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LeBron James Defends The Land In Game 4 To Tie Series 2-2


  1. SuperRip7

    SuperRip710 months ago

    Series is tied 2-2. Not over yet. 08-03-18.

  2. Nazar Shutyak

    Nazar ShutyakYear ago

    Just go away marcus smart, no one likes you

  3. Terrance Wayne

    Terrance WayneYear ago

    No dunk in the entire game?

  4. Atish Nirmalkar

    Atish NirmalkarYear ago

    😎😎😎 and now it's abt only 2 games. Go for it cavs.

  5. mobile legends wtf moments

    mobile legends wtf momentsYear ago

    lebron is still a beast he is the best

  6. ToonZy

    ToonZyYear ago omg


    PG 13PACERNATIONYear ago


  8. mike jones

    mike jonesYear ago

    queer o sexual James!!!!!!!!

  9. Suggestor

    SuggestorYear ago

    I didnt see the game but relyin on lbj for most of the points seemed to work. I hope lbj keeps this killer mentality all the way to boston

  10. Pipoy RBLX

    Pipoy RBLXYear ago

    Welcome to LeBoston.

  11. Tamye Doll

    Tamye DollYear ago

    The 👑🍷.

  12. Shane Rosenthal

    Shane RosenthalYear ago

    Dudes game is so sloppy

  13. Eliko Sim

    Eliko SimYear ago

    Am a big michael jordan fan but i fucking hate to say that lebicth is so much better than mj. Fucking pisses me off but slowly makes my wanna like him

  14. RoyalShirt

    RoyalShirtYear ago

    Wtf is Marcus Smart doing?

  15. Most Hated

    Most HatedYear ago

    Good go back to the finals and lose. You can put that stat in the record books. 6 losses in the finals

  16. Brian Lopez

    Brian LopezYear ago


  17. irakli ninashvili

    irakli ninashviliYear ago

    letravel 3:45

  18. mago97615

    mago97615Year ago


  19. Freak Freak

    Freak FreakYear ago

    My guy LeBron kick Marcus smart ass all game💪💪😂😂😂😂

  20. Freak Freak

    Freak FreakYear ago

    Where them Celtics fans at????😂😂😂😂😂😎😎😎💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  21. Mr. M Knight

    Mr. M KnightYear ago

    “I’m not a scorer” 🤔😏🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lebron needs to quit Trollin his own fans with hat nonsense. Dude you’re a great scorer man

  22. Raimundas Vydra

    Raimundas VydraYear ago

    3:45 travel

  23. AnthonyGoesWild

    AnthonyGoesWildYear ago

    LeKing James

  24. ItsTempestHQ

    ItsTempestHQYear ago

    Utter Domination

  25. Jerry west

    Jerry westYear ago

    3:37 james is an absolute BEAST! if he continues to play dominate like that it really demoralizes the other team, truly a freak of nature and the right mindset.

  26. Chidori blackflare

    Chidori blackflareYear ago

    1:48 dope move

  27. Soso Bokuchava

    Soso BokuchavaYear ago

    Haters will say , he only had 3 asst?)?)

  28. Eddie Bowles

    Eddie BowlesYear ago

    Let's end these silly debates. Jordan = greater legacy - more rings, more mvps, more popularity and marketing impact, higher influence on future players game style, (though this may change the next generation may adopt a more Lebron like style like Ben Simmons). Lebron = better player - more versatile, more durable, more efficient, higher physical threshold - bigger, stronger, while being close in speed and agility, better longevity, better from 3, close in peak to MJ and arguably better, while playing better competition overall. MJ's main advantage was free throws and a more consistently deadly mid range shot (Lebron's is deadly when he is on but he is just not consistently on fire with it). MJ fanboys will say MJ was a better defender due to media awards and steals but one of those belongs in the "greater" category. Steals are 1 function of defense but don't tell us who the actual better defender is. If they are both in their prime of defensive play who are you picking to guard actual elite players across all positions and if the rules are the same for both? I know my choice would be Lebron there. So to conclude MJ = greater and Lebron = better. That is the reality no need to get upset.

  29. White Knight Motovlog

    White Knight MotovlogYear ago

    Smart with 10pts 5boards and 5 flops. Add 5 compalaints to the ref



    que puerco es lebron dando le un puño

  31. Egregious Value Forever Alone

    Egregious Value Forever AloneYear ago

    Mark Jackson is trash. I wonder how he was even Warriors coach.

  32. Michael C

    Michael CYear ago

    Lebrons handles need to tighten up. He’s putting the ball so far away from his body nowadays. His first step would be faster keeping the ball closer to his center of gravity. Nevertheless, still can’t stop the space shuttle .

