Lily Collins Touches a Hedgehog, Cockroaches & Other Weird Stuff | Vanity Fair


  1. Marianne Distrajo

    Marianne Distrajo13 hours ago

    she's so pretty

  2. kara devling

    kara devling14 hours ago

    I lve ha

  3. Trishna Dulal

    Trishna Dulal19 hours ago

    That Guinea pig looks sooooooo cuuute

  4. Cansu Dilek

    Cansu DilekDay ago

    Why doesn’t she have a British accent?

  5. Kim Sunye

    Kim SunyeDay ago

    She looks like Sofia Carson

  6. Scarlett Isaac

    Scarlett IsaacDay ago

    How come she is soooo relaxed when she touched the cockroach !!!!!! I’m freaking out by just looking at it !!

  7. Scarlett Isaac

    Scarlett IsaacDay ago

    Cockroaches part got me like 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  8. Thanliu panmei

    Thanliu panmeiDay ago

    omg i can never do that.. She's brave

  9. Lora & Me

    Lora & MeDay ago

    The chinchilla was the cuteeeeeest!!😍😍

  10. Lora & Me

    Lora & MeDay ago

    Am I the one who first thought she is Sofia Carson?😂 But she is so pretty and nice!❤

  11. I am Shane

    I am Shane2 days ago

    She touch the human head after touching the animals

  12. Jenifer Allardo

    Jenifer Allardo2 days ago

    she really looks like Yassi Pressman 💛

  13. Jenifer Allardo

    Jenifer Allardo2 days ago

    Yassi Pressman is Lily Collins filipino version 💛

  14. Jenifer Allardo

    Jenifer Allardo2 days ago

    they're like twins, her and Yassi Pressman 💛

  15. Aica Santos

    Aica Santos2 days ago

    So brave and sweet girl

  16. Marco Aguja

    Marco Aguja2 days ago

    That's one friendly hedgehog 🦔

  17. Shenna Sprouse

    Shenna Sprouse2 days ago

    Hello guys sub to sub :) if youre done please reply so i can sub you back :)

  18. Mamammo Hahahhahaha

    Mamammo Hahahhahaha2 days ago

    Liza Soberano join the group


    FREE TO LIVE2 days ago


  20. Ishtine Yours

    Ishtine Yours2 days ago

    Sya pla ginaya ni Laiza soberano

  21. Nur Ellyza Madiran

    Nur Ellyza Madiran2 days ago

    the cockroaches gave me one hella anxiety

  22. Galena Almahyra

    Galena Almahyra2 days ago

    whoa she’s so elegantly brave.

  23. adrian sannyu

    adrian sannyu3 days ago

    When I see Toad, I’m terrifying

  24. bae yahh

    bae yahh3 days ago

    Pwede na tayo ulet umarte

  25. Utsugi Lenka

    Utsugi Lenka3 days ago

    Try watching liza soberano with the same challenge

  26. Forever a Blackjack

    Forever a Blackjack3 days ago

    2:16 did she wash her hand tho

  27. Cancer Police

    Cancer Police3 days ago

    She handled the cockroaches way better than I would have...

  28. mayuyumaaya

    mayuyumaaya3 days ago


  29. Ferguso

    Ferguso3 days ago

    How about i touch her? :3

  30. GEM Ibarbie

    GEM Ibarbie3 days ago

    Oh my gosh! This is so scary, I hope in every 'whats in a box challenge' in the Philippines are like this.

  31. Dielle Ybañez Pequiro

    Dielle Ybañez Pequiro3 days ago

    She looks like sofia carson here hahahahhahahha

  32. Janine Nomo

    Janine Nomo3 days ago

    Cute ng reaction nya walang kaarte arte😍😍😍

  33. Nemitz Dale Sanchez

    Nemitz Dale Sanchez3 days ago

    Talo kay liza hahaha

  34. 애린

    애린3 days ago

    can we stop doing this using animals *anyways, lily is very beautiful*

  35. 애린

    애린3 days ago

    the armadillo is so cute

  36. lr mnrq

    lr mnrq3 days ago

    tinanggalan na talaga tayo ng karapatan maginarte ni liza at lily HAAHAHAHAHAHA BWISET

  37. Nikki Tran

    Nikki Tran3 days ago

    wth why are Lily's hands so beautiful

  38. Shane Peñaflorida

    Shane Peñaflorida3 days ago

    i love her reactionsss its not oa unlike everyone who plays that challenge!!! i so love lily💖💖

  39. just raven

    just raven3 days ago


  40. Sweet Little Me

    Sweet Little Me3 days ago

    She sounded so adorable when she said “Guinea Pig”.

  41. John Leonard Fernandez

    John Leonard Fernandez3 days ago

    2:30 unbox theraphy

  42. Lucy Jaurello

    Lucy Jaurello3 days ago

    I loved the Chinchilla 😂😂😍😍😍 All of the other animals were like "yeah, don't touch me dude, wtf" and he was like "WEEEEEEE WHAT'S UP NEW FRIEND? CAN I JUMP ON YOUR HANDS? OK THANK U, EXCUSE ME..."

