Glowing Announcement Board


  1. Mysteriousnerd9794

    Mysteriousnerd979415 days ago

    This should be one of your diy kits for sale.

  2. Alison O'Brien

    Alison O'Brien6 months ago

    can u guys make a liquid nitrogen grenade

  3. Alison O'Brien

    Alison O'Brien6 months ago

    LOL iron man!!!!!!

  4. Jody Pope

    Jody Pope7 months ago

    Cost of materials ?

  5. whitewxlf

    whitewxlf7 months ago

    *"Jarvis, call Pepper."*

  6. MuZz_ D_Luffy

    MuZz_ D_Luffy8 months ago

    Can i use glass instead of plastic?

  7. June Nightshade

    June Nightshade9 months ago

    Wow that's a bright way to look at things

  8. mostafa elgammal

    mostafa elgammal9 months ago

    it look nice but why you didn't use LED strip so you can change color of light also !

  9. ChickenBoi

    ChickenBoi9 months ago

    The funny thing is... I have nearly the same lights, just different brands because I'm canadian, my lights are also rainbow.


    M7TRF_CRAFT9 months ago

    I made this with glass board and led

  11. Mukesh Kannan

    Mukesh Kannan9 months ago

    i love the jarvis one :)

  12. Pseudo Nym

    Pseudo Nym9 months ago

    Perfect for night time protesting

  13. SKYLOFTツ

    SKYLOFTツ10 months ago


  14. Wasted Bruh

    Wasted Bruh10 months ago

    Can I use a sawzall

  15. John Arkema

    John Arkema10 months ago

    love the video

  16. Creative Jahirul

    Creative Jahirul10 months ago

    *great work boss*

  17. You Got NO JAMS

    You Got NO JAMS10 months ago

    That was so cool!

  18. LightningEagle14

    LightningEagle1410 months ago

    So where to get clear plastic?

  19. mimothealgerian vlogger bros

    mimothealgerian vlogger bros10 months ago

    In my inbox, it said how to make a brilliant board now it says how to make an announcement board what are these funny changes?

  20. jasmyne thornton

    jasmyne thornton10 months ago

    Is he the King of Random I am the queen of Random LOL

  21. richii walley

    richii walley10 months ago

    Dude make some more science experiments.

  22. Luqman Ali Arsyadi

    Luqman Ali Arsyadi10 months ago

    Put Thermite in the Backyard Foundry please. i want to know, will it ignite or not..

  23. akshat jain

    akshat jain10 months ago

    Can you sand the plastic sheet in places to make it opaque and write something by sanding i think this will look cool

  24. Hiyoulittle IDIOT

    Hiyoulittle IDIOT10 months ago


  25. Naturally Perfect

    Naturally Perfect10 months ago

    I don’t think I understand you give private lessons ?🤔

  26. Joshua Johnson

    Joshua Johnson10 months ago

    Who else thought this was gonna be another project with the glow stick liquid???

  27. RdL

    RdL10 months ago

    can you melt steel beams with enginefuel next?

  28. Ram Khapandi

    Ram Khapandi10 months ago

    Bro how to make glowing water without use black light?

  29. Keston Edwards

    Keston Edwards10 months ago

    This video was uploaded on mother's Day and my birthday

  30. just mc

    just mc10 months ago

    Pls try to cast molten salt

  31. Dark Magus

    Dark Magus10 months ago

    That iron man skit tho😂😂

  32. IFaKeYT

    IFaKeYT10 months ago

    I've been asking to my self and trying to find the answer but, I never get the answer. What happens when you cast "liquid mercury" ?

  33. Panda Playz

    Panda Playz10 months ago

    Put the proto putty in the vaccum....that would be awesome

  34. aaron powell

    aaron powell10 months ago

    this is sick and that iron man thing was funny af

  35. Ronith Gowda

    Ronith Gowda10 months ago

    can you make a home made drone??

