Lucas the Spider - Giant Spider


  1. Keiliana Medina

    Keiliana Medina3 hours ago

    He is so cute who ever gave this a thumb down f*** u

  2. Hitekkaifighter1

    Hitekkaifighter15 hours ago


  3. Raven Scorn

    Raven Scorn7 hours ago's fuckin' adorable...

  4. Farjana Islam

    Farjana Islam16 hours ago

    I'm a teenager and even don't know why I'm watching

  5. Yahia Awad

    Yahia Awad16 hours ago

    Spider:But i wouldn’t hurt a fllllyyyy People:jeez he just killed millions of people AHHhHhH

  6. silveon star cute

    silveon star cute18 hours ago

    Lucas u aer so cute ill play with you

  7. Amna Abid

    Amna AbidDay ago

    *Not to be over dramatic* *but I’d die for Lucas*

  8. wolfy fox

    wolfy foxDay ago

    I cry every time he speaks its so adorable

  9. golden laii

    golden laii2 days ago

    This is so cute 🥰

  10. Kitty Cat

    Kitty Cat2 days ago

    Oh Lucas no need to apologize!!!

  11. leonettaharris

    leonettaharris2 days ago

    I had saw a baby spider trying to get a bread crumb i took a picture and zoomed in and noticed....IT WAS LUCAS This isnt actually true just to let you know its a *Joke*

  12. yumusic

    yumusic2 days ago

    Creo que ese molino o bien aplasto o corto la cabeza de aquella persona de madera en Villa Madera :)

  13. Icy Cold

    Icy Cold2 days ago

    It’s ok Lucas I accept your apology

  14. Pudim de Luxo

    Pudim de Luxo2 days ago

    is a spider creating these videos

  15. Psycho potato Fox

    Psycho potato Fox3 days ago

    Go's to cat everything fall Trys to fix messes up ruins iy

  16. Ethan Mogey

    Ethan Mogey3 days ago

    That poor town

  17. Mrpuffertails The furry

    Mrpuffertails The furry3 days ago

    What a wonderfully song

  18. gamer bayee gurl glaicel

    gamer bayee gurl glaicel3 days ago

    He is a different spider and so cute ;-;

  19. oXMP

    oXMP3 days ago

    Im still scared of spiders

  20. chibbu

    chibbu3 days ago

    Someone play guren no yumiya

  21. wolves 4 life

    wolves 4 life3 days ago

    I hate spiders BUT THIS IS JUST ADORABLE

  22. Amy Kenglang

    Amy Kenglang3 days ago

    Lucas is THICC!

  23. howllss Fortnite

    howllss Fortnite3 days ago

    Am I the only person that almost cried when he picked up and hugged the cat.

  24. Tea spilled sis

    Tea spilled sis3 days ago

    This made me cry. I don’t know why, just after he said “people think I’m scary but I wouldn’t hurt a fly” and then knocked the village down and said sorry I burst into tears... IM HORMONAL OK

  25. Hunter

    Hunter4 days ago

    Cute spider

  26. Dominic Salazar

    Dominic Salazar4 days ago

    Did he say " you WOODEN believe what I just found?" OMG I hope so

  27. Dominic Salazar

    Dominic Salazar4 days ago

    Wooden village filled with tiny wooden people ewwwwwawwwww

  28. Lit man

    Lit man4 days ago

    Somehow those wooden toys deserved it I just know it

  29. Charmaine Delarosa

    Charmaine Delarosa4 days ago


  30. EmoWilczek YT

    EmoWilczek YT4 days ago

    Lucas The Spider

  31. Danh Mai

    Danh Mai5 days ago

    If I see Lucas in real life I’m protecting him NO MATTER WHAT also who else is binge watching thes

  32. Andrea Hinojosa

    Andrea Hinojosa5 days ago

    So cute

  33. Roundzz 40

    Roundzz 405 days ago

    *who know that spider can kill a whole village*

  34. Panther Heart The Druid

    Panther Heart The Druid5 days ago

    How do people dislike this?

