Lil Baby Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | On the Rocks | GQ


  1. Andrew Hernandez

    Andrew Hernandez23 hours ago

    he dumb tupac had the star ring first

  2. abishek karumathil

    abishek karumathil4 days ago

    Bring Travis Scott on the show

  3. Kathrine Bozeman

    Kathrine Bozeman5 days ago

    Samya bozeman love you GQ.. Love you26😘😘😘😍😍💵💵💵😘😍🎤💰💰💰

  4. Dylan Finney

    Dylan Finney6 days ago

    I’m tired of the same adjective to describe the people’s jewelry collection

  5. Trapper Tanker

    Trapper Tanker6 days ago

    Yo baby 🤘✌️🤞

  6. LifeOf BangBang

    LifeOf BangBang7 days ago

    Y’all gotta make one with young thug

  7. Steven Bucks

    Steven Bucks7 days ago

    so nobody peeped that wasn’t Floyd mayweather 😂😂

  8. Sky Jones

    Sky Jones8 days ago

    Every single one of these “On The Rocks” videos these rappers lose their rings.

  9. Cold Spaghetti

    Cold Spaghetti8 days ago

    Lil baby is Macy Gray's son

  10. Jesse Charland

    Jesse Charland8 days ago

    QC pendent had a rock missing lol, The camera guy just had to take a shot of that side if the charm ❄

  11. sqeeshmeesh

    sqeeshmeesh8 days ago

    he didnt mention migos in the begining

  12. Og Jouniorbug

    Og Jouniorbug8 days ago

    Do more jewelry videos

  13. Derrion Fry

    Derrion Fry9 days ago


  14. Eddie Gordon

    Eddie Gordon11 days ago

    His jelrey is 🥶

  15. Vazquez Medina

    Vazquez Medina11 days ago

    QC missing a diamond lil bby

  16. Slaks

    Slaks12 days ago

    Everything this man says sounds like it can be in a song lol

  17. E squad E squad

    E squad E squad16 days ago

    4:22 spot the diamond missing

  18. Dirty Dozen

    Dirty Dozen17 days ago

    Get playboy carti on here

  19. 804 Nano

    804 Nano17 days ago


  20. John silva

    John silva18 days ago

    When he said “crazy” he actually meant it.

  21. Hoodie Nico

    Hoodie Nico18 days ago

    Get meek on

  22. Tommy Brown

    Tommy Brown18 days ago

    why these rappers stay losin ice😂

  23. Money Jacks

    Money Jacks18 days ago

    Do one with youngboy

  24. johan cespedes

    johan cespedes19 days ago

    He’s the baby Dave chappelle saw that one night he was in a limo

  25. Kisha McDonald

    Kisha McDonald19 days ago

    Get Future on here

  26. Emmanuel Harris

    Emmanuel Harris20 days ago

    first person with the star ring was chingy

  27. Za'Niyjah Holmes

    Za'Niyjah Holmes20 days ago

    Get NBA youngboy on here

  28. Christian stoudamire.

    Christian stoudamire.21 day ago

    We need lil uzi on here

  29. Taydoe Savv

    Taydoe Savv21 day ago

    Tupac had the star ring first

  30. alyssa Rayana

    alyssa Rayana22 days ago

    Im surprised ur neck didn't fall off wearing all those chains

  31. Brindon Hamlin

    Brindon Hamlin22 days ago

    Do a vid with Gunna

  32. eXposedBitch

    eXposedBitch22 days ago

  33. Good Smoke

    Good Smoke22 days ago

    So y'all gone act like he ain't just put a random picture in for Mayweather 🤣🤣

  34. chuckROCK202

    chuckROCK20222 days ago

    nba younboy

  35. 2FlyGraffiti

    2FlyGraffiti23 days ago

    Tupac had the star ring maneeee

  36. findoca 1

    findoca 125 days ago

    I swear Atlanta rappers have their own language

  37. Tiffany Grant

    Tiffany Grant26 days ago

    Lil baby kind of looks like damion jones

  38. Y Hass

    Y Hass26 days ago

    It's pronounced jewelry, not jury lool

  39. Lil Phil

    Lil Phil26 days ago

    Can't wait to see you go under cover on here, I'm working on some music hopefully we can do a song together one day

  40. lemar fraenk

    lemar fraenk27 days ago

    what song is that its just soo fire

  41. lemar fraenk

    lemar fraenk27 days ago

    mann the first background song of the video is fireeee dawggg danmm

  42. Yeru Yohannes

    Yeru Yohannes27 days ago

    It's funny when rappers don't know their history Tupac was the first with the star chain

  43. Term

    Term28 days ago

    What’s that instrumental? 4:03

  44. Elliott P Williams Jr

    Elliott P Williams Jr28 days ago

    That was not Floyd tho

  45. E,Kayy Dripp

    E,Kayy Dripp29 days ago

    I got a candy necklace am i ballin like im kobe ?

  46. young lord

    young lordMonth ago

    They they really put a picture Adonis Stevenson when they said Floyd Mayweather??😂😂😂💀

  47. zues 19

    zues 19Month ago

    Do trippie rad

  48. Almighty YT

    Almighty YTMonth ago

    This BabyFace cuthin? Get a solid gold and uranium diaper on a Cuban links


    XXX RADAIR XXX YTMonth ago

    Lilpump got the star rings

  50. Thomas Sprain

    Thomas SprainMonth ago

    At 4:41 a diamond is missing

  51. Fly High Music

    Fly High MusicMonth ago

    Tupac did it first ! Star ring !

