LUXURIOUS All You Can Eat BUFFET in Mumbai India!


  1. Coffee

    Coffee10 hours ago

    The best part of the video is when he denied the broccoli 😂

  2. Ruth Miser

    Ruth MiserDay ago

    YUM!! ^.^ ♥

  3. Jian Guo Tan

    Jian Guo Tan2 days ago

    Pesto in dimsum is a fkin disgrace. Step up your food game fam

  4. PK films

    PK films2 days ago

    Looks like food heaven

  5. Pranav Rathi

    Pranav Rathi2 days ago

    I have gone there and the food is amazing and the service is great 👍

  6. Anant Singh

    Anant Singh3 days ago

    Dear Lord...u hv got an awesome metabolism my man. Nice video.

  7. raghav agrawal

    raghav agrawal4 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay, watch this...😉

  8. Bob David

    Bob David5 days ago

    buffet sense i like that .

  9. Mystical Tuber

    Mystical Tuber5 days ago

    I have been here

  10. Kristopher Christensen

    Kristopher Christensen5 days ago


  11. Kristopher Christensen

    Kristopher Christensen5 days ago

    27 K with 1 K thumbs down because he's practicing GLUTTONY for $$$!!!! 2018 kids, soak it up!!!

  12. Kristopher Christensen

    Kristopher Christensen5 days ago

    Mickey needs to go on a diet. His heart isn't going to make it after another year of his current diet. People are starving and "no real job" Mickey eats enough food in each video to feed 10 people at least. What a spoiled little kid who never wanted to get a real job. Gluttony isn't cool and never has been.

  13. yor_kum in_mi_mou

    yor_kum in_mi_mou6 days ago

    i hear SRK in background ..... dude he is the king of Bollywood go get your pen tf😭👏

  14. yor_kum in_mi_mou

    yor_kum in_mi_mou6 days ago

    4:50 background like if u see😱

  15. Aishwary Abhishek

    Aishwary Abhishek6 days ago

    I think he actually made a profit by eating that much XD

  16. NonsenseTime

    NonsenseTime6 days ago

    now i am hungry thxxx to this guy btw nice vid

  17. NonsenseTime

    NonsenseTime6 days ago

    when u go to a 5 star hotel this happens = round 1 OVERRRRR

  18. UNKN0VVN

    UNKN0VVN7 days ago

    Do they ever tell you that you can't film?

  19. Girish H

    Girish H7 days ago

    The woman behind you was jealous. She was staring at you all the time.

  20. Lynnette Dobbin

    Lynnette Dobbin7 days ago

    That man can eat!

  21. Varun D'Souza

    Varun D'Souza8 days ago

    Global dumps outgoing

  22. Amit Gangolli

    Amit Gangolli9 days ago

    WOWWWW..That's some CLASSIC buffet...Loved it

  23. Jyotiraditya Satpathy

    Jyotiraditya Satpathy9 days ago

    Lol this buffet is nothing compared to some others at Sayaji Indore, Taj Lands end, The Peerless Inn, etc.

  24. Arjunlal B

    Arjunlal B9 days ago

    Man! You eat like me! Keep going until you can't swallow anything more 😅

  25. Barath Barath

    Barath Barath10 days ago

    Is that aishwarya rai's daughter in 17:12 ?

  26. mr anil kumar

    mr anil kumar10 days ago

    How can you eat SOOOO MUCHHHH 🤔

  27. Gabriel Neves

    Gabriel Neves10 days ago

    Ho my gosh! This man can eat!!!!!!!

  28. ST ELL

    ST ELL11 days ago

    Try a vegan buffet

  29. Snigdhya Mondal

    Snigdhya Mondal11 days ago

    Pure food lover😊

  30. priti jadhav

    priti jadhav12 days ago

    what is price of buffet

  31. Sourish Saha

    Sourish Saha12 days ago

    damn man how much can u eat?!..u ate twice what a normal person can

  32. Sourish Saha

    Sourish Saha12 days ago

    that's not how you eat a nun

  33. Sourish Saha

    Sourish Saha12 days ago

    India 🇮🇳

  34. Andy Ladha

    Andy Ladha13 days ago

    Wow i actually ate there

  35. Rakesh Lather

    Rakesh Lather13 days ago

    Man I think u keep same cloths and filmed it in lunch and dinner. Can't eat that much. Or Ur camara guys are eating from same platter afterwards to help u finish

  36. delhi academics

    delhi academics13 days ago

    very nicely presented. the presenter has a great.....i mean GRRRRRREEEEAAAATTTT appetite. I was flabbergasted at the dishes he could eat and so much can a human eat so much!!!! ????? wow...simply WOW!!!!

