Look Who It Is - Kevin Hart Puts Work In | Just-Train TV


  1. xxJ3SSiCA09xx

    xxJ3SSiCA09xx6 months ago

    I started going to the gym at 4 a.m. because of you. It sucks getting up when you're still sleepy but its worth it to know that your workout is already done for the day! :)

  2. xxJ3SSiCA09xx

    xxJ3SSiCA09xx6 months ago

    Just Train TV yes, sir. I definitely get way more stuff done during the day. I try to keep moving as much as possible. I dont go to bed early enough though. I strive to be in bed by 9 and asleep by 10 so that Im able to wake up at 3. Clearly not enough sleep. :/

  3. Just Train TV

    Just Train TV6 months ago

    That’s huge. Are u more productive during the day? What time are u going to sleep

  4. Akeem Nelson

    Akeem NelsonMonth ago

    Trainer is excellent. No doubt about that.

  5. Akeem Nelson

    Akeem NelsonMonth ago

    Mr. Hart the G. Missing going to the gym. These pain are good..

  6. Vinicius Fortunato

    Vinicius FortunatoMonth ago

    I think Kevin sleeps moving yourself 😂

  7. Kobster The awesome

    Kobster The awesome3 months ago

    The music in the background is way to loud

  8. Arsan Bahrami

    Arsan Bahrami3 months ago

    nxt time bring the music down, so i can hear u

  9. Bobey Atom

    Bobey Atom4 months ago

    2 big homies chilln working out just haveing a good time

  10. John Legg

    John Legg4 months ago

    Love your videos keep them coming. just learnt a few things I'm gonna try tomoz at the gym

  11. Will M

    Will M4 months ago

    Kevin Heart you still weak

  12. Will M

    Will M4 months ago

    You suck Kevin Heart you little puppy

  13. Captain Treibholz

    Captain Treibholz4 months ago

    dont understand a single thing you guys are saying, because of the porno music in the "background"

  14. Nicola Martin

    Nicola Martin5 months ago

    Does anyone know the name of the song in the background pls x

  15. Darth Kage

    Darth Kage5 months ago

    How has this guy only got 17k followers should be in the millions he alot better than most of these MReporter trainers he seems more focused on helping people to improve themselves than getting likes which is what you want out of a trainer

  16. Thanakrit Seeda

    Thanakrit Seeda5 months ago

    The music is so annoying

  17. Factory

    Factory5 months ago

    less music pls

  18. basma yehia

    basma yehia5 months ago

    This was so chill to watch

  19. Marco Ulloa

    Marco Ulloa5 months ago

    Great work Love back days ,kinda weak in chest though but fuck it you can only get better huh

  20. VCres1000

    VCres10005 months ago

    Just watched the hour video with ndam😂

  21. Moses Epson

    Moses Epson5 months ago

    Can I get you to put a plan together ???? I am working my way back ....I've already lost 68 pounds still grinding cause I still got lot of work to do. Thanks for the videos.

  22. Simone Perfetto

    Simone Perfetto5 months ago

    good core as well!

  23. Simone Perfetto

    Simone Perfetto5 months ago

    damn how many MReporter channels does Kevin Hart have? it's good to see your true capabilities in the gym though bossman, but do you train those legs as much as you train those arms?

  24. Goldie Bmore

    Goldie Bmore5 months ago

    Thank you for the motivation boss

  25. EWave

    EWave6 months ago

    Who ever edits, can y’all not make the song louder than the people talking please! Thank you!

  26. mRm-0121

    mRm-01216 months ago

    Glad to see you have a channel! A fan from UK! Keep up the good work

  27. Jayant Noersalim

    Jayant Noersalim6 months ago

    Music is too loud

  28. Jayant Noersalim

    Jayant Noersalim6 months ago

    I did not hear everything you said

  29. derdi derdo

    derdi derdo6 months ago

    Boss is gonna be rich if he would train people thats for shure. but he dont and makes videos in youtube to reach everyone, just to be healthy and gives a fuck about money. your a true machine!!!


    NICK SHETLER6 months ago

    Looks like his trainer needs a trainer.

  31. Ngawai O

    Ngawai O2 months ago

    NICK SHETLER you're a chump!

  32. Just Train TV

    Just Train TV6 months ago

    Because I’m not on here with my shirt off trying to show people abs all day? Thanks I’ll take that

  33. mya vandergelt

    mya vandergelt6 months ago

    Y'all are funny

  34. Khayelihle Dlamini

    Khayelihle Dlamini6 months ago

    Name of the track in the background kind sir? Wanna jam it whilst putting in work!

  35. vLarsn

    vLarsn6 months ago

    Damn... The Boss was NOT blessed with good calf genetics.

  36. Just Train TV

    Just Train TV6 months ago


  37. Bridgett Sledd

    Bridgett Sledd6 months ago

    I am in love with Ron’s spirit since watching your videos I have made small changes like walking daily. I used to think that wasn’t enough, but it’s all about getting up and moving. God bless

  38. J & J on ice

    J & J on ice6 months ago

    So many views and 50comments, that’s weird

  39. Just Train TV

    Just Train TV6 months ago

    Why is that weird. I’m really curious

  40. SharLee CHARLES

    SharLee CHARLES6 months ago

    The music is too loud...😫😥

  41. Leandriano Van Wyk

    Leandriano Van Wyk6 months ago

    Please tell me the name of the song in the background PLEASE I need it

  42. Brandyn MAC

    Brandyn MAC6 months ago

    I started a 12 week challenge that I’ve been uploading to my channel, seeing other people hit the gym always gets me pumped! I just stumbled on to this channel but I subbed that’s for-sure.

