LeBron James 10 Impossible Dunks


  1. Gary Linner

    Gary LinnerHour ago

    LeBron James IS A LEYEND!

  2. Isaiah

    Isaiah22 hours ago

    2:27 They be bullying my mans XD

  3. Sneakerhead Lee

    Sneakerhead LeeDay ago

    james a monster

  4. Team 20 Schnipke

    Team 20 SchnipkeDay ago

    Let’s go lebron

  5. Crom Well

    Crom Well2 days ago

    2019 격세지감 ㅠ

  6. dongseob Shim

    dongseob Shim2 days ago

    It's not impossible...it's super impossible

  7. Vikash yadav Yadav

    Vikash yadav Yadav3 days ago

    LeBron James you are a great😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  8. Vikash yadav Yadav

    Vikash yadav Yadav3 days ago


  9. hendrik woe

    hendrik woe5 days ago

    All just raw power,.... Boring. Not pretty dunk at all

  10. Leonardo Arcangelo

    Leonardo Arcangelo5 days ago

    Lebron god

  11. Moda Samy

    Moda Samy5 days ago

    The players' stare down at the player who falls to the ground is so disrespectful and unsportsmanship like

  12. Ethan Murphy

    Ethan Murphy2 days ago

    Moda Samy a lot of times it’s more friendly than it appears

  13. Flakko Diez

    Flakko Diez5 days ago

    Like si viniste por la foto del video

  14. Naz Karacoban

    Naz Karacoban6 days ago

    I love you LeBron 😍😍😍 he is wonderfull

  15. pet er

    pet er6 days ago


  16. roberto betim

    roberto betim7 days ago

    Ele é o mais foda

  17. D成

    D成8 days ago

    Asshole video

  18. souperitachi

    souperitachi8 days ago

    king james

  19. AbdlGffr Pictaler

    AbdlGffr Pictaler9 days ago

    ImposSSsible? impOOOOssible?

  20. Mattykhan

    Mattykhan9 days ago

    They been done b4. And how LeBron say he the greatest. He hasn't scored 60 points in a game b4. Only 5 nba players have. And Michael Jordan and Kobe r part of the 5 that have an they done it on more than one occasion.

  21. Mark Noel Marcelino

    Mark Noel Marcelino12 days ago

    Mark Noel Marcelino That's impossible! coz I can't do that I can only reach the net of the rim,technically it's impossible atleast for me 🤔

  22. GalaxyNon Gamer

    GalaxyNon Gamer13 days ago

    Yeah LeBron is Tarzan Curry is better

  23. Ivan Pregnon

    Ivan Pregnon15 days ago

    Je t'adore James

  24. abel gaming

    abel gaming17 days ago

    That's why now cleveland is nothing because he lost his monster


    DOĞACAN PAŞA18 days ago

    Where are they impossible?

  26. DARYL Appleberry Smith

    DARYL Appleberry Smith21 day ago

    If you go to 27sec you not suppose to fall ave get back up in the nba right

  27. Patryk Sorgho

    Patryk Sorgho22 days ago


  28. PHOENIX 0

    PHOENIX 023 days ago

    Thumbnail tho?

  29. Mark Godfrey Martinez

    Mark Godfrey Martinez24 days ago

    dude u forgot to include his dunk vs the bucks, its almost from the free throw line... and he just do that toooo easy..

  30. Samuel Marimon

    Samuel Marimon24 days ago

    The king James




  32. Toni Georg

    Toni Georg25 days ago

    Lebron got some point on calling himself the goat... i guess

  33. yucheng zhang

    yucheng zhang26 days ago


  34. FlyMan Sersi

    FlyMan Sersi27 days ago

    Curry better

  35. BIEL Snake

    BIEL Snake28 days ago

    0:25 king james💪💪

  36. Bikorimana Christine

    Bikorimana ChristineMonth ago

    You are the best basketball player

  37. Roland Cortavista

    Roland CortavistaMonth ago

    May idol

  38. Dylan Astarita

    Dylan AstaritaMonth ago


  39. Filip Glavaš

    Filip GlavašMonth ago


  40. Ronald Charles

    Ronald CharlesMonth ago

    LeBron James is the best

  41. Andrian Matias

    Andrian MatiasMonth ago

    King of nba

  42. Atl Dee

    Atl DeeMonth ago

    These some good ass highlights I remember these like it was yesterday.