  37. Fachry Naufal

    Fachry Naufal14 days ago

    20 mins of drooling

  38. Carl Bonroy

    Carl Bonroy14 days ago

    Food video too fast. Show the food, less commentary

  39. true# INDIAN

    true# INDIAN15 days ago

    Is this Leslie chow from hangover 2??

  40. Big mama

    Big mama16 days ago


  41. Big mama

    Big mama16 days ago

    India is the second largest English speaking country

  42. YOBR

    YOBR16 days ago

    how are you able to eat all of those?????......

  43. Dehradun Updates

    Dehradun Updates17 days ago

    bro have u ever got checked your cholestrol,thyroid,sugar test

  44. Chaitanya sandeep

    Chaitanya sandeep17 days ago


  45. warsab1

    warsab119 days ago

    dude you make me laugh man. "are those stars?" meh the lamb tho!

  46. The Nothing

    The Nothing21 day ago

    on the edge of crying.

  47. bakes1422

    bakes142221 day ago

    Legends say "On that day not a single sweat were broken ".

  48. Demi God XV

    Demi God XV21 day ago

    How big is your appetite man?

  49. Shin Akuma

    Shin Akuma21 day ago

    That's a like a weeks worth of food you ate there, god dammit.

  50. LiftOrGTFO

    LiftOrGTFO21 day ago

    It's 2AM. Why TF am I watching this?

  51. Shubhangi S

    Shubhangi S22 days ago

    R u okay man, trust me u need some "HAJMOLA" now 😂😂 Edit: nice video 💕

  52. Dilsha Rizu

    Dilsha Rizu24 days ago

    Duck and fork chiiiiiiiiiii shld not keep dat two wyak😪😪😯😯😯😮😥

  53. JohnPeter Magg

    JohnPeter Magg25 days ago

    Love it...more variety of flavor the better...

  54. THE HULK

    THE HULK25 days ago

    He ate all the desert 😲😲😲😲😲😲 Seriously .....😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲 Even Hulk will think twice to do that....

  55. Keith Egolf

    Keith Egolf25 days ago

    I love how victorious you always look when you find something great

  56. Dilsha Rizu

    Dilsha Rizu25 days ago

    We're dis place tell me😉😉

  57. Recky Justiza

    Recky Justiza25 days ago

    name of place? how much thus it cost per head

  58. Locke

    Locke23 days ago

    It's in the description.

  59. Naive Monkey

    Naive Monkey26 days ago

    9:17 Forget what the video is about and just focus on this part.

  60. Dixit Jain

    Dixit Jain26 days ago

    7:59, That lady watching you like...why is this guy so exited lmao

  61. Donald Trump

    Donald Trump26 days ago

    Jesus how do you eat so much


    DINESH SAW28 days ago

    U also awesome👌😉

  63. all about explore

    all about explore28 days ago

    @ 10:30 which bollywood star was there?

  64. Walid Ben

    Walid Ben29 days ago

    If i see u in one of my hotels i will kick u out maan u eatt a loot

  65. Alex Wooden

    Alex Wooden29 days ago

    What does per plate cost?

  66. grace morganti

    grace morganti29 days ago are my foodie hero!!!! Thank you for always uplifting my day!!!! It doesn't matter how stressed my day is...I just watch one of your videos and I'm recharged and good to go!!!! Kudos to you for being so funny, charming, uplifting and so down to earth. My wish for you is that you find your foodie life partner and travel the world and keep bringing joy to those who know and love you!!!! You're the best humanity has to offer!!!

  67. Atharva Milkhe

    Atharva Milkhe29 days ago

    what is the name of the hotel and where it is located in mumbai

  68. sohail Shaikh

    sohail ShaikhMonth ago

    Ive been here a couple of times... Seven kitchens is heaven ... Desert never miss it... But u missed cotton candy Ice cream

  69. Eddy Bullone

    Eddy BulloneMonth ago

    Lol how much can this guy eat. He never stops 😂😂

  70. The True Hunter

    The True HunterMonth ago

    Im currently in mumbai with my family and this buffed looks amazing! We might give it a visit tomorrow.

  71. wilson's vlog

    wilson's vlogMonth ago

    Am I the one wondering where all the foods goes when he eats?

  72. Tonny Angkawan

    Tonny AngkawanMonth ago

    potato dimsum? What an abomination! good for vegetarian though

  73. masti star

    masti starMonth ago

    I m totally surprise ur well size stomach😂😂🤣😂🤣

  74. zzz zzz

    zzz zzzMonth ago

    Mr jackie Chan i am a big fan 🙅

  75. zzz zzz

    zzz zzzMonth ago

    Visit Pakistan and try our fav bomb here it is a bomb literally!!