  43. Jho Rosadenio

    Jho Rosadenio4 days ago

    lily collins look like emma watson look like there are sister

  44. BTS lover

    BTS lover4 days ago

    Im here thinking about V for some reasons

  45. Vannesa Paraisi

    Vannesa Paraisi4 days ago


  46. Alana Park

    Alana Park4 days ago

    3:31 Oh my, this is so cute and funny at same time. ♡

  47. 강혜진

    강혜진4 days ago

    *It's a cat* *...It's a really patient cat* 😂😂😂😂

  48. Wonder Pepay

    Wonder Pepay4 days ago

    She's like Lisa Soberano😊💖💖💖 Not so Ma Arte and Very beautiful. Not like JaMill just a Rambutan Touch and so much scream😆😆

  49. Dayanara Villanueva

    Dayanara Villanueva4 days ago

    I like how gentle she was with all of them ❤💕

  50. Jackie Aubrey Galay

    Jackie Aubrey Galay4 days ago

    Her reaction and Liza Soberano darrn

  51. jcarloflores08

    jcarloflores084 days ago

    Walang arte arte 😊

  52. Hannah Brown

    Hannah Brown4 days ago

    She is like fearless!!! 😱😱

  53. Adi Flores

    Adi Flores4 days ago

    Yassi Pressman look a like

  54. Adi Flores

    Adi Flores4 days ago

    Ginaya ni Liza pinanood bnya siguro to bago nya itry yung challenge hahaha joke

  55. Adi Flores

    Adi Flores4 days ago

    I salute this girl hahahaha

  56. Toqef Magbanua

    Toqef Magbanua4 days ago

    cute cos she doesnt over react unlike the cancerous ph couple vlogger

  57. andy bayogan

    andy bayogan4 days ago

    How about a rat for LIZA SOBERANO? ☺️

  58. drepop803

    drepop8034 days ago

    never heard of her. She's lovely

  59. Sherilyn Lucero

    Sherilyn Lucero4 days ago

    Omygod her hands are 😍

  60. Sunella

    Sunella4 days ago

    "this is a very patient cat"

  61. Crazy Trucker

    Crazy Trucker5 days ago

    She really is a lovely person in real life

  62. Italia MG

    Italia MG5 days ago

    It's the Holiday Armadillo! 😂

  63. Je Bebs

    Je Bebs5 days ago

    Why is everything about her so beautiful?

  64. BenHamin

    BenHamin5 days ago

    2:21 hahahahaha

  65. Slushie Unicorn

    Slushie Unicorn5 days ago


  66. Jen Raven Abellar

    Jen Raven Abellar5 days ago

    She is beautiful 💖💖

  67. Vida Kefera

    Vida Kefera5 days ago

    liza soberano’s was the best

  68. Nica Antivo

    Nica Antivo5 days ago

    parang liza lang di oa. hahaha

  69. Walang Pangalan

    Walang Pangalan5 days ago

    Like Liza HAHAHA

  70. Sarah Jane Laxamana

    Sarah Jane Laxamana5 days ago

    Dito siguro nakakuha ng idea si Liza Soberano .

  71. Kristel May kim

    Kristel May kim5 days ago

    why is she being skinny lately...

  72. Jen H

    Jen H5 days ago

    She has pretty hands...

  73. Praewa Jittimanee

    Praewa Jittimanee5 days ago

    I would have passed out touching the cockroaches RIP

  74. Angelo DG

    Angelo DG5 days ago

    She can touch my hedgehog any day

  75. Kae Cyrus

    Kae Cyrus5 days ago

    Wait did they make her touch cockroaches?!

  76. saby

    saby5 days ago

    I would never ever ever do that

  77. Lee Goulden

    Lee Goulden5 days ago


  78. Ginan Amistoso

    Ginan Amistoso5 days ago

    Lily is my girl crush..she's soo pretty 😍

  79. anushmita goswami

    anushmita goswami5 days ago

    She's kinda like Nina dobrev. 😳

  80. Queen

    Queen5 days ago

    *Touches cockroaches* : oh... *Touches fish* : thats absolutely disgusting. i need to wash my hands IF I TOUCHED A ROACH I’LL START SCREAMING TILL MY LUNGS SHUT DOWN AS IAM THROWING UP

  81. Glorious !

    Glorious !5 days ago

    *very patient cat*

  82. Nathan Cruz

    Nathan Cruz6 days ago

    She reacted so calm with the cocroaches but was all like: that is so disgusting with a dead fish wtf

  83. mata 2

    mata 26 days ago

    I feel sorry for these animals :(

  84. Benjamin Russ

    Benjamin Russ6 days ago

    She sooooo adorable ❤️

  85. AL and AC FudgeeMonami

    AL and AC FudgeeMonami6 days ago

    She's beautiful and calm. Love you Lily!

  86. Hanayla Naej Felix

    Hanayla Naej Felix6 days ago

    Try watching Liza Soberano. What in this box challenge.

  87. Joline Soquila

    Joline Soquila6 days ago


  88. Rei Enriquez

    Rei Enriquez6 days ago

    Liza soberano and lily! Brave and beautiful

  89. Abby

    Abby6 days ago

    I love how she doesn’t scream most of the time, she so... CHILL! 😊

  90. Janella Maxine

    Janella Maxine7 days ago

    I love it when she is elegant even though she is kinda scared. Haha


    GRAY GALLARDO7 days ago

    Oh no not the cake .

  92. Aaliyah Aliyah

    Aaliyah Aliyah7 days ago

    tangina nyo jamill

  93. Costas Max

    Costas Max7 days ago

    4:11 Not the cake! 😢

  94. Costas Max

    Costas Max7 days ago

    No porcupine? I'm so disappointed. 😟

  95. Aki Villanera

    Aki Villanera7 days ago

    Lily i love you

  96. Kemp Fria

    Kemp Fria7 days ago

    i like her

  97. Zhao_ zhao

    Zhao_ zhao7 days ago

    I like her

  98. Madhumita paul

    Madhumita paul7 days ago

    She is very brave and beautiful

  99. Granger 70

    Granger 707 days ago

    Nahiya si Liza Soberano haa

  100. Jeff Maurice

    Jeff Maurice7 days ago

    When she says “Guinea Pig” OMGGG😍💖