Kylie Jenner Reveals Why She’s Barely With Travis Scott | Hollywoodlife


  1. K G

    K G14 days ago

    Stormi is the cutest and has the cutest name ever!!

  2. Emran Ali

    Emran AliMonth ago

    Oh how much i miss the days of tupac and madonna.. im too old for these wack ass fake ass plastic celebrities..

  3. Zeke Nieto

    Zeke NietoMonth ago

    Wtf is up with all this cheap channel's

  4. Melissa Tercero

    Melissa Tercero2 months ago

    Hey I love pbj lol 😂

  5. Nyro Beats

    Nyro Beats2 months ago

    All these females talking bout: “ugh, he is so ugly, why did kylie pick him, he is not a living rap legend” STFU

  6. The Chosen One

    The Chosen One2 months ago

    Fuck you bitch this video is horrid

  7. tia fo fia

    tia fo fia2 months ago

    Lmao y'all making it seem like Travis knows nothing ab her

  8. Alex Luna

    Alex Luna2 months ago

    seriously I think Ali is so fricken annoying and can't stand her annoying little comments she throws in. Shes one if the main reasons i hate this channel...

  9. Florence muindi

    Florence muindi2 months ago


  10. Florence muindi

    Florence muindi2 months ago

    Sexy releshonship

  11. Samantha D

    Samantha D2 months ago

    Can you please STOP talking about K̶a̶r̶d̶a̶s̶h̶i̶a̶n̶s̶🔫 for once? PLEASE..

  12. Dreamwalk Baby

    Dreamwalk Baby2 months ago

    Unless they all get killed, now that would be a worthy news day.

  13. Twila Jones

    Twila Jones3 months ago

    Kylie quit trying to get us to believe your relationship is perfect then ever we know you got it easy from day one with mama's fucked up your babies life for picking the wrong baby-daddy and we know Travis has a learning disability... What's next getting him to burp the baby and changing her pamper BITCH get a real LIFE😒😍😍😍😍???😈👶

  14. Gene Hiri

    Gene Hiri3 months ago

    cutest couple in hollywood.

  15. Kaelah Moore

    Kaelah Moore3 months ago

    I don't know why she feels obligated to tell why she's not with him all the time. She doesn't have to explain anything. They are busy, point blank, period.

  16. Lil jaw 4

    Lil jaw 43 months ago

    Nahhhh they was both high on weed fym

  17. Michelle Lee

    Michelle Lee3 months ago

    Rap legend😂😂gtfoh

  18. Shooketh

    Shooketh3 months ago

    Bruh why are they making this channel into a keeping up with travis and kylie

  19. Ray R.

    Ray R.3 months ago

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  20. Arky Bald Knobber

    Arky Bald Knobber3 months ago

    Uggh!....a mud shark!

  21. Bryan Navarro

    Bryan Navarro3 months ago

    This is so fucking trash lmao

  22. Zach Vargas

    Zach Vargas3 months ago

    This reporter can kill herself

  23. SuperChiko4000

    SuperChiko40003 months ago

    A legend

  24. Druvodagreat

    Druvodagreat3 months ago

    Cold hard shiny plastic. Smh

  25. Alex Rivera

    Alex Rivera3 months ago

    This channel is so quick to attack someone....

  26. missjopin

    missjopin3 months ago

    Wow, what a voice..

  27. Amen Edomwande

    Amen Edomwande3 months ago

    Click bait

  28. Fkboii69

    Fkboii693 months ago

    Suck my dick

  29. MrRod

    MrRod3 months ago

    The baby isn't even his....

  30. Stephen S

    Stephen S3 months ago

    ok yea sure she needs to have a talk wit him about the dog name situation but cmon man...they obviously love each other a lot. i dont personally see anything unhealthy about this relationship. they respect each others space. travis is constantly on the road and in the studio and kylie is im sure busy doing her own thing too, on top of both of them taking care of the baby.

  31. Mexi

    Mexi3 months ago

    1000th comment tho

  32. Mexi

    Mexi3 months ago

    Bruh said barely but said rarely in the vid omegalul

  33. Andrea Garcia

    Andrea Garcia3 months ago

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  34. Tsetsi

    Tsetsi3 months ago

    My boyfriend does not know our dog’s name either!

