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Maroon 5 - Three Little Birds


  1. Kymbo Comer

    Kymbo Comer9 hours ago

    This will never be better then the regular R.I.P Bob Marley

  2. Deep Sahota

    Deep Sahota11 hours ago

    The fact that many people here don't know it's a Bob Marley song scares the living shit out of me.

  3. TopTech I توب تك

    TopTech I توب تك16 hours ago

    this is one of the masterpieces of bob marly get your dirty hands out of it

  4. Anas Amer

    Anas Amer17 hours ago

    Omg you let us remember bob marley what a song maroon love you at all😍😍😍

  5. Orrin Jones

    Orrin Jones21 hour ago

    The Hyundai promotion was too obvious. Good Vybz though

  6. MrNyasha1

    MrNyasha1Day ago

    What a great song cover respect to y’all maroon 5 just like ub40 reggea rocks

  7. James !

    James !Day ago

    Good but never like Marley remember that!

  8. HitEmSound selectaYD

    HitEmSound selectaYDDay ago

    Really bad Version of Three Little Birds. Bob wouldnt like it at all

  9. GhostWolf

    GhostWolf2 days ago

    People are saying give some credit to the original singer that wrote the song. Pls check in the description if that's how u spell it it at the very bottom look before u write or watch or something like that

  10. super shazam

    super shazam2 days ago

    This is shit

  11. JMagdalenaCLove Nname N

    JMagdalenaCLove Nname N2 days ago

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  12. JMagdalenaCLove Nname N

    JMagdalenaCLove Nname N2 days ago

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  13. 韦肃

    韦肃2 days ago

    thumb up for bob marley and maroon 5,thumb down for hyundai.

  14. dominique prianon

    dominique prianon2 days ago

    j ador

  15. Brianvlogs

    Brianvlogs3 days ago

    mundial Qatar 2022? :v

  16. X caution X

    X caution X3 days ago

    Yea its bob madley song it name 1 love

  17. Gwen Lou

    Gwen Lou3 days ago


  18. Johanna Burbano

    Johanna Burbano3 days ago

    Is the same video as Major Lazer light it up

  19. yudha ts

    yudha ts3 days ago


  20. 김시훈

    김시훈3 days ago

    Hyundai cars

  21. Hate All

    Hate All4 days ago

    I hate this song

  22. 123junerey

    123junerey4 days ago

    At least give credits to Bob Marley

  23. 123junerey

    123junereyDay ago

    onemanbobGaming I mean on the video it self not on the description I bet 1/4 of the viewers even took a look at it. The rest just watch maybe even comment and leave

  24. onemanbobGaming

    onemanbobGamingDay ago


  25. isha canoy

    isha canoy4 days ago

    YahMan 🚬🚬 #420🚬🚬

  26. Nike’ Knibbs

    Nike’ Knibbs5 days ago

    I like this version better

  27. Aishha_ b

    Aishha_ b5 days ago

    Reminds me of the WC 2018

  28. Gabriel Cardoso

    Gabriel Cardoso6 days ago

    light it up?

  29. patotiv3

    patotiv37 days ago

    Tem que ser gringo pra ganhar a música

  30. DJ GRIMM

    DJ GRIMM7 days ago

    Perfect (y)

  31. ilker Doğru

    ilker Doğru7 days ago


  32. Connor Patrick

    Connor Patrick8 days ago


  33. Avery Lockett

    Avery Lockett8 days ago

    BM made this Jamaican people are man at you

  34. Fitri F Girindra

    Fitri F Girindra8 days ago

    Reggae in here

  35. SpaghettiTheatre

    SpaghettiTheatre9 days ago

    The vid is as wired as the 90s

  36. Noel Montiel

    Noel Montiel9 days ago

    Nicaragua the heart of America

  37. Advice From A Asian

    Advice From A Asian9 days ago

    The ending of Infinity War but with Snapchat

  38. karen Mimi

    karen Mimi9 days ago

    I love this song and bob Marley was just the best but maroon5 did well to cover it I just love vid

  39. Fiona Shakespeare

    Fiona Shakespeare10 days ago

    This made my day!

