Kylie Jenner: From Lip Kits To A $900 Million Fortune In Just 3 Years | Forbes


  1. Brandon W Nicholas

    Brandon W NicholasDay ago

    Would I have been forced to live out of a Volkswagen camper, taking cold beach showers, alone in my early twenties if I was a female? The experience was a tremendous fear of death, the feeling I wouldn't wake up from sleep, even though there was nothing wrong physically, and nobody was threatening my life. Perhaps I was empathetically feeling the suffering that many atheist senior citizens feel? The first time I was hurt by another human being was when the first boy I met who shared my name shoved me to the ground; He was a year older, and it was in pre-school. Perhaps my central nervous system (spine & brain) would've had an easier time as a girl in today's modern culture? Perhaps I would've made different life choices as a female? Bankrupt, in poverty, with no star power attracting business opportunities. Humbling my character for the reality after this body's existence ends?

  2. Just Using

    Just Using8 days ago

    Someone throw me a couple million pls I’ll make you a billion I promise xxx P.S. give me some time tho I dunno what I wanna do yet P.P.S.dont assume I won’t spend all that money on myself P.P.P.S. What does p.s. stand for btw?


    UGOTSTUDY8 days ago

    exactly like Kim said "Your famous, run your business"

  4. maya kg

    maya kg9 days ago

    Struggled ?? Did she really !

  5. Anveksha Rai

    Anveksha Rai9 days ago

    Kylie is my role model because I too wanna become an entrepreneur like her,and yes she is self made ,she only got support from her family and yes she made the empire because if she didn't knew how to run a business she couldn't build a 900 million empire in just 3 years.,love Kylie a lot and yes I wanna become like her ,she is an excellent daughter,most beautiful young woman ,the most powerful entrepreneur and now a beautiful mum ,I definitely look up to her and don't forget she achieved all this at an age when maximum people are not serious about there careers ,I respect her from the bottom of my heart.

  6. Glicia De Melo Thein

    Glicia De Melo Thein10 days ago

    Please people help me to get this message to Kylie Jenner

  7. Lam_90 Albar

    Lam_90 Albar10 days ago

    I really think it’s impressive making this much money out of makeup! BUT self-made is giving me an allergic reaction!! Forbes you need to respect your viewers

  8. vmin

    vmin10 days ago

    you can hate on this woman but you can't take out the fact that she's a good businesswoman

  9. Sherry Thaosen

    Sherry Thaosen11 days ago

    Fakers gonna fake fake fake......

  10. Maysoon Someone

    Maysoon Someone11 days ago

    I don't understand why i see some nuch hate comments, and hate toward her. She's her own person and we shouldn't judge. Poor or rich nobody should ever get this much hate. Give pple what you want to be giving!!! Not a fan but Bless you Kylie, keep doing you. HATE IS NOT THE ANSWER!!! Spread love and positively.

  11. Sara Cela

    Sara Cela11 days ago

    Does anyone know the piano music in this video?

  12. Naturally Ray

    Naturally Ray11 days ago

    Self made on a born rich level??

  13. 유밍

    유밍11 days ago

    0:50 0:59 1:13 1:22 1:32 2:01 2:10

  14. Tsetsi

    Tsetsi12 days ago

    She’s a product of her family’s empire

  15. AcidSpitting llama

    AcidSpitting llama12 days ago

    This girl has had a sliver spoon in her mouth and she accepts being called self-made. She has devalued the term self-made for people who are self-made. Kylie Jenner is the face of the brand and nothing else. She's like Hello Kitty. Face of the brand, shows her swatches on snapchat and names the product. The business side to things she pays people to do it. She's doesn't have creative bone in her body to come up with anything to benefit the business. Talentless girl who messed up her face and got more fame so her mom decided for her to make a business. She aint businesswoman because a businesswoman goes through emails, has meetings where she actually cooperates and is definitely not having the amount of free time Kylie has as we see in her snapchat and KUWTK. She always doing something and and living the kardashian-lifestyle which isn't work. Kylie is lazy af and has no passion for anything she started wearing makeup because of low self-esteem about her face and she should have called for help. Lastly she comes across as stupid like dumb and dumber stupid. She hides behind a fake mask that she created and that mask is now glued to her face and she didn't deal with her problems of low self-esteem and doesn't work hard period. Sorry if this sounds hateful cause it's coming from a place of honesty and exposure. She's manipulating people. It's not right.

  16. Jdalaigh2017 Jeremy Dawley

    Jdalaigh2017 Jeremy Dawley13 days ago

    She is beautiful

  17. Lo k

    Lo k13 days ago

    So she want us to think that she never had plastic (for her lips), because she said that lip liner helped her lol

  18. Sandi Nair

    Sandi Nair13 days ago

    She would never been here without Kim Kardashian I hope all of them never forget that they should be thankful to her

  19. Johanna Rieckmann

    Johanna Rieckmann14 days ago

    I just don't get why so many people are mad? Yes, she was born into a rich family, but most people like her just sit on their parents' money and do exactly nothing. She started her own business and has now more money than everyone else in her family. Why all the hate?

