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  1. Bochanable

    Bochanable9 days ago

    Nick is such boyfriend material.

  2. Panic! At The Bastille forever

    Panic! At The Bastille forever10 days ago

    Man this film still fills me up with love ❤️👏🏽🔥

  3. bayu wijaya

    bayu wijaya12 days ago

    when i watching this movie suddenly i miss my high school moments 😭😔 , if this time there a time machine i will go trowback

  4. minty spoofle

    minty spoofle12 days ago

    9:06 hamilton play bill aggghhh

  5. Robin Lucas

    Robin Lucas15 days ago

    I fell in love with the movie. I can't focus on my studies haha. I feel in love with all the casts. This is my favorite movie as of this moment.

  6. Mavis Davis

    Mavis Davis15 days ago

    Title says tens minutes why do I see 9

  7. Géraldine ZENNER

    Géraldine ZENNER19 days ago

    Love it.... pretty well acted. 😍

  8. Liam T.W

    Liam T.W19 days ago

    The actor playing Martin doesn't get a lot of credit, but he was really good. Whenever you leave a theater wanting to punch a character in the head, you know the actor did a good job.

  9. Amberlyn G

    Amberlyn G21 day ago

    This doesn't even count it stops at 9:46

  10. Georgie Rae

    Georgie RaeMonth ago

    Love me the 1975

  11. Brianna Justina

    Brianna JustinaMonth ago


  12. Ivy Gill

    Ivy GillMonth ago

    I haven't seen the movie because I was too scared to ask my mom. She's not all for the LGBTQ community.. but I did sneakily get the book from Amazon and i gotta say the book is fantastic. They changed a lot tho. Idk which one came first? The book or movie so

  13. Colby Maggard

    Colby MaggardMonth ago

    That was only 9:59 I feel cheated

  14. Imani Rivera

    Imani RiveraMonth ago

    I love this movie and I haven’t even seen it WHERE CAN I WATCH IT😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  15. Jeffrey Bizarre

    Jeffrey BizarreMonth ago

    This is my favorite movie that I've ever seen...

  16. R'DCO

    R'DCOMonth ago

    Watch on 2019

  17. Ashleigh

    AshleighMonth ago

    I started watching this on a plane but I didn’t finish it, I only got about 7 minutes into the movie.

  18. Millie Bobby Brown Is My Inspiration

    Millie Bobby Brown Is My InspirationMonth ago

    2:30 Alright, so we're a few minutes into this amazing film, and they put on my favourite band The 1975. I just watched the movie for the first time today and I'm seeing the band next Thursday.

  19. jacob golden

    jacob goldenMonth ago

    The principal reminds me of Michael Scott

  20. v whatever

    v whateverMonth ago

    I wanted to read the book but I wouldn't be allowed to buy it and no one I know has it. I wasn't able to see this movie in theaters due to my family and I can't stream it because I don't have Netflix and my internet is too slow for other websites. I haven't been able to see much of this movie except for what short clips I've been able to find, but I plan on either renting it and watching it at my best friend's house or watching it with my girlfriend someday (she has netflix) :)

  21. Fireskull Aj

    Fireskull AjMonth ago


  22. Laura Jensen

    Laura JensenMonth ago

    Crying because I'm never going to see this as my parents are christian oop

  23. Moon Slut

    Moon SlutMonth ago

    I just read *Leah on the off beat* and I always have a flash back to this movie 😭

  24. kyleigh uwu

    kyleigh uwuMonth ago

    didn’t that principal play in an alvin and chipmunks movie?

  25. Amanda Wentworth

    Amanda WentworthMonth ago

    best movie of the century.

  26. Christopher C

    Christopher CMonth ago

    @5:22 Mom talking smack!

  27. Thanos GodOfDeath

    Thanos GodOfDeath2 months ago

    Is Abbie from the richest family in town?

  28. Klartext69

    Klartext692 months ago

    The film dad is more atractive than "Simon".

  29. Sherman Peoples

    Sherman Peoples2 months ago

    He said your mot all that😂😂

  30. rainyboi

    rainyboi2 months ago

    6:37 “Like a deeply average fourth grader”

  31. silly MillyXD

    silly MillyXD2 months ago

    I rather See this movie then go to School Because why This movie is my Soulmate!!!

  32. Kent Allen

    Kent Allen2 months ago

    This movie along with Ten Year Plan have become two of my favorite movies this year. Oh! let me not forget, Call Me By Your Name, which is beautifully shot.

  33. Jane Lundy

    Jane Lundy3 months ago

    I need the FULL movie. But thank you for this, atleast.

  34. Bunty Shill

    Bunty Shill3 months ago

    This movie helped me on coming out to my friends and family, thank you😊😊😊

  35. Philip Billhansen

    Philip Billhansen3 months ago

    When is love Simon gonna be available on Netflix?