  36. pranav s

    pranav s10 months ago

    The iron man thing lol

  37. adith prasad

    adith prasad10 months ago

    Please try by mixing food coloring(black and brown) with liquid nitrogen and puting it in a air tight box and throwing it in the water if you will get a blast and coloured nitrogen (please try)

  38. Xelarate FPV

    Xelarate FPV10 months ago

    Who won the competition

  39. Dominick Cannizzaro

    Dominick Cannizzaro10 months ago

    Can you deep fry a piece of chicken in molten??

  40. Tomáš Kříž

    Tomáš Kříž10 months ago

    Hi, I've heard that molten salt should conduce electricity... Can you prove that?

  41. ShadyNinjaGaming

    ShadyNinjaGaming10 months ago

    can u make some sort of invisible ink using the blue and purple glowstick juice, preferably still a bit runny, i got an idea for a use with a mini project of my own

  42. Naitik Joshi PM

    Naitik Joshi PM10 months ago

    That t-shirt " where there is a drill there is a way "

  43. Teddy Bear

    Teddy Bear10 months ago

    Do honey in vacum

  44. namelesghoulez 1

    namelesghoulez 110 months ago

    Do dry ice vs soda since soda produces carbon dioxide and dry ice carbon dioxide like fire vs fire

  45. Andrea Rojas

    Andrea Rojas10 months ago

    "Jarvis call Pepper." Lol I'm dead 😂😂

  46. BrightSky Productions

    BrightSky Productions10 months ago

    I’m an artist and I’d love it if all you beautiful people in the comments checked out my Instagram! @fernandomorenoofficial ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👠

  47. Whiply and Tickley

    Whiply and Tickley10 months ago

    Can you do some experiments with sulfer and water

  48. An Doan

    An Doan10 months ago

    is there a way to set vinigar on fire?

  49. drippingwax

    drippingwax10 months ago

    What is Napalm B, how do you make it, and can you fry bacon with it. Bacon!

  50. Gabby Hurst

    Gabby Hurst10 months ago

    U should make a giant pop rock

  51. Shivam

    Shivam10 months ago

    What will happen if u soak soft cloth, cotton and tissue in liquid nitrogen will it crumble in pieces or something else?? #👑

  52. Because Of MCR

    Because Of MCR10 months ago

    “Jarvis, call Pepper.” Yesssssss

  53. T-man Vlogs

    T-man Vlogs10 months ago

    I really need a phone

  54. T-man Vlogs

    T-man Vlogs10 months ago

    I really need a phone

  55. T-man Vlogs

    T-man Vlogs10 months ago

    this board is really cool I wish I could make one but my mom and dad won't let me

  56. jakeshot15

    jakeshot1510 months ago

    I have a challenge for you. You should build a working replica of an overwatch heroes weapon. Can you do it?

  57. ChrisSarah

    ChrisSarah10 months ago

    you should make resin lenses for glasses!!

  58. Friends Forever

    Friends Forever10 months ago

    Please watch my video

  59. Mizanur Abu-Ramadan

    Mizanur Abu-Ramadan10 months ago

    Try to cast salt

  60. Joran Prins

    Joran Prins10 months ago

    Make a sonic boom with 50/50 oxygen and hydrogen

  61. Charles Amara Vlogs/Reviews

    Charles Amara Vlogs/Reviews10 months ago

    Kind fo random you should try to make bad brads gum from despicable me 3

  62. The moist sound Of mac and cheese

    The moist sound Of mac and cheese10 months ago

    You guys should do liquid nitrogen and play-doh

  63. Eduardo Rocha

    Eduardo Rocha10 months ago

    Can u please make thor's new weapon

  64. Caleb Wilder

    Caleb Wilder10 months ago

    Make a Spider-Man web shooter!!!

  65. N8 Does Art

    N8 Does Art10 months ago

    Make homemade tea!!

