Live PD: Can I Text My Mom? (Season 2) | A&E


  1. Kk’s World

    Kk’s World2 days ago

    Bro but what if the night before,he won the lottery f something?!!! They would still just take his money?!

  2. Derrick Roseman

    Derrick Roseman2 days ago

    Wtf is considered an alert from the mf dog? Cause everytime they bring out the dog all they do is jump

  3. シDiz

    シDiz3 days ago

    Honestly like I understand them taking all the drug stuff but no matter what they should not be able to take any money

  4. Chamary stigers

    Chamary stigers4 days ago

    Batter get job than sell bad drugs

  5. Goumba 44

    Goumba 447 days ago

    Does honesty exist anymore?

  6. Afterthought

    Afterthought7 days ago

    *This cop's logic* This guy is switching lanes and isn't going at speed limit, that's suspicious.

  7. OG Casper

    OG Casper7 days ago

    All the people in this comments know nothing about the street life.

  8. im not Milton

    im not Milton8 days ago

    This is actually so sad, but how many of ya have bunged these like 22 different times and still find new clips?

  9. mom •

    mom •9 days ago

    I sell propane and propane Accessories

  10. Colin

    Colin10 days ago

    i lol when they used his scale

  11. Polad

    Polad12 days ago

    Why did police touch his car

  12. Element EL

    Element EL12 days ago

    Poor guy. Didn't even get to crack the Henny.

  13. Snowdis

    Snowdis12 days ago

    They can’t run the dog without probable cause can they

  14. GeraldRisch

    GeraldRisch12 days ago

    Right out the movie: The Departed. Call home and tell your mom you won't be home for super. Those police were lucky that BIG guy was so cooperative.

  15. TheBestMovieAlive

    TheBestMovieAlive13 days ago

    Even if there were no drugs in the car, they would have done a false positive and search the car anyways. Cops are despicable human beings.

  16. Linus Tree

    Linus Tree13 days ago

    The cop just smirked when he saw him texting his mom

  17. Ron Lobato

    Ron Lobato15 days ago

    I get chills Everytime I see cops take drugs off the street , good job you guys. I have myself been through doing drugs and I absolutely hate them now. It almost destroyed my life. To even think about doing drugs makes me sick

  18. Andy Moreno

    Andy Moreno16 days ago

    “Let’s go find some drugs” to the dog 😭

  19. Jonathan Pressman

    Jonathan Pressman17 days ago

    I actually feel bad for that dude.

  20. Elias Munoz

    Elias Munoz17 days ago

    Him: can I text my mom? Officer: sure Him: I love you 3000 sorry for letting you down

  21. Sal Paradise

    Sal Paradise17 days ago


  22. Daniel Hurtado

    Daniel Hurtado19 days ago

    Watch out homies the comments are a bunch of white people thinking they know everything you've been warned

  23. Brian Wilber

    Brian Wilber19 days ago

    Any one else love that the dog respond to brrrrrrrr

  24. Kimberly Graham

    Kimberly Graham19 days ago

    Let's not forget the weapon that is restricted for felons to carry.

  25. Kimberly Graham

    Kimberly Graham19 days ago

    Can people get any dumber than this guy? He got out of jail on a ag assault charge. Now he's going back to the home he loves on multiple felonies drug charges. He needed to text mama,because he knows he's going away,for a very long extended stay in jail. Maybe he couldn't get employment because of his prior felonies. People will never learn.

  26. Eazye Espinoza

    Eazye Espinoza20 days ago

    That’s kinda messed up that your seizing his money for evidence because he’s not gonna get it back

  27. Don't Say Anything Mean

    Don't Say Anything Mean20 days ago

    Felony stop

  28. James McMorrow

    James McMorrow21 day ago

    I like how they used his scale to weigh it out🤣🤣🤣

  29. Angelo Kelsh

    Angelo Kelsh21 day ago

    Pulls out baggie “Might Be cocaine were gonna have to test it” whips out a straw deep nostril inhales .. Yup definitely cocaine 😂 can u imagine if that happened 😂👏

  30. chris mccord

    chris mccord21 day ago

    Can you receive a citation for doing 50 in a 75?

  31. Anton Mothes

    Anton Mothes21 day ago

    I wish they would say just once : THIS IS DRUUG MONEY! tenpenny like

  32. Maya Nobles

    Maya Nobles22 days ago

    Anyone else notice most cops touch your brake lights when walking towards you 🤔

  33. Cura James

    Cura James22 days ago

    If a k-9 is conisdered a police officer then that was technically a search that he got tricked into

  34. Jerry Upp

    Jerry Upp24 days ago

    Why can't people just be honest with law enforcement instead of lying? Lying only gets people into more trouble than it's worth.

  35. Matt Graziano

    Matt Graziano25 days ago

    "I'll consider it an alert" uhhh okay so you can just consider whatever you want as an alert?

