Lisa Kudrow: Irish Ancestry Is Impossible To Trace! - CONAN on TBS


  1. J E

    J E4 days ago

    Americans really have a distorted view of Ireland

  2. Sophia Murphy

    Sophia Murphy10 days ago

    Yep, I'm Irish. Ireland born and raised. It's a fricken nightmare trying to find out about my ancestors

  3. sissy j Williams

    sissy j Williams11 days ago

    They were together years ago. Cute couple. If they would of had a child it would GLOW in the dark.

  4. Brid Mcgrath

    Brid Mcgrath18 days ago

    Thanks for insulting us a nation✌💜❤

  5. sorry not sorry

    sorry not sorryMonth ago

    Anybody with 2 irish parents is 100% Irish.

  6. Nautilus1972

    Nautilus19722 months ago

    Bollocks - it's all on the internet now.

  7. Liev EDP

    Liev EDP2 months ago

    Can't believe Lisa got sued for this.

  8. boo hoo

    boo hoo3 months ago

    hahaha she's still funny

  9. Inachu Ikimasho

    Inachu Ikimasho3 months ago

    Well if using jewish methodology then when you think about it then all Irish and Scottish... For those who call themselves celtic are all jewish. 00000000000.0000083486574387620374052345 part jewish but because using mother side then 100% jewish. Thus Elizabeth Warren is 100% American Indian.

  10. Lizzey Bolt

    Lizzey Bolt4 months ago

    My dad was heavily Irish through his mom. They were Catholic’s living in county Cork. I can only trace one side of my Irish ancestry past 1820, and that was only because I was able to find a baptism record that led me two generations farther back. I does sadden me that I cannot completely trace my Irish heritage but at least I know what county in Ireland they were from. That’s better than nothing.

  11. Aplus_Nerd

    Aplus_Nerd4 months ago

    It’s been 4 years since he sent that spit. I believe they are making a clone, so we can never lose Conan.

  12. Gwyn Williams

    Gwyn Williams5 months ago

    The problem with Irish DNA is that it's similar to Welsh DNA so when someone says Irish DNA be careful they could be wrong

  13. Damodharan Chandrasekaran

    Damodharan Chandrasekaran5 months ago

    "I'm gonna cut you off right there and let's the lawsuit begin"

  14. ha ro

    ha ro5 months ago

    conan is american

  15. Noelio Emerald-Isle

    Noelio Emerald-Isle5 months ago

    I'm Noel Forde from Galway City...….and I can't trace back my distant relatives/ancestors in the New England area.....leave a comment on my channel here if your a Forde in America.....some of ye might be 'Ford' e

  16. Kevin Varney

    Kevin Varney7 months ago

    The names thing is all different now. When I spent my summer holidays with my Irish grandparents in the 80s, most the older generation had names like Brendan, Jimmy, Paddy, Mary or Brenda. Now my cousins have given their children names like Jacob, Elijah and Senan. I'd never heard the name Senan before. Elijah I'd only read in the bible. Jacob's more a name you'd expect of an 18th century nonconformist. I don't even know how to pronounce some Irish names. How do you pronounce Aoife or Niamh?

  17. Bobby Hood

    Bobby Hood7 months ago

    Irish is basically British i.e. Celtic,Anglo Saxon ,scandinavian mixed with a random Frenchman or jew !

  18. Samuel Robinson

    Samuel Robinson8 months ago

    Actually it's because the Irish records office burnt down!!

  19. Eoin Hickey

    Eoin Hickey8 months ago

    Us Irish can do every accent in the world. No one can do our accent

  20. Jesseus The Body

    Jesseus The Body8 months ago

    Who needs to trace irish just walk into any pub there whole family is there since the dawn of time

  21. Joe Farrell

    Joe Farrell9 months ago

    This is true. I tried tracing my Irish ancestry and like 90% of the women in Ireland in the 1800s were named either Mary or Margaret.

  22. J. M. Pérez

    J. M. Pérez9 months ago

    That's not her name! Her name is phoebe buffay you silly Conan 😂

  23. timber_beast

    timber_beast9 months ago

    MANY families from MANY countries were trying to forget their Old World connections here in the New World - which makes that a brick wall for lots of us.

  24. David Avetis

    David Avetis9 months ago

    I feel sad for Conan O Brien that he wanted for so long time find his irish ancestors.This bitch saying its tough.

  25. Ciara O'Brien

    Ciara O'Brien9 months ago

    It's true there's a lot of O'Briens

  26. Paddy Diskin

    Paddy Diskin10 months ago

    Is his show based on the ancient Irish tale "Liúreadh Chónain", the howling of Conan?

