Makayla Phillips: 15-Year-Old Receives Golden Buzzer For "Warrior" - America's Got Talent 2018


  1. Kasey Luce

    Kasey Luce2 hours ago

    I was expecting not to like her from the comments but...she is amazing i got chills omg

  2. Mister Man

    Mister Man2 hours ago

    “Fifteen! So, you’re jailbait.”

  3. Adyson Agee

    Adyson Agee3 hours ago

    Demi who?

  4. vibrantZebra1

    vibrantZebra13 hours ago

    She looks too old for 15

  5. Beef

    Beef3 hours ago

    Her vocals are flawless. How can you be this good at her age.

  6. Gandhi Ssrk

    Gandhi Ssrk3 hours ago

    I don't understand, real talent should be given golden buzzer. I'm not saying singing shouldn't be given but they always give only fo those people who sing! And those who have a sad story. They should go to voice!

  7. Diamond Head

    Diamond Head3 hours ago

    Is she single

  8. fadwa tb

    fadwa tb4 hours ago

    O m g

  9. Lloyd Christmas

    Lloyd Christmas4 hours ago

    She's great.


    NOR ASRI BIN BAHARI4 hours ago


  11. hajar almazrouei

    hajar almazrouei4 hours ago

    she's soooo beautiful!

  12. João Gabriel

    João Gabriel4 hours ago

    I know, another singer. But, technically speaking, she's better than all of the other singers that got golden buzzers this season.

  13. Anna Lena

    Anna Lena4 hours ago

    She has an amazing voice, that's clearly out of question! But for me I did not feel it ... I missed the pain, the misery that Demi sang this song with. The smile that Heidi mentioned was totaly out of place for me. This song is about a sad topic, about someone fighting there way back, trying to survive in a world that's cruel and therefore I don't think that this was a Golden Buzzer performance but I wish her all the best and hope she'll make it far. :)

  14. UcHuK RaVeRX

    UcHuK RaVeRX4 hours ago

    omg!! golden buzzer for golden voice! amazing blazing girl💕💞

  15. Ruthez

    Ruthez4 hours ago

    She is amazing.

  16. Orleans BeGole

    Orleans BeGole4 hours ago

    I love her little squeal/gasp

  17. Pickle Rick

    Pickle Rick4 hours ago

    Damn girl give me yo Instagram or add me @cuzco1323

  18. Abiona Howard

    Abiona Howard5 hours ago


  19. Abiona Howard

    Abiona Howard5 hours ago


  20. shilin ben

    shilin ben5 hours ago

    pink shoes, very cute~

  21. Hung Hoang

    Hung Hoang5 hours ago

    She so GOOD like bruh she so beautiful and everything to everyone

  22. Ikram Tuconnais

    Ikram Tuconnais5 hours ago

    She's really talented and her voice is just Wow 😮😍😍😍

  23. Symphonia doll

    Symphonia doll5 hours ago

    She reminds me of Lauren.

  24. John Basher

    John Basher5 hours ago

    They probably only did that because she’s black.

  25. Fides Marie Quarrens

    Fides Marie Quarrens5 hours ago

    She's good but not golden buzzer great.

  26. Faustina Rivanera

    Faustina Rivanera5 hours ago

    When it finishs, go back to 0:35 :)

  27. Faustina Rivanera

    Faustina Rivanera5 hours ago


  28. Caitieee

    Caitieee5 hours ago

    Not really golden buzzer worthy but she is good

  29. Unicorn Torte

    Unicorn Torte5 hours ago

    Wow 😮

  30. Coffee Break

    Coffee Break5 hours ago


  31. Riya Patel

    Riya Patel5 hours ago

    her little bro tho

  32. Audrey Provo

    Audrey Provo5 hours ago

    From the first note she HAD ME. I have a feeling about this one

  33. Ryzelux

    Ryzelux5 hours ago

    i actually need her to sing the full version so i can listen to it all! im addicted to this

  34. Urvashi Prasad

    Urvashi Prasad6 hours ago

    3:21 the anchor's face :P

  35. Outragedmaple

    Outragedmaple6 hours ago

    If she’s 15 I’m 15

  36. PDB123Vlogs

    PDB123Vlogs6 hours ago

    I’m getting bored of AGT, what happened to the stunts and magicians and acrobats? It’s almost all singing now and if it’s not it’s some stupid thing that people call a talent. Don’t get me wrong she was awesome but it’s getting boring.

