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LSD - Audio (Official Video) ft. Sia, Diplo, Labrinth


  1. Diplo

    Diplo3 months ago

    we couldn't get any sound to come out of the mixing board in the studio.. it took three engineers and the whole time sia and lab were singing about how we don't have audio.. once we got it, the song made sense.

  2. SyedTalha

    SyedTalha13 hours ago


  3. Jackercol

    Jackercol21 hour ago

    i bet its hard when u accidently mess up audio

  4. Aaron Williams

    Aaron Williams2 days ago

    And here I thought this song was a metaphor for love or some deep shit like that 🤣🤣🤣

  5. John Birch

    John Birch3 days ago

    Does anybody know what car Diplo is driving?

  6. marwa attaoui

    marwa attaoui2 hours ago

    beautiful little girl

  7. Lana del Ray

    Lana del Ray2 hours ago

    Who's the kid?

  8. IDiveDeep

    IDiveDeep2 hours ago

    Maddie where u at???

  9. Heloísa Martinelli

    Heloísa Martinelli3 hours ago

    Alguém Brasil

  10. EpicMickey

    EpicMickey3 hours ago

    that's a pretty dumb car salesman to pawn off an 850CSi

  11. ISMA SIA

    ISMA SIA3 hours ago

    Luuv this song 😍😍😍

  12. Austin Jones

    Austin Jones4 hours ago

    Génial !

  13. Ana CG

    Ana CG5 hours ago

    ♥SIA♥ *_ADDICTED_*

  14. Angela Galdames

    Angela Galdames5 hours ago

    Uuuuuuuuuuf Ami me encanta esta tipo de canciones y Musica yo let doyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy muchos Me GUSTAAAAAAAA y tambien like

  15. Saeed Hajarizadeh

    Saeed Hajarizadeh5 hours ago

    Is this a collaborative album or a new band?

  16. Zachary Hamilton

    Zachary Hamilton6 hours ago

    Sia sounds like a teen girl at the start

  17. Talita Della Bruna

    Talita Della Bruna7 hours ago


  18. Everything in one minute

    Everything in one minute7 hours ago

    Why Sia Is Crying 😢 In balloon 🎈 Team #LSD =🍦

  19. SKRIPSI lama

    SKRIPSI lama8 hours ago

    Cool man 🔥🔥

  20. vitaliy vitaliy

    vitaliy vitaliy9 hours ago


  21. Madison Chadwick

    Madison Chadwick10 hours ago

    Look at all those kittens.

  22. Guy Boiman

    Guy Boiman11 hours ago

  23. Arthênio Kelton

    Arthênio Kelton12 hours ago

    Aqui é o Brasil

  24. Degree GAMING

    Degree GAMING12 hours ago

    samsung galaxy s9.... music

  25. SyedTalha

    SyedTalha13 hours ago

    Sia ♥️

  26. Wang Yu Tang

    Wang Yu Tang15 hours ago


  27. nicko adjie

    nicko adjie16 hours ago

    love this song

  28. sy vu van

    sy vu van16 hours ago

    Man I have heard this song since it came out till now and it felt so amazing every time i hear it, thank LSD for this cool song!

  29. mrs piggy

    mrs piggy19 hours ago

    Sia don’t need Maddie to be AMAZING

  30. ケノービ青い目

    ケノービ青い目23 hours ago

    Food for the soul

  31. Exotic Apples

    Exotic Apples23 hours ago

    This makes me want to try LSD

  32. Maria clara Gomes Araújo

    Maria clara Gomes AraújoDay ago

    Oh my god i love sia love lsd

  33. Tyler Bodeen

    Tyler BodeenDay ago

    LSD = Let's Start Dancing! 🎶 (I know what it actually stands for now, I'm just making this one up.)

