Liza Koshy Touches a Bearded Dragon, Chinchilla & Other Weird Stuff in the Fear Box | Vanity Fair


  1. Liza Koshy

    Liza KoshyYear ago

    sorry for screaming... my anxiety and PTSD was triggered lol. but we only harmed one animal in the making of this video... it was me. lol thanks for having me Derek! im gonna go whisper calmly now

  2. Natalie Kramer

    Natalie Kramer20 days ago

    Liza Koshy sorry I think snakes and spiders are fascinating I offended you so much right now probably lol

  3. Christine Botha

    Christine BothaMonth ago

    I love your stress burps. I have ADD and Aspergers Autism but highly functioning. I am proud of who I am and not set back besides knowing what is and what is not apropriet in public and I get dritracted. I love your personality and I feel that you have become my new favourite celebrity. If you are in South Africa I would love to show you around. Here is my number if you ever want to talk which I would really love 073 631 5854. Thank you so much for your time if you read this . Gosh totally feeling embarrest and thank you again.

  4. Mia's Vlogs And More Fun Stuff!

    Mia's Vlogs And More Fun Stuff!2 months ago

    Liza Koshy saaaaaame guurl

  5. Nickki Rain

    Nickki Rain3 months ago


  6. Ceeka Peeka

    Ceeka Peeka4 months ago


  7. ItsDark

    ItsDark11 hours ago

    _If I touched that tarantula I would just take my hand off it and smack everyone in their faces lol_

  8. Madison Turkey

    Madison Turkey12 hours ago

    I have a bearded dragon and she’s so cute and nice, she’s never hurt anyone!

  9. Amani Forcatto

    Amani ForcattoDay ago


  10. ochaco uraraka!!

    ochaco uraraka!!Day ago

    omg shes so small thats adorab;e

  11. Addison McGovern

    Addison McGovernDay ago

    this video was made just to prove how jumpy Liza is!


    GAMER_DOGEDay ago

    All these creatures in this video I want as a pet. And I'm a girl lol

  13. Hatiti201 YT

    Hatiti201 YTDay ago

    My smile muscles are still dead. I watched the magician guy one. He was 1000000000% not Liza 😂

  14. welcome to ASMR. jeyly

    welcome to ASMR. jeylyDay ago

    Liza yay

  15. Ramla Aweis

    Ramla AweisDay ago

    I thought u were my friend 😂😏😂

  16. Andy Winters

    Andy Winters2 days ago

    Does anyone else love lizas shirt...

  17. 1KB1

    1KB12 days ago

    "Its slugs covered in dog food, which by the way is ...animal abuse" 😂😂

  18. Cookie Crumble

    Cookie Crumble2 days ago

    awwwwwwwww Liza the bearded lizard looks just like u.

  19. Olivia Miller

    Olivia Miller2 days ago

    9:40 oH mY gOd yOuR sO cUtE

  20. 3 Dollars and 50 Cents

    3 Dollars and 50 Cents2 days ago

    She should do voice overs for cartoons

  21. Jake Holtz

    Jake Holtz3 days ago


  22. EllighaXx playz

    EllighaXx playz3 days ago

    Id love to come ! I will be sure to come to the fear factor soon! I love nature to

  23. Freya Davis

    Freya Davis3 days ago

    I have a pet bearded dragon

  24. random stuff 24\7

    random stuff 24\75 days ago

    It wasn't a regular tourtouise it was an African tourtouise!

  25. random stuff 24\7

    random stuff 24\75 days ago

    I love Liza koshi

  26. MrOldCrow

    MrOldCrow5 days ago

    Who's the 10 year old burping boy?

  27. Rebecca Pontius

    Rebecca Pontius6 days ago

    liza is the best i can not laugh when i watch her

  28. Randy Morehouse

    Randy Morehouse8 days ago

    Liza is freaking out while the bearded dragon was like "what the heck is wrong with you"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. helena approves

    helena approves9 days ago

    I saw Liza and a Bearded Dragon. I was sold right there

  30. Ibrahim Kassem

    Ibrahim Kassem10 days ago

    1:42 am I near the butt 😂

  31. chan chan

    chan chan10 days ago

    I would have flipped that whole box over with the tarantula one NOPE! NOPPPPPPPE i even jumped out my skin nearly when it got to this part.

