Lily Collins Touches a Hedgehog, Cockroaches & Other Weird Stuff | Vanity Fair


  1. Umar M

    Umar M19 minutes ago

    She is sooooooo beautiful

  2. fordgt

    fordgt6 hours ago

    someone should cut in the cake part where she say "can we eat it" with the guinea pig part

  3. Hannah Siddique

    Hannah Siddique14 hours ago

    She so brave and pretty

  4. Paz T

    Paz T14 hours ago

    "handsome man" XDDD

  5. Sarika sk

    Sarika sk19 hours ago

    the way she says guinea 🐖

  6. Justin Carl Rañola

    Justin Carl Rañola4 days ago

    Shes brave

  7. Marina romeros

    Marina romeros4 days ago

    N deve encostar na pele de um sapo ele respira por ela

  8. ksyu stranger

    ksyu stranger4 days ago

    Я одна большую часть видео смотрела на её ногти?❤

  9. Uncookie

    Uncookie4 days ago

    She's really perfect.. I'm proud of you my idol🌹

  10. Alfred C Kumwenda

    Alfred C Kumwenda4 days ago

    The Skink reminded me of the Star Wars one when John Boyega said "IT'S A NEEEEEWWWWTT!"

  11. Pat Downs

    Pat Downs6 days ago

    Thanks for not labeling the toad as a frog. Beautiful toad btw.

  12. KellyXChan

    KellyXChan6 days ago

    She is just so brave:O

  13. Mrok_ Randomiser

    Mrok_ Randomiser6 days ago

    I shall marry her and love her forvever with my everlasting heart filled with love only for her and my god and my family

  14. Katarina Herondale

    Katarina Herondale7 days ago

    Gremlin 😂

  15. derbigpr500

    derbigpr5007 days ago

    I came because of the "other weird stuff". I am disappointed.

  16. Imani Warren

    Imani Warren8 days ago

    Lily Collins looks like Sofia carson

  17. Kim Machiiko

    Kim Machiiko10 days ago

    2:37 he's so cute😂

  18. Thunderz

    Thunderz10 days ago

    This is what i love about her. 1: She's so beautiful 2: She has beautiful hands 3: I love her accent! and 4: She's a very good actress!

  19. Thunderz

    Thunderz10 days ago

    She's so beautiful i wanna meet her in person and hug her she's my celebrity crush.

  20. Isabelle Rachel

    Isabelle Rachel10 days ago

    This is actually amazing

  21. Muhammad Zul Fahmi

    Muhammad Zul Fahmi10 days ago

    Simply beauty

  22. Naz Shams

    Naz Shams11 days ago

    Wht a beautiful hands..omg

  23. Victor Valdez

    Victor Valdez12 days ago

    I wanted lilly colins be part of my life

  24. 小蝦米

    小蝦米12 days ago

    莉莉 柯林斯~~~真心美呆了XD~

  25. Chielly Silva

    Chielly Silva12 days ago

    Why she so calm other people be screaming

  26. Soulef Mounia

    Soulef Mounia12 days ago

    Her hands are awsome

  27. Nayara Gomes

    Nayara Gomes12 days ago

    Algum brasileiro? Aaaa

  28. Emma Bure

    Emma Bure12 days ago

    Nina Dobrev... Victoria Justice... Lily Collins and Emily Clarke are looks like

  29. Alex Austin

    Alex Austin13 days ago

    I'd put my pee pee in there

  30. Yasmin Aisyah

    Yasmin Aisyah13 days ago

    She's brave!

  31. Ramakanth A

    Ramakanth A13 days ago

    She looks sooo like dua lipa❤️

  32. Megumi Celestial

    Megumi Celestial13 days ago

    Next time.... a Human D*ck

  33. Marie Judith de Guzman

    Marie Judith de Guzman13 days ago

    Made my day so special ❤

  34. Pamela Fluu

    Pamela Fluu13 days ago

    3:22 when you look the exam

  35. Shruthie Seshan

    Shruthie Seshan13 days ago

    6:12.. When the came into eye contact 😜😜

  36. s s

    s s13 days ago

    She has touch every animal with so much patience. ..well I have to admit that I can't even touch any..... Actually I am not a animal lover by nature..well u r really good,❤️❤️❤️❤️

  37. Himanshu Jaiswal

    Himanshu Jaiswal13 days ago

    Next time let it be a glory hole for those hands ✋

  38. Mj Ramiz

    Mj Ramiz13 days ago

    This way a non celebrity can become a celebrity. Good going girl .

  39. Dari Mari

    Dari Mari13 days ago

    you look like Sofia Carson

  40. alexis Flowers

    alexis Flowers13 days ago

    omg she actually was able to do it and not bs all she's great lol

  41. Norra Taylor

    Norra Taylor14 days ago

    I love her 😘

  42. Hell Hale

    Hell Hale14 days ago

    There was nothing good or appreciable in the whole video... but the girl featured in the video was just unexplainable... oh! Beauty

  43. Pho Xeea

    Pho Xeea14 days ago

    Lol clicked this video cuz i thought she's Emma Watson.

  44. Ashraf Khaled

    Ashraf Khaled14 days ago

    me after seeing ppl comments about her hands !! >> going back and watch the whole video again to focus on her hand this time.

  45. Alexander Ho

    Alexander Ho14 days ago

    Did you know armadillos have a form of leprosy in their blood?... or is it that spikey thing that burrows into the ground?