  27. Helene McGreevy

    Helene McGreevy10 months ago

    They got killed off... a lot. Irish genocide and St. Paddy wasn't innocent...1600's, 1740's, that bloody blight 1845's, and g so much legalized oppression

  28. David Roberts

    David Roberts10 months ago

    A LivingDNA test will tell you about what parts of Ireland you're from in the not-to-distant future:

  29. juntun741

    juntun74110 months ago

    she has the most beautiful laugh ..

  30. ThatJerk

    ThatJerk10 months ago

    Lmfao whorehouse 😂😂😂😂

  31. Choy

    Choy11 months ago

    Fun fact: They used to date

  32. keisha 21

    keisha 2111 months ago

    i really love her laugh. i watch Friends to help me sleep. i know all the lines (this includes the uncut version) and it's soothing. i don't want another Friends, cause i lost faith on movies or TV shows. just let it be

  33. Sari Putri

    Sari Putri11 months ago

    I love her

  34. the green man

    the green man11 months ago

    "you produced a show" meaning you saw the UK version and copied it.

  35. Dracopticon

    DracopticonYear ago

    The most gorgeous, funny and charming of women: Lisa Kudrow! For me she was the omly reason "Friends" was so good.

  36. PanglossDr

    PanglossDrYear ago

    Stupid racial stereotypes

  37. The Giant Killers

    The Giant KillersYear ago

    Irish records for the 19th century are not as tough as many would think. True that Irish records have not been the luckiest in the world. First, during World War One the demand for paper resulted in the Public records offices being told to microfilm the census returns pre 1881 and then pulp the originals but some dickhead civil servant in the Dublin records office went ahead and pulped without checking if the microfilming had been done first. Then what remaining records there were, were taken from the PRO to the four courts for safe keeping during the Anglo Irish war, which is where they still were the day pro treaty Irish forces attacked the four courts during the Irish civil war, so they got destroyed despite everyone's best efforts. Fortunately both church and civil records were duplicated and stored in Belfast and remain largely intact, going back to the 18th century. Irish ancestry doesn't get easier to trace post Independence either. There was no 1921 census due to the war, Northern Ireland held a substitute census in 1926 [released 2026] and bypassed the UK 1931 census. [by the way, the England and Wales records for that census were lost in a non wartime related fire in 1942] The first Eire census was 1931 and has continued regularly since. Northern Ireland took part in the National register in 1939 but unfortunately the records of this [held in Belfast] have not as yet been catalogued, digitised or released as for Great Britain. There was no UK census in 1941. Normal census have continued since 1951 though it's estimated that many thousands did not take part in the 1971 and 1981 Northern Ireland census' due to the political climate. Indeed one census enumerator was murdered during the 1981 census as she attempted to collect returns forms.

  38. Caleb McFarland

    Caleb McFarlandYear ago

    Don’t call yourself Irish! Irish people freak out if you say that and you weren’t born there. Their drunk brains don’t understand the difference between heritage and nationality.

  39. Caleb McFarland

    Caleb McFarlandYear ago

    You have to be very specific and say your family is from there but you are in no way saying you were born there.

  40. Atif Karnulkar

    Atif KarnulkarYear ago

    why do you think japanese pornography is creepy??? does it mean american pornography is not creepy??????

  41. Francesca BOHN

    Francesca BOHNYear ago

    Thanks for the Irish stereotyping.

  42. C J

    C JYear ago

    This is the exact problem I've found. I've traced my Scottish ancestors to the 1500s bit best I can get is late 1700s for my Irish ancestors and most I can't find any records on other than the fact they came from Ireland. It's so irritating that the records were destroyed.

  43. Faddoucha Alg

    Faddoucha AlgYear ago

    I love you Phoebe 😍

  44. John Adams

    John AdamsYear ago

    they found conans family in no time church school records people wouldn't engage with Lisa in Ireland noting to do with being American it's her comes across as stupid I'm Irish 1st thing I see she's stupid noting personal the way she comes across silly fool

  45. dazza

    dazzaYear ago

    Census records only started in 1821 in Ireland ,So anything before that interns of tracing ancestors may prove difficult.

  46. Sean Smurfy

    Sean SmurfyYear ago

    Irish ancestry is not impossible to trace. Rb1 is highest in Irish males with Irish surnames, the only other place in the world that comes close is the Basque region in Spain. So, already as we can see, it's not impossible.

  47. Wladimir Batory

    Wladimir BatoryYear ago

    Ale laska

  48. ericscarface

    ericscarfaceYear ago

    they both dated each once right?

  49. Rob Z

    Rob ZYear ago

    why i get the feeling that shes getting younger?

  50. sneha pandit

    sneha panditYear ago

    Shes most like pheobe...

  51. Alex C

    Alex CYear ago

    Dia Dúit who is Irish here

  52. shawn archer

    shawn archerYear ago

    this is a lie the catholic church has records in ireland my family is from cork and kilkenny

  53. syarifah sadiyah

    syarifah sadiyahYear ago

    my favee ❤️❤️

  54. MattsGaming

    MattsGamingYear ago

    to be honest. thwe reason the records are so bad, is due to the the 1916 rising.

