Liverpool vs Barcelona 7-1 - All Goals & Extended Highlights RÉSUMÉ & GOLES ( Last Matches ) HD



    LIUBCHENKO6 months ago

    10 000 Likes For Liverpool *Mohamed Salah* & *Lionel Messi* ? 👍❤️ Sadio Mane scored his first Liverpool goal as Jurgen Klopp's side beat Barcelona 4-0 at Wembley Stadium in their final International Champions Cup match on 2016. + Goals Champions League 2007 & Super Cup 2001 year 🔥

  2. Dayhana Gerrero

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  3. Sepanos Gaz

    Sepanos GazMonth ago

    Messi 👍✊👊💪😎 Visca Barça 💪👊👍

  4. Zinat Dhayne

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  5. Zinat Dhayne

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    LIUBCHENKO صانتانازدل

  6. Zinat Dhayne

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  7. Mojahid Islam

    Mojahid IslamDay ago

    My from Bangladesh i very love liverpool i love salah

  8. Khesheto Yeptho

    Khesheto YepthoDay ago

    Don't upload stupid video Barcelona never conceited 7 goals in this decay.

  9. Germany Legend

    Germany Legend3 days ago

    Liverpool forever

  10. Brandon 1

    Brandon 13 days ago

    Dude Salah isn’t even in here, this is before he was transferred

  11. Nahin Iqbal

    Nahin Iqbal3 days ago

    Fake macth

  12. Ferdinand Hamukuaja

    Ferdinand Hamukuaja4 days ago

    Liverpool 👌

  13. Ferdinand Hamukuaja

    Ferdinand Hamukuaja4 days ago

    Duck you

  14. Stephanos Parcci

    Stephanos Parcci5 days ago

    Freandly game 4-0 not 7 idiots English brain. 😫😫😫

  15. Stephanos Parcci

    Stephanos Parcci5 days ago

    Fake Fake Fake Visca barça 💪👊💛😎

  16. modizen mr

    modizen mr5 days ago

    Like =Mane Comment =Suares

  17. mursal mudakar

    mursal mudakar5 days ago

    Chanel men fuck 7-1

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  19. Juan arriaga Best

    Juan arriaga Best7 days ago

    Brazil vs germany in a nutshell

  20. Ilham Nur

    Ilham Nur7 days ago

    ini 3 pertandingan . bukan dalam 1 pertandingan

  21. Bhim lall Pandey

    Bhim lall Pandey9 days ago

    Condo gata

  22. Penalty Dynamo

    Penalty Dynamo9 days ago

    That’s what I wanted to see Messi going down

  23. Dayhana Gerrero

    Dayhana Gerrero10 days ago

    100.00000.0 likes por Mohamed salah and sadio mane and roberto firmino 100.00000.0 likes

  24. Sally Stephens

    Sally Stephens10 days ago

    Liverpool best Tem

  25. Byin Ong

    Byin Ong14 days ago

    Fuck liverpool

  26. iqa madrid

    iqa madrid15 days ago

    Team barce skill very slowly today .....WHATS wrong leo messi hair 😓😓😓😓

  27. Pangeran 86

    Pangeran 8615 days ago

    Mantaaappp abis... Liverpool... Messi di kadalin. 😎😎

  28. Pengguna Google

    Pengguna Google16 days ago

    I like moh salah and leo messi ❤💪

  29. Salah Liverpool 792008

    Salah Liverpool 79200817 days ago

    4:16 handball?

  30. mina darin

    mina darin17 days ago

    This can't be real NO it isnt

  31. Radhika Kc

    Radhika Kc18 days ago

    Hahaha fucking barcelona

  32. Radhika Kc

    Radhika Kc18 days ago

    Yeah r writer

  33. dinnoluis takndare

    dinnoluis takndare18 days ago

    Go liverpool,go go goo!!!!!!!

