LeBron James 10 Impossible Dunks


  1. NBA2KShow TV

    NBA2KShow TV10 months ago

    LeBron James 10 NEW Impossible Dunks - goo.gl/hbn96T

  2. В КедахХх

    В КедахХхMonth ago


  3. Slim John

    Slim John5 months ago

    I don't see impossible dunk...

  4. K Productions09

    K Productions095 months ago

    NBA2KShow TV i hate clevland but cool

  5. Marcos Jan Nuñez Jean

    Marcos Jan Nuñez Jean5 months ago

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    Marcos Jan Nuñez Jean5 months ago

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  7. Red Cortez

    Red CortezDay ago

    wow great dunks against the minions hahaha watch mj dunks against the giants

  8. Patch Spen

    Patch Spen3 days ago

    #10 and 9 he does like every week

  9. Sean Thomas

    Sean Thomas3 days ago

    What about any of these dunks are impossible? 🚮

  10. cakins1986

    cakins19864 days ago

    2:28 little kid getting bullied by his older brothers

  11. Lemon Citrus

    Lemon Citrus5 days ago

    40 years old Lebron steals the ball, was gonna go coast to coast but then feels weak, sees Bronny Jr. behind him, gives an Alley-oop, BronnyJr.: I got you dad.

  12. Rahul Abraham

    Rahul Abraham8 days ago


  13. GeogeBig Dick

    GeogeBig Dick8 days ago

    Things to hate about Lebron: 1. He lacks finesse hence sometimes he looks like a monkey. 2. He flops like shit then acts like a monkey. 3. He has too many teams hence no consistency. He is a great player don't get me wrong. He has good stats but those reasons make it hard to like him.

  14. skudda 2 fresh

    skudda 2 fresh9 days ago

    None of them shits where impressive

  15. Brianel Diaz

    Brianel Diaz11 days ago

    Que vdonqueos

  16. Brianel Diaz

    Brianel Diaz11 days ago

    Eso waht finca💪💪👈

  17. mili fact Porn

    mili fact Porn11 days ago

    Tracy No1 November 2018% 2019% Any ONE

  18. h

    h12 days ago

    4k people purchased the hall of fame ticket of Michael Jordan

  19. Daan Smets

    Daan Smets14 days ago

    the first one was the best one!! Like if you agree

  20. B U

    B U15 days ago

    They are never the fanciest dunks, but there is so much power.

  21. Ryant Tan

    Ryant Tan17 days ago



    ☣XXXPORNATION☣20 days ago

    No sabia que los gorilas sabian basquet

  23. Jonathan Barbe

    Jonathan Barbe21 day ago


  24. Antbeast23

    Antbeast2321 day ago

    Not sure why people are hating but it's impossible is u can't do them

  25. ahmet cibik

    ahmet cibik24 days ago

    Do you know the name of the music

  26. stijn kling

    stijn kling24 days ago

    he only has to jump 20-30 cm... how amazing

  27. Valerie Stahl

    Valerie Stahl25 days ago

    Lebron is good but I like Jordan a little bit more

  28. Killa BAngBAng

    Killa BAngBAng26 days ago

    The song at the end was gay

  29. skailer torres

    skailer torres27 days ago

    Extraño a este lebron james haora en los angeles no juega igual

  30. Brandon Kimmel

    Brandon Kimmel29 days ago

    Shitty list, these are Lebron James’ most basic dunks

  31. eight Reend

    eight Reend29 days ago


  32. eight Whatup

    eight Whatup29 days ago

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  33. Roberval Nascimento

    Roberval NascimentoMonth ago

    Mito James

  34. seven FangYuan

    seven FangYuanMonth ago


  35. Figo Spy

    Figo SpyMonth ago

    amazing 😵

  36. canete Eljane

    canete EljaneMonth ago

    Lebron james? Idol

  37. 夜血族ken

    夜血族kenMonth ago


  38. LeBron James

    LeBron JamesMonth ago

    These aren’t impossible

  39. Md. Ashraf

    Md. AshrafMonth ago

    LeBron James is great basketball player

  40. Seken Muzz

    Seken MuzzMonth ago

    james lebron is the best

  41. Brandon Marshall

    Brandon MarshallMonth ago

    Lebron come to my house 1708 Wesley way

  42. Patrick Asher

    Patrick AsherMonth ago

    LeBron= 🐐

  43. moh jijuan

    moh jijuanMonth ago

    Not possible..just put the ball in the net after team mate create the chance..MJ DA KINGS

  44. johanpr247

    johanpr247Month ago

    Same dunk over and over again. There is no finesse.

  45. alsdyall

    alsdyallMonth ago

    Much like Lebron, the title seems to be over hyped.

  46. Viroon Nimmanakiet

    Viroon NimmanakietMonth ago

    I never like this guy's dunks, it's just violence expression and lacks creations ...

  47. rock rider smeh

    rock rider smehMonth ago

    Lebron James is cool

  48. jasmine lealaogata

    jasmine lealaogataMonth ago

    i hate that theres 15 secs and they wont let u skip ad

  49. Aji Soko

    Aji SokoMonth ago

    Jos brooo

  50. Quang And Friends Lol Xd

    Quang And Friends Lol XdMonth ago

    Oh well if lebron can do it then it is not impossible for him then

  51. Ян Галынчик

    Ян Галынчик2 months ago


  52. 신요한

    신요한2 months ago

    Ieft leg jump

  53. Soso Bokuchava

    Soso Bokuchava2 months ago

    To all LeBron haters , LeBron was 21 years old when he took bag of chips to the finals , ( and he did agin in 2018 at age of 33) !! 2015/16 playoffs LeBron is only player in history who led both teams , regardless of round and length with points, rebounds, assists, steals , and block , 2016/17 playoffs LeBron is only player in history who averaged triple double , 2017/18 LeBron is only player in history who had eight 40 point games including one 50 point game , overall LeBron James is only player who had 30.000points 8.000 rebb and 8.000 assists, there is only 4 player who has 25.000points 6 000rebb.and 4.000assists and MJ isn’t even there ..so please let’s appreciate LeBron’s greatness, bc when he retires basketball won’t be the same ..

