Man On Cruise Finds Dog On Deserted Island and Rescues Her | The Dodo


  1. The Dodo

    The Dodo11 days ago

    To help David and Negrita support more shelters, you can supply Play For Strays with an item from their Amazon Wishlist: Follow them on Facebook for updates on their travels:

  2. Val O'Brien

    Val O'BrienHour ago

    The Dodo That was CAPITAL !! What a lovely man, and now the doggie has the best home in the world, because someone loved him enough to make an effort to save him.. God bless that dear man and his devoted dog !

  3. Fernanda Herrera Ohg

    Fernanda Herrera Ohg14 hours ago

    The Dodo 👍👍👍👍

  4. Informed Optimist

    Informed OptimistDay ago

    Awkward Occurrences. John 3:16 - Shut up retard.

  5. Jeneciya Reyes

    Jeneciya Reyes2 days ago

    God loves you

  6. Shadeskast

    Shadeskast3 minutes ago

    That is the meaning of true ❤.

  7. Frank Rice

    Frank Rice36 minutes ago

    A sick world...thank u David for doing the right thing

  8. skippymagrue

    skippymagrue45 minutes ago

    Should have called her Friday.

  9. Joey Boy

    Joey BoyHour ago

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but this is so sad I don’t know why I keep clicking on a even sadder video.

  10. bestman77

    bestman77Hour ago

    826 dogs got jealous..

  11. M.J. Sage07

    M.J. Sage07Hour ago

    He should of left the people on the island that said leave her. Show them how she had it.

  12. Judy Johnson

    Judy JohnsonHour ago

    You are an angel. Sent to this dog. God always provides. The person that left her is going to pay dearly.

  13. john paul

    john paul2 hours ago

    amazing people over there you bring an almost skeletical dog to your boat in order to rescue/save him and they want to leave the dog again on these deserted islands ,lovely human beings on these places...... is this brazil?

  14. doraluffy

    doraluffy4 hours ago

    0:49 who is that man behind next to the tree?

  15. Mike Egah

    Mike Egah4 hours ago

    I think the story and video are untrue. This man just trying to make a sympathy video for MReporter

  16. james devlin

    james devlin5 hours ago

    Well done, great to hear a good news story coming from Northern Ireland.

  17. hahagotcha!!!!

    hahagotcha!!!!5 hours ago

    Lucky puppy!!

  18. Mangesh Shinde

    Mangesh Shinde6 hours ago

    Grand salute to thz man

  19. Sherry Garcia

    Sherry Garcia6 hours ago



    SATHISH KUMAR6 hours ago

    After this incident, god updates the to-do list: Add infinite good karma to that Man on the Cruise in this life and after!

  21. Valerie Warren

    Valerie Warren6 hours ago

    Thank God for you finding this dog. You saved her life. She is such a beautiful dog! I'm happy she is back to good health.💕🐶

  22. Nightcore Lovers

    Nightcore Lovers6 hours ago

    When I was 9 years old I saw a cat was so sick on the street and I pick her up I put her on the bush and hide her cause if my mother knew that she would kill me so I hide her and take care of her she was old I gave her food morning evening night I cleaned her but then she ran away

  23. medechi

    medechi7 hours ago

    Whoever left her there is going to burn in a special place in hell. Cheers for them for rescuing her

  24. Jessica Anguiano

    Jessica Anguiano7 hours ago

    I wish that man and dog a long beautiful blessed life

  25. Brian Thalmann

    Brian Thalmann8 hours ago

    Yes it is evil. And the original owners who left her there should have given her to an animal shelter or better yet another family who would love her. But we can't take back the past and even thinking about killing the orignal owners ect. Is just about more evil then leaving a dog stranded. Think about not only what the dog had to go through but what the owners did too. They could have had just as much as a harder life then that dog. I'm not saying this acceptable but lots of people are looking at the dogs perspective and not the original owners. The owners could have had something going on in there life's to make them bitter. And you can disagree with me if you want but i dont want to have to deal with people bugging me with hateful words every min hour or day. So if you have nothing nice to say back off.

