Made Defiant: The Mixtape ft. Neymar Jr., Kane, Özil and Mendy | Beats by Dre


  1. NimiDraws Stuff

    NimiDraws Stuff5 hours ago

    Neymar blew my heart away he is SOOOO FREAKIN HOTTTT AHHHH Oh my gawddd he's minee 😍😍😍😍

  2. Fazar 182

    Fazar 1826 hours ago

    I love this game

  3. Mia DoubleZeroSeven

    Mia DoubleZeroSeven16 hours ago

    This is dope 🔥

  4. Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro

    Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos AveiroDay ago

    pele is first then it is Maradona after Maradona is Cristiano Ronaldo

  5. Kaustubh Datta

    Kaustubh DattaDay ago

    Amazing commercial! Selling exp and Captured emotions

  6. Bulletz4yourass

    Bulletz4yourassDay ago

    German-Turkish Muslim kid!! XD

  7. R4Y4N R4HM4N

    R4Y4N R4HM4NDay ago

    3:15 what’s this song?

  8. Jen Scade

    Jen Scade2 days ago

    Go p

  9. Miss Koroleva

    Miss Koroleva2 days ago

    This video made in Ukraine, on the street Bereznyakivsk


    KWAME ITARI2 days ago

    gangsters - pause - gangsters

  11. Michael Long

    Michael Long2 days ago

    Song at 03:22?

  12. osamaabdullah10

    osamaabdullah102 days ago

    Guy Ritchie Mate

  13. Михаил Чко

    Михаил Чко2 days ago

    Best advertisement ever:)

  14. Thev N

    Thev N2 days ago

    Name of the song at 2:50 please?


    NO7ORIOUS2 days ago


  16. Manuel 2001

    Manuel 20012 days ago

    I thought when the mum said Son i thought the Korean player would actually appear.

  17. Cristopher Maldonado

    Cristopher Maldonado2 days ago

    this is Nice

  18. Mass

    Mass3 days ago

    What is the beat at the end?!?!?!

  19. Mrs.Potato Head

    Mrs.Potato Head3 days ago

    My fav commercial ❤

  20. Black Tanner

    Black Tanner3 days ago

    Goooaaaalll mofoqas⚽️☠️

  21. Taylor Ignatius

    Taylor Ignatius3 days ago

    When Enya's boadicea dropped absolute chills... She pops up when you least expect it but it's always welcomed.

  22. георгий гозалишвили

    георгий гозалишвили4 days ago

    SUPER !!!

  23. Hazardices

    Hazardices4 days ago


  24. CLTZ bb

    CLTZ bb4 days ago


  25. Baz Kannon

    Baz Kannon4 days ago


  26. prlw

    prlw4 days ago

    No Hazard ???

  27. Player Of Games

    Player Of Games4 days ago

    4 minute advert are you having a giggle, get stuffed

  28. Робия Гуд

    Робия Гуд4 days ago

    What's name of song 3:22?

  29. The NewYorker

    The NewYorker4 days ago

    кацапи охуїли , свою рекламу знімають у Києві!!!!!!!!!!!мАЦкалєй на ніж, суки позорні!!!!!!!!!!!!СЛАВА УКРАЇНІ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!смерть кацапським окупантам!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. alexander pinchukov

    alexander pinchukov5 days ago


  31. Jp Dortmund

    Jp Dortmund5 days ago

    What‘s the different between these and the normal Beats Studio 3?

  32. Joshua Goodey

    Joshua Goodey5 days ago


  33. Der Freezy

    Der Freezy5 days ago

    Как же заебали черти,которые обсуждают тут политику и выясняют почему это было снято в Украине.Не мог из-за этого найти комменты,где сказали бы как найти песни из видео. Будьте оба прокляты,что хохлы,что вата

  34. Ciaran Lewis

    Ciaran Lewis5 days ago

    Song at 3:16 ?

