Live PD: Can I Text My Mom? (Season 2) | A&E


  1. David Cohen

    David Cohen2 hours ago

    They weigh it with the plastic idiots and that was prolly like 1500$ that’s not considered a lot of money

  2. Jack L

    Jack L5 hours ago

    He should’ve had a fake scale to make it seem like he had less drugs

  3. Colby Bitner

    Colby Bitner11 hours ago

    I really thought the video was gonna be about someone wanting to text their mom trying to get out of being locked up, he knew he wasn’t going home, he just got out and knew he was gonna get smashed.

  4. Colby Bitner

    Colby Bitner11 hours ago

    Like I said cops always find a way to find probable cause

  5. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover20 hours ago

    Poor guy

  6. travelteam89

    travelteam89Day ago

    Ive had mine searched 2x dog ran they didn't find nothing after the dogs smelled whatever

  7. Not Kevin Durant

    Not Kevin DurantDay ago


  8. Sweetcandy16_ Gaming

    Sweetcandy16_ GamingDay ago

    i’m dead that they used his scale

  9. Danny Brockman

    Danny BrockmanDay ago

    Meanwhile there’s an 18 wheeler passing by with 180 pounds of Coke

  10. Jordan King

    Jordan King2 days ago

    Lmaoo they used his scales haha

  11. elisa ramirez

    elisa ramirez2 days ago


  12. Vincent Valentine

    Vincent Valentine2 days ago

    sucked back in to live PD.... see you at the end of the work day boys

  13. ShyTy

    ShyTy3 days ago

    man look like suge knight

  14. Food Reviewer 9001

    Food Reviewer 90013 days ago

    I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling cops and your stupid dog!

  15. Ella Johns

    Ella Johns3 days ago

    They literally use anything the dog does as an alert

  16. Okie TC

    Okie TC3 days ago

    Do you ever think police dogs are addicted to drugs ?

  17. DreDay4201 4201

    DreDay4201 42014 days ago

    No cuz I'm busy texting your mom

  18. Octavio  Morales

    Octavio Morales5 days ago


  19. Kyle Boyles

    Kyle Boyles5 days ago

    You can’t take away the cash. That’s his property

  20. Smurphenstein

    Smurphenstein6 days ago

    Probably has his supplier's name in the phone saved as Mom. I won't be coming home likely means get the f out, cops are on the way.

  21. Daddybudweiser

    Daddybudweiser6 days ago

    When has the dog never not hit?

  22. Said Esau

    Said Esau7 days ago

    Omg I live in Arizona

  23. JOOO Zhou

    JOOO Zhou7 days ago

    These policemen are nothing but pigs

  24. Stephanie Frye

    Stephanie Frye7 days ago

    Leave big pun alone

  25. Prince Jay

    Prince Jay7 days ago

    So It’s Legal for Cops to search your car And Tell you to get out your car

  26. mark Lydon

    mark Lydon8 days ago

    He didn’t give them consent to search his car

  27. HarmlessNETZ

    HarmlessNETZ10 days ago

    I don't get how they think that money was from drugs what if he got a job

  28. Tiger Steele

    Tiger Steele10 days ago

    Always want to call ..MOM, not DAD!! Ex-cons...Love their Moms!!!

  29. Robert Cleary

    Robert Cleary12 days ago

    If the police ask to search your car you have the right to say no.

  30. Shandra9000mail

    Shandra9000mail4 days ago

    Then they bring the dog out....

  31. mrramin1135 Cruz

    mrramin1135 Cruz12 days ago

    All cops are dirty

  32. MrPaglissi

    MrPaglissi12 days ago

    I'm sure that made a huge dent in the avalanche of cocaine streaming across the border on a daily basis.

  33. Steven Ricke

    Steven Ricke12 days ago

    he saw a big black dude and wanted to pull him over. end of story. cops are racist pig morons who need to go back to school.

  34. Normal Viewer

    Normal Viewer12 days ago

    This is why we need a wall


    TRIX TRIX13 days ago

    Do you have any cocaine heroin meth Or marijuana because I want to party

  36. Lord Aaron

    Lord Aaron13 days ago

    Live PD stuck it on this guy with that title 😂😂

  37. Terpy 420

    Terpy 42013 days ago

    so we're not going to talk about how he weighed it with the bag???

