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Maroon 5 - Three Little Birds


  1. abhishek tripathi

    abhishek tripathi4 hours ago

    Bob 😘

  2. Andy Pineapple

    Andy Pineapple10 hours ago

    Could they at least credit Bob Marley and the Wailers?

  3. EL Basso1069

    EL Basso106918 hours ago

    sounds like shit compared to thw original....get your own music!!!

  4. אביחי להב

    אביחי להבDay ago

    Is it just me or they’ve changed the video?

  5. I Love Bob For #ever

    I Love Bob For #everDay ago

    Bob my best siger of all time❤❤❤

  6. Jana Roberts

    Jana RobertsDay ago

    I know........but Adam knows.....Peace...Harmony. .....Tranquility on Earth. Give back don't be of self service love your neighbor like your brother.........

  7. Alekz Aparicio

    Alekz Aparicio2 days ago

    To bob marley like this.

  8. R. Maulana Wajid

    R. Maulana Wajid2 days ago

    Is that a dancing ganja?

  9. Peach Pineapple

    Peach Pineapple3 days ago


  10. khader yasin

    khader yasin3 days ago

    you can't be lion maron5

  11. Paulo Sorvete

    Paulo Sorvete3 days ago

    O maroon parece o pai do far cry 5

  12. adji barra samudra

    adji barra samudra4 days ago

    plagiarism, you duplicate the song Bob Marley

  13. preacherspy Gaming

    preacherspy Gaming5 days ago

    you copied bob marley's song you cheater

  14. Wumby Gumby Stumpy

    Wumby Gumby Stumpy6 days ago

    Why did I sit through this

  15. soufiane soufiane

    soufiane soufiane7 days ago

    Bob Marley 💪❤️

  16. Just in

    Just in7 days ago

    When I white guy goes to the Caribbean smh

  17. Bard company

    Bard company7 days ago


  18. Kile Twotown

    Kile Twotown8 days ago

    November 2018?

  19. Moises Reynoso

    Moises Reynoso8 days ago


  20. XxViperElitexX XxViperElitexX

    XxViperElitexX XxViperElitexX8 days ago

    They took out my favorite part of the song from the and it's the little sound right after he says "This is my message to you." on the bob Marley version

  21. TheGaming Fan21

    TheGaming Fan218 days ago

    Read the description guys

  22. matt farmer

    matt farmer9 days ago

    The only instrument that is actually being played in this video is maybe drums and keyboards.

  23. ToastedToast

    ToastedToast10 days ago

    I dont realy like it because it had copied bob Marley but it is good though

  24. Mark Manning

    Mark Manning10 days ago

    The bob Marley version is better marrrrrrroon 666

  25. dr pedersen

    dr pedersen11 days ago

    This is fucking awfull

  26. pramod bhat

    pramod bhat11 days ago

    Hyundai product placement on a Bob Marley song.. riiiiight..

  27. Kratos

    Kratos12 days ago

    1 like for Bob marley

  28. Chaithanya Kumar A

    Chaithanya Kumar A13 days ago

    Bob Marley😍😍

  29. Bernard Tapie

    Bernard Tapie13 days ago

    Obvious easy commercial trick , re making a really popular positive song , changing nothing , and making an horrible and cheap video clip which is just a crappy advertising for Honda. I didn't though Adam Levine needed money that much , or maybe it was UMG who needed money . Creativity=0 , just a Bob Marley cover made by professional musicians and sound engineers

  30. Hoopla Fish

    Hoopla Fish14 days ago

    Yoman SIKAT BANG!! 🔥🔥 #Indonesia

  31. Erci XIV

    Erci XIV14 days ago

    Man this video is trippy AF. Noice.

  32. TheMassey11

    TheMassey1114 days ago

    I think they shoulda left this song to the legend Marley, JS it’s like rap in country music doesn’t fit.

