Life is Strange 2 - Official Teaser


  1. Lone Wolf Luke

    Lone Wolf Luke2 hours ago

    “I believe Max has taken what you kids call a selfie, a dumb word for a wonderful photographic tradition” To be honest I couldn’t agree more 😒😒

  2. Crystalize Gaming

    Crystalize Gaming4 hours ago

    How did this get over 1000 dislikes if you disliked it you suck

  3. Bonnie 504

    Bonnie 5044 hours ago

    I am so exited i love life is strange world

  4. Gabi Oliveira

    Gabi Oliveira5 hours ago

    Oh my God, i'm so anxious!! ❤️ (*-*)

  5. Zhenyok _GG

    Zhenyok _GG6 hours ago

    Дааа, скоро, ура!!! (P.S Я один здесь русский?)

  6. munchnEl

    munchnEl10 hours ago

    Life is Strange V: Skyrim

  7. Captian Wolf

    Captian Wolf10 hours ago

    OK, I heard the police officer say "I hv a 10-10" and 10-10 its a code to "Negative/no" 😕😕😕

  8. Theheavenlysin666 _

    Theheavenlysin666 _11 hours ago

    Not gonna lie first time i seen it i thought it was Rachel amber

  9. Aki - Lucky

    Aki - Lucky11 hours ago


  10. Tom DeLonge

    Tom DeLonge15 hours ago

    Can we have Chloe and Rachel back please

  11. Wagwan

    Wagwan17 hours ago


  12. StoryCity

    StoryCity18 hours ago

    I bet max will be empty, Get the joke?

  13. hong huang

    hong huang18 hours ago

    Life is strange: siege

  14. EGGYMOSS31

    EGGYMOSS3119 hours ago

    3 days left

  15. EGGYMOSS31

    EGGYMOSS3119 hours ago

    1.2M real hype

  16. Nikhil Mittal

    Nikhil Mittal19 hours ago

    This game is also lunch for Android device

  17. Puppy Lover

    Puppy Lover20 hours ago

    Why the hell did I think this was a Netflix series and litterly look it up ON FUCKING NETFLIX

  18. Lil shy

    Lil shy22 hours ago

    3 days left!!!!

  19. Rawan Alwesabi

    Rawan AlwesabiDay ago

    Wait.. If this takes place before Captain spirit, dose that mean there are other people with powers????? Guess we'll know in about 3 days from now..

  20. The Tronco

    The TroncoDay ago

    damn kiddo, he become to an criminal

  21. D-Player

    D-PlayerDay ago

    I don't understand, if this is supposed to be Captain Spirit why it says October? The events at Captain Spirit occur in December, and if this has occured before I don't understand how Captain Spirit is so relaxed ay his home. Maybe is another new character...

  22. Primos Craft

    Primos CraftDay ago

    I dont have money to buy it :(

  23. E T

    E TDay ago

    i want max & chloe back

  24. Marianca Ciaffaglione

    Marianca CiaffaglioneDay ago

    I'm screaming so loud AHHHHH

  25. GUusshel p

    GUusshel pDay ago


  26. lahmp 0

    lahmp 0Day ago

    Please don't make this very cliche

  27. TheSSHayley Randomness & more

    TheSSHayley Randomness & moreDay ago


  28. Kacper B

    Kacper BDay ago

    Ok, looks nice but what is the Capitan spirit?

  29. raiahy

    raiahyDay ago

    At first I thought it was Nathan passing the street

  30. Антон Леонов

    Антон ЛеоновDay ago

    Надеюсь будет норм русская озвучка,по сравнению с первой частью

  31. Alex Kiwi

    Alex KiwiDay ago

    Look it having a Switch version

  32. love life

    love lifeDay ago


  33. XxAŁĘXAxX González

    XxAŁĘXAxX GonzálezDay ago

    Wowowowowo omg :v

  34. leonoelofficial

    leonoelofficialDay ago

    cant wait to be depressed again.

  35. Danial Zakaria

    Danial ZakariaDay ago

    life is strange : battle royale

  36. grace frederick

    grace frederickDay ago

    Whenever the cop gets out of the car the kid says “I didn’t do anything” and the cop says “It’s gonna be alright” then the kid says, “Get on the ground” and then the kid uses his powers

  37. Carlos Schrader

    Carlos Schrader18 hours ago

    grace frederick So the kid's balls drop in that time yh?