  34. dinnoluis takndare

    dinnoluis takndare18 days ago

    Firmino is My favorite of the Liverpool

  35. 07 TJ

    07 TJ18 days ago

    Автор ты пидор когда на 7.1 проиграл барса овца

  36. Trickroad

    Trickroad19 days ago

    Islam will dominate England

  37. Minh Lý văn

    Minh Lý văn21 day ago

    Ghép à ro đĩ

  38. Bijay Thapa

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  39. Microbabe Brown

    Microbabe Brown21 day ago

    Clearly fake.


    BBR BIGBRO22 days ago

    Mohamed Salah wasn't in Liverpool that time stop it

  41. فيصل الجارالله

    فيصل الجارالله23 days ago

    اركد فديتك احداك ر انا ابو مطحس المطاحيس يا ابو سبعه واحد يالمنوب انزلولي بلي قراوند


    ФАТИМА БЕКОВА24 days ago

    Салах мане фирмино☝☝☝☝☝👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💜

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    Foto shop

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  45. Zuhal Efsa Efsa

    Zuhal Efsa Efsa27 days ago

    Türkçe söyleyin yarra..lar😈

  46. Iago Santos

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    KHALIIL JOHN STUDIO27 days ago


  48. Boubacar Diakhité

    Boubacar Diakhité27 days ago

    I like mané is good player

  49. Ali Balde

    Ali Balde27 days ago

    Mané 10 for ever

  50. จิณณวัตร คําภา

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  51. Raja Hati

    Raja Hati29 days ago

    Judulnya sampah

  52. Serg Di

    Serg DiMonth ago

    Это ж развод! Какие 7:1? И у этого фейкометчика 900к подписчиков? Куда катится мир!?

  53. George Taran

    George Taran16 days ago

    А что, по твоему такого не может быть? И как это может быть разводом если Ливерпуль топ команда, которая может также и Реал Мадрид с таким разгромом разнести

  54. Ricardo silva Necas

    Ricardo silva NecasMonth ago

    E o melhor do mundo tava aonde? 🤔

  55. Modou Sow

    Modou SowMonth ago

    Sadio mane forever

  56. Sepanos Gaz

    Sepanos GazMonth ago

    Idiot Maybea in your Dreams 7-1 4-0 and was freandly game your patetica Liverpool fans.😆😅🤣😂

  57. Axel Tambun

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  58. Abu Foyas

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    THE GAMERMonth ago

    You all are fucking bitches. Where did you see salah in the video. And this youtuber is a lier. He surely is a Liverpool fan and a Barcelona hater. Why? Because he put goals that were scored in many matches(more than he did in the video). And in the matches that he put were Liverpool scored, he didn't put the Barcelona goals. Plus, think well! Imagine Liverpool winning 7-1 on Barcelona! This could not happen! I'm not saying that Liverpool is a noob club. NO! I'm just saying that this could not happen. Also, at the end of the video, be put a video for us to watch. Portugal 5 Brazil 3. This could not happen. He put 5 Portugal goals from several matches and three Brazil from several matches as well. This shows he is not only a Salah fan, this shows he is also a Ronaldo fan. Like how could this happen. 1 dislike for this fucking youtuber = 1 proof you are smart. Who is with me!

  60. Athyyx

    AthyyxMonth ago

    Embarassing, Mo Salah is the "Team" And Barcelona is a team can't destroy Salah for some reason

