LUXURIOUS All You Can Eat BUFFET in Mumbai India!


  1. Zsaiko X

    Zsaiko X3 hours ago

    8:00 that Lady looks kind or confused😂

  2. Shubham Singh

    Shubham SinghDay ago

    Monster in human form 😌👻

  3. arshlee beast

    arshlee beastDay ago

    go to haiti !!!!!!

  4. asish mishra

    asish mishra2 days ago

    This amount of food i eat in 3 days

  5. Loretta Carroll

    Loretta Carroll3 days ago

    You have'nt even started eating yet and yum it's 👍

  6. Tanzila Trunkwala

    Tanzila Trunkwala5 days ago

    Hat bakar

  7. Prash

    Prash5 days ago

    My question is how can you be so fit after eating so much???.. Lucky bro..

  8. Haise Magwitch

    Haise Magwitch5 days ago

    Lots of prayers for the cameraman..hahaha

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    Hey can you give me a treat? PLEASE!

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  12. Viksha Chaudhury

    Viksha Chaudhury8 days ago

    Awesome.... Man I'm hungry now!

  13. Mr. Ray

    Mr. Ray9 days ago

    You forgot to eat the nun

  14. Team RGB

    Team RGB10 days ago

    Woman just staring at him while he is eating. 😂 8:01 (on left)

  15. Rhys Johnston Scott

    Rhys Johnston Scott10 days ago

    I love that you can't tell if he hates it or adored it just by his expression

  16. Lil Entree 1000 batres

    Lil Entree 1000 batres10 days ago

    Asian guy ferrie

  17. kenny Tran

    kenny Tran11 days ago

    That "no broccoli" killed me 😂

  18. The One

    The One11 days ago

    How much is the price?

  19. johnson le

    johnson le11 days ago

    why is he using the knife backwards

  20. LednacekZ

    LednacekZ11 days ago

    blueberry isnt common? every stall in my country has blueberry icecream

  21. Lupix

    Lupix14 days ago

    Alright that live band might be too much, but hey, if theyre making that much money, go for it

  22. Gaming With BK

    Gaming With BK14 days ago

    You look like Jackie Chan

  23. OrangeGamer

    OrangeGamer14 days ago

    If I could get a dollar for every time he swings his head I would be a rich man😋😋

  24. OrangeGamer

    OrangeGamer14 days ago

    The LAMB SAUCE has not yet been located

  25. Alex Lawrence

    Alex Lawrence14 days ago

    He eats like someone 350 pounds plus but is so slim..... How oh how 😂😂😂

  26. shook vkook

    shook vkook16 days ago

    *_ok but lets not ignore the baby and father (maybe) in the back at _**_4:58_*

  27. Stian Berg

    Stian Berg17 days ago

    I wonder how many calories you had during this video, haha :D Looks amazing!

  28. 연쇠

    연쇠17 days ago

    You're like the nice Gordan Ramsey of buffets

  29. Big Waffles

    Big Waffles19 days ago

    How do you eat that much?? Bro!

  30. dasaini

    dasaini20 days ago

    My reaction when I saw the $60 price: damnnnnn

  31. allan leong

    allan leong21 day ago

    mike has a black hole in his stomach

  32. Aditi Singh

    Aditi Singh22 days ago


  33. Tiona Karke

    Tiona Karke22 days ago

    How does he eat so much... I need those superpowers.

  34. Hannya

    Hannya22 days ago

    I cannot eat I would just be disappointed at myself for not eating those.

  35. Hannya

    Hannya22 days ago

    Omg I was about to comment on ur recent video to come visit India.. and now I see u already did. 😂💕

  36. Ajitha kannan

    Ajitha kannan23 days ago

    Mellodi is a candy name in India

  37. Lee Wan Cheng

    Lee Wan Cheng27 days ago

    Go to 4:53 and stare at the back ground

  38. trusha rahate

    trusha rahate28 days ago

    OMG. I m indian too.

