Live PD: Can I Text My Mom? (Season 2) | A&E


  1. Maswani Matiki

    Maswani Matiki9 hours ago

    "Let's go find some drugs"

  2. eric

    eric16 hours ago

    the tone he uses when talking to his dog "lets go find some drugs" you can tell he just puts up a front being nice and thats his real agenda

  3. Drinny

    Drinny18 hours ago

    Lmao in Canada it's illegal to use police dogs to obtain probable cause, they're only allowed to deploy dogs if probable cause is present, I hate watching when they do that, that sucks

  4. vivid John blaze

    vivid John blaze20 hours ago

    The cops are the biggest gang in the world Earth is flat and stationary research flat earth and read job 38

  5. nemesisbreakz

    nemesisbreakz21 hour ago

    John Coffey

  6. Belle Hopkins-Truitt

    Belle Hopkins-Truitt21 hour ago

    It’s kinda messed up how they can just assume that cash was from drug dealing and take it.... not that he’s gonna need it but still

  7. Smash MasterMC

    Smash MasterMC22 hours ago

    All he cares about is saying sorry to his mom . Decent dude just for that

  8. Alex B

    Alex BDay ago

    How is a dog smelling not an illegal search?

  9. Alex B

    Alex BDay ago

    Since when is it illegal to go under the speed limit?

  10. corey palmer

    corey palmerDay ago

    When I got pulled over high as the sky I my request for being honest was to call my mom. They let me and they also let me off free since there was no weed in the car. Only reason why they stopped me was because I had pulled over to text my mom instead of texting and driving.

  11. Skyler Lones

    Skyler LonesDay ago

    he kept it gangster texting his mamma stay up bloode

  12. Brian Ellinger

    Brian EllingerDay ago

    Y? Do you feel the need to ask?

  13. Kelsey Morris

    Kelsey Morris2 days ago

    I like the way he talks to his doggo

  14. Aridi003

    Aridi0032 days ago

    0:32 officer touches the taillight to leave a fingerprint on the car, proof that he was there IN CASE anything goes wrong

  15. Imogen Lyons

    Imogen Lyons2 days ago

    Wait how can they take the money they don’t have proof it’s from selling drugs

  16. Kenny Hernandez

    Kenny Hernandez3 days ago

    They can’t take your money if it in your wallet?? Wtff

  17. AlienGuy16

    AlienGuy163 days ago

    They have signals to make the dog say it smells something, so dogs shouldn't count as probable cause. But that's life I guess.

  18. Ref Solluminati

    Ref Solluminati3 days ago

    Bra who aint nervous wen we see yall pigs yall specially wen u black

  19. west side

    west side3 days ago

    Hey mom I dindu nuffin 😂

  20. xYT-Goldx

    xYT-Goldx4 days ago

    no comments what

  21. Beastmode Jake

    Beastmode Jake4 days ago

    If my dealer weighing it with the sack yalldrykno I'm clapping back

  22. oioi zip zoop zap

    oioi zip zoop zap4 days ago

    I'm glad they let him text her... that's nice of 'em!

  23. andrew mcmullen

    andrew mcmullen4 days ago


  24. andrew mcmullen

    andrew mcmullen4 days ago


  25. JulieNCowan

    JulieNCowan4 days ago

    Whispers to the dog “Let’s go find some drugs”

  26. Dread

    Dread4 days ago

    dat cash tho.

  27. Gar Nunce

    Gar Nunce4 days ago

    why didnt he text his daddy? oh wait... nevermind.

  28. godinezfer1906

    godinezfer19065 days ago

    Who likes Tacos?

  29. youmadbroesph?

    youmadbroesph?5 days ago

    50 in a I'm not speeding?

  30. oofAndre

    oofAndre5 days ago

    *Let’s go find some drugs* lmao that way he knew that there were drugs

  31. So Official98

    So Official986 days ago

    i wonder what the cops do with the money😂😂

  32. Erik Papo

    Erik Papo6 days ago

    His story didn't make sense!? What story? Cop lied. Then that dog didn't do anything to "alert" lol

  33. Mohamed Abdi

    Mohamed Abdi6 days ago


  34. Danny Boy

    Danny Boy7 days ago

    Ur suppose to give the dog a treat after he finds something

  35. Wusup Panda

    Wusup Panda7 days ago

    I would like to get on with my day... excuse me... night... this had me ded in side

  36. Dave Pawson

    Dave Pawson7 days ago

    Let's go find some drugs means go sit next to the door and you'll get some bacon.

