Kylie Jenner: From Lip Kits To A $900 Million Fortune In Just 3 Years | Forbes


  1. Stephanie Knowles

    Stephanie Knowles12 hours ago

    What does she look like without Make-Up? All those products are often toxic and create more rubbish.

  2. Goddess ByNature

    Goddess ByNatureDay ago

    Other women worship her and she got rich because of their 💰

  3. Mikasa Eren

    Mikasa ErenDay ago

    She made fortune from her lip injection.😜😛😆

  4. Clo grx

    Clo grxDay ago

    You should do Jeffree Star.. He, at least, started from the bottom

  5. Shyamal Sarkar

    Shyamal SarkarDay ago

    Cmon this ladies struggle is fake.comparing other persons appeared on forbes cover page she has no ability to be on this prestigious magazine.

  6. Nevill Dutta

    Nevill Dutta2 days ago


  7. Tiny Dancer

    Tiny Dancer2 days ago

    Oh please... utter bullshit

  8. Muz muz

    Muz muz3 days ago

    This edition of Forbes reminds me of how Fallon got to be on the cover of a prestigious magazine in Dynasty 🙈 no work, has a huge bank account and daddy’s name and says she struggled

  9. Danielle Schiazza

    Danielle Schiazza3 days ago

    Her top lip looks ugly......

  10. ADayWithDLorènz

    ADayWithDLorènz3 days ago

    Her lips don’t be looking right when she talks

  11. Pinkvibes211

    Pinkvibes2113 days ago

  12. Fatima Carinhosa

    Fatima Carinhosa3 days ago

    Sorriem. Seja leve . usufrua deste amor do público.

  13. Fatima Carinhosa

    Fatima Carinhosa3 days ago

    Não ligue pros paparazes. Deem um Olá a a a. Sem a divulgação de vcs..vcs seriam apenas um pano preto sem vida e neutros.

  14. Fatima Carinhosa

    Fatima Carinhosa3 days ago

    Relaxa. Dance ao luar . façam massagens e vivam. Não dexe nem uma corda amarra-las.Voi.voi alto. Sem medo de serem felizes. Compartilhe este sucesso. Em pequenos gestos. Beijos

  15. Fatima Carinhosa

    Fatima Carinhosa3 days ago

    O sucesso da Kylie. Demonstra o quanto as mulheres adoram se sentir e se ver linda. A misturas de cores dos lápis de cores:Abril a porta pra produção de belíssimas cores de batons de sua criação. O Fato dela demonstrarem sua sensualidade feminina. E inteligência. Deu origem a Grande sucesso em tudo que mergulham executar. Grandes mentes. Grandes empreendedoras. Resultados não terem suas asas quebradas. Congratulações. ..God blass yours always

  16. Ruben Schreurs

    Ruben Schreurs4 days ago

    All of these jealous people here make me feel sick

  17. Julia Sakelli

    Julia Sakelli4 days ago

    i thought self-made meant starting from zero . Meaning (almost) zero money, zero publicity , zero everything. i bet they paid Forbes to do this. Forbes always promoted young successful people #under30 , but people that made it with hard work starting from nothing , studying and being innovative. Making lipsticks using your fake lips, and your huge already existing publicity , it's not innovative. This is unfair for all the successful people #under30 also

  18. Alice Kiesov

    Alice Kiesov4 days ago

    go kylie

  19. Bigg B

    Bigg B4 days ago

    I like kylie cause shes more successful than Kim and her dumb clothing line

  20. Kylie Healey

    Kylie Healey4 days ago

    Oh please, these lips look so fucked up! Sorry but she not a role model for young women...

