Making MINI PIZZA with POKIMANE | Cooking With Marshmello


  1. Marshmello

    Marshmello17 days ago

    I think i'm in love.... with pizza!

  2. ahmed pro - minecraft & more

    ahmed pro - minecraft & moreDay ago

    IoI'm laughing


    HOODED’S GAMING8 days ago

    500th reply

  4. Wai You bULLy mE ?

    Wai You bULLy mE ?16 days ago

    Marshmello lol

  5. Kärly TM

    Kärly TM16 days ago


  6. That dood

    That dood16 days ago

    Me too

  7. kiттɣ CᙓᖇᙓCITᗩ

    kiттɣ CᙓᖇᙓCITᗩ9 minutes ago

    Now an ASMR with poki!!!!

  8. Noah Sebastian

    Noah Sebastian9 minutes ago

    Poki *thicc*

  9. Moist lips

    Moist lips28 minutes ago

    *T H I C C*

  10. ChickenIsDog

    ChickenIsDog41 minute ago

    wow gaming with mello, is that how marshmello is trying to stay relevant?

  11. ThatGuyTobyPlayz

    ThatGuyTobyPlayzHour ago

    Marshmello THICC

  12. Sebastian Larsen

    Sebastian LarsenHour ago

    LOL pokiman play on PC NOT PS4 5 seconds in the video


    NXZE QUITHour ago

    How do i install Mcpe texturepack?

  14. Himanshu Singh

    Himanshu SinghHour ago

    lol it's not pokiman say "POKIMANE"

  15. RandomMemez YT

    RandomMemez YTHour ago

    She protecc She Attac Espeacially... She Thicc

  16. renosh gaming

    renosh gamingHour ago

    this is the cringest video i have ever seen.

  17. Chai Yew Jin

    Chai Yew JinHour ago

    Oh merg god

  18. Anette _kun

    Anette _kunHour ago

    Myth will be angry

  19. Kunal Bhande

    Kunal Bhande2 hours ago

    She just famous because of here beauty not becz gaming o plzzzz

  20. Porshia Hearth

    Porshia Hearth2 hours ago

    they should date

  21. Udienn Diennn

    Udienn Diennn2 hours ago

    Thicc MAMA🔥🔥

  22. Life Is Boring

    Life Is Boring3 hours ago

    Cringey ass intro

  23. Plasmatic Game_Z

    Plasmatic Game_Z3 hours ago


  24. Spasm Fox

    Spasm Fox3 hours ago

    What chicc will he cook with next?

  25. ibrahim djouada

    ibrahim djouada3 hours ago

    she is a thot

  26. The Shell Jungkook Ate

    The Shell Jungkook Ate3 hours ago

    99 Percent of the comments gonna be about thicc

  27. Random Things

    Random Things4 hours ago


  28. XRandomantic xD

    XRandomantic xD4 hours ago


  29. lucke yanuari

    lucke yanuari4 hours ago


  30. dangerous h bomb

    dangerous h bomb5 hours ago

    Pakimane plays mobile legends I think Y^Y

  31. Valentine Vell

    Valentine Vell6 hours ago


  32. Toby Tiger 04

    Toby Tiger 047 hours ago

    Ngl but it's a bit cringe (in my opinion obvs)

  33. Levi Kiwi

    Levi Kiwi9 hours ago

    1:52 who else thought he was going to pull his mask off

  34. Orange Chicken Memes

    Orange Chicken Memes9 hours ago

    lol ninja now big depressssss

  35. Nopalon 97

    Nopalon 979 hours ago

    T H I C C

  36. C J

    C J10 hours ago

    Pokimello or Pokimyth ? :(

  37. Koalalalalala D

    Koalalalalala D10 hours ago


  38. Splashyyy

    Splashyyy10 hours ago


  39. JaxPlayz YT

    JaxPlayz YT11 hours ago

    95% of comments are THICC 5% are about the actual vid

  40. Carlos Perez

    Carlos Perez11 hours ago

    Do one whith ninja

  41. TalonTP

    TalonTP11 hours ago

    I Totally Don’t have a crush on Pokimane

  42. Reforged Exile

    Reforged Exile11 hours ago

    Marshmello x poki

  43. julius ascher

    julius ascher11 hours ago


  44. KillinKadaf

    KillinKadaf12 hours ago


  45. valyo2

    valyo212 hours ago

    the cringe...

  46. Calciumz Gaming

    Calciumz Gaming12 hours ago

    She plays on PC what a scam

  47. Syndent

    Syndent12 hours ago

    nice video

  48. Dennis Kara

    Dennis Kara13 hours ago

    0:50 music?

  49. Ashlee Silva

    Ashlee Silva13 hours ago

    Why make some snacks, there’s poki she’s a snack... jk I actually respect poki.