  26. Eva Muñoz

    Eva Muñoz8 hours ago

    You are an Ángel 👏👏👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍👍😘😘😘🇮🇹🇮🇹

  27. GetTpOrDIE

    GetTpOrDIE8 hours ago

    You are the true knight my good sir!

  28. Amazing the Film

    Amazing the Film9 hours ago

    About the passengers leaving the dog behind Imagine finally finding a home and people finally live you, only to get dumped on an island again Messed up

  29. Tessa Hennis

    Tessa Hennis9 hours ago

    Poor baby 😣😣😣

  30. Random Stuff

    Random Stuff9 hours ago

    Humanity still exists!

  31. MTN Biking In Arkansas

    MTN Biking In Arkansas11 hours ago

    Who would leave a dog on an island to sink into the water That’s one of the worst things you could possible do

  32. Angela Verdenius

    Angela Verdenius11 hours ago

    I don't understand why people treat animals so cruelly. If you don't want a pet and don't care about animals, don't get a pet. You don't have to hurt them. Animals are part of the family. You want one, you care for it and love it - always and regardless. Thank you to this kind man who rescued her.

  33. Fransisco Sandoval

    Fransisco Sandoval11 hours ago


  34. JIYA SHA

    JIYA SHA11 hours ago

    God is here in your heart......

  35. mylifeasniree

    mylifeasniree12 hours ago

    She's freaking beautiful! Through it all, still an amazing spirit about herself! God bless you for looking after those that cannot look after themselves. She would have surely perished and it would have been an awful loss!

  36. sexobscura

    sexobscura12 hours ago

    *That's just what happened when Gilligan and the others left the Island*

  37. Raven Games

    Raven Games13 hours ago

    Not to be mean or anything but the dog kinda looked like a thestral at the beginning? And in the thumbnail?

  38. Fatima Aguilar

    Fatima Aguilar13 hours ago

    negrita means blackface wtf

  39. whatwouldjeebusdo

    whatwouldjeebusdo14 hours ago


  40. whatwouldjeebusdo

    whatwouldjeebusdo14 hours ago


  41. Bon Bon

    Bon Bon14 hours ago

    Thank god there are people on earth like this ❤️ 😭

  42. Ttbbgg Ttbbgg

    Ttbbgg Ttbbgg14 hours ago

    This literally brought me to tears, I recently lost my cat when moving and cannot find him. Thank good for people that love animals. Good SPIRITUAL Superior people.

  43. Mary Rose Kent

    Mary Rose Kent14 hours ago

    Ttbbgg Ttbbgg I’m so sorry about your kittty-boy!

  44. Ttbbgg Ttbbgg

    Ttbbgg Ttbbgg14 hours ago

    God bless you so much!!!!

  45. Ginger Forbes

    Ginger Forbes14 hours ago


  46. Philosophoenix

    Philosophoenix14 hours ago

    This channel makes me tear up.

  47. Chrissy Miller

    Chrissy Miller15 hours ago

    thank you so much for helping that animal you are truly loving and caring thank you for ur compassion LETS ALL HELP TO SUPPORT TO HELP BUILD MORE SHELTERS!!!

  48. Tens of DU

    Tens of DU15 hours ago

    They tried to re-abandon the dog. As expected of South American Third-World Subhumans.

  49. GeekyNerd

    GeekyNerd15 hours ago


  50. Olivia Morgan

    Olivia Morgan15 hours ago

    God Bless ppl like that 💖......They are my hero's 💖........True Angels 💖

  51. Jessie Rodriguez

    Jessie Rodriguez15 hours ago

    Made me want to cry 😢

  52. mean0 sacnee

    mean0 sacnee16 hours ago

    You are a true man and hero You can tell a lot about people by how they treat animals

  53. Alejandro Brooks

    Alejandro Brooks16 hours ago

    Your so awesome (as simple as that ) love that there’s people like you around the world !!!! THANK YOU ,this made my day !!!!!!!

  54. Gaming with Charlie

    Gaming with Charlie16 hours ago

    How did he know the dog was named negrita?

  55. Queen Amaya

    Queen Amaya17 hours ago

    I'm totally not crying, you are...ok ill be honest i'm so happy that someone saved her, but then im sad some person, not if a human that demonic person would do that toa dog if you can't take care of a dog or don't want a dog THEN WHY GET ONE! smh...they could be in a family where they feel wanted and are actually loved...God will make them suffer...

