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Kyrie Irving's BEST PLAY from Every Game | Boston Celtics 2017-2018


  1. Adrian Bermillo

    Adrian Bermillo3 days ago

    Kyrie is my lodi

  2. First Second

    First Second4 days ago

    He's humble, unlike currie every shots or moves he make he fvknn make face or dance sht like he owns the court.

  3. Buckets4Life

    Buckets4Life8 days ago

    Kyre my bro

  4. Jeremy Cabuco

    Jeremy Cabuco9 days ago

    Uncle Drew AKA Kyrie Swerving

  5. architekts

    architekts13 days ago

    Kobe said it right, the league is lucky he is not 6'6.

  6. Carl De Leon

    Carl De Leon14 days ago

    Better team player and better defender than Le3-6

  7. Carl De Leon

    Carl De Leon14 days ago

    Why I like Kyrie over other PG's is because he's not arrogant.

  8. Dream Soda

    Dream Soda17 days ago

    It's unbelievable how easy he makes basketball look

  9. Marvin Tirman

    Marvin Tirman19 days ago

    10:37 impressive

  10. Daniel Daniklay

    Daniel Daniklay22 days ago

    Pprt, qm da dislike nisso

  11. kawasakiindustries

    kawasakiindustries22 days ago

    jordan > kyrie

  12. kingrobinho777

    kingrobinho77721 day ago

    nah kyrie is better. Better handle, MUCH better shooter from 3 and mid range, MUCH better finisher, better passer and both are clutch.

  13. Cuentaluismiguel Universallopez vargas

    Cuentaluismiguel Universallopez vargas23 days ago

    El video se muibueno

  14. Bambino Hisoka

    Bambino Hisoka25 days ago

    My past favorite is Kobe Bryant for now Kyrie Erving

  15. Marvin Gabriel

    Marvin Gabriel26 days ago

    Kyrie's passes reminds me of lebron. Cant wait for this season to start!!

  16. Christopher Arroyo

    Christopher Arroyo28 days ago

    Don't reach young bloods.

  17. Yulia Ayul

    Yulia Ayul29 days ago

    kobe is the goat

  18. Abdulrahman Alsultan

    Abdulrahman AlsultanMonth ago

    Top 5 players in the league easily and imo he is the 3rd best player

  19. dogjuju

    dogjujuMonth ago

    One of the most entertaining injury prone players in the league

  20. DkDaze Finest24

    DkDaze Finest24Month ago

    But still, kobe owned this dude

  21. nikho Francisco

    nikho FranciscoMonth ago

    Kyrie is the best i just hope one day I can be in his team!!!I hope that next year celtics will be in the championship!!!

  22. EyeSeeYou

    EyeSeeYouMonth ago

    man, when did NBA teams have a group meeting and decide on making ugly ass courts?

  23. Kb Cruz does Nightcore

    Kb Cruz does NightcoreMonth ago

    8:46 OMG

  24. Ameer Alasadi

    Ameer AlasadiMonth ago

    I swear I love kyrie


    TT4LIFE SQUADMonth ago


  26. Maliki Starnes

    Maliki StarnesMonth ago

    He is my god

  27. Bryan Vier Vale

    Bryan Vier ValeMonth ago

    Kyrie swerving on the hole👏🏀💪

  28. Jerryballer23 56

    Jerryballer23 56Month ago


  29. Kiesha Mckinney

    Kiesha MckinneyMonth ago

    Best handles in the world

  30. Mr. Kimmywise

    Mr. KimmywiseMonth ago

    untacked or mask Kyrie is Dangerous

  31. Bluee Duckk

    Bluee DuckkMonth ago

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  32. xFlow777

    xFlow777Month ago

    Lebron left east Caz of this guy, he knew he's not getting luck 2 seasons in a row

  33. Jonathon Sales

    Jonathon SalesMonth ago

    They're there... But its like... They're not there. Lol

  34. Jonathon Sales

    Jonathon SalesMonth ago

    Allen Iverson?

