Lisa Kudrow: Irish Ancestry Is Impossible To Trace! - CONAN on TBS


  1. bepis man

    bepis man11 days ago

    Yup the 4 courts

  2. Gayatri Ramchandran

    Gayatri Ramchandran17 days ago

    I can see Phoebe coming up

  3. Dave Kirkeby

    Dave Kirkeby21 day ago

    I worked a bit on my wife's Irish ancestry and it is very hard. Even for the part of her family history in the US it is very hard. There is much less variation with Irish names than I have seen with my Swedish/Norwegian/English ancestors. I don't believe it would have been possible to find out much about my wife's ancestry if there wasn't a lot of information available from the family. As others have noted it is very difficult to trace Irish ancestry very far back. Several of the comments below blame some combination of civil wars, the British and fires for that. Whether that's true or not I don't know but I did find very little information on that went back much beyond 1900. There were tenant farmer contracts but there is not much beyond the name of a male farmer in those so I don't see how they can be used to reconstruct a family history.

  4. Raleighburner15 Hynes

    Raleighburner15 Hynes23 days ago

    Lisa God bless her came from the original ghettos of Germany she comes from Jewish peasant stock it's not her fault the Jews didn't know how to fight

  5. Timothy O'Brien

    Timothy O'BrienMonth ago

    I've found a lot on my mother's side, not so much on dad's.

  6. ron nicholson

    ron nicholsonMonth ago

    We know one thing about his ancestors. One of them was a barbarian.

  7. Antony Prem

    Antony PremMonth ago

    Conan and Lisa spent a good 5 years as a couple, what a funny couple :) Their chemistry is fun.. Shame they parted ways!

  8. Pay Claw

    Pay ClawMonth ago

    Back when Conan was funny..

  9. Shane Hughes

    Shane HughesMonth ago

    Fun fact. It's very hard to track pre 1920s Irish ancestry. No we don't all have the same names. O'brien is common here but not that common. I knew maybe 5 people with that name. The country had a civil war in the 1920s and our national courts were burned down, all records of 17th to 19th century Ireland were in there. That means, prison records, birth certs, marriage certs, death certs and legal documents. There have been attempts to retrieve as much of the lost records as we can from London and other Irish locations but most didn't have copies and will be lost forever. I know depressing.

  10. W Pontius

    W Pontius2 months ago

    Lisa Kudrow has such a wonderful laugh. Also, nice legs.

  11. Jami Kivelä

    Jami Kivelä2 months ago

    white people talking about how theyr ancestry is imbossiple to follow

  12. jay walker

    jay walker3 months ago

    there are millions of americans with irish blood some are ashamed of this blood

  13. HESHAM .m

    HESHAM .m4 months ago

    When lisa said your tough Conan give her the look of how you doing 😂😂😂😂

  14. Just Beyond The Corner Productions

    Just Beyond The Corner Productions4 months ago

    Don't know why I expected anything less than lazy racism for a Conan video, I was expecting to be pleasantly surprised to learn that Lisa Kudrow knew somehow that the censuses between 1851-1911 were burned

  15. VAcreeper2000

    VAcreeper20004 months ago

    I wanna lick her ass

  16. J

    J5 months ago

    Americans really have a distorted view of Ireland

  17. Sophia Murphy

    Sophia Murphy5 months ago

    Yep, I'm Irish. Ireland born and raised. It's a fricken nightmare trying to find out about my ancestors

  18. sissy j Williams

    sissy j Williams5 months ago

    They were together years ago. Cute couple. If they would of had a child it would GLOW in the dark.

  19. Brid Mcgrath

    Brid Mcgrath5 months ago

    Thanks for insulting us a nation✌💜❤

  20. Solstice

    Solstice6 months ago

    Anybody with 2 irish parents is 100% Irish.

  21. Nautilus1972

    Nautilus19727 months ago

    Bollocks - it's all on the internet now.

  22. Liev EDP

    Liev EDP7 months ago

    Can't believe Lisa got sued for this.

  23. boo hoo

    boo hoo8 months ago

    hahaha she's still funny

  24. Inachu Ikimasho

    Inachu Ikimasho9 months ago

    Well if using jewish methodology then when you think about it then all Irish and Scottish... For those who call themselves celtic are all jewish. 00000000000.0000083486574387620374052345 part jewish but because using mother side then 100% jewish. Thus Elizabeth Warren is 100% American Indian.

