Liza On Demand - Official Trailer


  1. Gacha Tree

    Gacha Tree9 hours ago

    LISAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! COME BACK TO US PEOPLE THAT ARE TOO CHEAP OR LAZY TO GET MReporter PREMIUM!!!!!!!!!PLEASE COME BACK TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sidney Rivera

    Sidney Rivera17 hours ago

    Update on turtles

  3. Lu Lu

    Lu Lu17 hours ago

    Do more FREE vids

  4. Darryl

    DarrylDay ago

    What a funny lady, really enjoy her stuff. But since all of her stuff has gone to "On Demand" she hasn't released any new stuff beyond trailers for the paid content in 4 months. For that reason, I sadly and regrettably Unsubscribe. Best of luck with your new format.

  5. FUSIONGEMS_123 Gemster

    FUSIONGEMS_123 GemsterDay ago

    I miss u so much

  6. Emiemations :3

    Emiemations :3Day ago

    I'll miss wednezzdays with liza They were funny I remember all my friends talking about you all the time And i wasn't interested in the channel But when i visited the channel 4 days ago..You were the best youtuber ever! But when i saw the uploads..There were only Liza on demand ones I may have come on the wrong time But I hope you comeback Liza

  7. Melynda Kensinger

    Melynda KensingerDay ago

    Y don’t u do the vlogs on other channel. Some of ur fans can’t afford to pay for the on demand ones

  8. Shea Trayner

    Shea TraynerDay ago


  9. Daniel Mendoza

    Daniel MendozaDay ago

    Liza has never been seen again

  10. Beauty Lover

    Beauty LoverDay ago

    Sooo did she just upload videos until she got famous ?

  11. Ahmad Kalonee

    Ahmad KaloneeDay ago

    No more liza ????

  12. Neuko

    NeukoDay ago

    Wednezzdayz with Lizza?😢

  13. Grumble Dore

    Grumble Dore2 days ago

    Remember when we can watch Wednesday's with Liza? Good times.... time to go to T-Series!

  14. Kay _Califonia

    Kay _Califonia2 days ago

    Where did your regular videos go???

  15. Kyley playz roblox

    Kyley playz roblox2 days ago

    Her last real video was i months ago...

  16. Wills HD

    Wills HD2 days ago

    I wish u can go back to making them funny vlogs and skits

  17. Bianca Rice

    Bianca Rice3 days ago

    Can please come back? ❤️

  18. Ashley Klein

    Ashley Klein3 days ago

    Liza I love you and will always be a supporter, but not everyone can afford to watch this. I'll keep notifications on all your social media to stay updated, but other than that there's nothing I can do but silently support you. I'm proud of how far you've come. Whatever path you decide to take with your career, I'll be right there behind you rooting you on. I may not always agree with or like what you decide to do, but I think we can all agree you're amazing and doing great things.

  19. MiniWolvez

    MiniWolvez3 days ago

    Liza when will you make a video everyone can do watch?

  20. CrystalGacha

    CrystalGacha4 days ago

    Liza don't worry you're not the only girl that could look like a good looking transgender guy.

  21. The Daydreaming Demon

    The Daydreaming Demon4 days ago

    . . . why did David ditch this gorgeous woman for a barbie?

  22. Charlotte _07

    Charlotte _074 days ago

    I miss the old Liza... No more vids just all this stupid premiem stuff like wth amd she’s not even being herself just scripted Liza.... 😵😭 *un subs* js t because I can’t watch u anymore not everyone can afford stupid premier

  23. Shofner The Redneck

    Shofner The Redneck4 days ago


  24. Dulce Ildefonso

    Dulce Ildefonso4 days ago


  25. Kajsa Helen Johannesen

    Kajsa Helen Johannesen5 days ago


  26. Lex V.

    Lex V.5 days ago

    rip.... i want the old liza back, like i’m happy she’s doing so well, but i miss her content

  27. im kasia

    im kasia5 days ago

    Come backkkkkkkk pls

  28. Carrus DeBoard

    Carrus DeBoard5 days ago

    Who watches liza when your bored

  29. Galaxy chan the Galaxy cat is ink sans gf/ '3

    Galaxy chan the Galaxy cat is ink sans gf/ '35 days ago


  30. Galaxy chan the Galaxy cat is ink sans gf/ '3

    Galaxy chan the Galaxy cat is ink sans gf/ '35 days ago

    But Lisa come back to youtube plzzzzzz

  31. Galaxy chan the Galaxy cat is ink sans gf/ '3

    Galaxy chan the Galaxy cat is ink sans gf/ '35 days ago


  32. Elizabeth Surjnarine

    Elizabeth Surjnarine5 days ago


  33. The Mask Of Wonder Women

    The Mask Of Wonder Women6 days ago


  34. Gene S

    Gene S6 days ago

    I don't understand why she popular.

