Magic Johnson ‘was wrong’ in how he resigned from Lakers, says Chris Broussard | NBA | UNDISPUTED


  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED3 months ago

    Is Magic Johnson at fault for the Lakers dysfunction?

  2. Kevin Davis

    Kevin DavisMonth ago

    They shouldn't have fired Mitch Kupchak

  3. J Tex

    J TexMonth ago

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED When you sign-on is President of operations yes. It’s called responsibility. He should’ve been an adult and excepted it.

  4. Ross Best

    Ross Best2 months ago

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED magic doesn't likw like whiteys.. REMEMBER admonishing LUKE!? YELLING?

  5. Milk2Percent

    Milk2Percent3 months ago

    bigger question is LeBron going to the spurs?

  6. Milk2Percent

    Milk2Percent3 months ago

    Whoever traded dlo zubac brooke… is to blame!!!

  7. Nathaniel Emmons

    Nathaniel Emmons2 months ago

    Majic's title with the lakers was president of operations.jeanie &the rambis fam undercuts his input.if im the great majic johnson.billionare,part owner of the dodgers,owner of multi business ventures all over the world. I can walk away from being undercut by kurt rambis&i dont need to explain to anyone about anything. Because im majic fn johnson

  8. Mel Shiraki

    Mel Shiraki2 months ago

    Makes don’t cut it...speculations and your opinions is all you people can substance.

  9. Omnibad

    Omnibad2 months ago

    What is funny is that it’s the Lakers, one of the most prolific sports franchises ever.......MAGIC of the greatest athletes ever......and it’s all just collapsing because of Jeanie Buss. A trust fund senior citizen that couldn’t run a AA baseball team competently if her life depended on it

  10. Scott Bishop

    Scott Bishop2 months ago

    I know Magic Johnson is not doing some stuff for no reason. Maybe he knows they are going to lose LOL and don't want to get beat down against Golden State because Lebron James has no prayer of winning against GSW in the next 5 years, sorry man it is what it is and I don't care who you get to help Lebron James and how many players you give him. These boys can pop them nets at GSW.

  11. marcus gurney

    marcus gurney2 months ago

    I like this guy Chris Broussard

  12. Jim Leever

    Jim Leever2 months ago

    People (anyone) has the right to exit from an employer without question, and it’s NEVER “wrong”.

  13. Ross Best

    Ross Best2 months ago

    Wilt chamberlain would make a great replacement for magic.

  14. Drew

    Drew3 months ago

    what is our girl Jenny doing at 5:15

  15. Jay Dee

    Jay Dee3 months ago

    Magic’s a fraud.

  16. G Williams

    G Williams3 months ago

    Whether it's the Lakers or McDonald's, you can say take this job and shove it whenever you want.

  17. Jay Beezy

    Jay Beezy3 months ago

    Kobe keeps looking like a post retirement genius lol I remember reports of Kobe wanting nothing to do with working for the Lakers

  18. willkittwk

    willkittwk3 months ago

    Truthfully do you want to spend time figuring out why Magic quit. He's a basketball executive and nobody but some bored person really cares. With all our individual problem who cares if a executive quits retires lays stays or prays.

  19. Elaine Hightower

    Elaine Hightower2 months ago

    Like the song,"It's my perogative." You go Magic! The hen.

  20. Kevin Masters

    Kevin Masters3 months ago

    Jeanie Bus was referred as Magic's "sister" this ain't no more!

  21. only1daf

    only1daf3 months ago

    my ears don't like Broussard's voice.

  22. Bobby Louis

    Bobby Louis3 months ago

    Media says he should quit then when he does the media says he shouldn’t have quit

  23. JAMES C

    JAMES C3 months ago

    Lavar just repeats what other people on tv says. He isn't brilliant or an insider.

  24. stefan w

    stefan w3 months ago

    He was a great player but, not all in as a coach and a horribly lazy president of operations.i love magic but the Lakers will be better off....

  25. Steven Washington

    Steven Washington3 months ago

    No he wasn't, let the man live his life. He drafted Lonzo and recruited LeBron, it was good in theory. If he would have drafted Tatum and held out one or two more years for a real superstar like Kawhi or David we'd be calling him a genius. He make a calculated risk,. Like going all in with Ace-King suited in a heads up poker hand.

  26. Derek Talifer

    Derek Talifer3 months ago

    Lost respect for Magic. Bad move period...

  27. Jeff W.

    Jeff W.3 months ago

    lebron is a player only, he doesn't have money invested in the Laker's, his approval/disapproval of executives moves is ridiculous. He made 0 improvement to the Lakers. He has already proven he is poison to any team he plays for. You tell him what the moves are going to be and he lives with it or leaves like he always does.

  28. Dante Franklin

    Dante Franklin3 months ago

    All games are rigged

  29. John Haladay

    John Haladay3 months ago

    There are two things at play there. First, Magic cannot lead grown men off the court. It's that simple. He has failed mightily as a coach and as an NBA executive, while Larry Bird - who's far more capable and competent - has thrived. I know Magic has his side businesses, but others are responsible for their operations - not Magic. Second, Shannon nailed it when he said that Magic projects himself onto others too much. This is the reason why many - not all - Hall of Fame athletes in all sports often fail as coaches, GMs, and executives. They cannot understand why others cannot play the way "they did". Rather than teach, tutor, and mentor, they scold, belittle, and criticize - like they did when they were players.

