Kylie Jenner's Guide to Lips, Brows, Confidence | Beauty Secrets | Vogue


  1. Jennifer Kwon

    Jennifer Kwon39 minutes ago

    Her face is kinda slanted and uneven I think but Kendall’s is so symmetrical

  2. Lemon Ade

    Lemon Ade2 hours ago

    what is the brand of the lipliner she used?

  3. Олег Непомнящий

    Олег Непомнящий3 hours ago

    да ебать. наростите мне эти ебучие ресницы и я, сука , буду выглядеть как кайли дженер

  4. Mariela Vasquez

    Mariela Vasquez4 hours ago

    Not a fan of hers but her voice is so relaxing 😌

  5. Chica Kimchi

    Chica Kimchi4 hours ago

    looks amazing


    SAMPLE TEXT5 hours ago

    I’m a guy. Idfk why I’m watching this 😑😑

  7. Unikat 007

    Unikat 0076 hours ago

    my first reaction when i see her without makeup: "oh my god shes so pretty" and yes shes pretty with makeup too but... why?! i mean she can do whatever she want but i just want to say that shes so pretty without makeup❤ and i don't really like her that much but... why😭

  8. Antonia Quezada

    Antonia Quezada6 hours ago

    I Love Kylie Jenner😻

  9. emma Woods

    emma Woods6 hours ago

    uhm? her eyes are CLEARLY brown. why did her boyfriend say they were green yellow and she was like YES BABY.... what

  10. *Etérea *

    *Etérea *6 hours ago

    It is her everyday makeup ? XD my everyday makeup is lip and cheek and mascara X)

  11. PashBash

    PashBash7 hours ago

    CORRECTION! When you’re baking your absorbing any oils within that area and basically setting it to stay still! Bye Kylie. And this is not a whisper challenge stop whispering 😩😩😩😩

  12. Constanza Díaz Marchant

    Constanza Díaz Marchant7 hours ago

    Kylie looks very pretty with her mouth closed, when she talks looks very weird and awkward :/

  13. AhahahHah

    AhahahHah8 hours ago

    Still love this, her voice is so smoothing, if there was no music I’d pry go sleep lol

  14. Marta Freitas

    Marta Freitas8 hours ago

    JC....tanto labio (e mal feito) que nem se vê os dentes e esses são bem mais bonitos🤦‍♀️

  15. kaylovespigs

    kaylovespigs9 hours ago

    This is satisfying

  16. Caity

    Caity9 hours ago

    sadly this isn’t realistic. only realistic for the top one percent who have this amount of money to get plastic surgery and spend their lives indulging. try having a minimum wage job...

  17. Keabetsoe KB

    Keabetsoe KB9 hours ago

    She’s super cute 😂💛

  18. emma page

    emma page11 hours ago

    Who else wants an updated version without the lip fillers?

  19. Rika Flazz

    Rika Flazz11 hours ago


  20. Nina Baby

    Nina Baby11 hours ago

    She’s sooo adorable beautiful inside and out she makes u feel so calm

  21. Meu Pequeno Mundinho

    Meu Pequeno Mundinho12 hours ago

    Algum brasileiro assistindo?

  22. Nik F

    Nik F14 hours ago

    Well done Kylie Loved this video and your makeup tips

  23. Design Edits

    Design Edits14 hours ago

    Comment who's your favourite Kardashian/Jenner?? I like Kendall the most probably cos she's like the most natural but I still like them all

  24. Malek Fenty

    Malek Fenty15 hours ago

    This was so boring , rihanna's one is better , she is more funny and her makeup is better then kylie's .