  35. Nita Murua

    Nita Murua5 days ago

    So cute! 💓💓

  36. Anxious Being

    Anxious Being5 days ago

    Lucas is the only spider i would ever enjoy having in my house

  37. Coda code

    Coda code5 days ago

    Soo cute

  38. star molina rojas

    star molina rojas5 days ago

    When he picks up the cat ooof my heart.

  39. Los veo Pecadores

    Los veo Pecadores5 days ago

    Awee :'3

  40. Suravi Biswas

    Suravi Biswas5 days ago

    I hate spiders.. But he is so cute ❤

  41. Zeny Patel

    Zeny Patel5 days ago

    I am scarred of spiders. They are gross. But Lucas isn't, he is a cute spider. If spiders in reality were so cute then no would have been scarred of them. Lucas is soo cute.

  42. Star Qidn

    Star Qidn5 days ago

    Oh hi, you *wooden* ‘t believe what i just found.

  43. Vincent Ordas

    Vincent Ordas6 days ago

    You got muscles kid

  44. Blessie De Los Reyes

    Blessie De Los Reyes6 days ago

    It's okay lucas you don't need to be sorry😊😊😊😊😊😘😘😘😘😘❤❤❤

  45. Jammer Sammer Sanderlin

    Jammer Sammer Sanderlin6 days ago

    This pure little piece of bread is so cute

  46. H Schroder

    H Schroder6 days ago

    Lucas: "Sorry" Me: "it's okay, little buddy."

  47. Unicornz. ivy

    Unicornz. ivy6 days ago

    Please make a movie 1 hour please... I liked all your videos.

  48. Catlover456 Channel

    Catlover456 Channel6 days ago

    I love this and I want more episodes plz make a movie

  49. DeMarco Anderson

    DeMarco Anderson6 days ago

    I always feel like lucas is lonely I wish I could just teleport to his house and give him hugs

  50. bellsie1217

    bellsie12176 days ago

    I actually started tearing up because of how cute this is

  51. Vanessa 130745

    Vanessa 1307456 days ago

    I hate spiders but I absolutely love Lucas he is actually so cute!

  52. Haylee Hogan

    Haylee Hogan6 days ago


  53. Mariettezz Ly

    Mariettezz Ly6 days ago

    The only spider i like in this world is lucas

  54. Adam Wrobel

    Adam Wrobel6 days ago

    Sooo CUTE

  55. Tony Rrukaj

    Tony Rrukaj6 days ago

    So cute

  56. Jala cool girl Collins

    Jala cool girl Collins6 days ago

    You are to damn cute

  57. Arunojoy Das

    Arunojoy Das6 days ago

    its ok.....😁😁😁

  58. Otter_Espada

    Otter_Espada6 days ago

    Omg why isn't this on Cartoonnetwork

  59. Brenda Nascimento

    Brenda Nascimento6 days ago

    Hahhahahah Lucas's so cute XD

  60. MakeL1feFun

    MakeL1feFun6 days ago

    Probably the cutest thing to do with spiders.

  61. Jhonferdie Salinas

    Jhonferdie Salinas6 days ago

    This spider is sooo cute

  62. Bauyrzhan Slyamkhanov

    Bauyrzhan Slyamkhanov6 days ago

    So cute spider))


    THESAVAGEMONSTER 30006 days ago

    Hes so cute



    This is the cutest spider i ever seen. This makes me love spiders, because i was scared of em. This kills my scaring

  65. QUADRATIC Pink

    QUADRATIC Pink6 days ago

    Where's your mom BTW?

  66. QUADRATIC Pink

    QUADRATIC Pink6 days ago

    Where's your mom BTW?

  67. Dream High

    Dream High6 days ago

    For the first time MReporter recommends me a video that I love. Somebody give Lucas an award! 😭

  68. Francesca Flake

    Francesca Flake6 days ago

    How does he know what a mortgage is?

  69. Happy Bro

    Happy Bro6 days ago

    He should of died off already

  70. Jessica Ali

    Jessica Ali6 days ago

    Holly...something... I love your cat??? Does anyone understand that part??? I love when he picks up the little wooden cat and starts to pet it❤️ that’s my favorite part in this clip...

