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Magic Johnson ‘was wrong’ in how he resigned from Lakers, says Chris Broussard | NBA | UNDISPUTED


  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED13 days ago

    Is Magic Johnson at fault for the Lakers dysfunction?

  2. Ross Best

    Ross Best3 days ago

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED magic doesn't likw like whiteys.. REMEMBER admonishing LUKE!? YELLING?

  3. Milk2Percent

    Milk2Percent6 days ago

    bigger question is LeBron going to the spurs?

  4. Milk2Percent

    Milk2Percent6 days ago

    Whoever traded dlo zubac brooke… is to blame!!!

  5. david mcintire

    david mcintire7 days ago

    +Steven Turner wrong Nen simmond will be there and they get a center lakers are on there way you just blind.

  6. david mcintire

    david mcintire7 days ago

    +Sony Bruno what health problem

  7. Ross Best

    Ross Best3 days ago

    Wilt chamberlain would make a great replacement for magic.

  8. Drew

    Drew6 days ago

    what is our girl Jenny doing at 5:15

  9. Jay Dee

    Jay Dee6 days ago

    Magic’s a fraud.

  10. G Williams

    G Williams6 days ago

    Whether it's the Lakers or McDonald's, you can say take this job and shove it whenever you want.

  11. Jay Beezy

    Jay Beezy7 days ago

    Kobe keeps looking like a post retirement genius lol I remember reports of Kobe wanting nothing to do with working for the Lakers

  12. willkittwk

    willkittwk7 days ago

    Truthfully do you want to spend time figuring out why Magic quit. He's a basketball executive and nobody but some bored person really cares. With all our individual problem who cares if a executive quits retires lays stays or prays.

  13. Elaine Hightower

    Elaine Hightower5 days ago

    Like the song,"It's my perogative." You go Magic! The hen.

  14. Kevin Masters

    Kevin Masters7 days ago

    Jeanie Bus was referred as Magic's "sister" this ain't no more!

  15. only1daf

    only1daf7 days ago

    my ears don't like Broussard's voice.

  16. Bobby Louis

    Bobby Louis8 days ago

    Media says he should quit then when he does the media says he shouldn’t have quit

  17. JAMES C

    JAMES C8 days ago

    Lavar just repeats what other people on tv says. He isn't brilliant or an insider.

  18. stefan w

    stefan w8 days ago

    He was a great player but, not all in as a coach and a horribly lazy president of operations.i love magic but the Lakers will be better off....

  19. Steven Washington

    Steven Washington8 days ago

    No he wasn't, let the man live his life. He drafted Lonzo and recruited LeBron, it was good in theory. If he would have drafted Tatum and held out one or two more years for a real superstar like Kawhi or David we'd be calling him a genius. He make a calculated risk,. Like going all in with Ace-King suited in a heads up poker hand.

  20. D T

    D T8 days ago

    Lost respect for Magic. Bad move period...

  21. Jeff W.

    Jeff W.9 days ago

    lebron is a player only, he doesn't have money invested in the Laker's, his approval/disapproval of executives moves is ridiculous. He made 0 improvement to the Lakers. He has already proven he is poison to any team he plays for. You tell him what the moves are going to be and he lives with it or leaves like he always does.

  22. Dante Franklin

    Dante Franklin9 days ago

    All games are rigged

  23. John Haladay

    John Haladay9 days ago

    There are two things at play there. First, Magic cannot lead grown men off the court. It's that simple. He has failed mightily as a coach and as an NBA executive, while Larry Bird - who's far more capable and competent - has thrived. I know Magic has his side businesses, but others are responsible for their operations - not Magic. Second, Shannon nailed it when he said that Magic projects himself onto others too much. This is the reason why many - not all - Hall of Fame athletes in all sports often fail as coaches, GMs, and executives. They cannot understand why others cannot play the way "they did". Rather than teach, tutor, and mentor, they scold, belittle, and criticize - like they did when they were players.

  24. Lenard PropheticOne Randall

    Lenard PropheticOne Randall9 days ago

    Lakers look at Dwayne Walker... Excellent player Phenomenal as a Young Man!!! MReporter him

  25. Arash Kordi

    Arash Kordi10 days ago

    Pau Gasol?

  26. Magic Will Fix It

    Magic Will Fix It10 days ago

    Im happy Luke is gone, Luke was a disaster as coach and Magic rightfully wanted him fired as soon as he took the job or at least wanted him to beef up his scrub assistants but Luke was non cooperative. Luke is not a motivator! Whenever i listened to him talk i heard waves crashing against the manhattan beach shore. He was always day dreaming about playing volleyball. Lets push for a master motivator for coach, Doc is settled in but i love his assistant Sam Cassell if we can get him as head assistant, and i love Michael Cooper as defensive assistant (he won two wnba championships and someone you listen to). If we can get those guys, id be ok with Ty Lue as head coach.

