Kylie Jenner: From Lip Kits To A $900 Million Fortune In Just 3 Years | Forbes


  1. S. McQueen

    S. McQueen12 hours ago

    I like Kylie, but how can you be self-made if you start at the finish line?

  2. Suada Chuna

    Suada Chuna13 hours ago

    900 m??? she look so CHEAP

  3. Jihyeon Song

    Jihyeon Song2 days ago

    What brand is her outfit?????

  4. Shanna Daniels

    Shanna Daniels3 days ago

    Why is it her lip story switches up 24/7 did she get lip fillers because she never liked her thin lips or because a boy told her she couldn’t kiss because they were so small🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. Yu Verburg

    Yu Verburg4 days ago

    The woman who made her a billionaire:Kris jenner

  6. cowlover 1313

    cowlover 13137 days ago

    I cried

  7. Heinhtet hhtp

    Heinhtet hhtp10 days ago

    she's not self-made but not everyone can turn 60 mil into 900mil

  8. Adhd Billionaire

    Adhd Billionaire11 days ago

    you guys should stop hating shes still self made that's why there's a self made score hers is 6 compared to oprah's 9/10 hear advantage was her capital and personal brand but that shouldn't discourage y'all from starting your own business. Remember the turtle beat the rabbit

  9. Dana Nair

    Dana Nair13 days ago

    Kylie is doing everything to be Kris Jenner favorite daughter but that will be Kim forever

  10. Bratz Lip Logical

    Bratz Lip Logical17 days ago


  11. TheRandomAsian

    TheRandomAsian17 days ago

    *Wow we luv a gud **_selfmade_** QUEEN...* She's rich and gucci. . . Btw anyone wanna be my youtube friend? I am desperate!

  12. Firoja Jogiat

    Firoja Jogiat25 days ago

    How to be rich 1) Be rich 2) Get more rich

  13. Anahera Matia

    Anahera Matia26 days ago

    The role she takes in her company is so vague. Maybe it’s because the role she plays IS vague.

  14. Anahera Matia

    Anahera Matia26 days ago

    Is this how she turns up to the office every day? Is she hustlin and motivating her team and working 18 hours a day to make capital? Huh. I think not.

  15. TheTripstraps

    TheTripstraps26 days ago

    hm, so what about thin lips then? i think she still is insecure, until she admits she has thin lips and does not fill them. she should represent thin lips with proudness. not promote fake lips. inner insecureness is gone when she has the guts to go back to her real lips

  16. Sara Cela

    Sara Cela26 days ago

    The name of the song !?

  17. Lauren Hardy

    Lauren Hardy27 days ago

    But she didn’t own up to her tubes not being filled or empty highlighter boxes or not refunding anyone their money

  18. Momshie Mel

    Momshie Mel29 days ago

    The most important thing is that she steps out from the shadows of her sisters(family) and made something for her self-using the resources she has already been given. Not all who already have the resources can be as successful as her. Yep!! we can see in the sunlight that she used cosmetic surgery to improve her appearance she needed it to market her products. This girl knows what she wants and knows how to get it. It's very sad how people discredit her just because she was born with a silver spoon. Go, Kylie...

  19. Vanessa Mejia

    Vanessa MejiaMonth ago

    its sad how nowadays "success" is what this is called. She started from the top. being self-made is someone who started from the bottom who reached drastically to the top and becoming a billionaire.

  20. WhineWomanandSong

    WhineWomanandSongMonth ago

    I would imagine that its hard for Armenian women to find shades of make-up and lipstick that match or flatter their complexion and lips. Most brands of commercial make up cater to caucasian women. Its only recently that cosmetic companies make products for other ethnicities, such as blacks, hispanics and other people of color. I applaud her for creating an innovative cosmetic line.

  21. anonymous anonymous

    anonymous anonymousMonth ago

    To all the haters: stop whining. If people want to be dumb enough to buy a product just because its owner is "famous", then why shouldn't Kylie take advantage of these fools. Hey, I don't like the Kardashians because it's obvious they have stolen black female beauty and is selling it back to everyone as if it's their own, but I'm not gonna knock anyone's hustle. Open that fake-lipped mouth of yours wide open Kylie and laugh your way to the bank by profiting off these sheep that support you.

  22. Natasha Chiware

    Natasha ChiwareMonth ago

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  23. Adrijana C

    Adrijana CMonth ago

    Well done Kylie.