  34. royalcuteness

    royalcutenessDay ago

    My soul is shooketh

  35. esther w

    esther wDay ago

    oh my gosh amy is the little kid. she is freaking awesome and so talented i love her :)

  36. tiehead Is my hot dad

    tiehead Is my hot dadDay ago


  37. Mary Zaima Zaima

    Mary Zaima ZaimaDay ago


  38. Amit Prasad

    Amit PrasadDay ago


  39. Nithin Pryce

    Nithin PryceDay ago


  40. unknown

    unknownDay ago


  41. Luciana Nunes

    Luciana NunesDay ago

    Linda musica i"m love sia😍😘💕

  42. Belly Medina

    Belly MedinaDay ago

    I know that place the super mall

  43. Dark Sikee

    Dark SikeeDay ago

    Det ma chanson préférée 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  44. arip musthofa

    arip musthofaDay ago

    i'm come from indonesian , this is my favorite song

  45. Bamboo's Lyrics

    Bamboo's LyricsDay ago

    LSD Audio Sia, Labrinth, Diplo (Lyrics Video) Link: Subscribe To Get New Videos LSD - Genius ft. Sia, Diplo, Labrinth (Lyrics Video) Link: LSD - Thunderclouds - ft. Sia, Diplo, Labrinth (Lyrics Video) Link:

  46. Ali Hamane Imane

    Ali Hamane ImaneDay ago

    Waw waw waw imbelivebel

  47. Hương Nguyễn diễm

    Hương Nguyễn diễmDay ago

    long time no hear :)

  48. Tigo_

    Tigo_Day ago

    Perfect music doesn't exi- wait a minute



    who thinks this is better hit like if u agree

  50. Thyrotoxicosis Triiodine

    Thyrotoxicosis TriiodineDay ago

    That kid dancer is amazing!

  51. Perbocutz Scheizader

    Perbocutz ScheizaderDay ago

    Sia never disappoint❤️ Didn’t have enough of the little girl dancing.

  52. M A K

    M A KDay ago

    cant they hv a dance video??? i mean look at tht kid dance!

  53. Maxime Vasuta

    Maxime VasutaDay ago

    You could chose a another name that LSD Thanks for our Children --'

  54. Error 404

    Error 404Day ago

    Never get satisfied until i watch this in 1080p with a full burst volume.

  55. royalcuteness

    royalcutenessDay ago

    Musical gods

  56. Maria Rivera

    Maria RiveraDay ago

    Sia no existe nadie que supere tu talento te amo♥🔥

  57. MinatNamikaze

    MinatNamikazeDay ago

    #LSD - Sia💓💓🍦

  58. MinatNamikaze

    MinatNamikazeDay ago

    Amooooooooo siiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  59. Oğuzhan Kurtcu

    Oğuzhan KurtcuDay ago

    It's amusing to watch dudes.Yes that is true that they told, it's hard to live on without the rhythm.

  60. VhLima

    VhLimaDay ago


  61. 하하하핳하하

    하하하핳하하Day ago


  62. KPMF (K-POP Moderate Fanboy)

    KPMF (K-POP Moderate Fanboy)33 seconds ago

    하하하핳하하 하하 열심히 공부할게 ! 고마워요

  63. 하하하핳하하

    하하하핳하하40 minutes ago

    KPMF (K-POP Moderate Fanboy) 와우! 열공하세요!

  64. KPMF (K-POP Moderate Fanboy)

    KPMF (K-POP Moderate Fanboy)7 hours ago

    하하하핳하하 전 한국 사람이 아니예요. 그런데 한국어 수업을 들었어요

  65. 하하하핳하하

    하하하핳하하11 hours ago

    KPMF (K-POP Moderate Fanboy) 헐...외국인이세요? 한국말 잘하시네요!

  66. 하하하핳하하

    하하하핳하하11 hours ago

    쁩 쁩 음....그건저도잘 모르겟네용

  67. Lejone

    Lejone2 days ago

    My friend listening to this Me:*lookin at the phone*:What is LSD? Friend: A drug. It's really a drug cause I can't stop listening to this, I'm consuming it😂🇳🇱

  68. Trei Rj

    Trei Rj2 days ago

    hermoso ❤❤❤

  69. Samantha John

    Samantha John2 days ago

    Its really aesthetically pleasing

  70. izin

    izin2 days ago

    Vamo dominar o mundo br bora bora 😍😘

  71. Bamboo's Lyrics

    Bamboo's LyricsDay ago

    *LSD Audio* *Sia, Labrinth, Diplo (Lyrics Video)* *Link: *** *Subscribe To Get New Videos* *LSD - Genius ft. Sia, Diplo, Labrinth (Lyrics Video)* *Link: *** *LSD - Thunderclouds - ft. Sia, Diplo, Labrinth (Lyrics Video)* *Link: ***

  72. Keshav Kumar

    Keshav Kumar2 days ago

    Now this shit got me in my feelings lit af🔥🔥

  73. Irina Ostrovskaya

    Irina Ostrovskaya2 days ago


  74. Victor Emanuel

    Victor Emanuel2 days ago


  75. Hugo diaz

    Hugo diaz2 days ago

    I cant stop listening to this. The beat and Sia's vocals is just amazing. The ending is so epic . Glad there is still some good music being produce in this age.

