Liverpool vs Barcelona 7-1 - All Goals & Extended Highlights RÉSUMÉ & GOLES ( Last Matches ) HD



    LIUBCHENKO4 months ago

    10 000 Likes For Liverpool *Mohamed Salah* & *Lionel Messi* ? 👍❤️ Sadio Mane scored his first Liverpool goal as Jurgen Klopp's side beat Barcelona 4-0 at Wembley Stadium in their final International Champions Cup match on 2016. + Goals Champions League 2007 & Super Cup 2001 year 🔥

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    Hazard. com

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    Barcelona is best when Neymar is in Barcelona


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    The guy who made this video is a Penaldo fan

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    narração gringa: hmmm this is a beautiful goal narração brasileira: OLHAAA O GOL, OLHAAAA O GOL, OLHAAAA O GOL, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, QUE GOLAAAAAAAÇO SENSAAAAASCIONAAAAAAL

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    We are the best in world

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    Mohamed Salah

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    Barcelona is bad

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    Salah is the one and only reason for liverpool winning.salah fan like

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    Everyone cheered when Mané kicked the ball, but he was already called.

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    M.Salah is better than messi

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    In which year

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    nice Muhammad shalah

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    Gak mungkin barca kalah kaya gitu editan

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    A picture with Mo Salah, but no Salah goals

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    Mohammed salh very great.

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    Like :Salah

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    This is totaly fake

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    Intro song?

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    Mo Salah is the best and Messi losser forever

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    M.salah 😎

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    2 klopp??



    hála Barcelona

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    Nonsen video i don't like your video

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    Q epocas carajo asi se rompe el orto al barza. Viva liverpool forever carajo¡

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    gg liverpool

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    1:12 glitch in the matrix



    Woo salah and Liverpool

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    Liverpool is a dog

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    Lile messi Coment salah

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    Ter Stegen 😭

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    Bro this no kidding

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    barokah karna ada M.SALAH😊

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    i was so happy we destroyed Barcelona because that faggit Suarez left us 😂😂😜

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    Nice clickbait tho

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    Fake match 😂😂

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    Mohamed salah

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    este partido fue real

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    Liverpool won by 4 - Neil

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    Nao fez merda nenhuma na copa esse perna de pau kakakakakakakakakakakakaka

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    M8 why did u post a match for 2016 in 2018 and later about the score as well

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    Fack' you beach👎👎👎

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    This a long time ago

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    Not 2018 there is Claudio bravo

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    Yes Liverpool,win that will show coutinho

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    show coutinho what exactly? lol

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    I Love you salah

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    Where mohammed salah brother????? 😭

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    how much old this game. we know no 1 bercolona and 2 atletico madrid.

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    a secondry english team can rape barca, this is why the PL is the best

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    Why Someone like u has 700k subs?

  79. Dr.Willky

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    I am Real Madrid fan but Liverpool has all my respect, a great team of valuable players who could defeat Barcelona. In the final of last month's CL, they played splendidly against us and deserve to win, Sergio Ramos's gesture showed unimportant! #RealMadrid #Livepool

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    How liverpoop is better

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    is this a question? i don't quite understand this? hmmmm

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    salah is not the best player in world

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    correct!..... pele is.

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    I love the fcb

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    Neymar has more skills than sala...

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