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Maroon 5 - Three Little Birds


  1. Muhammed Ajmla

    Muhammed Ajmla12 minutes ago


  2. yossef

    yossef46 minutes ago

    اللي جاي من اعلان هونداي لايك

  3. Jovina Maríanna Einarsdóttir

    Jovina Maríanna Einarsdóttir51 minute ago

    You suck dont steal Bob marleys songð

  4. hakai somo

    hakai somoHour ago

    it new bob marley

  5. Fatalzo

    Fatalzo2 hours ago

    Hyundai Ad bring me here ...

  6. becky black

    becky black2 hours ago

    The original song from bob marley is alot better than this song

  7. Dereck Dk

    Dereck Dk2 hours ago

    Classic 🌴🏄🏻‍♂️

  8. Kombat IV

    Kombat IV2 hours ago

    I love origin but this is not bad :) :)

  9. Sri Vogt

    Sri Vogt3 hours ago

    EXCUSE ME YOU STOLE BOB MARLEYS SONG TYPE IM BOB MARLEY THREE LITTLE BIRDS. I kinda hate u guys now. Not original 😑😤😤😤😒😒😡😡😠😠

  10. Mohannad RQ

    Mohannad RQ4 hours ago

    This song is for commercial

  11. ab patino

    ab patino4 hours ago

    Whot oup mon -bob Marley (i tried to make it sound like bob Marley lol cause my uncle loves him )

  12. Kamil Misiaszej

    Kamil Misiaszej4 hours ago

    Im still chill but little bit angry becouse this copy 5

  13. amir abid

    amir abid5 hours ago

    Nice work on the cover he is a good fucking artist but i do prefer the orginal and the animations are amazing 2 there you go you can have a opinion and not have the whole comment section hate you

  14. Maciej

    Maciej5 hours ago

    It's cover?

  15. Maciej

    Maciej3 hours ago

    Take a cover

  16. Maciej

    Maciej3 hours ago


  17. afrimedia afroblacco

    afrimedia afroblacco4 hours ago

    Maciej Yeah , Bob Marley and the Wailers, Exodus 1977!

  18. Rachel Edmonds

    Rachel Edmonds6 hours ago

    totally awesome vid!!! love it!!!!!

  19. kenn maalim

    kenn maalim7 hours ago

    Woow!! 😍😍❤️❤️

  20. Trudy Barnett

    Trudy Barnett8 hours ago


  21. Bruh Bruh

    Bruh Bruh10 hours ago


  22. Arkadipto Nayak

    Arkadipto Nayak10 hours ago

    Good but but Adam can never match the beauty of the original bob marley song...Everytime being high when I hear the original one I lost in the music...I got my nerves back when I hear "'everything's gonna be alright'" from bob marley

  23. Nur Kholik

    Nur Kholik10 hours ago

    rasta man

  24. boni fasius

    boni fasius11 hours ago

    bob maroon

  25. Zouziva

    Zouziva12 hours ago

    Cool CGI btw ..

  26. Steven Jiménez

    Steven Jiménez13 hours ago

    The animation is amazing! :0

  27. Ben juegos y mas

    Ben juegos y mas13 hours ago

    This Is My Meseng to you

  28. Ava Mae

    Ava Mae13 hours ago

    Me: clicks on video Adam: *sings three little birds* Me: OMG I used to love this song ahhhhh!!!😅 P.S. I'm a huge fan girl 😂🤣

  29. is lem

    is lem15 hours ago

    OMG Cool😍😍

  30. block game

    block game15 hours ago

    is fifa ?

  31. Mirissa Padilla

    Mirissa Padilla15 hours ago

    vídeo novedoso..👍

  32. Izabel Freitas

    Izabel Freitas15 hours ago

    Bob Marley forever ❤

  33. Jana Roberts

    Jana Roberts16 hours ago

    Awsome Marley Remake Adam! Marley was a good human and is worth keeping his memory!