  37. Evan Alberty

    Evan Alberty7 days ago

    I was going to make a “let me text my mommy” joke but he texted “I’m sorry I let you down again” 😭😭 That just made me sad lmao

  38. F Huber

    F Huber8 days ago

    Problem is... the dog handler can have a hard to detect signal to the dog to instruct it to "alert" Then they always reward the dog for alerting... so to the dog its a game to earn the reward. Once the defense lawyers figure that out (and that the dogs always alert when not on camera), the dog "alerts" will no longer be valid cause for search. The fact that some handlers have been caught signaling dogs to alert makes all of these dog "alerts" resulting in searches suspect. All "fruit of the poison tree" will become invalid as evidence in court.

  39. angry monkey

    angry monkey8 days ago

    That guy was so big

  40. I put the hot in psychotic

    I put the hot in psychotic8 days ago

    Wait 50 in a 75? Who does that?

  41. Syko vazquez

    Syko vazquez8 days ago

    aww come on they planted all that tht guy is a role model.

  42. Sbui59

    Sbui599 days ago

    Sad :(

  43. farthest star

    farthest star9 days ago

    12/10 good boy 🐶

  44. Tom Drieskens

    Tom Drieskens9 days ago

    Are these dogs drugged? why can't they act like normal drug dogs who just go sit when they find the drugs? they look so nervous

  45. Miguel Valladares

    Miguel Valladares10 days ago

    How can you use sun glasses at night and not alter your vicion ??? Stupid

  46. Himself Lee

    Himself Lee10 days ago

    Doubt if he is sorry he let his mom down. He is sorry he got caught. She will probably send him commissary money in prison from her meager income. Pitiful. Second chances are worthless. Letting people out just costs society more money to put them back in.

  47. EcClair Mayo

    EcClair Mayo10 days ago

    How do we know the dog really had a positive hit?

  48. StraingerThingz

    StraingerThingz10 days ago

    "Gonna run my dog around the car" *holds dog by car for 10 min until it's tail finally wags with a certain velocity*

  49. first class junkee

    first class junkee10 days ago

    Im sorry mama, dahdun.. dun.. dun.. dun.. dun, i never meant to hurt you, dah.. dun.. dun.. dun.dun.dun.. but tonight im goin bak to prison sheeeeyt.

  50. elz zino

    elz zino11 days ago

    he texted his mom to flush the rest only real know

  51. Gleeb Gliber Galactica Gavorti

    Gleeb Gliber Galactica Gavorti12 days ago

    See what happens? Comply, stay calm and by some miracle, nobody gets shot.

  52. Andrew K

    Andrew K13 days ago

    Hmm pays well to be Highway Patrol it seems xD

  53. Mark Gray

    Mark Gray15 days ago

    Ill gotten gains.

  54. Taylor Queensbury

    Taylor Queensbury15 days ago

    The k-9 looks so happy. But, the guy who texts his Mom, why is he not playing football? My goodness he is a big guy.

  55. Lacey Lafferty

    Lacey Lafferty16 days ago

    I love Live PD

  56. Bronson

    Bronson17 days ago

    Honestly I love the police and everything, but the police and can just pull on the dogs to get them to jump in car or something just to search the vehicle. There should be a certain response the dog has to give, and just cuss a guy has 300 dollars In his wallet doesn’t mean he’s selling. I have 400 in mine and I’m 16. Am I selling ? No

  57. Danny Petricone

    Danny Petricone16 days ago

    They did not make the assumption he was selling based off of the money. It was already proven he was selling with the scale and coke. They were just saying he probably made the money from selling. And btw that $400 in your wallett is crazy like wow how can I learn how to flex that hard lol

  58. taicheng he

    taicheng he17 days ago

    Suge Knight, going down again! :D

  59. Moi L

    Moi L18 days ago

    A&E STOP copyright claim on public dash- and bodycam vids!!!

  60. jusuf muhic

    jusuf muhic18 days ago

    at least this one was smart enough to TRY and say no to a search!

  61. Secret Crushong

    Secret Crushong18 days ago


  62. dizzyd970

    dizzyd97019 days ago

    Sad, at least they let him text his mama

  63. Chad Louk

    Chad Louk19 days ago

    I feel bad for this guy. He clearly has morals but is caught up in the wrong stuff. Wish he could find the right way in life. Good luck man

  64. dbradley3

    dbradley320 days ago

    Buick Le-Busted

  65. Mr. Clout

    Mr. Clout20 days ago

    It’s off topic but am I the only one who notices that *dog slightly sniffs the door* MY DOG ALERTED ON THE CAR FOR THE ODOR OF NARCOTICS.💀😂

  66. Matt

    Matt20 days ago

    We’re traffic laws made up as an excuse to further investigate or do cops just use it to their advantage?

  67. Gustavo Symonds

    Gustavo Symonds21 day ago

    Kinda dumb to be driving stupid when your packing.

  68. DS Ds

    DS Ds21 day ago

    You can hear the cop say to his dog "let's go find some drugs" hmm sounds like the cop is already out to get him.

