Liza On Demand - Official Trailer


  1. Rute Mesquita

    Rute Mesquita45 minutes ago

    I saw you in Flávia Calina, brasileira. Fortaleza,Brasil.

  2. Chels Rules

    Chels Rules57 minutes ago

    *@LizaKoshy* I just realized that you were gonna be the host of Double Dare.

  3. Asia Robinson

    Asia RobinsonHour ago

    I can’t watch it because I don’t have premium 😫

  4. Hailey Kee

    Hailey KeeHour ago


  5. Creata Girl9

    Creata Girl9Hour ago

    LUV DIS SOW MOCH!!(i luv dis sow moch dat I dunt evein car aboute my speling) 1 Like=1 Laugh for Liza

  6. Kenna Johnson

    Kenna Johnson3 hours ago

    What's up high wanna get bro??

  7. Brezey xx

    Brezey xx3 hours ago


  8. Cool King

    Cool King4 hours ago

    Lol this is so funny

  9. Πέτρος Κόκος

    Πέτρος Κόκος4 hours ago


  10. Maria Cornea

    Maria Cornea4 hours ago

    Cool!! ❤️

  11. It's Madie Louise

    It's Madie Louise5 hours ago

    There will be no more “I have a boyfriend”

  12. shneika morgan

    shneika morgan5 hours ago

    can't wait to watch this ... :)

  13. Amber Alpaca

    Amber Alpaca5 hours ago

    Ooh so is this why she had a break?

  14. Paridhi Barthwal

    Paridhi Barthwal6 hours ago


  15. dis boi

    dis boi6 hours ago


  16. Maya Davis-Goodstein

    Maya Davis-Goodstein6 hours ago

    With Liza, you know she does her own stunts. Like a badass❤️

  17. Crystal Playz

    Crystal Playz6 hours ago

    I'm excited for this!

  18. Oliver M-W

    Oliver M-W7 hours ago

    I’m so confused, What happened to youtube red? What’s MReporter premium?

  19. Alexia Barnett

    Alexia Barnett7 hours ago

    Do you do videos anymore?

  20. Marielena Flores

    Marielena Flores7 hours ago


  21. A'Mareese Esters

    A'Mareese Esters7 hours ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue Please just post Doesn't matter what day you choose LOL Please Liza I just missed your videos please I miss your personality and humor lol

  22. Jordan Tu

    Jordan Tu8 hours ago

    Are you David back together?please get back together

  23. Stacy Richemond

    Stacy Richemond8 hours ago

    Liza make vid about dancing with Liza

  24. riley lili

    riley lili8 hours ago

    Ya pas en français c'est dommage

  25. Leana Cutanda

    Leana Cutanda8 hours ago

    15m subss YASSS!! congrats lizaa

  26. A'Mareese Esters

    A'Mareese Esters7 hours ago

    BTW saw your edit that makes a lot more sense than before LOL I was like Liza has 15 subscribers let me check?!?!? LOL

  27. Leana Cutanda

    Leana Cutanda7 hours ago

    A'Mareese Esters 👍🏻ty

  28. A'Mareese Esters

    A'Mareese Esters7 hours ago

    Leana Cutanda Your channel seems cute and you seem nice I will subscribe for support let's be #internetfriends. Because y not lol 😂 idek

  29. Jaidee's World

    Jaidee's World8 hours ago

    Liza u know spanish

  30. Dilyara Ghafarshad

    Dilyara Ghafarshad9 hours ago

    What happened to WEDNESDAY WITH LIZZA😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  31. Evelyn Esperanza

    Evelyn Esperanza9 hours ago

    Wabang pang

  32. Blackheart Ontario

    Blackheart Ontario9 hours ago

    I unsubscribed because I'm tired of wasting my time to check for your uploads. Do you have any idea how much your channel meant to me before you stopped posting? I get it, you're busy filming, but think about the 15 million+ people who think about you and your channel all the time. You changed my life with your hilarious randomness, I was so depressed before I discovered you. Now, I'm disgusted at what I see in my subscriptions list.

  33. A'Mareese Esters

    A'Mareese Esters7 hours ago

    If you were truly a fan you would been patient and let her do what she needs to do. You don't know what she's going through or what she needs to do. You do not control her life just let her post when she wants to post. Have a nice day 😊

  34. The Matinee Show

    The Matinee Show9 hours ago

    Is it me or is she really cringy to watch?