  35. Jonathon Sales

    Jonathon SalesMonth ago

    Props, man got skills

  36. JayJelly

    JayJellyMonth ago

    I can’t believe people compare him to Curry😂 WHAT HE’S WAY BETTER

  37. Aiden Peralta

    Aiden PeraltaMonth ago

    5:53 how is it the second quarter and they only scored 2 points🤨

  38. Kerrie Phillips

    Kerrie PhillipsMonth ago

    Kyrie is special Boston will get a ring or two if he's stays healthy I hate he had to get knee surgery.

  39. john stephen

    john stephenMonth ago

    people talk about his godly handles but his finishing is just as good

  40. SalaCommander26

    SalaCommander26Month ago

    Mini Kobe

  41. Jaylen Ivey

    Jaylen IveyMonth ago

    3:33 JJ Barea is so lucky this man Kyrie didn't snatch the fuck outta that ball, or else we would have seen another Prigioni moment

  42. T-Mex-

    T-Mex-Month ago

    Future HOF

  43. Carlos Sierra

    Carlos SierraMonth ago

    Dr. Irving! He's gonna get hurt doing those things.

  44. Gabe

    GabeMonth ago

    2:37 literally went through the lakers entire team

  45. Forgiven Sinner

    Forgiven SinnerMonth ago

    He did a similar play against the Spurs in 2015. Look up his 57 point game against them.

  46. Nitoy Rosario

    Nitoy RosarioMonth ago


  47. 運DOOM命

    運DOOM命Month ago

    Who's scarier to guard, masked Kyrie or masked Kobe?

  48. Wayman Hunt

    Wayman HuntMonth ago

    If he playe in the playoffs jesus....


    DANIEL VAUGHN!Month ago

    Pacers were on there twice

  50. Mistah Wilson

    Mistah WilsonMonth ago

    1:30 its not really a steal if they throw it right to you lol

  51. Chris Oramas

    Chris OramasMonth ago

    Notice how kyrie missed a free throw and got an offensive rebound? Blame Adams for letting Westbrook stat pad. Clearly it would’ve been an easy rebound for Adams but notice how he stays back and they let Westbrook into the paint.

  52. justice white

    justice whiteMonth ago

    Kyrie is the best basketball player i have very seen in my life at least offensively speaking , im only 22 though.

  53. Daryll Wajendra

    Daryll WajendraMonth ago

    get pump faked

  54. Sean Foley

    Sean FoleyMonth ago

    How do you defend this man?? 😂😂

  55. biglance804

    biglance804Month ago

    7:37 against the Bulls is so crafty

  56. Thomas Smith

    Thomas SmithMonth ago

    10:38 he does a hesi spin wtf

  57. Jay DubThaGreat

    Jay DubThaGreatMonth ago

    The Untucked Theory Is Real Ladies & Gentleman🍀🔎

  58. Melissa Chin

    Melissa ChinMonth ago

    Footwork scary

  59. SuperRip7

    SuperRip72 months ago

    Those are Irving's best plays. 07-18-18.

  60. Clayton Coyle

    Clayton Coyle2 months ago

    Kyrie "Swerving" Irving

  61. John Piner

    John Piner2 months ago

    that y LeBron couldn't have him. Because kyrie can't be stopped. The best for me now. Reminds me of pearl Monroe.

  62. John Piner

    John Piner2 months ago

    The absolute best right now to me. You can't stop uncle drew.

  63. Constantine Jiang

    Constantine Jiang2 months ago

    king handles

  64. Cristian Morona

    Cristian Morona2 months ago

    go irving you mvp

  65. Sarah Jane Tomarao

    Sarah Jane Tomarao2 months ago

    Mamba mentality

  66. 潇怂然

    潇怂然2 months ago


  67. Adventure Cellist

    Adventure Cellist2 months ago

    0:48 is the best play of all in my opinion.

