Man That Dug Up An 800 Pound Emerald Had To Go Underground Out Of Fear For His Life


  1. Let Me Know

    Let Me Know8 months ago

    Share the story of this giant emerald gemstone with your friends !

  2. Emerald Gamer

    Emerald Gamer16 days ago

    My emerald

  3. Hendra Henshin

    Hendra Henshin2 months ago

    THANOS MUST BE looking for this man!!!

  4. Offi Matrix

    Offi Matrix3 months ago

    Abhirendra Yadav don't know if you can post links here but here's some

  5. Abhirendra yadav

    Abhirendra yadav3 months ago

    +Offi Matrix send pik this stone

  6. Steve Irnwitt

    Steve Irnwitt5 months ago

    Let Me Know not his mine tho so not his gem. He stole that emerald

  7. Dennis Møller

    Dennis Møller2 days ago

    I will chop it in smaller pieces, and put the pieces in a bank. and sell the pieces one by one.

  8. Mr. Irrelevant

    Mr. Irrelevant3 days ago

    What would I do if a found the gemstone you ask? Sell the hell out of it

  9. Ed Caballero

    Ed Caballero3 days ago

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  10. yorusuyasoul

    yorusuyasoul5 days ago

    *Villagers want to know your location*

  11. Zues 52

    Zues 525 days ago

    Omggggggggg these stories always take foreverrrrrrrrrr

  12. Smart Ass

    Smart Ass5 days ago

    The stone would belong to the mine owner, not a worker. I call BS

  13. Chill Time

    Chill Time5 days ago

    I have worked in some mines in africa. The guys do the same thing if they hit a good gem and usually end up in a huge fights with many dying. So if its a small piece they stick it up their asses or tuck it under a lip. We used to mine Tsavorite along the Mozambique Belt. Also, there were many stories going around about how random miners have dug out fortune out of a certain mine. Many were of amounts of $2million and above.

  14. The Diaz

    The Diaz5 days ago

    Too bad you didn't hit any gem..what's the best you got? I'm curious😐

  15. Larry Marshman

    Larry Marshman5 days ago

    Did half of you miss the part where it said he had to purchase a license to dig in the mine, which he did, he was self employed, not working for a mining company.

  16. Larry Marshman

    Larry Marshman5 days ago

    It would make a great necklace for Kim Kardashian.

  17. aKa Donut

    aKa Donut6 days ago

    why would he even bother with that worthless stone? it's not like people are superficial ... we treasure the human soul more than we do money or rare items.... oh, wait :| ....

  18. the gamer Fox

    the gamer Fox6 days ago

    That guy

  19. Rod Buchanan

    Rod Buchanan7 days ago

    Would not the stone be the property of his employer? They'd hobble your feet for that in an African mine!!

  20. Serperior Soup

    Serperior Soup5 days ago

    he was self employed. this mine you have to buy a license to mine there which he did.


    JACOB PLAYZ GAMEZ7 days ago

    0:15 change the coin signs from bit coin to demonitized sigh

  22. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach7 days ago

    If you guys find any precious stones with the worth over 2 grand please send it to me, I lost it and I have the rights to go to court to get my rock back, thanks

  23. Chloe Prentice

    Chloe Prentice7 days ago

    Emeralds are so pretty. Though they are very expensive..

  24. Justin Avendano

    Justin Avendano8 days ago

    You are better then facts verse Btw love this channel😁😁😁😁😁

  25. BlueStrike845

    BlueStrike8458 days ago

    I'd sell it, then buy a nice sized house.

  26. LZR

    LZR8 days ago

    Everytime these videos are in my recommendations I just dislike it everytime

  27. CarlosChip Morales

    CarlosChip Morales8 days ago

    What he couldn't shove it up his ass one piece at a time??!! Amateur !!

  28. Steve Lauber

    Steve Lauber9 days ago

    I'd sell it off to the highest bidder to get that target off my back. Then help my family who are poor with their needs

  29. Serperior Soup

    Serperior Soup5 days ago

    well then you have a problem people will rob you for the money not the stone. keep it in a bank account and put like 100000 layers of verification

  30. Butt123tiger 608

    Butt123tiger 60810 days ago

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  31. iCypticx

    iCypticx10 days ago

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  32. LumberJack

    LumberJack10 days ago

    So at the end you ask me what Id do if I found this stone?? Hmm I would put it back were I got it, I wouldnt want to have to go into hiding . Fk that

  33. Frozen Fusion

    Frozen Fusion10 days ago

    Honestly, probably more or less the same thing. I wanna be rich, but I don’t wanna have it stolen or get anyone in my family hurt or killed over it.