  21. Idiotme

    Idiotme4 days ago

    She looks 21*3 yrs.. Offcourse even her wealth 21*3bill trill or whatever

  22. gary lee

    gary lee5 days ago

    This is 100% proof to me that if "God" exists God absolutely 100% has nothing what so ever to do with the structure,concept, exchange of money among us , there is no way God could, when I observe the humans that have acquired massive amounts of money and the ones that haven't , I fully understand that the money game of being human will be the demise of us all, , sadly it is going to take a miracle for mankind to understand that the gift we have of life is going to be lost because of this highly competitive game to secure more and more money, all the resources and technology for every single person to live comfortably have been gifted to us ,yet we insist on making human survival a competition, good for kylie jenner having luck, cause I don't want to hear about Oh I struggled and worked hard for this, do a 12hr day on a construction site or in a factory for five or six days a week for a year and make "maybe!!" 50,000 in a year, now I ask, Is kylie jenner more deserving to be compensated with so much, for her "hard work" come on man!! the money side of life is mostly luck!!

  23. Audrée

    Audrée5 days ago

    Happy to see such a young, successful woman!! You go girl!!

  24. POOJA Xo

    POOJA Xo5 days ago

    is she the richest among all kardashian...???

  25. Belinda Lovely bee

    Belinda Lovely bee6 days ago

    i love kylie

  26. yanni lo

    yanni lo6 days ago

    Forbes this is a new low

  27. Meeyeon Park

    Meeyeon Park6 days ago

    There is no doubt that she's worked hard for an inordinate amount of success at her young age. It would be naive though to not recognize that she comes from an equally inordinate amount of family resources. Jennifer Lopez is someone that I consider to be self-made. Nevertheless, however inaccurate I find this Forbes cover to be, I always applaud a young entrepreneur.

  28. Peach Glow Reyah

    Peach Glow Reyah6 days ago

    that hairstyle makes her look like golum

  29. kika

    kika6 days ago

    no room for

  30. dblhlr

    dblhlr6 days ago

    America must suck bad....Im embarrassed.

  31. Sadio Dianka

    Sadio Dianka7 days ago


  32. Saad Jaouhari

    Saad Jaouhari7 days ago

    she's 21 but literally looks 36, i mean no offense but wow, she's still so young!

  33. Laurie Anderson

    Laurie Anderson8 days ago

    You got your audience from your family. I read some employees were deeply unsatisfied. What are you an expert in? Scammimg is the only thing that comes to my mind. Make up has no high value. Go find a new hobby, honey.

  34. Queen Quan

    Queen Quan8 days ago

    Kim just did spoke to the Forbes convention and now kiley's almost a billionaire Kris made the whole story up she's not worth that she hasn't been working she was pregnant for nine months gone from the public eye not creating any new products. So she went from 50 million dollars to 900 million it's not adding up. Her cosmetic line isn't #1.

  35. Selina A

    Selina A8 days ago

    im just happy to see her in a more formal n conservative outfit for such a video

  36. MrRocktex1978

    MrRocktex19788 days ago

    so much money and so rich and adored and she lets a black guy that looks like he just got out of prison make her pregnant. Go figure, money don't buy u class or vice versa

  37. Salmon Ravioli

    Salmon Ravioli9 days ago

    It might be a wrong to call her self made billionaire.. But we have to admit Kylie has successfully building her brand reputation that convince people to idolize her and her life. Kris Jenner may be the brain behind it, but you cannot underestimate charm and charisma. Kylie Cosmetic could be one "hit" wonder if they don't have quality to back up, but they survived for 3 years and even keeps expanding. Kudos to Kylie and her team!

  38. Maryann McQueen

    Maryann McQueen9 days ago

    Keep your mother close so you are safe, she is an amazing mother : )

  39. Maryann McQueen

    Maryann McQueen9 days ago

    Kylie you are such a beautiful woman and what i mean is your spirit, so compassionate your success is because you wanted your fans to have THE BEST. i applaud you :)

  40. lillallelillalle

    lillallelillalle9 days ago

    Hahahahahahha “self made” 😂😂😂😂

  41. FebruaryThe14th

    FebruaryThe14th9 days ago

    Yaaass boss 😍

  42. Monica Fabiani

    Monica Fabiani9 days ago

    self made ahaha is that a joke??? only the surname you have states that is bulshit ! you started from scratch and in 3 years you create an empire? I can´t get it how she can be on Forbes is absolutely insulting all entrepreneurs who needed a life to build up their own fortune !