  24. Leslye Vera

    Leslye VeraMonth ago

    She has had so much work done on her face, I can easily tell. She’s only 21 and her face is so full of fillers. She should have a filler company instead of telling people that makeup is how she got rid of her insecurities

  25. madison & kelly

    madison & kellyMonth ago

    small youtuber here, would love if y'all would check out my channel and show some love

  26. Dachi

    DachiMonth ago

    Fans donated money to her.

  27. Enrique

    EnriqueMonth ago

    Made a billion dollars by herself, not a self made billionaire.. two different things, not hating at all.

  28. Jude Dimatteo

    Jude DimatteoMonth ago

    What are these bitches going to do when therr old hag bag mother dies

  29. The0neand0nly YT

    The0neand0nly YTMonth ago


  30. Maria Rios

    Maria RiosMonth ago

    Kylie is not a selfmade billlonier

  31. Disha

    DishaMonth ago

    1:02 that explains why people are receiving empty highlighters from kylie cosmetics.

  32. LA Woman68

    LA Woman68Month ago

    Say what you want about Kylie. She had an idea from her love of makeup. Apart from her family. Her family didn't really believe in her goal. She could have failed. But, SHE made it happen because she's a smart young women. Don't judge - take notes!! $$ get it, Kylie! $$ Oprah had connections. Steve Jobs had connections. It takes CONNECTIONS to get to the door and then through the door. It's up to you to stay there and make it to the Forbes list. Get education, people!! smh

  33. Ash

    AshMonth ago

    Wow, if she started from the bottom, I must be at Earth's core.

  34. Charm City

    Charm CityMonth ago

    Congrats to Kylie.

  35. Mimiyo

    MimiyoMonth ago

    She can be lucky that she already had everything from the *SCRATCH*

  36. Robert J

    Robert JMonth ago

    This is just PATHETIC on so many levels I admire people who start with nothing and struggle to create they're empires than those who borrow mommy and daddys riches.

  37. Charm City

    Charm CityMonth ago

    @Robert J I get what you are saying and to be fair to you, you've got a point. Regardless, Kylie is at least 3 times as rich as the next Kardashian. her stand-alone networth is more than her entire Family combined. she is a billionaire. if it was so easy, why is Kendall a super model for 5 years now only worth $30mil? KYLIE has done the unthinkable with the same recourses that her siblings also have at their disposal. be mindful of that. it's not like she made 20 mil. she made 20 times her 45 million networth in a year! I'm not a fan

  38. Ms Precious

    Ms PreciousMonth ago

    A lot don’t understand that “she” doesn’t run her bizz, experienced educated people around her do! Lucky girl tho !

  39. Rupam Dhal

    Rupam DhalMonth ago

    You know who's self made? Elon Musk. Jay Z. Puff Diddy. Bill Gates. Jeff Bezos. Steve Jobs. Not Kylie Jenner.

  40. Rupam Dhal

    Rupam DhalMonth ago

    Self made 🤣

  41. Farhin Ismail

    Farhin IsmailMonth ago

    Lol she was sittin on the chair of someone from whom she got help to get here

  42. S P I R I T

    S P I R I TMonth ago

    It's easy to make money when you are basically born with a platform of millions of followers.

  43. Michelle Olvera

    Michelle OlveraMonth ago

    All these negative comments are disgusting. Find what makes you happy people. So much hate. She's doing great things.

  44. Oma Rumunna

    Oma RumunnaMonth ago

    Not subing because of this video.

  45. 영서

    영서Month ago


  46. Green Mustardgas

    Green Mustardgas2 months ago

    The Kardashians are the biggest waste of oxygen on this planet. Wish they all could just go away for good.

  47. Aina Zaha

    Aina Zaha2 months ago

    Stunning kylie !

  48. Sam SbR

    Sam SbR2 months ago

    Elle à le monde a ses pieds et pourtant elle a l'air si triste .. je l'envie pour rien au monde

  49. Radhuya

    RadhuyaMonth ago

    Le produit de la célébrité est rien, le prix de la célébrité est tout.