  25. seraphine bel

    seraphine bel16 hours ago


  26. Полина Боровлева

    Полина Боровлева16 hours ago

    Боже...не могу смотреть ни на что, кроме ее нижней губы... Это ужасно(

  27. Bambi Maraviles

    Bambi Maraviles16 hours ago

    She looks like Anne Curtis 😱😱😱😱

  28. Bayan334 Ar

    Bayan334 Ar16 hours ago

    her bathroom is 10 times better than my whole house

  29. maeis poop

    maeis poop17 hours ago

    Ppl hate her and think she’s fake but she turned her insecurity (lips) into her business honeyyy

  30. 연지

    연지17 hours ago

    와 미친 개이쁘다ㅜ

  31. Yuanita fatma Purba

    Yuanita fatma Purba18 hours ago

    Ur really pretty😍

  32. Jevi 001

    Jevi 00118 hours ago

    She looks like a ventriloquist doll

  33. KT G

    KT G18 hours ago

    I wish I had a big bathroom

  34. Kanan Nayyar

    Kanan Nayyar19 hours ago

    She doesn't look beautiful without all that makeup on

  35. Sandra Sanchez

    Sandra Sanchez19 hours ago

    her eyebrows tho they not that good tbh NOT HATING

  36. Water Melon

    Water Melon19 hours ago

    Yes her bathroom is nicer than my room and bigger. Kylie adopt me

  37. Lauren Danielle

    Lauren Danielle20 hours ago

    What foundation did she use?

  38. Alexa Vanity

    Alexa Vanity20 hours ago

    Her bathroom is bigger then my living room ............

  39. Goddess ByNature

    Goddess ByNature21 hour ago

    How old is she? Hopefully she wont age like the Olsen twins.

  40. Cielo Arroyo

    Cielo Arroyo21 hour ago

    Minute 9:04 WTF with the person in the mirror

  41. Janean

    Janean22 hours ago

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  42. Tanisha Rawal

    Tanisha Rawal22 hours ago

    You look good without makeup even😍

  43. maria jose gutierrez

    maria jose gutierrez22 hours ago

    El wason! 😂😂😂😂😂

  44. playgirljay

    playgirljay23 hours ago

    I dont understand why people hate her so much like she seems so nice and goofy but everyone has their own opinion

  45. sara saric

    sara saric15 hours ago

    couse she is a pure product of capitalism

  46. Bell Smith

    Bell Smith23 hours ago

    Something’s off about her face

  47. Bald Eagle

    Bald Eagle23 hours ago

    The *BATHROOM* is *Eyecatching*

  48. KEPHA K

    KEPHA KDay ago

    waiting for Shane Dawson to make a video documentary on Kylie Jenner🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  49. The Joe Sankovich

    The Joe SankovichDay ago

    Much Love EVERYONE 💚👍🤓🤙🤘 This was Great!!! After this, Plz check out some of my Weekly Vlogs. You Won't Be Disappointed 👍💚💚💚💚🤓🤙 THANK YOU ALL, VERY MUCH!!!

  50. Lily Coles

    Lily ColesDay ago

    How the girl can pull of all of that blush I will never understand 😂🙌🏻😍

  51. Lexee Sielewicz

    Lexee SielewiczDay ago

    What brow pencil does she use

  52. rockerin'

    rockerin'Day ago

    “If you’re gonna go, go with a smile!” 🤡 #thejoker

  53. Azira Horne

    Azira HorneDay ago

    Subscribe to my CHANNEL I DO THE SAME THING

  54. Sofi Nur

    Sofi NurDay ago

    This vid was uploaded on my birthday lol

  55. LoveTheMusic765

    LoveTheMusic765Day ago

    I don't like this look, it looks like hallowern makeup

  56. Trisya Ahmad

    Trisya AhmadDay ago

    I can't stress enough how healthy her hair looks here, it's crazy . I love it !!!

  57. K Rraum

    K RraumDay ago

    Whats the name of the song?

  58. diana bsv

    diana bsvDay ago

    So many words "like", learn how to talk lol

  59. Song Jung Yeon

    Song Jung YeonDay ago

    I would love to have that lip liner she has ...