  33. Veronica Santillan

    Veronica Santillan15 days ago

    Lyrics plz


    Black Rose Beatz TYPE BEATS & RAP INSTRUMENTALS15 days ago

    📂Documents └📁Music └📁Maroon 5 └📁 Bad Songs └⚠️ This folder is empty

  35. Rafli Budiman

    Rafli Budiman12 days ago

    This is not their song

  36. angel Velazquez

    angel Velazquez15 days ago

    Love you song i am crime

  37. luis vicuna

    luis vicuna15 days ago

    Aún no superó lo que hizo el maldito del Thanos :v

  38. TsM_kOby 22

    TsM_kOby 2216 days ago

    This is bob marley song copier

  39. Joseph Bigstone

    Joseph Bigstone16 days ago


  40. Matus Nunez

    Matus Nunez17 days ago

    Algun argentino?

  41. Kindnesst

    Kindnesst18 days ago

    Bob Marley IS life!!

  42. Shirley Hatfield

    Shirley Hatfield18 days ago

    I LOVE YOU ADAM!!!!!

  43. Alejandro Almanza

    Alejandro Almanza18 days ago

    Puto asco de versión.

  44. Lauren Levin

    Lauren Levin19 days ago

    Those crabs....I can't.

  45. Panda Lover Draganovic

    Panda Lover Draganovic20 days ago

    How Do People Not Know That Bob Marley Made This Song

  46. dj hoerbie Typhoon 500 4k

    dj hoerbie Typhoon 500 4k20 days ago

    Great cover! Bob would be proud of!

  47. Can we get 5000 Subs without a video

    Can we get 5000 Subs without a video21 day ago

    Fuck you guys

  48. Marcus Ruby

    Marcus Ruby21 day ago

    I know that it is a bib Marley because I live in Jamaica so I know all of his songs

  49. Amy Durre

    Amy Durre21 day ago

    I do believe this is one of the best versions I have heard. Good job boys, but you are no Bob Marley Adam.

  50. Hamza Guled

    Hamza Guled22 days ago

    Seriously it's an shameful that most of the people forget that originally it's an Bob Marley's song it's sad

  51. Antonio Lopez

    Antonio Lopez22 days ago

    13 minute

  52. Antonio Lopez

    Antonio Lopez22 days ago


  53. KD_LeaN

    KD_LeaN23 days ago


  54. annemarie hallinan

    annemarie hallinan23 days ago

    Bob Marley wud b proud, Great band great song👍🌞🌞❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  55. Кот Котович

    Кот Котович23 days ago

    Помню рекламу Hyndai Tuscon

  56. Cassandra Mullins

    Cassandra Mullins23 days ago

    Omg you reimagined my child hood song love you guys!!!!!!😂😄

  57. Nad nanegh

    Nad nanegh24 days ago

    Very good idea Bob Marley's song ....... Amazing thank you, what else ?

  58. yazid namry

    yazid namry25 days ago

    I prefer Bob Marley's version

  59. Ruben chacon Gaytan

    Ruben chacon Gaytan26 days ago

    hermosa rolaaaa

  60. stories by tribals

    stories by tribals26 days ago

    Is it a cover ????

  61. Lord Zaga

    Lord Zaga26 days ago

    I expected to see Bob Marley on the video #TheLegend

  62. Pasty Fella

    Pasty Fella26 days ago

    I feel like it disrespected the song in a way

  63. Ivan Emma

    Ivan Emma26 days ago

    The only music that have the capacity to get it´s vibes straight to your brain. From all the music i´ve ever listened to, nothing is even close to replace the magic of his music. Marley was one human in a million. Much respect...

  64. Shamsia Love

    Shamsia Love26 days ago

    AWESOME, FUN tribute!! Thank you!!😘💖✌😃❤

  65. Natália Souza

    Natália Souza26 days ago

    October 2018? Brazil💚🎀

  66. Kijas

    Kijas26 days ago

    Omg stop it with the fake camera shake. Otherwise great vid

  67. XxRayanLeGendxX PUBG

    XxRayanLeGendxX PUBG27 days ago


  68. Rem Angelo Calilung

    Rem Angelo Calilung27 days ago

    Jason Mraz did a better cover.

