Lily Collins Touches a Hedgehog, Cockroaches & Other Weird Stuff | Vanity Fair


  1. زهرة الحياة الدنيا مودة

    زهرة الحياة الدنيا مودة13 hours ago

    His country and the coldness and disgust.....💩💩💩💩

  2. زهرة الحياة الدنيا مودة

    زهرة الحياة الدنيا مودة13 hours ago

    You're obviously cold and dull...💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  3. slytherinfelton

    slytherinfelton23 hours ago

    i thought she had an english accent wtf

  4. K Saavedra

    K Saavedra2 days ago

    the Chinchilla is so cute 😍

  5. davidsirmons

    davidsirmons4 days ago

    "...I'm about to stick my hands in these holes, and feel some things out." I did NOT expect to be turned on instantly. Wow.

  6. Kaly

    Kaly5 days ago

    Sofia carsonJAHAJA

  7. Wladimir Jaramillo

    Wladimir Jaramillo6 days ago


  8. vineet joshi

    vineet joshi6 days ago

    She is calm and gentle version of Emma Watson

  9. Slava Slava

    Slava Slava6 days ago

    Gremlin 🙃🙃🙃

  10. Majd Ismail

    Majd Ismail6 days ago

    4:30 is this a Cake?? Can we eat it? Lmao 😂😂😂😂

  11. Iana Corrêa

    Iana Corrêa7 days ago

    This girl is really brave OMG 👏👏👏😂😂

  12. KristinaKO

    KristinaKO7 days ago

    When he touched the toads eye and it went back into its face...

  13. Jade Shinymist

    Jade Shinymist7 days ago

    She IS Snow White

  14. slowdive

    slowdive7 days ago

    I wanna put my wee wee in there 😏

  15. Geordai Lynai

    Geordai Lynai8 days ago

    She is fearless, man. So dope..

  16. Gaurav Sharma

    Gaurav Sharma8 days ago

    3:19 That's 'Ive got to re-examine my life' face.

  17. Sophia Schlenoff

    Sophia Schlenoff9 days ago

    the most chill feeler ive ever seen

  18. Dave Degrasse

    Dave Degrasse9 days ago

    She’s a way better sport than most people. Kim kardashian was like screaming for way easier stuff on jimmy fallon

  19. Cody Hall

    Cody Hall9 days ago

    i thought she was british...

  20. Alexandra Graff

    Alexandra Graff10 days ago

    2:45 « iS ThAt A cHiCkEn? »

  21. Dac Daccarett

    Dac Daccarett10 days ago

    Yo si fuera ella ya me hubiera muerto al tocar el sapo La amo 🌼

  22. Raka Bean

    Raka Bean10 days ago

    6:10 Chinchilla said : " Well hallo people" 😂😂

  23. MaDaSaVaGe

    MaDaSaVaGe10 days ago

    0:00 Close Your Eyes ;)

  24. Vishakha Mahajani

    Vishakha Mahajani10 days ago

    The way she says guinea pig....... my heart 😍❤️

  25. White Llama

    White Llama11 days ago

    How can she reacted like that very calmly when she just touched a cockroach? Geez i would freak out haha

  26. veLOcity_17

    veLOcity_1712 days ago

    The hand opening on the box kinda reminds me of saw movie

  27. Abegail Kinaadman

    Abegail Kinaadman12 days ago

    "Gyeni pig"

  28. Little Cousin

    Little Cousin13 days ago

    O my gosh. She has such beautiful hands

  29. Tengku Ariff

    Tengku Ariff13 days ago

    eventhough i'm a guy. I'd probably scream at everything I touches in the box especially that huge toad

  30. Lyle Swann

    Lyle Swann14 days ago

    Wish I was that chinchilla cuddling up in her hand.