  43. Stu6359

    Stu63596 months ago

    Dude, lower the music just a little bit so we can hear what you saying more clearly. Cool vid though, gave me some inspiration. Thanks

  44. Marco Ulloa

    Marco Ulloa5 months ago

    Stu6359 nah don’t lower shit it’s called don’t talk just train

  45. Gloria Benjamin

    Gloria Benjamin6 months ago

    I wish the music was off, I couldn't really hear when they were talking

  46. Hamza Hassan

    Hamza Hassan6 months ago

    More videos man..... love the workouts

  47. Roselynn Lee

    Roselynn Lee6 months ago

    Kevin buy me a gym pleeeease!!.ur is bomb!!!

  48. Trending NBA Games Highlights

    Trending NBA Games Highlights6 months ago

    Kevin Hart abs should be more define than what it is

  49. Myke Williams

    Myke Williams6 months ago

    Too much music playing.

  50. Blvck kings

    Blvck kings6 months ago

    why is the music so loud!!

  51. Jay

    Jay6 months ago

    Dope video! 👌🏼 but you should leave the music out or lower it.

  52. Lord Beezy

    Lord Beezy6 months ago

    Just want to say keep the videos coming. Extremely motivating and great quality. Also whst trainers are you wearing in this video boss ?! Love from London 💙

  53. William Martinez

    William Martinez6 months ago

    Good video. It’d be cool if next video would have captions on the side each time you’re alternating between workouts. With info like the name of the workout, reps and sets, etc. because to be honest I couldn’t hear you clearly enough because of the music and distance from the camera

  54. Juan Benachi

    Juan Benachi6 months ago

    New to the channel gonna start the gym Monday and pay the 30$ for the personal training routines can’t wait to start

  55. Just Train TV

    Just Train TV6 months ago

    Thanks so much

  56. bnpparibassss

    bnpparibassss6 months ago

    JUST TRAIN TV!!!! Keep it up boss. Bless me with them BCAA’s ;)

  57. Celine Selwyn

    Celine Selwyn6 months ago


  58. SrirachaGod

    SrirachaGod6 months ago


  59. Nicholas Sullivan

    Nicholas Sullivan3 months ago

    Oh girl soul banger by fire beats

  60. Mike Comics

    Mike Comics6 months ago

    Just Train Tv be killing it with these workouts, also kevin hart be killing it

  61. andrew aguilar

    andrew aguilar6 months ago


  62. Neelesh Patel

    Neelesh Patel6 months ago

    Ain’t gonna lie, but Boss has transformed my training into a whole new level! Since I’ve been watching his and Kevin’s snaps, gym has become serious! Would love a session with this guy man!

  63. Sanel Dzubur

    Sanel Dzubur6 months ago

    Just train tv💯💯💯💯

  64. Jackie Harrold

    Jackie Harrold6 months ago

    Hey Boss, I see ya doing it like always, I watch everyday to stay motivated....GYM MORNING (your KC homie in LA)

  65. Ian Kuria 0 0 00 I

    Ian Kuria 0 0 00 I6 months ago

    Jackie Harrold ant boss John lewis

  66. kaneatha hargrove

    kaneatha hargrove6 months ago

    I love it !!!

  67. Nish Bhaskar

    Nish Bhaskar6 months ago

    could you make a full workout video

  68. lalmalsawma pachuau

    lalmalsawma pachuau6 months ago


  69. earthlover 4real

    earthlover 4real6 months ago


  70. Almin Mahmutovic

    Almin Mahmutovic6 months ago

    Yeees work out videos the best! You two have been one of my biggest inspirations...totally changed my mindset when it comes to fitness. Let's get it 🏃🏻‍♂️💪🏼

  71. Fake hip hop

    Fake hip hop6 months ago

    Been waiting on another video

  72. Just Train TV

    Just Train TV6 months ago

    Appreciate that! More is coming coming. www.just-train.com

  73. maccon1

    maccon16 months ago

    I get so many ideas for my workouts from watching this channel

  74. The Eastey's

    The Eastey's6 months ago

    where's Spank?! didn't wanna make a cameo until he found workout shorts actually fit?

  75. The Eastey's

    The Eastey's6 months ago

    Love it! Take that before pic if ya'll haven't already!

  76. Just Train TV

    Just Train TV6 months ago

    Your gonna see him more

  77. B Att

    B Att6 months ago

    Would love a weight sled video or some turf stuff next time your looking for something to vlog

  78. hi salim

    hi salim6 months ago

    Brandon Attanasio on hi

  79. hi salim

    hi salim6 months ago

    Brand. Night Gy Love hi on Attanasio mi

  80. Just Train TV

    Just Train TV6 months ago

    Got you

  81. Moose Knuckle

    Moose Knuckle6 months ago

    Great stuff!! Keep up the fantastic work!

  82. Soleil DeJoi

    Soleil DeJoi6 months ago

    Love the socks

  83. Just Train TV

    Just Train TV6 months ago

    Did u order urs?

  84. Knicks Tape

    Knicks Tape6 months ago

    One of my favorite people on MReporter

  85. Just Train TV

    Just Train TV6 months ago

    Thansk for the support

  86. LL J

    LL J6 months ago

    Came from Instagram your my inspiration to get stronger

  87. Just Train TV

    Just Train TV6 months ago

    Let’s get it. Share this video!

  88. The Real Jake

    The Real Jake6 months ago

    First to come and the last to leave sir

  89. Just Train TV

    Just Train TV6 months ago

    Make sure you visit www.just-Train.com

  90. Buckley Thomik

    Buckley Thomik6 months ago

    First lol