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Live WrestleMania interview with The New Day: WWE Now


  1. Jay Boi

    Jay Boi7 months ago

    Cathy Kelley is looking Delicious

  2. Andy Cordone

    Andy Cordone7 months ago

    What's with the white midgets dressed as pancakes??? And they say black people can't be racist lol, wow that was the worst thing I've seen at Wrestlemania.

  3. Wolfie

    Wolfie7 months ago

    Andy Cordone Even though I'm not white, white people are turning themself into cucks. It's eveywhere, beautiful white girls mixing with black guys. Destroying the brough the civilization to this world. It's their own fault

  4. Courtney Kemmerer

    Courtney Kemmerer7 months ago

    the new day are the funiest superstars ever

  5. Beetle Juice

    Beetle Juice7 months ago

    They need to split the New Day.

  6. xMerciless

    xMerciless7 months ago

    HAPPY RUSEV DAY !!!!!!

  7. itsmeValdo

    itsmeValdo7 months ago

    Damn!!! Kofi's flexing on us with the new Nike Air Max X Sean Wotherspoon collab! Those joints are fire! Big Ups Kofi!

  8. Edwin Delgadillo

    Edwin Delgadillo7 months ago

    I want fofi to turn on the new day after wrenina 34

  9. Adam Peace

    Adam Peace7 months ago

    She was afraid this whole time xD

  10. Mario U

    Mario U7 months ago

    I agree with Woods, they need to bring back the King of the Ring

  11. Martin Kiss

    Martin Kiss7 months ago

    this t-shirt can i buy to Hungary my country?

  12. FCastillo000

    FCastillo0007 months ago

    Lol these guys are pure entertainment. Cathy is being too serious trying to do her job haha I love her

  13. Anthony Benadie

    Anthony Benadie7 months ago

    Pumped for wrestlmania

  14. john francis

    john francis7 months ago



    ARYAN GUPTA7 months ago

    who feel that cathy is hot diva too. let me also see how many pervert are in comment section

  16. Jason Kenneally

    Jason Kenneally7 months ago

    Love the New Day!

  17. Talha Choudhry

    Talha Choudhry7 months ago

    These guys are homos 😠

  18. Tajhae Scott-Walls

    Tajhae Scott-Walls7 months ago

    The New Day BABY they ROCKS

  19. nakul rana

    nakul rana7 months ago

    The most entertaining tag team in new era is only new day

  20. nakul rana

    nakul rana7 months ago

    Neena patil thanx

  21. Wwe instant

    Wwe instant7 months ago

    Nakul Rana yes u right

  22. Spooder Man

    Spooder Man7 months ago

    Nakul Rana Breezango

  23. Aide Garza

    Aide Garza7 months ago

    getting ready with a lot of chips with a lot of friends here at my house to watch WrestleMania best day ever

  24. Aide Garza

    Aide Garza7 months ago

    I can't wait to see AJ Styles braun s in WrestleMania is it going to be badass

  25. Deronne Kincaid

    Deronne Kincaid7 months ago

    Cathy Kelly is so Beautiful 😍, Fine, Hot and Gorgeous

  26. Viratkumarmaurya Maurya

    Viratkumarmaurya Maurya7 months ago

    Deronne Kincaid

  27. Mustapha23eagles

    Mustapha23eagles7 months ago

    turn the New Day heel and give Kofi the WWE world champ

  28. James Rogers

    James Rogers7 months ago

    Kane needs to bring back his original outfit. Even if it's for just one match.

  29. Meechino Johnson

    Meechino Johnson7 months ago

    I love Cathy Kelley so much... she's fine,she does her job well,and she doesn't sound scripted like most


    DAIMON DA LUZ7 months ago

    New day

  31. Mustapha23eagles

    Mustapha23eagles7 months ago

    the W W's

  32. fer97ish

    fer97ish7 months ago

    Kofi In The Sean Weatherspoons Thou 🔥🔥

  33. Ivan B.

    Ivan B.7 months ago

    This was cringeworthy. She seemed unamused by them and they seemed uninterested by this. She looked hot though so yeah.

