Lucy Hale Tries 9 Things She's Never Tried Before | Allure


  1. LordVoldeCorn XOX

    LordVoldeCorn XOX2 days ago

    Lol Lucy’s bdays a day before mine!

  2. Ira Raswant

    Ira Raswant2 days ago


  3. oofer 92_0

    oofer 92_03 days ago


  4. Cloud 10 Beauty

    Cloud 10 Beauty3 days ago

    She is GORGEOUS


    SIMRANJEET KAUR3 days ago


  6. eira98 william

    eira98 william4 days ago

    Am i the onlu one who thinks she looks like selena gomez's twin sister

  7. han26 ch26

    han26 ch264 days ago

    the clown was so good....💔

  8. Ratula Morie

    Ratula Morie4 days ago

    I love her laugh.

  9. Hannah Pritchard

    Hannah Pritchard5 days ago

    Welsh that’s my country

  10. Faruk YAZICIOGLU

    Faruk YAZICIOGLU6 days ago

    I'd inhale her... some years ago.

  11. Priscila Vidoes

    Priscila Vidoes6 days ago

    Oh shes in pretty little liars and truth or dare

  12. rock432

    rock4327 days ago

    She's incredibly cute.

  13. Child Pleeze

    Child Pleeze7 days ago

    "I'll vote my vote in they strudle then"

  14. Rafaela Ferreira

    Rafaela Ferreira7 days ago

    You look like khole Kardashian!💄💄💄👌👌

  15. Daria Nicu

    Daria Nicu8 days ago

    1:52 she looks like my mom 😂

  16. Adam Wonder

    Adam Wonder8 days ago

    Mandy Moore resemblance?

  17. Parinoor Kaur

    Parinoor Kaur9 days ago

    go lucy! also, she said she has brushed barbie's hair before then what was the point of that one? lol

  18. Lovegood Longbottom

    Lovegood Longbottom10 days ago

    In the miniature she looks like Khloe Kardashian

  19. Melike İnce

    Melike İnce10 days ago


  20. Melike İnce

    Melike İnce10 days ago


  21. Raychel Medina

    Raychel Medina12 days ago

    She's a whole new woman

  22. Ethém Shallabdullem

    Ethém Shallabdullem13 days ago

    This hairstyle fitz her!

  23. Rauha Navid

    Rauha Navid13 days ago

    Selena Gomez vibes but her eyes are prettier than her!!!

  24. Ruby & Taliah

    Ruby & Taliah14 days ago

    She was born 1 day before me! 💕🌻

  25. Jolie Flores

    Jolie Flores14 days ago

    She’s so pretty😍😍

  26. Tian Huang

    Tian Huang14 days ago

    Came here from Truth or Dare,The movie

  27. Marine xR

    Marine xR16 days ago

    "he looks friendly" lmaoo wtf it's dead grasshopper

  28. Danniela J

    Danniela J17 days ago

    Good for lucy eats the grasshopper on 3 sec PERFECT I LOVE LUCY

  29. Arifah Syahirah

    Arifah Syahirah17 days ago

    she kinda looks like selena gomez

  30. Alessandra López

    Alessandra López17 days ago

    1:38 Cuando me dicen que soy linda

  31. Edward Dean

    Edward Dean17 days ago

    Hahaha, the laugh through the tuba 😂

  32. Dechen Shingsar

    Dechen Shingsar18 days ago

    People keep saying that she looks like Selena Gomez but I just don’t see it

  33. Dechen Shingsar

    Dechen Shingsar18 days ago

    The tuba is so big compared to her

  34. Eh Fml

    Eh Fml18 days ago

    Hair goals

  35. Cleo At

    Cleo At18 days ago


  36. yxng vibes

    yxng vibes19 days ago

    I'm in love with herrrr I love all of her movies

  37. Madison Walker

    Madison Walker19 days ago

    Her laugh is so adorable

  38. Queen zeba 786

    Queen zeba 78620 days ago

    She look like one of the Kardashian’s sister

  39. Aaliyah Luk

    Aaliyah Luk20 days ago

    am i the only one that was annoyed because they covered the ASMR? OK. i'll go home

  40. Joshila Rahman Joty

    Joshila Rahman Joty21 day ago

    In thumbnail she looks like Selena Gomez

  41. Avy Williams

    Avy Williams21 day ago

    wow! she looks so cute

  42. Camryn Thompson

    Camryn Thompson21 day ago

    The tuba playing😂 she's so tiny and cute💞

  43. d0ubledared

    d0ubledared23 days ago

    Somebody make a gif of Lucy up close at 2:23 scrunching the bread 🥖

  44. Parizeh Khan

    Parizeh Khan23 days ago

    Her voice and looks reminds me of selena Gomez 💜💜💜

  45. kissatkoiria

    kissatkoiria23 days ago


  46. Groovery

    Groovery24 days ago

    that laugh is adorable

  47. Very Sneaky

    Very Sneaky24 days ago

    Her laughter is so fun!

  48. Betty Lowry

    Betty Lowry24 days ago

    I play the tuba and thats how i started

  49. maha Ahmed

    maha Ahmed25 days ago

    She looks like Selena

  50. Jooz nieuwkoopje

    Jooz nieuwkoopje25 days ago


  51. Aya Khatib

    Aya Khatib26 days ago

    Can u do BTS some day 🙏🙏🙏

  52. Vandal Savage

    Vandal Savage26 days ago

    She's so cute

  53. NothingToNoOneInParticular

    NothingToNoOneInParticular27 days ago

    Should be named "someone with Keira Knightley hair laughs into a tuba."

