Making an International Standard Cup of Tea


  1. Tom Scott

    Tom Scott14 days ago

    Quietly edited out of this video: two minutes of waiting for the kettle to boil because I forgot to push the button to start it.

  2. ziomalisty

    ziomalisty5 days ago

    Fun fact- people who drink tea with milk also eat pineapple pizzas and mix chocolate with ketchup.

  3. David Palmer

    David Palmer9 days ago

    So what about water boiled at different altitudes. Water boils at a lower temp the higher you go therefore producing differenet results.

  4. Al Redpath

    Al Redpath10 days ago

    "I don't like tea" I feel used, every video of yours that I've watched and every thumbs up I've given is now tainted.... how can you not like tea! I feel like you're not even English anymore! Jk!

  5. ajcannon

    ajcannon10 days ago

    Have you ever made a video over the foxton locks near liecestershire? They are a still-active canal system with hand-operated gates. It was also the site of a steam-powered boat lift before it became too expensive. I don't know what qualifies "Amazing Places" for your videos, but I think it would be an interesting one.

  6. Harry Akira Eaton

    Harry Akira Eaton10 days ago

    I've done that before, only with the wall socket switch, old kettle used to not engage the button unless there was power but the new one just flips down, so after a couple of minutes I'm thinking "this kettle is really quiet".

  7. Just a Killer

    Just a Killer6 hours ago

    I don't like tea I like gin

  8. Marcell Jauch

    Marcell Jauch8 hours ago

    I drink green tea with milk. I know I don't deserve to breath...xD

  9. James Reynolds

    James ReynoldsDay ago

    does the standard not ask for water at a certain temperature?? or at least the same temperature per tea category?

  10. Adam Baker

    Adam BakerDay ago

    Hold on there mate, I was with you until you mentioned the fact it was green tea. The only cup of tea is a Yorkshire cup of tea

  11. Otto

    OttoDay ago


  12. The Rolling Apple

    The Rolling Apple2 days ago

    I can literary smell the tea...

  13. MLe MLe

    MLe MLe2 days ago

    "just like that" is my favourite way to do tea, yerba or heroin injection

  14. MrGreenAKAguci00

    MrGreenAKAguci002 days ago

    I wanted to say it's one of the most British videos ever and than you've said that you don't fancy tea...

  15. Dustin M

    Dustin M2 days ago

    Everyone is going nuts about how tom doesn't like tea mainwhile i am going nuts over the damn near ancient browser running on that library computer (it says its "chrome" in the title bar but it looks more like IE6 its so old)

  16. Bob

    Bob2 days ago

    doesn't like tea? then who's kettle is it?

  17. Vanguard Arkie

    Vanguard Arkie2 days ago

    I called that ending!

  18. Shreyas Y D

    Shreyas Y D2 days ago

    Cant find this video in my subscription box or my notifications

  19. SuicideBunny6

    SuicideBunny63 days ago

    Sooo making tea days in advance and warming it up later isn't THE standard way to make tea??

  20. Bob Saget

    Bob Saget3 days ago

    Tea is serious business.

  21. Will To Win

    Will To Win3 days ago

    I have my own unique special ritual for making the perfect most wholesome tea ever! Let's just say raw ginger is involved ;)

  22. mechadrake

    mechadrake3 days ago

    that is how Tom lost his british citizenship. pha, not liking tea!

  23. Shadow Heart

    Shadow Heart3 days ago

    My grandfather literally boils the tea (water with tea leaves in it) for 10 minutes! I tried reporting him to _the International Court of What the Hell are you Doing_ to no avail...

  24. Suwin Khamchaiwong

    Suwin Khamchaiwong4 days ago

    Half as Intersting

  25. SlenderPsycho

    SlenderPsycho4 days ago

    Don't like tea? That's because you've been drinking that british crap your whole life, you need some good ol' U-S-of-A southern iced tea my friend.

  26. Camo 64

    Camo 644 days ago

    I’m from the southeast United States. Tea for me is like half sugar, if not more. The sweeter the better :)

  27. THO games

    THO games4 days ago

    Neither do I Tom. :P

  28. Auriam

    Auriam4 days ago

    So basically this is the forerunner of the Nutri-Matic Machine from HHGTTG: a machine that makes a drink that isn't meant to be the best cup of tea, but just something Okay, something that wherever you are in the Galaxy, you can rely on to be standardized and normal. Like a McDonald's meal. Share and enjoy!