  39. Dominus Ghaul

    Dominus Ghaul29 days ago

    Indian Japanese fusion is probably the best fusion style in the world. Butter chicken sushi baby. Some of the best stuff on the whole planet.

  40. Riya's Rasoi

    Riya's RasoiMonth ago

    What is the price of the whole buffet??

  41. DarkaYoddha

    DarkaYoddhaMonth ago

    Who knew the nerdish beyond science guy would be such a successful and trustworthy food reviewer?

  42. Gamer's Ethn

    Gamer's EthnMonth ago

    I come here to motivate myself 😭😭 so one day i can get a life like mike chen

  43. Sushma Gautam

    Sushma GautamMonth ago

    First five seconds of the video and my mouth is already watering. 😋

  44. Shine the Light

    Shine the LightMonth ago

    A perfect marriage ! Buffets and Mikey Chan. These restaurants know that you are a gormandizer. They appreciate people who love food. God of the Dim Sum 😆

  45. arvind ramesh

    arvind rameshMonth ago

    My buffet senses tell me that i cant afford that buffet!😂

  46. TZJ1000

    TZJ1000Month ago

    4:48 , the man in the back with that music XD

  47. Nonica Ovidiu

    Nonica OvidiuMonth ago

    Start to eat

  48. Enan Aritro

    Enan AritroMonth ago

    9:17 yeah hot dishes

  49. Scott King

    Scott KingMonth ago

    You need to come to va or md and learn to eat blue crab. You do that, you can eat crab anywhere

  50. Void Monkey

    Void MonkeyMonth ago

    3:18. *When you are walking in the hallway but see a hot girl bend over to pick up her phone*

  51. Saint Andrew

    Saint AndrewMonth ago

    How to bankrupt a buffet business (colourized, 2018)

  52. Ayush Tiwari

    Ayush Tiwari6 days ago

    I don't see many people realizing this but 50USD converted to Indian INR is insane amount of money to pay for food, that too for one person. Our economies vary a lot thus 50$ may be cheap for you but in India is expensive af!

  53. Rick Kar

    Rick KarMonth ago

    Its 2.30am and I was just thinking of going to bed but now I'm freaking hungry and feel like crying

  54. Excalibur01

    Excalibur01Month ago

    Love your show. A man of culture

  55. City Builder

    City BuilderMonth ago

    LOL, why are people walking backwards at 0:55 ?

  56. Rosanna Danna

    Rosanna DannaMonth ago

    Now I want chicken for breakfast, thanks a lot!

  57. Raychard Kho

    Raychard KhoMonth ago

    why are you able to eat that much,

  58. SaintsCheat

    SaintsCheatMonth ago

    6:05 “Not a lot of spices on that’s a lot of spices on that” 😂😂👍🏽

  59. Sherrie A Norman

    Sherrie A NormanMonth ago

    I sure wish I could follow you along. You make it look so Yummy.

  60. LadyVenom Way

    LadyVenom WayMonth ago

    I'm so hungry! I had a slice of toast for dinner boohoo

  61. jude gomes

    jude gomesMonth ago

    do yo have a mince grinder inside u

  62. T JAKE

    T JAKEMonth ago

    All "servility", "went out the window" when you walked into that place dressed like you were headed to a brick laying job. Really, you go to the St. Regis Hotel in a t shirt and cargo pants? It amazes me that you made it past the lobby.

  63. Hunny Bun

    Hunny BunMonth ago

    Why is your knife upside down when you cut sir? 💀

  64. Hydro Dude

    Hydro DudeMonth ago

    His knife is upside down

  65. Babar Khan

    Babar KhanMonth ago

    I think there some Bollywood stars hmm let's go back to my lamb hahahaha

  66. Ronaldo

    RonaldoMonth ago

    How do you eat so much man?

  67. Yong Pineda

    Yong PinedaMonth ago

    Whenever i seafood, i eat...

  68. Aparajeet Trex

    Aparajeet TrexMonth ago

    9:17 " lets get some of these hot dishes here" and then points at the girl.