  61. Herminio Paredes

    Herminio ParedesMonth ago

    Suarez and messi. Were they playing lol lol lol

  62. Gabo1617 Ysanny

    Gabo1617 YsannyMonth ago

    Lo q eres es una mierrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrDA

  63. Loyal Gamer

    Loyal GamerMonth ago

    mother fucker die

  64. Cole Melvin

    Cole MelvinMonth ago

    is fake

  65. werick santos

    werick santosMonth ago

    Mano nem parece verdade

  66. Body Mansour

    Body MansourMonth ago

    Fuck this channel

  67. bd alamin

    bd alaminMonth ago

    I love u Salah

  68. futbol dünyası

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  69. Algeriano19

    Algeriano19Month ago

    what the hell this is fake salah didn't even score

  70. Abdul Alim

    Abdul AlimMonth ago

    mother fucker

  71. Salman Pc

    Salman PcMonth ago

    Salah fan

  72. Atem Longchar

    Atem LongcharMonth ago

    How comes Couthino in Liverpool??? 😒😒

  73. Ashar Alvaro

    Ashar AlvaroMonth ago

    Kamu salah

  74. Cheick Belem

    Cheick BelemMonth ago

    i dont belive it ils not true .fake you👉👎

  75. Agung Nugroho

    Agung NugrohoMonth ago

    yang pentinh messi jago dari pada salah

  76. Hackz&Gamez

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  77. who is me

    who is me2 months ago

    Liverpool will be champion this year

  78. 최길웅

    최길웅2 months ago

    I don't love salah I love liverpool

  79. mavovo kid

    mavovo kid2 months ago

    people if you can notice Mane is the greatest player he's really the best

  80. mavovo kid

    mavovo kid2 months ago

    Liverpool is going to take the cup

  81. Ramish Jan

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  82. F. Ross

    F. Ross2 months ago

    Y porque chingados no pudieron contra el real madrid en la champions

  83. It's all about Shash

    It's all about Shash2 months ago

    At 5:05 look at the top of the screen it shows liver pool 1 and Barca 0

  84. NJR 10

    NJR 102 months ago

    Barcelona is best when Neymar is in Barcelona


    XXXTENTACION FCB2 months ago

    The guy who made this video is a Penaldo fan

  86. Ninja Do DesertoYZ

    Ninja Do DesertoYZ2 months ago

    narração gringa: hmmm this is a beautiful goal narração brasileira: OLHAAA O GOL, OLHAAAA O GOL, OLHAAAA O GOL, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, QUE GOLAAAAAAAÇO SENSAAAAASCIONAAAAAAL

  87. نو فكس

    نو فكس2 months ago

    الي عربي لايك


    GERALD KALUWE JR2 months ago

    We are the best in world

  89. monito Solis

    monito Solis2 months ago

    Mohamed Salah

  90. A Guy

    A GuyMonth ago

    stfu overproud Egyptian

  91. Kevin Saninana Lima

    Kevin Saninana Lima2 months ago


  92. Cabaas Ciinaar

    Cabaas Ciinaar2 months ago

    Barcelona is bad

  93. Zaki Ph

    Zaki Ph2 months ago

    Salah is the one and only reason for liverpool winning.salah fan like

  94. NinjaDaNinja

    NinjaDaNinja2 months ago

    Everyone cheered when Mané kicked the ball, but he was already called.

  95. Tombisana Gurumayum

    Tombisana Gurumayum2 months ago

    M.Salah is better than messi

  96. Shahid Shahid

    Shahid Shahid2 months ago

    In which year

  97. David chupa alemanha

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  100. Umar super hero shakhtiman Faruk

    Umar super hero shakhtiman Faruk2 months ago

    nice Muhammad shalah

  101. Uciha Andrean

    Uciha Andrean2 months ago

    Gak mungkin barca kalah kaya gitu editan

  102. Helmiye Miye

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    Mungkin barcelona B.. 😅😅

  103. Deni Bayu saputra Saputra

    Deni Bayu saputra Saputra22 days ago

    Kegoblokan yg hakiki

  104. A Guy

    A GuyMonth ago

    asli ngentot makanya nonton anjing ini pertandingan 2016 aduh dasar musiman dongo

  105. ThePizzaGuy

    ThePizzaGuy2 months ago

    A picture with Mo Salah, but no Salah goals

  106. Khaled Elomari

    Khaled Elomari2 months ago

    Mohammed salh very great.

  107. Melanie Erasmus

    Melanie Erasmus2 months ago

    Like :Salah

  108. KaKtus6 kk9

    KaKtus6 kk92 months ago

    This is totaly fake

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  110. Daniel Duarte

    Daniel Duarte2 months ago

    Intro song?

  111. Jurgen Bajrami

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    Mo Salah is the best and Messi losser forever

  112. kim yakuza

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    M.salah 😎

  113. Hasan Basri

    Hasan Basri3 months ago

    2 klopp??