  35. Lara Bueno

    Lara Bueno2 months ago

    but did you see how she reacted when he forgot the dogs names??

  36. Maurice Josephs

    Maurice Josephs3 months ago

    Tf she has like 5 dogs and she barely sees him

  37. Lara Bueno

    Lara Bueno3 months ago

    dump him

  38. Tsetsi

    Tsetsi3 months ago

    Since when did she get so tall and big? Or is he just a small guy?

  39. Morgan Paige

    Morgan Paige3 months ago

    he's 5"11 and she's 5"7-5"8

  40. Gus Serks

    Gus Serks3 months ago

    You’d think Travis would know her dogs names especially after saying he IS a dog in Company

  41. Blerf .___.

    Blerf .___.3 months ago


  42. Blerf .___.

    Blerf .___.3 months ago


  43. Courtney Mrozik

    Courtney Mrozik3 months ago

    I’m sorry but the host in this video is just not fit for the job.

  44. Sabrina Amaro

    Sabrina Amaro3 months ago

    Usually about fisting did you just say. Lmao

  45. F F Z

    F F Z3 months ago

    Stop shouting we can hear you

  46. Ayanna Shepard

    Ayanna Shepard3 months ago

    Can this bitch shut up already

  47. Princess Bria Peea

    Princess Bria Peea3 months ago

    That is sooooo damn cute

  48. Samantha Anderson

    Samantha Anderson3 months ago

    rap legend?! 😂😂😂

  49. Justin Y.

    Justin Y.3 months ago

    What is she famous for

  50. Papii Chewlew

    Papii Chewlew3 months ago

    this bitch is annoying as fuck. fire her

  51. Leutnant Bernd Loosli ϟϟ

    Leutnant Bernd Loosli ϟϟ3 months ago

    Se ve gordita se ve mas linda así

  52. dahl 408

    dahl 4083 months ago

    Is she loosing her self

  53. Erin Sutton

    Erin Sutton3 months ago

    He got 20 out of 23 right?? I don’t see how that’s bad.

  54. IRuinEverything

    IRuinEverything3 months ago

    Blah blah......they will break up and go their separate ways. Another stupid ass couple not worth mentioning. Stormi was just an accident while they fucked. Story of every celebrity's life.

  55. Xavier Smiley

    Xavier Smiley3 months ago

    No this is a fact that I am about to tell she ain’t barely with him she is fully fully with him

  56. Bangladesh_ MAN

    Bangladesh_ MAN3 months ago

    it can't be so

  57. TheDashingAshley

    TheDashingAshley3 months ago

    I literally cannot stand how she won’t say their full names 🙄

  58. Isabelle Marie

    Isabelle Marie3 months ago

    Do you know how actually annoying you are

  59. Patricia Nolledo

    Patricia Nolledo3 months ago

    first of all why is the gyal hating n sayin facts but makin it in a negtive way

  60. T Kay

    T Kay3 months ago

    Her voice is so shrill. My ears feel like they’re ringing

  61. LA Bron

    LA Bron3 months ago

    She obviously only date blacks

  62. youtube troll 916

    youtube troll 9163 months ago

    My life is wasted watching 20 seconds of this

  63. L Mitchell

    L Mitchell3 months ago

    I’m not hating but she could do a lot better but anyway love is love I guess

  64. Joshua Kane

    Joshua Kane3 months ago

    Dam the ginger chick would get it still

  65. Oatmealduck

    Oatmealduck3 months ago

    Ur voice makes me want to die

  66. Celeste Birkin

    Celeste Birkin3 months ago

    Why does she say “ANT” instead of AND?

  67. Domino

    Domino3 months ago

    Because they aren't together. There, saved you 3:01.

  68. Jane fisher

    Jane fisher3 months ago

    she looks awful, is she in her 40's or what

  69. Madison Schewlakow

    Madison Schewlakow3 months ago

    Burrito! Come do the dishes, Burrito!

  70. Namjoon Oppa’s Dimples

    Namjoon Oppa’s Dimples3 months ago

    Does anybody else hate Allie's screaming voice, or is it just me?