  29. jaime munoz

    jaime munoz5 days ago

    Is there an american standard? Where there is ice and sugar involved?

  30. David Reynolds

    David Reynolds5 days ago

    “I don’t actually like tea!” 🤨🤔 *unsubscribes*

  31. beef who

    beef who5 days ago


  32. DaCool

    DaCool5 days ago

    *Whole comment section explodes about tea comment* Me: Has no-one watched the Parkbench about controversial opinions? Okay.

  33. Pineappl3

    Pineappl36 days ago

    This channel is so wholesome

  34. LeVish hunted

    LeVish hunted6 days ago

    You look like my friend

  35. Zajtjev Daijobe

    Zajtjev Daijobe7 days ago

    Every now and then I forget about this channel for a few weeks and have the privilege of binging all the video's I missed. They're amazingly informative, and not just stuck in one concept that gets boring after a while. Often I've clicked on a video thinking 'well this won't tickle my intrest' only really feel I've learned something I never wanted, but strangely cant live without anymore. I've rarely seen a channel that brings information in such a clear, understandable way while its accompanied with great camera shots and editing. Not to mention the soothing voice that is just great for late nights when I need to wind down a bit. Tom, I absolutely love these videos, and all the time you (and matt) put in. (as a sidenote I also love the humor between the two of you on the not-so-park-benches.) If you're ever in holland, let me know and you'll have a place to stay for free.

  36. Unnwanted Crimminal

    Unnwanted Crimminal7 days ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong but hasn't matt Parker from standupmaths done this before?

  37. Red Squirrel

    Red Squirrel7 days ago

    I like the fact that this is actually a thing. I wonder how this equipment is calibrated. Surely there has to be a standard for that too!

  38. Ram Karlo

    Ram Karlo7 days ago

    Half as Interesting also has a video on this. Huh...

  39. andrew campbell

    andrew campbell7 days ago

    I have that kettle, highest rated kettle on amazon

  40. Leone

    Leone7 days ago

    There should be concentration camps for people that drink un-standardized tea

  41. Jamie Sanderson

    Jamie Sanderson7 days ago

    Glad to see I’m not the only person to reuse the Gü dessert ramekins!

  42. SweetHyunho

    SweetHyunho7 days ago

    I pressure cook my tea. That absolutely extracts the most out of the leaves.

  43. EBGames

    EBGames7 days ago

    The next video is your video about the most famous teapot.

  44. Mr Yezek

    Mr Yezek8 days ago

    Nah, all of this work and equipment, this ain't my cup of tea.

  45. Elepole Eolis

    Elepole Eolis8 days ago

    "I don't like tea" WHAT ? Unsuscribed !!!!!!. (I'm joking, in case someone would take me seriously)

  46. dirm12

    dirm128 days ago

    "I don't actually like tea." Scott you slay me.

  47. OverestimatedForesight

    OverestimatedForesight8 days ago

    "I don't actually like tea." All of England was in an uproar that evening.

  48. TheKandyCinema

    TheKandyCinema8 days ago

    The literature that is ISO 3103 won an Ig Nobel Prize (a satirical Nobel Prize) that are "unusual or trivial achievements in scientific research".

  49. GTG3000

    GTG30008 days ago

    Now time to microwave tea for the internet.

  50. Amarak Ekim

    Amarak Ekim8 days ago

    @Tom Have you tried Bubble Tea? I have no idea if you will like it, but the Taiwanese style one is reallly good, and you have some good examples around London.

  51. matthewoconnell1984

    matthewoconnell19848 days ago

    Nice guu jars

  52. Raz G

    Raz G8 days ago



    AITOR NEVZOROV8 days ago

    Wow I thought you olnly in computer phile :)

  54. Raybe

    Raybe9 days ago

    I main Camille in League of Legends. My username is "EinCamillenTee" (german for "ACamilleTea")

  55. Arthur Hampton

    Arthur Hampton9 days ago

    If the standard exists so that people can make a reproducible cup of tea, does this mean that many other people should make similar videos? Reproducibility is an important part of science, after all.