  27. daniel gray-kontar

    daniel gray-kontar10 days ago

    best skip bayless take ever.

  28. boardvision11

    boardvision1110 days ago

    Skip a clown 🤡

  29. Nawaf Sadoun

    Nawaf Sadoun10 days ago

    so why did Magic take the job ? accountability

  30. econgloberfan

    econgloberfan10 days ago

    I see it's like Kim Kardashian wanting to be a lawyer but doesn't have time to go to college nor law school. Just saying..he knew this before hand

  31. Jeffery Burgess

    Jeffery Burgess10 days ago

    Let's be honest, unless you're a stockholder magic staying or leaving does not affect our lives. I have my own problems I have to deal with. So when I heard magic was quitting the only thing that I thought to myself was WHATEVER!

  32. Maykha Murray

    Maykha Murray10 days ago

    No he did not i think he did right it so much mass their since James came their he was in om it to go magic good job

  33. G23Farrakhan52

    G23Farrakhan5210 days ago

    I bet he does not believe that today. He knows what is really

  34. Mikeman Jordan

    Mikeman Jordan10 days ago

    He's not to big he was just lazy and the way he went out was wrong...period

  35. Johnny Andrews

    Johnny Andrews10 days ago

    Man rkelly said don’t listen to the people that where fired. Lmao

  36. ksean st.peter

    ksean st.peter10 days ago

    Chris X get on my nerves

  37. Vincent Vega

    Vincent Vega10 days ago

    The Lakers have not been relevant for years and won't be any time soon so who really gives a damn? The Kardashians of the NBA.

  38. Chin Chukwu

    Chin Chukwu10 days ago

    magic just made a whole bunch a bad roster decisions. and now he's realizing that none of them worked/will ever work out. period.

  39. Charles Ryan

    Charles Ryan10 days ago

    Drama queens move on.

  40. Breezy 201

    Breezy 20110 days ago

    Everybody is wrong except for number 23 , Nd I’m not talking bout Michael Jordan 🤦🏿‍♂️💯

  41. David King

    David King10 days ago

    A famous, 6'9" former basketball player in LA w/ 5 championships (1 as an owner), w/ other famous actors, musicians & entertainers have been filming me since college & producing an unauthorized film about me‼️ #InvasionofPrivacy #Extortion

  42. Sir Vilhelm of Yanderland

    Sir Vilhelm of Yanderland10 days ago

    Jeannie Buss will destroy the Lakers.

  43. Lord JHarden

    Lord JHarden11 days ago

    I know it's popular to hate on Skip, but damn, he did a great job summarizing and analyzing in this one! Skip is, I think, actually, pretty great, you guys. Team Shannon!

  44. Gypse Guera

    Gypse Guera11 days ago

    Been a Lakers man and a Magic fan my entire life. I even patterned my game after Magic's. But its a mess and its time for Lebron to go back to Pat and Wade in Miami. Wade will play another year,once Lebron arrives. Make it happen.

  45. RaginAsianGaming

    RaginAsianGaming11 days ago

    I mean, I think the biggest issue was Luke Walton. Given the success that Randle, Lou Will and others found elsewhere, that tells me that the GM found the talent, but the coach couldn't bring it out or maximize it. I'm not a Magic fan, but I feel that when a bunch of players are traded off and then flourish elsewhere, that's more of a knock against the coach than the GM. The GM finds the talent, the coach should develop and maximize it. I'm not sure where all the hype came with Luke Walton to start with.

  46. eric sigersmith

    eric sigersmith11 days ago

    War eagle

  47. Pablo Sosa

    Pablo Sosa11 days ago

    There's all kinds of bad apples in the basket the first guy to clean house is also ball he father is a problem and magic needs to put his foot down and clean the house but he resigned he didn't have what it takes to he a wiz

  48. one flower ninja magic

    one flower ninja magic11 days ago

    CORRECTION: Magic was/is not for this job; Not.... "This job was not for him"(?)

  49. W R

    W R11 days ago

    He can leave if he wants to! That’s what happens when you have loot .... you can walk off the job and feel free!

  50. The Bodybuilding fan

    The Bodybuilding fan11 days ago

    Very unprofessional

  51. Benjamin Pectol

    Benjamin Pectol11 days ago

    Magic should have resigned the day LeBron committed to the Lakers.

  52. Dewey Dew

    Dewey Dew11 days ago

    Y'all folks really be sleeping on lonzo

  53. Thrive2Inspire

    Thrive2Inspire11 days ago

    What does an FS1 NBA analyst do? Asking for a friend.