  69. Ting Lee

    Ting Lee22 days ago

    How is teaching a dog to sit probable cause? That walks all over the constitution.

  70. Kenzie Malboeuf

    Kenzie Malboeuf23 days ago

    Good pupppyyy

  71. Charles Simmons

    Charles Simmons23 days ago

    Please can someone tell me why they always tap the back of the car when they walking up!? I've asked so many times but no one seems to know

  72. Danny Petricone

    Danny Petricone16 days ago

    So the police officer would have solid proof with fingerprint ID that he approached the vehicle

  73. slimrag

    slimrag23 days ago

    Him getting arrested won't fix his problem if he is a user, and being put in prison again won't help him at all. At this system wants to do is trap people in it, it's disgusting and needs to be fixed.

  74. Calvin Lotz

    Calvin Lotz23 days ago

    There were ones in there. Who buys coke with ones lol

  75. BrazenBullXXX

    BrazenBullXXX23 days ago

    My ex had a law enforcement family. That was a false positive hit. No K9 acts this way on a positive. As a matter of fact on a different episode in the same county the K9 is barking and wagging its tail for a positive. K9 searches are legit but mainly a lie/speculation. Know your rights and talk to a lawyer. In the words of my ex's uncle: (Tugs on leash) "one long, two short, and he will be in court".

  76. Xxparkour showxX Xwalters

    Xxparkour showxX Xwalters25 days ago

    U guys the best low key the vops smoke it

  77. Probably Shyvana

    Probably Shyvana26 days ago

    It looks like its gonna be cocaine.. - We're gonna have to *T E S T I T*

  78. Frank Ramos

    Frank Ramos27 days ago


  79. YDG Plays

    YDG Plays28 days ago

    He Can't Do That Shi! If He Didn't Give Him Consent He Can't Try And Make A Probable Cause!!

  80. Tanner Bowman

    Tanner Bowman28 days ago

    They weighed it in the bag of course it was just over😪 now he’s gonna be charged with over an ounce and intent to distribute it

  81. Colten Frailey

    Colten Frailey29 days ago

    I dont understand why people say no to searches. They will just get a dog and have probable cause and search it anyway.

  82. Moe Dinskie

    Moe Dinskie29 days ago

    The system's broken anyway. The guy made a stupid mistake in the beginning and was incarcerated. But for him to come out and try to be a hard-working citizen is nearly impossible. So the only thing to do is go back to what he knows best. Broken system...

  83. Tweakers Paradise

    Tweakers Paradise29 days ago

    Can't you guys just let him go , It's just a bag of Cocaine's hard for felons to get a job

  84. Petel Pizzillo

    Petel PizzilloMonth ago

    His own scale they used ha

  85. Mystical Rider

    Mystical RiderMonth ago

    Those cops didn't watch The Depaeted....hey ma I'm sorry I won't make it for dinner is code for I'm busted get the heck out of there ; the feds are coming.

  86. MJL III

    MJL IIIMonth ago

    So lemme get this straight...If you sell drugs the cops take your money? Why aren't we taking doctors' money away when they prescribe too many painkillers?

  87. RishadanPort

    RishadanPortMonth ago

    looked like an illegal search to me

  88. We Don’t Need The Police

    We Don’t Need The PoliceMonth ago


  89. Randy Silverwood

    Randy SilverwoodMonth ago

    cop signals the dog... what a cuckold

  90. HeavyProfessor

    HeavyProfessorMonth ago

    Just leave the gun at home

  91. white craft

    white craftMonth ago

    They use his scale to weigh his drugs lol

  92. nerica hinds

    nerica hindsMonth ago

    I love you mom

  93. Mr Martin

    Mr MartinMonth ago

    I don't get it so they include the weight of the bag?!

  94. FN FiveseveN

    FN FiveseveNMonth ago

    Dog was led to target. Happens too often.

  95. nolan andrew

    nolan andrewMonth ago

    Uses his own scales to see how much there was😂

  96. joseph morron

    joseph morronMonth ago

    No one else has a problem with the dog putting his scratchy little paws all over the car? I would have been heated.. just disrespectful.

  97. Gabe Davis

    Gabe DavisMonth ago

    The dogs are snitches lol

  98. orion Fleming

    orion FlemingMonth ago

    That poor Beretta bobcat....

  99. rocket almighty beats

    rocket almighty beatsMonth ago

    how tf does driving slow consent to a dog search...

  100. Josh O’Donnell

    Josh O’DonnellMonth ago

    Too bad all the charges are gonna be dropped since there’s no probable cause to use the dogs. The guy said no to the search - if there was an odor and the cop had probable cause to search for drugs he wouldn’t have had to ask

  101. Savita Paul

    Savita PaulMonth ago

    I Luv it !! Nice VZid .

  102. Gypsy Gall

    Gypsy GallMonth ago

    Someone definitely snitched