Making MINI PIZZA with POKIMANE | Cooking With Marshmello


  1. Marshmello

    Marshmello3 months ago

    I think i'm in love.... with pizza!

  2. Ced Fish

    Ced Fish15 days ago


  3. Pokecraft vids

    Pokecraft vidsMonth ago

    Yeah before max comments and last comment

  4. JM 8thbc

    JM 8thbcMonth ago


  5. Luka

    LukaMonth ago


  6. The Gaming Artist

    The Gaming Artist2 months ago

    Me vs pizza pizza wins cuz everyone likes it X’X

  7. Regon drill

    Regon drillHour ago

    1:34 skrillex sounds

  8. Human Person

    Human PersonHour ago


  9. brian_ Uribe

    brian_ Uribe7 hours ago

    I bet he got a boner

  10. Peterson Slm

    Peterson Slm13 hours ago

    Yea duo on the same tv lol

  11. YouTubeGamingMan Super

    YouTubeGamingMan Super13 hours ago

    It’s okay she’s kind of mad at myth

  12. Leafy Is Here

    Leafy Is Here15 hours ago

    That editing sucks balls

  13. Jed Correa

    Jed Correa20 hours ago

    It think marshmello is in love With Pizza

  14. Lyn Aguilar

    Lyn Aguilar21 hour ago

    What is pokimane’s religion

  15. mohacoolguy abdalla

    mohacoolguy abdalla21 hour ago

    Take poki hostage she knows who Mello is

  16. Jumbo BricksYT

    Jumbo BricksYT22 hours ago

    Poki don't even play console lmao smh

  17. Roctized

    Roctized23 hours ago

    I bet she gave you herpies

  18. Caise789

    Caise78923 hours ago

    0:15 does anyone noticed that he put the console her then it gets to the table..

  19. Dirt Skemmerz

    Dirt SkemmerzDay ago

    Marshmello and Pokimane should do fortnite dances. Maybe Marshmello can say some of the music?

  20. Hold This L T-Series

    Hold This L T-SeriesDay ago

    Oh ma gawd poki has a thicc Personality

  21. CirAaa

    CirAaaDay ago

    I watched pornos who started like this.

  22. Killer banana

    Killer banana2 days ago

    Damn that’s some Thick Curst 👌😏

  23. Ballistic Mango

    Ballistic Mango2 days ago

    Wonder if marshmello talks with the people he makes videos with...or else it would be hella awkward

  24. Lorena Fajardo

    Lorena Fajardo2 days ago


  25. MagikarpUseDab

    MagikarpUseDab2 days ago


  26. Shubham Joshi

    Shubham Joshi2 days ago

    It's like I'm watching Teletubbies

  27. Ryan  Clack

    Ryan Clack2 days ago

    Hello Marsmello(Erik)

  28. BelUUuU

    BelUUuU2 days ago

    Myslalem ze robią pierogi XD

  29. NASTY

    NASTY2 days ago

    Who else thought the intro was a little bit cringe.....

  30. Gaming Poppin

    Gaming Poppin2 days ago


  31. mujeeb tariq

    mujeeb tariq2 days ago


  32. -;;

    -;;2 days ago


  33. vanille LPS

    vanille LPS3 days ago


  34. raylee ziezan

    raylee ziezan3 days ago

    my mission finding thicc comments is successfull

  35. Badr ً

    Badr ً3 days ago

    she should be a pornstar ..... just saying

  36. Aries

    Aries3 days ago

    umm.. how are they playing Fortnite with two controllers Dafaq 😂😂😂

  37. Elinor Ivanova

    Elinor Ivanova3 days ago

    Marshmelo du you Love dis girl 😁😁

  38. durrr burger

    durrr burger3 days ago

    Mello : i want sex pokimane:i love you

  39. mr tiger

    mr tiger4 days ago

    Cute couple

  40. TreyDoggPlayz

    TreyDoggPlayz4 days ago

    I’m pretty sure everyone knows who marshmello is now

  41. Nishant Lokhande

    Nishant Lokhande4 days ago

    Cutest Fortnite Duo Right here !!!!

  42. Daniel Meme

    Daniel Meme4 days ago

    Ha that’s me

  43. Bcyc

    Bcyc4 days ago


  44. [Infinity] Cross

    [Infinity] Cross5 days ago

    Cringey af, c'mon poki.

  45. Banana Guy

    Banana Guy5 days ago

    Myth: *pulls out drum gun* Epicgames: *bans drum gun * Myth: 😭😭😭😢😢

  46. Billy Lopez

    Billy Lopez5 days ago

    I love pizza!

  47. DIEGO Duwaffles

    DIEGO Duwaffles5 days ago

    When will myth find all the infinity stones and snap his fingers

  48. Armir Velcani

    Armir Velcani5 days ago

    In the end poki was i though we were friends

  49. Fortnitesavage 101

    Fortnitesavage 1015 days ago

    Is it just me or is marshmallow wearing the kind of thing that myth would on purpose lol 😂

  50. Decox rocket league

    Decox rocket league5 days ago

    That’s a thicc Pizza


    FPS GUIDE5 days ago

    mar got a boner yet?