  43. TrippyCX Gawd

    TrippyCX GawdMonth ago

    Isaiah thomas got destroyed😂

  44. James Ogunsanya

    James OgunsanyaMonth ago

    TrippyCX Gawd that was Jason terry

  45. dave maxsted

    dave maxstedMonth ago

    6 foot 9 and impossible.yeah right

  46. The gaming Cheese

    The gaming CheeseMonth ago

    Zion done number 10,number 9,number 7,number 6,and number 2

  47. Gegen Suhendar

    Gegen SuhendarMonth ago

    LeBron james is cool

  48. Country’s/Lands explorer,lover

    Country’s/Lands explorer,loverMonth ago

    King LeBron

  49. sabrinefinau

    sabrinefinauMonth ago

    this is much more impressive to me..lol sabrinefinau (watch - epic dunk!)

  50. Nubian Prince

    Nubian PrinceMonth ago

    mreporter.net/v/video-Gzemo5dL1F8.html watch that 🔥🔥

  51. Ibrahim dagoat

    Ibrahim dagoatMonth ago

    1:53 signature dunk

  52. EMTEE

    EMTEEMonth ago

    Can take the time to admire this 3:43 👑🐐

  53. Vybz Kartel

    Vybz KartelMonth ago


  54. Loud Gas

    Loud GasMonth ago

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  55. 卓和成业

    卓和成业Month ago

    The King is still the King!

  56. Eleonora Capponi

    Eleonora CapponiMonth ago


  57. Josh S-TV

    Josh S-TVMonth ago

    Looks good

  58. Gimli Durin

    Gimli DurinMonth ago


  59. Md Kais Me Kais

    Md Kais Me KaisMonth ago

    nice play

  60. Jose Gonzalez

    Jose GonzalezMonth ago

    LeBron is a bitch...

  61. Alioune Ly

    Alioune LyMonth ago

    Î’m a Curry fan but after looking this video i really know now thats he is the best sorry for my english

  62. Bitch Lasagna

    Bitch LasagnaMonth ago

    Jason terry one is hilarious

  63. Edgar Shinoda fabian

    Edgar Shinoda fabianMonth ago

    Maybe michel jordan can do it...🏀🏀🏀

  64. Fedor Bones

    Fedor BonesMonth ago

    Данк с Ирвингом от щита?!

  65. michele costantino

    michele costantinoMonth ago

    happy birthday Lebron James

  66. Keylord Apostol

    Keylord ApostolMonth ago

    98% of his dunk only 1 style.... his fav power dunk to most small players or w/o guard

  67. 文晓峰

    文晓峰Month ago

    king 最棒

  68. KSIOLajidebt SIDEMN

    KSIOLajidebt SIDEMNMonth ago

    Thé thumbnail couldn’t resist clicking

  69. João Pedro Azevedo

    João Pedro AzevedoMonth ago


  70. Robson Alves

    Robson AlvesMonth ago

    Esse cara é monstro

  71. jeff erhard

    jeff erhardMonth ago

    Lebron is racist no arguing that

  72. Mario Kopayachi

    Mario KopayachiMonth ago

    Is it game??????

  73. Terence Chill

    Terence ChillMonth ago

    Why are these dunks impossible? It's just lame shit from LeBoring James, his dunks are absolutely insignificant, compared to our 80's/90's heroes like MJ, Shawn Kemp, Dominique Wilkins...and many others.

  74. Victor

    VictorMonth ago

    Terence Chill Kid? I’m probably older than you, fam. The fact that you try to undermine the accomplishment of a 260lbs monster speeding past defenders half his size just proves your bias. It ridiculous that you would post something so asinine. If these highlights are so underwhelming, create your own compilation video and let everyone decide which is better. Otherwise just sit down, stfu, make us some popcorn and just watch the man throw down before he retires in a few years.

  75. Terence Chill

    Terence ChillMonth ago

    @ Victor I'm not hating, I'm telling facts. Deal with it, kid.

  76. Victor

    VictorMonth ago

    Terence Chill 😂 another salty, anti Lebron hater.

