Making an International Standard Cup of Tea


  1. Tom Scott

    Tom Scott3 months ago

    Quietly edited out of this video: two minutes of waiting for the kettle to boil because I forgot to push the button to start it.

  2. Ed Schroedinger

    Ed Schroedinger3 days ago

    well understandable considering you don't actually like tea....

  3. VodShod

    VodShod2 months ago

    isn't this also used to best compare different tea ingredients with each other?

  4. Sin R

    Sin R2 months ago

    Tom Scott If only you knew how many times that happens to me PER DAY (I really like tea.)

  5. DustyC7

    DustyC72 months ago


  6. ziomalisty

    ziomalisty3 months ago

    Fun fact- people who drink tea with milk also eat pineapple pizzas and mix chocolate with ketchup.

  7. Crystal Soulslayer

    Crystal Soulslayer2 days ago

    Keurigs do a damn fine job of heating up the water. Don't use the pods, though, they're expensive and pointless.

  8. Ed Schroedinger

    Ed Schroedinger3 days ago

    I do not remember to have ever come across a video featuring quite literally only comments which somehow incidentally confirm that the clip has actually been watched up to the very last second... kudos! ...even tho you actually don't like tea.

  9. Margarita Palacios

    Margarita Palacios4 days ago

    Anarchy in the UK: Tom doesn't like tea.


    MEGAMIGA10 days ago

    You make some of the most interesting videos on YT, yet you do not like tea??! Why, WHY??? On a side note, is this really a standardised way to way tea? Because, according to the variety of tea you are to make, water must have a correct, given temperature. For instance, you must not use boiling water to brew green tea because you will burn the leaves and thus, have a weird, metallic taste (there are a couple exception, some Japanese teas, like Bancha, is made using 90° water) :)

  11. Cayden S.

    Cayden S.10 days ago

    On the in-tea-net

  12. Jan Feeder II

    Jan Feeder II11 days ago

    Instruction unclear, put tea into microwave, nothing happend.

  13. DarkMatterX1

    DarkMatterX111 days ago

    "I don't actually like tea." Translated: 'caauuuuusssssse Iiiiiiiiiii wannnnaaaa beeee AN-AR-CHY!!!

  14. Mateus Figueiredo

    Mateus Figueiredo14 days ago

    my favourite British right now doesn't like tea and the world is a lie

  15. David Hax

    David Hax16 days ago

    Finally! Another British person who doesn't like tea! I always get strange looks when people offer me a brew and I decline as I don't particularly like tea and I try to only drink one cup of coffee (in the morning) and water for the rest of the day. Doesn't seem like a big problem, but some people get very (VERY) offended when I refuse their offer.

  16. Mustakrakish

    Mustakrakish16 days ago

    Tea is really just diet coffee 🤨

  17. Adrian Pietkiewicz

    Adrian Pietkiewicz16 days ago

    Why didn't the Heart of Gold have this?

  18. imamoose007

    imamoose00717 days ago

    What about iced tea?

  19. Do Do

    Do Do24 days ago

    Tea is indeed a very magic thing. Even though it is embedded in a bag, it somehow affects the water and turns it into tea. Science can´t explain everything.

  20. JonatasAdoM

    JonatasAdoM25 days ago

    I am brazilian and I don't like coffee..

  21. karasawa21797

    karasawa2179728 days ago

    I do have to point out, though, that green tea is very un-British.

  22. David Ball

    David BallMonth ago

    Wtf is international standard tea?

  23. TheModHead

    TheModHeadMonth ago

    "I don't actually like tea" So, what do you do at tea time then? Does everyone just stair at you like the weirdo you are for not liking tae?

  24. Needleworker's Realm

    Needleworker's RealmMonth ago

    Oh god Tom, you are too good for the internet, bringing all these truths out for us. Not the hero we deserve, but certainly the one we need.

  25. Giacomo Frate

    Giacomo FrateMonth ago

    What the hell do you even mean by "I don't actually like tea". The British crown ordered you at the stake!

  26. mspenrice

    mspenriceMonth ago

    Wait, by uploading this, aren't you effectively republishing the ISO paper without a license? Watch your back for the ISO Police... the world's most uniformly regimented law enforcement agency.

  27. Matthew Baka

    Matthew BakaMonth ago

    "No Photography of Computer Screens" Well I see someone's a budding anarchist.

  28. Charlie Bell

    Charlie BellMonth ago

    If you were adding milk, how much would you have added? Per amount?

