Lucy Hale Tries 9 Things She's Never Tried Before | Allure


  1. Anny the Kitty

    Anny the Kitty20 minutes ago

    As a former tubist i'm cringing and dying of cuteness

  2. soumya Saini

    soumya Saini10 hours ago

    Sound likes Selena Gomez....3

  3. lmh vlogs

    lmh vlogs4 days ago

    I love her laugh at 1:37 so cute 😂😂

  4. Ellen Tomelin

    Ellen Tomelin4 days ago

    KD os br's fãs da Anã revoltadissima de nossos corações?

  5. sofie clibs

    sofie clibs7 days ago

    She is not playing with a Barbie ?

  6. スリーアリス

    スリーアリス8 days ago

    Oh my god, I can’t believe I was born on June 14th. Lucy and I have twin birthdays

  7. Ráhel Herendi

    Ráhel Herendi9 days ago

    what happened to her mouth while she was bowing at the end?

  8. Fiona Huang

    Fiona Huang10 days ago

    the tuba sounds like a whale

  9. Queen Cute

    Queen Cute10 days ago

    *she looks like Khloe Kardashian*

  10. Queen Cute

    Queen Cute10 days ago

    She looks like Khloe Kardashian. Just me? Okay... *leaves room* P.S. she doesn’t look like Selena Gomez so yeah just saying In my opinion though don’t hate on me

  11. Sierra Bullock

    Sierra Bullock10 days ago

    I love her 😂

  12. 66v.e.r.a6

    66v.e.r.a612 days ago

    9 things she has never tried before and in the barbie scene she told how she had to do exactly that in some commercial 😂😂

  13. Tee Abbs

    Tee Abbs12 days ago

    2:11 she's looking totally like Selena here.

  14. Roshita Anand

    Roshita Anand14 days ago

    She is so cute

  15. Ella Salvatore

    Ella Salvatore14 days ago

    The tuba is bigger than her 😂

  16. Török Veronika

    Török Veronika16 days ago

    -play truth or dare-

  17. Why So Serious

    Why So Serious17 days ago

    I wish i was the clown lol

  18. Marii Beto

    Marii Beto18 days ago

    I was also born at june 14 omg

  19. Ashley Ocampo García

    Ashley Ocampo García19 days ago

    "She's a whole new woman" XD

  20. Citrofortunella

    Citrofortunella20 days ago

    last on is cheat. scissors aint a barbie hair tool

  21. Nao Ritsu

    Nao Ritsu20 days ago

    That clown is so precious 😂♥️

  22. Amelia Pendragon

    Amelia Pendragon20 days ago

    omg though the recording of the person saying the Welsh village was sooooo bad too 😭

  23. pari meharunkar

    pari meharunkar21 day ago

    her eyes 😍

  24. Ezgi Yiğit

    Ezgi Yiğit21 day ago

    She looks like selena gomez

  25. Sarina Kiara

    Sarina Kiara22 days ago

    1:37 i died 😂😍

  26. Alejandra Leon Concha

    Alejandra Leon Concha23 days ago

    I love

  27. the void

    the void23 days ago

    Is that clown social repose

  28. munchin kimchi

    munchin kimchi23 days ago

    she is used a character reference that I read, under the name of “Margo” sop that’s I can think of :)

  29. Noah McDonald

    Noah McDonald24 days ago

    Hey it’s Lucy Hale I haven’t seen her for a long time the last time I saw her she was in pretty little lairs

  30. gb04 xoxo

    gb04 xoxo24 days ago

    Her laugh especially with the clown is so cuteee 😍😍😍😍

  31. 123avnee

    123avnee25 days ago

    Watching her just made me want to be bff's with her since forever and even more now!!

  32. 123avnee

    123avnee25 days ago

    haha how does she know what couch cushion tastes like!! she wass sooo cute and funyyy

  33. Matt Juarez

    Matt Juarez25 days ago

    Pretty little liars ❤️😘

  34. Abigail A

    Abigail A26 days ago

    1:37 Lucy's laugh is everything 😂😂💗

  35. xo peachy xo

    xo peachy xo26 days ago

    I have the same birthday as Lucy Hale holy moly I never knew that! Lol I love her. And yes, I know I'm very strange 😅

  36. Natalia M

    Natalia M26 days ago

    OMG HER LAUGH LOL 😍😍😍❤❤❤

  37. rachel lindmann

    rachel lindmann27 days ago

    she's so cute

  38. siri sophie

    siri sophie27 days ago

    omg i love her and her laugh

  39. Babygirl _gabby

    Babygirl _gabby28 days ago

    I love her laugh

  40. Muhammad Hanifa Al Farabi

    Muhammad Hanifa Al Farabi28 days ago

    Shes so attractive

  41. Maggie Mason

    Maggie Mason29 days ago

    she reminds me of joey king here. the laugh and everything.

  42. The Inquisitor

    The Inquisitor29 days ago

    I watched like 5 series of ".... tries 9 things she've never done before"and all I can say is that noone was as funny as Ruby Rose. Like, they are all okay but I can never smile while watching this video. Only Ruby made me smile.

  43. Jocelyn Allen

    Jocelyn Allen29 days ago


  44. forever lazy

    forever lazyMonth ago

    The tuba being bigger than her was something that I didn't know that I needed.