  20. meangirls

    meangirls15 days ago

    "struggled for a minute" LITERALLY

  21. Tasnia Islam

    Tasnia Islam16 days ago

    “I had an insecurity with my lips when I was younger so I turned to makeup...” You mean you turned to plastic surgery and lip fillers😂😂

  22. Herbie Shevers

    Herbie Shevers16 days ago

    Good for her. Live your dream my dear.

  23. just beat it ;

    just beat it ;17 days ago

    Ella ya lo tenía todo servido en bandeja de oro ella sólo puso un pequeño esfuerzo por su parte nada del otro mundo, más que nada lo que la llevó al éxito es su nombre y su familia

  24. Violet Blue

    Violet Blue17 days ago

    after her brush set fail... i am not sure it is that big company. 🙈🙈🙈

  25. Mike Birnie

    Mike Birnie17 days ago

    Whatever ...shes a tad richer than the people commenting...judging by their comments

  26. Gabrielle Griffin

    Gabrielle Griffin19 days ago

    There is no doubt she has worked hard to build onto what has already been handed to her. I think what she is lacking is humility and genuine acknowledgement of where she comes from. It's not a crime to come from money but at least give that a proper affirmation.

  27. Lisa Blackpink

    Lisa Blackpink21 day ago

    Every person have been its normal for kylie to say she struggle...just because she born rich did't mean she did't struggle...its just she struggle different than other people...not money but her brain to do how she want her collection to success n different from other make her own brand...n man gonna say that its NOT easy....

  28. Jesus Alvarez

    Jesus Alvarez23 days ago

    Her cheeks look weird

  29. Julie Ann Capuyan Castro

    Julie Ann Capuyan Castro23 days ago

    How i love kylie . Even though there are some people who keep on bashing her. I still love her . She is nice and i love how she loves her daughter so much . I love you kylie .

  30. Ege Polat

    Ege Polat23 days ago

    Filli boya

  31. Luis Marro

    Luis Marro24 days ago

    “I didn’t like the way my lips looked so I went to make up” no u didn’t u went to injections

  32. Jorge Gonzalez

    Jorge Gonzalez24 days ago

    Not to sound like a hater but you can’t consider someone “self made billionaire” or “successful” when they were given millions to start a business I mean if thats the case I’d be worth a trillion dollars by now just give me $150M to start 🤷🏻‍♂️

  33. Latoya Williams

    Latoya Williams24 days ago

    I love her! Awesomeness

  34. Nicole Muhangi

    Nicole Muhangi24 days ago

    Yo go sis!

  35. Katarina Fan

    Katarina Fan24 days ago

    she is amazing

  36. dennishamiltonyoh1

    dennishamiltonyoh124 days ago

    No problem here because if she smoked crack and sold her crack. You motherfuckers would still criticize her for throwing her life. Kylie you go girl and donate some of that money for the right cause.

  37. jamin solayao

    jamin solayao25 days ago

    Any small youtubers who wanna help each other? ❤️

  38. Julia Mantel

    Julia Mantel25 days ago

    Kris looks like a habitant from the town where the grinch is coming from

  39. Sepro 007

    Sepro 00726 days ago

    Self made = grew up into a multi million dollar superstar family.

  40. Isabella008

    Isabella00826 days ago

    who else realised the cracks in the glass floor

  41. Ana Valois

    Ana Valois26 days ago

    Kim K has 380 million Kylie has 900 million You all hate her but she was smart enough to make more money than everyone in her family, she's almost a billionaire lol

  42. Emma

    Emma26 days ago


  43. Ciara

    Ciara27 days ago

    Actual goals❤️

  44. matt j

    matt j27 days ago

    So if I start out high class with about 20 million because I was born into money and I take that and make it into 900million that’s not self made?? She was born into money but not THAT kind of money she made. So yea she’s a self made “billionaire.” You can’t just say self made. Self made what? To all you mfs saying she’s not she’s a self made billionaire. Simple

  45. Nancy Aguilar

    Nancy Aguilar27 days ago

    I'm glad she found her thing and didnt live off from the Kardashians name an all. But Jeffrey should've been on her first.

  46. Dexy Dexy

    Dexy Dexy27 days ago

    Maybe if she donated some money, it would change the lives of the entire poor society. If she is willing to.