  35. trini faith

    trini faith10 hours ago

    Hey Liza I doubt you will read this but I have a team and we would like to be on Double Dare so how could I make that happen 😊😄 Also can't wait

  36. Sarina Salazar

    Sarina Salazar10 hours ago

    Who else is still waiting for her next video? Its Thursday, ive been checking since yesterday.. And every 5 minutes... Haha...

  37. pornoonsteroids

    pornoonsteroids10 hours ago

    wtf? is this a movie or TV show? I can't believe they would give either to her. her MReporter videos are terrible

  38. Persais Daijailiin

    Persais Daijailiin11 hours ago

    Liza u havent posted in a while!😭😢😭😢😭and ik ur still recovering from ur break up and im sorry and i understand its just hard without ur funny videos.💔

  39. Antonio ???

    Antonio ???11 hours ago


  40. MorganTwizler 4453

    MorganTwizler 445311 hours ago

    oh my god this looks so good


    TENLEY WILSON11 hours ago

    Is it on dish on demand tho? 🤔 I'm joking I'm not that dum

  42. denise wyett

    denise wyett11 hours ago

    I found cardy b kid

  43. J. Wolfhard

    J. Wolfhard11 hours ago

    where do i watch this

  44. Nora McTiernan

    Nora McTiernan12 hours ago

    Omg that looks soo good, I can't wait for it to come out!

  45. MissAdventure 07

    MissAdventure 0712 hours ago

    I am totally watching this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Iris Villegas

    Iris Villegas12 hours ago

    Plz come back

  47. Sarahisaveg21 1

    Sarahisaveg21 112 hours ago


  48. Beatrix Nicole

    Beatrix Nicole12 hours ago

    This looks amazing Liza!!!

  49. Antwnae Littlejohn

    Antwnae Littlejohn12 hours ago

    Liza on madea boo 1

  50. TrashTM

    TrashTM12 hours ago

    Happy 15m Sub

  51. Shaelyn Hildebrand

    Shaelyn Hildebrand12 hours ago

    I’m so excited for thissss

  52. 문선moonandsunrise

    문선moonandsunrise12 hours ago

    this looks good! i wanna watch!!!

  53. My Waifu

    My Waifu13 hours ago


  54. Noelle Sung

    Noelle Sung13 hours ago

    Why does the thumbnail look kiiinda like lily

  55. Mythical Beast#1

    Mythical Beast#113 hours ago

    I’m still sad that she’s hasn’t posted in a long time

  56. Bubblewolf Plays

    Bubblewolf Plays13 hours ago


  57. Moose ASMR

    Moose ASMR13 hours ago

    Is anyone else sad that Liza never posts anymore

  58. Mya Schneider

    Mya Schneider13 hours ago

    oh ew

  59. beatsbyheart

    beatsbyheart14 hours ago

    Girl Boss vibes

  60. Bailey Henderson

    Bailey Henderson14 hours ago

    She should get a job that is not affecting me . buy frsh please

  61. rasberry palette

    rasberry palette14 hours ago

    Liza I saw you on the late show with Steven covare while my grandmother was watching it

  62. LittleRedGamer

    LittleRedGamer14 hours ago

    I wonder if she's gonna come back :[

  63. Amber Rodriguez

    Amber Rodriguez14 hours ago


  64. Amber Rodriguez

    Amber Rodriguez14 hours ago

    Wassup high, wanna get bro?

  65. Maddy Peterson

    Maddy Peterson14 hours ago

    OMG this comes out a day before my birthday! Liza you did good I love ur vids!😍😍😍

