Kylie Jenner A "Self-Made" Billionaire? | The View


  1. Cassidey Ousley

    Cassidey OusleyDay ago

    Oprah is a self-made billionaire. Kylie might be a billionaire, but not self-made and quite an Important distinction.

  2. lucy 3.98

    lucy 3.982 days ago

    Everyone is aided.... No no to the hate.

  3. Open Mind

    Open Mind6 days ago

    Yet they would't say Donald Trump is a self-made. I dunno

  4. Simz tan

    Simz tan10 days ago

    Sometimes Whoopi Goldberg can be an idiot. Some topics she just needs to close her mouth it just ain't for her. I'm with sunny all the way..

  5. Haleem Valentine

    Haleem Valentine10 days ago

    She chose to be pregnant?

  6. Kevin Hill

    Kevin Hill11 days ago

    Goldberg her mother and father gave her money and privilege period.

  7. Dreamwalk Baby

    Dreamwalk Baby13 days ago

    I'm waiting for the show Kill the Kardashians. When's that going to happen?

  8. Akhila Ramesh

    Akhila Ramesh13 days ago

    Maybe I’m assuming things too much, but she was someone born into a celebrity family with connections handy. The simple fact is that she didn’t earn her connections over time with a good business acumen. I give credit to her for using her advantages, but she started off big. She wasn’t a small business owner who made it big starting a lemonade stand first or something.

  9. J C-EXO/MCUmunchkin

    J C-EXO/MCUmunchkin15 days ago

    Everyone is saying because of her mom but...did we forget that Kylie’s father was Bruce Jenner a Gold medal winning Athlete. He is even in a museum for crying out loud. Sonny is %100 right I don’t know wtf Whoopi is saying but Kylie Jenner is not a self made billionaire. If it wasn’t for her 3 sister’s and that lie about not getting lip injections kylie would have never been ‘Kylie Jenner’ Thank you and goodbye.

  10. WickedThreshold

    WickedThreshold17 days ago

    I'm with sunny all the way! The money and fame came to Kylie, when Kylie launched her lip gloss line the audience the consumer fans etc. etc. everyone brought in to her product cause of her huge following..... Kylie didn't build her brand...when someone goes from the average walk of life to riches that's self made!

  11. Barbara Augustin

    Barbara Augustin18 days ago

    On the backs of Black Woman...and no she's not a self made billionaire.

  12. shanon roberson

    shanon roberson20 days ago

    please shoot whoopi in the mouth.

  13. Dr. B

    Dr. B20 days ago

    Whoopi is so unbelievably wrong

  14. Jacqui's boyz3

    Jacqui's boyz322 days ago

    Why do they always bring up Trump..whoopi how do you know what her mother did for her ... you think your a know it all ... shut the f up whoopi

  15. dineski

    dineski23 days ago

    Whoopi's clouded up here... kylie aint just got one famous parent or even two she has a whole army of kar-jens like.... no wtf she aint close to self made.

  16. Angelique Coke

    Angelique Coke23 days ago

    yes she did work hard to build her business. but she was gifted with talented managers, mentors, marketers, and paired with reliable distributors and suppliers etc. She was GIVEN all the tools she needed for success. She used those tools to do great things but she did not get herself where she is because of her hard work and its kind of insulting to people who helped her get to where she is today AND people who have to work significantly harder that are not even given the same opportunity to obtain the same tools she has used to build her success. This heterosexual cisgendere female was was born into a white, upper class, well educated, and famous family. This does not mean she lived a life without struggle, but she started her life with the opportunity for prosperity that most people don't get. I think a better title would be Influential Young Billionaires or something like that.

  17. Taylor Branson

    Taylor Branson24 days ago

    Literally born in to fame and wealth with press and a reality show. All she does it take selfies all day and lets a brand use her name to sell make up and people say she is self made...smh what a terrible role model for young women that would never have these privileges. Starting to think we live in an idiocracy.

  18. Intrinsically Me

    Intrinsically Me25 days ago

    Her sister in a sex tape sealed the deal for Kylie's fate. She wasn't self made. If anything Kim can get more of a credit for being self made.

  19. Curtis 187

    Curtis 18726 days ago

    She is selfmade

  20. Li-marie

    Li-marie26 days ago

    she cannot be self made she had her family links

  21. BTS Visi

    BTS Visi26 days ago

    Are we really fighting over this Kylie Jenner is obviously not self made. Does she even know how to make her own lipstick!!

  22. Anthony Diaz

    Anthony Diaz27 days ago

    Whoopie is dumb AF kiley would not sell a dam lip stick if her sisters were not the Kardashians... Talentless idiots.. One who made a sex tape and was intruduced to celebrity friend Paris Hilton

  23. Bart Branch

    Bart Branch28 days ago



    COOLZAY ROCK28 days ago

    I do not like Whoopi she always rude to Sunny.