  34. Renato Araujo

    Renato Araujo17 hours ago

    This song is the same one that sounds in the movie I'm Legend. At the beginning of the movie when will smith bathes his bitch it sounds and is the same. It must be a signal

  35. GuccuJ 13

    GuccuJ 1318 hours ago

    Реклама hyundai)

  36. Theunkowable123

    Theunkowable12318 hours ago

    Idk man to me Maroon 5 have always had shitty songs, and even their covers are shit

  37. Joel Jon

    Joel Jon18 hours ago

    This World Cup Advertisement is going to drive me insane 🤯

  38. Rose Raftery

    Rose Raftery18 hours ago

    Ok but wtf the original is way better

  39. Pratiksha Theodore

    Pratiksha Theodore18 hours ago

    0:33 Thanos snapped his fingers.


    GRENDIZERGO119 hours ago

    Bob Marley 👍👍🏾


    RATONyKESO19 hours ago

    Like si buscaste la cancion como ''cancion que suena en el comercial de hiundai'' :v

  42. Cletus Ntih

    Cletus Ntih20 hours ago

    Wow! 🎶❤

  43. SAmmy uLquaTor

    SAmmy uLquaTor20 hours ago

    boring af

  44. Henry Villasmils

    Henry Villasmils20 hours ago

    La canción es buena, pero el video es un asco.

  45. Marisol Mendez

    Marisol Mendez21 hour ago

    Ü. B)

  46. camrenzinha

    camrenzinha21 hour ago

    bob marley vibes. ✨❤

  47. Xarmiento VEVO

    Xarmiento VEVO22 hours ago

    Like si viniste por la propaganda que están dando del mundial hahah

  48. Barney Son

    Barney Son22 hours ago

    3 little birds, by 5 morons.

  49. James Kulu

    James Kulu22 hours ago


  50. Sunil Narine

    Sunil Narine22 hours ago

    This was really nice, Caribbean folks will like it but I think if you revise songs like "Drinking Rum and Coca Cola" or something more positive like "Don't Worry, Be Happy", Maroon 5 can make more of an impact!

  51. datboiD

    datboiD23 hours ago

    where my bong at.....o im smoking out of it right now, my bad

  52. Broeren Games

    Broeren Games23 hours ago

    Bob Marley is a legend but this wow!

  53. Tranquille69

    Tranquille6923 hours ago

    Bob ❤️

  54. Bomber Wizard

    Bomber Wizard23 hours ago

    Like, If u come from Hyundai ad on fifa world cup 🦊😂

  55. Joaovitor 17

    Joaovitor 17Day ago

    O espanta tubaroes ta no ar glraaaa

  56. Miles A

    Miles ADay ago

    Hyundai brought me here

  57. Guntur Kurniawan

    Guntur KurniawanDay ago


  58. Maximo Antonio

    Maximo AntonioDay ago

    Nice cover, bad video

  59. swagggamersnl

    swagggamersnlDay ago

    I swear this song reminds me of bob marley

  60. 주예승

    주예승Day ago

    Anyone came because of hyundai??

  61. Aissa Boutabdja

    Aissa BoutabdjaDay ago


  62. SoftPaws293746

    SoftPaws293746Day ago

    This straight up reminds me of a movie made from Disney

  63. clara naldal

    clara naldalDay ago

    so great with the recording of the music video love u songs so much

  64. David Karanja

    David KaranjaDay ago

    great song.Love it

  65. nono boss

    nono bossDay ago

    *Perfect😍😍😍😍😍 this song make me love my comfortzone😂😍 you sing it just like water man 😍💞 .. from **#palestine*

  66. Niels Dekker

    Niels DekkerDay ago

    BOB marley i good and this is pretty good to

  67. ronish limbu

    ronish limbuDay ago

    Love this song..😍😍😍

  68. Pedro Chavesta Gómez

    Pedro Chavesta GómezDay ago

    Success and good vibes!

  69. Javozz Galán Rubio

    Javozz Galán RubioDay ago

    I prefer the original song of Bob Marley and not this cover of Maroon Five and I still do not understand why it is called Three Little Birds?

  70. IagO_ BR

    IagO_ BRDay ago

    Já são 4 e 20? Kkkkk

  71. Flamejado BR

    Flamejado BRDay ago


  72. 김홍철

    김홍철Day ago

    Maroon5 노래 good

  73. Alvaro Ramón Velázquez Gutiérrez

    Alvaro Ramón Velázquez GutiérrezDay ago

    So high now.. best song to chill!