  34. Jayden Dickson

    Jayden Dickson11 days ago

    Sell it and keep one piece and buy a store for more money.💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

  35. Emeraldfox And pretty cat

    Emeraldfox And pretty cat11 days ago


  36. Adrian Garcia

    Adrian Garcia11 days ago

    Looks like a big piece of cryptonite

  37. Isaiah Rodgers

    Isaiah Rodgers11 days ago

    When your dream comes true for someone else SMH

  38. mantid

    mantid12 days ago

    Thanos will find it. Not even the avengers can protect it.

  39. wayne dipple

    wayne dipple12 days ago


  40. Yukinne Kobayashi

    Yukinne Kobayashi12 days ago

    Hes smart to think that through

  41. Christopher Trott

    Christopher Trott12 days ago

    Wouldn't the mining company claim ownership?

  42. Toby Lerone

    Toby Lerone10 days ago

    Christopher Trott yes this whole story’s a fabrication. That’s why its called a mine. They would have said it’s mine.

  43. mohan shan

    mohan shan13 days ago

    Bullshit story

  44. LordTug4

    LordTug413 days ago

    I came here to make a minecraft joke Yup. A villager joke.

  45. Super Saiyan Moses

    Super Saiyan Moses13 days ago

    he thought chaos was gonna show up

  46. CamBox

    CamBox13 days ago

    *Villager has joined the chat

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  48. Sparky

    Sparky14 days ago

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  49. nick Skywalker

    nick Skywalker14 days ago

    If he was working for the mine, the emerald does not belong to him anyways

  50. Eclipse Falcon

    Eclipse Falcon15 days ago


  51. James Herrington

    James Herrington15 days ago

    But what did the owner of mine do? It's clearly stolen property.

  52. iMXoSMaLLVoWeLZoX

    iMXoSMaLLVoWeLZoX15 days ago

    Man works in a mine Finds millions of dollars “I might put it in a museum” Or... sell it quit your dangerous job and spend time with your family? LOL

  53. Michael Jordan

    Michael Jordan15 days ago

    I would buy my parents a house and a new car

  54. Gizziiusa

    Gizziiusa15 days ago

    he went underground and found it. he and others went underground to fetch it. and then he had to stay underground for fear of his life. the irony.

  55. Arty Cuen

    Arty Cuen16 days ago

    Long winded...

  56. The Green Fire

    The Green Fire16 days ago

    Guys this was a bug patched in the latest update.

  57. Frank Moser

    Frank Moser16 days ago

    I'm ALWAYS cautious about videos that are REALLY just "stories" and seem MOST likely to be FALSE lol I'M pretty sure an 800lb emerald would be BIG news and I've NEVER heard of it lol

  58. someBRUHro

    someBRUHro17 days ago

    All the villagers were coming after him or somethin

  59. brandi wodicka

    brandi wodicka17 days ago

    That girl in the beginning made me subscribe.

  60. wendelltres

    wendelltres18 days ago

    did he really trust you with that story?

  61. Chernobyl

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    it's gaming bro music and vlogsss19 days ago

    If I found it I would be rich as hell and I would buy Lamborghinis Bugattis Teslas and a golden bed and I would buy a McClaren

  63. Lone Spirit Of The Night

    Lone Spirit Of The Night19 days ago

    I would have killed all who knew about it after getting it out, by paying some gorillas

  64. James Blankenship

    James Blankenship20 days ago

    I have a few big ones like this but there African blood crystals they where not cheap. There about foot long and 6-7 inches wide.

  65. Rob Trubiano

    Rob Trubiano20 days ago

    It was stolen & ended up in a safe in California, atleast one that size or larger did

  66. BlessedC

    BlessedC21 day ago

    Buy vbucks lol

  67. cat Muñoz

    cat Muñoz22 days ago

    Nothing belongs to anyone, it belongs to the Earth. Whoever finds the gemstone it will belong to them.