  76. MUSIC & TOPS

    MUSIC & TOPS2 days ago


  77. Martinn.

    Martinn.2 days ago


  78. thegamingpsycho

    thegamingpsycho2 days ago

    LSD should do more songs together, its just an aamazing work they put together! I also recommend rubayne - the come up and sky parox - midnight drive


    O SEM FIM ANDROID HZ2 days ago

    ik hou van kaas

  80. Golden Fox

    Golden Fox2 days ago


  81. cakma cocuk

    cakma cocuk2 days ago

    Amazing group of artists made this perfect song .. i keep on listening daily! i need more music.. who can help me? I also like rubayne - the come up and sky parox - midnight drive



    I fuckin enjoyed that

  83. Arno L.

    Arno L.2 days ago

    It sounds like Madonna at 2'38

  84. shabiha saiyara

    shabiha saiyara2 days ago

    where from every one listening? live like :)

  85. joney aheibam

    joney aheibam2 days ago

    Love you Sia 😍😍😘😘

  86. Joseph Bujitu

    Joseph Bujitu2 days ago

    this is the most craziest tune i have ever heard in my entire life thank for this guys

  87. arnau blazquez

    arnau blazquez2 days ago


  88. Fraderkyjr Wolf pro

    Fraderkyjr Wolf pro2 days ago

    the best combination, SÍA, Diplo, and labrimth

  89. colourful magic channel

    colourful magic channel2 days ago

    I just love this song

  90. Ricky Souza

    Ricky Souza2 days ago

    I love music I love Sia ♡

  91. Alexandre Campelo

    Alexandre Campelo2 days ago

    What an audio

  92. Alexandre Campelo

    Alexandre Campelo2 days ago

    Who is Labrinth?

  93. Ayşe Emir

    Ayşe Emir2 days ago

    🇹🇷 TURKEY

  94. Babar Khan

    Babar Khan2 days ago

    Oh my god ..I'm in with this girl's voice

  95. 최준혁

    최준혁2 days ago

    that kid dances so good

  96. Ana luiza dantas azul oficial

    Ana luiza dantas azul oficial2 days ago

    Love music

  97. Marianne

    Marianne2 days ago

    i can't describe myself how much i love this song

  98. Amina Soukaina

    Amina Soukaina2 days ago

    one worde . wow😺😺😺

  99. Schaffner Severine

    Schaffner Severine2 days ago

    je suis la seule à être une française 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

  100. Đức Long

    Đức Long2 days ago

    Samsung Galaxy Note 9 :))

  101. Daylene ojeda

    Daylene ojeda2 days ago

    It Turns Out "Audio"Is The Title Of This Song, At First I Was So Curious.😂😂😂

  102. Elise Wiley

    Elise Wiley2 days ago

    Y’all are the lit-est ppl I’ve ever seen or heard 🤣


    AUDiØ BLiTZKRiEG2 days ago

    What can I say? It's beautiful

  104. 송인성

    송인성2 days ago

    왜 이제서야 알게됬는지 lsd...

  105. Tiljay

    Tiljay2 days ago

    I'm so addicted to this song it's lit 🔥😱😍😍😍❤ Greetings from germany🇩🇪

  106. Marcus Aursand

    Marcus Aursand2 days ago


  107. Elaine Wu

    Elaine Wu2 days ago

    Is that the girl who was on the Ellen show?

  108. Rahul chauhan

    Rahul chauhan2 days ago

    this song got stuck in my head especially that beat by diplo amazing DJ

  109. f y

    f y2 days ago

    this song is underrated. would you please report this video? YES! NO! PRESS O TO COMFIRM

  110. Kalingga karamitta gunawan

    Kalingga karamitta gunawan2 days ago

    i need a name for that asian kid!