Making MINI PIZZA with POKIMANE | Cooking With Marshmello


  1. Marshmello

    Marshmello6 months ago

    I think i'm in love.... with pizza!

  2. ItzDavi Growtopia

    ItzDavi Growtopia8 days ago


  3. Default

    Default21 day ago

    Me too

  4. Chandra Sumardji

    Chandra SumardjiMonth ago


  5. Ced Fish

    Ced Fish3 months ago


  6. Pokecraft vids

    Pokecraft vids4 months ago

    Yeah before max comments and last comment

  7. David Eggs

    David EggsHour ago

    0:06 thicc

  8. NinjaMan Pan

    NinjaMan Pan3 hours ago

    Poki's thighs are thick as hell ;) 0:06

  9. Name YourSelf

    Name YourSelf8 hours ago

    Marshmello x Pokinane

  10. W!ld Xotic

    W!ld Xotic8 hours ago

    It never shows him eating

  11. HeyDude_YT

    HeyDude_YT9 hours ago

    0:02 GachiBass

  12. Domantas Baublys

    Domantas Baublys9 hours ago

    Too much sound effects

  13. Adub 23596

    Adub 2359612 hours ago

    You are the best marshmello

  14. Keshon Brink

    Keshon Brink15 hours ago


  15. Keshon Brink

    Keshon Brink15 hours ago


  16. Morgz is a clickbater

    Morgz is a clickbater17 hours ago

    Mellow and Poki would make a perfect couple.

  17. Terrence Julian

    Terrence Julian22 hours ago

    1:00 Of they were a couple

  18. Skull Productions

    Skull ProductionsDay ago


  19. One bloxx gaming

    One bloxx gamingDay ago

    I love pokimane

  20. Silent_One503x YT

    Silent_One503x YTDay ago

    2da part in Brazzers or Pornhub

  21. RT_ Game Play

    RT_ Game PlayDay ago

    She thicc tho



    Despues tuvieron sexxxoo

  23. BiofaekGamer s

    BiofaekGamer sDay ago

    0:59 xD

  24. Gaming Efe203

    Gaming Efe203Day ago


  25. Beyblade Burst God

    Beyblade Burst GodDay ago

    I see you marshmello

  26. Abraham Marcial

    Abraham Marcial2 days ago

    0:15 sets controller on counter *POOF* 0:18 controller on table

  27. Joseph Velasco

    Joseph Velasco2 days ago

    Marshmello touched pokimane

  28. WBH Kamui

    WBH Kamui3 days ago


  29. Susi Graciano

    Susi Graciano3 days ago

    Shawn Mendes 😍😍

  30. Nathan Chew

    Nathan Chew3 days ago

    they pronounced pokimane wrong is pronounced pokémon

  31. Smurph VaderX

    Smurph VaderX3 days ago

    The controllers weren’t even on 😂

  32. Arvind Johal

    Arvind Johal3 days ago

    *T H I C C*

  33. Twisty

    Twisty3 days ago

    Pokimane -thicc- *Who loves pizza*

  34. veronica tosi

    veronica tosi3 days ago

    I am italian

  35. Nigga Tensai

    Nigga Tensai3 days ago

    I'd rather eat pokimane then the food

  36. Fearless Noah

    Fearless NoahDay ago


  37. Totoro Chan

    Totoro Chan4 days ago

    Pokemello *THICC*

  38. 范宇

    范宇4 days ago

    大爱老棉(Great love marshmello)!!!!!!

  39. Vivek Kaushik

    Vivek Kaushik4 days ago

    0:05 Ahhhh that's hot. THICCCC POKIMANE.

  40. c&d adventures

    c&d adventures4 days ago

    I love these vids Marsh [ ‿ ]👍

  41. Nicole Ramos

    Nicole Ramos4 days ago

    I watched it coz of poki 😝

  42. legendary viper

    legendary viper4 days ago

    Your my favourite MReporterr

  43. legendary viper

    legendary viper4 days ago

    Your my favourite MReporterer

  44. Elvira Librada

    Elvira Librada4 days ago

    Mello's heart is pumping fast

  45. GamerRudy valencia

    GamerRudy valencia4 days ago

    Maybe you should turn on the control xD

  46. Nyaya Vignan chakravartula

    Nyaya Vignan chakravartula4 days ago

    Marshmallow how we should get marshmallow Xbox controller

  47. Billy Playz

    Billy Playz4 days ago

    Lmao she has WiFi in the kitchen?

  48. life si cool

    life si cool5 days ago

    Play ps4 games not Xbox ok👌

  49. Alexa Burdier

    Alexa Burdier5 days ago

    OwO?? Marshmello+Pokimane???????????? Or Marshmello+Anne Marie????????????? Tell meh NOW

  50. El Sharki

    El Sharki5 days ago

    Hi Pokimello!!!

  51. Leera catalina

    Leera catalina5 days ago

    I'm just imagining the awkwardness in filming this...

  52. ningia

    ningia5 days ago

    Pizza pasta e un'altra altra cosa!

  53. fornite rednite

    fornite rednite5 days ago

    Hahaha proooooo plaŷer

  54. SuperMarioLucas

    SuperMarioLucas5 days ago

    I have huge crush on pokimane

  55. BlueBear YT

    BlueBear YT4 days ago

    U look like 8hahahhahaha

  56. DarkPandaLord

    DarkPandaLord4 days ago


  57. Mercy_Swayyツ

    Mercy_Swayyツ6 days ago


  58. Eduard Gjini

    Eduard Gjini6 days ago

    I think marshmello is stealing my pizza!

