Lily Collins Touches a Hedgehog, Cockroaches & Other Weird Stuff | Vanity Fair


  1. Amira Berrios

    Amira Berrios2 days ago

    Eso es una buena caja po uzziel, no como la que el hizo entera charcha😂

  2. Robert Reynolds

    Robert Reynolds3 days ago

    She did well.

  3. Suroto Reshal

    Suroto Reshal3 days ago

    She's so cute i wanna marry her

  4. mira cortez

    mira cortez3 days ago

    is your brother collins key and devan key

  5. Koyomi Araragi

    Koyomi Araragi3 days ago

    02:12 "Aww it's my prince charming" ❤❤❤❤❤

  6. your dad

    your dad3 days ago

    She’s adorable 😍

  7. Super Duper Sisters

    Super Duper Sisters4 days ago

    How that man raised his eyebrow

  8. Silver figure Skating

    Silver figure Skating5 days ago

    Lilly looks like Sofia Carson tf

  9. My life as me pls get me to 1k subs

    My life as me pls get me to 1k subs5 days ago

    A Grimmlin

  10. EnzoTheBaker

    EnzoTheBaker6 days ago

    I keep getting Lily Collins and Lily James mixed up. I thought the girl in this video was in the movie Darkest Hour lol. Had no idea this was Phil Collins' daughter


    NUHBANANA7 days ago

    She's so beautiful.. So does her hands

  12. Oumayma J

    Oumayma J7 days ago

    im actually just thinking about the beautiful cake...

  13. akaomar80

    akaomar807 days ago

    3:30 Lily: Did i just mess his hair up or wUt? *Guinea Pigs makes a face* Me: omg such a mood 😔👌

  14. Mimi

    Mimi8 days ago

    the guinea pig was not having it

  15. Aηgєl

    Aηgєl8 days ago

    i want a chinchilla

  16. Tomas Garcia

    Tomas Garcia8 days ago

    ugliest animal I've seen...the first one. I wouldn't be able to touch it tbh

  17. 134340

    1343408 days ago

    I love lily but this is totally wrong. Why they put animals in boxes for people to keep touching and scaring the poor babies??

  18. João Sabino

    João Sabino8 days ago

    Lily colins: hey i'm lily colins Me: No, your'e Sofia Carson

  19. Uma Shankar

    Uma Shankar9 days ago

    These animals should be come in tonight show, 🤣

  20. Hằng Võ

    Hằng Võ9 days ago

    She is so beautiful amd charming

  21. Gabby

    Gabby10 days ago

    someone get Tom Holland to do this!!

  22. Imogen Ault

    Imogen Ault12 days ago

    I loved this lily was so good at guessing and I love how she wasn’t that scared even with the coachroaches

  23. Lavender

    Lavender12 days ago

    Which nail polish is she using??

  24. Jeanniepop

    Jeanniepop13 days ago

    In the thumbnail I thought it was a cat tail it was the blue tongued skink

  25. Jeanniepop

    Jeanniepop13 days ago

    Inbeginning I that it was a cat tail

  26. Sean C

    Sean C14 days ago

    So.....Lily Collins spending 7 minutes double-fisting a box......well played MReporter, you've once again provided unexpected entertainment/arousal.

  27. mel gee

    mel gee17 days ago

    She's a sport!

  28. Ohsnapitzmaud

    Ohsnapitzmaud17 days ago

    6:11 cracked me up so much 😂😂 He was like : “helleur there”

  29. Donna Baluyot

    Donna Baluyot17 days ago

    liza soberano in the group lol

  30. Yo W

    Yo W18 days ago

    i need that pig

  31. anzu anzu

    anzu anzu18 days ago

    I couldn’t go further when they put roaches in it and she doesn’t know what’s inside the box 😅

  32. Matilde Ramos

    Matilde Ramos19 days ago

    I want a chinchilla

  33. Waffles with Burberry sauce

    Waffles with Burberry sauce20 days ago

    She’s so cute and incredibly brave

  34. spykat

    spykat21 day ago

    This is torture!

  35. mester orange

    mester orange21 day ago

    I would die If i put my hands on a human... That's scary

  36. Princess Ara Morei Curia Camaligan

    Princess Ara Morei Curia Camaligan22 days ago

    Even though she smell it bad she still continue to play the game love heeeer

  37. Princess Ara Morei Curia Camaligan

    Princess Ara Morei Curia Camaligan22 days ago

    Her: it’s very cute Me: just like youuu 😘

  38. Princess Ara Morei Curia Camaligan

    Princess Ara Morei Curia Camaligan22 days ago

    She’s smiling the whole timeeee so cuteeee 🥰

  39. Princess Ara Morei Curia Camaligan

    Princess Ara Morei Curia Camaligan22 days ago

    Love this gurl forever!! 🥰

  40. Princess Ara Morei Curia Camaligan

    Princess Ara Morei Curia Camaligan22 days ago

    2019 🥰

  41. Cinnamon the Guinea Pig

    Cinnamon the Guinea Pig23 days ago

    Lily: puts hands right into toad box. *goes right for the eye Toad: why?

  42. Madeline Remley

    Madeline Remley25 days ago

    I want Jamie Bower to see this

  43. Adam zoabi

    Adam zoabi25 days ago

    People are so weird

  44. Basia Sieprawska

    Basia Sieprawska26 days ago

    Her hands just called me ugly

  45. Валерия Воронова

    Валерия Воронова26 days ago

    кажется нащупал

  46. Kim Romero

    Kim Romero27 days ago


  47. ASMR EM

    ASMR EM27 days ago

    You’re a stronger woman than me!

  48. Гузелька Ахметдинова

    Гузелька Ахметдинова29 days ago

    С человеком было неожиданно)

  49. Lavinia Donati

    Lavinia Donati29 days ago

    I love her she is stunning and super talented and a noble spirit

  50. name cannot be blank

    name cannot be blank29 days ago

    She's cute hehe