  60. Samantha North

    Samantha NorthDay ago

    9:04 there is literally a kid in the mirror

  61. Daiana Rojas

    Daiana RojasDay ago

    She copy queeen rihanna

  62. African_cosmetology Skincare

    African_cosmetology SkincareDay ago


  63. Jose  Aldana

    Jose AldanaDay ago

    Ah the scare when the video started 😟

  64. Kate Jeon

    Kate JeonDay ago

    Love the way she talks about her mom and daughter and all that stuff

  65. Julie Oliveira

    Julie OliveiraDay ago


  66. Julie Oliveira

    Julie OliveiraDay ago

    Essa mulher 😍😍

  67. Itziar Serralta

    Itziar SerraltaDay ago

    You can't compare kkw beauty with Kylie cosmetics........ it's like compare a Seat with Ferrari

  68. aerra bianca

    aerra biancaDay ago

    youre so beautiful

  69. sundi kakoulidou

    sundi kakoulidouDay ago

    you're so cute and pretty ❤️✨

  70. rawand turk

    rawand turkDay ago

    "its kylie jenner for anyone who does not knows" who doesnt know you

  71. mort fory

    mort foryDay ago

    ah ok make me mad you think got e thatway

  72. mort fory

    mort foryDay ago

    ide rather see Kendal kind messed up your popuar im populsr im 6ft 5 rl

  73. Georgia Brooks

    Georgia BrooksDay ago

    Does anyone know what brand the concealer she used is?

  74. andrea leon

    andrea leonDay ago


  75. Chris Justice

    Chris JusticeDay ago

    She could be the #1 ASMRtist on here if she wanted.

  76. real-u Social

    real-u SocialDay ago

    Nailed it Kylie. Looking gorgeous ✨

  77. Lamisa Elmaa

    Lamisa ElmaaDay ago




    I could barely even hear her. I still love her tho




  80. Jo. E.

    Jo. E.Day ago

    OMG those poor lips... they look so weird

  81. christina payne

    christina payne2 days ago

    OMG she isn't even touching her brows !!!!!

  82. christina payne

    christina payne2 days ago

    REALLY?????????!!!!! You people believe in her !!! Turned to make up for her lips ?!??!!!?!😂😂😂😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😋omg really!!!!!!! Still trying to say she never had fillers!!!???

  83. Kelly Rolim

    Kelly Rolim2 days ago

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  84. Jasey Rae

    Jasey Rae2 days ago

    why does her s's sound through

  85. Canbey Tanyeri

    Canbey Tanyeri2 days ago

    ASMR😍? WHO is with me

  86. Nada Qourah

    Nada Qourah2 days ago who did it better kylie or i ;)

  87. Amanda Isabele

    Amanda Isabele2 days ago

    Só eu que sou Brasileira? Kkkk

  88. Troubled Momma

    Troubled Momma2 days ago

    So many haters here 🤭 Kylie so gorgeous! ❤️

  89. Cecilia Cadelina

    Cecilia Cadelina2 days ago i see Loren in her...

  90. Kylie Jenner Videos

    Kylie Jenner Videos2 days ago

    Omg Gorgeous 😍😍😍😍

  91. VauHah

    VauHah2 days ago

    Maybe her way was surgary? 🤷🏼‍♀️ her lips look so awful...

  92. vanessa R

    vanessa R2 days ago

    Her lips look weird. And big ear lmaoo

  93. DRM DRM

    DRM DRM2 days ago

    Her face orange pink shin yellow Hhhhhhh color full face

  94. Roxeigh kynaston

    Roxeigh kynaston2 days ago

    I love you !!!!! 💖 your voice is so relaxing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


    THE HARLEE’S2 days ago

    She has a whole person in her tub lmao

  96. Harry Potterr

    Harry Potterr2 days ago

    Look at her breast??

  97. Tahera Shaik

    Tahera Shaik2 days ago

    That’s a lot of make up What’s say guys?

  98. Akhi Rahman

    Akhi Rahman2 days ago

    Wow you're using Marc Jacobs and Chanel

  99. Debra Rontinonis

    Debra Rontinonis2 days ago

    Kylie u r so sweet and soft spoken. How beautiful u r & Stormi is beautiful. Even though I’m 62, buying ur makeup now. Ur the daughter I wish I had, lol, seriously. Xoxoxo

  100. Cory's Beauty Tips

    Cory's Beauty Tips2 days ago

    Kylie has natural beauty and doesn't need makeup. I just attempted to do the tape and eyeliner hack. It works! I did a quick demo on my channel.