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Kyrie Irving's BEST PLAY from Every Game | Boston Celtics 2017-2018


  1. meisterじえろ

    meisterじえろDay ago


  2. Jake TV

    Jake TV6 days ago

    I don't like how he moves and handels too messy, i like simple crossover

  3. Ladimeur Lahiiem

    Ladimeur Lahiiem10 days ago

    Kyrie instinctively does shit on the fly. It's amazing how he adjust his body to block defender while being able to hit the layup. Dude is insane.

  4. サーモンほのぼの実況ch

    サーモンほのぼの実況ch22 days ago


  5. Syrus Agualing

    Syrus Agualing23 days ago

    Kyrie the best player in nba

  6. T Dat

    T DatMonth ago

    Kyrie and James Harden are dogs...Top savages in the league

  7. Ryan Tager

    Ryan TagerMonth ago

    Kyrie is the best!!

  8. Bradley Graham

    Bradley GrahamMonth ago

    nice game

  9. King Lher Meniano

    King Lher MenianoMonth ago

    No.1 point guard... like if u agree

  10. Collis Felix

    Collis FelixMonth ago

    The new Iverson

  11. Terror y mucha diversión

    Terror y mucha diversiónMonth ago


  12. Armando Koz

    Armando KozMonth ago

    mini-Kobe. Such a beautiful game!

  13. Gloria Ma

    Gloria MaMonth ago

    He is awesome!!!the best guard in the league

  14. Heven Reinoso

    Heven Reinoso2 months ago

    El mejor

  15. TevinRBLX

    TevinRBLX2 months ago

    Never forget... The earth is flat

  16. illu minati

    illu minati2 months ago

    KYRIE vs LEBRON!!!! vote now

  17. Jeff21

    Jeff212 months ago

    Kyrie: pulls up from 60 feet and hits the game winner over 3 players... Celtics commentators: “Kyrie...for three...” 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

  18. Amari Top Savage

    Amari Top Savage2 months ago

    I hope you enjoy my best moments thank you! Let's go Boston

  19. whatzup dawg

    whatzup dawg2 months ago

    There’s literally 4 people guarding him at one point😂

  20. Yair Gilboa

    Yair Gilboa2 months ago

    The best finisher

  21. ROSE Derrick

    ROSE Derrick2 months ago

    Drew Drew Uncle Drew

  22. sukka 1P57

    sukka 1P572 months ago


  23. titan two three

    titan two three2 months ago

    11:52 Lebron. Bron

  24. Ilaise Filimoehala

    Ilaise Filimoehala2 months ago


  25. Ilaise Filimoehala

    Ilaise Filimoehala2 months ago

    i want to see kyrie dunk

  26. speediii3

    speediii33 months ago

    The Barry Sanders of the NBA

  27. Davide Guizzardi Unzueta Lazaro

    Davide Guizzardi Unzueta Lazaro3 months ago

    grande kyri erving

  28. strovrpwr

    strovrpwr3 months ago

    That boston jersey will never look as good on Kyrie as a Cavs jersey did. I miss those days man. Hoping Kyrie reunites with LeBron in LA

  29. Arrigo Strina

    Arrigo Strina3 months ago

    Kyrie 4

  30. tapha irving

    tapha irving3 months ago

    The best irving frankly

  31. Jonel Villamucho

    Jonel Villamucho3 months ago

    he always gets buckets

  32. Brayden's 360

    Brayden's 3603 months ago

    He is nasty 🏀

  33. seven Houston

    seven Houston4 months ago


  34. Anthony Candela

    Anthony Candela4 months ago

    I was doing this in the 70s, you people don't know anything about balling. None of this shit is new, not even a crossover.

  35. Anthony Candela

    Anthony Candela4 months ago

    If he's so good why is he always pushing the defender away with his off hand. Offensive foul. He sucks, all of you think he has these amazing handles, ball hog, takes a million dribbles to get a shot. Overrated, if someone in the NBA knew how to play real defense, he would be exposed. When you play shut down d you don't give any breathing room. Sorry players let them bring the ball up court totally uncontested. The NBA is the clown league.