  50. Asha Hussein

    Asha Hussein2 months ago

    Okaay Kylie,Goals 🤟🏾

  51. jordan cook

    jordan cook2 months ago

    Easy to get something started when your family has $ and the right ppl already with them lol what a great self made story lol

  52. Carlos Federico Martin

    Carlos Federico Martin2 months ago

    Que fea que es esta mujer

  53. NoneWhatsoever

    NoneWhatsoever2 months ago

    This is insulting to all the women. To all the female billionaires who ACTUALLY ARE self made and to all the hard-working women of this world. I have some level of respect for her, she didn't just dabble in her mommy's money, instead she started a company BUT she is not self-made. She was born into one of the richest families in the USA and one of the most influential in Hollywood too. Her platform was Ideal to be come a billionaire. If anything Kris Jenner deserves that title more.

  54. Green Mustardgas

    Green Mustardgas2 months ago

    I feel no empathy for & can`t any justification why people like her are created.

  55. misscarson

    misscarson2 months ago

    Yall acting like everyone with a million can turn it into a billion. Case in point...lottery winners. All of these millionaires should've flipped it 100x over but couldn't! Therefore she's self made.

  56. Grace Bediako

    Grace Bediako2 months ago

    Lauren Conrad is inspiration to me not this annoying girl. This girl hasn’t worked hard a day in her life. Her mom gave her money and ideas. She didn’t do this by herself. This is so sad Kardashian’s never worked hard.

  57. 71 59

    71 592 months ago

    I do not know why but all this relaxes me. Her voice, the music is really relaxing.

  58. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ2 months ago

    Bruh. Meanwhile we got kicked out of our house and now we gotta find a house for rent under 1,000 dollars bc we cannot afford anything. I just wish I was Kylie like really. Ik yall gonna say i should be grateful but im not happy with life. Like i just want one like kylies. She can afford ANHTHING

  59. Ajithkumar M

    Ajithkumar M2 months ago

    Now she is a billionaire huh

  60. marissa jensen

    marissa jensen2 months ago

    She really needs to take is easy on the lip fillers.

  61. mania love

    mania love2 months ago

    Good for her

  62. Alexus Lauren

    Alexus Lauren2 months ago

    This is goals

  63. shri awas

    shri awas2 months ago

    I still can't believe people donated to Kylie to make her billionaire

  64. BrownGirlrep

    BrownGirlrep2 months ago


  65. Marcus Bodington

    Marcus Bodington2 months ago

    Ask yourself one thing, "what is the high points in your life? Now, "what are the high points in your parent's life?" And that tells you a lot and gives you a diagnose of where you are today. Look, I am not going to comment on Kylie, you know her story, but if you want to succeed in life, you need to get a good mentor and start looking at yourself differently. And stop looking at what other people are doing. Remember, the word "self-made" is not true! Somewhere in life, every successful person had a mentor to help them out - Drake had a Lil' Wayne and Bill Gates had Warren Buffet. So find a mentor. It could be from a book, a video or in person and use their knowledge to change your life. And who knows, one day Forbes could be interviewing you. My name is Marcus Bodington, TV show and producer, in the works of creating a series that will open many doors for you. So good luck getting started on making your dreams come true.

  66. Sangam R D

    Sangam R D2 months ago

    Ohhh Lord what is this promo for the next Zoolander movie 🤔

  67. Brittany Brower

    Brittany Brower2 months ago

    People can say what they want but this gorgeous young lady is living her best life major success and crazy beautiful❤❤❤ stop being bitter bettys in the comment section....

  68. Daphne Reloaded

    Daphne Reloaded2 months ago

    nep·o·tism [ˈnepəˌtizəm]NOUN the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs/positions on reality t.v. shows.

  69. Green Mustardgas

    Green Mustardgas2 months ago

    That`s especially valid in the US.

  70. Katarina Fan

    Katarina Fan2 months ago

    she's honestly so inspiring, I want to be like her

  71. Whitney Akinyi

    Whitney Akinyi2 months ago

    The fact that she's 21 and has that much success compared to all her big sisters says alot!! that's the true definition of leverage and working smart. How many celebrities out there have been in the game for more than 10 years and still don't have as much as she does..LEVERAGE PEOPLE..IT'S CALLED LEVERAGE

  72. Andreas Oliver

    Andreas Oliver2 months ago

    She made nothing, only big investors has bet on her. Also look at her she is 21 and looks 35 because the plastic surgery.

  73. nusrat jahan

    nusrat jahan2 months ago

    She is not self made and she is fully plastic

  74. Tirath Bal

    Tirath Bal2 months ago

    If she wasn’t a Kar-Jenner she would not have been here.


