Love, Simon | "Love Story" TV Commercial | 20th Century FOX


  1. bea ysabel

    bea ysabel11 months ago

    at 0:05 he kinda looks like young prince william

  2. Mini Roll

    Mini RollYear ago

    I’ve been waiting since November to watch it and the dvd doesn’t come out in the uk until the end of July

  3. kurokuyo

    kurokuyoYear ago

    I preordered it, so excited to finally see it!!!

  4. Dudes Republic

    Dudes RepublicYear ago


  5. Labaale Abdirahman

    Labaale Abdirahman10 months ago


  6. GroovyGadget

    GroovyGadgetYear ago

    You're disgusting.

  7. Juicy Tomatoes

    Juicy TomatoesYear ago

    Can I have more please ... ❤

  8. Ammar Boolad

    Ammar BooladYear ago

    Where is is the itunes 🤬🤬

  9. Vincentius Geraldi

    Vincentius GeraldiYear ago

    It's a good movie.

  10. Charles's Movie Channel

    Charles's Movie ChannelYear ago

    One of my favorite Movies of the Year. I can't believe it didn't do better then it did. This film deserved to be the breakout hit of the year. I wished I had a film like this when I was younger.

  11. some commentor

    some commentorYear ago

    Doctor Monty no it didn’t what?

  12. Doctor Monty

    Doctor MontyYear ago

    Charles's Movie Channel no it didn’t

  13. Red Onion

    Red OnionYear ago

    Nooooooooo... but he's cute.

  14. some commentor

    some commentorYear ago

    Red Onion no what?

  15. Naveen kumar

    Naveen kumarYear ago


  16. enzmondo

    enzmondoYear ago

    Leah’s bisexual, bi the way. Just thought I needed to state that fact.

  17. Sara Jay

    Sara JayYear ago that Hannah Baker and Alex Standall? SHUT UP!!! THIS IS MY JAAAAM!!!

  18. Mirza

    MirzaYear ago

    Ughh the fact that a movie like this is being aired on television makes me wanna cry I'm so proud😭😆

  19. Sha

    ShaYear ago

    Thank you, 20th Century Fox !!!!!!!! Ur literally giving me a birthday gift by releasing dvd n blu ray on my birthday..... Always been eager bout dis movie n wanted to watch it from d day the trailer showed up.... Thanq!!!! N btw yasssss cz there's Hannah as well as Alex in dis movie🤗🤗

  20. Thomas Newell

    Thomas NewellYear ago

    I have to wait till July 30th for it, cant wait that long. I so want to see this movie.

  21. Cii Caui

    Cii CauiYear ago

    I hope to have more movie kind of this ❤️

  22. SemperFi Channel

    SemperFi ChannelYear ago

    And not available in Russia...

  23. HV6AZZ0

    HV6AZZ0Year ago

    What in the world was that!?

  24. Random Human-Being

    Random Human-BeingYear ago Deleted Scene

  25. 하리보님

    하리보님Year ago

    Simon love story ~📖📖❤❤❤❤

  26. Andrés Cardona

    Andrés CardonaYear ago

    Thank you! For the best birthday present, really. I feel the most special and happy person thanks 20th Century Fox. ❤😊🌈👬

  27. im sev

    im sevYear ago

    I went to see this with my girlfriend and I thought it was gonna be dumb, but it was actually good and there were a few moments in the theater where everyone went "WHAT" and "I KNEW IT" I'd watch it again.

  28. TheGreenArrow615

    TheGreenArrow615Year ago

    Sev of Midsummer Night Same with me, my wife took me to it and I wasn’t expecting much but really liked it.

  29. Alif Nur Rachman

    Alif Nur RachmanYear ago

    Love this movie.

  30. Denko

    DenkoYear ago

    Hollywood should make more movies like this...

  31. TheGreenArrow615

    TheGreenArrow615Year ago

    Cristiano Mai The world has moved forward, your thinking is still in the past. Be careful you wouldn’t want to get left behind.