  33. Avishai Sol

    Avishai SolYear ago

    That catch is proof that LeBron could play in the NFL

  34. Matthew Zalen

    Matthew ZalenYear ago

    Bron's plan

  35. Sound Deej

    Sound DeejYear ago

    LeTrash won’t do it against GS. Come at me bron dickriders

  36. Quewon Anderson

    Quewon AndersonYear ago

    I thought Marcus was the "lebron stopper" 😂

  37. liamdor

    liamdorYear ago

    Tbh I can't see Cavs winning 2 games in Boston. I think this series is still open

  38. Clem C Hammer

    Clem C HammerYear ago

    liamdor refs will ensure bron wins this, it's too obvious

  39. Lazar Vujovic

    Lazar VujovicYear ago

    Mvp of the year💪💪💪

  40. MR E

    MR EYear ago

    3-6 coming soon trust me y'all in 10-15 yrs nobody cares/remembers about no magical runs unless u win the chip

  41. Frederick Brain

    Frederick BrainYear ago

    For Basketball Fans Young and Old. The Millennial N.B.A. is a timeline playlist of the greatest players of all time.

  42. fjjdghrfigj

    fjjdghrfigjYear ago

    The goat tied up the series full of rooks king James in deed

  43. StudyVibes

    StudyVibesYear ago

    Smart is such a shameless flopper smh

  44. Real Deal76

    Real Deal76Year ago

    Bron the Goat !!! I know you know !!!! Team Bron !

  45. SuperMillwall1885

    SuperMillwall1885Year ago

    Michael Jordan was 1-9 in the playoffs BEFORE Scottie Pippen arrived. Then when he didn't play with Scottie again he failed to win TWO more times. So in 11 years, Jordan won 6 Championships WITH Pippen, without him he LOST the other 5.. And you're telling me this man is the GOAT? Hahahaha.. GTFO here. No GOAT gets knocked out in the 1ST ROUND, 3x either!!! Hahahaha.

  46. SuperMillwall1885

    SuperMillwall1885Year ago

    Greatest of All Time! #LeKing #LeGOAT #JordanWho

  47. Clem C Hammer

    Clem C HammerYear ago

    SuperMillwall1885 you clearly ate too much tide pods

  48. masterbrice

    masterbriceYear ago

    Critics: "I got Celtics in 6 games" Lebron: "Fun isn't something one considers when balancing the universe ..."

  49. King James

    King JamesYear ago

    OuT SIde oF KaHWi I’m ThE BeST to GUArd HiM

  50. Sono un cancro

    Sono un cancroYear ago


  51. Tonja manigo

    Tonja manigoYear ago

    Welp they talked up being physical and LeBron gave em what they came for. LeBron popped arcus smart twice for J. R. LOL!!

  52. Mitchell and Mitch

    Mitchell and MitchYear ago

    This is awesome

  53. Beast

    BeastYear ago

    3 out of 8 in the finals

  54. Andre corinthiano

    Andre corinthianoYear ago

    Joga muiiiiito...

  55. djaktube

    djaktubeYear ago

    0:23 travel

  56. Rachel Verena

    Rachel VerenaYear ago

    Real Superman

  57. Brandon Boyd

    Brandon BoydYear ago



    FLORIDA-BOYYear ago

    if u dont think this man is top 5 in nba history then u just a hater. unbelievable how people be in their feeling hating on this man like he did something to them personally smh


    FLORIDA-BOYYear ago

    who said goat smh. i said top 5

  60. Clem C Hammer

    Clem C HammerYear ago

    FLORIDA-BOY top 5 yes, goat? No way

  61. Jason Tan

    Jason TanYear ago

    Boston was supposed to win this series?


    KEVIN BALLYear ago

    3.28 terry scary😂😂😂

  63. Truesilverino Kripperino

    Truesilverino KripperinoYear ago

    Only 3 assists ? Lebron is hogging the ball -Skeiup

  64. DRE D

    DRE DYear ago


  65. Da_Host L3GT

    Da_Host L3GTYear ago

    😂all these damn blowouts in both series

  66. Boknoy Cobomb

    Boknoy CobombYear ago

    Marcus is great defender not marcus morris i mean marcus camby .

  67. Edwin kaulia

    Edwin kauliaYear ago

    I feel sorry for golden state🤣🤣🤣

  68. Oziel Araujo

    Oziel AraujoYear ago

    LeBron Monster

  69. Christian Harrison

    Christian HarrisonYear ago

    Smart tried to flop twice and it didn't work no foul called ok James. Instead he ended up on the floor twice 😂

  70. just a girl

    just a girlYear ago

    Hope that he can do this for 10 more years

  71. MaCeo Millions

    MaCeo MillionsYear ago

    Gavnochido Fucking hating punk bitch

  72. Gavnochido

    GavnochidoYear ago

    Hope he retires asap

  73. Boston2019champions

    Boston2019championsYear ago


  74. The R.

    The R.Year ago

    Trying to shoot like Jordan! SMH. To bad this is against a Kyrieless and Haywardless Celtics.