    JUNGSHOOK Y2 months ago

    Her cosmetic line isn’t allowed in Germany yet because we know the quality of her products sucks

  76. M M

    M M2 months ago

    This kid does not have to think or struggle, the mother is very clever and masters the art of making money. Behind this kid who wears a nice jacket there are hundresds of workers who did study, who did go to university and " do really struggle, think and do the job". It is very impressive how money and fame can buy anything!!!


    PRETTYBOY KEN2 months ago


  78. TheSimsCovers

    TheSimsCovers2 months ago

    started from your sister making porn now you're here

  79. Basob Deb

    Basob Deb2 months ago

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  80. Fusion TV

    Fusion TV2 months ago

    Lipstick no surgery yes


    BRI-TRINITY STAR2 months ago

    wow i had no idea people hated her that much.....

  82. arman asrhaf

    arman asrhaf2 months ago

    all these people saying she started with reality show..dude before that they were therefore it is from scratch stop coming for forbes

  83. MarcinViscardi

    MarcinViscardi2 months ago

    Her whole work at the meeting - "I like this color, thank you."

  84. anna mazzottino

    anna mazzottino2 months ago

    It's unfair! Good people trying to come up with the money to make the world a better place can't and this self-centered woman in two years is almost a billionaire by selling products that pollute and don't really improve the world.

  85. Gl Ba

    Gl Ba2 months ago

    y'all some haters, I'm not a fan but congrats Kylie 👏🏼❤️

  86. Leeno A

    Leeno A2 months ago


  87. Stephanie Skyler

    Stephanie Skyler2 months ago

    I wish they were poor, just like us! That rich attitude will be gone!

  88. Valeska Jimenez

    Valeska Jimenez2 months ago

    Jjajaja, now dresses as a successful woman hahaha yisus

  89. Stuart Little

    Stuart Little2 months ago

    Every teenager is passionate about make up😂😂😂

  90. b kelly

    b kelly2 months ago

    Kylie is such an immature brat. Everything is fake about her including her lips. It's funny how people want to look like her so they run out and buy her nasty make up. The only way that you can look like Kylie is to have the surgeries that she has had done. Of course Kylie will deny it and lie to her fans like she does anything else. Plus none of the jenner and Kardashians are self made. They are horrible role models for women. They basically prostitute themselves for Instagram rating and money.



    doll with no soul she is dead inside She didn't start from the bottom

  92. pawan shasawar

    pawan shasawar2 months ago

    Selfmade.... smh🌝

  93. Miryah Mckenzie ♡

    Miryah Mckenzie ♡2 months ago

    kris is self made not her kids

  94. FBI

    FBI2 months ago

    Kylie : im self made John Cena : are you sure about that

  95. Pam Jaja

    Pam Jaja2 months ago

    you go girl

  96. groovy

    groovy2 months ago

    All Kylie hate aside, I feel like this is the first video/interview I’ve seen her in where her speech and tone seem more precise and businesslike.

  97. Zara Ash

    Zara Ash2 months ago

    Anyone know the name of the music starting from 1:59?? D=

  98. Mimikyu In Comments

    Mimikyu In Comments2 months ago

    You can’t call that “self-made” when the person started thanks to Mommy’s connections and was already born wealthy to begin with.

  99. seerpou

    seerpou2 months ago

    i didn't know forbes did a take on my super sweet 16

  100. Mãe Natureza

    Mãe Natureza2 months ago

    I don't hate her at all, but let's be honest her carrer story is really fake... she is not a good exemplo for us poor.

  101. faisa abdirahman

    faisa abdirahman3 months ago

    Born rich and just got richer, please she’s man made.

  102. Diruku 86

    Diruku 863 months ago

    Find your own success, and that's what Kylie did. She defines her own definition success. She did changed her face but she build her own success. Success doesnt always have to be something about one thing. If you can build that one thing into a big thing then congratulations. That is called success.

  103. NotTooDepressed

    NotTooDepressed3 months ago

    Yo Kylie, I'mma let you finish, but Kim has one of the best make up lines of all time, all time.

  104. Alice Kiesov

    Alice Kiesov3 months ago

    Don't listen to people's hate. Even if you got it because of your family, who cares?? Enjoy it to the fullest.