  35. #1 fan of Mister Lafayette

    #1 fan of Mister Lafayette6 days ago

    I miss her old videos 😢

  36. Aimee Barker

    Aimee Barker6 days ago

    Why don’t you make anymore videos I miss them xxx

  37. sir robin hood

    sir robin hood7 days ago

    stop liza on demand and go back to real videos pleeeease

  38. curlyhead anaiya maya

    curlyhead anaiya maya7 days ago

    is Liza still going to be posting

  39. BlackWhaleSquishies

    BlackWhaleSquishies7 days ago


  40. Tanman1682

    Tanman16827 days ago

    Not to be a hater or anything (I’m a huge fan of Liza) but WHERE THE THE HECK IS LIZA!???!? It’s been what 2 months I don’t know about anybody else but I want the little brown girl back!

  41. Friend for Life

    Friend for Life7 days ago

    OMG so my mom won’t let me get MReporter premium so I can’t watch Liza on demand so I was looking up what if Liza died. The truth is Liza died from cancer!!

  42. Lesley N

    Lesley N6 days ago

    It be like that

  43. DramaLlama

    DramaLlama7 days ago

    Liza. Ilysssm but I wish you would go back to Wednesday’s With Liza, because not everyone can afford to pay so much money just to watch videos, no matter how much they want to. I’m honestly so proud of how far you’ve come, but I really wish you would make at least a few old videos along with your Liza On Demand, just so we could still enjoy your goofy puns and running around target, etc. However, even with Liza On Demand, you haven’t posted in MONTHS! You’ve been totally gone except for the casual appearances on David’s Vlog, and in Zane’s 200th. I don’t mean to send ANY hate message at all!!! I just miss you a ton and I know that I’m not the only one. If you could at least tweet or make a video or something about why you’ve been absent so much, it would help a lot. 😊💕

  44. 13271969

    132719697 days ago

    hey look at you hanging out with Will Smith where is the content for us regular people who don't have subscriptions to the extra MReporter stuff where are you busy girl

  45. Kārlis Ansons

    Kārlis Ansons7 days ago

    Liza wea you at???

  46. Viviana Pineda 624

    Viviana Pineda 6248 days ago

    liza died

  47. Lexig01

    Lexig018 days ago

    When are you gonna post an actual funny video like I’m not saying these aren’t nice episodes but at the same time I want to watch actual video

  48. Peachy_ _Beach420

    Peachy_ _Beach4208 days ago

    Steezy kane like you dm hiy

  49. Peachy_ _Beach420

    Peachy_ _Beach4208 days ago

    Steezy kane like you dm hom

  50. Peachy_ _Beach420

    Peachy_ _Beach4208 days ago

    Steezy kane like you dm him

  51. Peachy_ _Beach420

    Peachy_ _Beach4208 days ago

    Steezy kane like you dm him

  52. Peachy_ _Beach420

    Peachy_ _Beach4208 days ago

    Steezy kane like you dm him

  53. Peachy_ _Beach420

    Peachy_ _Beach4208 days ago

    Steezy kane like you dm him

  54. Peachy_ _Beach420

    Peachy_ _Beach4208 days ago

    Steezy kane like you DM him

  55. Peachy_ _Beach420

    Peachy_ _Beach4208 days ago

    Steezy kane like you DM him

  56. Peachy_ _Beach420

    Peachy_ _Beach4208 days ago

    Steezy kane like you DM him

  57. Nero Withe

    Nero Withe8 days ago

    You forgot all of us, you don't make videos anymore, when I was badly psychological I always watched your videos and you made me really happy right now I'm watching your old videos and crying because you got lost by youtube, I want you to know that I love and I'll support you anytime, I hope one day you come to Athens to see you and like everyone else ... I also do not know good English ... i love you and i hope you read this😔❤

  58. Steven Rowcliffe

    Steven Rowcliffe8 days ago

    This shit looks so basic, unoriginal, and unfunny. From the gay best friend, who is stolen straight out of unbreakable kimmy Schmidt, to the dumb pot jokes. This is why MReporter red, premium or whatever will never succeed.

  59. Jorge Arechiga

    Jorge Arechiga9 days ago

    Is this the shit she posts now

  60. Gracie Pinchback

    Gracie Pinchback9 days ago

    I wish u would make videos still😭

  61. Anthony Thomas

    Anthony Thomas5 days ago

    Gracie Pinchback she will

  62. Alulabunny

    Alulabunny9 days ago

    We miss you liza

  63. Paige Abbott

    Paige Abbott9 days ago

    We need Wednesday with lizzza!!! Loved the first 2 free shows👍

  64. M&M Crazy lady

    M&M Crazy lady9 days ago

    I'm waiting for a funny MReporter video right now

  65. Joseph Castro

    Joseph Castro9 days ago

    Can you post videos that are free

  66. Yurtle Turtle

    Yurtle Turtle9 days ago


  67. Kida And Andy

    Kida And Andy10 days ago

    subscribe to us for fun and comedy vids!!!

  68. DarkStarGamer

    DarkStarGamer10 days ago

    Please make REAL videos. You haven't even made a "Liza on demand" since July. We miss you Liza and not everyone has money to waste on MReporter Premium. Please come back, we'll be waiting.