  43. Lissa M

    Lissa M10 days ago

    Stormi looks exactly like kylie. 😊

  44. Emma Grigorian

    Emma Grigorian10 days ago

    Idiocracy is turning into reality faster than I thought...

  45. Maygon Bassett

    Maygon Bassett10 days ago

    does that mean she has 900 million dollars at her disposal or does that mean her business could make up to 900 million?

  46. TheRealCritique

    TheRealCritique10 days ago

    She looks horrible. Cheeks are like mountains, her top lip is gross. For 21, she looks like an old lady. Giant mistake, ladies. Props to her for being an entrepreneur, but don't kid yourself, she looks terrible and she used to be beautiful, or maybe that's the other young one. OK, yeah, she used to have skinny lips, and she did look better. Now she went too far. That's how plastic works. People never get enough and never stop. In ten years, her lips will be flabby tires, and she's going to have to get major surgery to rebuild them or god knows what. Joan Rivers died from plastic surgery. It's insanity.

  47. Aurore Cassagne

    Aurore Cassagne10 days ago


  48. SunKissed Melanin

    SunKissed Melanin11 days ago

    "Self made" She's plastic😄

  49. SunKissed Melanin

    SunKissed Melanin10 days ago

    Save the long speech it was a truthful joke...However kylie did not start from the bottom she was already up, she did not start her business unknown she already had fans, she did not necessarily save up she was already rich, she did not work for this life it was handed to her PERIOD

  50. Tamang Tman

    Tamang Tman10 days ago

    having become successful or rich by one's own efforts. That's the definition of self made so therefore she is. Cause she does put effort into her company.

  51. SunKissed Melanin

    SunKissed Melanin11 days ago

    The Kardashians and Jenners serve no real purpose for the world

  52. CelebStyle

    CelebStyle11 days ago

    I don't have a problem with her being "self-made" but have more of a problem being that this is Kylie Jenner. Someone who lied about her lips and then encouraged others to have fat lips like her to be beautiful and somehow people are stupid enough to want the same thing. And now this is being praised??? Forbes is telling us we should praise someone who tells us not to embrace our features but that you need big lips to be beautiful?

  53. CelebStyle

    CelebStyle10 days ago

    ik she is not responsible, but Forbes, a reputable organization should be responsible for what they put out and what they promote.

  54. Tamang Tman

    Tamang Tman10 days ago

    CelebStyle forbes isn't telling you anything. When did Kylie say EVERYONE GET LIP FILLERS She is not responsible for the actions of all the people that got it done

  55. Chitown ShaSha

    Chitown ShaSha11 days ago

    She's not self made though. She comes from a rich and famous family.

  56. patdxjakig

    patdxjakig11 days ago

    I'm happy for her success because, running a company is so much and she's doing what she loves but she isn't really self-made. Since self-made is when you start from nothing and go to the top but yes credit her for her success in managing to run it herself at the end of the day she's the face of Kylie Cosmetics.

  57. Colleen Canonigo

    Colleen Canonigo11 days ago

    People here are just jealous. TBH

  58. Malaika Tahir

    Malaika Tahir12 days ago


  59. Jaydon B

    Jaydon B12 days ago

    Why the am I am laughing the whole time. Is is because she is not self made?

  60. Trader Jedi

    Trader Jedi12 days ago

    Fashionnova has 14m visits per month = the founder isnt billionaire. Kylie’s website has 1m visits per month = billionaire from Forbes What da fvck forbes seriously, and KC is a private company how the fvck you get those numbers?

  61. oana popescu

    oana popescu12 days ago


  62. Mustbe Venus

    Mustbe Venus13 days ago

    So what if she could be her own sponsor? Richard Brandon borrowed money from friends and family. Bands are bought for equipment by parents and these parents house and feed and drive them to gigs. What about those people with the networks to access funding. What is wrong with her using her money...however she earned it, to start a business. It could have failed! It was a risk. So musicians should not use their incredible voices because it is a disadvantage to those with no talent!? So Usain Bolt should not earn money from the sprint because God forbid the guys that can't run!? Are you kidding me? She used all the advantage she had. So what!? It sucks if your mother isn't Kris Jenner. Live life and let a girl be.