  76. Nourhan Mohamed

    Nourhan MohamedMonth ago

    I feel that I gain weight by watching you eat. And still I am starving



    I think we should hang out someday bro...

  78. Zabulus

    ZabulusMonth ago

    NO BROCCOL!!!!!!!!!!!!I! hahahaha

  79. MUSIC IS FOR Lifetime

    MUSIC IS FOR LifetimeMonth ago

    Welcome to India sir😊. Namastey 🙏❤. Do more videos and vloging on Indian street food.please....😊. You can also visit in (Hyderabad,Goa sea beach,New Delhi is the heaven of street food and curry also,Kolkata, Mumbai street food.). Thanx for come into India ❤. I've watched your each and every videos 😊❤. Love from India 😊.

  80. llSmule video Hemantll

    llSmule video HemantllMonth ago

    Born to eat😂😆🤘🤘🤘

  81. WhitDog WhatsUp

    WhitDog WhatsUpMonth ago

    The food looked AMAZING! Most of the time I am just focused on how he takes a HUGE bite everytime, of everything.... in EVERY video. Haha. Great video as always! Much Love 😁💚

  82. Unnikrishnan d

    Unnikrishnan dMonth ago

    Anyone noticed @9:17 ..lets get some of these "Hot" dishes :P :D :D



    I think your the opposite version of Gordon Ramsay in tasting foods..LOL

  84. Ingrid Matthews

    Ingrid MatthewsMonth ago

    Actual Indian desserts (rice, condensed milk, banana, fruits, etc) is so much better than cake.

  85. deepak pandey

    deepak pandey4 days ago

    That one is known as kheer. Ancient dessert

  86. steven king

    steven kingMonth ago

    How much is the buffet?

  87. Raine Lanas

    Raine LanasMonth ago

    Him avoiding veggies... well it shows

  88. preeti royum Ado

    preeti royum AdoMonth ago

    Pls mention the price of the buffet?

  89. Y B

    Y BMonth ago

    Why cant buffets in the U.S. be like this? 5-star hotel buffets abroad, especially in Asia are awesome. The U.S. certainly lacks in restaurant food quality compared to Asia and Europe.

  90. sai krishna Pujari

    sai krishna PujariMonth ago

    Let's get some hot dishes @ 9:18

  91. Naresh Mallya

    Naresh MallyaMonth ago

    If I see a bollywood star in a buffet, and then I see you, I'm coming to you...

  92. 2000 subscribers with no video

    2000 subscribers with no videoMonth ago

    The woman in his background, where hes eating, is trying her best to show her disgust for how much hes eating but mah man *IS OUTTA FUCKS TO GIVE.*

  93. 2000 subscribers with no video

    2000 subscribers with no videoMonth ago

    The food that he leaves on his plates could feed the whole world. *AND THE AMOUNT OF FOOD THAT HE EATS COULD FEED THE WHOLE WORLD 5 TIMES OVER*

  94. 2000 subscribers with no video

    2000 subscribers with no videoMonth ago

    "You dont need to chew on this crab meat at all" *CHEWS*

  95. HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul

    HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_MogulMonth ago

    How long in advance do you had to order a table? That seems to be a premium place to eat.

  96. Saniya Muchahary

    Saniya MuchaharyMonth ago

    Whaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a massive buffet for just $60????????????? Are you kidding me right now, Mikey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am gonna kill you if you lied on this!!!

  97. Abhinav Nambiar

    Abhinav NambiarMonth ago

    Bruh how much can you eat? I got tired by watching you eat this much!

  98. Dafoe fog

    Dafoe fogMonth ago

    I don't know how you can eat so much

  99. Sunday3pm

    Sunday3pmMonth ago

    The ‘no broccoli’ part tho ... hahahha

  100. Surendra Manohar

    Surendra ManoharMonth ago

    Nice clip. And nice dishes too. By the way was your first turn second turn are all in one day or different days? It looks as though they are one day and one visit courses .. if so I really aplreciate your capacity of consuming (!) ...( since the people sitting behind you are seen same most of the time.!) those delicious dishes.. Just fantastic. Thanks for posting. God bless you and your appetite. Keep them coming. Again thanks for this clip. 😊😊

  101. Missy Mayes

    Missy MayesMonth ago

    This is the most beautiful buffet I have ever seen! I am so cheated here in Indiana, we just don't have the quality food or cultural variety and it's a shame most people here are stuck in the stone ages and not just when it comes to food ! We just started being able to purchase alcohol on a Sunday recently and you can get nit from noon to 8:00pm so ridiculous it took all these years ! Well I shouldn't be surprised as long as it took for us to even change our clocks for daylight savings time ugh!

  102. Priyesh Sharma

    Priyesh SharmaMonth ago

    This is Food Porn 😍