  69. Official Theresa

    Official Theresa27 days ago

    Ummmm shouldn't they say on the title "COVER"!!!! LONG LIVE BOB MARLEY!!!!!

  70. Exilus Family

    Exilus Family21 day ago

    Official Theresa he died so they don’t owe copyright to him so they can monetize it

  71. NK A

    NK A27 days ago

    The number of people whining "oh it's not the same like the original","oh Bob Marley's version is better", oh oh oh it's a bloody rendition fgs just shut the fuck uuuuupp and enjoy.

  72. c c

    c c27 days ago

    They copied bob marley

  73. c c

    c c11 days ago

    Oh sorry

  74. Keptbloom 57624

    Keptbloom 5762427 days ago

    They didnt copy they just did a cover of his song people do it all the time

  75. Ricky Lenjau

    Ricky Lenjau28 days ago

    This kind of video is For those who high af... Like me...

  76. Maynard Arevalo

    Maynard Arevalo28 days ago

    bob marley

  77. Jocieli Vieira

    Jocieli Vieira28 days ago

    Que música gostosa de ouvir ao acordar !!!!

  78. Greg Dimas

    Greg Dimas28 days ago

    Wonderful video ❤❤

  79. 이시훈

    이시훈28 days ago

    I think this song is very low-valued ㅠㅠ

  80. crisanto cortez

    crisanto cortez29 days ago

    LOVE IT!!!!

  81. Teeay

    Teeay29 days ago

    fuck this! Bob marley's better

  82. Yudi Pra

    Yudi Pra29 days ago


  83. japared oakfield

    japared oakfield29 days ago

    This is bullshit. Fucking hate these cunts with a passion. They can never ruin this awesome song but they weren’t far off.

  84. Ava Wilson

    Ava Wilson29 days ago

    This music is awful. They need to pay more tribute to Bob Marley, I like grew up on Bob Marley because my Mom would play Bob Marley in the car, to put me asleep, and just whenever we had the time. Like if you agree.

  85. iwan gunawan

    iwan gunawan29 days ago

    love this song

  86. agus setyawan17

    agus setyawan17Month ago

    Don't worry

  87. Sisilo Famuji

    Sisilo FamujiMonth ago

    This is indonesia

  88. Che R

    Che RMonth ago

    Stolen birds, Nice cover

  89. Apdia Janko

    Apdia JankoMonth ago

    That's why we say that Bob will always be a legend

  90. Leroy Meijer

    Leroy MeijerMonth ago

    Aparte vidio

  91. Alex Gomes

    Alex GomesMonth ago


  92. makeup tutorials makeup

    makeup tutorials makeupMonth ago

    Your going to get banned for stealing a Jamaican reggae icon song .

  93. Riccardo Iacovantuono

    Riccardo IacovantuonoMonth ago

    Love it 😻🤩😍❤️⚡️✌️




  95. Andrea Drake

    Andrea DrakeMonth ago

    Love this version

  96. C.

    C.Month ago

    FINALLY a worthy cover of this gem!

  97. i kno da wae

    i kno da waeMonth ago

    Bob Marley and what he stood for lives on in us forever

  98. Thai Carvalho

    Thai CarvalhoMonth ago


  99. Lutfan Andrian

    Lutfan AndrianMonth ago

    Wow Amazing, I love Bob Marley

  100. Gamer Hamdy

    Gamer HamdyMonth ago

    Bob Marley RIP

  101. hishams tnr

    hishams tnrMonth ago

    This is the song of bobmarley


    GAMING MEDMonth ago

    Its word for word the bob marley song ... very original maroon 5 😒 RIP BOB MARLEY !

  103. Zoomslasher

    ZoomslasherMonth ago

    This ain’t it chief, you should have left it to Marley

  104. Mystic Umbreon Haunts

    Mystic Umbreon HauntsMonth ago

    Why take drugs when i have this

  105. Sherlock Holmes

    Sherlock HolmesMonth ago

    I'm from Thailand .If you go to beach of Thailand you should open this song because it chill.