  25. Lizzey Bolt

    Lizzey Bolt9 months ago

    My dad was heavily Irish through his mom. They were Catholic’s living in county Cork. I can only trace one side of my Irish ancestry past 1820, and that was only because I was able to find a baptism record that led me two generations farther back. I does sadden me that I cannot completely trace my Irish heritage but at least I know what county in Ireland they were from. That’s better than nothing.

  26. Aplus_Nerd

    Aplus_Nerd9 months ago

    It’s been 4 years since he sent that spit. I believe they are making a clone, so we can never lose Conan.

  27. Gwyn Williams

    Gwyn Williams10 months ago

    The problem with Irish DNA is that it's similar to Welsh DNA so when someone says Irish DNA be careful they could be wrong

  28. Damodharan Chandrasekaran

    Damodharan Chandrasekaran10 months ago

    "I'm gonna cut you off right there and let's the lawsuit begin"

  29. ha ro

    ha ro10 months ago

    conan is american

  30. Noelio Emerald-Isle

    Noelio Emerald-Isle10 months ago

    I'm Noel Forde from Galway City...….and I can't trace back my distant relatives/ancestors in the New England area.....leave a comment on my channel here if your a Forde in America.....some of ye might be 'Ford' e

  31. Kevin Varney

    Kevin VarneyYear ago

    The names thing is all different now. When I spent my summer holidays with my Irish grandparents in the 80s, most the older generation had names like Brendan, Jimmy, Paddy, Mary or Brenda. Now my cousins have given their children names like Jacob, Elijah and Senan. I'd never heard the name Senan before. Elijah I'd only read in the bible. Jacob's more a name you'd expect of an 18th century nonconformist. I don't even know how to pronounce some Irish names. How do you pronounce Aoife or Niamh?

  32. Bobby Hood

    Bobby HoodYear ago

    Irish is basically British i.e. Celtic,Anglo Saxon ,scandinavian mixed with a random Frenchman or jew !

  33. Samuel Robinson

    Samuel RobinsonYear ago

    Actually it's because the Irish records office burnt down!!

  34. Eoin Hickey

    Eoin HickeyYear ago

    Us Irish can do every accent in the world. No one can do our accent

  35. Jesseus The Body

    Jesseus The BodyYear ago

    Who needs to trace irish just walk into any pub there whole family is there since the dawn of time

  36. Joe Farrell

    Joe FarrellYear ago

    This is true. I tried tracing my Irish ancestry and like 90% of the women in Ireland in the 1800s were named either Mary or Margaret.

  37. J. M. Pérez

    J. M. PérezYear ago

    That's not her name! Her name is phoebe buffay you silly Conan 😂

  38. timber_beast

    timber_beastYear ago

    MANY families from MANY countries were trying to forget their Old World connections here in the New World - which makes that a brick wall for lots of us.

  39. Renat Avetisyan

    Renat AvetisyanYear ago

    I feel sad for Conan O Brien that he wanted for so long time find his irish ancestors.This bitch saying its tough.

  40. Ciara O'Brien

    Ciara O'BrienYear ago

    It's true there's a lot of O'Briens

  41. Paddy Diskin

    Paddy DiskinYear ago

    Is his show based on the ancient Irish tale "Liúreadh Chónain", the howling of Conan?

  42. Helene McGreevy

    Helene McGreevyYear ago

    They got killed off... a lot. Irish genocide and St. Paddy wasn't innocent...1600's, 1740's, that bloody blight 1845's, and g so much legalized oppression

  43. David Roberts

    David RobertsYear ago

    A LivingDNA test will tell you about what parts of Ireland you're from in the not-to-distant future:

  44. juntun741

    juntun741Year ago

    she has the most beautiful laugh ..

  45. ThatJerk

    ThatJerkYear ago

    Lmfao whorehouse 😂😂😂😂

  46. Choy

    ChoyYear ago

    Fun fact: They used to date

  47. keisha 21

    keisha 21Year ago

    i really love her laugh. i watch Friends to help me sleep. i know all the lines (this includes the uncut version) and it's soothing. i don't want another Friends, cause i lost faith on movies or TV shows. just let it be

  48. Sari Putri

    Sari PutriYear ago

    I love her

  49. the green man

    the green manYear ago

    "you produced a show" meaning you saw the UK version and copied it.

  50. Dracopticon

    DracopticonYear ago

    The most gorgeous, funny and charming of women: Lisa Kudrow! For me she was the omly reason "Friends" was so good.