  66. Elyssa Johnston

    Elyssa Johnston14 hours ago


  67. One PanDa \._./

    One PanDa \._./14 hours ago


  68. Esther Aguillon

    Esther Aguillon14 hours ago

    Yassssss Lisa koshy

  69. Ann Baldwin

    Ann Baldwin14 hours ago

    Grrrrrrr I don’t want to get MReporter Redddddd

  70. Galaxy Wolf

    Galaxy Wolf15 hours ago

    Congrats on being the host of double dare

  71. Nothin but Melodrama

    Nothin but Melodrama15 hours ago

    am I the only person who doesn’t find her funny whatsoever

  72. Hayah Khatri

    Hayah Khatri15 hours ago


  73. Al Hannia López

    Al Hannia López15 hours ago

    Can’t wait

  74. Holland Hickman

    Holland Hickman15 hours ago

    I REALLY want to watch this but I don’t have MReporter red

  75. Xtreame 1

    Xtreame 115 hours ago

    Congrats on 15 million love u 💗💗

  76. Cat Girl

    Cat Girl15 hours ago

    Omg can't wait, anyway congratulations on 15 million subscribers 🎊🎉

  77. Hchbgg

    Hchbgg16 hours ago

    Plz tell me this is an actual movie

  78. Kaitlyn Cassidy

    Kaitlyn Cassidy16 hours ago

    I love it sooooooooooo much😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  79. Kayla Hobson Harris

    Kayla Hobson Harris16 hours ago

    Can you pls do more videos soon

  80. aly artist

    aly artist16 hours ago


  81. Potato Luna

    Potato Luna16 hours ago

    CONGRATS ON 15 MILLION 😃❤️ Love you Liza and you deserve it! 😂

  82. photo graphy

    photo graphy16 hours ago

    Omgg I cannot wait 😂😂

  83. Stella Danso

    Stella Danso16 hours ago


  84. Kay’s Island

    Kay’s Island16 hours ago

    Congratulations on 15 MILLION!!! Thats insane 🤗

  85. Kiki cocaine

    Kiki cocaine16 hours ago

    I thought she did videos every wendays

  86. CG Gaming

    CG Gaming16 hours ago

    I saw she's the host of double date

  87. Xolipops commenting acount

    Xolipops commenting acount16 hours ago


  88. Xolipops commenting acount

    Xolipops commenting acount16 hours ago


  89. Wo Yo I'm Ben

    Wo Yo I'm Ben16 hours ago

    This might be enough of a push to get MReporter red

  90. *Anna* banana

    *Anna* banana17 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂 this is why I love liza

  91. Maya Hansen

    Maya Hansen17 hours ago

    OM;G I; HYPED'

  92. Translucent Productions

    Translucent Productions17 hours ago

    i always forget how gorgeous kimiko glenn is WOW

  93. Chucky chuck

    Chucky chuck17 hours ago

    Congrats on hitting 15M subscribers

  94. Flamingo Fight

    Flamingo Fight17 hours ago

    What happend to "new video every wednesday"?

  95. Willie

    Willie17 hours ago

    Ok. Now that I'm totally confused? What's this show and what's the Nickolodian thing? Are they the same? If they are different, then not smart marketing. One show will get left behind or lost in the other. It thins the audience. If they are different shows. I don't know...

  96. Gabby Smith

    Gabby Smith17 hours ago

    This looks awesome 😂

  97. BF Wild

    BF Wild17 hours ago

    This is so funny!! 😂😂

  98. Fabian McIntyre

    Fabian McIntyre18 hours ago

    Liza, you have a great personality, and if you hadn’t already been on the show, you should be on MadTv because you’re funny and cute. By the way, you’re cute! Has anyone ever told you that you’re cute? You’re cute! Yeah! Oh yeah cute and funny. Funny but cute second, but the “good second” ! There is good second and there is bad second. Lol Anyhow, keep up the good work because the entertainment industry needs more laughter and great personality beautiful!

  99. SAF_2004

    SAF_200418 hours ago

    Where did Liza go? Did she announce she was taking a break and I’m just being stupid and living under a rock?? I miss herrrr

  100. Charlotte : D

    Charlotte : D18 hours ago

    That’s going to be so good

  101. Mad Max

    Mad Max18 hours ago

    i. am. so. buying. this.

  102. Maia Guerra

    Maia Guerra18 hours ago

    Hello liza if you are goint to read this, i now your not but i want to say i love your videos they make me feel very happy, And something in spanish: Me gustan tus videos me gustaria coneserte en persona te admiró como youtuber y persona espero que lo leas I love you, te amo, te deseó un buen futuro😙 Solo algo mas pengo 11 años, besos love ya

  103. Maia Guerra

    Maia Guerra18 hours ago

    We turn 15,008,885 subs yayayyayayay

  104. Lauren Arceneaux

    Lauren Arceneaux18 hours ago

    Congrats on 15M

  105. Julian Moss

    Julian Moss18 hours ago

    Can't wait! Finally!