Man That Dug Up An 800 Pound Emerald Had To Go Underground Out Of Fear For His Life


  1. Let Me Know

    Let Me KnowYear ago

    Share the story of this giant emerald gemstone with your friends !

  2. Yousef Diab

    Yousef Diab5 days ago

    Me: I have got 800 pound of emerald Villigars: I will give you 7 apples for the emerald

  3. Ms. Tang

    Ms. Tang7 days ago

    I don't want giant germstones because I will be overwhelmed by became rich all of sudden. I am happy just being an ordinary educated class - don't have to worry about money but not filthy rich. Extra wealth absolutely bring troubles and I am not sure if I can manage that.

  4. Waluigi Playz

    Waluigi Playz13 days ago

    Why are bitcoins coming out of that gold

  5. Mohammed Berlin

    Mohammed Berlin18 days ago

    LOL and I WAS happy with my 2,5 Kilograms Smaragd+Pyrit Specimen... NOW I AM HARDLY PISSED.. its so small

  6. ThePon13

    ThePon1321 day ago

    I'll take that for 4 raw fish

  7. emerald Goodgamer

    emerald Goodgamer21 day ago

    That is so big P.s. NEW FAV CHANEL

  8. nico h

    nico h24 days ago

    Damn he got probably millions of mending books

  9. Juno's lesbian Fangirl

    Juno's lesbian Fangirl29 days ago

    1 question how much force does it take too shatter a emerald?

  10. Dennis Hastings

    Dennis HastingsMonth ago

    Wasn't it really the property of the mine owners?



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  12. Jeff Pietkiewicz

    Jeff PietkiewiczMonth ago

    Sell it and Live Life ! :)

  13. Damion Thomas

    Damion ThomasMonth ago

    Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Acts 2:38 Therefore my people are gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge: and their honourable men are famished, and their multitude dried up with thirst. Therefore hell hath enlarged herself, and opened her mouth without measure: and their glory, and their multitude, and their pomp, and he that rejoiceth, shall descend into it. And the mean man shall be brought down, and the mighty man shall be humbled, and the eyes of the lofty shall be humbled: Isaiah 5:13‭-‬15

  14. Isaac Dietz

    Isaac DietzMonth ago

    Who the fuck uses silver back gorillas as a metric standard? wtf kind of relation is that? lmao

  15. Scuderia Kasey Dixon

    Scuderia Kasey DixonMonth ago

    Now he needs just six more and he's all set!

  16. syd west

    syd westMonth ago


  17. rustam Abrar

    rustam AbrarMonth ago

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  18. rustam Abrar

    rustam AbrarMonth ago

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  19. Sion Goodier

    Sion GoodierMonth ago

    If he was hiding underground how did you find out who it was or about this story

  20. Ashton S.

    Ashton S.Month ago

    No one can just deflect the Emerald Splash!

  21. Underdasher []

    Underdasher []Month ago

    3 fish. Last offer

  22. Lancet Fencing

    Lancet FencingMonth ago

    woah what was that creepy chick during your subscribe message?

  23. Thomas Kallmyr

    Thomas Kallmyr2 months ago

    Det vart detaljen om Kvicksilvret,finns,det nån slamsugare eller trekammarbrunn efter Dagvattenavloppet på färskvattenanläggningen Marieberg(Vid Rimnersvallen).? Om inte,så är förklaringen att träden utefter Bäveån ruttnat,uppenbar......ingen "Alm-sjuka" man slår en kopparspik i ett träd,så ruttnar det och faller vid stormar som följer....då menar jag inte Thures, Blomgatan.....Gamla Fängelsets Adress......bredvid Järnvägsstationen och UA Lasarett(Borta sedan många år,typ 60-talet). Med vänlig hälsning Thomas

  24. Charles Rutledge

    Charles Rutledge2 months ago

    Hurr... i can trade you 6 Seed for that

  25. Short Blox

    Short Blox2 months ago

    Just over four feet tall, wow that's my height

  26. A_ 003

    A_ 0032 months ago

    I would kill him if he was digging in my mine and stole it.