  54. Samuel Philips

    Samuel Philips2 months ago

    It's not too late LeBron. Kindly suck your pride and hug Guillermo. Calm down and have a chat with him. You'll never have to turn back.

  55. Riyadhi Muhammad

    Riyadhi Muhammad2 months ago

    just lucky

  56. katelynn s

    katelynn s2 months ago

    who came here from learning about Newton's Third Law of Motion? haha

  57. Kyderby Floos

    Kyderby Floos2 months ago

    if lebron james could do it, then its not impossible u fkin moron

  58. Jacqueline Tao

    Jacqueline Tao2 months ago

    that dribble when he fell down was impossible

  59. one man army

    one man army2 months ago

    James.. love u so much

  60. Воланд Небывает

    Воланд Небывает2 months ago

    Ну не Джордан!

  61. AlexPlayzFPS

    AlexPlayzFPS2 months ago

    the brown james

  62. Batuhan Tezcan

    Batuhan Tezcan2 months ago

    En iyi smaclarinida hep gswye sokmuş amk

  63. Girl eight

    Girl eight2 months ago


  64. Owen Murday

    Owen Murday2 months ago

    Damn this nigga is the Cristiano Ronaldo of basketball .. shit is unbelievable

  65. hkayen bocajunior

    hkayen bocajunior2 months ago

    Dunks of james are not spectacular. Jordan is better than james no match about that. James moove is simple

  66. Lulu seven

    Lulu seven2 months ago


  67. correo publico

    correo publico2 months ago

    No vi nada sorprendente en esas jugadas, lo que sucede es que Jordan me mal acostumbro a ver verdadera magia en el baloncesto.

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    This player is a Force of nature 😳

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    I'm going to be coming from work early me

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    MJs better.

  78. Edith B. Evangelista

    Edith B. Evangelista3 months ago

    I bet shaq can do this

  79. Sentrell Grim

    Sentrell Grim3 months ago

    The best

  80. Safwaan Islam

    Safwaan Islam3 months ago

    first dunk is a travel'

  81. Flye

    Flye3 months ago

    Fr amazing. But wtf was that tech call at 2:33??? Pretty sure Dikembe or Barkley did worse than than every night they played lol. Refs, don’t be going soft on us now

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    Kn Do3 months ago

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  83. BrOOklyn LOOking

    BrOOklyn LOOking3 months ago

    To the folks that hate lebron, yall actively look at videos pertaining to him to hate lmaoooo. I just never understood.

  84. Theoni Giamas

    Theoni Giamas3 months ago

    Holy crap those dunks lebron is so tough

  85. NOPE Vcc

    NOPE Vcc3 months ago

    I want to play like you

  86. Pedro Valderrama

    Pedro Valderrama3 months ago

    el que silbe es curri

  87. Pedro Valderrama

    Pedro Valderrama3 months ago

    leberon es una mierda

  88. John Raven Valencia

    John Raven Valencia3 months ago

    putay nyu gago kau mga putang-ina kau

  89. John Raven Valencia

    John Raven Valencia3 months ago

    you f***

  90. mgort50

    mgort503 months ago

    my mom can dunk better than lebron James

  91. GuyGamer217

    GuyGamer2173 months ago

    What really is impossible...is that it's 4:20 long.

  92. Jonas Hoff

    Jonas Hoff3 months ago


  93. HAWK EYE

    HAWK EYE3 months ago

    kaya ko yan

  94. Florence Phiri

    Florence Phiri3 months ago

    It ain't impossible LeBron did it

  95. Luis Armando Castro De Jesùs

    Luis Armando Castro De Jesùs3 months ago

    Pues no pudo contra Curry en las finales es muy buen jugador pero hay muchos mejor que el, en estos tiempos son más imagen que jugadores a comparación de la época de Jordan esos si eran los reyes jugando

  96. Brandon Smith

    Brandon Smith3 months ago

    The last dunk was funny

  97. Anish Ajin

    Anish Ajin3 months ago

    so cute of you i love these dunks keep it up and go a head love you so much

  98. Daouda SIDIBÉ

    Daouda SIDIBÉ3 months ago

    le bron James is the best player basket-ball

  99. Cole Ransom

    Cole Ransom3 months ago


  100. Bruce Rivers

    Bruce Rivers3 months ago

    RIP Jason Terry 💀⚰️

  101. jj albarn

    jj albarn3 months ago

    Real world

  102. Müller Marques

    Müller Marques3 months ago

    Left the best dunk ever against Celtics em 2008

  103. Theodore B. Brown

    Theodore B. Brown3 months ago

    ...Click bait

  104. Toolow Savage TV #1001 Entertainment

    Toolow Savage TV #1001 Entertainment3 months ago

    Goat james

  105. rocket royale

    rocket royale4 months ago

    No imposible

  106. Jonel Mudaser

    Jonel Mudaser4 months ago

    i like you james

  107. Brian Lee

    Brian Lee4 months ago

    I love how people get all worked up over the title of this video. People this generation so sensitive n emo man

  108. دوزن كلامك بنت اليمن قدامك

    دوزن كلامك بنت اليمن قدامك4 months ago

    Ads hole

  109. RengGo RenzZo

    RengGo RenzZo4 months ago

    I'm a Lebron fan but all his dunks are overated af

  110. Mert Can Yıldırım

    Mert Can Yıldırım4 months ago

    these alleyoops 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