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  1. Lawrence Fernandez

    Lawrence FernandezDay ago

    "God forbid we watch people make love" I WISH MY PARENTS WERE LIKE THAT

  2. androcus1

    androcus14 days ago

    What an excellent movie. John Hughes would be so proud. There were times I cried tears of sadness. Other times I wanted to punch certain people's lights out. Other times I was crying tears of joy. A well told story. I really thought the main characters did an excellent job interacting with each other. I would love to see a sequel to this movie.

  3. Ice -Chan

    Ice -Chan9 days ago

    5:33 He looks so betrayed. Lmao. "Dad y u do this? Y u say this?"

  4. La sepsi Coca Cola

    La sepsi Coca Cola9 days ago

    I really wanna watch this movie iwkwbhwhwh where can I find it ;-;

  5. TutuAvo

    TutuAvo3 days ago

    La sepsi Coca Cola its on dvd ive seen it around stores

  6. Gay Shit

    Gay Shit9 days ago


  7. Oliver4 Elio

    Oliver4 Elio16 days ago

    This is a sweet movie with likeable lead characters. A love story with a happy ending.

  8. jaelani Jaelani

    jaelani Jaelani18 days ago

    Love simon,,,

  9. James Campton

    James Campton18 days ago

    I saw the trailer and was just hooked and i wanted to go by myself and only by myself knowing that i have never done something like this forever. So i decided to go on Good Friday at the start of an Easter Long Weekend and except for the moment when i had to go and pee, It was honestly the best film and it was the best time i had and i would do anything to repeat my Easter by watching Love, Simon.

  10. Miriam Rebekah Shapiro

    Miriam Rebekah Shapiro26 days ago

    9 minutes and 58 seconds i’m suing

  11. TheMuffinQueen TM

    TheMuffinQueen TM27 days ago

    omg the slide show yEs

  12. Keneikhrienuo Kense Nganga Kense

    Keneikhrienuo Kense Nganga Kense27 days ago

    seems like a good one( movie) interesting

  13. Circumcircle entertainment

    Circumcircle entertainmentMonth ago

    U stole 2 seconds !!! I want it back !!! lol

  14. Georgia Rehill

    Georgia RehillMonth ago

    Wow I was told I was getting to see 10 mins but I was only abel to see 9:58 minutes lol (not hate I'm just bored) 😂😂

  15. Mother Matrix

    Mother MatrixMonth ago

    and plus it shows that it doesn't matter who you are or what you do

  16. Mother Matrix

    Mother MatrixMonth ago

    I cant wait to rent this movie its so interesting

  17. Esther Yang

    Esther YangMonth ago

    Did anyone uh, read the book?? Just me? Tbh I pictured the characters a lot differently, like Leah and Simon with blond hair, based on the book description.

  18. Leigh Malcolmson

    Leigh MalcolmsonMonth ago

    The first time I saw this movie I was like ‘that I’ve coffee scene was a little strange to add’ but now I know

  19. that icon

    that iconMonth ago

    1:14 she looks like Hannah Baker omg *shook*

  20. Sean McComish Day

    Sean McComish Day25 days ago

    that kiddo she os

  21. that icon

    that iconMonth ago

    I really wanna watch this

  22. Tuğkan Berk

    Tuğkan BerkMonth ago

    Is that movie really reflects being teen in a developed country?

  23. Carly

    Carly19 days ago

    For a middle class teen in a developed country it's probably relatively accurate, I guess. But plenty of teens don't live in houses that nice.... also movie bedrooms are never accurate haha

  24. فارس الشمري

    فارس الشمريMonth ago

    استغفر الله العظيم وأتوب اليك

  25. Jonas Nyenstad

    Jonas NyenstadMonth ago

    Morning, It's Simon. I live right here. I like your boobs! Goodbye

  26. Vinnie J

    Vinnie JMonth ago

    This movie is so good wtf

  27. kourtney koko

    kourtney kokoMonth ago

    This movie is beautiful

  28. KoolFilmZ

    KoolFilmZMonth ago

    This is the only movie that accurately shows how it is being a teenager in the 2010’s. There ain’t much movies nowadays that we can show our future generations and tell them: “Hey, this is how we had fun back then.” Mostly they are showing how awesome the 80’s and 90’s were, or showing how “stupid” this generation is. Every generation has great stuff to remember, and Love, Simon showed it perfectly. It’s one of the reasons I love this movie.

  29. Leslie Ann Hernandez

    Leslie Ann HernandezMonth ago

    This movie is so beautiful.

  30. Jocelyn Marie

    Jocelyn MarieMonth ago

    its hourtohour.notetonote not frommywindow

  31. ThOmAs JeFFeRsOn

    ThOmAs JeFFeRsOnMonth ago

    I loved the movie, I cried at some parts, but what bothers me is that Leah likes Simon instead of nick. In the book she liked nick.

  32. Kathy Ho

    Kathy HoMonth ago

    I have that same turntable! Except I replaced the shitty cartridge.