  55. Andrew Spence

    Andrew SpenceYear ago

    What started as a interesting story about the ancestry of celebs had to be spoilt by twisting the facts and blaming the English. It never ends, even after all the killing by the IRA, still blame everything on the Brits.

  56. Freya Fremo

    Freya FremoYear ago

    I smiling the whole time

  57. Martina Murray

    Martina MurrayYear ago

    Irish ancestry from the 19th century can be found from church birth marriage and death records.the 1901 and 1911 census forms ARE available.

  58. Pro-Rocks

    Pro-RocksYear ago

    she looks like an older Ivanka Trump.

  59. Donnie Lesser

    Donnie LesserYear ago

    Conan is probably 300% Irish

  60. Sam Zheng

    Sam ZhengYear ago

    her inner phoebe is coming through

  61. Nick Garstek

    Nick GarstekYear ago

    well you have the british to thank for that. they burned hundreds of historical and private documents in ireland.

  62. F F

    F FYear ago

    Got an ad for

  63. Helen Trope

    Helen TropeYear ago

    "Who do You think You are?" was originally an English programme. The reason it's difficult to trace Irish Ancestry is that nearly all of the records prior to 1864 were burned in the attack on the Custom House in the 1922 Civil War. Blame Eamon De Valera and Michael Collins.


    JACKATTACK_45 EYear ago

    I'm irish

  65. LT 123

    LT 123Year ago

    Gotta love that subtle racism

  66. Gauri Korde

    Gauri KordeYear ago

    Her body language is also like Phoebe's!

  67. Cori

    CoriYear ago

    I just found out I'm 53% Irish! haha

  68. moorek1967

    moorek1967Year ago

    Irish ancestry here....yep, hard to trace.

  69. prajesh bhushan

    prajesh bhushanYear ago

    that PHOEBE laugh

  70. Daniel Burke O Donoghue

    Daniel Burke O DonoghueYear ago

    there are no I risk records because the ones that were kept for hundreds of years were burnt down by our civil war.

  71. Biblical

    BiblicalYear ago

    It's funny how she says everyone has the same name in Ireland. Weren't the Irish some of the first to invent surnames or am I confused?

  72. Maria Toomey

    Maria ToomeyYear ago

    It's hard to find any records in Ireland because during the Irish Civil War in 1920, Dublin Castle was set on fire. It was there where must of our records were stored. This is one of the reasons it is so hard to trace Irish ancestry.

  73. Sophie French

    Sophie FrenchYear ago

    Ok to all the Americans it's Ireland not Iryland ok say it with me ok IRELAND ok good thank u😜

  74. Steven Holmes

    Steven HolmesYear ago

    all the Americans piping up about heritage... who is arsed you're not Irish you're American you make Irish people cringe seriously

  75. eh

    eh23 days ago

    what's wrong with americans talking about their irish heritage? are we supposed to pretend to be native-american? get outta here

  76. rebecca finn

    rebecca finnYear ago

    We really don't take records 😂 only the nobles took family records

  77. Liza Murphy

    Liza MurphyYear ago

    she's and he's racist

  78. Niamh C

    Niamh CYear ago

    I know this is comedy but if youre interested it's because during the irish civil war the buildings containing many irreplaceable historical records were blown up by the IRA and the copies were in there too. I never said we were smart.

  79. Alexander Quigley

    Alexander QuigleyYear ago

    We all have the same name bollocks. Our clan names should narrow down the search. If she said the prison thing to a black guy it'd be all over. But you can say anything to my people and get away with it. Yet we just keep expanding.

  80. Michael Wallace

    Michael WallaceYear ago

    She has a shapely pair of legs!

  81. Kirti Khanna

    Kirti KhannaYear ago

    she is really beautiful

  82. Micheal Sean O'Dubhghaill

    Micheal Sean O'DubhghaillYear ago

    Irish ancestry isn't that tough to trace. There are many sources of information available and if you don't want to do it yourself, there are a number of individuals and companies that will do it for you. I don't think that Conan has an interesting ancestor to build a show around and she was too nice to mention it.

  83. Jessica Lee

    Jessica LeeYear ago

    I had the same problem! My great-grandfather was born in Brooklyn in 1869, and his parents were from Ireland, and that's as much as I could find out. My mother's ancestors went all the way to the B.C./A.D. changeover, but my father's side got hung up 150 years ago.