  29. Sorry In Advance

    Sorry In AdvanceMonth ago

    This is the most British thing I've ever seen I love it

  30. Joshua Penny Commentary

    Joshua Penny CommentaryMonth ago

    But you did it wrong... It brewed for 6 minutes and 2 seconds, not 6 minutes. I call clickbait.

  31. Toasty

    ToastyMonth ago

    You're wrong! Microwave tea is perfectly tasty!

  32. Chadyo the Wallnut

    Chadyo the WallnutMonth ago

    Hahaha, the glorious UK. library running on Windows XP.

  33. Shane Vlaardingerbroek

    Shane VlaardingerbroekMonth ago

    I notice here in the UK that its acceptable for English people to squeeze the tea bag with their fingers. I wonder if her Royal Highness likes it that way?

  34. Úna Parkinson

    Úna ParkinsonMonth ago

    I also am not that gone on tea which in Ireland is bizarre

  35. Krishna Das

    Krishna DasMonth ago

    Drinking a cup of royal milk tea while watching this.

  36. Mark Castro-Garcia

    Mark Castro-GarciaMonth ago

    I wonder what the ISO is for instant coffee? :)

  37. Scootaloo

    ScootalooMonth ago

    What's funny is that I have talked to some British people in the past, saying that Americans don't know anything about Tea, and that Tea in the US is bad???? I was like.... 0_o?? Um...... excuse me! But um... More Americans drink Tea than the entire population of the UK. In fact, 80% of all U.S. households will have Tea readily available in the house. Also all teas can be purchased here, just like in the UK. Then they were like yeah, but only folks in the UK really know how to make it. I was like um...Most Brits just place a tea bag in the cup/pitcher. So... >_> Nothing special at all. (As was mentioned here in this video.) Now maybe Brits drink more cups of it per day perhaps? But then again, US drink sizes also tend to be larger. In Fact the U.S. is the third largest importer of tea in the world after only Russia and Pakistan. Yeah, they did not have much to say after that. XD So I basically said yeah, you may love your tea, but that doesn't mean your the only country who drinks it.

  38. MyLittleDashie 7

    MyLittleDashie 7Month ago

    "my numbers are based on science" Jesus, sounds like something from a shampoo commercial. The point I was making is the per capita is way more important than sheer volume. Maybe you need to read what I said? And well done on being technically correct that you can't assume that in comparing any two nations the one with the bigger population will import more of any given commodity. But we're not talking about *any* two countries, we're talking about 2 very specific countries, which are equally well developed, and for which one has a population that is not only bigger, but utterly dwarfs the other. So yeah, other than some very specific items like some kinds of European food or something, I'd be surprised if there was even a single commodity that the UK imports more of than the US by sheer value. And if there is something, then that thing will be incredibly remarkable for the very fact that it'll be the only thing the UK imports more of.

  39. Scootaloo

    ScootalooMonth ago

    MyLittleDashie 7 My numbers are based on science from the national Tea association. As I said in my comment per capita perhaps the British drink more. You need to read what I said. And just because a population is bigger, doesn't mean it's going to automatically import more. It's the same argument about GDP of a country.

  40. MyLittleDashie 7

    MyLittleDashie 7Month ago

    Don't know where you're getting your numbers from, but they are bollocks. To be clear I don't care about gate-keeping tea from Americans, I don't even like it myself, but your numbers are way off, and by using magnitudes you're unfairly representing the consumption of tea in the two countries. If you're going to use sheer number then the US will probably beat the UK on imports of literally anything, that's what happens when you have a country with something like 6 times as many people in it. Per capita consumption is a much better metric to compare, and on that from the UK beats the US by a country mile. The UK has an annual tea consumption per capita of about 4.5 pounds, and the US is way down at 0.5 pounds. So about 9 times less tea is consumed per person in the US than in the UK. Also, people having tea in their house is meaningless. How long has it been there on average? How many people in the world buy a bunch of fruit only to have it rot, throw it out, and then buy more? Tea could be the exact same, something people just buy, but never actually use.

  41. fanofboard3333

    fanofboard33332 months ago

    "Scope and field of application This International Standard specifies a method for the preparation of a liquor of tea for use in sensory tests, by means of infusing the leaf."

  42. Ankle Donna

    Ankle Donna2 months ago

    "I don't actually like tea." Tom is his own person and will not follow the masses for the sake of conformity. I'm a retired LEO in the U.S.A. and I can't stand coffee and I'm not particularly fond of doughnuts. My coworkers thought me peculiar. They were right, I'm proud to say!