    MARALAND SAWZY3 months ago

    He so cute

  37. Ben Bergin

    Ben Bergin3 months ago

    Absolutely savage movie

  38. And Peggy Jansen

    And Peggy Jansen3 months ago

    That’s like 9 minutes 40 seconds c’mon

  39. And Peggy Jansen

    And Peggy Jansen3 months ago

    How did I only notice that Hamilton Playbill at the very end

  40. Jodie

    Jodie3 months ago

    Hi, its Hannah baker , and this is my 13 reasons why

  41. Braden S.

    Braden S.3 months ago

    Hey you, yeah-YEAH YOU! You know what you should do? Read the book version, it's a lot better, which is saying a lot because this movie is amazing. Seriously, read it. You will NOT regret it even if you know the story

  42. Psychobot

    Psychobot3 months ago


  43. Faith Hale

    Faith Hale4 months ago

    Omg wally from the flash is brahm awee

  44. ramani rani

    ramani rani4 months ago

    Good movie

  45. G George

    G George4 months ago

    Nick Robinson is the next Timothee Chalamet

  46. guest

    guest4 months ago

    Beautiful 💓

  47. Josh

    Josh4 months ago

    I thought Marty would be bigger that him like in the book 😂

  48. Russell Babe

    Russell Babe4 months ago

    Help Help Help!!!! How can I watch this movie fully?? I'm crying.

  49. Ly jo

    Ly jo4 months ago

    still miss and love this movie

  50. Chevy Couston

    Chevy Couston4 months ago

    Oml it’s blue

  51. Abbey Robinson

    Abbey Robinson4 months ago

    who else is pissed that the email is SUPPOSED TO BE NOT

  52. Gloria Ma

    Gloria Ma4 months ago

    Where my 2 seconds at?

  53. abby_ jean xo

    abby_ jean xo4 months ago


  54. Nerfing Jac

    Nerfing Jac4 months ago

    0:17 I LIKE YOUR BOOTS!!!!!!!!!

  55. Sir Panda

    Sir Panda4 months ago

    3:43 I like him xD can he be my teacher xD


    MOLLY RANKIN4 months ago

    ECuSEEEEEEE mE I NEEd My TwO SeCOnds jk il this

  57. Lawrence Fernandez

    Lawrence Fernandez5 months ago

    "God forbid we watch people make love" I WISH MY PARENTS WERE LIKE THAT

  58. androcus1

    androcus15 months ago

    What an excellent movie. John Hughes would be so proud. There were times I cried tears of sadness. Other times I wanted to punch certain people's lights out. Other times I was crying tears of joy. A well told story. I really thought the main characters did an excellent job interacting with each other. I would love to see a sequel to this movie.

  59. Yoosung Kim

    Yoosung Kim5 months ago

    I really wanna watch this movie iwkwbhwhwh where can I find it ;-;

  60. Lernz

    Lernz5 months ago

    La sepsi Coca Cola its on dvd ive seen it around stores

  61. Oliver4 Elio

    Oliver4 Elio5 months ago

    This is a sweet movie with likeable lead characters. A love story with a happy ending.

  62. jaelani ahmad

    jaelani ahmad5 months ago

    Love simon,,,

  63. James Campton

    James Campton5 months ago

    I saw the trailer and was just hooked and i wanted to go by myself and only by myself knowing that i have never done something like this forever. So i decided to go on Good Friday at the start of an Easter Long Weekend and except for the moment when i had to go and pee, It was honestly the best film and it was the best time i had and i would do anything to repeat my Easter by watching Love, Simon.

  64. Miriam Rebekah Shapiro

    Miriam Rebekah Shapiro5 months ago

    9 minutes and 58 seconds i’m suing

  65. Small_ Cryptid

    Small_ Cryptid5 months ago

    omg the slide show yEs

  66. Keneikhrienuo Kense Nganga Kense

    Keneikhrienuo Kense Nganga Kense6 months ago

    seems like a good one( movie) interesting

  67. Circumcircle entertainment

    Circumcircle entertainment6 months ago

    U stole 2 seconds !!! I want it back !!! lol

  68. Georgia Rehill

    Georgia Rehill6 months ago

    Wow I was told I was getting to see 10 mins but I was only abel to see 9:58 minutes lol (not hate I'm just bored) 😂😂

  69. Mother Matrix

    Mother Matrix6 months ago

    and plus it shows that it doesn't matter who you are or what you do

  70. Mother Matrix

    Mother Matrix6 months ago

    I cant wait to rent this movie its so interesting

  71. E s t h e r

    E s t h e r6 months ago

    Did anyone uh, read the book?? Just me? Tbh I pictured the characters a lot differently, like Leah and Simon with blond hair, based on the book description.