  46. BigBentBanana

    BigBentBanana14 days ago

    you're just like an angel... your skin makes me cry~ 😍😭😭

  47. Christian Galang

    Christian Galang14 days ago

    Lily is so gorgeous! 😍

  48. nikazukie 13

    nikazukie 1315 days ago

    She's perfect , so gentle, brave and elegant oh my i love her

  49. Juh Reis

    Juh Reis16 days ago

    3:27 OWN SO CUTEE

  50. slaykids

    slaykids16 days ago

    She's so beautiful and brave 😍

  51. JL Ligones

    JL Ligones16 days ago

    i want to stick my finger too.. lol

  52. Andy Delmonico

    Andy Delmonico17 days ago

    Uwu on how she pronounced guinea pig

  53. Ddullie Dduddongie

    Ddullie Dduddongie17 days ago

    Lily ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  54. A. Dayana

    A. Dayana17 days ago

    I love how she's the nicest and most gentle to the animals here and not freaking or stressing them out.

  55. tbhz

    tbhz17 days ago

    Lily Collins any day times over Emma Watson, saoirse Ronan, Jennifer Lawrence, Karen Gillan

  56. Julian Lalmalsawma

    Julian Lalmalsawma17 days ago

    stick my hands in this holes 😂

  57. Dragos Dudu

    Dragos Dudu18 days ago

    0:38 close your 👀 and listen.

  58. Axels Santoso

    Axels Santoso18 days ago

    She would give amazing handjobs haha... Kill me

  59. chandan halder

    chandan halder18 days ago

    "Put my hands inside the holes and Feel something" 👌👈💦💦 lol😂😜 if you know what I mean

  60. Chasing Vertigo

    Chasing Vertigo18 days ago

    lily collins melts me so hard 😍

  61. LoudBoi

    LoudBoi18 days ago

    2:30 some weird stuff

  62. Guns&patriot

    Guns&patriot18 days ago

    What about touch my ... YKWIM 😅

  63. Yur hakuna matata

    Yur hakuna matata18 days ago

    Hope this is not weird but she’s got really nice and pretty hands 🤭

  64. Vivan

    Vivan19 days ago

    She has beautiful hands

  65. Lily J

    Lily J19 days ago

    if i had to touch something inside that box i would scream and go bonkas running everywhere LOL but it's so cute to see lily calmer than i expected LOL. how can you stay so calm when touching something hairy inside a box you can't seee ?! kk i didn't feel the time fly for about 7 minutes :D great videeeooo !

  66. Wolfie Ellis

    Wolfie Ellis20 days ago

    I used to own a chinchilla key words used to

  67. Wm Wanna Be

    Wm Wanna Be20 days ago

    she have balls More then some of the men


    PAKKANPAT PHONDEE20 days ago

    She's so strong, i can't do it

  69. Disney515

    Disney51522 days ago


  70. Warper

    Warper22 days ago

    some one plz give that girl a sandwich !

  71. Anastasia Marin

    Anastasia Marin22 days ago

    She's so adorable 😄

  72. kirov6600

    kirov660022 days ago

    Why is the fish disgusting??

  73. -_- Lekner -_-

    -_- Lekner -_-22 days ago

    Плагиат клик клака...

  74. Delfi Colman

    Delfi Colman23 days ago

    I love her nails ❤️ her hands in general, she is so graceful touching the things indeed the box. I loved her she is so cute. She is so brave too she didn’t freak out about the animal an she was so sweet 💕

  75. D Donggaming

    D Donggaming23 days ago

    oh its a little spiny (that was she said XD)

  76. h i

    h i23 days ago

    Her hair has gotten darker

  77. lAsteriosl

    lAsteriosl23 days ago

    Понятно откуда Клик Клак идею сперли)

  78. Mel Mys Tery

    Mel Mys Tery23 days ago

    i miss Phil :

  79. Grzyby

    Grzyby23 days ago


  80. perytj

    perytj24 days ago

    i had seen your Dad concert number of times #invisible touch

  81. FlyingFocs

    FlyingFocs24 days ago

    I like how only at the end, after touching DEAD FISH, does she say she needs to wash her hands.

  82. lovely murillo

    lovely murillo24 days ago

    The Bravest!!!

  83. Lizzie Rod

    Lizzie Rod25 days ago

    She has an Audrey Hepburn resemble I love her ♡

  84. 애정EM💞

    애정EM💞25 days ago

    I want a hedgehog and Chinchilla NOW

  85. Afiq Harith Arif

    Afiq Harith Arif25 days ago

    She's hella BEAUTIFUL

  86. eli W

    eli W26 days ago

    She went for it. What a gangster. Respect.

  87. LuaArgentAshryver

    LuaArgentAshryver26 days ago

    First of all: I love this woman💜💜💜💜 Second: SHE JUST TOUCHED A "TATU" 😂😂😂😂😂

  88. K ParK

    K ParK26 days ago

    How cute... 😍

  89. Jerson Reyes

    Jerson Reyes26 days ago

    She’s a beautiful girl 😍😍😍😍😍😘

  90. vhope bts7

    vhope bts726 days ago

    Come here for her beautiful

  91. Asma Jeaso

    Asma Jeaso26 days ago

    Beautiful 😍😍

  92. Laura B

    Laura B27 days ago

    I came here only for the hedgehog

  93. Bad J Sarah

    Bad J Sarah27 days ago

    dua lipa?

  94. kshamwhizzle

    kshamwhizzle27 days ago

    that chinchilla is like "PEACE OUT BITCHES." but so friendly!

  95. Abril Verón

    Abril Verón28 days ago

    She is really beautiful

  96. MrAlexLowen

    MrAlexLowen28 days ago

    I was HORRIFIED for the entire duration of the video....

  97. Ang Li

    Ang Li28 days ago

    Wow she’s fearless

  98. marvs lovina

    marvs lovina28 days ago

    She's so pretty 💓

  99. cesar garcia

    cesar garcia28 days ago

    Chinchilla was the best

  100. Johnny Johnson

    Johnny Johnson28 days ago

    i wish i had a hedgehog