  34. Benjamin Brown

    Benjamin Brown7 months ago

    I share the same goal

  35. by tung

    by tung7 months ago

    okayyyy kofi with the sean wotherspoons 👀👀👀👀

  36. killertrap fame 1000 gaming

    killertrap fame 1000 gaming7 months ago

    cathy kelley lookin hot today aye

  37. Jason Jewell Davis

    Jason Jewell Davis7 months ago


  38. Messyourself Fan

    Messyourself Fan7 months ago

    New day rocks

  39. perla cornelio

    perla cornelio7 months ago

    Who do you think will win at wrestlemania roman reigns vs brock lesner

  40. ياسر الصالحي العراقي

    ياسر الصالحي العراقي7 months ago


  41. أبو الليل

    أبو الليل7 months ago


  42. HaadiLovesCookies

    HaadiLovesCookies7 months ago

    i love the new day so much ;D (booty Os are so delicious

  43. liloreolil

    liloreolil7 months ago

    Wow Cathy said “in the mouth” after they kept saying Combust

  44. Kē'André Williams

    Kē'André Williams7 months ago

    I thought I was the only one who heard her say that.I replayed to make sure

  45. hubertheuber

    hubertheuber7 months ago


  46. alex nino rojas

    alex nino rojas7 months ago

    My cool

  47. C11

    C117 months ago

    I met Big E a few hours after this interview, super hyped lmao

  48. Ghost Bz

    Ghost Bz7 months ago

    Good work

  49. Ghost Bz

    Ghost Bz7 months ago


  50. Yad HQ

    Yad HQ7 months ago

    16 minutes live stream First time seeing that

  51. Kshitiz Karki

    Kshitiz Karki7 months ago

    Xavier and Big e fighting while Kofi's cutting a great promo lol

  52. girl guide 4 gaming

    girl guide 4 gaming7 months ago

    kshitiz karki yes it always like that

  53. Saved Kidd

    Saved Kidd7 months ago

    When are we gonna see the wm34 stage 😤😤😤

  54. Deedric Kee

    Deedric Kee7 months ago

    Thank you Kathy Kelley the New Day was awesome you was awesome, great video I love the fun and chaos Woooohooooo!😉👏👏👏😎

  55. Godot

    Godot7 months ago

    She meant curt hawking and not kurt angle probably

  56. Elijah Grimes

    Elijah Grimes7 months ago

    Knew he was gonna say “Sun’s out guns out.”

  57. SudoMudo

    SudoMudo7 months ago

    Cathy is so Catchy 💝

  58. عتيبه الهيلا٥١١

    عتيبه الهيلا٥١١7 months ago


  59. EmperorMAR

    EmperorMAR7 months ago

    Kofi sold that like Lawler taking Razor's toothpick to the eye.

  60. Nacho  WWE

    Nacho WWE7 months ago

    I good

  61. يوسف النعماني

    يوسف النعماني7 months ago

    ممكن اشتركو ابقناتي

  62. Kamran Khan

    Kamran Khan7 months ago


  63. I'm French

    I'm French7 months ago

    What Kurt Angle in The André The Giant Battle Royal

  64. Fmlopez 14

    Fmlopez 147 months ago

    Curt hawkins i was like wtf too😂😂

  65. Eri Rodriguez

    Eri Rodriguez7 months ago

    Whith A Boo Boo

  66. Eri Rodriguez

    Eri Rodriguez7 months ago

    Kofi Go Boom Boom

  67. Joe Bonner

    Joe Bonner7 months ago

    cathey is sexy

  68. Naveen The Incredible

    Naveen The Incredible7 months ago

    Plz interview GOLDBERG

  69. Jordan Sommer

    Jordan Sommer7 months ago

    Well now kofi is injured, and we won't see him sunday

  70. Eri Rodriguez

    Eri Rodriguez7 months ago

    Big E's Holding Of The Mic Lol

  71. Eri Rodriguez

    Eri Rodriguez7 months ago

    Sun's Out Guns Out Buns Out, New Day Hilarious

  72. Roman Reigns

    Roman Reigns7 months ago


  73. MrShowbizguy

    MrShowbizguy7 months ago

    This chick is terrible

  74. Wwe instant

    Wwe instant7 months ago

    Love u Roman reigns

  75. Doug Unfunny

    Doug Unfunny7 months ago

    audio levels off.