  52. Skler Elswick

    Skler Elswick5 days ago

    Everybody always says Poki is so THICC. But don’t forget about Marshmello. He THICCER.😂

  53. Dani Barts

    Dani Barts6 days ago

    *this video has cringed me into a coma*

  54. Mr. Kid Auditore

    Mr. Kid Auditore6 days ago

    oh pokimane is here!!

  55. Necro GT

    Necro GT7 days ago

    They look so cute together!

  56. Somebody Not Saying Who

    Somebody Not Saying Who7 days ago

    I can already see it pokimane X marshmallow

  57. Sir onion da third

    Sir onion da third7 days ago

    On Xbox...

  58. TheSunVanished TM

    TheSunVanished TM8 days ago

    Pokimane so *THICC*

  59. patricia ovilla

    patricia ovilla8 days ago


  60. Piggio 77

    Piggio 778 days ago


  61. Advay Pradhan

    Advay Pradhan9 days ago

    The sound effects are killing me 🙃🙃🙉🙉

  62. LamboLaTribu

    LamboLaTribu9 days ago

    T H I C C

  63. Lard !

    Lard !9 days ago

    This must be so awkward

  64. Montage Upload

    Montage Upload9 days ago

    Poki hips tho

  65. Juan Jose Cordova Diaz

    Juan Jose Cordova Diaz9 days ago

    Pero q piernas tieme pokiname.

  66. Hamdo

    Hamdo9 days ago

    Who's THICCER?

  67. Everett Guedry

    Everett Guedry9 days ago

    Pokimane the chocolate, ninja the cracker, and u the marshmallow

  68. vSpark

    vSpark9 days ago

    Who else watched Because of poki

  69. Bubba Mane

    Bubba Mane10 days ago

    Poki Mane ThiCC

  70. Frentiz

    Frentiz10 days ago

    you can see marshmello puts his hand on pokimane's shoulder a the end damn hokage moves mello xD

  71. Basketball Kid

    Basketball Kid10 days ago

    How do u play duos on the same tv and since when did poki and marshmallow play on Xbox?

  72. NextGenRobin

    NextGenRobin10 days ago

    Poki thicc

  73. emethyst

    emethyst10 days ago

    I woder how there playing if the controller wasn’t even on

  74. Eden and Sophia Loberg

    Eden and Sophia Loberg10 days ago

    Yum yum with a bum bum

  75. Karlis Kirsakmens

    Karlis Kirsakmens10 days ago

    0:15 when he puts his controller down right next to him , but after in 0:18 the controller is right in front of him .

  76. Quixotic

    Quixotic10 days ago

    R.I.P. Myth

  77. Cj Pedraja

    Cj Pedraja10 days ago

    love u shawn mendes

  78. __Frezzy__

    __Frezzy__10 days ago

    I bet they fucked

  79. UltimateTroll

    UltimateTroll11 days ago

    Mmmm that thicc... Dough

  80. Volvo Gaben

    Volvo Gaben11 days ago

    wtf even with recipes i cook poison help

  81. i_V _2

    i_V _211 days ago


  82. Static R.B

    Static R.B11 days ago

    You can see that the first part was from a porn movie, bcs of the control. I bet that they havent even opened the controler.

  83. WoW light

    WoW light11 days ago


  84. POWER CORE Gaming

    POWER CORE Gaming12 days ago

    Mistake on the remote see it your self 0:16

  85. Warrior184 Gaming

    Warrior184 Gaming12 days ago

    Idk wat this means but I ship them

  86. KeinsterionCooLz

    KeinsterionCooLz12 days ago

    Marshmello is so chancing with Pokimane!!!❤💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💙

  87. the Legend

    the Legend12 days ago

    To of the greatest MReporterers

  88. jerry verga

    jerry verga12 days ago

    Username: Myth

  89. SoulOfInfinity

    SoulOfInfinity12 days ago

    Make up bitch and fortnite boy

  90. Shujeet Ingnam

    Shujeet Ingnam12 days ago


  91. F. B.I

    F. B.I12 days ago

    0:41 dead meme alert

  92. Esjee

    Esjee12 days ago


  93. Funtime_Swagbear

    Funtime_Swagbear12 days ago

    0:06 T H I C C

  94. JakeMartinezg

    JakeMartinezg13 days ago

    *Myth has left the chat*

  95. i keep getting spawn killed

    i keep getting spawn killed13 days ago

    Why the pizza so THICC

  96. Supreme legand

    Supreme legand13 days ago

    So thiccc Pizza

  97. II 7EMO

    II 7EMO13 days ago


  98. Xxx Concussion

    Xxx Concussion13 days ago

    How hot is it in that fucking hat

  99. Beast Playz

    Beast Playz14 days ago

    0:05 THIIICCC

  100. Ritsuhie c:

    Ritsuhie c:14 days ago

    i still cringing so bad

  101. MegaDerpy Gaming

    MegaDerpy Gaming14 days ago

    Poki is THI C C C with three C's and spaces between them

  102. A Krasniqi

    A Krasniqi14 days ago

    I think TSM_Myth is angry now 😂😂

  103. Danielle Moore

    Danielle Moore14 days ago


  104. Genji And angela

    Genji And angela14 days ago

    Pause on 0:14 they are cute good couple

  105. Genji And angela

    Genji And angela14 days ago

    Thay make a good couple🌈🌈😍