  75. Beweze

    BewezeYear ago

    It’s must be really nice being Lebron. Damn he’s good

  76. Cielito Niel Ramos

    Cielito Niel RamosYear ago

    Morris is really defending Lebron well. He is an outstanding defender. Everytime he defends Lebron, he's dropping more than 40 points. Great job Morris!

  77. Crystal Christian

    Crystal ChristianYear ago

    LeBron needs to I need to step up his game

  78. Clem C Hammer

    Clem C HammerYear ago

    They switched nearly every possession so...

  79. Sound Deej

    Sound DeejYear ago

    It was like Morris wasn’t defending him they got switches all game long

  80. Alan Yeow

    Alan YeowYear ago

    Cielito Niel Ramos LOL I'm dead.

  81. backbeat2

    backbeat2Year ago

    "James with an elbow to the face of Smart"... 4:28

  82. Quaglium Quagnarr

    Quaglium QuagnarrYear ago

    Shannon Sharpe just put this video in his Wank Bank.

  83. whydouneedakno

    whydouneedaknoYear ago

    This is why the RiggedBA had Cleveland get the 4th seed instead of the 3rd seed cuz they wanted Cleveland in the ECF but to lose to Boston... Cleveland can beat Toronto but cant beat Boston yet people deny the NBA being staged, bahahahaha... THe NBA the past 2 years was such a waste of time but it is to build the storyline of GS looking untouchable just for LBJ new super team to end their run next year... Zzzzzzzzz

  84. whydouneedakno

    whydouneedaknoYear ago

    NBA is scripted, Boston is 100% winning this series... Maybe all the blind sheep will finally wake up and realize it cuz no one predicted this garbage injury depleted team to make the Finals... Boston fans said their season was over on opening night.. And then said it again after Irving got "injured"...

  85. Tyron Wells

    Tyron WellsYear ago


  86. Tyron Wells

    Tyron WellsYear ago

    whydouneedakno Houston bs Cavs

  87. AK740

    AK740Year ago

    whydouneedakno sports media and commentators were saying all year the Celtics and warriors is a “finals preview”, and that the cavs had no shot.

  88. Igor Bukhantsov

    Igor BukhantsovYear ago


  89. Turbo Roman

    Turbo RomanYear ago

    Greatest Ever lived

  90. Filip Żbikowski

    Filip ŻbikowskiYear ago


  91. Uptowns Finest

    Uptowns FinestYear ago

    He needs those 40+ if the Cavs have a chance

  92. 2lowwkey _

    2lowwkey _Year ago

    3:40 travel

  93. TyizhawnForKing

    TyizhawnForKingYear ago

    Cavs in 6

  94. Dr Phot

    Dr PhotYear ago

    Long. Live. The. King.

  95. cul e.

    cul e.Year ago


  96. Sesboy 17

    Sesboy 17Year ago

    fuck labitch

  97. Re6N Z0E

    Re6N Z0EYear ago

    Are there any racist white Cleveland Cavaliers fans in Cleveland?

  98. Jeybie Soriano

    Jeybie SorianoYear ago

    dont press read more YOU SAVAGE 🔥😎

  99. Jimmy Obregon

    Jimmy ObregonYear ago

    The king

  100. Tulley Novielli

    Tulley NovielliYear ago

    Awesome 👏🏻 game 2-2 now awesome 👏🏻 lets go cavs for this but I’m voting for the golden state for the championship again baby that’s right anyone else think 💭 there gonna win

  101. BabyLockaontheBeat

    BabyLockaontheBeatYear ago

    Only 3 Assist Bron... Really, that's embarrassing.

  102. BabyLockaontheBeat

    BabyLockaontheBeatYear ago

    Jøséph Āntöñ Yes he does have to..lmao that's his Job

  103. Jøséph Āntöñ

    Jøséph ĀntöñYear ago

    Style 1Thou i know that, smartass. But with his position, he ain't suppoed to pass that much

  104. BabyLockaontheBeat

    BabyLockaontheBeatYear ago

    Jøséph Āntöñ Shut up idiot..He averages 9 assist this post season.. Having only 3 is disappointing.

  105. Jøséph Āntöñ

    Jøséph ĀntöñYear ago

    Style 1Thou it wasn't supposed to be his job. He's a power forward, not a PG

  106. mago97615

    mago97615Year ago


  107. Fuck You

    Fuck YouYear ago

    Marcus Smart for best actor award

  108. Spurs_

    Spurs_Year ago

    GOAT. End of discussion.

