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Lele Pons - Celoso (Official Music Video)


  1. Lele Pons

    Lele PonsDay ago


  2. Adela progri

    Adela progri23 hours ago

    Lele Pons I love you so much

  3. Laila moazeb

    Laila moazeb23 hours ago

    Love ❤️ it

  4. cartoon steve lucky

    cartoon steve lucky23 hours ago

    Lele pons <3

  5. Mai Ahmed

    Mai Ahmed23 hours ago

    I love u soooooo muchhhhhhhh

  6. Raya Pfeiffer

    Raya Pfeiffer23 hours ago

    LOVE YOU!!!!!

  7. Lala Samdar

    Lala Samdar52 minutes ago

    it will go to my music playlist 😍 love you

  8. NCGamer 99

    NCGamer 9952 minutes ago

    Si senor yo soy del rancho

  9. Sofia Malena Alvarez Fuentes

    Sofia Malena Alvarez Fuentes52 minutes ago

    Me encanto

  10. Kuruka Minami

    Kuruka Minami53 minutes ago

    Eres genial, Lele😍💕

  11. Rupert Kasugano

    Rupert Kasugano53 minutes ago

    Wow, that’s a lot wigs. I hope you donated them after this.

  12. The Rock

    The Rock53 minutes ago


  13. Trevor Patton

    Trevor Patton53 minutes ago


  14. taekooks moonlights

    taekooks moonlights53 minutes ago


  15. Rebecca Miney

    Rebecca Miney53 minutes ago

    #1 on trending! Woo hoo

  16. RM

    RM54 minutes ago

    This Is Such An Amazing Song! I Love You Lele!

  17. Dayana Guerra

    Dayana Guerra54 minutes ago

    Yesss girl ❤️❤️

  18. LuKeiyah Johnson

    LuKeiyah Johnson54 minutes ago

    I have no clue what she's saying. Can someone translate?

  19. Naomi Aguilar Olaya

    Naomi Aguilar Olaya54 minutes ago

    2:29 my fav part

  20. rafaella grijalva

    rafaella grijalva54 minutes ago

    Estaba súper cool la canción 😘

  21. jessics Ilesha

    jessics Ilesha54 minutes ago

    I sounds so good I just wish I knew what your are saying

  22. Jess Lino

    Jess Lino54 minutes ago

    Nem sabia que a lele era cantora

  23. this kawaii pateto on YouTube

    this kawaii pateto on YouTube54 minutes ago

    Loved it

  24. North Car

    North Car54 minutes ago

    Warning potential man alert

  25. Lorenza Chavez

    Lorenza Chavez55 minutes ago


  26. Zachie Queen

    Zachie Queen55 minutes ago

    This music made may day 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  27. Emma Bond

    Emma Bond55 minutes ago

    this is actually good????

  28. xDcandygurlxD Msp

    xDcandygurlxD Msp55 minutes ago

    who else think this addictive

  29. DatBoi _

    DatBoi _55 minutes ago

    I love you lele🔥

  30. TARIANA gabriel

    TARIANA gabriel55 minutes ago

    wow lele. ur amazing :3

  31. Smaraljacques Antoine

    Smaraljacques Antoine55 minutes ago

    Yellow is my favorite color so I like the first part


    ADS BEATS56 minutes ago

    Is is amazing there is only 2 errors want to know it contact me 7619114879 or Instagram aditya sai several👍👍👌

  33. 100 Subscribers With No Videos?

    100 Subscribers With No Videos?56 minutes ago

    A Lele Pons video? On trending? What has this world come too.

  34. Adriana **

    Adriana **56 minutes ago

    I’m not a fan but I have to admit this is pretty good

  35. Divya 1698

    Divya 169856 minutes ago

    First Dicen... Now this!!!!... Absolutely in love with this

  36. Slimy Slimy

    Slimy Slimy56 minutes ago

    *GOOD JOB* Lele and Rudy

  37. Toby and Annabel

    Toby and Annabel56 minutes ago

    Can someone translate?

  38. Jazzy Sanchez

    Jazzy Sanchez56 minutes ago


  39. Desultory_Edits

    Desultory_Edits56 minutes ago

    Can someone please translate the song, I don’t speak Spanish

  40. Elmarie34 liebenberg

    Elmarie34 liebenberg56 minutes ago

    Perfection i love you❤

  41. Arjun Sharma

    Arjun Sharma56 minutes ago

    I don’t understand a word but it’s awesome

  42. natalia cielo

    natalia cielo56 minutes ago

    Alguien latino

  43. Naila Alam

    Naila Alam56 minutes ago

    I wish there were captions

  44. Lorenza Chavez

    Lorenza Chavez57 minutes ago

    Wow its only been ONE DAY and it had 7.3 million views 💗💗💗💗

  45. Paeturi HAPUKU

    Paeturi HAPUKU57 minutes ago

    Lele sings?

  46. Naila Alam

    Naila Alam57 minutes ago


  47. Quinn Campbell

    Quinn Campbell57 minutes ago

    My wig flew to planet Pluto while watching this 😂

  48. more love

    more love57 minutes ago

    this song it gonna stuck forever in my head😍

  49. Aden Anthony

    Aden Anthony57 minutes ago

    Where’s Danny

  50. Phong Nguyen

    Phong Nguyen58 minutes ago

    Better than Despacito 👌👌👌

  51. Isabella Rector

    Isabella Rector58 minutes ago

    Numb we one on trending!!!!! ❤️❤️

  52. G2H3LL

    G2H3LL58 minutes ago

    'i'M lATinA'

  53. Cris Moreno

    Cris Moreno58 minutes ago

    Great job

  54. Toys and Slime

    Toys and Slime59 minutes ago

    Wow! I love it!

