Lucy Hale Tries 9 Things She's Never Tried Before | Allure


  1. Corey Mothersole

    Corey Mothersole5 days ago

    She’s so outgoing

  2. Enora Hope

    Enora Hope6 days ago

    Lucy: *tries to say the Welsh village name* Taron Egerton left the chat.

  3. Paul Sykes

    Paul Sykes8 days ago

    Is she Selena Gomez sister or something becouse wow she really Looks Like selena❤️

  4. Nuray Rzazadə

    Nuray Rzazadə8 days ago

    She is veryy cutee😍😍😍I loved her

  5. arleth schnapp

    arleth schnapp13 days ago

    *ugh, show off!* ugh, i love you sm!💕

  6. Swastika Chatterjee

    Swastika Chatterjee14 days ago

    OMG😳..In the thumbnail she literally looks like Selena Gomez😰

  7. Liinda AL

    Liinda AL14 days ago

    She's a mixture of Selena Gomez & Sarah Hyland

  8. orlaith winters2018

    orlaith winters201815 days ago

    Haha I was born on June 14

  9. elisabeth holland

    elisabeth holland18 days ago

    I actually know how to pronounce the welsh village bc of Tom Holland😂

  10. Amollia Tanguay

    Amollia Tanguay19 days ago

    Love her eyes and laugh “ ugh show off” 😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Aukse Stankeviciute

    Aukse Stankeviciute19 days ago

    She is so pretty😍

  12. Classical Ari

    Classical Ari20 days ago

    she's so cute 😭

  13. Tsiakkares Art

    Tsiakkares Art20 days ago

    0:40 Ugh! Show off!😂

  14. IDK My name

    IDK My name21 day ago

    He looks friendly😂😂

  15. Beanie MSP

    Beanie MSP22 days ago

    My queen

  16. M&J MAIME

    M&J MAIME22 days ago

    2:49 Selena

  17. Davide Mascia

    Davide Mascia22 days ago

    I don’t care about Lucy, i only care about Troian

  18. khadija Bukhari

    khadija Bukhari22 days ago

    I love it when she said ugh show off

  19. Valerie Madrid

    Valerie Madrid23 days ago

    My birthday is on June 14 too

  20. Madelyn Baggett

    Madelyn Baggett27 days ago

    yes shes a gemini like me

  21. Gianna Viggiano

    Gianna Viggiano27 days ago

    For being blindfolded the lips on her portrait were actually good

  22. Karen Playz

    Karen Playz27 days ago

    I LOVE GRASSHOPPER’S There good!

  23. Aubrey Smith

    Aubrey Smith27 days ago

    Is pll gonna have an 8th season they left off on a to be continued 😡

  24. Miss Flower

    Miss Flower27 days ago

    Who Eyles went to go watch her Bratz chermical

  25. Laura- Beth Dawson

    Laura- Beth Dawson28 days ago

    omg another birthday twin. :)

  26. Lea Louis

    Lea Louis29 days ago

    She looks like Selena Gomez and she also sounds like her a little

  27. schem1ng

    schem1ng29 days ago


  28. KBP Tv

    KBP TvMonth ago

    OMG I love to sing just like you I would love to meet you I'm 10 I'm a MReporterr kbptv. Repliy back

  29. Alexis Troy

    Alexis TroyMonth ago

    We have the same b-day 😲😱

  30. Can I get over 1000 subscribers with no videos

    Can I get over 1000 subscribers with no videosMonth ago

    We want to hear the ASMR not that music that you play in every video

  31. Emilee Mcgovney

    Emilee McgovneyMonth ago

    I played tuba from 6th to 9th grade

  32. BtsBlink2018 channel

    BtsBlink2018 channelMonth ago

    Is it only me or does she look like Selena Gomez mixed with Chloe Kardashian?

  33. Angie4062

    Angie4062Month ago

    That clown was too cute

  34. Emily Powell

    Emily PowellMonth ago

    Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyllllantysiliogogoch #welshforlife 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  35. Nada S

    Nada SMonth ago

    0:50 chewbacca is that you

  36. Anne Gerlen Jaro

    Anne Gerlen JaroMonth ago

    she looks like a bit of kylie jenner like if you agree

  37. Jessica xox

    Jessica xoxMonth ago

    I've eaten a cooked worm it actually tasted like peanuts...

  38. Guinnevere’s Chronicles

    Guinnevere’s ChroniclesMonth ago

    Yay we share the same birthday

  39. Mania Ali

    Mania AliMonth ago

    My b day is the same as hers!!!!!!!!!

  40. KPOPislifeu믽진

    KPOPislifeu믽진Month ago

    Is it just me that I like that "clowns" laugh

  41. Glow Forever

    Glow ForeverMonth ago

    0:31 that laugh😂❤

  42. Susan Zurita

    Susan ZuritaMonth ago

    The clown was so cute😂❤

  43. Jenna Summach

    Jenna SummachMonth ago

    I was born on June 15th

  44. Stars ASMR

    Stars ASMRMonth ago

    Lol The ASMR

  45. Илияна Христова

    Илияна ХристоваMonth ago

    Im a the only once that just saw the soll and was thinking of Mona 😂

  46. Bella Shala

    Bella ShalaMonth ago

    9 things she has never done before She literally said she did the barbie one before as a tv commercial

  47. Simran Judge

    Simran JudgeMonth ago


  48. Kylian Brunoni

    Kylian Brunoni2 months ago

    Cutest laugh ever

  49. Pamelaugh

    Pamelaugh2 months ago

    Lucy deserves more recognition! Wish she gets picked up for more acting roles. Such a lovely, beautiful woman. What a babe. 😍👌🏼

  50. Natalie Smith

    Natalie Smith2 months ago

    Who looked her up cause if the honey nut cheerio thing... like if you did.