  25. Alma Montoya

    Alma Montoya28 days ago

    Haters! Sonny, you're wrong on this one! Kylie she deserves her fame and fortune. Personally, I haven't purchased her product. She deserves it!!! Don't compare her to Oprah and Whoopie.

  26. Celene Jimenez

    Celene JimenezMonth ago

    Not self made period.

  27. Mike Roberts

    Mike RobertsMonth ago

    Whoopi can't admit she's wrong.

  28. Kaypple

    KayppleMonth ago

    Kylie is self made cause her parents did not make it in her name she had small lips so she didn’t find a lip liner and lip gloss that matched so she made her own that’s what makes her a self made billionaire

  29. Sharayah H

    Sharayah HMonth ago

    lol 12 times harder, eh?

  30. Sel Frö

    Sel FröMonth ago

    WG you know what i respect you and what you do for all, BUT you are FULL of BS with Kylie "self made" billionare and taking an opportunity, like rest of us, average person who are battling with colleage loans and credits, that we are never taking any opportunity, CUZ we don't get any opportunity from anyone, we need to do everything by ourselfs cuz we don't have rich family and powerfull friends to back us up with capital, connections and special treatment. People have much much much more respect for those who started with 0$ (or immigrants workers with zero dollars) and build an empire then those who inherent money, power and special treatment from theirs rich family or politician friends. And watch out WG if you want to continue with this kinda BS you will lose your fans. Just think before you talk.

  31. alex bade

    alex badeMonth ago

    I agree that you are not what your parents are ... but WG is wrong about this. Period. I think she is projecting some eventual problems that her children might have with her being on TV and famous. Nobody is saying that you are what your parents are or were ... can you understand that ? What they are saying is that being a member of this rich family had a crucial role in what she became and the money she made. If you are not willing to admit this obvious truth, I reserve my right to think you are a hypocrite.

  32. tosheatower

    tosheatowerMonth ago

    I love my Whoopie, but she is so wrong here.

  33. Sowmya Iyathurai

    Sowmya IyathuraiMonth ago

    kim kardashian is self-made, but she aint no billionaire. kylie (and arguably everyone else in that family) profited from her sister's fame and used that to build her social media platform and cosmetics empire. her products are good and her brand will make her a billionaire soon enough, but she aint self-made.

  34. Megan Fujimori

    Megan FujimoriMonth ago

    Whoopi is always so hypocritical.

  35. Maselebeli Morebotsane

    Maselebeli MorebotsaneMonth ago

    Whoopi Maturity!!!, no one is unaided, EVERYONE is come on!!!!!

  36. Ben Martinez

    Ben MartinezMonth ago

    Good mom behind her

  37. Doris Gakii

    Doris GakiiMonth ago

    whoopi's growing old. she not thinking straight.

  38. Rashawn Campbell

    Rashawn CampbellMonth ago

    I felt Whoopi took it like she was personally offended. I like Whoopi but didnt like the TONE of her response.

  39. Lesa James

    Lesa JamesMonth ago

    Whoopi sucks

  40. Thought It Over And Decided...

    Thought It Over And Decided...Month ago

    Nobody is jealous of Kylie Whoopie! It's when and how you were born and brought into this world by a mother, as a gift from the almighty! or as they call it a blessing these days! Raising her coaching, teaching, preparing and managing her for the many oppertunities and doors that the world has to offer! Kylie did not do her own hair! Paint her own nails! She does not pick out what to wear without a stylist! She does not think! On her own there are people hired for that job! Which I think is stupid! To be calling her SELF MADE! she cries to her mother!?! Both of them! So stupid! Still she did not call herself a billionaire the Forbes did! That is not Self Made!!! That is simply Made Self!!! If you know what I mean! Tomato for whoopie with full force!!!

  41. Canti Nandaba

    Canti NandabaMonth ago

    This was a great dialogue.

  42. MusicforMe123

    MusicforMe123Month ago

    Whoopie is 100% Biatch 24/7.

  43. BLAqend Blooms

    BLAqend BloomsMonth ago

    people that "couldn't handle their parents success" and "went down a dark road" more times than not actually CHOSE to go down that dark road just to rebel and be different. so whoopi and Meg can shove it and stop berating Sunny! if Kylie really "couldn't handle being under her family's success" then she would've separated business and promotion ties from her mother and sisters, including quitting the show. apparently, this flew right over 3rd base token and dread's head...