  109. Clem C Hammer

    Clem C HammerYear ago

    you know what? i give you 5 tries to fairly guess my age. this could be fun

  110. Clem C Hammer

    Clem C HammerYear ago

    +your L is getting bigger

  111. Clem C Hammer

    Clem C HammerYear ago

    i am not gonna argue with someone that thinks he knows my age. its called beiing able to buy alcohol reasponsible. but please keep your rant up. it amuses me

  112. Spurs_

    Spurs_Year ago

    Yeah, these type of comments tell me, that you're not older than 13.. lol

  113. Clem C Hammer

    Clem C HammerYear ago

    Spurs_ still L

  114. Tamer Khattab

    Tamer KhattabYear ago


  115. Dj Keidy Adrenalina

    Dj Keidy AdrenalinaYear ago

    All this to get his ass slapped in the FINAL...

  116. Christian Bravo

    Christian BravoYear ago

    He traveled like in every play😂😂😂😂....still the goat

  117. GreekSneakCollector

    GreekSneakCollectorYear ago

    We are all Witnesses!

  118. Jay Kelz

    Jay KelzYear ago

    All honesty, I believe MJ May be the greatest winner of all time? But I believe LBJ May be the greatest player.. I mean we’re projecting him to possibly have 30k 10k & 10k in top three categories when he retires.. Rings is one thing but individual overall stats may be another..

  119. Flying Squirrel

    Flying SquirrelYear ago

    +Jay Kelz 8.2k assists, 8.4k rebounds and 31k points

  120. Kiwi Won

    Kiwi WonYear ago


  121. shane

    shaneYear ago

    B gilley not readying all that but how am I hating....I am on LeBron's side you idiot. I said the organization he went to held him back. Are you having reading problems. Ffs....not responding anymore

  122. b gilley

    b gilleyYear ago

    shane lol, what the hell, and how exactly was he supposed to win multiple championships with the Cavs? Man Jordan would be lucky to have one ring given the Cavs horrible management and the unfortunate injuries to Love and Kyrie that stopped them from winning one year. And the only year really that LeBron should have won but didn't given his team was against Dallas. You seem to be under the illusion that one player can singlehandedly win rings, that isn't the case, why do you think Wilt only has 2 rings when he was the best player in the league by a huge margin much of his career? Oh and much as you think he is, LeBron is not the coach or GM of his team. Sure he tries to influence his teams to get better talent like any normal superstar would, but at the end of the day he can't do whatever he wants, why do you think he had to leave the dumpster fire that was the Cavs? No player in history could have won a ring with those first Cavs teams, not LeBron, not anyone. LeBron has played in a far more competitive era with several Superteams, that's why he doesn't have 6 rings like Jordan. Saying he's ruined his career when he's made every team he's ever been on better and an automatic playoff contender is just stupid, you're hating.

  123. shane

    shaneYear ago

    B gilley how do you not get my point. He is the most talented player we have ever seen. He should have more titles than Jordan and be clearly the goat. He isn't. Is that so hard to understand? His need to be the gm and coach is ultimately what has held him from being easily the greatest of all time. He is 2nd. What is difficult about this bro

  124. Dominic Schatzan

    Dominic SchatzanYear ago

    Marcus Smart should be suspended for flopping on all 3 of those final highlights.

  125. オリヴィア

    オリヴィアYear ago

    Holy fuck he goin carry the team to an epic comeback like 2016 finals ?? He will be LeGOAT if they won this series

  126. Meliodas Sama

    Meliodas SamaYear ago

    Watch me make my 8th straight NBA Finals

  127. abelign

    abelignYear ago

    Every fucking year since 2016 the NBA has done this. I don't understand how PETA isn't on this, why are they letting a goat on the court? I'm not even a huge animal rights activist or anything but I just do not understand how a high profile league continues to just let a goat wander around on the court.

  128. Kent Ugot

    Kent UgotYear ago

    abelign you tried, you really did. You can just sit down now and think about what you did

  129. Dubz G Jr

    Dubz G JrYear ago

    Marcus Smart is a really bad flopper

  130. Joshua Davis

    Joshua DavisYear ago

    Lebron heard about the debate of who's the G.O.A.T. between him and MJ........I think he has nothing left to prove.

  131. Mr. M Knight

    Mr. M KnightYear ago

    Joshua Davis just making sure bro 😏

  132. Joshua Davis

    Joshua DavisYear ago

    I never said he IS the goat, what I did say is he is one of the greatest not THE greatest. Jordan will always be the best to ever play the game but you can't deny greatness or talent in that correlation. That's why Lebron is one of the best not the absolute.

  133. Mr. M Knight

    Mr. M KnightYear ago

    Dude quit it. He’s got 5 slots to get to Mike. Jordan Russell Kareem Magic then toss up Bird and Lebron. That ms the REAL order of things.

  134. Joshua Davis

    Joshua DavisYear ago

    I respect greatness, regardless of THE FAN I am.

  135. Naseem Saleh

    Naseem SalehYear ago

    RarelyEvenn fake bulls fan lol