  51. Anisa sabera tuba

    Anisa sabera tuba2 months ago name is tuba😂😂

  52. Jalicia Boulton

    Jalicia Boulton2 months ago

    My idol😎

  53. violet goodman

    violet goodman2 months ago

    Lucy is so gorgeous.

  54. Leni 123

    Leni 1232 months ago

    She’s perfect

  55. Daphne Law

    Daphne Law2 months ago

    2:04 "let's get a small one he looks friendly"

  56. Tsiakkares Art

    Tsiakkares Art2 months ago

    Just love her❤

  57. Robloxian_Taco xox

    Robloxian_Taco xox2 months ago

    “Ugh, show off!” Love her sm 😂❤️ fave actress

  58. Buttercake Loren

    Buttercake Loren2 months ago

    I was born on June 14 too

  59. Ruby Thomson

    Ruby Thomson2 months ago


  60. Paris’s Life

    Paris’s Life2 months ago

    *i love her personality she is so fun* 😩💞

  61. Janidelf Rodriguez

    Janidelf Rodriguez2 months ago

    Lucy is so adorable 💕

  62. Stella Kuang

    Stella Kuang2 months ago

    She looks so pretty. I love her hair style. And her personality

  63. Obviously Summer

    Obviously Summer2 months ago

    She looks like ebony from home and awua

  64. ItzBrownie

    ItzBrownie2 months ago

    ''vinegary syrupy like couch cusion'' She cracks me up!

  65. Mackenzie P

    Mackenzie P2 months ago

    Why is no one talking about the silk red mask from FSOG

  66. Megan Ballantine

    Megan Ballantine2 months ago

    Her birthday is the day before mine

  67. Jessica Trujillo

    Jessica Trujillo2 months ago

    Her laugh 😂❤️

  68. PotatoExpress

    PotatoExpress2 months ago

    The game dared her to make this video

  69. Marin Nelson

    Marin Nelson2 months ago

    I love her so much ❤️

  70. x Makenzie x

    x Makenzie x2 months ago

    My birthday is literally June 14th....

  71. greendayfecer

    greendayfecer2 months ago

    That clown is so sweet.

  72. asomekidsvideos perez

    asomekidsvideos perez2 months ago

    I like the song

  73. asomekidsvideos perez

    asomekidsvideos perez2 months ago


  74. Aparna Trivedi

    Aparna Trivedi2 months ago

    "he looks friendly" momentarily eats it Not how you make frnds kids.....

  75. Pau Gamboa

    Pau Gamboa2 months ago

    She's like the tiny friend you want to eat for being the cutest.

  76. Busi Nkala

    Busi Nkala2 months ago

    He looks friendly, the way she laughs is nice

  77. My Body Is Ready

    My Body Is Ready2 months ago

    She's very beautiful

  78. _smol mins_

    _smol mins_2 months ago

    *plays tuba* *gets triggered bc I'm in band* 😂😂😂😂

  79. Frederikkee

    Frederikkee2 months ago

    She really looks like Selena Gomez..

  80. mom my

    mom my2 months ago

    I thought this was khloe kardashian but ok

  81. Lovely Nana

    Lovely Nana2 months ago

    Not to be mean but poor clown didn't blink she was so fast to tell him and his cute little nervous voice omg I felt so bad

  82. Anny the Kitty

    Anny the Kitty2 months ago

    As a former tubist i'm cringing and dying of cuteness

  83. soumya Saini

    soumya Saini2 months ago

    Sound likes Selena Gomez....3

  84. lmh vlogs

    lmh vlogs3 months ago

    I love her laugh at 1:37 so cute 😂😂

  85. Ellen Tomelin

    Ellen Tomelin3 months ago

    KD os br's fãs da Anã revoltadissima de nossos corações?

  86. sofie clibs

    sofie clibs3 months ago

    She is not playing with a Barbie ?

  87. Srey Keosopheaktra

    Srey Keosopheaktra3 months ago

    Oh my god, I can’t believe I was born on June 14th. Lucy and I have twin birthdays

  88. Ráhel Herendi

    Ráhel Herendi3 months ago

    what happened to her mouth while she was bowing at the end?

  89. Fiona Huang

    Fiona Huang3 months ago

    the tuba sounds like a whale

  90. Queen Cute

    Queen Cute3 months ago

    *she looks like Khloe Kardashian*

  91. Queen Cute

    Queen Cute3 months ago

    She looks like Khloe Kardashian. Just me? Okay... *leaves room* P.S. she doesn’t look like Selena Gomez so yeah just saying In my opinion though don’t hate on me

  92. Sierra Bullock

    Sierra Bullock3 months ago

    I love her 😂

  93. 66v.e.r.a6

    66v.e.r.a63 months ago

    9 things she has never tried before and in the barbie scene she told how she had to do exactly that in some commercial 😂😂

  94. Tee Abbs

    Tee Abbs3 months ago

    2:11 she's looking totally like Selena here.

  95. Roshita Anand

    Roshita Anand3 months ago

    She is so cute

  96. Ella Salvatore

    Ella Salvatore3 months ago

    The tuba is bigger than her 😂

  97. Török Veronika

    Török Veronika3 months ago

    -play truth or dare-

  98. Why So Serious

    Why So Serious3 months ago

    I wish i was the clown lol

  99. Marii Beto

    Marii Beto3 months ago

    I was also born at june 14 omg

  100. Ashley Ocampo Garcia

    Ashley Ocampo Garcia3 months ago

    "She's a whole new woman" XD