII wong

    MichaelBFDII wong15 days ago

    I bet this video's budget is astronomically higher than Girls Like You while getting abysmally lesser attention by us

  32. TricKed-_Killz _

    TricKed-_Killz _15 days ago

    Ruined it👎

  33. lovi808

    lovi80815 days ago

    Are you copying the other guy how write this!

  34. 닉네임

    닉네임15 days ago


  35. Unknown Vortex

    Unknown Vortex16 days ago

    This is terrible

  36. Paulina A.

    Paulina A.17 days ago

    Esta hubiese levantado el súper bowl 🙆🙆🙆🙆

  37. Jamal Reynolds

    Jamal Reynolds17 days ago


  38. お弁当温めますか?

    お弁当温めますか?18 days ago

    W、Why Hyundai?

  39. Diana Garcia

    Diana Garcia18 days ago


  40. Skjuba

    Skjuba18 days ago

    Shitty cover

  41. Miyah Ackerman

    Miyah Ackerman18 days ago

    they should've put 'Three Little Birds cover'. Cause I heard this at spotify and thought it's their own song. But it was Bob Marley's. no hate hehe, I like this cover.

  42. Paul Lyn

    Paul Lyn19 days ago

    They were wrong to remix a Jamaican song and it doesn't sound good

  43. MR_radiation

    MR_radiation20 days ago

    Bob Marley?

  44. Azariah Micha

    Azariah Micha23 days ago

    When your favorite song covered by band you hate........I mean who needs this, the original is far better than this. RIP legend bob marley

  45. randall rhodes

    randall rhodes23 days ago

    Quite honestly the best thing i've ever heard from Maroon 5.

  46. Connor r

    Connor r23 days ago

    Great tribute song to Bob Marley good luck to maroon 5 at the super bowl and Travis Scott as well!😎😉😀😍☺️

  47. High Dude

    High Dude24 days ago

    Please make one called “Over the Rainbow” by IZ

  48. Cypher anonymity

    Cypher anonymity25 days ago


  49. Gamer GM shakeM

    Gamer GM shakeM26 days ago

    Default dance

  50. Akshath Akshath

    Akshath Akshath26 days ago

    I was the 1st or 2nd view

  51. cesar videos

    cesar videos27 days ago

    O:33, thanos ?

  52. 냥냥월드

    냥냥월드27 days ago

    Wow... so amazing! Um.. It's similar to 'Don't Worry, Be Happy'!!!

  53. eminem07

    eminem0727 days ago

    Double plagiarized Song: 3 little birds by Bob Marley Video: Light it up by major lazer

  54. Ray De Leon

    Ray De Leon28 days ago

    Guys this is a tribute , just enjoy and dont worry about a thing cuz every little thing its gonna be alright 8)

  55. sajan kute

    sajan kuteMonth ago

    Who thinks this the best song while smoking weed

  56. Isaac Rivera

    Isaac RiveraMonth ago

    Duck ass unoriginal pisce of crap fucken up an orginal.

  57. TSB Nevada

    TSB NevadaMonth ago

    I love maroon 5 and this sounds amazing and as a 14 year old I have to say Bob Marleys is still better no matter what and it gives credit in the description please read it

  58. Ryan Tunbridge

    Ryan TunbridgeMonth ago

    This is disgusting, people don’t know that this song is by the legend Bob Marley and Maroon 5 didn’t give any credit to Bob. Just because a legend is dead doesn’t mean he’s dead in other people’s hearts. You need to give credit to him whether you want to or not.