  54. Dewey Dew

    Dewey Dew11 days ago

    Lavar for 2020😆

  55. chadjared charles

    chadjared charles11 days ago

    Broussard is clearly a puppet for Klutch Sports, cause he will never blame Lebron and his crew...

  56. George Tow

    George Tow11 days ago

    *Breaking News: Lakers just hired LaVar Ball to replace Magic Johnson*

  57. Roy Schrader

    Roy Schrader11 days ago

    Who really cares? A bunch of spoiled cry babies. I haven't watched NBA sense Dr. J retired.

  58. boardvision11

    boardvision1110 days ago

    The state of the nba and it’s entitled whiny players is a tragedy indeed

  59. J beet99

    J beet9911 days ago

    Good segment!

  60. Captain Galaxy

    Captain Galaxy11 days ago

    Why? Should he have prepared a heart-rending speech? Maybe have a special tribute at the arena? C'mon, already. He's not the first and he definitely won't be the last CEO to take a walk. Face it, the Lakers got worse, instead of better. He left while the leaving was good. Let someone else try to right this ship. My story.

  61. Johnny LaMuelo

    Johnny LaMuelo11 days ago

    Jerry West, the only answer to turn the Lakers around.

  62. Bradley Parks

    Bradley Parks11 days ago

    No one can work with LeBron no he wasn't wrong for quitting LeBron over stepped his boundaries at this time it's his team not Magic's

  63. Tk Hannibal

    Tk Hannibal11 days ago

    Majic was there to fire Jim Buss and secure Jeanies position everything was extra, he did his job...

  64. ACG Medical

    ACG Medical11 days ago

    Give me a break, Coach Bill from the patriots left the browns organization as the head coach by writing it on a napkin and leaving it on the podium for the team to read. He never lost his job again.

  65. Dean Guando

    Dean Guando11 days ago

    Magic really blew the Davis situation. Instead of publicly putting the entire team on the block - he should have asked New Orleans "what do you want?"

  66. MrHmongstoner

    MrHmongstoner11 days ago

    Hire Christ Broussard as Lakers president...he is the goat

  67. Virginia Coleman

    Virginia Coleman11 days ago

    Jeannine Buss probably told Magic the same thing she told Lebron "I run the Lakers, not you"!!! Right now we are in the same position as last year - with the so called "greatest player" currently in the game on our team & we"re still in the same place we were last year! Magic, I hired you to get us back to the playoffs, you're never here to do the job I hired you to doo, you"ve gotten rid of some great players (future stars Randle, Zubac, Williams) , you"ve made some bad trades that didn't make sense, thst disastrous AD for our young core deal left this team demoralized iand now we may never get a elite player to come to LA & still we missed the playoffs another year!!! And you want to fire Luke & Rob because they aren't doing their job, but you"re not doing the job I hired you to doI I really think that's why Magic Johnson stepped down he had a heart to heart moment whereby he had to face the truth he wasn't totally sold on being in the office everyday, because he had spread himself too thin, and it wasn't fair to the Lakers organization!! He demanded soo much of others, but he didn't like being criticized for not putting in my the time or work to make the Los Angeles Lakers great again!!! As the president of operations, he wasn't around much, he didn't do sny scouting of college players or recruiting from other nba teams, did not make sound trade decisions, in order for the team to get to the next level!

  68. melrodas

    melrodas11 days ago

    Magic always thought that he could smile his problems away. He sucked as a coach and now as an executive. Skip's point was spot on.

  69. Ruoyu Li

    Ruoyu Li11 days ago

    Why is Chris always shouting

  70. Scott Gabelman

    Scott Gabelman11 days ago

    Sounds like the perfect job for Jerry clutch West!

  71. Tmxney Taylor

    Tmxney Taylor11 days ago

    They didn't say that at first magic like I said LeBron is a cancer

  72. Jonathan Tarnate

    Jonathan Tarnate11 days ago

    Majority of exec in lakers want lebron out. He can’t do that that’s why he quit

  73. I go to IHPC

    I go to IHPC11 days ago

    It was all L3-6ron's fault!!!

  74. Matthew Moscotto

    Matthew Moscotto11 days ago

    Magic shows how lazy he truly is 👍🏼

  75. Jarvis Sledge

    Jarvis Sledge11 days ago

    Lebron ruins teams

  76. The Rogue Titan

    The Rogue Titan11 days ago

    LMMFAO!!!!! 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🗣️📢🔊 IT'S SHOWTIME!!!!!!!

