Liverpool vs Barcelona 7-1 - All Goals & Extended Highlights RÉSUMÉ & GOLES ( Last Matches ) HD



    LIUBCHENKO9 months ago

    10 000 Likes For Liverpool *Mohamed Salah* & *Lionel Messi* ? 👍❤️ Sadio Mane scored his first Liverpool goal as Jurgen Klopp's side beat Barcelona 4-0 at Wembley Stadium in their final International Champions Cup match on 2016. + Goals Champions League 2007 & Super Cup 2001 year 🔥

  2. Truth Teller.

    Truth Teller.Month ago

    LIUBCHENKO انطون جريزمان هو بيدو

  3. cristina furtado

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  4. Albert Roy

    Albert Roy3 months ago

    Fuck you with misleading scores

  5. Dayhana Gerrero

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  6. Sepanos Gaz

    Sepanos Gaz4 months ago

    Messi 👍✊👊💪😎 Visca Barça 💪👊👍

  7. Jaja Jesse

    Jaja Jesse2 days ago

    barca didnt lose to Roma on purpose,they just couldn't win them😂

  8. Faizaan Akbar

    Faizaan Akbar3 days ago

    Why do you make this fake videos barca won that match by beating liverpool 3 nil that was a friendly match in 2016-17

  9. Raimon Bro

    Raimon Bro3 days ago

    The fake video in the world

  10. Hương Nguyễn

    Hương Nguyễn3 days ago

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  11. Gede Muli

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  12. DiSSА

    DiSSА4 days ago

    Lol. It's Summer of 16/17 Salax no in the Liverpool

  13. Khairul Abidin bin Ghazali

    Khairul Abidin bin Ghazali4 days ago

    I love the 4th goal. A lob from markovic and a cute header from grujic. By the way at this time Mane looked more lethal and sharp with his movement and shooting than now 🤔 I wonder why...

  14. Farooq Janan

    Farooq Janan5 days ago

    Messi is my best

  15. Money Maker

    Money Maker6 days ago

    CR7 5 UCL Barca 5 UCL

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    Dávid Zsoldos7 days ago

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  20. Ridho S

    Ridho S8 days ago

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  21. A3pect

    A3pect9 days ago

    Salah sucks

  22. gamers art

    gamers art9 days ago

    Mess I is suck m.salah is the best Like if agree 👍

  23. Lazar Fazar

    Lazar Fazar8 days ago

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  24. FLOKE Channel

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    SEBASTIAN TJ9 days ago

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  28. Alim Honardost

    Alim Honardost19 days ago

    My dad was in Liverpool team then I broke it he join Milan Team

  29. Mehdi Meherremov MM

    Mehdi Meherremov MM21 day ago

    Salah comment

  30. Mahrus Viano

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  31. Jakub Drozdowski

    Jakub Drozdowski27 days ago

    But this is bad, that in describe is "7-1" and in reality is 5:0. Minus because of that.

  32. Jakub Drozdowski

    Jakub Drozdowski27 days ago

    This is incredible what Klop did with Liverpool! Congratulations.

  33. Unicorn Giirlx

    Unicorn GiirlxMonth ago

    Mo.Salah is better💪🏻👍🏻

  34. Lionel Dragon Killer

    Lionel Dragon KillerMonth ago

    Mohamed Salah is the worth player

  35. 엄태영태영

    엄태영태영Month ago

  36. Leo Azam

    Leo AzamMonth ago

    Goblok yg bikin video ini

  37. Bc Comm

    Bc CommMonth ago

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  38. Muhammad Allan

    Muhammad AllanMonth ago

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  41. azer qasimov

    azer qasimovMonth ago

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  42. SRS Gaming : Minecraft & More

    SRS Gaming : Minecraft & MoreMonth ago

    1:17 Clone

  43. FXXF 1359

    FXXF 1359Month ago

    Am I the only one who loves both Liverpool and Barcelona?

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  45. Шохиддин Худойдодов

    Шохиддин ХудойдодовMonth ago

    My Salah лучший вариант для футбола

  46. Teja Kusuma

    Teja KusumaMonth ago

    Gua cinta Barcelona like mesi coment salah

  47. Майнкрафт На Андроид

    Майнкрафт На АндроидMonth ago

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  48. Artur Tanushi

    Artur TanushiMonth ago

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  49. Nasri Basad

    Nasri BasadMonth ago

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    AZIZ JUMAYEWMonth ago

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  51. Иван Климов

    Иван КлимовMonth ago

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  52. Sejuro

    SejuroMonth ago

    according to u 4+2 is 7? u idiot piece of shit

  53. Sejuro

    SejuroMonth ago

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  54. Louis Tan

    Louis TanMonth ago

    Though it’s fake barca lost 4 0 why barca why

  55. таалай бакиров

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  56. Krypton 114

    Krypton 114Month ago

    I love salah but luis suarez will always be my favourite from LFC, only true fans will remember that season, i cried so much, cos of gerrards slip we lost suarez and the title

  57. IVI У IVI И 9l

    IVI У IVI И 9lMonth ago

    Salah is the best footballer

  58. Moha Craft

    Moha CraftMonth ago

    Barcelona is completely broked

  59. Agus Jt

    Agus JtMonth ago

    Kampret yg bikin video, judul anjing, mana 7-1 nya setan doang

  60. Sara Romero

    Sara RomeroMonth ago

    Feo liver

  61. Lesley Lampai

    Lesley LampaiMonth ago

    1:53 whats the commentator's name?

