Lucas the Spider - Giant Spider


  1. yourapple jack

    yourapple jackHour ago

    Guys you think lucas is not a spider just a tarantula

  2. Aeriel Joy

    Aeriel Joy2 hours ago

    I liked spiders until I hit a wolf spider in my house and it’s babies went everywhere. Now I’m traumatized, and I never wanna see this again. Bye 😂

  3. Junsiw 1975

    Junsiw 19756 hours ago

    Its so cute

  4. рас путин

    рас путин6 hours ago

    Awwwwww he loves the cat♥️

  5. Don’t look at me Please

    Don’t look at me Please8 hours ago

    Human: Hi! How are you? Lucas: my name is Lucas the spider *shakes body* *human falls over* Lucas: OH NO! IM SO SORRY *knocks all humans* OH NOOOOOOOO Last human: *calls 911* 911: 911 what’s your emergency? Human: HELP THIS GIANT SPIDER IS MURDERING PEOPLE COME QUICK *lucas gets arrested by human toys*

  6. Nicole Giraldo

    Nicole Giraldo13 hours ago

    SO Cute I never will kill you ur so cute

  7. Hannah Bouwman

    Hannah Bouwman14 hours ago

    Aww your so cute

  8. Ruby Henderson

    Ruby Henderson15 hours ago

    The only spider in the world that I actually adore.

  9. Cookie Bear

    Cookie BearDay ago

    I wouldn’t care if you knocked over my village as long it was you.

  10. Shane Ziolkowski

    Shane ZiolkowskiDay ago

    He's so adorable aww they should make a movie called Lucaszilla like Godzilla

  11. Gill Barrios

    Gill BarriosDay ago

    It's a rampage

  12. Gill Barrios

    Gill BarriosDay ago

    Ooooo it comes a danger up of this club

  13. Lorena Martinez

    Lorena MartinezDay ago

    Movie movie movie! Plz 😘

  14. asriel Pedro

    asriel PedroDay ago

    Lança novos ep

  15. Thicc Knife

    Thicc KnifeDay ago

    Next video S N A C K T I M E

  16. Random Fangirlie

    Random FangirlieDay ago

    Well that took a dark turn

  17. FlashCue

    FlashCueDay ago

    0:33 BP OIL after the spill in the gulf of mexico

  18. Maggie S

    Maggie S2 days ago

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaferxde ue46 jhnnmmmmmmmed54ed54ed54ed54ed54ed54ed54ed54/7yh,.;nfe54

  19. gamingbros

    gamingbros2 days ago

    Someone give this guy a movie at disney!

  20. Rob Bacon

    Rob Bacon10 hours ago

    gamingbros he used to work at Disney

  21. Nina Della Rosa

    Nina Della Rosa2 days ago

    *_você é otimo porque com 9 videos esse sucesso eu com mais de 800 videos quase nao tenho visualizações :(_*

  22. PixelMaster90

    PixelMaster902 days ago


  23. Martinka Žídkova

    Martinka Žídkova2 days ago

    Sooo cute

  24. ItzTrill

    ItzTrill2 days ago

    why is this in my recommended...

  25. Juri

    Juri2 days ago

    I swear,he is so cute,you could never be mad at Lucas

  26. unicornlifs forever

    unicornlifs forever2 days ago

    the spider is cute😗😙😚😗😗

  27. Marco Garcia Jr

    Marco Garcia Jr2 days ago

    omg so cute

  28. Cheese Cake

    Cheese Cake2 days ago

    That’s so funny

  29. Clovis StayOptimistic

    Clovis StayOptimistic2 days ago

    I love life

  30. Luis Rodriguez

    Luis Rodriguez2 days ago


  31. Giorgia GG

    Giorgia GG2 days ago

    I love him ❤️❤️

  32. sylvia chacon

    sylvia chacon2 days ago

    You are so cute.😘😘😘

  33. sylvia chacon

    sylvia chacon2 days ago

    Hey Lucas come to my house I'll take good care of you I don't get mad but not at you you are cute you wouldn't hurt a fly that's so sweet and I always give you attention I'll sing you a song with my ukulele be careful on the way to my house do not forget to bring food and water and don't not get smashed be careful on the way buy cute little Lucas

  34. Lt Featherwise

    Lt Featherwise2 days ago

    Is Lucas the sweetest spider ever? Yes (in my opinion alright?)