  77. bill first

    bill first11 days ago

    Getn ahead of a fck up

  78. alex042687

    alex04268711 days ago

    Let's be real here, Lavar Ball fired him. .wasnt happy with how he handled Bonzo.

  79. khoa1708

    khoa170811 days ago

    magic is all talk... a fake person... can't really do anything except bs his way through life

  80. 8 Gate Blunt

    8 Gate Blunt11 days ago

    #32 Trending what a coincidence lol

  81. Alan Glover

    Alan Glover11 days ago

    Skip nailed it!!! LeBron like hey Mike, Larry, Charles, Ewing ain't comin thru that door! Bron wanted Terrence Ross, DeAndre Jordan, etc..Jeannie wants to keep Kuzma..Bron wants Juwaan Howard, Jeannie wants Phil...😤

  82. Adrian Wheeler

    Adrian Wheeler11 days ago

    i had hope for a Lakers return to greatness with Lebron & Magic. not giving up on them, but i think the problems stem from the apogee of the pyramid. business & politics are always above the team.

  83. Luke

    Luke11 days ago

    What college gyms that are being recruited are "dingey"? Lol

  84. justa nother

    justa nother11 days ago

    11:51 what the fock is she writing? 😶

  85. 49ers1975

    49ers197511 days ago

    that means the article is true..can't wait for it...

  86. Travis Devos

    Travis Devos11 days ago

    Lebron is biggest HEADCASE in all pro sports!

  87. NbaLive4ever

    NbaLive4ever11 days ago

    He hyped all those moves and players he got and now he just drops out all of a sudden...yeah he is living up to his nickname. Poof! Disappearing like magic As a Laker fan when I heard this news, I was furious! Left us a mess

  88. Dominique Holliday

    Dominique Holliday11 days ago


  89. Levi Palacios

    Levi Palacios11 days ago

    Who’s Chris Broussard??

  90. Pamela Causey

    Pamela Causey11 days ago

    He didn't do it alone. He deserves a TEAM. HE CANT do it alone.

  91. Pamela Causey

    Pamela Causey11 days ago

    I miss Seth Vangilder.

  92. Jaysan Nikan

    Jaysan Nikan11 days ago

    Magic realize this wasnt the best way but he felt he had to do it he didnt want to be suckered into staying out of Loyalty so I understand why

  93. Vernon Washington

    Vernon Washington11 days ago

    So-called MEN playin a boys game.

  94. Joshua Hunter

    Joshua Hunter11 days ago

    lol wow look at skip trying to bring lebron into it. even though all reports point to it being about pelinka walton and buss

  95. Jay Torr

    Jay Torr11 days ago

    He has done a terrible job. Lakers could have had a core of López, Russell, zubac. He could have drafter Tatum or Fox instead of Ball, non-shooting guard in the era of the three!!! And kuzma and ingram and Lebron, this is easily a contending team!! And he did not get lebron... Lebron chose them. Terrible terrible job

  96. Ben Leong

    Ben Leong11 days ago

    Chris Broussard only ever says the most obvious things that any of us already think or know, or things you can simply just google. It's telling how he used to be called an "NBA insider," but now, after he was busted numerous times for pretending to have inside info and ripping off other people's reporting, he's now just an "NBA analyst." He really needs to stop being on these shows as much--it's super annoying.


    ROBERTO A11 days ago

    queen James asking for a trade

  98. Boney4000

    Boney400011 days ago

    It's all speculation and reasing between the lines, no hard facts, everything clandestine in nature. All I know is magic punked out. Love Magic, but he punked out. He's got every right to punk out... But he punked out...

  99. Jon Doe

    Jon Doe11 days ago

    No big free agents in laker history since shaq? Umm karl Malone, Steve Nash, Gary Payton, Pao Gasol......

  100. Willie Shipman

    Willie Shipman11 days ago

    Good move magic we know you won't say it so im gona say it for you...magic won 5 championships.labron has tied that with a NBA record 5 time loser

  101. Sherry Carver

    Sherry Carver11 days ago

    Majic needs to head for the lockers

  102. bob klein

    bob klein12 days ago


  103. RickK RocKStar

    RickK RocKStar12 days ago

    Lakers suck, I would have left too.

  104. Sganet

    Sganet12 days ago

    Not trying to be here when Lebron gets traded 🤷‍♂️

  105. SpacXEnt IANFH GodFlow

    SpacXEnt IANFH GodFlow12 days ago

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  106. RBI 352

    RBI 35212 days ago

    Magic didn’t do/ want the job. He just wants to get paid to rub elbows.

  107. MEGA 2020

    MEGA 202012 days ago

    Magic resigned because he doesn't want to be part of the shitshow the Laker's organization has become, no morals no ethics just a bunch of disrespectful children full of themselves.