  33. Dale Givens

    Dale GivensMonth ago

    i like your boots

  34. Rose Dawson

    Rose DawsonMonth ago

    I want Abby's jacket.

  35. Rose Dawson

    Rose DawsonMonth ago

    I love the songs.

  36. Rose Dawson

    Rose DawsonMonth ago

    I already saw the movie.

  37. Rose Dawson

    Rose DawsonMonth ago

    Katherine Langford and Nick Robinson are meant to be together.

  38. Tanooki Zac

    Tanooki ZacMonth ago

    Thank you so much for this movie. I am glad, its in cinemas in Germany now, too. I so loved the movie. Everything about it. I cant wait until November for the Blu Ray...... 😫😫😫😫

  39. Louis de Constance

    Louis de Constance2 months ago

    Wow ! Brilliant ! I Luv this movie

  40. Gesselle

    Gesselle2 months ago

    Great! Now post the other hour left

  41. Soundarya .k

    Soundarya .k2 months ago

    *I want this movie in India!* *Sobing! And screaming!* 😭

  42. tin qan

    tin qan2 months ago

    we deserve the 2 more seconds

  43. Ice -Chan

    Ice -Chan2 months ago

    "It's Simon! I live- I live right here. I like your- I like your boots." He's so awkward I love it.

  44. Andrea Ramirez

    Andrea Ramirez2 months ago


  45. Edgar Mayorga

    Edgar Mayorga2 months ago

    9:33 you can tell that poor Simon is scared. :(

  46. Ice -Chan

    Ice -Chan2 months ago

    Awwe :<

  47. Grammar Police

    Grammar Police2 months ago

    I need to watch this.

  48. Buri

    Buri2 months ago

    @20th Century Fox | Please, allow community subtitles on this video. :)

  49. Andy

    Andy2 months ago

    The movie just released last week in my countries (germany and austria) and it immediately jumped to #3 (germany) and #2 (austria) of the cinema charts!

  50. Joey Landrey

    Joey Landrey2 months ago

    I relate to this movie so much that's why I love it

  51. Sarah Whites

    Sarah Whites2 months ago

    hae me too it's dope

  52. Abi Wright

    Abi Wright2 months ago

    I finished reading the book and some of the characters aren't really how I thought they would be which is interesting. Also, EXCUSE ME,, who is this

  53. linn herz

    linn herz2 months ago

    I realise how beautiful they all are 😍🌈

  54. C Garcia

    C Garcia2 months ago

    I saw a Hamilton playbill in the background 😁

  55. Jule Müller

    Jule Müller2 months ago

    I love this movie sooo much😍😍 greetings from Germany ❤

  56. Promika Sen

    Promika Sen2 months ago

    This movie was so good reply if you cried , didn't cry , or haven't watched the movie I for sure cried 😂

  57. Catsrule7 Gaming

    Catsrule7 Gaming2 months ago

    Am I the only one who still hasn’t seen this-but really wants to?!!

  58. Barry Smith

    Barry Smith2 months ago

    As usual all the actors are a bit too old to be playing high school students. I think Nick Robinson is 23 years old now. Too old to play a college student as well

  59. Brooklyn and some doggos

    Brooklyn and some doggos2 months ago


  60. Unknown User

    Unknown User2 months ago


  61. Nam Yar

    Nam Yar2 months ago

    This movie is so overrated. God's Own Country is way better. Just saying.

  62. C4rt3rs4rt

    C4rt3rs4rt2 months ago

    I want my 2 seconds...

  63. Kevin Brecken

    Kevin Brecken2 months ago

    This Movie hit's home in a big way, if I had not been born in 1966, and had been brave enough & strong enough to endure, pretty sure I'd be a different person today, just saying

  64. Alejandro L

    Alejandro L2 months ago

    I just love Nick Robinson. His smile is so effortless. He also has some sort of awkwardness (not sure if he is like that in real life or if he is doing it for the character), but it just adds a lot of character and sexiness to him.

  65. Some day

    Some day2 months ago

    Alejandro L ikr

  66. E Erin

    E Erin2 months ago

    I just finished this book

  67. En Sha Han

    En Sha Han2 months ago


  68. Cesar Lopez

    Cesar Lopez2 months ago

    What'd they say about Cristiano Ronaldo at 2:12 seconds??😂😂

  69. A.K ASMR

    A.K ASMR2 months ago

    elle of mills has the same top as abby

  70. John Iii

    John Iii2 months ago

    I don’t think they paid for the coffee

  71. R2D2 From StarTrek

    R2D2 From StarTrek2 months ago

    *I lIkE yOuR bOoTs*

  72. Sharon Perez

    Sharon Perez2 months ago

    Omg I just watched this love it 😍

  73. QBP Julio Malagón

    QBP Julio Malagón2 months ago

    Can anyone tell me the name of the song is playing when Simon is writing to Blue?