  50. KevGameZ

    KevGameZ13 hours ago


  51. EWERT YY

    EWERT YY13 hours ago

    Pokimane is the besttt

  52. Ronin Smith

    Ronin Smith13 hours ago

    I see what you're doing there Marshmello ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  53. Paulo Pereira

    Paulo Pereira13 hours ago


  54. Arthur Bakker

    Arthur Bakker14 hours ago


  55. Faher Slimani

    Faher Slimani14 hours ago

    مارشميلو حلاب

  56. Gambit Prime

    Gambit Prime14 hours ago

    Kys please gay


    LTS LIFESYLE14 hours ago

    The funny part is there controllers at the beginning are off

  58. senseyy

    senseyy14 hours ago

    ThIs is so cringy

  59. CloudyAsomemax

    CloudyAsomemax14 hours ago

    Maybe little bit less edits? Like sound effects feels like to much. Not trying to be mean

  60. Dreamer Ecstasy

    Dreamer Ecstasy14 hours ago

    Love it

  61. Hater auf trocken Am start

    Hater auf trocken Am start15 hours ago

    cringe overdose

  62. Manick Beats

    Manick Beats15 hours ago

    1:38 slapped his dick

  63. Low End Gamer

    Low End Gamer15 hours ago

    it's unfortunate how mental people are. too bad we don't live in a perfect world.

  64. Crashers

    Crashers15 hours ago

    They definitely had sex

  65. Tay Tay

    Tay Tay15 hours ago

    Actually so cringe.

  66. ManuielSamuiel

    ManuielSamuiel15 hours ago

    T H I C C

  67. SnipShock

    SnipShock15 hours ago

    TSM_MYTH I will be jealous for that

  68. SilvaHazz

    SilvaHazz15 hours ago

    0:09 thicc

  69. FREdmaN1o7

    FREdmaN1o715 hours ago

    Fuck this cringy fortnite fad its the worst thing to happen since the condom challenge.

  70. st0ne _

    st0ne _15 hours ago

    Сука блять.

  71. Lazy Music

    Lazy Music16 hours ago


  72. JORDAN Watkinson

    JORDAN Watkinson16 hours ago

    Mello shit himself when he saw pokis ass 1:19

  73. Lil Gang

    Lil Gang16 hours ago

    Your ar the best man!!

  74. Lil Gang

    Lil Gang16 hours ago

    Marshmello your mini-pizza is nice!!

  75. Davidcl Ceu

    Davidcl Ceu17 hours ago

    0:05 THICC

  76. xsupremegodx

    xsupremegodx17 hours ago

    Weres Myth and pokimane

  77. ugly supreme

    ugly supreme17 hours ago

    Ksi vs Logan Paul n myth vs marshmallow

  78. fantasy Z

    fantasy Z17 hours ago

    Love that

  79. Liam Winter

    Liam Winter17 hours ago

    Poki is thicc

  80. SaMe

    SaMe18 hours ago

    Huge ass =]]]]]

  81. Dec Emans

    Dec Emans18 hours ago

    Myth is jealous

  82. Lukasz K

    Lukasz K18 hours ago

    T H I C C

  83. AdoIf LITher

    AdoIf LITher18 hours ago


  84. Mazoon anoymo

    Mazoon anoymo18 hours ago

    Nobody got that joke at 0:36 POKI is from morocco so she is muslim and doesnt eat pork 😂😂 Genius

  85. lev i

    lev i12 hours ago

    Mazoon anoymo ??? i can eat pork if i'm from morocco but i can't eat pork if i'm muslim. I mean you can eat pork if you're Arab but not muslim..

  86. BoobCam

    BoobCam18 hours ago

    That gave me depression

  87. Lazaro Ledon

    Lazaro Ledon18 hours ago

    You should put flour on the dough roller btw

  88. nuudle 69

    nuudle 6918 hours ago


  89. You done guf m8

    You done guf m818 hours ago

    This is the cringiest shit ive ever seen

  90. Cake301

    Cake30119 hours ago

    make a wish child...

  91. Tre erT

    Tre erT19 hours ago

    *_T H I C C T H O T_*

  92. Donavonthe Pro

    Donavonthe Pro19 hours ago

    Did he smash jk

  93. Sddffghtreer

    Sddffghtreer19 hours ago

    Love your vid but why so much soundeffects

  94. Nikez

    Nikez19 hours ago

    omega lul

  95. Isak Haugaard

    Isak Haugaard19 hours ago

    xD lol

  96. Dylan Bravo

    Dylan Bravo20 hours ago

    En fornite solo se juega de uno xd

  97. PePE ThE MLg MeME FrOg

    PePE ThE MLg MeME FrOg20 hours ago

    0:05 pokis thighs tho...*THICC*

  98. Miss Carly

    Miss Carly20 hours ago

    pls no more pokimane

  99. daniel simonsen

    daniel simonsen21 hour ago

    pokimane why xD

  100. CREW1337

    CREW133721 hour ago


  101. Squek Squek

    Squek Squek21 hour ago

    isnt poki vegan?

  102. souls 3 Dark

    souls 3 Dark21 hour ago

    song name in the background?

  103. yael zamora

    yael zamora22 hours ago

    T H I C C

  104. Pico, el trauma de muchos

    Pico, el trauma de muchos22 hours ago

    ¿No es la del clip donde gime?

  105. Potato Chips

    Potato Chips22 hours ago

    Play pubg

  106. bonzohavoc

    bonzohavoc23 hours ago

    U pay famous people fortnite to get money