  43. billymonkey111

    billymonkey1112 months ago

    I love it when one of your random videos is something I already know all about. This standard has been a running joke at my (design engineering) job for a while, there is a 'technical drawing' of a cup of tea, with "must conform to BS 6008" kicking about somewhere.

  44. asd asd

    asd asd2 months ago

    Some idiot got paid for writing that standard, and someone who probably didn't want to had to pay for it.

  45. Jong shing Ye

    Jong shing Ye2 months ago

    So you make it the Chinese way.

  46. it's 6884

    it's 68842 months ago

    also one shouldn't use boiling water for green tea. :(

  47. Anthony Francis-Jones

    Anthony Francis-Jones2 months ago

    Forgive me if this has been said before but those with a military background will be familiar with the following - when asked how you would like your tea the 'standard' is NATO - if you say "NATO" you get tea with milk and two sugars - not really a standard but something that all understand.

  48. animefreak5757

    animefreak57572 months ago

    For anyone wondering about differing boiling temperatures due to elevation, The boiling point drops by a little under 1 degree F for each 500 feet over sea level, so unless your trying to make a International Standard Cup of Tea - ISO 3103 on the top of mount everest, it's not going to make a lot of difference

  49. ry

    ry2 months ago

    the British take tea way too seriously holy shite

  50. Chillkröte

    Chillkröte2 months ago

    This is by far the most british video I have watched today.

  51. Aburrki

    Aburrki2 months ago

    So, how's life after losing your British citizenship, Tom?

  52. Timothée Billiet

    Timothée Billiet2 months ago


  53. therugburnz

    therugburnz2 months ago

    6min sounds right to me.however that could depend on the tea.


    THESHOMROM2 months ago

    Great fun!

  55. Alice Liddell

    Alice Liddell2 months ago

    I audibly gasped at the end.

  56. Weasle 65

    Weasle 652 months ago

    Hey, people in the US like tea too.

  57. Jim Engström

    Jim Engström2 months ago

    Now do a ISO episode of a standard MReporter video.

  58. DasWonton

    DasWonton2 months ago


  59. DezinGTD

    DezinGTD2 months ago

    Not my cup of tea

  60. Scriptminer

    Scriptminer2 months ago

    The things you learn on the internet.

  61. qtpie senpai

    qtpie senpai2 months ago

    those glass pots, i see ur a fan of waitrose cheesecake, tom

  62. Scorn City

    Scorn City2 months ago

    what next? International Standard to Poop?

  63. ShamansMystery

    ShamansMystery2 months ago

  64. jason dads

    jason dads2 months ago

    warming up tea in the microwave...

  65. Quaglium Quagnarr

    Quaglium Quagnarr2 months ago

    Where I'm from standard tea is sweet tea.

  66. Bob England

    Bob England2 months ago

    i have to admit its not often i have a cuppa, however i have found that Yorkshire Tea is by far the best :)

  67. MrManiac3

    MrManiac32 months ago

    There needs to be an International Sandwich...

  68. weebo

    weebo2 months ago

    This process of making tea makes me more interested in making tea. Microwaving a mug with a teabag has always been a bit lack luster.

  69. Fart Vader

    Fart Vader2 months ago

    So the standard cup of tea taste standard. Shocking

  70. Christian Ingmar Kjølsvik

    Christian Ingmar Kjølsvik2 months ago

    What? A Brit who doesn't like tea?!

  71. Tael64

    Tael642 months ago

    I now want some tea.

  72. PurpleShift42

    PurpleShift422 months ago

    I would watch a Tom Scott cooking show ... probably because it would be breaking all the cooking show genre expectations and be a Tom Scott informational video instead, but still.

  73. Ruby Brown

    Ruby Brown2 months ago

    "I don't actually like tea" Once Tom said this MI6 came to his house for questioning on if he was actually British. They then proceeded to take away his birth certificate, passport and ability of queuing.

  74. Ruby Brown

    Ruby Brown2 months ago

    "I don't actually like tea" WHATTTTTT

  75. Dovile Simonoviene

    Dovile Simonoviene2 months ago

    Checked if this was made in April Fools. So either a) wtf Professional Tea Tasting Set xD or b) Tommy's internet lagged absolutely brilliantly and video had to be uploaded 8 days after April Fools

  76. Liptonium

    Liptonium2 months ago

    You don't like tea? *U N S U B S C R I B E D*

  77. Fur Q

    Fur Q2 months ago

    Were the 2 glass objects on the side empty GU dessert glasses ?