  32. Jung kookie

    Jung kookie11 days ago

    Liza: 6:33 *gasp* *HiS hEaD LoOkS lIke A wEiNeR* --LIZA 2017

  33. Eli And some art

    Eli And some art13 days ago

    This is liza Abuse

  34. Ashley Ahrens

    Ashley Ahrens13 days ago

    I habe a chinchilla!!!! His name is boomer 😂

  35. Hannah Banana

    Hannah Banana14 days ago

    Can’t she see it in the view finder?

  36. Joemari Alcayde

    Joemari Alcayde14 days ago

    6:49 replat button. hahahahahhaa

  37. Sky Aranda

    Sky Aranda15 days ago

    Liza got a flashback w/ that tarantula lol

  38. Nia Thompson

    Nia Thompson15 days ago

    I have 2 bearded dragons

  39. Sam Reilly

    Sam Reilly16 days ago

    My hands are twerking😂

  40. Omgleepop XD

    Omgleepop XD16 days ago

    Lisa beeps when she’s scared

  41. Angela Banta

    Angela Banta17 days ago

    I laughed so hard where Liza said “ ahh ??? What was that I thought you were my friend!”

  42. Madelyn Schantz

    Madelyn Schantz17 days ago

    7:34 oh god that's a lot of wetness I'm dead

  43. coffeegirl18

    coffeegirl1817 days ago

    Omg this was so good. I would've freaked out with the tarantula. I totally get your freaking out. I'd be screeching.

  44. Jxliet

    Jxliet17 days ago


  45. Lili Cordge

    Lili Cordge17 days ago

    3:56 "its a serpent" DANG SOUTHSIDE SERPENTS U SAY ??! yazzzzzzz ! #trueriverdalefan #mentallydatingjughead

  46. nation's boygroup

    nation's boygroup19 days ago

    The fact that I used to find her funny years ago BAFFLES me. She's a tryhard, oof.

  47. #b3 #Pr0ud

    #b3 #Pr0ud19 days ago

    L:It..It's a... Ch...Chin..chi..Chiloopa... D:Yes, It's an adorable chiloopa

  48. Pretty Mangle

    Pretty Mangle20 days ago


  49. ballpythonkid

    ballpythonkid20 days ago

    Bearded Dragons aren't weird ☹

  50. Faith Poppe

    Faith Poppe21 day ago

    9:37 to 9:41 I was dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  51. David Murphy

    David Murphy21 day ago

    She burped like seven times 😂😂

  52. David Murphy

    David Murphy21 day ago

    Liza your going to be my wife 😂😂

  53. WaffleFrie Kitty

    WaffleFrie Kitty21 day ago

    It made me smile so hard I had to get an ice pack for my mouth.🤣

  54. Ali Small

    Ali Small21 day ago

    I have a berded dragon

  55. Brandi Thomas

    Brandi Thomas21 day ago

    Liza: his head looks like a weiner

  56. Joanna Velasquez

    Joanna Velasquez22 days ago

    I knew she was going to say chinchilla 😍🥰🥰

  57. bon bon/ink!sans & rocket rhenium

    bon bon/ink!sans & rocket rhenium22 days ago

    I love how Liza did her hair XD

  58. Grace Nyrén

    Grace Nyrén23 days ago

    The funniest fear box ever! Hahahahaha!!

  59. GalaticMarmellow

    GalaticMarmellow23 days ago

    How do the animals not speak

  60. Susie Wolf

    Susie Wolf24 days ago

    Liza Koushy, your reactions are great! I like them! :D

  61. Susie Wolf

    Susie Wolf24 days ago

    Hehe... Sorry for spelling your surname wrong. It was an accident.

  62. Angie Babasa

    Angie Babasa24 days ago

    *instrumental* a snek

  63. david gonzalez

    david gonzalez25 days ago

    what up with all the burping

  64. nation's boygroup

    nation's boygroup19 days ago

    she has 0 manners lmfao

  65. Amie K

    Amie K25 days ago


  66. Amie K

    Amie K25 days ago

    She keeps burping ahahha😂😂😂😂😂😂

  67. Amie K

    Amie K25 days ago

    She loves weiners 2 aha😂😂😂

  68. Amie K

    Amie K25 days ago

    That's a trantula and I hate evry body in this rooom burps*

  69. Amie K

    Amie K25 days ago

    Her faceee

  70. Kennan Lukacs

    Kennan Lukacs25 days ago

    That senegal was starting to pluck...