  37. Chie Cheng

    Chie Cheng6 hours ago

    Incredible and Amazing voice! You deserve that GOLDEN BUZZER from Heidi Klum! 🙌👏😍 Congrats, Makayla! 😉

  38. naz wuz

    naz wuz6 hours ago

    holy shet she's amazing

  39. Simply Rila

    Simply Rila6 hours ago

    GoOSEbUmBs! OMG I can’t💛 and I thought I was good at singing lmao! THATs TALeNt!

  40. Zallery Art

    Zallery Art6 hours ago

    She's a little bit looks like Ariana Grande

  41. CL Da Kid

    CL Da Kid6 hours ago

    She’s hot

  42. Introperspective

    Introperspective6 hours ago

    Sounds like Christina aquilera

  43. Davvid Landazuri

    Davvid Landazuri7 hours ago

    Me Eanamore Hermosa Voz😢💙💪

  44. IT SO COOL

    IT SO COOL7 hours ago


  45. bal ipaenin

    bal ipaenin7 hours ago

    I watch this video, because the song is so beautiful, I like it 😁

  46. Sun&Moon 1975

    Sun&Moon 19757 hours ago

    1:57 Simon was shook

  47. alLdy Gaspersz

    alLdy Gaspersz7 hours ago

    That's Miley Cyruz?? 😱

  48. Patriot751

    Patriot7517 hours ago

    OOOZING With talent, just amazing, wow !!!!!! She has the look, the voice and the charisma. I think she will be America's songbird for years to come. I was soooooo impressed !!!

  49. Beth K

    Beth K8 hours ago

    Mesmerized ❤❤

  50. Agnes B

    Agnes B8 hours ago

    It felt so staged tho, her happiness in the end didn’t feel real, like she knew it was gonna happen. Still she has a beautiful voice and appearance.

  51. Shen Tan

    Shen Tan8 hours ago

    America's Got Singers

  52. Logan Cartwright

    Logan Cartwright8 hours ago

    u hear how says blame, she is amazing, she has RAW TALENT, and she Deserves to win

  53. abidab

    abidab8 hours ago

    Y’all gonna hate me for this, but she reminds of this girl I go to school with... and I don’t like her...

  54. Uroš Peteh

    Uroš Peteh8 hours ago

    My eyes suddenly became allergic to something after listening to this. So much water falling down, should i see a doctor, what if it gets to lungs?!

  55. Tha1Was2asy

    Tha1Was2asy8 hours ago

    Overrated for a golden buzzer but good luck to her and her career. Like usually you have a standing ovation, this more like ok will give it to you cause you fit the image.

  56. Mega Knight

    Mega Knight8 hours ago

    3:56 : 🤣 Heidi: great joke!!! Come on Heidi, she will not win the show; the winner probably will be Howie or Simon golden buzzer, but not this girl.

  57. Adrian Johnson

    Adrian Johnson8 hours ago

    Okay I'm sorry she's got a good voice and everything but the guy with the violin he deserved a golden buzzer in my opinion. Give a golden buzzer to somebody with some actual talent. Don't get me wrong singing is a talent, but look at Marci Lynn last year, the girl was singing with puppets in different voices. If you're going to give a golden buzzer to a teenager or a child Make It Count. Again that's just my opinion.

  58. Minh Nhat

    Minh Nhat9 hours ago

    Oh my gosh i'm falling in love with her n her voice!!

  59. Camila Mata

    Camila Mata9 hours ago

    I want this on my Spotify list!

  60. Rico Suparman

    Rico Suparman9 hours ago

    Beautiful...,i lv your voice...,(from : Indonesia).

  61. Carolyn Feldman

    Carolyn Feldman9 hours ago

    I had never heard this song and loved it. Loved her voice & the performance. I wanted to hear the original. I didn't like Demi's version at all. I turned it off because her voice on the song was annoying. I couldn't even listen to it through the end. THIS girl made me like the song. MUCH better version of the original.

  62. liv faye

    liv faye9 hours ago

    She didnt even cry?

  63. WillTheProdigy

    WillTheProdigy9 hours ago

    Wow, they actually didn't disable comments for once.