  63. Ines Juranic

    Ines Juranic13 days ago

    Jefree Star should be on the cover of Forbes, he start from the bottom and now he’s successful and he’s company is worth a lot of money and his products are better than Kylie’s at least he doesn’t ship empty containers...

  64. Keerthivel XD

    Keerthivel XD13 days ago

    Lol did she said I struggled

  65. Daniela Doberti

    Daniela Doberti13 days ago

    I love her, she's so smart and has a very nice person vibe

  66. Bibi J

    Bibi J13 days ago

    We all can learn from her...or not. People who choose to mock her success clearly have no knowledge of the difficulties that are prevalent in startups. Her success could very well have been otherwise. I don’t know her personally but she seems very driven and clearly has certain goals and aspirations. Rather than mock, we all should celebrate. And to all other women who are disparaging Kylie I’ll say this: THIS IS EXACTLY THE REASON WHY MEN CONTROL 90% OF THE WORLD’S ASSETS. Think about that.

  67. Hannah Jasmin

    Hannah Jasmin13 days ago

    She's not the youngest *self*-made billionaire? I'm so confused..

  68. E va

    E va13 days ago

    from rich to super rich

  69. Hatsune ღ

    Hatsune ღ12 days ago

    E va exactly

  70. sydia cook

    sydia cook13 days ago

    others might not like Kylie but shes a genius i mean she took her own name ,became her own person and worked hard and she deserves to be a billionaire and anybody can be as well, it takes hard work and determination not a family name screw that. Proud of you Kylie

  71. Purplemetall007

    Purplemetall00713 days ago

    The only "work" she does is saying 'yes' and 'no' all day to what she's presented with. And she looks 45 in that hideous suit.

  72. عنوان Uu

    عنوان Uu13 days ago

    Your face is like a monkey's face

  73. Jacob

    Jacob13 days ago

    Anyone that thinks Kylie Jenner is even 1% self made has some pretty severe mental issues. Not only was she born with millions but more importantly she was born into massive massive massive amounts of fame and had millions of people that would have bought literally anything she made purely because of her name. She is as self made as someone who just inherited a $1bn. No difference. For Forbes to take away Zuckerburgs title as youngest self made billionaire and give it to Kylie Jenner destroys any credibility Forbes had. Someone change my mind.

  74. Regeanner Williams

    Regeanner Williams14 days ago

    Book says bless folks if y'all so rich! I get tired of boasting people it's like they rub your face in it.

  75. Regeanner Williams

    Regeanner Williams14 days ago

    Well I hope she stay positive and true to be this blessed! God blesses us to be a blessing to others now who is she helping.Stop boasting about your riches and do what the good book says.

  76. Yvonne Garcia

    Yvonne Garcia14 days ago


  77. most.hated__m.d

    most.hated__m.d14 days ago

    She not no self made its because of her parents

  78. Bionett Arroyo

    Bionett Arroyo14 days ago

    Didn't kylie steal someone's else design?

  79. Glendys Suarez

    Glendys Suarez14 days ago

    I just love her 💜

  80. Aanie 178

    Aanie 17815 days ago

    I'm so proud of Kylie...she's done so well for herself at 20

  81. Nick Yad

    Nick Yad15 days ago

    WHOREDASHIANS Trash proud FAMILY Just money and NOTHING ELSE Junk moms, poor kids

  82. Sanny C

    Sanny C15 days ago

    Hats off to the mom !!! All her kids r successful

  83. Chelsea Bella. Gallo

    Chelsea Bella. Gallo15 days ago

    Yes! Kylie!💕 She’s not self made tho. She was born into wealth! But. A definite congrats to her for promoting her businesses with the help of her loving Momanger!! And making her coins turn into a Billion!!👍🏾