  31. Lisbeth Gamarra

    Lisbeth Gamarra14 days ago

    She's so so brave 😖❤️

  32. samz do cellps

    samz do cellps14 days ago


  33. Raj Kishore

    Raj Kishore14 days ago

    Nice personality

  34. cricket masala

    cricket masala14 days ago

    She is so pretty 😍😍

  35. Mikaela Noelle

    Mikaela Noelle14 days ago

    wait.. she's not british??? SHE DID THAT ACCENT DO WELL IN LOVE, ROSIE

  36. Mikaela Noelle

    Mikaela Noelle14 days ago


  37. Diane Park

    Diane Park15 days ago

    3:29 3:29 3:29 😂

  38. Rudolf Abel

    Rudolf Abel15 days ago

    3.26 Guinea pig

  39. Alexander Diaz

    Alexander Diaz15 days ago

    I love all of this woman.

  40. Elijah Vex

    Elijah Vex15 days ago

    I’d smash

  41. Robbie Clark

    Robbie Clark16 days ago

    “Gremlin?” C’mon, it’s obviously a mogwai if it’s got fur.

  42. 1465chard

    1465chard16 days ago

    Jesus she's pretty.

  43. Valentina Jordán

    Valentina Jordán17 days ago

    Pobres animalitos :(

  44. coffeegirl18

    coffeegirl1817 days ago

    The chinchilla wanted some pets.

  45. E HOth

    E HOth17 days ago

    I love her accent 😭

  46. Eliza Kmiecicka

    Eliza Kmiecicka18 days ago

    Poor, afraid animals 😢

  47. Frank Limen

    Frank Limen18 days ago

    My crush❤

  48. sofragaya encodigo

    sofragaya encodigo19 days ago

    2:37 Is my Prince Charming Ow so lovely

  49. Fan TS

    Fan TS19 days ago

    Ooooooo I have a Chinchilla😍😍😍😍😍

  50. Mai Ha

    Mai Ha19 days ago

    3:27 she is so cute! Love her!

  51. lailai TV

    lailai TV21 day ago

    Is an armadillo an insect?

  52. Kathy heo

    Kathy heo21 day ago

    3:29 Did I just mess up his hair or what...?😂😂no you didn’t he just born that way...

  53. Delena Styles

    Delena Styles21 day ago


  54. Delena Styles

    Delena Styles21 day ago


  55. Delena Styles

    Delena Styles21 day ago


  56. Delena Styles

    Delena Styles21 day ago


  57. Hara H.

    Hara H.21 day ago

    Gremlin 😂😂😂😂

  58. ruth Norton

    ruth Norton22 days ago

    I'm convinced Lily Collins is one of the most beautiful women in the world

  59. Devlin Ash

    Devlin Ash22 days ago

    Your facial expressions are cute

  60. call me jewel

    call me jewel22 days ago

    She's the only actress i know who doesn't over react at all

  61. moonie

    moonie22 days ago

    she reminds me of audrey hepburn a lot wow

  62. swlenation

    swlenation23 days ago

    okay i really love Lily, she's pretty and cute and elegant and perfect

  63. Sens fan

    Sens fan23 days ago

    I would like to have the chance to fornicate with her.

  64. Vicstone GR1

    Vicstone GR123 days ago

    The holes in the box remind me of that one scene in the Saw 2 movie where the girl stuck her hands in the box for an anecdote.

  65. Gulya1012

    Gulya101223 days ago

    she is so brave i couldnt touch lizard,frog and first one,anything withour fur

  66. Mahgul SB

    Mahgul SB23 days ago

    Every animal in this looks like it would bite you or what.... 😂😂

  67. stalin's moustache

    stalin's moustache24 days ago

    Listen 0:03 without looking at the video 😏

  68. Meghan Gracie

    Meghan Gracie24 days ago

    I think she’s beautiful and stuff. But she’s definitely a bad actress. I tried watching movies she was in, but for some reason her acting ruined it for me. Like mirror mirror, mortal instruments, to the bone, abduction and many more. I don’t know whether it’s her fault she’s a bad actor, or it’s just the movie that’s bad in general. Idk, I just seem to hate most movies that she’s the lead on.

