Live PD: Can I Text My Mom? (Season 2) | A&E


  1. Michelle Cee

    Michelle Cee7 hours ago

    More bow-ow-ounce to the MFin’ ounce.

  2. Mia Noxid

    Mia Noxid4 days ago

    Yea, I'm probably alone on this but that text was a little heartbreaking to me. Imagine getting that from your son, in the middle of the night. "Love you, sorry to let you down again." He didn't fight the police, he was polite. Reality check...sometimes people get in these cycles of addiction and feel little hope and cant get out.

  3. Italian_ ice _ 23

    Italian_ ice _ 235 days ago

    That’s a big boy 😂

  4. Kevin Sullivan

    Kevin Sullivan6 days ago

    I like cops so much I want to be a state trooper when I grow up

  5. KateBells Love

    KateBells Love7 days ago

    I feel so bad when they take their cash. Like I'm sure there family was planning on using that for rent or something. And Idk if its just me but i watch these videos and try to learn from them. Like do i have to get out of the car and get searched? Are they allow ask the passenger for an id if there not doing anything? Is it legal for them to let the dog go around the car like that if they said no to a search? I have no idea lol

  6. Cydney Payne

    Cydney Payne7 days ago

    Why do they lie

  7. justin cox

    justin cox7 days ago

    Sieze the $?? How can they prove it's not just from somewhere else. I never understood that logic.

  8. Dunecigar

    Dunecigar8 days ago

    The end of the road.

  9. Kevin B.

    Kevin B.8 days ago

    Man, I know times are tough and we have issues but please stop selling poison to your own people.

  10. PianoSatisfaction

    PianoSatisfaction8 days ago

    These pigs pick the stupidest reasons to pull people over.

  11. koju 1420

    koju 14209 days ago

    Why do they always touch the back tail light as they walk up to the car?

  12. GSGExtreme44

    GSGExtreme4410 days ago

    50 in a 75. Dumbass

  13. Bryan Smith

    Bryan Smith10 days ago

    That escalated quickly !

  14. Matt Curnow

    Matt Curnow10 days ago

    “Hey there do you know why I’m stopping you today ? 50 in a 75”... so you’ve stopped him for no speed related reason then 😂

  15. mae hidell

    mae hidell10 days ago

    Man he had the blow the liquor and the gun to fire off when he got all nice . Now he got a 4×8 and a cold steel toilet , and about 10 felony charges . That's O k his momma still love him !

  16. Nateslayer Gaming

    Nateslayer Gaming11 days ago

    This canine actually alerted. In most cases, they don't alert like this and the police say the dog alerted.

  17. SM Music Plus

    SM Music Plus12 days ago

    I feel for his mother.

  18. Omar Arreola

    Omar Arreola12 days ago

    that dog did not alert

  19. mydogsioux

    mydogsioux12 days ago

    We don't deserve dogs. They are so loyal and amazing.

  20. Mahmoud El Nashar

    Mahmoud El Nashar13 days ago

    Guys, working for Uber and Lyft won't make him good bucks?

  21. Brian Ellinger

    Brian Ellinger14 days ago

    Idk??? That's not up 2me ... ... is it?

  22. Bob Builder

    Bob Builder15 days ago

    Dog breaths* “Yeah that’s gonna be an alert from the dog and probable cause to search your vehicle”

  23. Patty standley

    Patty standley16 days ago

    Why do the police park so far from the scene

  24. Dallas Texas

    Dallas Texas18 days ago

    That guy doesn't go to your office to bother you OFFICER

  25. Jeremiah Vintayen

    Jeremiah Vintayen18 days ago

    1:33 - "Let's go find some drugs" 😂

  26. XRemARx

    XRemARx18 days ago

    At first, I thought he was going to do some "MOM I NEED HELP BAIL ME OUT PLEASE" But it was kind of-- in a twisted way-- heartfelt. He remembered his mom. It's sweet.

  27. Mr. Anderson

    Mr. Anderson18 days ago

    He could have got a job as a bouncer.

  28. Barber Cisco 661

    Barber Cisco 66118 days ago

    Using the blokes own scale to log his crime is just plain wrong.

  29. derek bowman

    derek bowman19 days ago

    The minimum speed is 40 tho. Why is going 50 a cause for suspicion?

  30. Neil  Anderson

    Neil Anderson19 days ago

    For doing 50 in a 75, that's odd.

  31. SuperStonyQMUSIC

    SuperStonyQMUSIC19 days ago

    1:30 let's go find some drugs

  32. Apollyon

    Apollyon20 days ago

    thats illegal

  33. Emma Lowell

    Emma Lowell21 day ago

    omg the cop was so nice to the dog wow goals

  34. alski and maxipad

    alski and maxipad22 days ago

    Unless it's under i doubt it's over unless it's a perfect amount, not taring the scale prior to weighing. Rookie move

  35. Kyle Klein

    Kyle Klein22 days ago

    It wouldn’t be so bad if they found the gun and the drugs but having a scale is what seals the deal

  36. Lankey Bastard

    Lankey Bastard23 days ago

    "Sorry for letting you down but I got busted with your coke".