  66. Theshadow4261

    Theshadow426110 months ago

    Love your vids @tkor can you do a vid on how to make the infinity stones from avengers infinity war

  67. paint chips

    paint chips10 months ago

    you should make a paintball minigun

  68. jakethesnakemo

    jakethesnakemo10 months ago



    JADEN LOR10 months ago

    Can you make tree 🌲 into paper 📝

  70. Rebar Hasan

    Rebar Hasan10 months ago

    Hey!!! Why don’t you try putting honey hive when bees are on it in to your vacuum machine? Who’s with me?

  71. Zer0

    Zer010 months ago

    Hello, could you make supercrítical fluid in a pressure chamber and maybe throw some things on it to see how they react?

  72. Josh Roberts

    Josh Roberts10 months ago

    Can you make bismuth crystals or a bismuth geode

  73. Aly Blake

    Aly Blake10 months ago

    What happens if you mix liquid nitrogen and jello

  74. skylander590

    skylander59010 months ago

    I’m late but I know it’s old you should try food in the arc furnace

  75. VFT Plumbing

    VFT Plumbing10 months ago

    Try Boilling Sugar Cane Juice

  76. Keith Wykoff

    Keith Wykoff10 months ago

    Does anyone know who won the s9

  77. zachary elliott

    zachary elliott10 months ago

    Why didn't you just stain it.

  78. zachary elliott

    zachary elliott10 months ago

    Why paint?

  79. Epic games and vlogs

    Epic games and vlogs10 months ago

    What happens if you put liquid nitrogen in a vacuum chamber

  80. Tibor Szakács

    Tibor Szakács10 months ago

    Fill some boardmarkers with glowstick fluid and draw with it

  81. Zakir Sherazi

    Zakir Sherazi10 months ago

    but mcdonalds food in a vacuum chamber see what happened to it .

  82. Aaron Vu

    Aaron Vu10 months ago

    Hey, he made an Iron Man reference! VERY NICE

  83. Rj Salvo

    Rj Salvo10 months ago

    What would happen if you put sulferhexafloride into a basket ball or football

  84. The Only White Hole

    The Only White Hole10 months ago

    Help me lord I don’t have any of this stuff

  85. INTJourney

    INTJourney10 months ago

    Could you do a graphite lamp inside a vaccum chamber?

  86. LilTrXsh

    LilTrXsh10 months ago

    Wait wheres the real king of random?

  87. tramsgar

    tramsgar10 months ago

    Wait just let me go buy that deFault saw board so I can cut that board at an angle! =D

  88. Amar Demiri

    Amar Demiri10 months ago

    Where is the other guy I miss him

  89. CG_BeatZ

    CG_BeatZ10 months ago

    Put firecrackers in a vacuum chamber

  90. CG_BeatZ

    CG_BeatZ10 months ago

    Put markers in a vacuum chamber

  91. Jackmino

    Jackmino10 months ago

    They should try making a drivable Dalek model, (as in, sitting inside) with a potato cannon or paintball gun

  92. أوجاع الذكريات

    أوجاع الذكريات10 months ago


  93. TerrariaBuster

    TerrariaBuster10 months ago

    Fill a weather balloon with hydrogen

  94. Corey StackS

    Corey StackS10 months ago

    Casting molten salt salt in dry ice

  95. Corey StackS

    Corey StackS10 months ago

    Nitrogen and soda in a vacuum

  96. Nidhan Junaiz

    Nidhan Junaiz10 months ago

    This request is kinda complicated. 1.Get 2 rare earth magnets 2. Attract one to the top and one to the bottom of the hydrolic press 3. Make sure the similar poles are close to each other Request 2 Orbeez in the vacuum chamber

  97. berken kino

    berken kino10 months ago

    Jarvis call pepper 🤣😂😅

  98. Mxtt Morrison

    Mxtt Morrison10 months ago

    Almost 10 mill 😯👍

  99. Jennifer Spalding

    Jennifer Spalding10 months ago

    what would happen if you put liquid nitrogen in molten aluminum ?

  100. Merciless_Mar

    Merciless_Mar10 months ago

    what happens when you put magnets and batteries? would you be able to hold the battery in a charger with magnets?

  101. KursatWest

    KursatWest10 months ago

    Put air force clay in a Vacuum Chamber