Man That Dug Up An 800 Pound Emerald Had To Go Underground Out Of Fear For His Life


  1. Let Me Know

    Let Me Know2 months ago

    Share the story of this giant emerald gemstone with your friends !

  2. Steve Irnwitt

    Steve Irnwitt21 day ago

    Let Me Know not his mine tho so not his gem. He stole that emerald

  3. Liberals Suck

    Liberals Suck23 days ago

    Let Me Know I give you a thumbs down for pathetic begging for likes and subscriptions. Especially using some slut blond troll.? Loser

  4. Jay Miller

    Jay Miller24 days ago

    achhe eff ok 😏

  5. achhe eff

    achhe eff24 days ago

    Stop making videos they're awful

  6. Jay Miller

    Jay MillerMonth ago

    I’d buy plenty of weed relax in the Bahamas grow old give 50 million to starving kids I’m Africa

  7. aky1313

    aky13136 hours ago

    I will sit on it for about 2 years, regardless of the blisters. Then sell it

  8. Hueey Newton

    Hueey Newton11 hours ago

    Yeah he didn't find that someone else did he just screwed them for him not to sell it he must have money already pay armed guards all that please and he himself was down in mine working bullshit

  9. Will T. Baghard

    Will T. Baghard2 days ago

    this channel beats around the bush for a bullshit story to end up with nothing interesting at the end of every goddamn story, talk about a good bullshitter you should work in marketing selling crap online. Disliked and reported.

  10. random69ism

    random69ism3 days ago

    Cash out and GTFO.

  11. Mike Nonya

    Mike Nonya20 days ago

    I've asked you before. Now I'm begging...Stop narrating videos! You have the most annoying voice on YT.

  12. Stephen Schofield

    Stephen Schofield20 days ago

    I would want the money not the gem

  13. Dimitrius Rashad

    Dimitrius Rashad21 day ago

    Rick : I’d give you 100 bucks ... and I’m taking a suppeeerrrrrr risk at that .

  14. Vecret Simbulan

    Vecret Simbulan21 day ago

    You sound like the toy t-rex in toys story

  15. max saling

    max saling21 day ago

    put it back and not touch it

  16. Pacific Northwest

    Pacific Northwest21 day ago

    He should have just hooped it.

  17. Micha Andrick

    Micha Andrick21 day ago

    Sold it in the mine

  18. lee lunk

    lee lunk21 day ago


  19. james smith

    james smith21 day ago

    Why be gready fuck its value in one piece i would have just chipped away at it and took enough to never afer work again.

  20. Paul Hernandez

    Paul Hernandez21 day ago

    He's got a lot of cocaine and hookers to look forward to

  21. Abdul 'The Doc' Chaudhry

    Abdul 'The Doc' Chaudhry21 day ago

    Now I am hunting for him

  22. Whyy Emm

    Whyy Emm22 days ago

    So the company that had legal authority to mine there. Completely disregarded he found 390 million worth of emerald where they mine for emeralds and such?

  23. Cody Ramos

    Cody Ramos22 days ago

    haha i remember of a asian fisherman found a giant pearl but out of fear he never did anything with it

  24. Juun Loisel

    Juun Loisel22 days ago

    Don't tell eggman

  25. Oscar Santiago

    Oscar Santiago22 days ago

    Omg so gorgeous

  26. Big Chris 2

    Big Chris 222 days ago

    How much exactly would that stone be worth ?

  27. Dylan Noonan

    Dylan Noonan23 days ago

    Sell it as fast as possible. The cost of securing it is just that a cost. In my eyes it’s more of a cost to him then a profit.

  28. Patrick Brumm

    Patrick Brumm23 days ago

    jesus. it was not A gemstone, it was a matrix chuck full of crystals. And from the looks of it, rather shabby crystals at that. Clarity and lack of fissures is important.

  29. Casey Christian

    Casey Christian23 days ago

    What would you do if you found it?..........shit myself with joy

  30. wal rider

    wal rider23 days ago

    nice clickbait title he didnt go underground and he didnt fear for his life he was just smart

  31. H Dog

    H Dog23 days ago

    How does he get away with that being he didn’t own the mine?

  32. Sammie

    Sammie23 days ago

    Ok, I’m probably ignorant of mineralogy, but why do they look perfectly uniform in the raw? ......

  33. Showdown

    Showdown23 days ago

    I would take out the crystals and hide them away in many locations and sell most of them making some into cut stones and some to a museum and some I would keep. And of course I would have to live under guard my whole life. And maybe I would buy that mine and mine more emeralds. What a nice find!

  34. Prepe Lica

    Prepe Lica23 days ago

    hmmm ...had 2 or wanted 2?

  35. Bryte Blade

    Bryte Blade23 days ago

    I'd sell it and buy a mansion

  36. ThickD 4urDaught

    ThickD 4urDaught23 days ago

    It’s worth $319,000,000

  37. JDR

    JDR23 days ago

    Would the gem not belong to the owner of the mine?? It was there land. And they had claim to anything under the death there. And he was there emoyee.