  71. Memes 4 life

    Memes 4 life6 days ago

    His voice ! I'm scared of spiders But he is Sooooooooooo Cute

  72. Kaizer 913

    Kaizer 9136 days ago

    Aww it's okay Lucas

  73. Rosella Joseph

    Rosella Joseph6 days ago

    Why isn't this on pbs

  74. 70098 Subs With No VIDEOS IS THAT POSSIBLE?

    70098 Subs With No VIDEOS IS THAT POSSIBLE?6 days ago

    *The comments below me use this*

  75. ardavan roozkhosh

    ardavan roozkhosh7 days ago

    wish every spider was like lucas

  76. Charles Platt

    Charles Platt7 days ago

    I'm 14, people think I'm edgy and don't have a heart. But for some reason, I have a soft spot for Lucas.

  77. Annaweekly

    Annaweekly7 days ago

    ITS OKAY. :'(

  78. the anonymous

    the anonymous7 days ago


  79. Arielle Stones

    Arielle Stones7 days ago

    Omggg,this whole thing is so adorable ❤❤❤❤i can't!

  80. Scott Carpenter

    Scott Carpenter7 days ago

    lucas the spider *THE MUSICAL*

  81. 유우타

    유우타7 days ago

    완전귀여웡 ㅠㅠ

  82. michelle sosa

    michelle sosa7 days ago

    I need a movie

  83. Lifted Raven

    Lifted Raven7 days ago

    Lucas needs a movie

  84. Springyboys studios -w-

    Springyboys studios -w-7 days ago

    My aracnaphobia rn

  85. christine Rodriguez Lopez

    christine Rodriguez Lopez7 days ago

    Im crying😭

  86. Carlson & Co Gaming Gaming, Duh.

    Carlson & Co Gaming Gaming, Duh.7 days ago

    Lyrics: *Water Village, filled with tiny wooden people.* *Oooooooh, hi, oh hi,* *I just was passing by.* *Hey Bob, how's the mortgage?* *How are you Frank, I like your truck.* People think I'm scary, but... *I wouldn't hurt a flyyyyyyyyy...*

  87. Nebula Cloud

    Nebula Cloud7 days ago

    This is my favorite unknown monster

  88. Kiercey Culbreath

    Kiercey Culbreath7 days ago


  89. JKMJC ChrisCraft1

    JKMJC ChrisCraft17 days ago

    This makes me happy

  90. Peanutbutterice Forth

    Peanutbutterice Forth7 days ago

    He’s getting so much older u can hear it

  91. Nidhi Patel

    Nidhi Patel7 days ago

    “🎶But I wouldn’t hurt a fly🎶” Then destroys the whole wood town ... runs away... sorry

  92. Natty's Drawings & Art

    Natty's Drawings & Art7 days ago

    I WANT HIM!!!!

  93. Emmah Dabear

    Emmah Dabear8 days ago

    Wooden village filled with tiny wooden people ooooooooooooo hi oh hi I was just passing bye hi bob I like your cat people think I’m scary but I wouldn’t hurt a flyyy 🎵

  94. XxcrystalcookiexX dimond

    XxcrystalcookiexX dimond8 days ago

    Omg your so cute

  95. Manav Rajvanshi

    Manav Rajvanshi8 days ago

    Omg that’s Hilarious 😂

  96. Brady And mommy

    Brady And mommy8 days ago

    *wooden people left the chat*


    ANGEL BABY8 days ago

    Donald Trump should have been one of the wooden people ,So Lucas some of the people deserve it okay so you aight

  98. Sue Shipman

    Sue Shipman8 days ago

    This: LUCAS LET ME HUG YOU!! Reality: Get back fowl beast!!!! I have a cross!!

  99. Lathy Loon

    Lathy Loon8 days ago

    I am concerned. Lucas. Don't starve. You can harm flys

  100. Andrew Madams

    Andrew Madams8 days ago

    0:01. Voice crack?