  38. PJMontoya

    PJMontoya13 days ago

    I hope he enjoyed his two years of freedom

  39. Max Reznik

    Max Reznik14 days ago

    lol "this money is probably associated with the sale of narcotics so we're just gonna SEIZE THAT" ..... sure

  40. Dna Drewzy

    Dna Drewzy14 days ago

    What do they do with the money they find off him?

  41. Matthew Young

    Matthew Young15 days ago

    🎶I'm sorry mrs. Jackson wooo I am for real never meant to make your daughter cry I apologize a 1000 times.🎶🤣

  42. Donald Barnhart

    Donald Barnhart15 days ago

    I bet the cops are getting high

  43. darrin cleary

    darrin cleary16 days ago

    Hope this guy has a bounce back 2019!

  44. noah lynge

    noah lynge17 days ago

    watching LIVE PD WHILE IM HIGH

  45. coolguy3100

    coolguy310017 days ago

    Wow that’s actually pretty sad. Considering his age, his mom’s age and his charges that’s probably the last text he will ever be able to send to her.

  46. Ali Khan

    Ali Khan18 days ago

    *let'sgofindsomedrugs* brrrrrrrrr yeeep yep

  47. David Bao

    David Bao18 days ago

    What was the probable cause for him to search his vehicle with the k9?

  48. samari mcdonald

    samari mcdonald18 days ago

    I’m shook that they have a 75 mph zone

  49. Who Clamping

    Who Clamping18 days ago

    why ask questions if you’re gonna do what you want anyway...

  50. Abeo Nimrod

    Abeo Nimrod21 day ago

    Look the dog is always gonna alert always even if you never had anything in that car ..that's a trick that cops use K9 TRICKING AMERICANS DAILY

  51. John Dalecki

    John Dalecki21 day ago

    Who are you going to believe me or the dog!!!???

  52. Kenz

    Kenz22 days ago

    That cop went lEtS gO fEtCh sOmE dRugs

  53. Kingi Smith

    Kingi Smith23 days ago


  54. Makenxie

    Makenxie23 days ago

    I wish people using drugs were not arrested but put into rehab

  55. rob fogg

    rob fogg23 days ago

    The mum text was a signal to clear the home of drugs

  56. ptpvideogaming

    ptpvideogaming23 days ago

    Anyone know why they touch the tail lights

  57. nelly santiago

    nelly santiago23 days ago

    To leave their finger prints on the car i’m pretty sure.

  58. Lauren Neal

    Lauren Neal23 days ago

    i think its funny everyone is debating whether a coke dealer should go to jail lol his a drug dealer! As far as im concerned having him off the streets is a good thing. And by the way the k9s have certain tells like she went rigid then sat down thats an indicator.

  59. Lachlan Lachlan

    Lachlan Lachlan24 days ago

    Usually when they say no you can't is when they have something

  60. Simon Meek

    Simon Meek24 days ago

    this sucks cause i just know ill be in jail some day

  61. Leo rivaje

    Leo rivaje24 days ago

    Maa baby boo😍😍😂

  62. Colin Cortis McMahon

    Colin Cortis McMahon24 days ago

    Such a good dog owner

  63. Jeroen Fabricant

    Jeroen Fabricant24 days ago

    No means no to a car search. Power tripping police!! 😡

  64. James Faragoza

    James Faragoza25 days ago

    Texting mom, is code for letting the others know you failed on your drug run. These cops are rookies.

  65. MrKratosYT

    MrKratosYT25 days ago

    I’m a server, I often have hundreds of dollars in cash on me consisting of 20s, 10s 5s and 1s. I don’t sell weed but I often have some on me. What’s to stop the cops from saying that my money was made from drug sales if I were to be pulled over?

  66. PPI

    PPI25 days ago

    Fake News!

  67. Tico Ario

    Tico Ario25 days ago

    that's sad

  68. Monsiemage

    Monsiemage26 days ago

    He said "up port" when that was clearly the starboard of that vehicle tisk tisk.