  38. Péter Szabadkay

    Péter SzabadkayDay ago

    I HELLA hope so there will be at least SOME reference to the first installment (or the prequel)

  39. Hiyar Marul Yemez Marul Hiyar yer

    Hiyar Marul Yemez Marul Hiyar yerDay ago


  40. lai him wan

    lai him wanDay ago

    Life is strange2:rise of fornite

  41. Maith

    MaithDay ago

    Vf ? 😌😏

  42. david alfonso

    david alfonsoDay ago


  43. Legion for we are Many

    Legion for we are ManyDay ago

    Dispatch: report your situation.

  44. Dave Hacovi DC

    Dave Hacovi DCDay ago

    That game is SO bored

  45. 버려꺼져

    버려꺼져Day ago

    I’m so excited for this to come out! Although I do still hope they’ve made improvements or progress with the script and the delivery of the lines. Not gonna lie, despite how much I absolutely love the Life Is Strange franchise, the script was a bit cringe-y.

  46. harleighrae

    harleighraeDay ago

    No max no Chloe ? 😨

  47. Chloe McIntyre

    Chloe McIntyreDay ago


  48. Xezeal Laezex

    Xezeal LaezexDay ago

    Do you think it's possible that Officer K. Matthews is related to the Security Guard Skip Matthews??

  49. JR__ 409

    JR__ 409Day ago

    is the graphics good ?

  50. ManpreetZ CS:GO

    ManpreetZ CS:GODay ago

    Yayyyyyyy someone give it to me for free

  51. Les N. Lopez

    Les N. LopezDay ago


  52. sweet hippie

    sweet hippieDay ago


  53. Mohammad Khodadadi

    Mohammad KhodadadiDay ago

    I really miss Max & Chloe. Ah come on don't fuck with me. I just want them back.

  54. Mohammad Khodadadi

    Mohammad KhodadadiDay ago

    OMG look at that graphics. That's my boy and yeah Chris is for real.

  55. fnmfkfv qeiffigj

    fnmfkfv qeiffigjDay ago


  56. randomguyodst46

    randomguyodst462 days ago

    Fus Ro Daaahhh!! 0:32

  57. CoNfuse

    CoNfuse2 days ago

    The best story game of all time... no words, all truth. ❤

  58. Anna Fries

    Anna Fries2 days ago

    I think captain spirite got powers, i didnt play it yet, but i think Max will meet him sometime in the upcoming LIS 2

  59. Rage LSRS

    Rage LSRS2 days ago

    hyped now :D

  60. Péter Szabadkay

    Péter Szabadkay2 days ago

    Gentlemen, prepare your feels.

  61. kdtwifi

    kdtwifi2 days ago

    Version movil también?

  62. Stories&Morals

    Stories&Morals2 days ago

    Is this gonna be download only or hardcopy too. Im about to play lis before the storm rn. Im so excited. Btw i chose to sacraficr the town and ride off with chloe at the end. What did you choose?

  63. Nozomi Sweetie

    Nozomi Sweetie2 days ago

    Where's chloe?

  64. Troll Scharf

    Troll Scharf2 days ago

    Is this fanmade or real?

  65. Chanelle Archibeque

    Chanelle ArchibequeDay ago

    100% real. They will be releasing the official trailer in 4 days.

  66. Hashtag Gone

    Hashtag GoneDay ago


  67. Tscho chi

    Tscho chi2 days ago

    I'm so hyped omg ! ♥

  68. Braedon Belair

    Braedon Belair2 days ago

    What does 10-10 mean?

  69. AidenExists

    AidenExists2 days ago

    if this is actually happening imma lose my shit rn

  70. herr leveller

    herr leveller2 days ago

    Life is Strange 2012

  71. totis totis

    totis totis2 days ago

    Тоже ищешь русский коммент?

  72. Question?

    Question?2 days ago

    5 more days. Life is Strange 2 and best story ever comes

  73. Valin Extra

    Valin Extra2 days ago

    Dammit Max. When will you learn. WHEN WILL YOU LEARN THAT YOUR ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES (Constant time rewinding messes up timelines and gives people powers)

  74. kaylaminecraft2

    kaylaminecraft22 days ago

    I hope chloe and max will be in this oneeeee

  75. GoshaPlays

    GoshaPlays2 days ago

    Who else pre-ordered the game?