  47. Abby Dadoll

    Abby Dadoll27 days ago

    no one really can take them down lol

  48. Your Dad

    Your Dad28 days ago

    All shade and all hate. She isnt selfmade and this is just ridiculous. Is this how our society defines succès? Disappointing

  49. Be Glam

    Be Glam28 days ago

    When she said she struggled..... i just went blank for a second

  50. Celine Moretz

    Celine Moretz29 days ago

    Rich person getting richer

  51. Ariana Gomez

    Ariana Gomez29 days ago

    No matter if poor or rich if you do something because you love it you will succeed. If you love music become a singer,producer or songwriter. If you love makeup be a makeup artist and later maybe open your own makeup brand. If you love medicine become a doctor,but don’t do things just for the sake of earning well. No amount of money is worth having a job that you hate. Passion is the difference between having a job or a career. I know a lot of people tell me to go to study law just because “I’ll earn well”. But still my biggest passion is music and I’ve dreamt to be a singer songwriter since I was 9. I know it’s harder to “follow your dreams” rather than being who others tell you to be,but it’s absolutely worth it.

  52. kokopops

    kokopopsMonth ago

    yes because she totally started from scratch like she totally wasnt rich and famous at all before. She totally started from “ the ground up”

  53. 200 Subscribers With 0 Videos?

    200 Subscribers With 0 Videos?Month ago

    "You just have fun everyday and love what you do" yeah if i had millions of dollars, i would've had fun too

  54. Kiara Ames

    Kiara AmesMonth ago

    Love her


    PINK CHANNELMonth ago

    her face looks stuffed

  56. Rishika Pathak

    Rishika PathakMonth ago

    0:19 Ohh like 122 millions and millions and millions of people who don't know that name.

  57. Sameer Pawar

    Sameer PawarMonth ago

    If she says struggle one more time I will fly down to LA to shoot her in the face.

  58. akadimas

    akadimasMonth ago

    It’s about how can you make something bigger from the amount of resources that you have, and Kylie definitely make something so much bigger than something she already had, that’s a true self-made for me. Congratulations!

  59. I really love Emily Yeboah

    I really love Emily YeboahMonth ago

    I don't think she has that amount of money just for publicity

  60. Arturo Marin

    Arturo MarinMonth ago

    How is she worth 900 million when she only made 165 million last year and 10x less the year before

  61. dreamergirlbaby

    dreamergirlbaby28 days ago

    Arturo Marin Kylie Cosmetics has made 900M in sales not Kylie herself. But Kylie is the sole owner of Kylie Cosmetics, she owns 100% of it so once Kylie Cosmetics reaches 1 Billion in sales Kylie herself will be a billionaire.

  62. Methushael Tejeda

    Methushael TejedaMonth ago

    Not hating,but her family already was so rich and famous, she was surrounded by the best people to help her, honestly,without the money and the right people,i think she cant do it on her own. So she should thank all the people around her that helped her along the way

  63. madogEDITZ

    madogEDITZMonth ago

    So basically she got a REALLY BIG head start, she was already famous and rich, so she isn’t a self made billionaire yet, nor with she ever be a self made one.

  64. TycoTyrannus

    TycoTyrannusMonth ago

    Ray Jay has a magic weanie. I hope she gives him royalties. Lets face it that tape opened the door for Keeping up with the Kards and that opened the door for her business. If you went back in time and removed Ray Jay the Kards would be nothing and you know it. Not saying she didn't work hard to get her business. Its just easier because of who she is. And way more successful out of the gate. 3 years to be a billionaire. That's not her product. That's her name. And a great personality of course. But that's not what made her rich.

  65. Prakhar Education

    Prakhar EducationMonth ago

    Can you help me plz reply me

  66. dreamergirlbaby

    dreamergirlbaby28 days ago

    Prakhar Education what’s up

  67. joseph speights

    joseph speightsMonth ago

    lets get something straight kylie jenner isn't a billionaire this is what her company is valued at

  68. dreamergirlbaby

    dreamergirlbaby28 days ago

    Kylie Cosmetics has made 900M in sales. Kylie being the sole owner, owning 100% of the company yes, she is a billionaire.

  69. Evelyn Juarez

    Evelyn JuarezMonth ago

    It's TRUE what people are saying here! She's not "self made" everyone knew who she was so that made it easier for her to create these lipkits and be successful! If somebody like a commoner let's just put it that way launched the lip kit line it would not have sold out in seconds AND above all they would even had enough money to start their own business the way she did... just saying🤷‍♀️

  70. Ratchet Noobler

    Ratchet NooblerMonth ago

    It all started with Kim’s tape 😂

  71. annajeehee

    annajeeheeMonth ago

    I don’t get it - the fact that you didn’t come truth to your lips at first had a lot of kids plump their lips - and that isn’t right - now that your a billionaire - what can you do to make life good in society - your Instagram is good but it’s that all ? Will you talk to kids and make a difference

  72. Shoo k

    Shoo kMonth ago

    Jeffree makes 450 in three years

  73. Colleen Sarmento

    Colleen SarmentoMonth ago

    man, people love to hate her.