  36. Robbie Schiltz

    Robbie Schiltz23 days ago

    The cops are trained to know how their dogs react to a curtain drug. The dogs also are trained to show different alert signals for when it finds something. Notice how the dogs back stuffed up and it jumped up on the car while wagging its tail. The sign that made it 100% was when it sat down, that’s when you know it found something.

  37. Not Miles Prower

    Not Miles Prower28 days ago

    The text to his mom broke my heart.. But at the same time, c'mon man, this isn't the first time? You can change your life.

  38. Jmaxboom

    Jmaxboom28 days ago

    "Bad alignment" yep.

  39. Garry Sekelli

    Garry Sekelli29 days ago

    that dog search was BS as F.

  40. Gabriele Trentini

    Gabriele TrentiniMonth ago

    Get some white friends.

  41. Jourdan Leggett

    Jourdan LeggettMonth ago

    He must have 20/20 vision cause he’s driving with sun glasses on

  42. elsamso

    elsamsoMonth ago

    Poor guy

  43. Marcos Lopez

    Marcos LopezMonth ago

    I've spoken to a lot of sheriffs before in my home state and they have all agreed that dogs can be signaled to detect when they want them to. It's hard for you to distinguish what's legal and what's not when you don't know the commands

  44. KeepCalmN TokeOn

    KeepCalmN TokeOnMonth ago

    hard to break bad habits huh mom?

  45. KeepCalmN TokeOn

    KeepCalmN TokeOnMonth ago

    could be considered an alert ಠ.ಠ)

  46. matthew costa

    matthew costaMonth ago

    “let’s go find some drugs” 1:33 😂

  47. Anonoymous Hhssvb

    Anonoymous HhssvbMonth ago

    It’s crazy how they search people so easily smh

  48. Marshal Mathers

    Marshal MathersMonth ago

    If a cop finds any money in a wallet they say oh yeah this must be drug money for sure we’re gonna confiscate that like wtf

  49. Ben Curry

    Ben CurryMonth ago

    Drugs ruin your life so let me take you to jail and ruin your life

  50. Watch Robot

    Watch RobotMonth ago

    head to my channel.. I upload great police interrogation videos

  51. jackis lol

    jackis lolMonth ago

    Wait the cops used his weight to weight the drugs.

  52. Johnwayne Wireman

    Johnwayne WiremanMonth ago

    Let's go find some drugs *dog dad voice*

  53. Bryan Daily

    Bryan DailyMonth ago

    The dog “stiffened up” so we’re going to take that as an basically you’re going to search the car no matter what.

  54. rin win

    rin winMonth ago

    K9 testing seems like it could be easily corrupted. Has anyone taken this to court for unlawful search and seizure

  55. Nicholas Costa

    Nicholas CostaMonth ago

    All buddy had to do was the speed limit and maintain the lines and he’d be good

  56. The Notorious YouTube

    The Notorious YouTubeMonth ago

    Brooo I’ll take his money if you need someone to hold on to it

  57. troyism

    troyismMonth ago

    Bruh, you just got out of you doin

  58. Captain Cake

    Captain CakeMonth ago

    If you're going to have a handgun at least up your caliber from a .22!

  59. Stupid People On The Internet

    Stupid People On The InternetMonth ago

    Lmao true

  60. Tyler Parsons

    Tyler ParsonsMonth ago

    Lowkey he just picked up and cashed that on the way home!

  61. CRAIG

    CRAIGMonth ago

    Guess what fool, are going back to jail....some never learn....Ma, I will see ya , 10 yeas......byebye,...Ma.

  62. Stone Jennings

    Stone JenningsMonth ago


  63. Likanen Länsi

    Likanen LänsiMonth ago

    Well trained dog, not hyper active like most K9. Good job, Mkäy.

  64. Tony Stark

    Tony StarkMonth ago

    Seams like a nice guy, I hope he can find a clean living and get his life straight after this

  65. MotherofDragons

    MotherofDragonsMonth ago

    They always bring out the dog when someone doesn’t consent to a search, for some reason the dog always “reacts” and gives them probable cause. It has been proven that the drug dogs are not reliable. Obviously this guy should be arrested for possession but I think a good lawyer could get that search thrown out.

  66. MotherofDragons

    MotherofDragons28 days ago

    Joe Massino he may be a felon, I’m just saying either way, the officers do use the dogs just to get a way into someone’s vehicle when normally they wouldn’t be able to. It wouldn’t hold in court.

  67. Joe Massino

    Joe Massino28 days ago

    lol he is a felon

  68. Ozarks Farmer Hansen

    Ozarks Farmer HansenMonth ago

    I talked to a guy who as well as his family has been training dogs for 40 years you can train a Dog to be triggered any dog at any time.