  69. Χρύσα A

    Χρύσα A25 days ago

    She looks like Sofia Carson in this video😍😍😍😍😍💎💎💎💎💎💎

  70. mychemicaldirection

    mychemicaldirection25 days ago

    i was 100% sure i was straight before i saw her. she's gorgeous

  71. Mareta Nabukete

    Mareta Nabukete26 days ago

    She is literally the face of everywattpad fanfic other than nina

  72. Julien Rouche-lestonnat

    Julien Rouche-lestonnat26 days ago

    0:06 "i'm Lily Collins and i'm about to stick my hands in these holes" Wow hold on a sec,watch out what you're saying LOL perverted minds all around internet ^^

  73. Beatz Drop

    Beatz Drop26 days ago

    She is so beautiful and kind I feel And the first girl not cringy at all while touching stuff like that

  74. Awd

    Awd26 days ago

    she is So Cuet

  75. Laureen Viola

    Laureen Viola27 days ago

    She's one of the Most beautiful Womans

  76. xJulQax

    xJulQax27 days ago

    I love this video!

  77. MrKeith918

    MrKeith91827 days ago

    "oh, a furry hamster.....a gremlin"

  78. Aj Dias

    Aj Dias28 days ago

    That hedgehog looks just like mine. Twins? Or maybe they just found a way to clone now.

  79. Unknown

    Unknown28 days ago

    Ily Lilly your so cutie I hope u live ur wonderful life ur my idol in my favourite movies u are so elegant cute and pretty ILY LILLY MY PRECIOUS 😍😍💗🌸💗🌸☺️

  80. Honeyfur Farm

    Honeyfur Farm28 days ago

    This gave me some serious asmr when she was touching the animals so gently. Shes wonderful.

  81. Jocelyn W

    Jocelyn W29 days ago

    Adore Lily‘s sense of chic style and casual vibe 💜Love how she appeoaches all with care & caution. Ps. Vanity Fair should have the Fantastic Beasts cast, esp. Eddie Redmayne do this activity. Fits into the magical creatures scene well 😊😺🐕🐀🐍🐠🐾🐌🐸🐦🐢🐇🐔🐞

  82. Kinho filmes

    Kinho filmes29 days ago

    Algum Brasileiro aqui ? KKKK

  83. slyfoot soldier

    slyfoot soldier29 days ago

    Ultimate wife material!

  84. kprpearl

    kprpearlMonth ago

    She’s the Liza Soberano of the States! Thought nothing of touching scary things:).

  85. Travis Butler

    Travis ButlerMonth ago

    1:40 at 0.25x your welcome.

  86. Uswah Hasanah

    Uswah HasanahMonth ago

    6.13 haha

  87. Roberto Garcia

    Roberto GarciaMonth ago

    wowwww she is ridiculously beautiful

  88. Артём Мокрушин

    Артём МокрушинMonth ago

    Найс спиздили

  89. EmilyisapwoperTBSphan

    EmilyisapwoperTBSphanMonth ago

    'A gremlin??' 😂

  90. Damn Man

    Damn ManMonth ago

    That Toad is Thicc

  91. Celina D.

    Celina D.Month ago

    She's so freaking adorable

  92. Skull Reborn

    Skull RebornMonth ago

    *human head*

  93. Asian Rachel

    Asian RachelMonth ago

    Awww, at 3:27 how she says 'guinea pig' like an adorable, excited child, my heart melted 😭❤

  94. BTS Maknaei

    BTS MaknaeiMonth ago

    She is so BRAVE!!!!

  95. anisah norman

    anisah normanMonth ago

    Ohh I love her! I mean, how can a lady be so valiant?! My girl!💕

  96. Hayley McLaren

    Hayley McLarenMonth ago

    It’s a bit sad that they gave her all those beautiful animals and then gave her a dead animal 😢

  97. Anna A.M.

    Anna A.M.Month ago

    Omg I love Lily Collins!!! ❤️

  98. ahahah chiken

    ahahah chikenMonth ago

    Asmr for animals

  99. 두아리파

    두아리파Month ago

    I love you... my Human head

  100. Shaina Mae Bordalba

    Shaina Mae BordalbaMonth ago

    6:12 so cute hahahahahahaha ❤

  101. Isadora Mariah

    Isadora MariahMonth ago

    Soo cute ❤️❤️