  59. larissa Monteiro

    larissa MonteiroMonth ago

    hakuna matata

  60. diana paola delgado ortiz

    diana paola delgado ortizMonth ago


  61. Regga Arya CH

    Regga Arya CHMonth ago

    I like marley songs 😍

  62. thebestgamer 949

    thebestgamer 949Month ago

    My class sing this to the school

  63. rinta karisma

    rinta karismaMonth ago


  64. John Tillett

    John TillettMonth ago

    Had to make it a hyundai commercial 🤦🏻‍♂️

  65. Napalmenhocker

    NapalmenhockerMonth ago

    Fucking stealer

  66. sunit choudhury

    sunit choudhuryMonth ago


  67. Samilly França

    Samilly FrançaMonth ago

    i love it

  68. Juliana Saxton

    Juliana SaxtonMonth ago

    maroon 5

  69. Juliana Saxton

    Juliana SaxtonMonth ago

    maroon b

  70. Juliana Saxton

    Juliana SaxtonMonth ago

    is a mar

  71. Juliana Saxton

    Juliana SaxtonMonth ago

    like that song

  72. Super Vlogs Divertidos En Casa

    Super Vlogs Divertidos En CasaMonth ago


  73. Yacob Abdullah

    Yacob AbdullahMonth ago

    Whoaa 👍❤️😘🥰

  74. Carl Jhon

    Carl JhonMonth ago

    where is PJ Morton??

  75. Dave Allgaier Official

    Dave Allgaier Official8 days ago

    Carl Jhon I noticed too! Why isn’t he anywhere to be seen?! 🤨

  76. BluesXGaming

    BluesXGamingMonth ago

    *This video shows how Adam Levine is as good as Bob Marley(but Bob's still the best for me).*

  77. Mina The Beautiful Sunflower

    Mina The Beautiful SunflowerMonth ago

    Who didn’t read the description so stop bugging the living shit out of Maroon 5

  78. Chevy Chapmean

    Chevy ChapmeanMonth ago

    Put the ""three little birds"" back in the cage (maroon5)

  79. Chevy Chapmean

    Chevy ChapmeanMonth ago

    Bob marleys was better , no offense just an opinion

  80. Judy Mend0za

    Judy Mend0zaMonth ago

    Potheads hehe

  81. Rosanna Brook

    Rosanna BrookMonth ago


  82. squareloops

    squareloopsMonth ago

    Pretty faithful to Bob's original. I like it.

  83. Victor Elías Mijares Reyes

    Victor Elías Mijares ReyesMonth ago

    cheverisima la version thanks

  84. Felipe silva

    Felipe silvaMonth ago

    Bob Marley eterno

  85. Player Master

    Player MasterMonth ago

    Best video ever

  86. Elvin John Tropezado

    Elvin John TropezadoMonth ago

    OMG they did this?! How come I just saw this today

  87. Suzane Maria

    Suzane MariaMonth ago

    Maron Massimo

  88. 47un

    47unMonth ago

    CGI is better than what most movies use these days

  89. TrapStar

    TrapStarMonth ago

    Bob Marley Legend

  90. NopaiN

    NopaiNMonth ago

    Go Watch the video of Major Lazer - Light It Up then come back here , watch this shit.

  91. Jonas Marcos

    Jonas MarcosMonth ago

    dont worry about thing cause every little thing in 2k19 gonna be alright

  92. john Taylor

    john TaylorMonth ago

    Yes, I only just heard of this band and glad to see that in half a year they got 19 million listens to this song, 2019 feeling good already

  93. Amaxing World Peace

    Amaxing World PeaceMonth ago

    Maroon 5 just do their best too bring our mr bob marleyyy memories..tq maroon 5

  94. Owen Kelly

    Owen KellyMonth ago

    0:32 mr stark... I don’t feel so good 😂

  95. Kool-Wade Man

    Kool-Wade Man7 days ago


  96. Fake Man

    Fake ManMonth ago


  97. acchariya adhimokkha dhammaguna maddava A.D.M

    acchariya adhimokkha dhammaguna maddava A.D.MMonth ago

    Haha good sing ron

  98. The Darknes

    The DarknesMonth ago

    Whatttt? Reagge?????

  99. SlapCamTV

    SlapCamTVMonth ago

    Like for Bob Marley n 1/2/2019

  100. Cheese Hole

    Cheese HoleMonth ago

    Well this voice sucked this is the fUcKiNg rIp Of

  101. Helenaa Br

    Helenaa BrMonth ago

    Cadê os Br?

  102. Thomas Turbando

    Thomas TurbandoMonth ago

    *Oi meu chapa*

  103. Aley Abdelkader

    Aley AbdelkaderMonth ago

    Should they say it’s a tribute to Bob Marley or at least mention him? And is it their right to take his song?

  104. HD Tik Tok Video

    HD Tik Tok VideoMonth ago