  30. Lenard PropheticOne Randall

    Lenard PropheticOne Randall3 months ago

    Lakers look at Dwayne Walker... Excellent player Phenomenal as a Young Man!!! MReporter him

  31. Arash Kordi

    Arash Kordi3 months ago

    Pau Gasol?

  32. Magic Will Fix It

    Magic Will Fix It3 months ago

    Im happy Luke is gone, Luke was a disaster as coach and Magic rightfully wanted him fired as soon as he took the job or at least wanted him to beef up his scrub assistants but Luke was non cooperative. Luke is not a motivator! Whenever i listened to him talk i heard waves crashing against the manhattan beach shore. He was always day dreaming about playing volleyball. Lets push for a master motivator for coach, Doc is settled in but i love his assistant Sam Cassell if we can get him as head assistant, and i love Michael Cooper as defensive assistant (he won two wnba championships and someone you listen to). If we can get those guys, id be ok with Ty Lue as head coach.

  33. daniel gray-kontar

    daniel gray-kontar3 months ago

    best skip bayless take ever.

  34. boardvision11

    boardvision113 months ago

    Skip a clown 🤡

  35. Nawaf Sadoun

    Nawaf Sadoun3 months ago

    so why did Magic take the job ? accountability

  36. econgloberfan

    econgloberfan3 months ago

    I see it's like Kim Kardashian wanting to be a lawyer but doesn't have time to go to college nor law school. Just saying..he knew this before hand

  37. Jeffery Burgess

    Jeffery Burgess3 months ago

    Let's be honest, unless you're a stockholder magic staying or leaving does not affect our lives. I have my own problems I have to deal with. So when I heard magic was quitting the only thing that I thought to myself was WHATEVER!

  38. Maykha Murray

    Maykha Murray3 months ago

    No he did not i think he did right it so much mass their since James came their he was in om it to go magic good job

  39. G23Farrakhan52

    G23Farrakhan523 months ago

    I bet he does not believe that today. He knows what is really

  40. Mikeman Jordan

    Mikeman Jordan3 months ago

    He's not to big he was just lazy and the way he went out was wrong...period

  41. Johnny Andrews

    Johnny Andrews3 months ago

    Man rkelly said don’t listen to the people that where fired. Lmao

  42. ksean st.peter

    ksean st.peter3 months ago

    Chris X get on my nerves

  43. Vincent Vega

    Vincent Vega3 months ago

    The Lakers have not been relevant for years and won't be any time soon so who really gives a damn? The Kardashians of the NBA.

  44. Chin Chukwu

    Chin Chukwu3 months ago

    magic just made a whole bunch a bad roster decisions. and now he's realizing that none of them worked/will ever work out. period.

  45. Charles Ryan

    Charles Ryan3 months ago

    Drama queens move on.

  46. Breezy 201

    Breezy 2013 months ago

    Everybody is wrong except for number 23 , Nd I’m not talking bout Michael Jordan 🤦🏿‍♂️💯

  47. David King

    David King3 months ago

    A famous, 6'9" former basketball player in LA w/ 5 championships (1 as an owner), w/ other famous actors, musicians & entertainers have been filming me since college & producing an unauthorized film about me‼️ #InvasionofPrivacy #Extortion

  48. Sir Vilhelm of Yanderland

    Sir Vilhelm of Yanderland3 months ago

    Jeannie Buss will destroy the Lakers.

  49. Lord JHarden

    Lord JHarden3 months ago

    I know it's popular to hate on Skip, but damn, he did a great job summarizing and analyzing in this one! Skip is, I think, actually, pretty great, you guys. Team Shannon!

  50. Gypse Guera

    Gypse Guera3 months ago

    Been a Lakers man and a Magic fan my entire life. I even patterned my game after Magic's. But its a mess and its time for Lebron to go back to Pat and Wade in Miami. Wade will play another year,once Lebron arrives. Make it happen.

  51. RaginAsianGaming

    RaginAsianGaming3 months ago

    I mean, I think the biggest issue was Luke Walton. Given the success that Randle, Lou Will and others found elsewhere, that tells me that the GM found the talent, but the coach couldn't bring it out or maximize it. I'm not a Magic fan, but I feel that when a bunch of players are traded off and then flourish elsewhere, that's more of a knock against the coach than the GM. The GM finds the talent, the coach should develop and maximize it. I'm not sure where all the hype came with Luke Walton to start with.

  52. eric sigersmith

    eric sigersmith3 months ago

    War eagle

  53. Pablo Sosa

    Pablo Sosa3 months ago

    There's all kinds of bad apples in the basket the first guy to clean house is also ball he father is a problem and magic needs to put his foot down and clean the house but he resigned he didn't have what it takes to he a wiz

  54. one flower ninja magic

    one flower ninja magic3 months ago

    CORRECTION: Magic was/is not for this job; Not.... "This job was not for him"(?)

  55. W R

    W R3 months ago

    He can leave if he wants to! That’s what happens when you have loot .... you can walk off the job and feel free!

  56. The Bodybuilding fan

    The Bodybuilding fan3 months ago

    Very unprofessional