  38. John Karanasis

    John Karanasis23 days ago

    Give it to villagers duh?

  39. EMoney Howard

    EMoney Howard24 days ago

    I would sell it an give my family a couple millions an put a few millions up for my daughter an my baby mama ugly azz lol an but give god his first an thanks.

  40. Alexander Peterson

    Alexander Peterson24 days ago

    How to find his address?

  41. GamaBro Games

    GamaBro Games24 days ago

    he scammed for a stack of Malachite

  42. Weedhopper

    Weedhopper24 days ago

    So, this guy was a "worker" in the mine? Which would mean he's not the owner of the mine. So how was he able to claim ownership of the gem? Something's not right with this story.

  43. achhe eff

    achhe eff24 days ago

    This channel is so bad

  44. No Life Soccer Fan

    No Life Soccer Fan24 days ago


  45. Apple Pen

    Apple Pen24 days ago

    That’s awesome that he found that big rock of emeralds

  46. Troy Keeling

    Troy Keeling24 days ago

    Why would anyone sell an income producing asset. Especially for paper or a liability such as car or home,you could never get an Allodial title for, therefore, never own.

  47. Alexander26173

    Alexander2617324 days ago

    Fear for his life ? He was doing it out of wanting money.

  48. Hot Head Mafia

    Hot Head Mafia24 days ago

    If i couldnt sell it all at once for At least half i would break it down and sell it in bulk 100s or see what they offer for the whole thing first if we both know there champagne taste aint matching them kool aid pockets

  49. Rukz 92

    Rukz 9225 days ago

    Would of stayed quiet about my discovery and fucked off the same day to cash it in :)

  50. Ression

    Ression25 days ago

    I'd sell that bitch and get rich!

  51. Bill C

    Bill C26 days ago

    When you live in a corrupt country thats what happens, liberals feel free to move to brazil. Thanks Ill be here all night.

  52. Dj Junior

    Dj Junior27 days ago

    if I had that much money I would buy wind and solar electric generators to heat up the earth hahaha not kidding

  53. Carl Johnson

    Carl Johnson27 days ago


  54. Dalila O

    Dalila O27 days ago

    Fk u and ur 2017' this is a old news mf

  55. J.E.M. Productions

    J.E.M. Productions27 days ago

    Sounds like fact verse

  56. bakxxc

    bakxxc28 days ago

    Well if i found it i wouldnt need 300 million dollars thats for sure, give me a good amount where i can give to family/some friends and for myself

  57. Lynn McDermett

    Lynn McDermett28 days ago

    Takes way to long to get to the point on these videos.

  58. Measle apple

    Measle apple28 days ago

    antoher facts verus channel lol

  59. Avinash Singh

    Avinash Singh28 days ago

    If I'm able to make that kind of money first I will give you ten million dollars to make more videos like this...great job

  60. thisisobdurate

    thisisobdurate29 days ago

    rip idiot

  61. edy kubiak

    edy kubiak29 days ago

    The rich don't work for it, they inherit it. Money earned off the backs of the poor, every time. Time to declare war on the rich, raping our planet.

  62. krazyskibunney

    krazyskibunney29 days ago

    I would cut one beautiful stone to show quality, then museum the rest, for awhile!!


    LORD LENNY FACE29 days ago

    Where the hell was sonic when this emerald was found

  64. Kevin Silva

    Kevin Silva29 days ago

    Looks like malichite

  65. Happy Poop

    Happy PoopMonth ago

    FG is a fckin thief. He is working in a mining company right? Lol

  66. Tom Kirchhoff

    Tom KirchhoffMonth ago

    I can only do 3 fitty

  67. fishingn fromYT

    fishingn fromYTMonth ago

    Sell it 100%

  68. Thomas Barnett

    Thomas BarnettMonth ago

    SUPERMAN better look out. they just found an 800 lbs piece of Kryptonite

  69. Ravi Sharma

    Ravi SharmaMonth ago

    if i would be that lucky enough i would buy a house a car and make a shelter home for homeless peoples

  70. Deanna Harmon

    Deanna HarmonMonth ago

    Awsome vid

  71. flimcowramzow

    flimcowramzowMonth ago

    Id makes somethong out of if, maybe a really beatiful armor set with matching weaponry. Then id sell the rest and buy an army to take over the world as the emrald empire.

  72. Walter Davis

    Walter DavisMonth ago

    Question. If he work for a Company did they not have the rights to all gems found in said mine?

  73. Will N Josh

    Will N JoshMonth ago

    Would the mining company be the legal owner of it?

  74. Invader6 Darklord

    Invader6 DarklordMonth ago

    Those stones would make a powerful laser weapon for the military

  75. NoOtherVibe

    NoOtherVibeMonth ago

    Dont let thanos get ahold of this.