  84. Jessica Lee

    Jessica Lee10 months ago

    I don't even remember watching this video before, but apparently I did. I'm back and I enjoyed it again. It would have been more accurate to say that my mother's ancestors went back reliably about a thousand years, then got into dubious and/or "traditional" royal genealogies that make unverified claims of "descent from antiquity" like from the Romans or whatever - which as an actual thing using reasonably verifiable records is so rare and difficult that professional genealogists don't know of any living person who can definitively prove a lineage from ancient times. I've learned more about genealogy since the last time I watched this video. It's still true that Irish records are crap.

  85. Providence Beats

    Providence BeatsYear ago

    kudrow is a jew but of course she will.not talk about how the jew race can't be traced 😏

  86. Seamus O'Brien

    Seamus O'BrienYear ago

    Actually it can be.

  87. danceanyway

    danceanywayYear ago

    I wonder if people are aware that not all Irish people are alcoholics.

  88. Catherine O' Donnell

    Catherine O' DonnellYear ago

    I understand its all a joke to you Americans but the Irish are not a bunch of drunks, stop being so close minded . if you tried to do even the smallest bit of research you'd know that in 1922 Ireland's Public Records Office burnt down meaning all our information of previous census were lost and that is why it's difficult to trace back information pre 1922.

  89. Ger -

    Ger -Year ago

    Catherine O' Donnell I don't even drink 😂

  90. MrMadraMhor

    MrMadraMhorYear ago

    The Insults are so casual.

  91. Number 69

    Number 69Year ago

    What racist stereotypes. And as for the Irish 'all have the same name'? Are you stupid? The Irish surnames are the oldest in the world and there are more Irish surnames per capita than any other nation in the world. And the reason why it's so difficult to trace your Irish ancestry is because the records were destroyed in the fight for independence.

  92. Seamus O'Brien

    Seamus O'BrienYear ago

    Hey Number 69, the Irish always make fun of Americans.

  93. Karen Fahey

    Karen FaheyYear ago

    thats so insulting .... fed up with the irish being portrayed that way on american tv

  94. Seamus O'Brien

    Seamus O'BrienYear ago

    Hey Karen Fahey, the Irish always make fun of Americans.

  95. Meade Music

    Meade MusicYear ago

    Irish is very easy . I have books written about my ancestors from Ireland to Virginia.

  96. Ger -

    Ger -Year ago

    Meade Music we have a place here in Ireland called Virginia

  97. HairyBottom

    HairyBottomYear ago

    Must be nice for celebrities to have everything done for them, while a normal person has to do the work for themselves.

  98. sukrit dobhal

    sukrit dobhalYear ago

    idk she is adorable! the best part is i think she is annoyed when people treat her adorably.

  99. Decrypted Secrets

    Decrypted Secrets2 years ago

    An Irish man, an american man and a german man walk into a bar. The american says "I'll have a budweiser." The german man says "I'll have a Carlsberg." The Irish man says "I'll have a coca cola." The american and german look at the Irish man weirdly. The irish man replies "I thought we were having soft drinks!" I can make this joke because I am Irish. Dia duit.

  100. MrCarly72

    MrCarly722 years ago

    i have hots for her but shes wearin a bin bag with the arms cut out

  101. Micheal Sean O'Dubhghaill

    Micheal Sean O'Dubhghaill2 years ago

    Contrary to the clip, tracing Irish ancestry isn't particularly difficult as long as you know the townland, village or town your people came from. There are many sources of information including the hundreds of workhouses {not poorhouses] that were a major part of Irish life in the 19th century.There are many books on the subject especially for the tens of millions of Irish Americans interested in their families origins.

  102. Ross O'Connor

    Ross O'Connor2 years ago

    Blame the English

  103. Sarah Hayes

    Sarah Hayes2 years ago

    Born and raised in Dublin Ireland ! 🇨🇮❤️

  104. Tom Sanders

    Tom Sanders2 years ago

    I'm one eighth Irish - begorrah - hic

  105. Joey O'Brien

    Joey O'Brien2 years ago

    she's still amazingly beautiful, but was she like wearing a black trash bag in this interview lol

  106. Katie Cronin

    Katie Cronin2 years ago

    this is completley offensive to us irish ppl for your information the ppl of ireland are not all drunkards and alcholics and infact we have a fabouluds genoolgy system here in ireland so maybe if ye found yere way her ye would know that !!!

  107. Tobin

    Tobin2 years ago

    Well it's was a joke, and as well it isn't that easy, given the conflict that we've had here and the famine a lot of records are lost or destroyed. I'm lucky that a lot of my family history was passed on through word of mouth because i've tried to research it and it's non existent

  108. Ricca Shaps

    Ricca Shaps2 years ago

    I'm sure she had botox and fillers at some point but it looks natural. She looks great.

  109. Declan Garrity

    Declan Garrity2 years ago

    cant believe they were on the same show together 21 years ago

  110. Mohammed Muamer

    Mohammed Muamer2 years ago

    Declan Garrity which show ?