  37. Gerard U

    Gerard U23 days ago

    Can i text my mom update on this episode coming soon

  38. Elias Ramirez

    Elias Ramirez24 days ago

    thats love right there only person he wanted to talk to his mommma my boy rolling with the hennessy tho “i aint gon make it man”

  39. Confector Tyrannis

    Confector Tyrannis24 days ago

    this actually the kind of criminal you can respect some. he got caught. he knew he was caught. he was calm, chill, cooperative (to a point), didn't start nothing. Dude gets caught with drugs, a GUN and not once did those officers draw down on him. see what happens when you don't cause a ruckus?

  40. Allie DiP

    Allie DiP24 days ago

    “Let’s go find some drugs”

  41. David Gillin

    David Gillin24 days ago

    anyone else see that cop knee his dogs head into the side of his car

  42. Nygel Tzib

    Nygel Tzib25 days ago

    I feel bad for this guy.

  43. Khoa Do

    Khoa Do25 days ago

    Dudes be using the same scale the drug dealer uses to weight the drugs ... lmao

  44. cocaineinmyvein

    cocaineinmyvein25 days ago

    Cocaine is odorless... How is the dog alerting to that?

  45. cocaineinmyvein

    cocaineinmyvein25 days ago

    His story wasn't making sense? The guy just said yes to the question you asked.....

  46. YourAverageAmerican

    YourAverageAmerican25 days ago

    Texting mom was code word for the drop will not be completed LOL 😂😂😂😂😂

  47. Luvely Mia

    Luvely Mia27 days ago

    They are taking his money but they have no proof that’s how he got the money. They have the drugs but they don’t know if he was selling for money and bought.

  48. Luvely Mia

    Luvely Mia27 days ago

    I’m gonna train my dog to sniff out weed so I can take it and smoke it.

  49. IamFrancis

    IamFrancis27 days ago

    I felt sad for him.

  50. Johnathan Cooper

    Johnathan Cooper29 days ago

    This area is a speed trap.

  51. Anonymous User

    Anonymous UserMonth ago

    he planted it

  52. Joseph Meastas

    Joseph MeastasMonth ago

    “Let’s go find some drugs” hahahahaha omg

  53. Kevin Durden

    Kevin DurdenMonth ago

    Dog does a hit a no biscuit reward? That's gonna effect moral.

  54. Caleb Workman

    Caleb WorkmanMonth ago

    Hard to believe people will roll with that in the car and not just obey the rules of the road and not draw attention. How hard is it

  55. Erick Shafer

    Erick ShaferMonth ago

    There is no way to get out of a search if the cops really want to.

  56. Peter Galligan

    Peter GalliganMonth ago

    M cAlready

  57. Rebstrollingandgaming XD

    Rebstrollingandgaming XDMonth ago

    My big brother killed himself over drugs and told my mom that a ton of times he was 22 I’m 😭

  58. val phipps

    val phippsMonth ago

    Since when is it illegal to drive under the speed limit?

  59. Ryan Withary

    Ryan WitharyMonth ago

    This broke my heart

  60. broadwaymelody33

    broadwaymelody33Month ago

    This makes me sad.

  61. TheKasher

    TheKasherMonth ago

    The money he found on the guy should be given to the taxpayers so we can buy more drugs :D

  62. Coby Valenzuela

    Coby ValenzuelaMonth ago

    poor guy

  63. Angela Wynter Palermo

    Angela Wynter PalermoMonth ago

    I'll seize the cash y'all where's it go?

  64. NoH8

    NoH8Month ago

    Dude im watching this stoned asf and it got me so emotional seeing that txt

  65. eyesdrop browies

    eyesdrop browiesMonth ago

    Cop 1 : its a big one Cop 2: looks like coke? Not sure.. It might be coke, we're gonna have to test it Both cops : snort big lines Cop 1 : oh yeah that coke Cop 2 : *holding his nose* ohh yeahh hahha Both cops : * they both laughed and high fived eachother

  66. Malcom X

    Malcom XMonth ago

    White people need to commit suicide

  67. Tomas Durant

    Tomas DurantMonth ago

    ayeeee ironwood az

  68. Grant_

    Grant_Month ago

    They cut out right before he was gonna pocket it lol

  69. 559 Cali MZ

    559 Cali MZMonth ago

    Can i tex my drug dealer!

  70. Aleksandr Vasilenko

    Aleksandr VasilenkoMonth ago

    This makes me angry at our laws. Who exactly did he harm by selling drugs and owning a pistol. Forcing someone to buy drugs or threatening someone with the pistol has a victim, owning drugs and a pistol should not be a "felony" Stupid legal system. The cops are not bad for doing their jobs and doing it well, but the laws are terrible.