  69. Kim Cruz

    Kim Cruz2 months ago

    I really enjoyed watching your channel, the way you ate those foods makes me really hungry.

  70. Dr. Ex

    Dr. Ex2 months ago

    Wow that duck was really sitting duck Taruntung!

  71. Lia Lia

    Lia Lia2 months ago

    One thing I learn from this video is you don't need veggies to be able to eat the while buffet

  72. Qi Yin

    Qi Yin2 months ago


  73. Andrea Niels

    Andrea Niels2 months ago

    Why do you hold your knife upside down sometimes?


    NATUREMAN2 months ago

    The stomach of a pig :) I hope he didn’t end up in the ER!

  75. Matt Wright

    Matt Wright2 months ago

    your knife is upside down in the dim sum bit haha

  76. George Capra

    George Capra2 months ago

    You don't have any diabetes ???

  77. dude23187

    dude231872 months ago

    extremley geeky dude ! haha

  78. Pauline Zirkle

    Pauline Zirkle2 months ago

    Food looks good

  79. chun_li fury

    chun_li fury2 months ago

    60 dollars. Still expensive. I'll eat here all day

  80. Jon S

    Jon S2 months ago

    I think this is the most I have ever seen him eat

  81. Dikeshwar gowda

    Dikeshwar gowda2 months ago

    Who's the bollywood star

  82. Camille Hoopes

    Camille Hoopes2 months ago

    Your knife is upside down ! At 7.00

  83. WELSH JOSHx Cox

    WELSH JOSHx Cox2 months ago

    Did anyone else notice that he was using his knife upside down

  84. Craze Ikons

    Craze Ikons2 months ago

    Did nobody else realize that he was holding his knife upside down when he was eating his first dim som (I think that’s how you spell it)

  85. Chloe Githinji

    Chloe Githinji2 months ago

    Vegans worst nightmare

  86. _cxlin_ 101

    _cxlin_ 1012 months ago

    Travel across the world just to eat food ? Where can I sign up 😂😂

  87. Vincent Lark

    Vincent Lark2 months ago

    Never imagined myself spending time watching a man eat .. but I love this channel lol

  88. Tiffany Leung

    Tiffany Leung2 months ago

    *the lady at **7:58** - **8:04** LOL how disturbed she looked*

  89. Ice Bear 25

    Ice Bear 252 months ago

    What's the name of that Fast Food restaurant?

  90. Ivan Reyes

    Ivan Reyes2 months ago

    I envy you so much ....😂

  91. Ckbarroso

    Ckbarroso2 months ago

    "Why isn't blueberry ice cream everywhere?" I ask myself that all the time when I'm in the ice cream aisle. It's the perfect summer ice cream, but it's not very common.

  92. NZXEagle

    NZXEagle2 months ago

    Gasppppp Red Velvet Cake

  93. Anibal Gonzalez

    Anibal Gonzalez2 months ago

    did anyone notice that chick in the back looking at him like all judgmental. 18:02

  94. alexander frost

    alexander frost2 months ago

    how come he uses his knife the wrong way 6:38

  95. Mariam Chowdhury

    Mariam Chowdhury2 months ago

    I really want an appetite like him

  96. oh mai gawd

    oh mai gawd2 months ago

    my actual dream omg

  97. Wesley Parnell

    Wesley Parnell2 months ago

    Did anyone notice that he had the knife upside down the whole video. 😂😂

  98. Eberechi Agu

    Eberechi Agu2 months ago

    I want to seriously know how to get a bottomless stomach like these Food Bloggers... I wish I could eat that much. I was full after that 1st round.

  99. Lil' Miss Dropbear

    Lil' Miss Dropbear2 months ago

    Whenever his face looks utterly disgusted you know it's amazing.

  100. Carson Wilson

    Carson Wilson2 months ago

    Give this a like if anyone watching in 2019

  101. garchomp889

    garchomp8892 months ago

    Your reactions got me cringing lol

  102. Kithra Holmes

    Kithra Holmes2 months ago

    Who else watches mikes videos while stoned? Stoners gotta appriciate good food