1. Louie's Life

    Louie's Life13 days ago

    Try it out y veras que I’m not lying sstupida!!

  2. Elva Sandoval

    Elva Sandoval15 hours ago

    If i even try im gonna literally ruin it😂

  3. ariana Ramirez

    ariana RamirezDay ago

    Your mee thinking I can cook

  4. ariana Ramirez

    ariana RamirezDay ago

    A little chorro moment

  5. Tast3My Rainb0ws

    Tast3My Rainb0ws4 days ago


  6. Arxlx

    Arxlx5 days ago


  7. Mairy ArroYo

    Mairy ArroYo8 hours ago

    hey louie omg you can sing so good.

  8. Chelle Navarro

    Chelle Navarro10 hours ago

    Gordan Ramsey... could neverrrrrr😅

  9. Chelle Navarro

    Chelle Navarro10 hours ago

    A little asmr moment......😅

  10. Teagan

    Teagan11 hours ago

    What happend to that intro u had last year 😭

  11. Juan roberto De la puente gomez

    Juan roberto De la puente gomez18 hours ago

    Jajaja para que compraste esa marca si no le vas a poner la salsa jajaja mejor compra la Maruchan sola y la preparas así y no gastas tanto jajaja

  12. thatgirlnella_

    thatgirlnella_19 hours ago

    Adding cheese like the “Mexican blend” too ramons are AMAZING delicious 🤤. And instead of tapatio I add Valentina . Yummy 😋

  13. PlantManUli

    PlantManUli19 hours ago

    When that heart burn hit you I felt that 😂

  14. Unorthodox17 Gaming

    Unorthodox17 Gaming20 hours ago

    Do boys watch this too🤔😶

  15. Di R

    Di RDay ago

    Omg I need this mandil 😍😍

  16. yuh yeet

    yuh yeetDay ago

    Do a cooking video with your hombre 😌❤️

  17. Ariana Infinity

    Ariana InfinityDay ago

    louie: she’s spicy also louie: *puts more on finger and licks it* 😂

  18. Abril Romero

    Abril RomeroDay ago

    I made this while watching it and its sooooo good

  19. Julissa Perez

    Julissa PerezDay ago

    My question is why yet ur not sponsored by hot cheetos😂🤷🏻‍♀️

  20. Marilyn Ray

    Marilyn RayDay ago

    Youre gonna make me order them now smh 😭😭😭

  21. Vanessa Aguirre

    Vanessa AguirreDay ago

    That’s a big ass bowl 🤣

  22. Maria Olivares

    Maria OlivaresDay ago

    Omg they look good louies. My 11 year old daughter eat that like nothing .

  23. Amy Chavira

    Amy ChaviraDay ago

    Ya me Dio hambre

  24. pedro lepe

    pedro lepeDay ago

    You know you’re Latino when you have to take a bite of the top ramen

  25. Elesmy Orellana

    Elesmy Orellana2 days ago

    You make my day ❤️

  26. Cayla Casanas

    Cayla Casanas2 days ago

    She Like it better than Maruchan!!!! TF


    CLAUDIA MARI2 days ago


  28. Esmeralda Flores

    Esmeralda Flores2 days ago


  29. Esmeralda Flores

    Esmeralda Flores2 days ago

    A little chorro moment😂

  30. Yesenia Lopez

    Yesenia Lopez2 days ago

    Having a little Daisy Marquez moment eating them raw noodles 😆😆

  31. Cielo Gonzalez

    Cielo Gonzalez2 days ago

    Omg looks so good

  32. Camille Morales

    Camille Morales2 days ago

    you should colab with LARRI

  33. Litzy Maldonado

    Litzy Maldonado2 days ago

    A little baddest perra moment

  34. BBI Dragon

    BBI Dragon2 days ago

    Can u make a roblox vid please I and please friend me

  35. Michelle Ytuarte

    Michelle Ytuarte2 days ago

    My Goddd you swallow that shitttt whole lol! Chew it! Idk why it bothers meeee lol! >_

  36. Alejandra Riera

    Alejandra Riera3 days ago

    I watched this video while eating a sopa maruchan and hot Cheetos 🤤🤤 You should def do a cooking video with your hombre y'all trying to cook together would be funny and cute!!