  35. Matthew Clark

    Matthew Clark5 days ago

    this ad is so sick hahah well played

  36. Semper Fag

    Semper Fag5 days ago

    mfw i look at the comments and see all of those ukrainians who for some reason want to tell us that this is filmed in Kyiv. Who cares? If Russia and Ukraine look the same, and it's for some reason easier for them to film this in Ukraine, then what's the problem? There's no need to be so butthurt.

  37. DragonReper

    DragonReper5 days ago

    What song at 3:17

  38. Anthony Stephenson

    Anthony Stephenson5 days ago

    Great job lads.

  39. Juliannie Lablanc

    Juliannie Lablanc5 days ago

    3:12 cannot forget this legend can we! ❤️

  40. Jazzie The Magestic Unicorn

    Jazzie The Magestic Unicorn5 days ago

    I love this

  41. Gracie Young

    Gracie Young6 days ago

    Someone find out who this gorgeous guy is at 0:11😱

  42. Lil Jxcks

    Lil Jxcks6 days ago


  43. kblam1001

    kblam10016 days ago

    lol andre would be getting his beaten to pulp XD

  44. ANIMUS

    ANIMUS6 days ago

    Song 3:20?

  45. Saba Haych

    Saba Haych6 days ago

    Bravo to the ad peeps for this. #GuyRitchie #ThreeLions

  46. T.Macca17

    T.Macca176 days ago

    3:18 music?

  47. Aline Cunha

    Aline Cunha6 days ago

    Menino Ney representando!

  48. haha Ellen

    haha Ellen6 days ago

    Neymarr daddy

  49. Simran Kaur x

    Simran Kaur x6 days ago


  50. Topp Cat

    Topp Cat6 days ago

    A lot of effort put into selling under performing headphones at ridiculous price.

  51. Vignatha Rajasekaran

    Vignatha Rajasekaran6 days ago


  52. iballistic cat14

    iballistic cat147 days ago

    I’m literally wearing beats right now, coincidence or what lol!

  53. RedLionBeats

    RedLionBeats7 days ago

    Lit Afk bro good job

  54. iitube word

    iitube word7 days ago

    what's the name of the grime tune at 0:52? it's lit

  55. Агент Котэ

    Агент Котэ7 days ago

    This is not Russia. This Ukraine, Kyiv, Berezniaki. Amator - fake you! Это не СРУсия. Это Украина, Киев, микрорайон Березняки. Автор ролика - пошел на йух!

  56. Silk Road

    Silk Road7 days ago

    2:42 song?

  57. StefanTheFam

    StefanTheFam7 days ago

    2:37 best part whole video I love this game haha

  58. StefanTheFam

    StefanTheFam7 days ago

    Still not as good as 2014 Brazil ad

  59. KakeiJub

    KakeiJub7 days ago

    Brilliant !

  60. Kristjan Dushi

    Kristjan Dushi7 days ago

    Song name at 3:20?

  61. mia

    mia7 days ago

    Benjamin Mendy is lit!🔥 🔥🔥🔥

  62. Armand Moustache

    Armand Moustache7 days ago

    Patrice evra t'es NUL NUL NUL

  63. ray hocine

    ray hocine7 days ago

    The worst commercial for Beats , horrible and very bad, and if you compare with World Cup 2014 , this is a desaster . Mr beats try to spend your money in good advertising please

  64. Brian Jaramillo

    Brian Jaramillo7 days ago

    Nice little film but the headphones are for mugs and wannabe's

  65. Danielle

    Danielle8 days ago

    What’s the name of the song between 0:00 and 0:23 ? Thanks

  66. Ася Кіт

    Ася Кіт8 days ago

    This movie was shot in Ukraine, and not in Russia.

  67. Sidhant Subudhi

    Sidhant Subudhi8 days ago

    3:25 which song?