  74. Lei Na

    Lei NaMonth ago

    Thanks To Her family not Her...

  75. Alex Tay

    Alex TayMonth ago

    And the rich become richer!

  76. Jaden Shorrock

    Jaden ShorrockMonth ago

    Self made is someone who cane from nothing, not someone who was born into a rich family

  77. Melina Walking

    Melina WalkingMonth ago

    She means self made because she has created her OWN makeup line and it became successful. People are gonna hate regardless! 💅 💋 💄 👏

  78. Patel Parth

    Patel ParthMonth ago

    Melina Walking where r u from?

  79. Hugos

    HugosMonth ago

    She should have said...”Well, it all started with Kim’s tape...”

  80. Angelica Ramos

    Angelica RamosMonth ago

    without her momager she is nothing!

  81. Marissa Bergquist

    Marissa BergquistMonth ago

    stop being petty about the name they called her she didnt ever say that she was self made. She is very very succesful, although she did have assitance.

  82. Lauren Garcia

    Lauren GarciaMonth ago

    she was already born into a rich family, without her last name, sisters, or mother, she wouldn't be a billionaire right now. no hate, just saying

  83. Fernando

    FernandoMonth ago

    She is not self-made, self-made is a person like Jeffree Star, for ex

  84. Natasha Chiware

    Natasha ChiwareMonth ago

    Lord I keep going around in circles how can stop going around in circles and finally go in a narrow road? Lord how can I stop these evil people around me to stop being around me and for them to leave me alone let karma get them. Please lord in the name of Jesus. I'm tired of being in the same situation and want to move on with my life. I want a family of my own a good husband and beautiful kids and a house and car that's all in the name of Jesus lord please bless me amen

  85. ant wto

    ant wtoMonth ago

    ok but why does she never smile??

  86. annonomouse

    annonomouseMonth ago

    She is not self made. she has never had any real struggle. PERIODT

  87. Jamie

    JamieMonth ago

    that is the most generic advice I have ever heard.

  88. Helena asdg

    Helena asdgMonth ago

    Kris Jenner is the real deal. We want to hear her story.

  89. Sharon Dockery

    Sharon DockeryMonth ago

    Well that lip kit didn't make her 💋 take over #lipfillers

  90. Christine Mccarty

    Christine MccartyMonth ago

    No employee benefits at a minimum wage per our sweatshop, yep, that'll get u rich...

  91. Christine Mccarty

    Christine Mccarty28 days ago

    Comes directly from employees mouths...i know too..

  92. dreamergirlbaby

    dreamergirlbaby28 days ago

    Christine Mccarty I’ve been on the site that manufactures her makeup, they 100% have benefits and don’t get paid minimum wage 🙄

  93. Katieboil Anegg

    Katieboil AneggMonth ago

    She has done well, but her art work was stolen. Had she not had her face and body done she would not have had such success....what do you think? The real brains behind that family is Kris.

  94. alex stey

    alex steyMonth ago

    I mean, she said that there were no room for mistakes, and I tot agree with her in that, she always has been in front of the cameras, I mean if she fails everyone loses their minds

  95. Louiiv Montana

    Louiiv MontanaMonth ago

    Congratulations 😘

  96. anneli kuech

    anneli kuechMonth ago

    She was born rich.....


    RICHA SINGHMonth ago

    Self-made? really

  98. Anomaly Sunday

    Anomaly SundayMonth ago

    God I want her dead.


    DIYS AND HACKSMonth ago

    Self made billionaire and Kim’s tape 😂

  100. clash king

    clash kingMonth ago

    Haters gonna hate cause your all poor huta

  101. Natalia Mojica Rojas

    Natalia Mojica RojasMonth ago

    Guys, she has more money than any of her relatives (a lot more), she made it in three years, and she is the youngest. That is pretty impressive if you consider who her relatives are, the amount of time that they have been on the spotlight, and the amount of business experience that they have. Many people with the same background, same exposure to the media, and older do not achieve, in their lifetime, what she has achieved. Let's take our time to reflect on that.

  102. wildrose39

    wildrose39Month ago

    Struggled? Define struggle Kylie?

  103. Diet Coke

    Diet CokeMonth ago

    Show me how.

  104. CESIA heavenly

    CESIA heavenlyMonth ago

    I don't know what you guys are hating her for but she did start from scratch she had to come up with all this cosmetics line on her own and what if her capital is already like millions its what she wants and this is really success what does success mean to you then if this isn't???

  105. Ariana Grande

    Ariana GrandeMonth ago

    And I can’t even make 10 cent in 5000 years

  106. Yaamin Mohmmed

    Yaamin MohmmedMonth ago