  72. Leigh Malcolmson

    Leigh Malcolmson6 months ago

    The first time I saw this movie I was like ‘that I’ve coffee scene was a little strange to add’ but now I know

  73. sun flower

    sun flower6 months ago

    1:14 she looks like Hannah Baker omg *shook*

  74. Sean McComish Day

    Sean McComish Day5 months ago

    that kiddo she os

  75. sun flower

    sun flower6 months ago

    I really wanna watch this

  76. Tuğkan Berk

    Tuğkan Berk6 months ago

    Is that movie really reflects being teen in a developed country?

  77. Carly

    Carly5 months ago

    For a middle class teen in a developed country it's probably relatively accurate, I guess. But plenty of teens don't live in houses that nice.... also movie bedrooms are never accurate haha

  78. فارس الشمري

    فارس الشمري6 months ago

    استغفر الله العظيم وأتوب اليك

  79. Jonas Nyenstad

    Jonas Nyenstad6 months ago

    Morning, It's Simon. I live right here. I like your boobs! Goodbye

  80. Vinnie J

    Vinnie J6 months ago

    This movie is so good wtf

  81. Wen Koko

    Wen Koko6 months ago

    This movie is beautiful

  82. KoolFilmZ

    KoolFilmZ6 months ago

    This is the only movie that accurately shows how it is being a teenager in the 2010’s. There ain’t much movies nowadays that we can show our future generations and tell them: “Hey, this is how we had fun back then.” Mostly they are showing how awesome the 80’s and 90’s were, or showing how “stupid” this generation is. Every generation has great stuff to remember, and Love, Simon showed it perfectly. It’s one of the reasons I love this movie.

  83. Shimmersong

    ShimmersongMonth ago

    Well said!

  84. Leslie Ann Hernandez

    Leslie Ann Hernandez6 months ago

    This movie is so beautiful.

  85. Jocelyn Marie

    Jocelyn Marie6 months ago

    its hourtohour.notetonote not frommywindow

  86. Ren

    RenDay ago

    They left an Easter egg in simons room

  87. emy rose

    emy roseMonth ago

    i know right. i was waiting for someone to say it

  88. ThOmAs JeFFeRsOn

    ThOmAs JeFFeRsOn6 months ago

    I loved the movie, I cried at some parts, but what bothers me is that Leah likes Simon instead of nick. In the book she liked nick.

  89. Ice -Chan

    Ice -Chan2 months ago

    +Ice -Chan Nvm I was wrong.

  90. Ice -Chan

    Ice -Chan4 months ago

    In the movie I think she likes both.

  91. Kathy Ho

    Kathy Ho6 months ago

    I have that same turntable! Except I replaced the shitty cartridge.

  92. Dale Givens

    Dale Givens6 months ago

    i like your boots

  93. Rose Dawson

    Rose Dawson6 months ago

    I want Abby's jacket.

  94. Rose Dawson

    Rose Dawson6 months ago

    I love the songs.

  95. Rose Dawson

    Rose Dawson6 months ago

    I already saw the movie.

  96. Rose Dawson

    Rose Dawson6 months ago

    Katherine Langford and Nick Robinson are meant to be together.

  97. Tanooki Zac

    Tanooki Zac7 months ago

    Thank you so much for this movie. I am glad, its in cinemas in Germany now, too. I so loved the movie. Everything about it. I cant wait until November for the Blu Ray...... 😫😫😫😫

  98. Louis de Constance

    Louis de Constance7 months ago

    Wow ! Brilliant ! I Luv this movie

  99. Gesselle

    Gesselle7 months ago

    Great! Now post the other hour left

  100. Soundarya .k

    Soundarya .k7 months ago

    *I want this movie in India!* *Sobing! And screaming!* 😭

  101. Tin Qan

    Tin Qan7 months ago

    we deserve the 2 more seconds

  102. Ice -Chan

    Ice -Chan7 months ago

    "It's Simon! I live- I live right here. I like your- I like your boots." He's so awkward I love it.

  103. Burger King lol

    Burger King lol7 months ago


  104. Edgar Mayorga

    Edgar Mayorga7 months ago

    9:33 you can tell that poor Simon is scared. :(

  105. Ice -Chan

    Ice -Chan7 months ago

    Awwe :<

  106. Grammar Police

    Grammar Police7 months ago

    I need to watch this.

  107. Buri

    Buri7 months ago

    @20th Century Fox | Please, allow community subtitles on this video. :)

  108. Andy

    Andy7 months ago

    The movie just released last week in my countries (germany and austria) and it immediately jumped to #3 (germany) and #2 (austria) of the cinema charts!

  109. Joey Landrey

    Joey Landrey7 months ago

    I relate to this movie so much that's why I love it

  110. Sarah Whites

    Sarah Whites7 months ago

    hae me too it's dope