  56. Liou David

    Liou David9 days ago

    When Tom tasted the tea I thought for a moment that he gonna joke "Well, it taste like tea".

  57. beageler

    beageler9 days ago

    Heh, funny. I never thought about how english speakers would call "Normen." I would have said norms, turns out it's standard.

  58. Bracketmeister

    Bracketmeister9 days ago

    Okay, but why are people so shocked that he doesn't like tea?

  59. John E

    John E9 days ago

    310,400 views & 17k likes in 3 days: doing all right there, Tom. More power to you.

  60. zombiegnomes1

    zombiegnomes19 days ago

    The things you will do for the internet! Wasn't the cold? Or at least lukewarm? 6 mins is a long time to be seeping a cup of tea!

  61. khalid K

    khalid K9 days ago

    well Tea bags already follow a standard, since beside the brew time on the box, the amount inside the bag is already measured, and the bag does the straining for you, just a different mechanism

  62. Gary Cameron

    Gary Cameron9 days ago

    ISO standard for tea... Because someone has no life..

  63. p1rgit

    p1rgit9 days ago

    why o why i cannot see here famous tea quote (standard i guess): "almost but not entirely unlike tea" :D

  64. WoowyBaby

    WoowyBaby9 days ago

    “...I don’t actually like tea.”

  65. Penguindon

    Penguindon9 days ago

    Then... Coffee?

  66. adam minner

    adam minner9 days ago

    Centralia Pennsylvania u should google it and maybe go there

  67. Sam Es

    Sam Es9 days ago

    “That whoever and wherever you are, you can create this” ...but you said you need access to the standard and that you also need access to specialized equipment...

  68. jamin

    jamin9 days ago

    Am I going crazy or is his shirt changing colour when I hover over the video

  69. guynumber20

    guynumber209 days ago

    What is this 😂 who takes tea this seriously

  70. Benjamin Lawton

    Benjamin Lawton9 days ago

    Mmmm tea😋

  71. some guy

    some guy10 days ago

    Isn’t milk before the tea the origin of the term mift, wich usually isn’t associated with anything positive?

  72. Thomas

    Thomas10 days ago

    Isn't it mandatory for any Britt to like tea?

  73. Doubtful Guest

    Doubtful Guest10 days ago

    Teabag, *then milk,* then boiling water. Don't leave it to brew, just swirl it with a spoon and then press the teabag up against the side of the mug to squeeze out some more flavour. Come at me. No sugar either, but that isn't very controversial.

  74. whuzzzup

    whuzzzup10 days ago

    Is he legally allowed to say that thing at the end, that I will not repeat, in the UK?

  75. T Orrent

    T Orrent10 days ago

    Forget like for dislike, slurping drinks is unforgivable.

  76. John Smith

    John Smith10 days ago

    Milk in tea? That's weird haha! 💛💙💜

  77. Ileri Oyedele

    Ileri Oyedele10 days ago

    Casually dropping that bombshell at the end!

  78. Michael_249

    Michael_24910 days ago

    What? Nothing about the exact temperature?

  79. Samuel Prevost

    Samuel Prevost10 days ago

    « I do t actually like tea » Made three videos about tea on two different continents

  80. Jason Dashney

    Jason Dashney10 days ago

    Boring subject, no background music, I'm not a tea drinker, the video wasn't full of hilarity, and the subject has been talked about to death already....yet somehow I still manage to watch and thoroughly enjoy. How do you do that?

  81. Fspirit

    Fspirit10 days ago

    Hey now, I occasionally microwave my tea! Leafs + cold water in a cup, ~2,5 minutes in the microwave and then filter it.

  82. Reno

    Reno10 days ago

    The taste of the tea leaves will drift over time. They need to specify the genome too. I guess then it'll become the most inaccessible recipe as well, but it will be precise.

  83. Dracolith1

    Dracolith110 days ago

    Wait British and you don't "actually like tea" juicy scandal!