  40. Chanakam Wong

    Chanakam Wong10 days ago

    sober version

  41. Anam riyanto

    Anam riyanto10 days ago


  42. Camo Bear

    Camo Bear10 days ago

    Great cover! Nothing can beat the original, but the music video is extraordinary. Thank you 🙏

  43. Mariana Beltran Martinez

    Mariana Beltran Martinez10 days ago

    Buena versión....I love Maroon 5 😍😎

  44. Enzo Di Chiara

    Enzo Di Chiara10 days ago

    Nino D'Angelo è Dio

  45. The wisdome guy

    The wisdome guy10 days ago

    My last song heard before surgery

  46. James Bentley

    James Bentley3 days ago

    I hope it went well?

  47. 고향

    고향10 days ago


  48. Evelyn Fringer

    Evelyn Fringer11 days ago

    reggae and maroon5 = perfect duet . please more songs in reggea!

  49. Aryakhentos gammer

    Aryakhentos gammer11 days ago

    Song of king Bob Nesta Marley

  50. Aimi Rosli

    Aimi Rosli11 days ago

    Hotter 😁🌞

  51. Fahima Feroz

    Fahima Feroz12 days ago

    Bob Marley by Maroon 5

  52. Yousef Alrabeah

    Yousef Alrabeah12 days ago

    Bob Marley 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  53. अंशुमान अवस्थी

    अंशुमान अवस्थी12 days ago

    am i the only one who believes that there should've been some "landscape","scenery " things in the vdo?!!!

  54. Trolling Now

    Trolling Now12 days ago

    Those 3 little birds inside ur

  55. Bordir Topi Jogja

    Bordir Topi Jogja12 days ago


  56. Luhan Hoff

    Luhan Hoff13 days ago

    hahaha haha ha ha rá #smokers #deusXgroup #battleField #The #BoB #smokerluhanhoff #reBreath

  57. nataly helena

    nataly helena14 days ago


  58. noushaba haque

    noushaba haque14 days ago

    love from bangladesh


    MICHAEL GARCIA14 days ago

    Demasiado nivel!!

  60. Sadie Haroldson

    Sadie Haroldson15 days ago

    Have you guys ever heard of copyright they didn’t say that it was a remix or a cover

  61. محمد الموسى

    محمد الموسى15 days ago


  62. Bede METHER

    Bede METHER15 days ago

    hay! I no that bob marly made this song. even though he got assanated R.P. Bob Marly

  63. kmultifan 131

    kmultifan 13115 days ago

    made me fall in love all over again 😍❤

  64. kassy kreutzer

    kassy kreutzer16 days ago

    This is so neat great idea

  65. Nadir Aziz

    Nadir Aziz16 days ago

    2025 anyone?

  66. Nestor Garcia Garcia

    Nestor Garcia Garcia16 days ago

    Tribute to Bob Marley ... Maroon 5 is an excelent band ... Bravo ... ^^

  67. Trap RapBeats

    Trap RapBeats16 days ago

    RIP. bob marley

  68. COC No.3

    COC No.316 days ago


  69. Hiilani Aki

    Hiilani Aki17 days ago

    Bob Marley is better 💯💯

  70. Shannon Feaver

    Shannon Feaver17 days ago

    i really dont like this, i listened to it all and tried to be open minded but i cant like this.

  71. Shannon Feaver

    Shannon Feaver3 days ago

    +James Bentley I just like the original. This just doesn't sound right to me.

