Made Defiant: The Mixtape ft. Neymar Jr., Kane, Özil and Mendy | Beats by Dre


  1. smwavnxc

    smwavnxc17 days ago

    *Made Defiant*

  2. coldarif

    coldarifMonth ago


  3. slsa blnr

    slsa blnrMonth ago

    jd ngvens sm mesut ozil

  4. gigi prescott

    gigi prescottMonth ago

    arthur shelby?

  5. Grizzly Beatz: Type Beats & Instrumentals

    Grizzly Beatz: Type Beats & InstrumentalsMonth ago

    pure 🔥

  6. Zoheb Basheer

    Zoheb BasheerMonth ago

    Exactly what you can expect from guy

  7. social anomaly

    social anomaly2 months ago


  8. StonedStone

    StonedStone2 months ago

    Özil is so stupid...

  9. chuniko1

    chuniko12 months ago

    Russia? :) No, there's no Russia in the video. It's Ukraine. :)

  10. рубль .соm

    рубль .соm2 months ago

    Нихуя себе)) надежду российского футбола окунули в унитаз головой XD

  11. ulhas kathane

    ulhas kathane2 months ago

    1.41 which song

  12. Maxim Ivanov

    Maxim Ivanov3 months ago

    This ad is so underrated

  13. Account For Gaming

    Account For Gaming3 months ago

    Ulan amk türkler deveye binmiyo yeter amına koyim biz arap değiliz adam gibi müzik koyun arkaya

  14. Vibha G.

    Vibha G.3 months ago

    Loved this

  15. steve g

    steve g3 months ago

    track 4?

  16. HUMAN s

    HUMAN s3 months ago

    Let's get a tumor from the high radiation beats.

  17. Abd Alkader Abdeen Agha

    Abd Alkader Abdeen Agha3 months ago

    The truth that beats are overpriced and sound over base is not mentioned here.

  18. Артем Родионов

    Артем Родионов3 months ago

    Как зовут полностью парнишку нашего?

  19. Zi Qin Lo

    Zi Qin Lo3 months ago

    One of the ads I love the most 🔥🔥🤙🤙

  20. Christopher Cammelieeri

    Christopher Cammelieeri3 months ago

    Best part is Patrice Evra

  21. Constantinescu Emi

    Constantinescu Emi3 months ago

    The song of this video is Bubblin by Anderson. Paak

  22. Rose Tony

    Rose Tony3 months ago

    which beats headphone was neymar wearing

  23. Iggy Sims

    Iggy Sims4 months ago

    What they did with the sample at 3:18 doe🔥

  24. R4Y4N R4HM4N

    R4Y4N R4HM4N3 months ago

    Iggy Sims enya bodeica

  25. Michael

    Michael4 months ago

    whats the name of the last two songs

  26. Mr. Feeler feelium

    Mr. Feeler feelium4 months ago

    poor Ukraine every one uses your value but all they see Russia sad

  27. Bri10

    Bri104 months ago

    So the only English player in the entire ad doesn't get any lines 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  28. Lazy Dream

    Lazy Dream4 months ago

    I expected some dives from neymar here Disappointing

  29. Andrea Wagman-Christian

    Andrea Wagman-Christian4 months ago

    Jonah Christian

  30. GAMES

    GAMES4 months ago

    What's the name of the song at 4:04

  31. Andy

    Andy4 months ago

    Why do you spend all ur money in advertising and then sell cheap, crappy, overpriced headphones???

  32. Safiya Khan

    Safiya Khan4 months ago

    What's name of song 4:00

  33. MrGogizawerzor

    MrGogizawerzor4 months ago

    whats the song that starts at 3:11? I know its Enya - boadicea but that remix, what remix is that? thanks in advance beautiful people of earth

  34. Fortnite Minecraft Entertainment and gaming

    Fortnite Minecraft Entertainment and gaming4 months ago

    3.17 what’s the song

  35. 7 7

    7 74 months ago


  36. BenJI M

    BenJI M4 months ago

    NEW promotional beats on sale ('''0'0)

  37. bazil anwar

    bazil anwar4 months ago

    whats the name of the song at 3:16

  38. Kyle McCue

    Kyle McCue4 months ago

    and the winner is... Anderson .Paak... all day.