  56. DarkWarrior777

    DarkWarrior77717 hours ago

    Good job David!!! You are a true hero!

  57. Stevieskates05

    Stevieskates0517 hours ago

    this man is from derry

  58. Brooke R

    Brooke R17 hours ago

    Tears. What a good man

  59. Creatip

    Creatip18 hours ago

    Nature is so unfair. Pitch black dog born in amazon. Imagine how hot it is when she's outside in the sun....

  60. CarlJohnson

    CarlJohnson18 hours ago

    what breed? so beautiful

  61. XxFlameZxX

    XxFlameZxX18 hours ago

    Good man

  62. Katie

    Katie18 hours ago

    How could this video get 815 dislikes, whoever did that must be dog haters.

  63. Katie

    Katie12 hours ago

    Mary Rose Kent true

  64. Mary Rose Kent

    Mary Rose Kent14 hours ago

    Katie Probably just a bunch of loser internet trolls.

  65. Jiru Kyoka

    Jiru Kyoka19 hours ago

    And that's how you know that someone haves a good heart

  66. D BoLoTo DaNcE DaNcE iS My LiFe

    D BoLoTo DaNcE DaNcE iS My LiFe19 hours ago

    Thank You So Much

  67. Fellin34YT

    Fellin34YT19 hours ago

    He found treasure

  68. Phonexay Southiphong

    Phonexay Southiphong17 hours ago

    Uh..she is not a treasure she is a dog

  69. Stephanie Maria

    Stephanie Maria19 hours ago

    who is so cold hearted to try leaving a dog who is starving in a island and the people who tried kicking her off the boat

  70. Huanted Beef

    Huanted Beef20 hours ago

    That’s what love really is

  71. marco gonzalez

    marco gonzalez20 hours ago

    Thanks for ur kindness

  72. Tules G

    Tules G20 hours ago

    Wow holding the tears here.. RESPECT to your kindness Sr.

  73. Forever Pashtun

    Forever Pashtun20 hours ago

    But they dont accept starving human refugees to come to their country SMH

  74. Katia Milene

    Katia Milene20 hours ago

    Maravilhoso 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙏🏾

  75. Andrew Waggoner

    Andrew Waggoner20 hours ago

    mvp award to the person who kept the dog for 5 months. That's really admirable

  76. GalaxyFoxGG :D

    GalaxyFoxGG :D21 hour ago

    Who even left the dog there! I WILL HUNT THEM DOWN!!!!!! THEY NEED TO LEARN TO TREAT ANIMALS LIKE PEOPLE!!!!!! so many evil and dumb people out there now 1 like = one living dog saved

  77. Diego Costa

    Diego Costa21 hour ago

    2:50 that does not look normal, u made the right call :)

  78. cia o

    cia o21 hour ago

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  79. Paula Jewitt

    Paula Jewitt21 hour ago


  80. Marcy Keeley

    Marcy Keeley21 hour ago

    It's bad enough that this dog was abandoned in the first place, but what kind of soulless psychopath can see an animal that sick and starved and think I don't like it being on the boat let's abandon it again?! I hope those people get a very prolific form of gonorrhea that doesn't ever go away.

  81. Gacha Harmony

    Gacha Harmony21 hour ago

    What a good man Not to be racist but She is black like me :)

  82. Suzanne Hall

    Suzanne Hall22 hours ago

    What a good man! Best souvenir ever!!

  83. Michael Tapper

    Michael Tapper23 hours ago

    I truly dispise people who mistreat dogs or any kinda animal they make me sick.Getting to where i cannot tolerate people in general and would much rather chill at home with my dog than going out socializing with people..Out here where i live animal cruelty is getting worse and worse just seen on the news the other day and this is no joke a man tied his dog to the back of a pickup truck and drug it down the road until it died..Seriously i will find the link for the local news for anyone doesnt believe. Couple weeks ago another man tried to throw his dog in the river at a park while it was locked in kennel to get rid of it..Luckly some one seen it happen actually jumped in pulled the dog out and had to resuscitate it.Not sure how but the dog pulled through. Point is people make me sick and there is evil in the world.I live kinda out in the country and litteraly everywhere you go out here you see folks have dogs chained to a tree or locked in a small kennel.Whats the fckn point of getting a dog just to chain it to a tree in your back yard and forget about it????Im tellin ya im to the point i wanna start kickin doors in and slappin the fuck out folks everytime i see sorry but people disgust me

  84. Sàrika Tokai

    Sàrika Tokai23 hours ago

    I cant be saved from crying when i watch a video like this

  85. Cucu Ca

    Cucu CaDay ago

    Thank you people. I feed homeless cats where | live. Big thanks for taking care of Negrita!