  76. MisterL0L

    MisterL0L2 days ago


  77. Meli Games

    Meli Games2 days ago

    Is max still alive?!

  78. Chanelle Archibeque

    Chanelle Archibeque2 days ago


  79. El Chentyy

    El Chentyy2 days ago

    What is 10-10 the police code

  80. Jugdjay

    Jugdjay2 days ago

    It's a fight in progress.

  81. Egor Pachkov

    Egor Pachkov2 days ago


  82. Purple_Rose

    Purple_Rose2 days ago

    Oookay, you have my attention 😲😲

  83. Purple_Rose

    Purple_Rose2 days ago

    Oookay, you have my attention 😲😲

  84. Crispy Corn

    Crispy Corn2 days ago

    wait WHAT

  85. Андрей Коблай

    Андрей Коблай2 days ago

    Rachel is coming back?

  86. Jugdjay

    Jugdjay2 days ago

    No. She's dead.

  87. silent hill

    silent hill2 days ago

    First ep for free like saison1? However I will get it for free or with money

  88. Jugdjay

    Jugdjay2 days ago

    Episode 1 of Season 1 originally wasn't free, it became free after all the episodes got released.

  89. Oliver Stewarts

    Oliver Stewarts2 days ago

    Oh shit

  90. Carl Johnson

    Carl Johnson2 days ago

    Isn't that place supposed to, I dunno...DOOMED?

  91. Jugdjay

    JugdjayDay ago

    Phoenix Really? Thanks for correcting me then :)

  92. Phoenix

    PhoenixDay ago

    Jugdjay It's not Beaver Creek. This is Seattle.

  93. Jugdjay

    Jugdjay2 days ago

    This isn't Arcadia Bay. It's Beaver Creek.

  94. R2D2 from StarTrek

    R2D2 from StarTrek2 days ago

    Yeaaahhhhhhhh boooooooooiiiiiiii!

  95. RND Gaming

    RND Gaming2 days ago

    Life Is Strange 2: The 3rd Game

  96. Jugdjay

    Jugdjay2 days ago

    But the second game by Dontnod.

  97. D.N.H. PG

    D.N.H. PG2 days ago

    Ok I am impressed

  98. TheRedFoxy JK

    TheRedFoxy JK2 days ago

    My school starts in september 15 so i got to see my fav trailer! ,😏😎😂

  99. Emma Dean

    Emma Dean2 days ago

    It there I'd no chloe and max I dont care

  100. iiFayexo

    iiFayexo2 days ago

    Ohh I get it now cause there was life is strange 1 than we got a before the storm explaining that story now we’re getting 2! yesss

  101. HyperVenom

    HyperVenom2 days ago

    Well then all my expectations are now blank

  102. Festigentir

    Festigentir2 days ago

    Stranger things 1 life is strange 2 🔥❤❤❤

  103. oof

    oof2 days ago

    are max and chloe still gonna be in it??? please!!!

  104. Jugdjay

    Jugdjay2 days ago

    Unlikely. Dontnod said their story is over and LiS2 will have a new set of characters. Maybe they will be mentioned at some point, but I wouldn't expect more. Captain Spirit was kind of a prequel to LiS2 and some of your choices in this game will have consequences in LiS2.

  105. Phoenix

    Phoenix2 days ago

    5 more days until the trailer drops and i will hopefully preorder... I can't wait ♡ Hope the demo at Gamescom will be broadcast on MReporter or Twitch.




  107. Aestheti

    Aestheti2 days ago

    Fuck yea

  108. Depressed Dumpling

    Depressed Dumpling2 days ago

    This is gonna be good

  109. Hafsah

    Hafsah2 days ago

    5 days!!!

  110. Kiyoshi Akiyama

    Kiyoshi Akiyama2 days ago

    Hafsah yess

  111. Scribble Nerd

    Scribble Nerd2 days ago


  112. Кристина Фукалова

    Кристина Фукалова3 days ago

    Yeeeeey!!!!I like it!!!!