  71. Jeff & Jessica

    Jeff & Jessica3 months ago

    3:00 you cant tell me this girl doesn’t look like a less crazy Lindsey Lohan

  72. Jeff & Jessica

    Jeff & Jessica3 months ago

    Fucking Click Bait Ass Video

  73. Jade Fornshell

    Jade Fornshell3 months ago

    Who gives a flying fuck about you?

  74. GrayGray

    GrayGray3 months ago

    Sooo she doesn’t see him because her kids nickname is stormi and travis likes peanut butter and jelly 🤔

  75. brittanie sidebottom

    brittanie sidebottom3 months ago

    GrayGray That’s not the baby’s nickname, that’s her actual name

  76. dole

    dole3 months ago

    Shitty media

  77. Sauce Gods

    Sauce Gods3 months ago

    Deal breaker bcuz he doesn’t know ur dogs names....Sad🤦🏾‍♂️

  78. tuff honey

    tuff honey3 months ago


  79. YMcNasty

    YMcNasty3 months ago


  80. Cynthia XOXO

    Cynthia XOXO3 months ago

    Kylie's face looks fuller..I'm digging it she looks like a human being 😏❤


    OHHESSDUBB3 months ago

    Dam she ugly as hell

  82. Brandon Martinez

    Brandon Martinez3 months ago

    Such a white bitch, calling Kylie KY 👌 lmao

  83. Ximena Briz casillas

    Ximena Briz casillas3 months ago

    This is nothing romantic about them 😂 travis doesn't. Know nothing about Kylie 😂

  84. Shea Tinsley

    Shea Tinsley3 months ago

    Not a living rap legend

  85. Ybn shine

    Ybn shine3 months ago

    Am not trying to be a hater or something but i dont think that child is Travis's.

  86. Christian Williams

    Christian Williams3 months ago

    Because hes rich

  87. Travis Malcolm

    Travis Malcolm3 months ago

    What a bad decision she made going with Travis lol how stupid can she be

  88. MeHst

    MeHst3 months ago

    Idgaf drop astroworld

  89. Ninja Doodoo

    Ninja Doodoo3 months ago

    Video is ass

  90. Alex 0202

    Alex 02023 months ago

    So much hate vibes from you like wtf

  91. Hilary rie

    Hilary rie3 months ago

    Im still doubtful of stormi being travis's child 🤔

  92. alexandria montour

    alexandria montour3 months ago

    Kylie is not a Kardashian

  93. Danny Garcia

    Danny Garcia3 months ago

    It’s not even romantic

  94. Dawson Arrington

    Dawson Arrington3 months ago

    Click bait ..... what has happen to MReporter

  95. Scrimmage _

    Scrimmage _3 months ago

    Rarely not barely???

  96. victoria field

    victoria field3 months ago

    YAAAAA REPPIN HTOWNNNN she was at the rockets game babyyyy

  97. Sammy Savage

    Sammy Savage3 months ago'm just gunna say....that for reasons I can't necessarily explain....him not knowing the names of her dogs is a red flag 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  98. Laine Burnett

    Laine Burnett3 months ago

    Why do you have to hate on what they call their baby like damn chill hun it ain’t yours they can call her what they want to

  99. Top Trending Kenya

    Top Trending Kenya3 months ago

    I'm really waiting on that Kardashian curse to hit up on him😂😂😂i wonder what it's gonn be this time

  100. Megan Matukaitis

    Megan Matukaitis3 months ago

    Bruh yous made it sound like he barely knew her. Justin b was right back in 2k16 when he said yous were untruthful and hurtful! And Selena was right back in 2015 when she said y’all were the worst!! Yous take a small thing and try to make it a big deal! Y’all are terrible at reporting!!

  101. lucy pam

    lucy pam3 months ago

    not gonna lie, I always said Scott Travis💀🤷🏻

  102. E&O

    E&O3 months ago

    I dont really like kylie, but this is just cute

  103. Rebekah Gurka

    Rebekah Gurka3 months ago

    rap legend???????? lMFAOOOO

  104. Michael Miller

    Michael Miller3 months ago

    Lol romantic? He just nut in her

  105. rookieghostTV

    rookieghostTV3 months ago

    Omg her voice is so annoying

  106. Gee Will

    Gee Will3 months ago

    so what it's only a dog name.. he knew what was more important..