  52. rs

    rsMonth ago

    as a grown man why are you called lil baby , that's just dumb

  53. Mystxry

    MystxryMonth ago

    i got like 5 rings. they were around 15 dollars each soooo GQ let me know when you need me to come through

  54. Jahiem Gillett

    Jahiem GillettMonth ago

    Get the guy who buys these rappers jewelry on here

  55. Dojah Jackson

    Dojah JacksonMonth ago

    Boi I seen u cop those chains at the indoor swap meet

  56. Joseph Mosquera

    Joseph MosqueraMonth ago

    Trippie redd

  57. James Noffsinger

    James NoffsingerMonth ago

    2pac was the 1st star ring to do it

  58. Chris John

    Chris JohnMonth ago

    What are these rappers investment/retirement plans? I think all the foolish excessive spending on jewelry is a part of the reason the white man continues to run the music business.

  59. Dwuan Freeman jr

    Dwuan Freeman jrMonth ago

    Missing diamonds in qc

  60. AT TV

    AT TVMonth ago if this gets number one comment ill give a random new sub 300$

  61. Omar Maldonado

    Omar MaldonadoMonth ago

    Four hundred years later, we buyin our own chains -Pablo

  62. 50k Dom

    50k DomMonth ago

  63. SlimSlimy123

    SlimSlimy123Month ago


  64. Prince Elijah

    Prince ElijahMonth ago

    2pac had the star ring before future & thug

  65. Z Scott

    Z ScottMonth ago

    4PF is the same sigh as 4CH...four corner hustlers....Chi Town...

  66. Vincent Roman

    Vincent RomanMonth ago

    lil baby ok in rap,still i like his style tho.he needs to improve on lyric.

  67. Prandantis

    PrandantisMonth ago

    Yellow Ferrari like pikachu

  68. Prandantis

    PrandantisMonth ago

    New whip wit no keys 🔑

  69. yik3s1

    yik3s1Month ago


  70. Charmônt Noìr

    Charmônt NoìrMonth ago

    missing rock @ 4:42 :(

  71. Slender

    SlenderMonth ago

    I got my left wrist on froze I got my right wrist on froze I got my neck it’s on froze both of my ears on froze

  72. albertosbeats

    albertosbeatsMonth ago

    business at the beginning is hot

  73. Dragonking 100

    Dragonking 100Month ago

    0:07 " a mieane dollars"

  74. Donald Ledbetter

    Donald LedbetterMonth ago

    You didn’t loose those rings someone stole them

  75. Bryan Coney

    Bryan ConeyMonth ago

    Drip Drip

  76. _____ on ya Baby mama

    _____ on ya Baby mamaMonth ago

    Chingy had the star rings first lol

  77. Chicane™

    Chicane™Month ago

    Dude really icying out jewelry and customizing it but talking bout losing value tf

  78. BigPL

    BigPL2 months ago

    get meek mill

  79. Hugo OrtegA

    Hugo OrtegA2 months ago

    Cj so cool


    XXXTENTACLES2 months ago

    Lmao same title just different names “shows off their insane jewelry collection”

  81. Great Tasting Goodness

    Great Tasting Goodness2 months ago

    I know Lil Baby, the pornstar

  82. Wuddeh

    Wuddeh2 months ago

    “We on the rocks, checkin out my jury”

  83. Darren/CS

    Darren/CS2 months ago

    4:41 😭

  84. U U

    U U2 months ago

    U are stupid, invest your money and act smart,blacks are fun

  85. Rizzy Reyes

    Rizzy Reyes2 months ago

    They should put May whether like if u think so as well

  86. Kimberly Simpkins

    Kimberly Simpkins2 months ago

    Do travis scott

  87. joe taylor

    joe taylor2 months ago

    It’s a style some people like

  88. Yamini Pasha

    Yamini Pasha2 months ago

    When u buy something u do not guess what u paided for it

  89. Anvi Zaman

    Anvi Zaman2 months ago

    He's pretty chill

  90. Lorenzo Sally

    Lorenzo Sally2 months ago

    Wa wa wa lil baby$$$$$

  91. iRecordOS

    iRecordOS2 months ago


  92. Juan Morales

    Juan Morales2 months ago

    1:25 lol😅😅😅 same except I'm broke =(

  93. damien brienks

    damien brienks2 months ago

    I'm rich

  94. Freddy Fazberry

    Freddy Fazberry2 months ago

    Do 21 Savage

  95. Cassidy Marzucco

    Cassidy Marzucco2 months ago

    Oof sooo ghetto

  96. Quel aka Lil Nino

    Quel aka Lil Nino2 months ago


  97. Basic Reviews

    Basic Reviews2 months ago

    That’s not Floyd

  98. Cash Austin

    Cash Austin2 months ago

    Do Trippe Redd

  99. Jt_mastermind

    Jt_mastermind2 months ago

    I need to know where he lost those ring !! Who ready to start a search party 💰

  100. Cassandra Smith

    Cassandra Smith2 months ago

    2pac started the star ring young boi