  76. Robert H

    Robert HMonth ago

    don't you love how our species rapes minerals for foolish reasons? JK/jfk/DK/jello/

  77. ashtamkar aharon

    ashtamkar aharonMonth ago

  78. TheExtremeEvoker

    TheExtremeEvokerMonth ago

    Just use a fortune 3 pick

  79. Alliance Knight

    Alliance KnightMonth ago

    I would sell it slowly as to not bring attention to myself, also buying the land around it.

  80. Eric Roethe

    Eric RoetheMonth ago

    No mention of the 750 lb specimen found at the same mine 100 meters from this one? That's the one with cool stories. Ownership dispute 16 years later, I think it was kept in a bank flooded by Hurricane Katrina.

  81. My Feelings

    My FeelingsMonth ago

    Bro, you can literally trade some paper and get enough to make a cubic meter gem, some villagers even accept string.

  82. Mistro Akillhes & Guardian Vortex

    Mistro Akillhes & Guardian VortexMonth ago

    I will give him 15 dollars for it.

  83. Top Notch

    Top NotchMonth ago

    That's some good shiste.

  84. Juan Mercado

    Juan MercadoMonth ago

    those sick rymes at the begining though


    KING LAMBOMonth ago

    i would sell it for 5.6 million

  86. xur

    xurMonth ago

    *M I N E C R A F T T H E M E S T A R T S T O P L A Y*

  87. 001 002

    001 002Month ago

    WOW they just lifted word for word the txt off a Web site LOL....

  88. Fatal Shore

    Fatal ShoreMonth ago

    Provide healthcare for my country

  89. Princess Amberella

    Princess AmberellaMonth ago

    If he would have found it in the USA, the Smithsonian would’ve taken it with the help of the Government and not given him crap.

  90. Brooke

    BrookeMonth ago

    Its not A gemstone. It's gemstone embedded rock. Anyone buying it would break it down, extract the emeralds, facet them and sell them. Very carefully, because emeralds are softer stones and break easily.

  91. Cory

    CoryMonth ago

    Don't you just love good old x-ray hacks? lmao

  92. Jon Boy

    Jon BoyMonth ago

    How doesn’t it belong to the mining company?

  93. wannabecarguy

    wannabecarguyMonth ago

    Cross the border and ask for asylum. Easy

  94. TheLoneCabbage

    TheLoneCabbageMonth ago

    So wait. He was *working* at a mine? A mine owned by somebody employing him to work there? So he stole it?

  95. Steve Irnwitt

    Steve Irnwitt21 day ago

    Completely stole it

  96. Healing Energy

    Healing Energy22 days ago

    TheLoneCabbage this happens all the time in gold industries

  97. RevySledBum

    RevySledBum24 days ago

    start your own business then

  98. TheLoneCabbage

    TheLoneCabbage24 days ago

    I... what?

  99. Guigui Miranda

    Guigui Miranda24 days ago

    U must be a child do u have any idea how big business steal from us the employees

  100. Allan Beltre

    Allan BeltreMonth ago

    To answer to your question: I would sell the shit out of it

  101. sean patrick

    sean patrickMonth ago

    So they stole it?

  102. randy ward

    randy wardMonth ago

    I'd sell that bitch

  103. M. M.

    M. M.Month ago

    Your story makes ZeRo sense----- since when does a miner own the stones he finds??????? it clearly belongs to the mining company---- would that miner get a large bonus?--- probably so--- did fg own the mining company?? since when does the owner of a mining company do the actual physical mining?? this story Makes NO sense whatsoever and is NOT believable---- I also can't stand the narrators manner of speaking, in fact it's what we now call "cringey".

  104. Evol_AF

    Evol_AFMonth ago

    $318M? Gimme $180M and you keep the rest! I can do a lot with 200M like secure my family, and my future family for life! Houses & Cars for all, and then start helping my City. Try to help the homeless. Maybe build a big shelter with food and such... Also help Abused animals! That's would be on of my main focuses! Ahh to dream!

  105. chaps

    chapsMonth ago

    Never tell anybody nobody do it you're self if u can't then do it with family

  106. Kat nip

    Kat nipMonth ago

    If he was just a worker of the mine and not the owner then he stole the massive gem. And if I was the owner I would want to kill him and his friends too.

  107. lloydyherbal

    lloydyherbalMonth ago

    Man That Dug Up An 800 Pound Emerald Had To Go Underground Out Of Fear For His Life..what an idiot, he should have just buried himself next to the emerald instead of diggin it up...smh, some peeps are just dumb

  108. B Saver

    B SaverMonth ago

    I'd use it to help fund a border wall in America

  109. kapena Hue

    kapena HueMonth ago

    Keep it and take a littel amount of it and sell it then give the same amount to the musems

  110. Simplistic Beauty

    Simplistic BeautyMonth ago

    emeralds suck they only make duel rings and defence amulets.