  74. rheanne sabinske

    rheanne sabinske2 months ago

    This was an amazing movie, the only thing I have to say is that Martin outed him and all he got was a slap on the wrist seriously otherwise great a true masterpiece

  75. Rockie Levine

    Rockie Levine2 months ago

    He's so beautiful....i love his eyes&lips.. I'm str8 btw.. Hehe..

  76. Mel S

    Mel S2 months ago

    For me personally this movie is the second best of 2018! (After Fifty Shades Freed)

  77. A J

    A J2 months ago

    This just made me want to see this movie EVEN MORE!!! It's been out for months and I still haven't been been ale to see it. I just wish I was out to my parents so I wouldn't have to worry about their questions...

  78. Roaryx Fab Games

    Roaryx Fab Games3 months ago

    One second off

  79. Jade C

    Jade C3 months ago

    In France there is a week left before the movie and in other countries it was in March. Why am I living in France ? 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  80. perfumeofspring

    perfumeofspring3 months ago

    2:32 The 1975's Love Me. This movie is goooood!

  81. stephan oskam

    stephan oskam3 months ago

    one 2 watch 4sure ..😊

  82. im not gay stfu

    im not gay stfu3 months ago

    3 actors/actress from 13rw wHaT

  83. Assassin sniper

    Assassin sniper3 months ago

    This movie is great made me cry and I love Leah very pretty girl..

  84. Edward Spriggs

    Edward Spriggs3 months ago

    Thank God, that we have a movie that focuses and takes it's time on the person first and then true love. We need more LGBTQ positive films like this, where everyone can better learn from diversity. This film also provides a better understanding, that we all need love and everyone deserves it.

  85. jslasher1

    jslasher13 months ago

    Everyone knows who Cristiano Renaldo is, even the Yanks.

  86. jslasher1

    jslasher13 months ago

    This is an easy to like sort of film. Super cast, screenplay, editing, music.

  87. J O D A N E X

    J O D A N E X3 months ago

    🔴 *AIready watched this movie here:* [ ] Du musst diesen film sehen, weil dieser film so gut aussieht. Ich kann es nur weiterempfehlen !

  88. omar alqahtani

    omar alqahtani3 months ago


  89. Alixzandr

    Alixzandr3 months ago

    They start school when there's sunlight outside :O

  90. Alixzandr

    Alixzandr2 months ago

    Hmm maybe there's just something wrong in my region. HS for me begins at 7 and most of us wake up at 6! 😱😱

  91. James Willett

    James Willett3 months ago

    Meh. It's like an episode of degrassi high

  92. Sophia Beatrice

    Sophia Beatrice3 months ago

    Whats the name of the song that plays when they arrive at school?

  93. Haze Lyn Martinez

    Haze Lyn Martinez3 months ago

    Katherine Longford we love you ❤❤

  94. Rich Rich

    Rich Rich3 months ago

    This movie was cheesy asf

  95. Purple Di Angelo

    Purple Di Angelo3 months ago


  96. mirjam alberti

    mirjam alberti3 months ago

    Love the movie and the music

  97. Karolina Nowak

    Karolina Nowak3 months ago

    i love this movie so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. HiArtsy

    HiArtsy3 months ago


  99. Diamond Castle

    Diamond Castle3 months ago

    Sadly Love, Simon didn't came out in theatres in India, Maybe because India is a Homophobic country~😟

  100. Diamond Castle

    Diamond Castle2 months ago

    nbkcq28 I'll have to import the dvd and DVD is coming in August~

  101. Diamond Castle

    Diamond Castle2 months ago

    nbkcq28 I feel so bad

  102. Neon zoldyck

    Neon zoldyck3 months ago

    Yes, ten whole minutes!

  103. Joel Bresjö

    Joel Bresjö3 months ago

    It wasnt 10 minutes it was 1:58

  104. Gary Morehart

    Gary Morehart3 months ago

    I’m so mad this is not ten minutes rip off

  105. Crunched Skittles

    Crunched Skittles3 months ago

    I haven't asked my parents to watch this ever since I haven't come out to them. It would be awkward and they'd probably be curious why I wanted to watch it. SO I'VE BEEN SEARCHING FAR AND WIDE FOR THE FULL MOVIE ON THE INTERNET

  106. Leon Langer

    Leon Langer2 months ago

    Crunched Skittles I told my dad while watching the movie with him... He didn't even asked why I want to watch it... It.. was kinda weird but he was like no problem 😂😂 I am proud of me... I diiiiid it!!! 😂

  107. Seventeen _trasheu

    Seventeen _trasheu3 months ago

    Watching this for pride month!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  108. Alyson

    Alyson3 months ago

    Tag yourself I'm a *deeply average fourth grader*

  109. imsodun :0

    imsodun :03 months ago

    This is one of the most relatable movies for me. I absolutely LOVED IT and would 100% buy it!!!

  110. luke higgins

    luke higgins3 months ago

    Still haven’t watched it yet