  71. bmo 420

    bmo 420Month ago

    He knew he wasnt goin home lol I call my mom Everytime I get pulled over let her Kno I might not be coming home

  72. Jae KiDd

    Jae KiDdMonth ago

    I'm confused if you're aloud to say no how can they then bring a dog that they can manipulate into thinking it found drugs even if it didn't no way that can hold up in court I seen no probable cause

  73. Christian Rawls

    Christian RawlsMonth ago

    They always wanna scale drugs w the bag

  74. Nicole Shett

    Nicole ShettMonth ago

    “Let’s go find some drugs” lmao!

  75. Danil Gossen

    Danil GossenMonth ago

    I don’t see where they have proof to confiscate his cash. They can assume that’s where he got it but don’t they need exact bystanders and proof to confiscate that

  76. sondtell williams

    sondtell williamsMonth ago

    Road pirates 😂😂😂

  77. heavymetallust

    heavymetallustMonth ago

    Never get high on your own supply

  78. Tadas

    TadasMonth ago


  79. Adrian Pratt

    Adrian PrattMonth ago

    At 00:35 why did the cop touch his car?

  80. Holden

    HoldenMonth ago

    If you're muling drugs, learn to drive properly.

  81. Alec Rettig

    Alec RettigMonth ago

    Wait did he say we will "consider" it a positive for the dog? Is it or not you can't consider it positive that's dumb

  82. Jordan Alex

    Jordan AlexMonth ago

    System is working perfectly guy gets locked up again because of his old charge not allowing him to find work smh you can tell by the text he dont like how he makes money smh I hate this country The problem can be solved so easily but the the prison money is booming

  83. Chris Edwards

    Chris EdwardsMonth ago

    I feel like the search dog can literally do anything and they'll be like "yep, that's a sign that there's drug in there". And then they'll search your car anyway

  84. Steel City Constrictors

    Steel City ConstrictorsMonth ago

    Anything the dog does is an excuse for them to search lol. So messed up...

  85. erick garcya

    erick garcyaMonth ago

    Are we going to ignore the fact this cop done broke the law by searching the car when the driver said no! Big boy is going to be free

  86. Robby Jones

    Robby JonesMonth ago

    Usually they drive around in unsuspicious cars but have TONS of money.

  87. Clay G.

    Clay G.Month ago

    this was an unlawful stop and search

  88. Talia Stier

    Talia StierMonth ago

    Does anyone else appreciate how adorable the dog is- and how cute the officer was when the dog detected drugs.

  89. Colton gibbs

    Colton gibbsMonth ago

    Can they really run their dog when he says no to a search?

  90. Guntumn P

    Guntumn PMonth ago

    How hard is it to say, "no you cannot search my vehicle"

  91. Erik The Carrot

    Erik The CarrotMonth ago

    Mom's text: YEET

  92. r1ddl3s1nth3dark

    r1ddl3s1nth3darkMonth ago

    Sad. How legit is the dog alerting an officer? I always find it suspicious.

  93. Jamie Thompson

    Jamie ThompsonMonth ago

    Can someone plz let me know why they always touch the back light when approaching the cars?

  94. K C

    K CMonth ago

    To leave their prints. Just in case something goes down

  95. b

    bMonth ago

    Hes a convicted felon a habitual offender the dog alerted that there was drugs which gave them probable cause to search. Felons are also not allowed to carry. The guy deserved to go back to prison. He obviously didn't learn anything. When u are a convicted felon u literally give up alot of ur rights even worse landlords and places of employment have the right refuse u because of of YOUR previous / current charges.

  96. Hector Hernandez

    Hector HernandezMonth ago

    Can’t feel sorry for this guy

  97. Cloey Lorene

    Cloey LoreneMonth ago

    Dang... that dude was rlly sweet:(

  98. Nick Nuzzi

    Nick NuzziMonth ago

    you have no idea how he got that money just an excuse to steal it , and the dig is a great way to violate peoples rights ,

  99. Carmen B

    Carmen BMonth ago

    This is so sad

  100. randomusername987

    randomusername987Month ago

    A lot of these cops have some cool first & last name combos.

  101. TheWonderStraw

    TheWonderStrawMonth ago

    Dogs respond to all sorts of visual and physical cues for one. I;ve never seen a video where the police oficer didnt make some sort of noise or call. In some videos the officer taps along the car as he leads the dog around. For another, the way the dog alerts varies: sometimes its a jump up onto the door, sometimes it just brushes up against the car. They make it seem like the dog is flawless but I wonder how many false alerts they give. Or how many times the dog alerts and the police find nothing. Seems a little faulty or at least an unreliable method. What if the dog alerts to the passenger side door but the contraband is in the trunk?