  59. Yathu Aravinthan

    Yathu Aravinthan6 days ago

    Taking to ur Xbox to play fortnite tuday U can take me to moisty more but not loot lake.lets make some pizzza🍕🍕🍕

  60. Yathu Aravinthan

    Yathu Aravinthan6 days ago

    Remember Maarshmello with Ninja playing duos on the tournament and won a game 😀

  61. NOSE 2809

    NOSE 28096 days ago

    Algún puyo español? :v

  62. ShxtHydroxyz Gaming

    ShxtHydroxyz Gaming6 days ago

    Marshmello ❤ Pokimaine there a match MelloMaine

  63. Pink Diamond

    Pink Diamond7 days ago

    Damn marshmello

  64. MessedUpHairline

    MessedUpHairline7 days ago

    Right when she's about to take it... FRIDGING CUTS 1:54

  65. Tabitha Ingermann

    Tabitha Ingermann7 days ago

    Hey marshmallow tell BenDamin wants to add her and she is cute please and thanks not in mean way

  66. joacox _Yt

    joacox _Yt7 days ago

    Vaya video mierda

  67. munnil

    munnil7 days ago

    Pokimane is so pretty

  68. Sri lakshmi

    Sri lakshmi7 days ago

    Mello u r crazy

  69. Jio Dhan

    Jio Dhan7 days ago

    I hate this girl

  70. Ur Qween

    Ur Qween8 days ago


  71. Styxia

    Styxia8 days ago

    Turn on the controller

  72. Omar 7000

    Omar 70008 days ago

    Omg... Thats a THICC Pizza (You Thougt -_-)


    ElKNUCKLES_XD8 days ago

    Xbox is the best console

  74. DJ45 Garcia

    DJ45 Garcia8 days ago

    Inst Pokemane a thot

  75. Alaston Zelda

    Alaston Zelda8 days ago

    It's starting to get annoying when people have controllers but they dont know how to use them...i mean they r just fingering the damn things

  76. craig Piatos

    craig Piatos8 days ago

    Thats thicc My ass ^^)

  77. Fierce Icon

    Fierce Icon9 days ago

    This was just too cringe

  78. do you know dae wae

    do you know dae wae9 days ago

    Plot twist: pokimane Is marshmello's secret girlfriend

  79. boneless mickey

    boneless mickey9 days ago

    The best reference was superhot dun vr game though

  80. FuDark Darker

    FuDark Darker9 days ago

    I guess marshmello is pokimanes gf?

  81. j_oblo

    j_oblo9 days ago

    Let's not focus on what happened after that video.

  82. BIG CHuNgUs

    BIG CHuNgUs10 days ago

    Marshmello clapped dem cheeks with the helmet on.

  83. Skelter170 Yasin

    Skelter170 Yasin10 days ago

    Did you notice that they are playing Fortnite like if you know fortnite

  84. ツItsJason

    ツItsJason10 days ago

    T H I C C

  85. Mr. Toast

    Mr. Toast10 days ago

    Local news: *famous Fortnite streamer myth kills famous Dj marshmello!*

  86. Hanna Cao

    Hanna Cao10 days ago

    Can you cook with ninja

  87. gandor wii u

    gandor wii u10 days ago

    make a cooking with marshmello with cravings journal

  88. Brogan Rigby

    Brogan Rigby10 days ago

    Marshmallow better be careful, and poki his floppy cock will destroy her 😂

  89. Dana Beavis

    Dana Beavis10 days ago

    Would marshmelo where his mask to a funrl

  90. KSENIA VLOG 2019

    KSENIA VLOG 201910 days ago

    Русские вы хде?

  91. im vligious

    im vligious10 days ago


  92. tiovixion Astra

    tiovixion Astra10 days ago

    *Even the DJ's want that booty*

  93. rodrigo

    rodrigo10 days ago

    Jajja un cago de risa jajaja . Alta paja escribir en ingles like si hablas los 2 idiomas

  94. Goblin Dudes

    Goblin Dudes10 days ago

    You guys didn’t link the clap to the default dance. Very disappointed

  95. Cold Zetzity

    Cold Zetzity11 days ago

    You know pokimane sucked marsh you know what

  96. voltex

    voltex11 days ago

    1: pokimane plays on xbox 2: fortnites two player

  97. Maxcoolguy FTW

    Maxcoolguy FTW11 days ago

    Is no one going to comment on the faces pokimane made??

  98. The Real Paul Yt

    The Real Paul Yt11 days ago

    this so cringe and gay

  99. s K ! P

    s K ! P11 days ago

    They should fuck

  100. Trapk_9

    Trapk_911 days ago

    You cant play split screen

  101. Nik Minute

    Nik Minute11 days ago

    You look nervous marshmellow. Oh wait...

  102. Bozinho 46

    Bozinho 4611 days ago

    Myth lefted the party...

  103. Twitch Nike07532

    Twitch Nike0753211 days ago

    Pokimane is Very Hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  104. Yogo32

    Yogo3211 days ago


  105. .

    .11 days ago

    Am I the only person who realised that the Xbox button on their controllers is marshmellow

  106. xd Drdrop

    xd Drdrop11 days ago

    Now everybody is shipping marshmelloxpoki 😴😴

  107. D z p e n g u i n 4 8

    D z p e n g u i n 4 811 days ago

    Poki thicc!

  108. Jonatan Do AmJOMATANor

    Jonatan Do AmJOMATANor11 days ago

    DJ marshmallow eu duvido você jogar forty night e vem pegar as melhores armas arriscar P90 Sniper pesada e a doze pesada do jogo Fort night ganhar essa partida e não esquece de pegar madeira nem eu sei lá mais coisa para construir para perder