  36. Mitchell Carter

    Mitchell Carter4 months ago

    I'm from boston, been a fan all my life, super happy celtics management is patient and didn't pick up someone like westbrook or cousins that would destroy the chemistry of the team... kyrie looks good in green, and plays team ball, and frees up players with the dribble... gotta say though, i know he's nowhere near the worst at this in the nba, but kyrie travels with three steps in like three or four of these plays with those long extended drag steps... and yes I'm a ref, noticed it in real time, and when i slowed it down as well, he definitely takes three steps in certain situations when he picks the ball up...

  37. Spaghetti sentai

    Spaghetti sentai4 months ago

    i wish all day i can copy kyrie’s moves and layups :)

  38. Anthony Candela

    Anthony Candela4 months ago

    Garbage moves

  39. One snowy boi

    One snowy boi4 months ago

    He's really good at taking contact and still finishing his layup

  40. David Balderas

    David Balderas4 months ago

    Flat Earth my boi The Truth is that the Earth is Flat See what I did there

  41. Zeek THOMAS

    Zeek THOMAS4 months ago

    His handles actually haven’t got better, he had more offensive moves his first and second year in the league .this is just child’s play bruh

  42. Susuma Gaming

    Susuma Gaming4 months ago

    He faked the announcer 1:07

  43. Kevin Joshua Ng

    Kevin Joshua Ng4 months ago

    Those Mamba fades

  44. Christopher Stephens

    Christopher Stephens4 months ago

  45. Adrian Bermillo

    Adrian Bermillo5 months ago

    Kyrie is my lodi

  46. First Second

    First Second5 months ago

    He's humble, unlike currie every shots or moves he make he fvknn make face or dance sht like he owns the court.

  47. Anthony Candela

    Anthony Candela4 months ago

    He's not humble, he travels Everytime he goes to the hoop and drags his foot.

  48. Buckets4Life

    Buckets4Life5 months ago

    Kyre my bro

  49. Jeremy Cabuco

    Jeremy Cabuco5 months ago

    Uncle Drew AKA Kyrie Swerving

  50. architekts

    architekts5 months ago

    Kobe said it right, the league is lucky he is not 6'6.

  51. Carl De Leon

    Carl De Leon5 months ago

    Better team player and better defender than Le3-6

  52. Carl De Leon

    Carl De Leon5 months ago

    Why I like Kyrie over other PG's is because he's not arrogant.

  53. Dream Soda

    Dream Soda5 months ago

    It's unbelievable how easy he makes basketball look

  54. Marvin Tirman

    Marvin Tirman5 months ago

    10:37 impressive

  55. Daniel Daniklay

    Daniel Daniklay5 months ago

    Pprt, qm da dislike nisso

  56. kawasakiindustries

    kawasakiindustries5 months ago

    jordan > kyrie

  57. kingrobinho777

    kingrobinho7775 months ago

    nah kyrie is better. Better handle, MUCH better shooter from 3 and mid range, MUCH better finisher, better passer and both are clutch.

  58. Cuentaluismiguel Universallopez vargas

    Cuentaluismiguel Universallopez vargas5 months ago

    El video se muibueno

  59. Bambino Hisoka

    Bambino Hisoka5 months ago

    My past favorite is Kobe Bryant for now Kyrie Erving

  60. Marvin Gabriel

    Marvin Gabriel5 months ago

    Kyrie's passes reminds me of lebron. Cant wait for this season to start!!

  61. DhanTheLion ʜᴇʜᴇʜᴇ

    DhanTheLion ʜᴇʜᴇʜᴇ6 months ago

    Don't reach young bloods.

  62. Yulia Ayul

    Yulia Ayul6 months ago

    kobe is the goat

  63. Abdulrahman Alsultan

    Abdulrahman Alsultan6 months ago

    Top 5 players in the league easily and imo he is the 3rd best player

  64. dogjuju

    dogjuju6 months ago

    One of the most entertaining injury prone players in the league

  65. Kenneth

    Kenneth6 months ago

    But still, kobe owned this dude

  66. nikho Francisco

    nikho Francisco6 months ago

    Kyrie is the best i just hope one day I can be in his team!!!I hope that next year celtics will be in the championship!!!

  67. EyeSeeYou

    EyeSeeYou6 months ago

    man, when did NBA teams have a group meeting and decide on making ugly ass courts?