  55. Joey Moursalian

    Joey Moursalian59 minutes ago

    No hablo español

  56. Isabella Xavier

    Isabella Xavier59 minutes ago

    Me encanto tu video

  57. Becky Thomson

    Becky Thomson59 minutes ago

    OMG!!! This is the best song EVER!!!

  58. SaTzuMiMo TWicecream

    SaTzuMiMo TWicecream59 minutes ago

    Idk y but i always see her doing unserious faces


    MELISSA59 minutes ago

    #1 on trending in Albania. Good job Lele

  60. Recommend For You

    Recommend For You59 minutes ago

    I had no idea she is latina

  61. Tracy Nguyen

    Tracy Nguyen59 minutes ago

    Amazing vid! I was singing this when I woke up 💕😘

  62. Johanna González Morán

    Johanna González MoránHour ago

    Guapa saludos desde Colombia

  63. Jana Miljkovic

    Jana MiljkovicHour ago

    I love you😀❤️❤️

  64. Paola Torres

    Paola TorresHour ago

    que linda estas vos Lele te amo sos lo más ❤❤❤❤

  65. TheCaptain AM

    TheCaptain AMHour ago

    No understando is thereo la subtitlas

  66. Lisa Abada

    Lisa AbadaHour ago

    I love your vidoes

  67. Tanner Farrag

    Tanner FarragHour ago

    This is So good 😊Listen to it with headphones 👍🏼

  68. BoolinV -

    BoolinV -Hour ago

    Bruh I thought that was Jose from teaching men fashion ( 1:47 )

  69. Shane Ludovice

    Shane LudoviceHour ago

    Seriously....THIS SONG IS A BOP!

  70. Eduardo Mora Vázquez

    Eduardo Mora VázquezHour ago

    Bueno soy de México pero vivo aquí en república dominicana pero ya me voy a mudar a México

  71. JaidenGotDrip YT

    JaidenGotDrip YTHour ago

    #1 on trending !!!!! 👍👍

  72. lujza karova

    lujza karovaHour ago

    I like this song .I love you so much lele

  73. Lol Jol

    Lol JolHour ago

    I didnt understand anything but i love it

  74. Music in Heart

    Music in HeartHour ago

    ¿Cuál es el mensaje de la canción?

  75. Ari is Queen

    Ari is QueenHour ago

    #1 on trending

  76. Mohammed Chowdhury

    Mohammed ChowdhuryHour ago


  77. Naomi Kerr

    Naomi KerrHour ago

    Love you Lele

  78. Asi V

    Asi VHour ago

    lovely I don't understand but it's amazing

  79. I really like turtles

    I really like turtlesHour ago

    I have no idea what you're saying

  80. Geoo Swift

    Geoo SwiftHour ago


  81. Roselyn Ponce

    Roselyn PonceHour ago

    I love it

  82. Sarah Ertz

    Sarah ErtzHour ago


  83. Eduardo Mora Vázquez

    Eduardo Mora VázquezHour ago

    Acá en república dominicana está en 1 en tendenciaaa!!!!!!

  84. Джули Александровна

    Джули АлександровнаHour ago

    Кто знает русский жмите лайк

  85. Master Risen

    Master RisenHour ago

    She acts she dance she sings whats next lele?

  86. Sebastian

    SebastianHour ago

    Just wait for lele to stop making funny videos. Just like the other youtuber who is trying in music industry aka. Troye sivan. Dont support lele in music if you still want to see lele making funny videos.

  87. Hlbeen Hassan

    Hlbeen HassanHour ago

    I love it #1 trending 👌👌

  88. Andrew Ontiveros

    Andrew OntiverosHour ago

    Cough cough auto cough tune

  89. Arturs Jarullins

    Arturs JarullinsHour ago

    Okay i came to laugh about this BUT OMG THIS SONG IS REALLY GOOD

  90. Brianna Lee

    Brianna LeeHour ago

    Cool song and Video

  91. Generic Fuckboi Clone

    Generic Fuckboi CloneHour ago

    This is 100%, definitely not it chief.

  92. Wael AD

    Wael ADHour ago

    Your voice is fantastic i love it but it’s just the video clip you could made it better but keep moving forward we all are supporting you ❤️

  93. Chai Lee

    Chai LeeHour ago

    Owkay fare enuf i like it

  94. Omar Reyes-Obrajero

    Omar Reyes-ObrajeroHour ago

    She made despacito look bad!

  95. zayn malik

    zayn malikHour ago

    I don't know this language, but i love that song.....❤ who else tooooooo

  96. 50 subs no videos??

    50 subs no videos??Hour ago

    All the wigs she wearing in the video were snatched from me

  97. Sem ordem

    Sem ordemHour ago


  98. Georgia Batchelor

    Georgia BatchelorHour ago


  99. Siiri Saarikettu

    Siiri SaarikettuHour ago

    I don't understand what you're singing but one thing I understand. You are amazing (I'm from Finland so I'm not good at English)

  100. Sione Manu

    Sione ManuHour ago

    I love this song

  101. Random Account

    Random AccountHour ago

    1 more hour before it becomes a whole day!! We're still stuck with 7m . LELE PONIANS !! let's hit 8 mil !!!!!

  102. Matt Ward

    Matt WardHour ago

    since when does she speak spinach

  103. Léa

    LéaHour ago

    luv this so muuuuchhh omfg hug from France lele

  104. SOF�A DE JESÚS cuarto

    SOF�A DE JESÚS cuartoHour ago

    Me encantasss

  105. kimberly Milla

    kimberly MillaHour ago

    Que onda el autotune? 🙄 No se como tiene la perso para hacer música si no es cantante.