  71. Michael the Avocado

    Michael the Avocado26 days ago

    i have a pet chinchilla

  72. Alex Holmén

    Alex Holmén26 days ago

    I want to see the faces of the people singing the names

  73. Big TTUBE

    Big TTUBE26 days ago

    *i like turtles..*

  74. Frank Finesse

    Frank Finesse26 days ago

    6:48 he got more scared than Liza😂😂

  75. Natali :3

    Natali :327 days ago

    4:50 I peed

  76. Janelle Hurn

    Janelle Hurn28 days ago

    "Is this the ground? Oh I like..I like this part *touches the leg* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

  77. 🦉Brianna_owlfan🦉

    🦉Brianna_owlfan🦉28 days ago


  78. Oh yeah yeah

    Oh yeah yeah28 days ago

    wat dis DDSWAF mean :P

  79. TC. rockmaster

    TC. rockmaster29 days ago

    Do u like tricks ???( Did I get u) Read more

  80. TC. rockmaster

    TC. rockmaster29 days ago

    6:50 when the purge starts!😂😂😂(love u liza pls give me a shout out)

  81. Kylee Butler 360

    Kylee Butler 36029 days ago

    I have a chinchilla his name is Gizmo

  82. Small Beans

    Small Beans29 days ago

    2:19 *me when my sister tricks me with the ligma joke*

  83. Vanessa Easterling

    Vanessa Easterling29 days ago

    The first animal that she touches I actually have one of those

  84. Angela Hopeful

    Angela Hopeful29 days ago

    This reminds me of when David would blindfold Liza and it always was cute Other than the snake Sorry snake lovers

  85. Rylee Damron

    Rylee Damron29 days ago

    Liza: It’s a C- C-Ch-Ch its starts with a Ch It’s a challopa!!! Me:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Yeah Liza it’s an adorable Challopa lol 😂 9:18

  86. WhyDontWe Lover

    WhyDontWe Lover29 days ago

    6:48 I started laughing so much 😂😂😂

  87. Ann-Adeva Njambali

    Ann-Adeva Njambali29 days ago

    Omg I will never be on this channel 😂😠😠😠😮😧😧that spider 😱😱😱😱😨😰😷😫😫🙊

  88. Phyllis Frazier

    Phyllis Frazier29 days ago

    I have a bearded dragon ( u can see in my pick) ( 2 year pick) his name is ember

  89. Bella Bowles

    Bella BowlesMonth ago

    he loved the part with the bearded dragon

  90. Bella Bowles

    Bella BowlesMonth ago

    i have a bearded dragon i was holding him wile waching this video(I love him so so much i wish i could send a picture)

  91. Morgan Thom

    Morgan ThomMonth ago

    I want a chinchilla

  92. Artsy Drawings

    Artsy DrawingsMonth ago

    I like how she burps when she is scared

  93. Jessica Ham-Vallillee

    Jessica Ham-VallilleeMonth ago

    I have a bearded dragon

  94. Samuel GSW

    Samuel GSWMonth ago

    9:37 HIIIII *omg* *youre* *adorable* 😂

  95. Rockruff IsCute

    Rockruff IsCuteMonth ago

    I had a chinchilla but he died....

  96. Isabelle Kallbrier

    Isabelle KallbrierMonth ago

    The ending answers tho

  97. Mova _ ZZ

    Mova _ ZZMonth ago

    5:00 ommmhhgg i can't i can't ahahahah 😹😹😹😹😂😂💔💔😹😂😹😭😂😭😂😂😂😂

  98. Jadyn Underwood

    Jadyn UnderwoodMonth ago

    Liza: *looks at snake* *flashback with snake in her car* *longest gasp in the world* Me:

  99. Sydney Fountain

    Sydney FountainMonth ago

    You should invite helga onto your show

  100. Larray Fan

    Larray FanMonth ago

    4:19 Liza: That is a tarantula and i hate everyone in this room

  101. HeyIts Mina123

    HeyIts Mina123Month ago


  102. HeyIts Mina123

    HeyIts Mina123Month ago

    Liza is da person you want to be around ALL the time!

  103. Clara Gayo

    Clara GayoMonth ago

    Its a cha cha cha cha cha cha cha😂

  104. Ahana Jain

    Ahana JainMonth ago

    Do it with lilly singh . Specially the spider one 😂😂

  105. Blue_ Constellations_

    Blue_ Constellations_Month ago

    I love how when she's scared she screams but when she's scared and mad, she is just.... 4:19

  106. Natalia Penaloza

    Natalia PenalozaMonth ago

    6:50 ok that was the funniest thing

  107. Meh It’s Olive

    Meh It’s OliveMonth ago

    *His head looks like a weiner* OMG 😂😂😂😂😂 I CRIED OF LAUGHTER