  77. Terence Chill

    Terence ChillMonth ago

    I' m not talking about the slam dunk contest. Check out MJ's in game/in your face/traffic jams, so powerful and explosive. No one hangs and leans horizontal in the air like him. Le Boring James is so weak compared to MJ. Watching 100 Lebron Dunks, is the same like watching only two dunks, always the same lame shit... This is the real deal: mreporter.net/v/video-LvVx6xKlRIM.html

  78. mny36

    mny36Month ago

    dunkers now days are way better than the 80 90s guys, even highschool players can dunk better than 80s 90s player, mjs free throw dunk ive seen heaps of ppl do that now.

  79. Brian Gordon

    Brian GordonMonth ago

    All his dunks look the same. Thats why hes scared to get into the dunk contest because he lacks creativity. Zach Levine would destroy Lebron in a dunk contest

  80. a chuparla socio

    a chuparla socio7 days ago

    ur fucking autist brian

  81. Mose Schrute

    Mose Schrute29 days ago

    Long as they count and are over some bum ass defender

  82. Rolex Snoopy

    Rolex SnoopyMonth ago


  83. mny36

    mny36Month ago

    hes not scared, lebrons just a power dunker, he just dunks the ball hard and athletic to get the crowd going, hes not going to waste his time to do 360 under the dunk

  84. Harshita Pardeshi

    Harshita PardeshiMonth ago

    James is best

  85. Riccardo07 Ugo

    Riccardo07 UgoMonth ago

    Lui non sa giocare sa solo schiacciare mentre i suoi compagni gliela passano almeno curry se le gioca le azioni

  86. Baján Roland

    Baján RolandMonth ago

    What a music?

  87. Zulfikran Zulmos

    Zulfikran ZulmosMonth ago

    LeBron James best ever player

  88. Noah Fike

    Noah FikeMonth ago

    can we blow in the fireplace for real this time?

  89. Yenissa Rosario

    Yenissa RosarioMonth ago


  90. Anna Fagnidi

    Anna FagnidiMonth ago

    I wanna fuck him sooo bad....

  91. Miki Mecov

    Miki MecovMonth ago

    Who are those trolls who disliked this great video?

  92. Ariel Madridejo

    Ariel Madridejo2 months ago

    Boring basic powerful dunks ..nothing special about his dunks.

  93. Nieves Ledesma

    Nieves Ledesma2 months ago


  94. Nieves Ledesma

    Nieves Ledesma2 months ago

    The only one who make the opponents crowd wild HAHAHHAHAHAHA

  95. Comedi Tube

    Comedi Tube2 months ago

    с его ростом эта хуйня черная еще после данка выебывается

  96. Anthony Cheung

    Anthony Cheung2 months ago

    These r not impossible

  97. Oliver ROBSON

    Oliver ROBSON2 months ago

    Do a shaquill oneal one I will like it strate away. Sorry with my spelling I'm eight years of age.

  98. Luis Vuitton

    Luis Vuitton2 months ago

    23 🤩

  99. Grimm

    Grimm2 months ago

    Lebron Jeims , are you a MaCac?

  100. Grimm

    Grimm2 months ago

    Lebron Jeims , are you a MaCac?

  101. João Pedro Rodrigues

    João Pedro Rodrigues2 months ago

    No one is impossible

  102. Oscar Mionner

    Oscar Mionner2 months ago


  103. 54211 clips

    54211 clips2 months ago

    If anyone wants to see lbj killing in practice watch this mreporter.net/v/video-cZ_GIXcVaGU.html guaranteed not be disappointed

  104. amugza

    amugza2 months ago

    vote www.lebronjames40k.com

  105. Essere Vivente

    Essere Vivente2 months ago

    Lebron top 5000 dunks

  106. mickel leonar

    mickel leonar2 months ago

    wow that amazing

  107. Hazem Debass

    Hazem Debass2 months ago

    لا اجد احد عربي ارزع لايك

  108. Jacek S.

    Jacek S.2 months ago

    Dupy noe ukrywają jego wsady... Daleko mu do Kempa, McDyessa, Carter, Bryanta... To byly czasy

  109. Mohamed A

    Mohamed A2 months ago

    That dunk on demarre carol though 😭😭😭

  110. كرار المحمداوي

    كرار المحمداوي2 months ago

    Hillo please I need song name

  111. Rose Vlogs

    Rose Vlogs2 months ago

    Impossible but possible 😱