  68. galen stone

    galen stone2 months ago

    supernatural handles

  69. Evelyn Myles

    Evelyn Myles2 months ago

    Kyrie my favorite player

  70. Ultimate gamer assassin

    Ultimate gamer assassin2 months ago

    Anyone else notice the Celtics and pistons being tied 2-2 in the 2nd quarter

  71. J Klutz

    J Klutz2 months ago

    Better than Westbrook 💯

  72. Slinky Carrot

    Slinky Carrot2 months ago

    Kyrie "the escape artist" Irving

  73. Ryan Wood

    Ryan Wood2 months ago

    5:55 the score is 2-2 in the start of the 2nd quarter

  74. Darlyn Dela Cruz

    Darlyn Dela Cruz2 months ago

    I love kyrie...😊😊😊

  75. Triumph Dhliwayo

    Triumph Dhliwayo2 months ago

    Tactical hustler

  76. Rolan Reynacido

    Rolan Reynacido2 months ago

    Kyrie 'Handles' Irving

  77. joey sabanal

    joey sabanal2 months ago

    galing ni irving

  78. Jameel Gayle

    Jameel Gayle2 months ago

    1:14 he got that from Lebron

  79. Daniel Vargas Gutierrez

    Daniel Vargas Gutierrez2 months ago

    kyrie swag....

  80. Yed Der

    Yed Der3 months ago

    best PG in the NBA? Kyrie Irving

  81. ecnarongi

    ecnarongi3 months ago

    What everyone fails to mention is that Kyrie has 0 fear of big men when going to the hole. That makes him unlike any small guy ever.

  82. Doo Doo Brown

    Doo Doo Brown3 months ago

    When Kyrie became a CELTIC.....Everything was right in the NBA!

  83. XXX Abortion

    XXX Abortion3 months ago

    7:08 “he’s gonna be a very good player” 🅱️oi you better not talkin about kyrie

  84. mrboomer24

    mrboomer243 months ago

    Fuck kyrie period you'll never be as great as Lebron jealously a bitch trait fk you for leaving The Cavs

  85. M A R T I N N N N N

    M A R T I N N N N N3 months ago

    Mr. tough shot

  86. Johnny Sullivan

    Johnny Sullivan3 months ago

    11:48 was only a highlight because of the crowd noise

  87. N munkuu

    N munkuu3 months ago

    Why with glass

  88. N munkuu

    N munkuu3 months ago

    Why with glass

  89. N munkuu

    N munkuu3 months ago

    Why with glass

  90. Carissa Mapa

    Carissa Mapa3 months ago

    plss.. kyrie go back to cavs..😭😭 plssss...

  91. Kyle Rolle

    Kyle Rolle3 months ago

    This guy is an anomoly right there...Kyrie got a crazy skills all around n delivers shots man. Only better from here

  92. will M

    will M3 months ago

    Well if we draft Mo Bamba it will make him even better Thats the only trade celtics should make this summer. trade picks for pick

  93. Li Wayne

    Li Wayne3 months ago

    Just stop comparing players smh. they're both great players just sit back relax fam

  94. Andrew d

    Andrew d3 months ago

    5:48 there must have been some bomb ass defense being played in that game... 0-2 in the 2nd quarter

  95. blue moon

    blue moon3 months ago

    8:06 double dribble

  96. bernado theosmy

    bernado theosmyMonth ago

    blue moon the defender deflect the ball

  97. Kid Rose

    Kid Rose3 months ago

    Boston woulda beat Cleveland if Irving played

  98. Blame Angelo

    Blame Angelo3 months ago

    11:48 LeBron was like "wtf I thought he was my teammate" Hahaha Kyrie is the best

  99. Eric Mantal

    Eric Mantal3 months ago

    irving is the best one ever...!!!!!

  100. Kameron Jergenson

    Kameron Jergenson3 months ago

    Kyrie Irving is so fucking underrated

  101. Creator74 Music

    Creator74 Music3 months ago

    0:10 ohhhhh, oooooooh, OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH

  102. MuzicthatsStrange

    MuzicthatsStrange3 months ago

    3:30 Wow!

  103. Lyrically Carismatic

    Lyrically Carismatic3 months ago

    Top 3 PG....don't argue!!!