Kylie Jenner's Guide to Lips, Brows, Confidence | Beauty Secrets | Vogue


  1. DoffaFTW

    DoffaFTWHour ago

    She isn’t even that hot

  2. Saloni Tambe

    Saloni Tambe4 hours ago

    Why she did surgery she was beautiful when she was younger more than now!

  3. tilda’s talk

    tilda’s talk6 hours ago

    her bathroom is bigger than my entire town

  4. tilda’s talk

    tilda’s talk6 hours ago

    “hey guys it’s kylie for anyone who doesn’t know” WE ALL KNOW SIS

  5. geegee. litt

    geegee. litt6 hours ago

    “When I felt insecure about my lips I turned to” okurrrrrrr hun u turned to lip injections😭😭😭

  6. Raphaela rapha

    Raphaela rapha7 hours ago

    Eai bando de porcada alguém do Brasil?

  7. ryan zad

    ryan zad7 hours ago

    shes a cow

  8. Finnigan Soleil

    Finnigan Soleil7 hours ago

    Is this asmr?

  9. Joselynn Chinn

    Joselynn Chinn10 hours ago

    You look like your mom

  10. x Lara x

    x Lara x10 hours ago

    wich foundation did she use?

  11. Dagmara Szapar

    Dagmara Szapar10 hours ago

    The filler in her lips looks wierd without make up. Trout pout.

  12. fatNano

    fatNano12 hours ago

    Wow her lips are horrific

  13. Ally Allie•

    Ally Allie•12 hours ago

    Yesss gurl slay

  14. M S

    M S13 hours ago

    Man! She wears a lot of makeup.

  15. Drugstore Diva

    Drugstore Diva13 hours ago

    I would soooo follow her if she had a channel OMG that voice and she's actually being pretty real which I didn't expect 😍😍

  16. Lil Unicorn Donut

    Lil Unicorn Donut15 hours ago

    She's my fav better then her sisters

  17. Anonymous !

    Anonymous !16 hours ago

    I don't think she's beautyful

  18. james M

    james M18 hours ago

    Cool Girl

  19. james M

    james M18 hours ago

    Cool Girl

  20. Erza Scarlet

    Erza Scarlet18 hours ago

    Gevezeymiş lo bu kız ilk defa bunun videosunu izliyorum.. makyaj ustası

  21. Luisa Fernanda Rico Perez

    Luisa Fernanda Rico Perez18 hours ago

    Kim kardashian 💕💕

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    richandrich cosmetics18 hours ago

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  25. Sharia -Chan

    Sharia -Chan19 hours ago

    what foundation did she use?

  26. shu emily

    shu emily21 hour ago

    her lips are like Jeff the Killer's... its Scary to see how huge they are!😷

  27. Henrylee Williams

    Henrylee Williams22 hours ago

    U ok?

  28. anto1975100

    anto197510023 hours ago

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  29. Jocelyn Madera

    Jocelyn MaderaDay ago

    4:53 she has the same skin color as me

  30. Jocelyn Madera

    Jocelyn MaderaDay ago

    Let her ware makeup at 10 and up

  31. dana coppock

    dana coppockDay ago

    Confident? This girl went and had a doctor change EVERYTHING about her appearance. EVERYTHING! She did this bc she couldn't stand the way she looked. This is the same girl that refused to let a single picture of her pregnancy leak bc she had gained 5 pounds a couldn't stand the thought of people seeing. Kylie is no role model and I hope you young girls really understand that.

  32. ale

    aleDay ago

    I don't understand why people hate her she is so pretty and kind, I love her voice.😗😙😙😙

  33. Maggsski

    MaggsskiDay ago

    Why is it her skin around her chest does not look so smooth and flawless? Btw i still love u kylie

  34. Valdera Lundy

    Valdera LundyDay ago

    Eww she is hideous with and without the make up! The lips are distracting lol

  35. Misha Mahmood

    Misha MahmoodDay ago

    Anyone have noticed the love bites on her chest ????