  68. Kb Cruz does Nightcore

    Kb Cruz does Nightcore6 months ago

    8:46 OMG

  69. Ameer Alasadi

    Ameer Alasadi6 months ago

    I swear I love kyrie

  70. TT4Life Squad

    TT4Life Squad6 months ago


  71. Maliki Starnes

    Maliki Starnes6 months ago

    He is my god

  72. Bryan Vier Vale

    Bryan Vier Vale6 months ago

    Kyrie swerving on the hole👏🏀💪

  73. Jerryballer 2356

    Jerryballer 23566 months ago


  74. Kiesha Mckinney

    Kiesha Mckinney6 months ago

    Best handles in the world

  75. Mr. Kimmywise

    Mr. Kimmywise6 months ago

    untacked or mask Kyrie is Dangerous

  76. Bluee Duckk

    Bluee Duckk6 months ago

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  77. xFlow777

    xFlow7776 months ago

    Lebron left east Caz of this guy, he knew he's not getting luck 2 seasons in a row

  78. Jonathon Sales

    Jonathon Sales6 months ago

    They're there... But its like... They're not there. Lol

  79. Jonathon Sales

    Jonathon Sales6 months ago

    Allen Iverson?

  80. Jonathon Sales

    Jonathon Sales6 months ago

    Props, man got skills

  81. JayJelly

    JayJelly6 months ago

    I can’t believe people compare him to Curry😂 WHAT HE’S WAY BETTER

  82. Aiden Peralta

    Aiden Peralta6 months ago

    5:53 how is it the second quarter and they only scored 2 points🤨

  83. Kerrie Phillips

    Kerrie Phillips6 months ago

    Kyrie is special Boston will get a ring or two if he's stays healthy I hate he had to get knee surgery.

  84. john stephen

    john stephen6 months ago

    people talk about his godly handles but his finishing is just as good

  85. SalaCommander26

    SalaCommander266 months ago

    Mini Kobe

  86. Jaylen Ivey

    Jaylen Ivey6 months ago

    3:33 JJ Barea is so lucky this man Kyrie didn't snatch the fuck outta that ball, or else we would have seen another Prigioni moment

  87. T-Mex-

    T-Mex-6 months ago

    Future HOF

  88. Carlos Sierra

    Carlos Sierra6 months ago

    Dr. Irving! He's gonna get hurt doing those things.

  89. Gabe

    Gabe6 months ago

    2:37 literally went through the lakers entire team

  90. Forgiven Sinner

    Forgiven Sinner6 months ago

    He did a similar play against the Spurs in 2015. Look up his 57 point game against them.

  91. Nitoy Rosario

    Nitoy Rosario6 months ago


  92. 運DOOM命

    運DOOM命6 months ago

    Who's scarier to guard, masked Kyrie or masked Kobe?

  93. Wayman Hunt

    Wayman Hunt6 months ago

    If he playe in the playoffs jesus....

  94. TheKidDaniel

    TheKidDaniel6 months ago

    Pacers were on there twice

  95. Mistah Wilson

    Mistah Wilson6 months ago

    1:30 its not really a steal if they throw it right to you lol

  96. Chris Oramas

    Chris Oramas6 months ago

    Notice how kyrie missed a free throw and got an offensive rebound? Blame Adams for letting Westbrook stat pad. Clearly it would’ve been an easy rebound for Adams but notice how he stays back and they let Westbrook into the paint.

  97. justice white

    justice white6 months ago

    Kyrie is the best basketball player i have very seen in my life at least offensively speaking , im only 22 though.

  98. Daryll Wajendra

    Daryll Wajendra6 months ago

    get pump faked

  99. Sean Foley

    Sean Foley7 months ago

    How do you defend this man?? 😂😂

  100. biglance804

    biglance8047 months ago

    7:37 against the Bulls is so crafty

  101. Thomas Smith

    Thomas Smith7 months ago

    10:38 he does a hesi spin wtf

  102. Jay DubThaGreat

    Jay DubThaGreat7 months ago

    The Untucked Theory Is Real Ladies & Gentleman🍀🔎

  103. Melissa Chin

    Melissa Chin7 months ago

    Footwork scary

  104. SuperRip7

    SuperRip77 months ago

    Those are Irving's best plays. 07-18-18.