  37. Jimena Echeveste

    Jimena Echeveste3 days ago

    I thought u said she said she like them better than her man 💀

  38. Abby ybba

    Abby ybba3 days ago

    I also need 5 limones for my sopitas👌🏾

  39. Kimberly Rodriguez

    Kimberly Rodriguez3 days ago

    Why is it that I always have the same plates in all his videos 😂

  40. Danna Valenzuela

    Danna Valenzuela3 days ago

    I got up to make marucha

  41. Emmanuel

    Emmanuel3 days ago

    When you eat ur last maruchan yesterday before school with the compas but he uploads a noodles video so you can’t eat some noodles with him😓

  42. Madison Avila

    Madison Avila3 days ago

    Are u Asian Now

  43. Mercedes Duarte

    Mercedes Duarte3 days ago

    What Louie does when he’s alone 😂

  44. Bautista Perez cortes

    Bautista Perez cortes3 days ago

    Now I am hungry

  45. Lupita Reyes

    Lupita Reyes3 days ago

    Louie : a little more , a little more Me : don’t be shy put some more 💀

  46. Elisa Aguayo

    Elisa Aguayo3 days ago

    omg...I want one of the t shirts🙄😏.... I keep saying that where is the merch

  47. Yudelka Nunez

    Yudelka Nunez4 days ago

    Where can we buy your merch louie

  48. Sophie Garcia

    Sophie Garcia4 days ago

    so like dead i love eating when i watching louis videos and i had no hot cheetos so tell me why i got a orange and but tajin on it with a fork hella good😍

  49. Alexis Marie

    Alexis Marie4 days ago

    Meeee craving this while at work 😩😩

  50. carolina rose

    carolina rose4 days ago

    Why did I decide this would be a good idea to watch at 4.30am 😂 I’m hungry now haha looks hella good! Love you Louieeeee 💜💜💜

  51. Aliyah Quintero-Maturino

    Aliyah Quintero-Maturino4 days ago

    he doesn't even chew the food. I love that jajaj

  52. Rafael Zendejas

    Rafael Zendejas4 days ago

    Me only knowing how to cook 1 dish!!!

  53. Junior Urdaddy

    Junior Urdaddy4 days ago

    The only reason why I see his videos is bc he’s funny asf especially when he says the intro estupidas🤣😭💀

  54. Sonia’s Vlogs

    Sonia’s Vlogs4 days ago

    5:16 is mee not waiting for my food to cook so you eat it aready cause your to hungry to wait

  55. Tast3My Rainb0ws

    Tast3My Rainb0ws4 days ago


  56. Audrey Avlia

    Audrey Avlia4 days ago

    Hey Loui when is Karla coming back🥺😭❤️

  57. Isabel Hernandez

    Isabel Hernandez4 days ago

    ............ El paletero *whisper*

  58. Nelly Flores

    Nelly Flores4 days ago


  59. Amanda Sanchez

    Amanda Sanchez4 days ago

    HoNeSt OpInIoN

  60. X Nicole

    X Nicole4 days ago

    Pero like why are you so funny loui?

  61. viviana cortez

    viviana cortez4 days ago

    at first i was like omg this sstupida doesn’t even know how how this is😩

  62. Gaby Portuguez

    Gaby Portuguez4 days ago

    You are meeeee eating It like are the baddest perra

  63. Judith Aguilar

    Judith Aguilar4 days ago


  64. oli

    oli4 days ago

    I always saw influencers eating these y siempre se me antojaban and i finally bought some after watching this video and they’re rlly good. Estaba bien enchilada

  65. wolfy chan

    wolfy chan4 days ago

    Your so pretty Stupida