  27. Flyboy _Maverick

    Flyboy _Maverick2 months ago

    Sell it to whomever is will to give me half a billion dollars. I make the price for find, not them Lol I'm sure someone from Dubai would be willing to pay that for it 💎



    Some people have ALL the luck!

  29. Jhonny darren Stevens

    Jhonny darren Stevens2 months ago

    Great job people

  30. Linda Lawrence

    Linda Lawrence3 months ago

    Iy belongs to the owners of the mine he works for.

  31. G Man

    G Man3 months ago

    This was nothing but a slide show of shitty pics ... WTF ?!

  32. Bevleigh Lange

    Bevleigh Lange3 months ago

    I'd sell it as fast as possible to the highest bidder in the shortest time - not let the HUMUNGOUS stone out of my sights till the bucks are in my bank account. Open several other new bank accounts around the world- then transfer money to these accounts - get confirmation that the money was in the account - close the first account - buy a stack of gold coins (not bullion bars) & have a wonderful life helping some people in need - giving my kid the best opportunities- travel, dine & never dilute the capital apart from spending one third on the gold coins - just live off the interest !!

  33. fatnsassy 99

    fatnsassy 993 months ago

    Trump: you're going to get cancer from that!

  34. fatnsassy 99

    fatnsassy 993 months ago


  35. Ramses production

    Ramses production3 months ago

    or we could just make it go boom boom

  36. Julieta Orban

    Julieta Orban3 months ago

    I'll give u 2 dirt blocks for dat

  37. Gold Cast

    Gold Cast3 months ago

    Too compare the value of a human to a mineral deposite.

  38. Zuxiasunicorn

    Zuxiasunicorn3 months ago

    I thought that mysteriously disappeared a while back

  39. crAZy American

    crAZy American4 months ago

    Sell sell and sell it,buy an island and chill for the remainder of my life.. in style.. cA

  40. hanfseppo groblawu

    hanfseppo groblawu4 months ago

    Thumbs down for the sub catch

  41. Keith Allen

    Keith Allen4 months ago

    The Pit or Regent diamond was sold.It required guards to leave the castle.Looks like the large deposits are being found.

  42. Keith Allen

    Keith Allen4 months ago

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  43. Keith Allen

    Keith Allen4 months ago

    I gave the thought it was 1,000,000 _$5,000, sold for $800,000,000 30 years ago.

  44. Keith Allen

    Keith Allen4 months ago

    My GIA books are 15 years old.Chivor has the deepest colors.A flawless Emerald is so rare, its $1,000,000 per 10 carat.Columbian stones have inclusions.Amazing how long the mine is producing

  45. Keith Allen

    Keith Allen4 months ago

    Americans never see the best color Emeralds.A friend got baggies filled with half carat stones there.The most amazing bright green blue.

  46. Ajmat khan pirjada

    Ajmat khan pirjada4 months ago

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  47. Mohammed Arqam

    Mohammed Arqam4 months ago

    So he went underground and was getting calls from around the world I see what u did there

  48. Hasan ASLAN

    Hasan ASLAN4 months ago

    Achievements I am taking video about natural stones

  49. Doloris Seeley

    Doloris Seeley4 months ago

    It's his. He leased the land and paid his workers. I would get insurance on it and put in a museum for all to see. If the market gets their hands on it they will take it apart. What a wonderful creation

  50. TheManny1952

    TheManny19524 months ago

    If I would have find a gym stone that size knowing the problems I would dig a hole and bury a deeper

  51. Zack Spencer

    Zack Spencer4 months ago

    what would I do? hmmmm let me think about it.... id probably sell it and make an ass load of money and never work a day in my life

  52. Queen Mercy

    Queen Mercy5 months ago

    I just need a piece so I can make some jewelry