  54. Random Ness

    Random Ness27 days ago

    We share the same birthdate 😃😃

  55. Prakash Shetty

    Prakash Shetty27 days ago

    Damn !! She is really lookin like Selena Gomez..

  56. Farnaz Sayyed

    Farnaz Sayyed27 days ago

    I love her 😍 Such an adorable person

  57. Jocelyn Xue Ying Si

    Jocelyn Xue Ying Si27 days ago

    if she had already styled barbie hairs then its smtg she's already done??

  58. BTS'army Bulgaria Chanel

    BTS'army Bulgaria Chanel27 days ago

    Make BTS trying 9 things

  59. Mia RA

    Mia RA27 days ago

    Who was the clown? He looks really familiar

  60. Epic Girl

    Epic Girl28 days ago

    "uhh show off" funny!!

  61. keauna.tanaeee

    keauna.tanaeee28 days ago

    "Uh, she's a whole new woman."😂😂

  62. Zoetrope _

    Zoetrope _28 days ago

    these are oddly specific

  63. Khadijah Asghar

    Khadijah Asghar28 days ago

    I love her 😭😭😭

  64. taesthetic

    taesthetic29 days ago

    sometimes i see selena wth

  65. Radiyah Kabir

    Radiyah Kabir29 days ago

    She kinda looks like Selena Gomez tbh

  66. gemy indigo

    gemy indigo29 days ago

    she kind of looks like khloe kardashian

  67. S R

    S R29 days ago

    Whats the background music tho? I need it.

  68. Meenakshi Manoj

    Meenakshi Manoj29 days ago

    Oh my god, everything about her is just so adorable! Especially her laugh

  69. E N

    E N29 days ago

    Karen Lucille Hale is epic!

  70. raisa annora

    raisa annora29 days ago

    when she smile she lookalike selena gomenz

  71. Meetakshara Mishra

    Meetakshara Mishra29 days ago

    Lucy u are pretty little doll ,I love you and miss pretty little liar so much.💝💗

  72. Mia Seng

    Mia Seng29 days ago

    jUsT sayiNg thats how u hold a baritone not a tuba lol nO hAte lol just sAyiN

  73. Hamza Khan

    Hamza KhanMonth ago

    her voice like selena gomez ??

  74. Robyn Marr

    Robyn MarrMonth ago

    She has the same birthday as me

  75. gucci girl

    gucci girlMonth ago

    Takes a small fried grasshopper to eat and says. . He looks friendly...okay 😂

  76. Sleepy Yoongi

    Sleepy YoongiMonth ago

    She looks like selena.....

  77. Shreyoshi RC

    Shreyoshi RCMonth ago

    I have the same barbie

  78. kristina !

    kristina !Month ago

    She’s never done a staring contest?!?!!?

  79. Magic 8 pets Forever

    Magic 8 pets ForeverMonth ago

    The Lucy bob cut

  80. Fransheska Waffles

    Fransheska WafflesMonth ago

    Its her birthday!!!!🎉🎉🎉

  81. heyyitsarii

    heyyitsariiMonth ago

    happy birthday?😂

  82. Rachel Lakey

    Rachel LakeyMonth ago

    who else is watching this on june 14. Happy Birthday Lucy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Laura Mosquera

    Laura MosqueraMonth ago

    I am ironically watching this on her birthday

  84. TheUkulelePlayer

    TheUkulelePlayerMonth ago

    Today is her birthday!

  85. Juan Franco

    Juan FrancoMonth ago

    Omg today is Lucy's birthday ! Happy birthday! Love you

  86. Isobel Mackie

    Isobel MackieMonth ago

    my dad can say that Welsh word. it's the biggest place in Wales

  87. Mareeah Tlc

    Mareeah TlcMonth ago

    Ahhhh Aria

  88. Julia Barrios

    Julia BarriosMonth ago

    Happy Birthday Lucy Hale!😍😘

  89. Archisha Pathak

    Archisha PathakMonth ago

    “He looks friendly” 😂 Also Happy Birthday Lucy (I know it’s tomorrow don’t kill me)

  90. Ava Zepeda

    Ava ZepedaMonth ago


  91. total fangirl

    total fangirlMonth ago

    Her personality speaks volume and i love it 🎀💕

  92. Oh Hey Stranger

    Oh Hey StrangerMonth ago

    I was born on 6/14 as well, The only thing I hate about my birthday is that Trump has the same birthday. Ahh, why.

  93. Janzie Rink

    Janzie RinkMonth ago

    I'm watching this the day before her birthday

  94. Lilswills 06

    Lilswills 06Month ago

    I live in wales

  95. Noah Philip

    Noah PhilipMonth ago

    Seal a Gomez look alike omg

  96. MiaDaVis !

    MiaDaVis !Month ago

    Well happy tomorrow birthday

  97. Che Wan Nur Ain Safiah

    Che Wan Nur Ain SafiahMonth ago

    She's very lovelyy❤

  98. NathyThaly Pena

    NathyThaly PenaMonth ago

    Weird because she met my sis a Chipotle like 4 years ago in PA


    JACK DOKSMonth ago

    Tuba is bigger than she ❤

  100. Katherine Martel

    Katherine MartelMonth ago

    2 more days till her birthday