  32. Quang Anh Mai

    Quang Anh MaiYear ago

    No the LGBT community is

  33. Sky Dome

    Sky DomeYear ago

    TheGreenArrow615 Yep

  34. TheGreenArrow615

    TheGreenArrow615Year ago

    Cristiano Mai You’re what’s wrong with this world.

  35. Varun Singh

    Varun SinghYear ago

    Already watched it 3 times in the theatre and going to watch again tomorrow. I cannot stop myself. I am in love with this movie.

  36. Varun Singh

    Varun SinghYear ago

    serban capraru definitely 😄

  37. Serban Capraru

    Serban CapraruYear ago

    Varun Singh wow, so much enthusiasm! I'm guessing you already found your best of the year haha

  38. Varun Singh

    Varun SinghYear ago

    PJ Lincoln that's what I am worried about too. Gonna support this movie and experience the emotions as long as it runs. 😉

  39. Varun Singh

    Varun SinghYear ago

    serban capraru yeah. It's too good man. Too good. 😄

  40. PJ Lincoln

    PJ LincolnYear ago

    My husband and I have seen it 4 times, we were going to a 5th but the theater here moved it out so fast

  41. Jon Honesty

    Jon HonestyYear ago

    Love this movie

  42. Maaru

    MaaruYear ago

    I need to see It💛

  43. Cam's Girl

    Cam's GirlYear ago

    Hannah, ALEX? WAoW?

  44. হাসির রাজা

    হাসির রাজাYear ago


  45. Raman51 Gaming

    Raman51 GamingYear ago

    I like it too b0o0

  46. Gbate Dating

    Gbate DatingYear ago

    Everyone loves a good love story

  47. HV6AZZ0

    HV6AZZ0Year ago

    Gbate Dating Not my case

  48. Rei

    ReiYear ago

    I love the novel and I'm sure I will this as well 💕

  49. Gigliola Fratarcangeli

    Gigliola FratarcangeliYear ago


  50. Sylla Atlas

    Sylla AtlasYear ago


  51. Sylla Atlas

    Sylla AtlasYear ago

    Mirza It’s not out in Europe

  52. Sarah Katherine

    Sarah KatherineYear ago

    Sylla Atlas was that a pun? If so I love it.

  53. Mirza

    MirzaYear ago

    Sylla Atlas it came out like 2 months ago

  54. 하리보님

    하리보님Year ago

    Sylla Atlas hello ~♡♡😗😗

  55. Knight King

    Knight KingYear ago

    Alex and Hannah, they both are in same movie

  56. some commentor

    some commentorYear ago

    yea but we don’t talk about 13RW lol

  57. Armin Walker

    Armin WalkerYear ago

    I guess simon is the reason 14

  58. Knight King

    Knight KingYear ago

    Anand Soni boy who shoot himself in head in S1

  59. Anand Soni

    Anand SoniYear ago

    Crazy Eddy who is Alex again?

  60. MichaelPR

    MichaelPRYear ago


  61. Zafri Playing Time

    Zafri Playing TimeYear ago

    Please subscribe my. Chenel

  62. Great Things CDR

    Great Things CDRYear ago


  63. some commentor

    some commentorYear ago

    HV6AZZ0 do you know what they said??

  64. HV6AZZ0

    HV6AZZ0Year ago

    Никитос Рязанов Shut up

  65. Никитос Рязанов

    Никитос РязановYear ago

    Great Things CDR олщлб Да я ГД ГД шлялась не от. Бюджет. Юж Джадж вы с мышджжлль Эээ гдюжюжх

  66. PRATHAM hero Boy

    PRATHAM hero BoyYear ago


  67. I will always keep fighting

    I will always keep fightingYear ago

    It comes out next month in cinema in my country omg so exited

  68. I will always keep fighting

    I will always keep fightingYear ago

    Charlie Mulligan bc they need time to do dub n stuff

  69. Charlie Mulligan

    Charlie MulliganYear ago

    next month why

  70. Renejay Delavictoria

    Renejay DelavictoriaYear ago

    Good film

  71. Justin Y.

    Justin Y.Year ago


  72. x_danig_x

    x_danig_xYear ago