  45. Parizeh Khan

    Parizeh KhanMonth ago

    She looks and sounds like selena Gomez 😊😊

  46. abigail rice

    abigail riceMonth ago

    Lol I’ve been playing tuba for three years and that made me cringe so hard 😂

  47. Magic Puff

    Magic PuffMonth ago


  48. Natylie Manalaysay

    Natylie ManalaysayMonth ago

    She look like Selena Gomez

  49. Anastasia Vo

    Anastasia VoMonth ago

    She was just squashing that pastrie as if it was an accordion 😂💀

  50. Jelena Damnjanovic

    Jelena DamnjanovicMonth ago

    "He looks friendly"😂😂

  51. anglena shamoon

    anglena shamoonMonth ago

    She kind of looks like Selena Gomes

  52. maria couto

    maria coutoMonth ago

    In the end she had something on her mouth. What is?

  53. cristiana oliveira

    cristiana oliveiraMonth ago

    0:29 cutest thing ever!!!!!!

  54. Chrysanthi B

    Chrysanthi BMonth ago

    *"she's a whole new woman"* I'm crying 😂😂

  55. Orchid _lava1011

    Orchid _lava1011Month ago

    Isn’t anybody gonna talk about how she low key looks like Selena Gomez ??????

  56. Maybelin Herrera

    Maybelin HerreraMonth ago

    she's so cute

  57. -L!T T!L-

    -L!T T!L-Month ago

    You look a tiny diffrent from Truth Or Dare

  58. Ruby Anne Locklear

    Ruby Anne LocklearMonth ago

    that clown is the icon we all needed

  59. Filipa Gomes

    Filipa GomesMonth ago

    1:39 her laugh hahaa

  60. Chole Kingston

    Chole KingstonMonth ago

    She is my favorite character from pretty little liars

  61. Giuliano Lanzilli

    Giuliano LanzilliMonth ago

    This woman never ages: she's 29 and could pass for a 19-year-old (or even younger). Must be her baby face

  62. Antonio Nathan

    Antonio NathanMonth ago

    If u block from her nose go down it's totally Selena Gomez

  63. Daniella D.

    Daniella D.Month ago

    The one thing that I love so much about Lucy is her laugh. It's so unique and contagious 😂❤

  64. Kate Lds

    Kate LdsMonth ago

    That trombones bigger than lucy 😂

  65. Hailey Jaramillo

    Hailey JaramilloMonth ago

    She so cute hahaha

  66. My Dear Journal

    My Dear JournalMonth ago

    The bread ASMR was funny because she also did a full asmr video for W. magazine 😂

  67. Madison Cecil

    Madison CecilMonth ago

    I love Lucy and her sense of humour 😂❤️

  68. A.V.A DoesStuff

    A.V.A DoesStuffMonth ago

    I’m welsh and can’t pronounce that lol

  69. Courtney Haylock

    Courtney HaylockMonth ago


  70. Oh My Gamers

    Oh My GamersMonth ago

    She never done a staring contest!!!???

  71. Queen Bee

    Queen BeeMonth ago

    I was born in June 14 tooo

  72. Ffion JE

    Ffion JEMonth ago

    im welsh and your were so close (not) :3

  73. roblox_ lover123

    roblox_ lover123Month ago

    (Aria) I love you

  74. roblox_ lover123

    roblox_ lover123Month ago

    Your so pretty

  75. Juice C.

    Juice C.Month ago

    Selena Gómez at 1:01-1:03...

  76. Jayda Griffith

    Jayda GriffithMonth ago

    I PLAY THE TUBA (she didn't do terribly)

  77. Αφένδρα Συκούδη

    Αφένδρα ΣυκούδηMonth ago

    The song at the background please ??

  78. Allyson zavala

    Allyson zavalaMonth ago

    Her laugh on 1:36 😂😂

  79. Allyson zavala

    Allyson zavalaMonth ago

    I Love her

  80. J

    JMonth ago

    I love you Lucy

  81. Christina Z.

    Christina Z.Month ago

    Can someone tell me the music in the background?

  82. Cara Natt

    Cara NattMonth ago

    ive learnt that welsh name of by heart, im laughing at the way you said it xx

  83. Scarlet O'Hara

    Scarlet O'HaraMonth ago

    I love her

  84. Andrea14

    Andrea14Month ago

    She's so adorable omg

  85. Zissy Malfoy

    Zissy MalfoyMonth ago

    She never tried styling Barbie´s hair with Barbie tools??? o.O

  86. Amanda Moskal

    Amanda MoskalMonth ago

    Hahaha I love her!

  87. heyitssyeeda

    heyitssyeedaMonth ago

    She reminds me of selena gomez a little bit


    EVELYN COOPERMonth ago

    I was born on June 14

  89. Rosey Aragon

    Rosey AragonMonth ago

    What is the song that they are using?

  90. Mia Salinas

    Mia SalinasMonth ago

    I was born June 13 and her June 14

  91. Kayden Alvarez

    Kayden AlvarezMonth ago

    I love her laugh

  92. becca Cameron

    becca CameronMonth ago

    my family is welsh and i am half and i can't even say it as good as she did so i think she was actually really good at it love you Lucy hale 💖💖💖

  93. EET FUK

    EET FUKMonth ago

    I want to see her voice act a cartoon movie

  94. Rim Kadri

    Rim KadriMonth ago


  95. Cassie Mcshane

    Cassie McshaneMonth ago

    Why Is she perfect tho

  96. Une galaxie lointaine, très lointaine

    Une galaxie lointaine, très lointaineMonth ago

    Song plzzzz 😩

  97. Kayla Pickles

    Kayla PicklesMonth ago

    Lucy’s laugh at 1:38 is contagious

  98. happinebob

    happinebobMonth ago

    She looks so different than she used to

  99. Venus 5

    Venus 5Month ago

    What did she have on her mouth at the end??

  100. Samina Zafar

    Samina ZafarMonth ago

    she shares the same birthday date as me...yayyyyyyy i was also born on 14 june😆😆😁😂😲