  64. Alev Seda

    Alev Seda9 hours ago

    SING IT GIRL!!!!!!! 💃🏻💃🏻🔥🔥

  65. liv faye

    liv faye9 hours ago

    Her voice is incredible but it really seemed like she almost expected the gold buzzer which i think is really annoying

  66. Fiq Cnblue

    Fiq Cnblue9 hours ago

    While my voice sound like frog... Life is unfair

  67. Uroš Peteh

    Uroš Peteh8 hours ago

    Fiq Cnblue You still have some talent. I laughed so hard at your comment! Thanks a lot. I havent laughed that hard for a long time, thanks to a painful disease. But this frog comparison, omg, stop it. :))

  68. Rotana Miriam

    Rotana Miriam9 hours ago

    I‘ve never heard such an amazing voice on agt. Incredible.

  69. ١٢٣ ٣٢١

    ١٢٣ ٣٢١9 hours ago

    Any one knows her account on Instagram

  70. Crispy

    Crispy9 hours ago

    Under 18 = Jared Fogle victim

  71. Asia Moss

    Asia Moss10 hours ago

    At 2:07 she sound like Ariana grande

  72. Dinesh M

    Dinesh M10 hours ago

    Oh machela! Give me your number

  73. Mason Adams

    Mason Adams10 hours ago

    Makayla I’m 16 HMU ma 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  74. jay Andre

    jay Andre10 hours ago

    I'd like to give her my ''Golden Buzzer"!!!!

  75. Marcos Ortiz

    Marcos Ortiz10 hours ago

    Perfect song... You nailed it...

  76. Eilham Azim

    Eilham Azim10 hours ago

    Search on youtube: Shila Amzah. She will give you goosebumps

  77. Lucy GoT Mad

    Lucy GoT Mad11 hours ago

    This is so Amazing

  78. Google User

    Google User11 hours ago

    She is very good but does America has talents other than singing?

  79. Faye Avraamidou

    Faye Avraamidou11 hours ago

    Whoever disliked this video has no soul

  80. Baby Diamond

    Baby Diamond11 hours ago

    She should be a singer ! AMAZING

  81. Emi Plays

    Emi Plays11 hours ago

    Oh Jesus...I'm in love

  82. mohsh86

    mohsh8611 hours ago

    Thumbs up if you find black mirror S1E2 relevant

  83. Mark Javen Bartolo

    Mark Javen Bartolo11 hours ago

    I love youuuu from Philippines 😘😘😘😘😘😗

  84. surjakumar Irengbam

    surjakumar Irengbam11 hours ago


  85. Yosua Tombokan

    Yosua Tombokan11 hours ago

    America's Got Singers

  86. Brett Fairweather

    Brett Fairweather12 hours ago

    the janitor " oh crap not again I hate sweeping those tickets " she was amazing

  87. Ryzelux

    Ryzelux12 hours ago

    i prefer this version to the original she sang it so good!

  88. DeluxeDemi Tutorials

    DeluxeDemi Tutorials12 hours ago

    Not to sound rude or anything but it is so obvious that her voice is auto tuned way too much

  89. Rose Samy

    Rose Samy12 hours ago

    Demi is proud

  90. AAANKIT.

    AAANKIT.12 hours ago

    Your my Kiki😄

  91. Moneta 09022018

    Moneta 0902201812 hours ago


  92. Amel Derviç

    Amel Derviç13 hours ago


  93. DustyMasterss 771

    DustyMasterss 77113 hours ago

    Her voice😍 Good Job Hiedi👏 That girl has a bright future👏🎶

  94. Farah Pereyra

    Farah Pereyra13 hours ago

    I'm having chills.

  95. shae

    shae13 hours ago


  96. Theycallmeromi

    Theycallmeromi13 hours ago

    Wow she has an amazing voice and also she’s really pretty

  97. Joe Russano

    Joe Russano14 hours ago

    God voice

  98. Vivek Bhusum

    Vivek Bhusum14 hours ago

    She makes proud to Demi !!!🙌

  99. CJAY Yohaaan

    CJAY Yohaaan14 hours ago

    Just because she s White and cute golden buzzer Racists....Howie gives a wtf loook

  100. JUNE RGG

    JUNE RGG15 hours ago

    Can someon tell me what happend to someone who got the golden buzzer??

  101. Niki H

    Niki H15 hours ago

    I just got a shiver... woowww😍