  69. Oof Plays

    Oof Plays10 days ago

    No more videos😪 sorry, but I’m unsubscribing

  70. LizzieQueen 123R

    LizzieQueen 123R10 days ago

    guys remember when she actually posted youtube vids.........last one was before 7 months :(((

  71. Ellie lohnes

    Ellie lohnes10 days ago

    I love your show bubble dare or dd

  72. Krystalie Rivera

    Krystalie Rivera10 days ago

    We miss you miss old come back and make another vid

  73. Victoria Medvedeva

    Victoria Medvedeva10 days ago

    y'all are upset at the new content, but be honest, if you had to pick between doing a video being silly at the Dollar Store and having an actual studio-produced TV show....?

  74. Nakita Mango

    Nakita Mango10 days ago

    this is like a damn movie wtf

  75. Dawn Limoges

    Dawn Limoges10 days ago

    Hi i am ariana i love you please answer me

  76. Wilma-Lotta Lindblom

    Wilma-Lotta Lindblom11 days ago

    When are you gonna continue youtube

  77. Kitty Simmer

    Kitty Simmer11 days ago

    Liza please come back, I am so happy for you to have your own show and everything but I miss Wednesdays with Liza ;-;

  78. Alexia's gaming life

    Alexia's gaming life11 days ago


  79. Armando Varela

    Armando Varela11 days ago

    I miss Liza making actually MReporter vids

  80. Unknown gaz

    Unknown gaz11 days ago

    No more Liza videos :(

  81. NovaStar

    NovaStar12 days ago

    is your MReporter deleted

  82. Ochaka Uruaka

    Ochaka Uruaka12 days ago

    What happens to Thursday’s with Liza? Honestly I’m so proud of you but I’m not going to buy youtube red or something to watch it, I’m sorry but I want Thursdays with Liza back

  83. Abigail Kennell

    Abigail Kennell12 days ago

    This is dumb 2 months since u have uploaded to either channel .Sure u may be busy ,but so am I. Your wasting mine and everyone else’s time, who wants just you .I know this is an amazing opportunity ,but that doesn’t mean u can upload a 5 minute video to either state what’s going on or b a short video on whatever bc most of your fan base doesn’t have premium nor wants to pay it ..... I know I’m being harsh, but it’s mine opinion ,and a lot of others point of view on this. Your an amazing person (this isn’t meant to be mean just my opinion ❤️)

  84. Chloe Costa

    Chloe Costa12 days ago

    I love the episodes I’ve seen, but I miss watching your videos, and since I don’t have Prime, I never get to see anything you’re posting... no tea, no shade, I just love your content and miss it a lot

  85. Ava Carter

    Ava Carter12 days ago

    I want Liza back

  86. Riley Jones

    Riley Jones12 days ago

    This is going to be AMAZING!

  87. Jessica Amyee

    Jessica Amyee12 days ago

    Are you giving up youtube now?

  88. Anthony Thomas

    Anthony Thomas5 days ago

    Jessica Amyee no she’s taking a break

  89. Kayla Watson

    Kayla Watson13 days ago

    please get back with david

  90. Kayla Watson

    Kayla Watson5 days ago

    i didnt demand it it was more of a sugestin

  91. Anthony Thomas

    Anthony Thomas5 days ago

    Kayla Watson she isn’t going to do something like that just to please her fans. They were the cutest couple ever but it is their choice and we should not demand (see what I did there) for her to do things just so we can have a happy ending

  92. Sara Eve White

    Sara Eve White13 days ago

    Can you make a video for once in a long time...

  93. Leon Andersson

    Leon Andersson13 days ago

    I want Liza koshy on wendsday

  94. Jasleen stardust

    Jasleen stardust14 days ago

    Where is Liza?

  95. Jasleen stardust

    Jasleen stardust5 days ago

    +Anthony Thomas ohh

  96. Anthony Thomas

    Anthony Thomas5 days ago

    Jasleen stardust in Australia I think

  97. Hermione Stimson

    Hermione Stimson14 days ago

    Why don’t you post anymore

  98. Anthony Thomas

    Anthony Thomas5 days ago

    Hermione Stimson she’s taking a break

  99. Link

    Link14 days ago

    Plz come back to normal vids

  100. Nancy Clyne

    Nancy Clyne14 days ago

    Sell out

  101. Saf Manborde

    Saf Manborde14 days ago

    I miss you Liza 💔

  102. Niii

    Niii14 days ago

    lisa is a sell out

  103. Seni778 Is hella koo

    Seni778 Is hella koo15 days ago

    Why isn’t she posting it’s been 2 months since she last posted

  104. Marie Evans

    Marie Evans15 days ago

    3 months!?!? Its been 3 months!!

  105. Lime-green!

    Lime-green!15 days ago

    Fortnite dance challenge plese

  106. Terri Watson

    Terri Watson15 days ago

    Liza we miss you!

  107. Deizy -Mайнкрафт

    Deizy -Mайнкрафт15 days ago

    Nastya Jackson

  108. Deizy -Mайнкрафт

    Deizy -Mайнкрафт15 days ago

    Nastya Jackson