  69. Gabriel Davila

    Gabriel DavilaMonth ago

    We gonna ignore tha fact tha dog did nothing when he got to tha car 😂

  70. That's Mando

    That's MandoMonth ago

    Looking like Suge Knight.

  71. cobe _.12

    cobe _.12Month ago

    he knew he wanted some of that money

  72. kupah

    kupahMonth ago

    mom is plug

  73. MotorheadUA

    MotorheadUAMonth ago

    Конченые мрази

  74. SaNdY LOUISE WoOdWaRd1969

    SaNdY LOUISE WoOdWaRd1969Month ago

    Is it true that drug dogs can only locate plant based narcotics like heroin, cocaine and weed??. I was told they couldn’t detect like pain pills etc. any answer would be appreciated.

  75. Twitch_LtMotto

    Twitch_LtMottoMonth ago

    Yes that is because pills are pressed with a filler and very tiny amount of actual drug like oxy or xanax. I don’t even believe a human would smell and be like “i smell oxy” because there is pretty much no smell unless it’s pure opium which drug dogs are not trained for but possibly would detect due to training for heroin.

  76. tim huynh

    tim huynhMonth ago

    Is it really that hard to stay away from drugs?

  77. Ironsix6six

    Ironsix6six2 months ago

    such a threat to society

  78. Twitch_LtMotto

    Twitch_LtMotto2 months ago

    I mean he had a gun

  79. mutiny

    mutiny2 months ago

    The worst crime was driving 50 in a 75

  80. Rafon

    Rafon17 days ago

    I'll take driving 50 in a 75 any day over packing a .22

  81. Cheyenne Guthrie

    Cheyenne Guthrie2 months ago

    Can the officer decide if his dog is a good girl or a good boy please lol

  82. Clay Wilson

    Clay Wilson2 months ago

    He was praying he would find drugs. That attitude is pathetic. That’s why people hate the police.

  83. ShowtimeMahomes

    ShowtimeMahomes2 months ago

    Did he have probably cause before using the dog or did the dog give him cause

  84. Status

    Status2 months ago

    seemed like that stack of money being "seized" was getting smaller and smaller

  85. Common Sense

    Common Sense2 months ago

    These cop videos have the dumbest most close minded people on MReporter. If you support police you support your own slavery.

  86. Robert Gaming

    Robert Gaming2 months ago

    Why do the cops touch the backlight when he walk up to the car inn the start ?

  87. 777Edub

    777Edub2 months ago

    Mad they used your scale to weigh your drugs against you smh dang bro lol

  88. SomebodyEp1c

    SomebodyEp1c2 months ago

    so thats why my plug stopped answering his phone!

  89. John B

    John B2 months ago

    Thats crazy that looks like my check that I make at the end of the week each week if not more

  90. White Trash Gaming

    White Trash Gaming2 months ago

    Pretty sure this is fake the guy didn’t sound nervous and the cop said his story wasn’t matching up how he just said his alignment was off

  91. Malachi Taiz

    Malachi Taiz2 months ago

    That dog is looking at the camera like “Yeah he guilty.”

  92. chromeDM

    chromeDM2 months ago

    The officer said “let’s go find some drugs”

  93. Whinie Thenit

    Whinie Thenit2 months ago

    He’s big af at least 3 - 4 bills

  94. hasibul islam

    hasibul islam2 months ago

    "going 50 in A 75"

  95. Nathan Hobart

    Nathan Hobart2 months ago


  96. august smith

    august smith2 months ago

    Pump the drugs into the black communities, wow, wonder what happened

  97. august smith

    august smith2 months ago

    :( Take TV off MReporter

  98. Brandon Mcmahel

    Brandon Mcmahel2 months ago

    No sir no sir no sir no sir :me 🙄

  99. Vitaliy Karpenko

    Vitaliy Karpenko2 months ago

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  100. MystiCalBEING89

    MystiCalBEING892 months ago

    i stopped u cuz ur doing 50 in a 75 huh?

  101. Young baller 101

    Young baller 1012 months ago

    So where gonna act like he didn’t say he was doing 50 in a 75

  102. Robbie Robinson

    Robbie Robinson2 months ago

    I hope he turns his life around. He seems like a nice guy.

  103. C. David VanArsdale

    C. David VanArsdale2 months ago

    Those dogs are trained to alert on command. I train them. Then the cop plants the contraband.

  104. Jack Haussmann

    Jack Haussmann2 months ago

    Ur dumb

  105. J R

    J R2 months ago

    Police taking money is theft

  106. Conner

    Conner2 months ago

    The dog actually did breathe through his nostrils so we’re gonna consider that enough to search the vehicle

  107. Sophie P.

    Sophie P.2 months ago

    Am i the only one that thinks they train the dogs to alert no matter what

  108. Ethan Vue

    Ethan Vue2 months ago

    That guy driving had mad respect for the cops tho

  109. Martin Hernandez

    Martin Hernandez2 months ago

    Got em