  36. KamKam Lum

    KamKam LumDay ago

    I love how she uses her own brand.

  37. Su Mei

    Su MeiDay ago

    Wow natural or not I love this girl!

  38. Firstpo jkh

    Firstpo jkhDay ago

    man make up is evil , and its all false advertising , i didn't see kylie without make up but now i wouldn't want her like i do with make up . ya'll women so fake,,, then be asking for a real man

  39. Тоня Худякова

    Тоня ХудяковаDay ago

    " it's Kylie, for anyone, who dosen't know" Anyone doesnt know kylie?



    sinceramente que feo que tan joven se haya hecho operaciones se nota su colageno y botox ... ella era hermosa al natural

  41. I LOVE Cookies

    I LOVE CookiesDay ago

    her lips not big

  42. つな

    つなDay ago

    paint anyway

  43. Kelly Halidone

    Kelly HalidoneDay ago

    love how shes so much kylie is generally just being her self in this video :)

  44. CampRock655

    CampRock655Day ago

    Can someone list all the makeup she’s using ?

  45. Ashley Rosewood

    Ashley RosewoodDay ago

    da loud clap when she starts the video... today, makeup n plastic surgery is everything

  46. Maria Maria

    Maria Maria2 days ago

    She's looking more and more like kris

  47. C .D

    C .D2 days ago

    Does anyone else find this oddly satisfying? 😍

  48. Londonn Texas

    Londonn Texas2 days ago

    I love her voice...!!! calming, almost therapeutic...

  49. allana culanag

    allana culanag2 days ago

    Funny how she's more beautiful without make up

  50. allana culanag

    allana culanag2 days ago

    Her voice makes me sleep! Gosh this can be an asmr vid ya know

  51. Brooklyn Visser

    Brooklyn Visser2 days ago

    Does anyone know what pencil she is using?

  52. Ruby A. Hinojosa

    Ruby A. Hinojosa2 days ago

    If you want confidence like kylie just get plastic surgery.

  53. Maman Etc

    Maman Etc2 days ago

    Bonjour. Tu es trop belle. Tout simplement.

  54. OfficialMixed.k

    OfficialMixed.k2 days ago

    When she added the blush at the end I was pissed because she messed up the look. she still is beautiful tho.

  55. Blind Goat

    Blind Goat2 days ago

    Her bathroom is the size of the one room I’ve lived in for the past 13 years..

  56. Blind Goat

    Blind Goat2 days ago

    Step one. Look like Kylie Jenner

  57. Dalia Ahmed

    Dalia Ahmed2 days ago

    Her bathroom is bigger than my dreams

  58. NB1711

    NB17112 days ago


  59. Fatoosh -cute

    Fatoosh -cute2 days ago

    Omg she is great😻

  60. Lasgalen Delphine

    Lasgalen Delphine2 days ago

    Her voice makes me literally drool 🤤 I mean for real I just want Kylie to come live with me and speak softly into my ear. If I was Travis Scott I would lay in bed all day and just let her read to me. Not even playing

  61. emma

    emma2 days ago

    this video is so weird to watch now that she has her fillers out. she looks much better without them

  62. K Brittany TV

    K Brittany TV2 days ago

    Love this. Cool to hear how you started Kylie Cosmetics! It was sooooo worth it. Love your lip kits!!

  63. Rainier Lundgren

    Rainier Lundgren2 days ago

    giude to lips is to go to the docttor

  64. Chiinngaikim Kim

    Chiinngaikim Kim2 days ago

    lip liner is kylie's second best friend.

  65. Billie .17

    Billie .173 days ago

    She's so pretty. I wish I was pretty.

  66. seductiveblush

    seductiveblush3 days ago

    I don’t know why everyone’s compare kylie and rihanna’s makeup!! I love both. But Kylie actually showed some real makeup where as rihanna’s one was just entertaining to see.