  74. wayne dwop

    wayne dwopDay ago

    Bob just turned in his grave, fuck this


    AYTA BUZZDay ago

    who is here for pub of hyundai worldcup 2018 in BEIN SPORT

  76. Fabriccio Davila Norabuena

    Fabriccio Davila NorabuenaDay ago

    Soy peruano me gusta la cancion Para Las mujeres

  77. gffhhb gdtyhhh

    gffhhb gdtyhhhDay ago

    الي جاي عن طريق بي ان وعربي يسلخ لايك

  78. Raymond Sendjaja

    Raymond SendjajaDay ago

    man ... wat is dis. laughable. really. the song is just the way they are. nothing different. the two things that really different than the original is, the video clip of course, and adam levine trying so hard to becoming a reggae fan. laughable. really. laughable.

  79. Raymond Sendjaja

    Raymond Sendjaja15 hours ago

    afriadoni now it feels like im talking to a baby 😂

  80. afriadoni

    afriadoni23 hours ago

    +Raymond Sendjaja look whos tlking here lol

  81. Raymond Sendjaja

    Raymond SendjajaDay ago

    afriadoni if you didnt even understand the concept of creativity as an art form and especially for/as an artist, please just sssttt

  82. afriadoni

    afriadoniDay ago

    +Raymond Sendjaja whatever

  83. Raymond Sendjaja

    Raymond SendjajaDay ago

    afriadoni then, if i got the same 'fame' as them, yes

  84. JogoGamePlay

    JogoGamePlayDay ago

    Querendo imitar light it up mas fizeram melhor kkkkkk

  85. casablanca boy

    casablanca boyDay ago

    Im Moroccan n #Fuck_international_football

  86. the wolf81

    the wolf81Day ago

    Bob Marley is one of the most influential singer of all time, he's music is timeless..

  87. Ethan Nubla

    Ethan NublaDay ago


  88. DeeJay

    DeeJayDay ago

    Lovely version Maroon 5 BiG tune BiG rhythm you guys are master musicians. Bob Marley be lookin down with passion and love!!

  89. Rodrigo Gomez Lopez

    Rodrigo Gomez LopezDay ago

    Bob Marley ♥

  90. Lou Lou

    Lou LouDay ago

    Nope, he hasn't got the voice for it

  91. Rob Haines

    Rob HainesDay ago

    No one can sing this song better then Bob Marley...

  92. Shh Theking broo

    Shh Theking brooDay ago

    I'm sick of its commercial every minute appears on bein sport channels

  93. Dina Silvia Pretel   Ayuque

    Dina Silvia Pretel AyuqueDay ago


  94. Matthew Snow

    Matthew SnowDay ago

    The only person that looks like they are genuinely vibing is the drummer... And that's his job. Lol

  95. Ninja Kitten

    Ninja KittenDay ago

    Miss him

  96. Maciej

    MaciejDay ago

    Czy to nie bylo w rybkach z ferajny?

  97. Amsterdam9012 Foglia

    Amsterdam9012 FogliaDay ago


  98. bot 1

    bot 1Day ago

    You just robed a music video of bob marley so u just suck

  99. Ewelina Dziurawiec

    Ewelina DziurawiecDay ago


  100. Zehra Şule Aylıdere

    Zehra Şule AylıdereDay ago

    I love it!

  101. Himbeerie

    HimbeerieDay ago

    Marley's family likes this cover. So why all this hate? ?

  102. Crackers and Jam

    Crackers and JamDay ago

    Crackers and Jam hates this

  103. Sofia Levina

    Sofia LevinaDay ago

    Реклама машины!

  104. David Felipe Flores

    David Felipe FloresDay ago

    Que chévere el video¡¡

  105. Oscar Reyes Fraga

    Oscar Reyes FragaDay ago

    Nice good cocer, i love it

  106. Raquel Caituiro

    Raquel Caituiro2 days ago

    Tu much Tecnología, light laser good video😉😉 que no me preocupe😑 ven tu y quítame todas mis preocupaciones 😁 Sobre todo😉😉 í rent other bedroon in other place 😙

  107. Flavio Guerra

    Flavio Guerra2 days ago

    I loved :)

  108. Linda Avanzini

    Linda Avanzini2 days ago

    No no, questa era di Bob Marley