  69. Chancellor Merkelisms

    Chancellor Merkelisms26 days ago

    The dog got all rigid which means we have a probable cause for pizza...

  70. Corey Stinson

    Corey Stinson27 days ago

    Who wouldn’t be nervous tho lol

  71. Matthew Clifford

    Matthew Clifford27 days ago

    MOM! Get the a MEATLOAF!

  72. SandStorm XII

    SandStorm XII27 days ago

    Can I text my mom?

  73. Misael Seda

    Misael Seda27 days ago

    He said not to search smh

  74. PlymouthVT

    PlymouthVT27 days ago

    Aww mom must be so proud...gun in the car and selling cocaine.

  75. Joseph Valenti

    Joseph Valenti28 days ago

    I will never understand how most of these people who get caught fail to drive well when driving hot???

  76. Michael Ashenbremer

    Michael Ashenbremer28 days ago

    Hi I have voice call

  77. Matt Stashin

    Matt Stashin28 days ago

    Can I text my mom? No, sir

  78. motorcycles 365

    motorcycles 36529 days ago

    I would just do the speed limit and set cruise if I was carrying weight

  79. yung fuxk

    yung fuxk29 days ago


  80. Expired

    Expired29 days ago

    Yo said I know I’m not going home

  81. Alize Francis

    Alize Francis29 days ago

    jesus christ whys it a problem for someone to not speed?

  82. Dylan Koury

    Dylan KouryMonth ago

    No sir

  83. Lonely Flamingo

    Lonely FlamingoMonth ago

    I’m crying, now I can’t go to sleep, I’m gonna be thinking where he is now...

  84. Lonely Flamingo

    Lonely FlamingoMonth ago

    I hope he got out, he’s a really nice guy

  85. Matt

    MattMonth ago

    what if they just train the dogs to always lean on a car to get their probable cause for a search

  86. Larry Courtney

    Larry CourtneyMonth ago

    Good job cops

  87. Adam F.

    Adam F.Month ago

    Cops plant drugs on black people. It’s a proven fact.

  88. Shandra9000mail

    Shandra9000mail4 days ago


  89. Ivan Ramirez

    Ivan RamirezMonth ago

    Who else Watching while smoking meth 😁👀

  90. A.L. H.

    A.L. H.Month ago

    Oof him texting his mom made me kinda sad

  91. 怪我ドル Z O M B O I D

    怪我ドル Z O M B O I DMonth ago

    I feel like when they use the dog after you won't consent to a search the police can just arbitrarily say "oh he got a hit" and search anyway.

  92. Anna

    AnnaMonth ago

    So many people would get away with crimes if they only knew how to drive well...

  93. Raymond Holt

    Raymond HoltMonth ago

    by law...when searching a vehicle witha k9 dog officers present should not be allowed to touch and or give suggestive taning ques for the police to use probaal cause to enter the vehcle without consent, that is a dirty trick and should be stopped/

  94. goldmoutdog19

    goldmoutdog19Month ago

    Does the dog get a treat if they don't find any drugs?

  95. Ren Alexis

    Ren AlexisMonth ago

    That handler is awesome with the dog.

  96. Ricardo Reynoso

    Ricardo ReynosoMonth ago

    Homeboy was prob at the height of his grind too..

  97. virl guy

    virl guyMonth ago


  98. j i

    j iMonth ago

    A moment of silence for that guy :( he’s just tryna make it mang

  99. ניר בן דוד

    ניר בן דודMonth ago

    That actually made me really sad

  100. James Karins

    James KarinsMonth ago

    Has not consenting to a search ever resulted in the cop saying "ok go on your way"?

  101. Tim Timson

    Tim TimsonMonth ago

    You can't sell narcotics unless you're a pharmacy=government. So every government official is connected to a drug dealer.

  102. SsS 1

    SsS 1Month ago

    I thought that he got nothing Caz he was confident

  103. Tony Martinez

    Tony MartinezMonth ago

    Its hard to stop selling when u cant get hired anywhere. 😞