  39. LeoPers

    LeoPers4 months ago

    Go on son.

  40. David PADOLY

    David PADOLY4 months ago

    Hi, does someone knows if it is possible to buy the personalised headphones that beats did for the world cup 2018? The one with the cross hiding the letter b.

  41. David PADOLY

    David PADOLY4 months ago

    Hi, does someone knows if it is possible to buy the personalised headphones that beats did for the world cup 2018? The one with the cross hiding the letter b.

  42. Marcus Phillip

    Marcus Phillip4 months ago

    What's the name of the song at 3:30 ?

  43. Kelsie Overton

    Kelsie Overton4 months ago

    What’s the song a called at 3:17 does anybody know

  44. Jack Wilson

    Jack Wilson4 months ago

    I got Beats Solo 1

  45. O A S

    O A S4 months ago

    Who's with for exmpl me in #beatsgang

  46. Nabil Noorazam

    Nabil Noorazam4 months ago

    drew his weapon: " acting "

  47. DarkZone

    DarkZone4 months ago

    whats the song at 3:22?

  48. Huntles Str!ke

    Huntles Str!ke4 months ago

    Masterpiece again gj !!!

  49. Htun Teza

    Htun Teza4 months ago

    i am getting that evra af apron

  50. Yassine Hanane

    Yassine Hanane4 months ago

    serena is a fool for saying "just two in a row"

  51. hanin Tarek

    hanin Tarek4 months ago

    the world cup waits to be in neymars hands 🇧🇷

  52. Aleksandr Pushkin

    Aleksandr Pushkin4 months ago

    вот тут некоторые говорят, что снимали на Украине в Киеве, а не в России... ну так год ещё не закончился :D :D :D :D :D

  53. Sergio Gaina

    Sergio Gaina4 months ago

    i need OST! Help ME!!! Thank u!

  54. [ ЧАК ]

    [ ЧАК ]4 months ago

    я тоже Андрей!

  55. jr jr

    jr jr4 months ago

    So if i understand well the comments below this is in russia not in ukrain.. right? Haha

  56. Алексей Штыков

    Алексей Штыков4 months ago

    What an inspiring movie! :-)

  57. Zaxar _

    Zaxar _4 months ago

    What's name of the song at 2:42 ?

  58. Realist

    Realist4 months ago

    The only waters Benjamin Mendy is patroling is the baths hes having.

  59. Ancient Soul

    Ancient Soul4 months ago

    WOw ancient soul worldwide takeover - love u all - live your dreams

  60. lharmy

    lharmy4 months ago

    If anyone knows the remix of enya - Boadicea used here please let me know

  61. Aj 247

    Aj 2474 months ago

    How is the woman?

  62. Maja Kwiecien

    Maja Kwiecien4 months ago


  63. Davì Fontanari

    Davì Fontanari4 months ago

    Song 3.21?

  64. Jade Snood

    Jade Snood4 months ago

    **At it again?** ahh, more virtue signalling.. even in this Hary kane... blah.blah.blah.. oh and hes also a christian. but that's not important to say (Really its not) Der Rabe - next tell you about him being Muslim, German + Turkish kid and they have to tell use he's Muslim.. why? we didn't hear that Hary was christian... hmm. and then 'Benjamin Mendy' quate... he drew his greatest weapon, faith'? oh surprise hes a Muslim >< **Look football fans look how good it is to me a muslim!** Stop shoving this down out throats... am i wrong here, are is there a message? I would not normally come to anything football related, i;'ve shown no interest in football on google or the internet... but this adverts comes on all the time. You wanted me to look at it, i did! **Go on 'deate by Dre' explain the video to me? address my issues here** we are still a civilised people in most places, so, we can talk about this. What is this video really about? Football and inspiration or how good Muslims are? added: also it took me five minuet to research the religions of these players.... if i was interested in that not football information, its easy to get. Why do i need to be told it, as if its important? more important football related facts/stories that could have been talked about, for each player. And if your finding what i said here upsetting or offensive, there then is a problem. I'm not the one doing something strange here, but i am asking for en explanation of what i'm seeing. so don't hate on me, don't harass me :P asking question is not hate, talking about issues is not hate... we need to keep lines of communication open (i add this just in case)

  65. lil jon

    lil jon4 months ago

    Song at 3:55??