  35. Tattle Tale

    Tattle Tale2 days ago

    Lucas:But I wouldn't hurt a fly! Me:you eat flies..

  36. sylvia chacon

    sylvia chacon2 days ago

    People think you're scary but you wouldn't hurt a fly how sweet

  37. Rosalind Jackson

    Rosalind Jackson3 days ago

    You are funny

  38. Mark Sutton

    Mark Sutton3 days ago

    soooo cute

  39. one man mafia

    one man mafia3 days ago

    All spiders are hell spawn, no matter how cute

  40. Stephanie Mathis

    Stephanie Mathis3 days ago

    Lucas is absolutely adorable but until a spider starts talking like him I’m going to just keep my distance lol.

  41. Gill Barrios

    Gill Barrios3 days ago

    I know how is he destroyed everything because his booty is so big

  42. Gill Barrios

    Gill Barrios3 days ago

    I know why did she destroyed everything because his booty is fat then she smashed it all over the village

  43. Cole Rob

    Cole Rob3 days ago


  44. Sergio Castillon

    Sergio Castillon3 days ago

    His so cute.

  45. Christian Ali

    Christian Ali3 days ago

    OK, so his little beauty and the beast moment didn’t work out as well as expected. He is still cutest thing ever.

  46. Wolfy Arrows

    Wolfy Arrows3 days ago

    First I was like, “OMG, SO. . . CUTE!!!!” At the end: *tries to keep in from laughing really hard* 😝😝😝

  47. Feels Guy

    Feels Guy3 days ago

    It's so cute I decided I wouldn't kill the spider crawling on my Keyboard.

  48. Queenslay's Blogs and Challenges

    Queenslay's Blogs and Challenges3 days ago

    This is like the only spider I'm not afraid of❤

  49. The Dorky Gamer

    The Dorky Gamer3 days ago

    A peaceful village has been invaded with a abnormal sized arachnid. It has been attacking the helpless villagers and buildings.


    JUNGKOOKIE PARK3 days ago

    "People think I'm scary but I wouldn't hurt a fly" That's your job, Lucas

  51. ARJV Patel

    ARJV Patel3 days ago

    So cute

  52. Amanda Bremer

    Amanda Bremer3 days ago

    Ha Ha "I wouldnt eat a fly" thats a lie spiders trap bugs and kill them

  53. Miyuki Dreams

    Miyuki Dreams3 days ago

    *me watching the video* OMG!! I WANNA TOUCH SPIDERS FROM NOW ON!! *me when i see a spider* AHHHH *smashes spider with shoe*

  54. CactiWith JAH-M

    CactiWith JAH-M3 days ago

    I like normal spiders better to be honest with chu.... 🕷

  55. Ronald Javier

    Ronald Javier4 days ago


  56. Erin The Demonhog

    Erin The Demonhog4 days ago

    Aaawww 😊😊😊😊😊

  57. Enjo Servanez

    Enjo Servanez4 days ago


  58. Darlaina Bell

    Darlaina Bell4 days ago


  59. Nolan Pham

    Nolan Pham4 days ago

    0:25 “headshot” “Double kill” “TRIPLE kill” “OVERKILL” “KILLING SPREE”

  60. mimi logang4 life

    mimi logang4 life4 days ago

    soooooo cute!

  61. The Freakshow

    The Freakshow4 days ago

    Lucas wouldn’t hurt a fly, but decimated all the village people with his butt.

  62. wrecked tahoe

    wrecked tahoe4 days ago

    its ok

  63. slime freak

    slime freak4 days ago

    SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!

  64. Bffs Forest

    Bffs Forest4 days ago


  65. Meag

    Meag4 days ago

    Me: isn’t that cute! (To dad) Dad: no way I’d stomp on that thing Dad: I’d be the last thing that spider sees When your dad has a phobia.....

