Kyrie Irving's BEST PLAY from Every Game | Boston Celtics 2017-2018


  1. Christian Terrazas

    Christian Terrazas3 days ago

    He just can’t miss

  2. Damon Vinson

    Damon Vinson6 days ago

    His ego is his worst enemy......

  3. Editha Arellano

    Editha Arellano22 days ago

    kyrei need to go to the lakers

  4. Fauzi Pahlepi

    Fauzi Pahlepi23 days ago

    WOW. JUST WOW.🔥🔥🔥

  5. Aaryan Akhil

    Aaryan AkhilMonth ago

    4:24 kyrie traveled. He took three steps

  6. Aaryan Akhil

    Aaryan AkhilMonth ago

    4:24 kyrie traveled. He took three steps

  7. Ra wa

    Ra waMonth ago

    5:34 nice Defense

  8. Emps Time

    Emps TimeMonth ago


  9. xxx xxx

    xxx xxx2 months ago

    Irving mejor que Messi...desde mi punto de vista es una máquina...

  10. Klayver Lima

    Klayver Lima2 months ago

    Tu é doido esse cara ai joga demais

  11. Ivan Carrera

    Ivan Carrera2 months ago

    juegas chido 🏀🏀🏀


    UCHIHA SASUKE2 months ago

    Most skilled player in NBA and one of the most humble


    UCHIHA SASUKE2 months ago

    The most underrated player in the league


    UCHIHA SASUKE2 months ago

    Almost all clips is a masked kyrie and untucked kyrie The most dangerous kind of kyrie

  15. Farrah Rosado

    Farrah Rosado2 months ago


  16. Girish Babuck

    Girish Babuck2 months ago

    Master class

  17. Franklin Mejia

    Franklin Mejia2 months ago

    Kyrie best point guard in the league that simple

  18. Andy Jeon

    Andy Jeon3 months ago

    mask kyrie = best kyrie

  19. เล้ง ราหูล์

    เล้ง ราหูล์3 months ago

    Come to the LA Lakers.

  20. Vince Aloewel

    Vince Aloewel3 months ago

    11:48 look what kyrie has done to your so called KING

  21. William Wooten

    William Wooten3 months ago

    MVP 2019!!!!!!!!

  22. Zealot Zealot

    Zealot Zealot3 months ago

    He is an assassin.

  23. David Blair

    David Blair3 months ago

    1 year ago, i watched it, the time run fast

  24. Nevenka Ćelepirović

    Nevenka Ćelepirović4 months ago

    He traveled 4:28

  25. Nevenka Ćelepirović

    Nevenka Ćelepirović4 months ago

    He traveled 2.08

  26. mil muerte

    mil muerte4 months ago

    El no es presumido el solo juega y acabar con sus rivales

  27. mil muerte

    mil muerte4 months ago

    Best beutifull play nba know un mexicano les dice mejor jugador de la nba 😂

  28. Tun Lang

    Tun Lang4 months ago

    My fav nba player and team

  29. Eager Daimond613

    Eager Daimond6134 months ago

    Hey where are all my middle school basket ball players

  30. meisterじえろ

    meisterじえろ4 months ago


  31. Jake TV

    Jake TV5 months ago

    I don't like how he moves and handels too messy, i like simple crossover

  32. Ladimeur Lahiiem

    Ladimeur Lahiiem5 months ago

    Kyrie instinctively does shit on the fly. It's amazing how he adjust his body to block defender while being able to hit the layup. Dude is insane.

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    特定意思薄弱児童監視指導員ドラえもん5 months ago


  34. Syrus Agualing

    Syrus Agualing5 months ago

    Kyrie the best player in nba

  35. T Dat

    T Dat5 months ago

    Kyrie and James Harden are dogs...Top savages in the league

  36. Ryan Tager

    Ryan Tager6 months ago

    Kyrie is the best!!

  37. Bradley Graham

    Bradley Graham6 months ago

    nice game

  38. King Lher Meniano

    King Lher Meniano6 months ago

    No.1 point guard... like if u agree

  39. Collis Felix

    Collis Felix6 months ago

    The new Iverson

  40. danna Aldape

    danna Aldape6 months ago


  41. Armando Koz

    Armando Koz6 months ago

    mini-Kobe. Such a beautiful game!

  42. Gloria Ma

    Gloria Ma6 months ago

    He is awesome!!!the best guard in the league

  43. Heven Reinoso

    Heven Reinoso7 months ago

    El mejor

  44. T8VIN

    T8VIN7 months ago

    Never forget... The earth is flat

  45. C H A I N Z

    C H A I N Z7 months ago

    KYRIE vs LEBRON!!!! vote now

  46. Jeff21

    Jeff217 months ago

    Kyrie: pulls up from 60 feet and hits the game winner over 3 players... Celtics commentators: “Kyrie...for three...” 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

  47. Young Banger

    Young Banger7 months ago

    I hope you enjoy my best moments thank you! Let's go Boston

  48. whatzup dawg

    whatzup dawg7 months ago

    There’s literally 4 people guarding him at one point😂

  49. Yair Gilboa

    Yair Gilboa7 months ago

    The best finisher

  50. ROSE Derrick

    ROSE Derrick7 months ago

    Drew Drew Uncle Drew