  68. Inked Olympia

    Inked Olympia8 days ago

    Definitely Guy Ritchie inspired and I FREAKIN LOVE IT

  69. Anthony Lopez

    Anthony Lopez9 days ago

    Ozil scenes are lit

  70. Odminey Piju

    Odminey Piju9 days ago

    Why would anyone shoot the “russia” parts in ukraine, given the existing political situation? This is so wrong, I can’t even be mad, it’s simply absurd. Most people know this by now. The clip is very good nonetheless, but i’d expect the filmcrew to be more sensible.

  71. Vinícius Durão

    Vinícius Durão9 days ago


  72. :3석식을 아끼지 마라

    :3석식을 아끼지 마라9 days ago

    I got beats headphones...

  73. Maurisha Kilian

    Maurisha Kilian9 days ago

    Outstanding creativity... 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😎✌🏻

  74. - -

    - -9 days ago

    2:01 who is that ??

  75. Global Citizen 225

    Global Citizen 22510 days ago

    How did I get to this Ad, don't really know but really good work.

  76. Alexx Praetorian

    Alexx Praetorian10 days ago

    why didnt you go to russia, but Ukraine, to film the ad??? are you scared? ))

  77. Mohsin Khan

    Mohsin Khan10 days ago

    What a weird advert

  78. djerful

    djerful10 days ago

    What's the name of the song at 3:22 please?

  79. Miguel Yebra

    Miguel Yebra10 days ago

    Oh man Gawd when that beat dropped into Bubblen

  80. Zion Buddha

    Zion Buddha10 days ago

    Shoot! wasn't feeling beats headphones but I'll buy them just for this add lol

  81. Hakan

    Hakan10 days ago

    Song at 3:15?

  82. ANewHope

    ANewHope11 days ago

    hey that's pretty good

  83. Jackie Stanton

    Jackie Stanton11 days ago


  84. Arsène Lupin III

    Arsène Lupin III11 days ago

    Бля, про советских гопников сняли в Украине, вся Империя Сала рукоплещет Гаю Риччи, что выбрал именно Украину, чтобы отразить общее представление Европейских тугодумов о России. А то, что ни Гай Риччи, ни остальные так любимые кастрюлеголовыми «свободные Эуропэйци» знать не знают, что Украина - это отдельная страна, а не западный отсталый придаток России - начхать) Когда Свинья у власти - вся страна становится одной большой свиньёй, срёт, гадит и живет в своём дерьме, но виновата в этом конечно Россия. Дебилы Бл.

  85. Mohet Naidu

    Mohet Naidu11 days ago

    This is so inspiring. 🤗👍👏👊😍

  86. karmen magnolij

    karmen magnolij11 days ago

    Россия в Киеве......ню...ню...ню

  87. Fjckit 24

    Fjckit 2411 days ago

    Yo, can I get a translator in the comments plz

  88. William Stubbings

    William Stubbings11 days ago

    mosquito aircraft

  89. Emama Shah

    Emama Shah11 days ago

    Yoo neymar looks so penggg😍😍🤣

  90. JHFGHF hfrdcjfcxjg

    JHFGHF hfrdcjfcxjg11 days ago

    3:33 song pleas?


    JDKICKZ11 days ago

    Most Entertaining Advert Ever

  92. DJ MC

    DJ MC11 days ago

    would really appreciate it if you could view my channe

  93. It's BeeRay

    It's BeeRay11 days ago

    This is honestly the best thing Guy Ritchie’s Made since Snatch

  94. It's BeeRay

    It's BeeRay11 days ago

    This is honestly the best thing Guy Ritchie’s Made since Snatch

  95. It's BeeRay

    It's BeeRay11 days ago

    This is honestly the best thing Guy Ritchie’s Made since Snatch!

  96. Aleksandr Kononov

    Aleksandr Kononov11 days ago

    What's the song on 03:17

  97. supreme_joel

    supreme_joel11 days ago

    Meeeen you good? That was amazing

  98. Lynx Wild

    Lynx Wild11 days ago

    Typical russia.

  99. 1417 beats

    1417 beats11 days ago

    chek up my channel i got some nice beats

  100. FortniteCN

    FortniteCN11 days ago

    This is America dont get you slip in tho