  86. The Fox Doctor

    The Fox DoctorDay ago

    This is one of the best stories I have heard in a long time. Thank you for rescuing that Beutifil Dog 🐕.....

  87. Yasmin E

    Yasmin EDay ago

    Who left this dog there to begin with???? What a kind man to save that beautiful dog!

  88. Panda Fox

    Panda FoxDay ago

    Awwwwww I love her

  89. ii_MysteriousKate

    ii_MysteriousKateDay ago

    Why is everyone fighting because some people said they want justice for the dog? It's ridiculous and people are calling some people "Disgusting Humans for Saying that"" if their a disgusting human you are too for considering they are.

  90. Mike Dickinson

    Mike DickinsonDay ago

    God Bless you David such a good man and you will have a true friend there! Total Respect 👌

  91. Oof Me

    Oof MeDay ago

    I want this dog sooo badly 😭💗💗 A black dog and those beautiful brown eyes! What kind of breed is this?

  92. julio carvalho

    julio carvalhoDay ago


  93. Alana Corbella

    Alana CorbellaDay ago

    i needed this(:

  94. Lizzy Smith

    Lizzy SmithDay ago

    Thank god for heroes like this, unfortunately they are so few. I wish him and his Negrita a long and happy life.

  95. Jana Poulton

    Jana PoultonDay ago


  96. Jana Poulton

    Jana PoultonDay ago

    My hats off to you young man!!! Total respect for your companionate heart. All the very best to both of you. You truly are an angel amongst us.

  97. Kodai Love

    Kodai LoveDay ago

    God will surely bless u for saving that poor babu

  98. Allen

    AllenDay ago

    Thank you for saving her twice you have a big heart god bless you and her and I wish you all the best and thank you Dodo for sharing this this world need more people like this to open up there’s hearts and to hell with the consequences

  99. mick

    mickDay ago

    omg that poor baby, bless you for saving her! Set up a gofundme and i will be very very proud to help out, ill check back for a link from you

  100. Jennifer Lewis

    Jennifer LewisDay ago

    My God,the things that human being think up to do,every creature have a will to survive and clearly this dog held on hoping that help will come for her,what was the perpetrators thinking to do this to this animal it is only so much this dog could do to survive on this deserted place,how would the people or person like it if the same thing was done to them and they knew that they health was depleting because of lack of food and care,I feel very passionate about the wickedness that are being inflicted on animals be it a dog or any other animal,why are humans so wicked,and destructive when they have more choices than these animals,I believe people just find pleasure in hurting any one or anything because of temporary power but I am here to inform all you wicked people out there time belong to God and you cannot live forever except you repent and turn from your wickedness says the word of God.

  101. Angelica Santiago

    Angelica SantiagoDay ago

    Amazing rescue

  102. Hiwalani Ramirez-Chinen

    Hiwalani Ramirez-ChinenDay ago

    What a good person , she looks so happy and healthy ! Love this video

  103. P Jj

    P JjDay ago

    Bless you sir....God saw that

  104. Jeff Nkuma

    Jeff NkumaDay ago

    God bless you and your family man. you are a hero body.

  105. Quinten Wallace

    Quinten WallaceDay ago

    Good man!

  106. Krystal Castillo

    Krystal CastilloDay ago

    I'm in tears because your such a wonderful human being! Thanks for Sharing 🌸 if more people were like you maybe this world would be a better place to live! Thank you

  107. Maria Lozano

    Maria LozanoDay ago

    This guy has a seat in heaven

  108. Alan Cazares

    Alan CazaresDay ago

    Poor pup