  78. losttownstreet

    losttownstreet2 months ago

    Sorry to say this: There was/is a TV-report of an tea house (a big importer in the port of Hamburg), where they tastes the tea the standard way. They flip the teapots very fast and don't get any spill on the table. The test was invented to get the right price for the chargo of a ship full of tea (if you bought it on food auctions).

  79. PyroNinja713

    PyroNinja7132 months ago

    What's so bad about microwaving old 3 day old tea?

  80. Alkéryn

    Alkéryn2 months ago

    Looks like a terrible tea though

  81. Garrett Norris

    Garrett Norris2 months ago

    when he said "specialty equipment that most people haven't even heard of" I thought he was going to be doing some kind of interferometry or mass spectrometry on it. instead it was weird special equipment that I hadn't heard of.

  82. JC Fennec

    JC Fennec2 months ago

    As an American, I have 4 British friends. I can honestly say I enjoy tea way more than 3 of them. The one who enjoys it as much as I do is a bit older, an ex RAF pilot and a radio engineer.

  83. Мария Усольцева

    Мария Усольцева2 months ago

    You tell very interestingly

  84. zhina abdulkarim

    zhina abdulkarim2 months ago

    "I don't actually like tea." Tom, I'm going all the way back to London just to take your British card.

  85. William Andrews

    William Andrews2 months ago

    No one likes tea. The brits are just so afraid of admitting it, because everyone reacts like the comment section here and wants to lynch them. It's flower-soup. Disgusting.

  86. Duane Bridges

    Duane Bridges2 months ago

    But will there someday ISO standard for a machine that can only make a liquid that is almost, but not entirely, unlike tea.

  87. NotNite

    NotNite2 months ago

    Half as Interesting did this too, cool!

  88. Floris Fiedeldij Dop

    Floris Fiedeldij Dop2 months ago

    That tea is wrong... OMG .. Jk, tea's gottah taste nice, so you make it to taste nice. If you don't like it, try something else. Shrug how you make it. Enjoy tea! It's great :)

  89. cooler 45

    cooler 452 months ago

    This is the most british vidro ive seen

  90. Vicman Thome

    Vicman Thome2 months ago

    Same Tom. I don't like tea either. I prefer coffee

  91. ActualPerson

    ActualPerson2 months ago

    6 minutes is way too much for many tea leaves. I'm accustomed to 30 second and one minute's usually the maximum.

  92. Pierre The Hypebeast

    Pierre The Hypebeast2 months ago

    Is it just me or does Tom Scott ALWAYS wear the same red tshirt

  93. CNN

    CNN2 months ago

    How to make the most mediocre cup of tea in the world.

  94. Måns Hedbrandh

    Måns Hedbrandh2 months ago

    the more you know

  95. Smacktrick Bateman

    Smacktrick Bateman2 months ago

    Your tea looks like piss in a cup after not drinking any water all day

  96. Nushi1098

    Nushi10982 months ago

    Why would people think this would be the perfect cup of tea? It’s called ‘Standard’ for a reason 😂😂

  97. reaperofthedamned07

    reaperofthedamned072 months ago

    This is something that I've wanted Tom to do a video on ever since I learned there was an ISO Standard for tea brewing.

  98. Pete Kennedy

    Pete Kennedy2 months ago

    There was something wonderfully reassuring about this video

  99. ATMunn

    ATMunn2 months ago

    I don't really like tea that much either. But I'm not British so it's fine please don't sue me

  100. Mag Pie

    Mag Pie2 months ago

    I don't like tea I like gin

  101. Marcell Jauch

    Marcell Jauch3 months ago

    I drink green tea with milk. I know I don't deserve to breath...xD

  102. James Reynolds

    James Reynolds3 months ago

    does the standard not ask for water at a certain temperature?? or at least the same temperature per tea category?

  103. Adam Baker

    Adam Baker3 months ago

    Hold on there mate, I was with you until you mentioned the fact it was green tea. The only cup of tea is a Yorkshire cup of tea

  104. Otto

    Otto3 months ago


  105. The Rolling Apple

    The Rolling Apple3 months ago

    I can literary smell the tea...

  106. MLe MLe

    MLe MLe3 months ago

    "just like that" is my favourite way to do tea, yerba or heroin injection

  107. MrGreenAKAguci00

    MrGreenAKAguci003 months ago

    I wanted to say it's one of the most British videos ever and than you've said that you don't fancy tea...

  108. Dustin M

    Dustin M3 months ago

    Everyone is going nuts about how tom doesn't like tea mainwhile i am going nuts over the damn near ancient browser running on that library computer (it says its "chrome" in the title bar but it looks more like IE6 its so old)