  84. NoTears `

    NoTears `16 days ago

    I hope she learned to do laundry

  85. I spit fire and salt

    I spit fire and salt16 days ago

    atleast she credited her mom for one of the reason of her sucess unlike kendall whos acting like an ungrateful brat like kris didnt propelled her career who got her on her first magazine shoot kris who arranged everything for her kris. Kendall should stop actin like her mom didnt do anything for her career theres nothing wrong with mother giving whats best for their children judt sayin not even a kylie fan

  86. Avantika Madhur

    Avantika Madhur16 days ago

    So inspirational ❤❤

  87. Basil Zaidi

    Basil Zaidi16 days ago

    Ronaldo, Messi played for years AND they're the best on planet yet they're far away from 900m lol

  88. Roblox Pump Gang

    Roblox Pump Gang16 days ago

    😌❤ I'm happy for you

  89. The iPhone Director

    The iPhone Director16 days ago

    She is self made in a way because not many celebrities can become a billionaire (especially at 20)- also, celebs kids don’t usually become billionaires She turned herself into a billionaire

  90. Jiarui Ye

    Jiarui Ye16 days ago

    Idk why but I’m pissed. Sorry. 🤬🤬🤬

  91. xFellazz

    xFellazz16 days ago

    Who else thought it was kinda weird to see her in a tuxedo? Very unusual

  92. Snow Dela cruz

    Snow Dela cruz16 days ago

    Im happy atleast 1M usd Poor Me 😭😢😭

  93. Inshaa Saleem Pirani’s

    Inshaa Saleem Pirani’s17 days ago

    I think everybody see Kylie's negative side, but no one sees her struggle.

  94. Inshaa Saleem Pirani’s

    Inshaa Saleem Pirani’s12 days ago

    Cyndou M Of her brand

  95. Cyndou M

    Cyndou M16 days ago

    Inshaa Saleem Pirani’s of what?

  96. Bella May

    Bella May17 days ago

    Kylie doesnt look like a human being anymore she looks like a mannequin or a robot

  97. Shorena Lortkipanidze

    Shorena Lortkipanidze17 days ago

    how she is self made when she was born as a kardashian/jenner? no one can make 900m dollars in 3years if they arnt born in rich familys like kyle

  98. Riya Sharma

    Riya Sharma17 days ago

    In reality Kris is a multibillionaire

  99. Riya Sharma

    Riya Sharma17 days ago

    No way

  100. nimish gajjar

    nimish gajjar18 days ago

    Inspirational. She started with some millions only, Very bottom level fame, No any family background, No helper, Struggling parents-sisters. Bt now she is about $900M. Motivating. Salute to Forbes for sharing such Extraordinary strugglers Inspirational stories..

  101. Liz Goddard

    Liz Goddard18 days ago

    I got a lipstick from her collection and it sucks

  102. riska yuliarti

    riska yuliarti18 days ago

    Gilaaaaaaaa...sukses is easy

  103. Reeses...

    Reeses...19 days ago

    Thank you Kylie for making me go after my dreams.

  104. Damian Hind

    Damian Hind20 days ago

    She started a business on her own?? Take that with a huge sack of salt!

  105. emanuel aguilar

    emanuel aguilar20 days ago

    Poderosa empresaria tan joven? Con cosmeticos? Yo la voya alc debe ser tambien por el apellido

  106. Michelle Brione

    Michelle Brione20 days ago

    First of all she is not telling the whole truth she came into my mother salon with her sister Kendal when she was 15 yrs old in Calabasas I'm a professional Makeup artist since 2000 my trade mark is lips 👄 they both came in probably looking for me she is not a makeup artist she is not doing makeup on people she simply stole idea far from being original or creative or a hard working makeup artist using her hands undo her plastic surgery and what do have not even plain Jane these people are not original they steal ideas and she even said it herself she needed to find something todo to earn her keep so she copied me

  107. Nura Suria

    Nura Suria20 days ago

    Then why are all her lip kits screwed up?! Kylie, yes, she has a successful career, but she was born with a basis for life. She didn't make all this money on her own