  76. James Rosano

    James Rosano7 months ago

    Wwe has no idea what to do with talent anymore

  77. Farhan Uddin

    Farhan Uddin7 months ago

    Kurt angle in the battle royal 😂😂😂

  78. Mihir Gole

    Mihir Gole7 months ago

    Please upload interview with Usos

  79. doge

    doge7 months ago

    Did I just hear angle in the battle royal?

  80. doge

    doge7 months ago


  81. Sir_Drastic

    Sir_Drastic7 months ago

    Kofi just keeps on winning!! Shout out to the 2k18 champion!!

  82. Khadar Alfa

    Khadar Alfa7 months ago

    i pleef kofi and the new day

  83. Iron Fist

    Iron Fist7 months ago

    Roman 🙌🙌🙌

  84. braidans channel

    braidans channel7 months ago

    You suck new day

  85. Khadar Alfa

    Khadar Alfa7 months ago

    hahahahahahah kofi is winer

  86. devi Sri

    devi Sri7 months ago

    Am eagerly waiting to watch wrestle mania and roman

  87. RAV

    RAV7 months ago

    kurt angle?

  88. Deangelo Green

    Deangelo Green7 months ago

    Wrestlemainia weekend here I come

  89. شيلات iix

    شيلات iix7 months ago

    WWE عشاق المصارعة الحرة

  90. 10000 Subscribers Without Any Videos

    10000 Subscribers Without Any Videos7 months ago

    That Thumbnail tho😂😂😂

  91. 10000 Subscribers Without Any Videos

    10000 Subscribers Without Any Videos7 months ago


  92. Khadar Alfa

    Khadar Alfa7 months ago

    whatsap Cathy

  93. alexander y ivan rumoreaba carrillo

    alexander y ivan rumoreaba carrillo7 months ago

    KANE ala champion

  94. Khadar Alfa

    Khadar Alfa7 months ago

    hhhhhhhhh whatsap kofi no baybe i love pige and his boys

  95. alexander y ivan rumoreaba carrillo

    alexander y ivan rumoreaba carrillo7 months ago


  96. achyuth aj

    achyuth aj7 months ago

    waiting for their entrance on wm34,

  97. Uwaiz Ansari

    Uwaiz Ansari7 months ago

    I am un like beacause his clearty is so bad and sound is high


    IAMAGOD7 months ago

    Camera man a g! Getting them good shots @ Kathy

  99. Khadar Alfa

    Khadar Alfa7 months ago

    my brothers The New Day we love u so mach

  100. thor weaver 2

    thor weaver 27 months ago

    Show the arena

  101. Babita Babs

    Babita Babs7 months ago

    Would you be live on WM 34 & @ what time pls?! Coz I'm in Mauritius and I need to adjust my time.THANK YOU

  102. Evie Dempsey

    Evie Dempsey7 months ago

    Who else misses the Bella twins




  104. Zul Husni

    Zul Husni7 months ago

    Hala madrid, hala madrid, hala madrid...

  105. Zul Husni

    Zul Husni7 months ago

    Ufc > Wwe

  106. Kamaray Smith

    Kamaray Smith7 months ago

    I love the new day

  107. super gamer boy

    super gamer boy7 months ago


  108. super gamer boy

    super gamer boy7 months ago

    Say john cena and nikki bella that their my favorite westlers

  109. IAMAGOD

    IAMAGOD7 months ago

    Whose Kathy with man?

  110. IAMAGOD

    IAMAGOD7 months ago

    J can’t hate, can’t hate..

  111. J

    J7 months ago

    IAMAGOD she's with finn balor

  112. Biały Polak

    Biały Polak7 months ago

    Hulk Hogan the best