  66. ʟoveγou喜び

    ʟoveγou喜び4 months ago

    You are gonna get kids hurt if they copy this

  67. Liverpool News

    Liverpool News4 months ago

    3:19 song please

  68. carebear 87

    carebear 874 months ago


  69. فرج الفرجاني

    فرج الفرجاني4 months ago

    beats أريد واحده

  70. ElectricSERGE

    ElectricSERGE4 months ago

    Blue kid has the same shoes as me when I was his age

  71. Jemstone Media

    Jemstone Media4 months ago

    Goes without saying...very well made and engaging film. Of course I'm listening on my Beats Studio Wireless in Matte Black.

  72. Aaron Fenton

    Aaron Fenton4 months ago

    1:30 watching Ozil after Germany get knocked out by South Korea lol

  73. El MA1A F4mA100

    El MA1A F4mA1004 months ago

    Song 3:55?

  74. Kizah HD

    Kizah HD4 months ago

    Song at 3:20?

  75. TechHeadGaming

    TechHeadGaming4 months ago

    Song at 3:16?

  76. Zenny Amv's

    Zenny Amv's4 months ago

    00:46 the withe guy is pink 00:52 not pink

  77. Zenny Amv's

    Zenny Amv's4 months ago

    Ozil can be the first german player to win world cup two time consecutive, he can do again? -PING PONG NO ABAKAZAKI HE CAN'T

  78. evening pie

    evening pie4 months ago

    What's the song at 3:16 Please reply asap everyone

  79. Elliot Lewing

    Elliot Lewing4 months ago

    Such a good video!

  80. Максим Геращенко

    Максим Геращенко4 months ago


  81. Steven Hearnden

    Steven Hearnden4 months ago

    Headphones for idiots. Ever heard of Grado?

  82. Sirjohn Rai

    Sirjohn Rai4 months ago

    2 in a row for mesut ye ?😂👌 - yea cya later 🇧🇪 🇰🇷🇰🇷all the way!!!

  83. Zamin Zahoor

    Zamin Zahoor4 months ago

    1:52 No he can't.

  84. Gamerjoe375 Jake paul

    Gamerjoe375 Jake paul4 months ago

    interesting so interesting

  85. Will Sharples

    Will Sharples4 months ago


  86. hareghewein zerejohannes

    hareghewein zerejohannes4 months ago

    Ethiopia News

  87. English Rose

    English Rose4 months ago

    I love this xx

  88. sleonsi

    sleonsi4 months ago

    Blunder - 0:45 - 0:50 (Guy in red and the pink milkshake)

  89. Philippe Nda

    Philippe Nda4 months ago

    What is the song at 0:11


    LAYLA MAHAMUD4 months ago

    R.i.p andre

  91. Jakkeesmitthh

    Jakkeesmitthh4 months ago

    Whats the name of the song at 3:17

  92. Fredrick Hughes

    Fredrick Hughes4 months ago

    Please Plnkfloyd

  93. mcpartridgeboy

    mcpartridgeboy4 months ago

    Wow so ccheezy

  94. Orlando Pero

    Orlando Pero4 months ago

    Track at 2:44?

  95. cosmodave69

    cosmodave694 months ago

    No!!! So stop trying cause I ain't buying!!!!

  96. Itsurgirlnimi Ayeee

    Itsurgirlnimi Ayeee4 months ago

    Neymar blew my heart away he is SOOOO FREAKIN HOTTTT AHHHH Oh my gawddd he's minee 😍😍😍😍

  97. Fazar 182

    Fazar 1824 months ago

    I love this game

  98. Mia DoubleZeroSeven

    Mia DoubleZeroSeven4 months ago

    This is dope 🔥

  99. Ammarcr7 Hathi

    Ammarcr7 Hathi5 months ago

    pele is first then it is Maradona after Maradona is Cristiano Ronaldo

  100. Kaustubh Datta

    Kaustubh Datta5 months ago

    Amazing commercial! Selling exp and Captured emotions

  101. Mother Russia!!!

    Mother Russia!!!5 months ago

    German-Turkish Muslim kid!! XD