Luh Kel - Y.O.U. (Official Music Video)


  1. Luh Kel

    Luh Kel10 days ago

    where should I tour next? Comment your city📍

  2. Jabriel Abdille

    Jabriel Abdille9 days ago

    Edmonton alberya canada

  3. Bad Boyb2g music

    Bad Boyb2g music9 days ago

    Luh Kel Wichita ks

  4. Jack Mart

    Jack Mart9 days ago

    Nj union city

  5. Natalie Kurtz

    Natalie Kurtz9 days ago

    @Ariii_ pLaYz ohh that's not that far but it's still far

  6. Britney Cole

    Britney Cole9 days ago

    Houston Texas

  7. Maurilio Jackson

    Maurilio Jackson4 hours ago

    Treat girls like objects... The winning takes the girl Good......

  8. Rio And George #2013

    Rio And George #20134 hours ago

    l. like you luh kel

  9. Jami Jordan

    Jami Jordan5 hours ago

    Im just gonna say, this is my fav song

  10. renny sands

    renny sands5 hours ago

    Best song in 2020

  11. Hamkwrai Debbarma

    Hamkwrai Debbarma6 hours ago

    I like the girl with a black cap. C is my type.

  12. isnagrit nagrit

    isnagrit nagrit7 hours ago

    Luh Kel Iloilo,Philippines

  13. Andres Sanchez

    Andres Sanchez7 hours ago

    Yo fucking twin is smooth gio fr

  14. Kit Balais

    Kit Balais7 hours ago

    This song is like from early 2000's that has less nudity and albout pure music❤

  15. Steven Lopez

    Steven Lopez8 hours ago

    New York

  16. best cute and smart get all friends

    best cute and smart get all friends9 hours ago

    Camden New Jersey please

  17. parallel maz

    parallel maz9 hours ago

    Sydney baby

  18. Ahlam Shanna

    Ahlam Shanna11 hours ago

    the best song 💕

  19. Makemoneyfan fan

    Makemoneyfan fan14 hours ago

    How many times he go say i

  20. Chelsea Aleman

    Chelsea Aleman14 hours ago

    plz plz go to Australia NSW plz i love i i i'll be there for you

  21. Miranha

    Miranha15 hours ago

    🔥🔥🔥 damn nigga 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  22. yogirl nikky

    yogirl nikky16 hours ago

    0:16 😂😭😂

  23. Jessie Davis

    Jessie Davis16 hours ago

    This it (BOP)

  24. Niyah Slay

    Niyah Slay17 hours ago

    I cant stop watching this video

  25. Liwam Kebede

    Liwam Kebede18 hours ago


  26. its kpoffical

    its kpoffical18 hours ago


  27. 예림

    예림18 hours ago

    이거 왜 멜론에 없을까 ㅠㅠ 무한반복해서 듣고 싶은데

  28. Jeremy L. Mawia

    Jeremy L. Mawia19 hours ago

    Luh kel can u say bye for me when u live again in your instagram plzzz😇😇😄😊😊

  29. TTV tymere

    TTV tymere20 hours ago


  30. M1ke_MadHaitian

    M1ke_MadHaitian20 hours ago Show me ur love

  31. King Thanos

    King Thanos20 hours ago

    Bankrol Hayden and lush keel fire

  32. Gluvvy

    Gluvvy20 hours ago

    And you're watching Disney Channel


    ITZYAGIRL._. NIYAH21 hour ago

    I knew this song was gonna be a hit from tiktok

  34. Yatzari Gonzalez

    Yatzari Gonzalez21 hour ago

    denver colorado 📍🖤.

  35. Fire Queen

    Fire Queen22 hours ago

    I got hella scared for you bro 2:24 I almost had a heart attack but I'm ok

  36. Immortal_crib

    Immortal_crib22 hours ago


  37. Katrina Allison

    Katrina AllisonDay ago


  38. Abraya Smith

    Abraya SmithDay ago

    You should tour to Little Rock arkansas

  39. christina sama

    christina samaDay ago

    I love you baby

  40. The Goode Sisters

    The Goode SistersDay ago

    You are so pretty

  41. Antonio Wofford

    Antonio WoffordDay ago

    Who go tell they crush this

  42. Kekelaboss Tony

    Kekelaboss TonyDay ago

    Love y’all ❤️

  43. mya fore

    mya foreDay ago

    Maryland. Love luh kel 💓❤❤😍😘

  44. Jamari Jordan

    Jamari JordanDay ago

    Sand dieago

  45. XNDR342

    XNDR342Day ago

    So much autotune ughhh...

  46. Chomthepotato Oop

    Chomthepotato OopDay ago

    This is the best song ever!!

  47. Sonny Darnell

    Sonny DarnellDay ago

    love this song 👑♥❤☺😁☺😘💕😆

  48. Javari Foster

    Javari FosterDay ago


  49. Dulla Bills

    Dulla BillsDay ago

    thank god for the hotel that played You Did Me Wrong in the lobby

  50. Htay Nyo

    Htay NyoDay ago

    Come to Omaha NE

  51. Htay Nyo

    Htay NyoDay ago

    This shit is hella fine

  52. Matthew Campbell

    Matthew CampbellDay ago

    U should come to china for ur tour


    TSUNAMI BDay ago

    I love this song but i feel like he shoulda song this more strong tbh

  54. Mastermind Angel

    Mastermind AngelDay ago

    Who else broke the replay button?

  55. Alpha

    AlphaDay ago

    Sheffield uk lol

  56. Terminator Q

    Terminator QDay ago

    Yo I love the part were the Asian teen did the woah on the school picture lmao

  57. Zevexionz X

    Zevexionz XDay ago

    This was like a movie 🤩

  58. A Tube

    A TubeDay ago

    Next tiktok music?

  59. intro maker _e

    intro maker _eDay ago

    love it bro

  60. Samantha Lugo

    Samantha LugoDay ago

    Who’s been here since 2k subscribers 🙋‍♀️mee

  61. parallel maz

    parallel mazDay ago

    I'm loving this I was waiting for a while love youu man

  62. Maggie Mei

    Maggie MeiDay ago

    come to san Jose

  63. tajaehthekid Walker

    tajaehthekid WalkerDay ago

    The video is fier

  64. Саша Чугуй

    Саша ЧугуйDay ago


  65. Miguel Ángel Pérez Tobar

    Miguel Ángel Pérez TobarDay ago

    Soo sick