  67. Liza Zackry

    Liza Zackry3 days ago

    Hey Ky, can I sleep in ur BR, thaaaaanks

  68. Proud2be BLACK!

    Proud2be BLACK!3 days ago

    Her eye brows are not evenly done ( one is higher and longer than the other )! It is irritating me. . .

  69. Kelly Guti

    Kelly Guti3 days ago

    Me gustó mucho

  70. saossurvive

    saossurvive3 days ago

    I love her brown eyes so much. I feel like with my light eyes I can’t shade under the eye like she does or it looks weird or too harsh. I love that look but can’t pull it off.

  71. icecream on me MCFLURRY

    icecream on me MCFLURRY3 days ago

    Comments: 40%- "OMG her voice is so soft!😍" 30%-"Why is there a sofa in her bathroom ?" 20%-"Holy shii, her bathroom is the size of my house/apartment!😱" 10%- idk what the other 10% is. Ig stupid comments like this one😕😂

  72. Marta Z. Franco

    Marta Z. Franco3 days ago

    Okay I knew someone in that family has a talent....

  73. purplevhope

    purplevhope3 days ago

    Not gonna lie, I love her :3

  74. Itasil Kememmótarë

    Itasil Kememmótarë3 days ago

    Wow a beauty guru that isn't able to explain what baking is

  75. Lynda Van der Klok

    Lynda Van der Klok3 days ago

    i genuinely loved her small lips

  76. Laura Turkalj

    Laura Turkalj3 days ago

    Too much makeup but its nice

  77. nana nana

    nana nana3 days ago

    She so ugly .

  78. Idk What to make my name

    Idk What to make my name3 days ago

    nana nana no

  79. Nanette Bowman

    Nanette Bowman3 days ago

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  80. rebel jamer

    rebel jamer3 days ago

    I could listen to her talk forever.

  81. Cka797

    Cka7974 days ago

    She looks like a Monkey!🙈

  82. •dia•

    •dia•4 days ago

    4:53 I have fair skin too sis!! It’s actually a struggle to get tan😭😭

  83. Colleen Carey

    Colleen Carey4 days ago

    I think her lips look great! 💋

  84. Colleen Carey

    Colleen Carey4 days ago

    I think her lips look great!

  85. MsNikkiBae

    MsNikkiBae4 days ago

    Plz help !

  86. amy m

    amy m4 days ago

    Does anyone else notice her mouth slants as she talks ?

  87. Isabella Fox

    Isabella Fox4 days ago

    Her lips look deflated

  88. AdriBeautyTutorials

    AdriBeautyTutorials4 days ago

    Who is she ?

  89. Yumeko GL

    Yumeko GL4 days ago


  90. Lola A

    Lola A4 days ago

    Her lips look crazy

  91. carla restrepo

    carla restrepo4 days ago

    I don't know why but kylie should be a youtuber

  92. Mongolvirgo

    Mongolvirgo4 days ago

    Kylie should do asmr!!!

  93. Maheen Ahmad

    Maheen Ahmad4 days ago

    “Hey guys I’m Kylie for those who don’t know” like dude everyone who knows how to use MReporter knows who you are.

  94. Mariana Sampaio

    Mariana Sampaio4 days ago

    how she can apply lipstick without look at the mirror

  95. Suky Martinez

    Suky Martinez4 days ago

    DUDE SPEAK UP, I CAN'T HEAR YOU WITH HEADPHONES. that is really sad. But your makeup looks great.

  96. miojo loko

    miojo loko4 days ago

    Linda te amo

  97. Ishita Shabnam

    Ishita Shabnam4 days ago

    is her hair natural or artificial? it seems artificial....

  98. hyun gyung KIm

    hyun gyung KIm4 days ago

    how about K-beauty ? korean cosmetic brand no.1 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

  99. Rahila Waqar

    Rahila Waqar4 days ago

    U can tel she has soo many surgeries on her face...

  100. Caner Öncel

    Caner Öncel4 days ago

    it seems like your lips want to leave your body.

  101. its'z me aliyah

    its'z me aliyah4 days ago

    I live her makeup , so fashionable