  62. Abdulkarim Muhammad

    Abdulkarim MuhammadMonth ago

    Mane tormented barca

  63. Thapa Sagar

    Thapa SagarMonth ago

    Salah is hyena infront of king lion Messi.dont compare shit with king.

  64. Gm_314

    Gm_314Month ago

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  65. pro gamer çağan dibek

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  66. sabrina hedderman

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  67. Thợ Săn Tiền Thưởng Murad

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  68. Stephanos Parcci

    Stephanos Parcci2 months ago

    Visca barça 💪👊💛😎

  69. nur nadhirah burhanuddin

    nur nadhirah burhanuddin2 months ago

    go firmino

  70. dafroza kayagwe

    dafroza kayagwe2 months ago

    greet Mo salah

  71. Mohammad Hussein Abdullahi

    Mohammad Hussein Abdullahi2 months ago

    Mohammed Salah you ar nice com an you ar best man I like you⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽

  72. Hari Lal

    Hari Lal2 months ago

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  73. Mr.jakir hosen Ronny Ronny

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  74. Messi_Fan153 Gaming

    Messi_Fan153 Gaming2 months ago

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  75. Zafar Ilyasi

    Zafar Ilyasi2 months ago

    Iloveyou Muhammed Salah

  76. Zafar Ilyasi

    Zafar Ilyasi2 months ago

    Iloveyou Messi


    RAMİL NOVRUZOV2 months ago

    No messi=barselona team

  78. Fadli Nata

    Fadli Nata2 months ago

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  79. 박도연

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  80. Dragon ball Videos

    Dragon ball Videos2 months ago

    I won't to see barselona vs liverpul 18/19

  81. Mukidin Tato

    Mukidin Tato2 months ago

    Final cham fion 199 mnu vs bayr munik

  82. Abdallah Channel

    Abdallah Channel2 months ago

    Wow one of the best team in Europe gets destroyed wow liverpool are just better

  83. Francisco Ortiz

    Francisco Ortiz2 months ago

    y el 7 a 1? gorriao

  84. Ahmad shaleh

    Ahmad shaleh2 months ago

    I will be muslim

  85. EeWormexGuu :3 / Вормикс ;]

    EeWormexGuu :3 / Вормикс ;]2 months ago

    Where is the first goal from Barcelona? THIS IS FAKE!

  86. Lover of Barcelona

    Lover of Barcelona2 months ago

    Match amicaL Messi 28ans = 5 Ballon D'or Salah 26ans = 0 ballon D'or

  87. karles lloret

    karles lloret2 months ago

    What a shame of fake news. The lasts scores betwin Barça-Liverpool are: Season 06-07 : Barcelona 1-Liverpool 2; Liverpool 0- Barcelona 1 ( 1/8 champions) Season 01-02: Liverpool 1-Barcelona 3; Barcelona 0-Liverpool 0 (group league champions) Season 00-01: Barcelona 0-Liverpool 0; Liverpool 1-Barcelona 0 ( 1/2 finals Uefa) This 4-0 in the video is a match in pre-season, not an oficial game

  88. Салих Амиров

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  89. Emiey Cino

    Emiey Cino2 months ago

    Keje menipu je kakah niih!!bkn 7-1

  90. Aibek Azimbaev

    Aibek Azimbaev2 months ago

    салах лучший Англие

  91. Micha Abi khalik

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  94. Алишер Сариев

    Алишер Сариев2 months ago

    Fuck you liverpool and Salah

  95. Esad Jakupovic

    Esad Jakupovic2 months ago

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  96. Plane CanOpenner

    Plane CanOpenner2 months ago

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  97. Ben Hazards

    Ben Hazards2 months ago

    Wat khmih longtei ho

  98. Hasib Uddin Raiyan

    Hasib Uddin Raiyan2 months ago

    Salah can only play well in the club not in the national team

  99. Bảo BảoNgô Ngọc Bảo

    Bảo BảoNgô Ngọc Bảo2 months ago

    7-1=60 1

  100. NUURUL Islam

    NUURUL Islam2 months ago

    Barcelona 1-7 Liverpool 😂

  101. Abdur RouV

    Abdur RouV2 months ago

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  102. Katz Cheats

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  103. THE PIT Rap-No limit

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  104. Adam Zaïdoune

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  105. Mojahid Islam

    Mojahid Islam3 months ago

    My from Bangladesh i very love liverpool i love salah

  106. Kilvin Kemp.

    Kilvin Kemp.3 months ago

    Don't upload stupid video Barcelona never conceited 7 goals in this decay.