  72. James Bentley

    James Bentley3 days ago

    Why? Actually interested not mean

  73. Alain Raintung

    Alain Raintung18 days ago

    Slow but amazing

  74. alex danger gomez

    alex danger gomez18 days ago

    is exellemt the video clip

  75. Pedro Simões

    Pedro Simões18 days ago

    A voz desse cara parece um instrumento

  76. Br Ho

    Br Ho18 days ago

    I hear ya ,mofo should be taught in school like cursive or Pledge of Allegi

  77. Back Up

    Back Up18 days ago

    I would rate the theme a big fat 0 because this song is not such a high tech category, i would imagine a nice summer day in Hawaii with birds flying over the breezing trees and all that, but no it's non existing robot green screen characters who dance in a studio

  78. James Bentley

    James Bentley3 days ago

    Just take a look at rockit by the gorillas

  79. James Bentley

    James Bentley3 days ago

    They just thought it looked cool . Not every video has to go with the song

  80. Leapaia :3

    Leapaia :318 days ago

    Anyone else thinking of Major Lazer and Bob Marley??

  81. Q &L

    Q &L19 days ago

    I played this on Piano and I hated it, not the song just to play it on piano so every time I listen to this I just can't like it

  82. toblerone2092

    toblerone209219 days ago

    The Original is still Bob Marley

  83. David Anonymous

    David Anonymous17 days ago

    They go back in time and live in a world struggling more with racism. The thing that bm tried to fight.

  84. Antonella Palmadessa

    Antonella Palmadessa19 days ago

    Very nice

  85. gönül karakavak

    gönül karakavak20 days ago

    Great cover

  86. Mr want to be

    Mr want to be20 days ago

    shoo maroon 5 go away




  88. May Moraes

    May Moraes21 day ago


  89. Aaron Molasky

    Aaron Molasky21 day ago


  90. Ligma Balls

    Ligma Balls21 day ago


  91. Diego Watterson

    Diego Watterson21 day ago

    i make a parody based on "luna marley"

  92. Stacy-Ann W

    Stacy-Ann W21 day ago

    here in Jamaica😃 it is very clear that this song is first a bob marley song

  93. Augnel Anto

    Augnel Anto21 day ago


  94. Andi Sultan

    Andi Sultan21 day ago

    underated song! this is just one of the great music video!

  95. zia sara & tommy boy      channel

    zia sara & tommy boy channel21 day ago

    good grafic❤ mi piace questa cover

  96. Fan Pirlo

    Fan Pirlo21 day ago

    August 2018 ?

  97. NaM Bùi

    NaM Bùi21 day ago

    2018 ^_^

  98. Davesreborn

    Davesreborn21 day ago

    This is just garbage. Not even one mention or pic of Bob Marley.

  99. Terena Taha

    Terena Taha21 day ago

    🇵🇫 i am polynésian

  100. Zay Let

    Zay Let21 day ago

    This song made me soo calm 😟😟😟😟😟

  101. Zoie Scott

    Zoie Scott22 days ago

    🇯🇲🇯🇲 fully Jamaican all the way 🇯🇲🇯🇲

  102. Elfrida Natkime

    Elfrida Natkime22 days ago

    This cover is so damn dope but no one can beat The original Version of Bob Marley . Bob Marley still the goat ! 🔥🔥🔥

  103. Taka YT

    Taka YT22 days ago

    Brazil 🐶

  104. MissUniCatXOXO

    MissUniCatXOXO22 days ago

    Oh my gosh, I see the comments saying "This music is shit...why did Maroon 5 make this?" Me: EXCUSE ME THIS WAS SANG BY BOB MARLEY TOO? BY THE WAY, SHUT UP OMFG I LOVE IT! We sang it in year 3....that was a long time ago tho. Thats why I love the song

  105. goncalves vilanculos

    goncalves vilanculos22 days ago

    Super excellent cover

  106. sean Flaker

    sean Flaker22 days ago

    I though I i was high watching this for a sec

  107. Debra Goodrum

    Debra Goodrum23 days ago

    You did a cover the song is from bob Marley

  108. Firestones

    Firestones23 days ago

    0:32: “I dOn’T fEeL sO gOoD. . .”

  109. Cristian Alan Saldaña Rodriguez

    Cristian Alan Saldaña Rodriguez24 days ago

    Perú 😀