  66. Kitty Gamer

    Kitty Gamer4 days ago

    Lucas killed the innocent wooden people

  67. Let’s try to get one million NO Vids challenge

    Let’s try to get one million NO Vids challenge4 days ago


  68. The pekka’s MLG Sansvlogs and plus ha videos

    The pekka’s MLG Sansvlogs and plus ha videos4 days ago

    Awww this is too cute

  69. Nobilityy

    Nobilityy4 days ago

    I'm deathly afraid of spiders I'm TERRIFIED!

  70. The Black Rabbit

    The Black Rabbit4 days ago

    Aw, i can't stay mad at chu!~ Seriously, this lil buddy helped cure my arachnephobia for good!

  71. Jeanine Boudreau

    Jeanine Boudreau4 days ago

    Aww 💖⭕💖

  72. StatRM

    StatRM4 days ago

    Lucas: "People think I'm scary, but I wouldn't hurt a fly!" Kristoff: "I'm gonna tell him." Anna: "Don't you dare!" Seriously though, I adore Lucas! I'm sure he wouldn't hurt a fly.

  73. VasHappeninVessy

    VasHappeninVessy4 days ago

    I would make all Lucas’ songs my ringtone :)

  74. Baby R

    Baby R4 days ago

    Oh my god it’s so cute I cant stand it this is the cutest thing on the Internet

  75. XD5gamms

    XD5gamms4 days ago

    Its so cut

  76. Fig_The_Pig

    Fig_The_Pig4 days ago

    XD5gamms ✂️

  77. Ian Nielsen

    Ian Nielsen4 days ago

    lucas is so cute its otay buddy you arnt scary your cute

  78. Josh Skidmore

    Josh Skidmore4 days ago


  79. Spiderman homecoming

    Spiderman homecoming4 days ago

    Your so adorable

  80. Gizel Sabalza

    Gizel Sabalza4 days ago

    Pls make even more

  81. Cutie 4over

    Cutie 4over4 days ago


  82. M Mo

    M Mo4 days ago

    I hope he has a guide to tell him he needs to reorganized the chaos he created 👀

  83. Hey_its_ Lorraine

    Hey_its_ Lorraine5 days ago

    When A spider nkows How to say Sorry and You Dont Triggered

  84. Emily Norwood

    Emily Norwood5 days ago

    I appreciate this. :D I tend to be a capture and release type person. XD. That or I just coexist with them while they kill off bugs which are far more annoying. XD

  85. strange Ziga

    strange Ziga5 days ago

    there's a tiny jumping spider on my screen rn EDIT: he just jumped over my finger EDIT2:he's gone now :(

  86. Hollowell Hollowell

    Hollowell Hollowell5 days ago

    I will never hate you Lucas :3

  87. kuro kuro

    kuro kuro5 days ago

    F O R G I V E N

  88. SLYVEN

    SLYVEN5 days ago


  89. you Han

    you Han5 days ago

    He is disgusting but cute help I am confused 😂

  90. Grace Anne

    Grace Anne5 days ago


  91. JuiceTfUp DripTown

    JuiceTfUp DripTown5 days ago

    Lucas the spider 🐜 Reaction Videos❤💙

  92. JuiceTfUp DripTown

    JuiceTfUp DripTown5 days ago

    Lucas the spider 🐜 Reaction Videos

  93. Damian Torres

    Damian Torres5 days ago

    Your the best

  94. Grace Aitchison

    Grace Aitchison5 days ago

    Guess what??? *Read more*

  95. Chanderpaul Jaimangal

    Chanderpaul Jaimangal5 days ago


  96. lukeanater 2961

    lukeanater 29615 days ago

    they still say that same spider is still destroying villages

  97. Scotti Brown

    Scotti Brown5 days ago

    If I get a pet spider, I am naming him Lucas

  98. Myst109

    Myst1095 days ago

    I have arachnophobia. This was absolutely terrifying to watch. Especially the part where he zipped around really fast because in real life, when those damn things do that, they escape my boot and I spend the rest of the day being paranoid.

  99. Roblox Movies

    Roblox Movies5 days ago

    I love Lucas The Spider Series, I've seen on television.

  100. Queen J

    Queen J5 days ago


  101. Laura Rodriguez

    Laura Rodriguez5 days ago

    I wont look at a spider the same

  102. Timothy Jones

    Timothy Jones5 days ago

    Why was this on my home page