  68. lonewolf 06882

    lonewolf 0688222 days ago

    I'll eat it if I found it

  69. Kyler Harvey

    Kyler Harvey22 days ago

    If I got that money I’d pump all of it in Agriculture

  70. Saad Kiani

    Saad Kiani22 days ago

    I have a 32 gram rough emerald from panjshir Afghanistan, if some one is interested please contact me at

  71. C0R4L

    C0R4L24 days ago

    i thought you meant 800£ lol

  72. ThisIsMahInGameName

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    O.G. cummins w25024 days ago

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  76. benjamin3 Budkdf

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    Hay man...can you start putting a heading or logo on your video`s have so many stories to tell here on youtube....I have seen a few of them now....I have come to realize that you drag out the video`s so bloody far It becomes painful to watch and I want you to just get to the point, so I click to the next video that looks interesting only to hear your voice again and then again. I was just thinking you could save me some time not to pick your video`s. Don`t get me wrong you do have a good strong clear voice. It`s only my opinion but you milk them stories to the max to the point of boredom.

  77. ElectroSalvo

    ElectroSalvo26 days ago

    Looks like a giant ass Kryptonite

  78. skitch johnson

    skitch johnson26 days ago

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  79. Fin Bigger

    Fin Bigger26 days ago

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  80. Avana Vana

    Avana Vana27 days ago

    "it's crazy that he found a third of a billion dollars just sitting in a mine" dur... it's a mine. that's about as crazy as finding herpes in a whorehouse

  81. TATisAfatCAT !

    TATisAfatCAT !27 days ago

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  85. gass prince

    gass prince28 days ago

    Look like kryptonite to me

  86. I Don't Suck

    I Don't Suck29 days ago

    I wonder if FG is a Minecraft real life Surivival

  87. Ą Ŭ Ĝ Ą Ŭ Ŝ Ŝ Ŧ

    Ą Ŭ Ĝ Ą Ŭ Ŝ Ŝ Ŧ29 days ago

    Sounds great

  88. Boris Kolp

    Boris Kolp29 days ago

    i would pause minecraft and scream for my mom to get the camera

  89. Jacob Stoney

    Jacob StoneyMonth ago

    Greedy cunts would kill you if you had something that valuable.

  90. mike12345807

    mike12345807Month ago

    Its crazy how we can pick and choose what is valuable or not. To me it's just another rock with no value. I wonder who really decides what is valuable or not in this world? I best the ones that decides or rich because they have a lot of whatever they decides what's valuable

  91. jimmy Looker

    jimmy LookerMonth ago

    Pawn it for a couple bucks

  92. Fernando Enriquez

    Fernando EnriquezMonth ago

    He must be the world first guzzillionaire

  93. Joseph Miller

    Joseph MillerMonth ago

    Two chics at the same time...

  94. point four

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  95. Frosty KG

    Frosty KGMonth ago

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    I would slowly start making jewelry and selling it to not cause suspicion

  97. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox BleachMonth ago

    Now make a minecraft beacon!!!!

  98. Oscar Ogilvie

    Oscar OgilvieMonth ago

    Good vid

  99. Jimmy P

    Jimmy PMonth ago

    If i were him i would have Sold it quick and immigrate with the fam legally(which would be quick because of money) and open a business in a western country. And hire a live in english teacher to teach us english.

  100. fixmybrokencondom

    fixmybrokencondomMonth ago

    It would make a good movie, base of true events

  101. julian romero

    julian romeroMonth ago

    I would sell half of it

  102. shitt stain man

    shitt stain manMonth ago

    I would buy a crowbar

  103. Tevita Mafi

    Tevita MafiMonth ago

    For a second there I though I was looking at a kryptonite

  104. Richard Desousa

    Richard DesousaMonth ago

    I would take that stone to pawn stars and tell everyone

  105. Eastside Rider

    Eastside RiderMonth ago

    Rebuild my city and my community and try to find a cure for cancer

  106. Brandy Simpson

    Brandy SimpsonMonth ago

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  107. DarkShadowsX5

    DarkShadowsX5Month ago

    Id sell it... why deal with armed guards who could plan to steal it for themselves?

  108. CAN Control

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  109. Tony K

    Tony KMonth ago

    Come back that night and haul it away, That’s my Emerald now bitch

  110. sessionscoat

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    You could get 15$ for that at GameStop

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