  84. james m

    james m10 days ago

    Can do cover ISO 1839 in other video down the track? Love your work

  85. kalinda619

    kalinda61910 days ago

    It must be a punishable offence to not use black tea in the demonstration

  86. 4timepass only

    4timepass only10 days ago

    what should be temperature of the water

  87. Ihraz Bhuiyan

    Ihraz Bhuiyan10 days ago

    There was a tea add at the start of the video.

  88. stjepo91

    stjepo9110 days ago

    half as interesting as on the half as interesting

  89. Shazley Sahib

    Shazley Sahib10 days ago

    Watching this whole drinking Boh tea.

  90. KaosNoKamisama

    KaosNoKamisama10 days ago

    I remember having seen a video wehre they made one... but it was years ago and probably part of some larger video (not a dedicated ISO3103 one)... Nevertheless, I think your phrasing kind of misses, or missguides, the real point of a process like this. Yes, it is meant to be a standard, but since it involves a very, very variable agricultural product like tea, it will be almos 100% impossible to "make the same cup of tea every time and regardless of where you are (etc.)". The real point of the whole thing is to be able to compare different tea samples agains each other under standardized conditions; to eliminate any other variable that's not the tea itself. So, of course you will get wildly different teas from this years and last years harvest, no matter how close you adhere to ISO30103; but that's the point... only, that you will know exactly that the difference comes from the leaves and no other factor. The only way to get as close as possible to getting the "same" cup every time, would be to use the exact same batch of tea leaves; and even so, it's probable that leave size and other small and impossible to controll things, would make it just a 99% match (not that many people would notice anyway). And, please, don't get me wrong... your video is superb and your explanation generally ok. I just think that the real aim of the standard wasn't as well explained as the rest of it.

  91. Sam Studios

    Sam Studios10 days ago

    What! A British person who DOESN’T LIKE TEA! that’s practically a federal offence in England

  92. Avi

    Avi10 days ago

    I’m sorry sir you are going to have to take that back or your British citizenship will be taken away within the hour.

  93. Koen de Bruin

    Koen de Bruin10 days ago

    100 ml before or after heating?

  94. ROVER25X

    ROVER25X10 days ago

    I drink loose tea, quite a fan of Assam.

  95. Insert Person Here

    Insert Person Here10 days ago

    Doing it that way doesn’t actually taste any better than literally microwaving water with a teabag in it, why does anyone think it’s supposed to be the ideal cup of tea?

  96. J.R. Bjornson

    J.R. Bjornson10 days ago

    Now you have to make a video and coffee. I would love to know the perfect Tom Scott cup of coffee.

  97. ucalanche

    ucalanche10 days ago


  98. Michael Carnes

    Michael Carnes10 days ago

    I never knew there was a standard for tea!

  99. Kelly Cleveland

    Kelly Cleveland10 days ago

    The gaiwan should be the standard vessel for tea brewing.

  100. Mainframe

    Mainframe10 days ago

    Non-tea-drinking American here: what is the purpose of an international standard for tea? Like, who benefits from this, and what is it used for? I'm not against tea in any way, I've just never had any, and am all the more confused as to why one would desire for there to be a standard for... tea. Is there an international standard for sandwiches?

  101. Yashi Gupta

    Yashi Gupta10 days ago

    Try indian tea aka chai

  102. Gray Jay

    Gray Jay10 days ago

    Liqor - pronounced lie-core, I believe. Not like the booze

  103. Nic Stroud

    Nic Stroud10 days ago

    The best, standard cup of tea is sadly no longer available. It died the day that British Rail was privatised. BR tea may you rest in peace.

  104. Matt Shanahan

    Matt Shanahan10 days ago

    You don't like tea? How dare you!

  105. Crazy Danish Hacker

    Crazy Danish Hacker10 days ago

    As most people should be aware of, the type and quality of tea makes a big difference, but also how long you brew the tea for, that you've only boiled the water once, the type of tea bag (home-made that is, you can get a variety of different ones) or "drain", and last but not least, that the water is of good quality if it comes from the tap. You can probably guess I drink a lot of tea, and I typically don't drink the premade teabags from the cheap producers unless I can avoid it. That doesn't mean I drink the most expensive teas either, despite I have tried a few costly ones out of interest.