  44. Arlene Johnson

    Arlene JohnsonMonth ago

    She is not self made

  45. Goat Yoga Houston

    Goat Yoga HoustonMonth ago

    For once I agree with whoppie

  46. Lisa Marie

    Lisa MarieMonth ago

    I agree with Whoopi . Rob had the opportunity and he could not achieve that

  47. Birdie 01

    Birdie 01Month ago

    Self made or not She’s made a ton of money

  48. c c

    c cMonth ago

    whoopi and megan are idiots

  49. Sheila B

    Sheila BMonth ago

    Sunny right. Kylie would not be we're she at today with out Kardashian tv show that gave her the exposure on national TV every week.she had help from her mom.kris Jenner .to say someone jealous of Kylie is rediculous it's only money honey can't take it with u when u die.kylie name known because of tv show.

  50. O Rainey

    O RaineyMonth ago

    The name made her

  51. O Rainey

    O RaineyMonth ago

    Oprah is self made

  52. Raeda Masri

    Raeda MasriMonth ago

    Whoppi that was uncalled for at the end

  53. pippytlo

    pippytloMonth ago

    Whoopie shut up She isn't self made. What another person can't have the same opinion other then yours. Look we all know if she wasn't born into fame she wouldn't have the business she has right now at this moment and that's a fact. No one is saying she couldn't be a millionaire without the reality show and money she was born into but self mad oh no no no!!!!!!!

  54. James Fontain

    James FontainMonth ago

    Who would by Kylie cosmetics, without there being a Kim Kris Robert Kardashian and Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. Nobody

  55. James Fontain

    James FontainMonth ago

    Whoopi mustve hit her head right before this episode.

  56. Brit Brit

    Brit BritMonth ago

    Self made??? That means you have built yourself from the ground up on your own. I would consider people like Russel Simmons, Jay Z, Nicki Minaj, and P Diddy as self made. When you're born with money already you don't know what it's like to struggle and to have to truly work and build yourself up. Shout out to all the doctors, lawyers, and anybody who had to bust their asses to get everything they have. Somebody must've twisted Whoppie dreads too tight because she sounds like a fool. Facts are facts.

  57. Caramelbeautyxo

    CaramelbeautyxoMonth ago

    If kylie werent so famous or had lots of connections, i think she would have still became a millionaire because lip kits were very popular back then and it was mostly young ppl that were buying them so im sure she would have became at least a millionaire but not a billionaire. i dont bleieve shes self made because she scammed a lot of people to reach that billionaire status because she sent ppl empty lip kits, and took their money.

  58. Desmonique Carson

    Desmonique CarsonMonth ago

    Please take Whoopi off! She’s a horrible conversationalist and has very little intellect

  59. Lori Hyre

    Lori HyreMonth ago

    Correction: it's mediocre. NYX is better quality.

  60. kamran Merza

    kamran MerzaMonth ago

    Whoopi goldberg just makes me laugh😂. Sunny’s the only smart one

  61. Angela G

    Angela GMonth ago

    I love Whoopi but you’re wrong on this one! 🤷‍♀️ Like Sunny said.....Oprah is self-made. No handouts or leg up in the game! And kudos to the person with the soup it!!!

  62. Pam Jaja

    Pam JajaMonth ago

    self made is your idea. Lip gloss but great lip gloss that's self made.

  63. Mourning Glory

    Mourning GloryMonth ago

    Funny how these hypocrites are arguing that Kylie is “self-made” and President Trump isn’t because he got a loan from his father??? Listen to what you’re saying, idiotic leftist, privileged women.

  64. give me Chocolate

    give me ChocolateMonth ago

    did she Make the lipstick ? Does she have a chemistry degree? No she had connections, made by her already established family.

  65. TheAwesomeKidWhoDied

    TheAwesomeKidWhoDiedMonth ago

    Oooh my... they are so dumb... Sunny is the only one woke...

  66. Meleyeah Amorsita

    Meleyeah AmorsitaMonth ago

    I thought people donated money to help her become that WTF why would peoples donate a rich person to become richer smfh stupid idiots

  67. Tiffany Perez

    Tiffany PerezMonth ago

    Who cares.

  68. J D

    J DMonth ago

    It’s like calling royalty self made millionaires. They inherited the millions. And if they were allowed to brand things, they would sell and make them more money.

  69. J D

    J DMonth ago

    That’d be like saying Jaden Smith is self made! That dude would have nothing if it weren’t for his Mother and Fathers Fame and Fortune.

  70. J D

    J DMonth ago

    I usually don’t disagree with Whoopi, but, I disagree with Whoopi! To quote Donald Trump “my dad gave me a small loan of 1 million dollars.” Yeah, she wouldn’t have got to this level without her fame... if she started this as the average regular person, there’s no way this business would be at this level. Props for bringing a successful business, but she is not “self made” in the definitive sense.


    ELIANA SOUZAMonth ago

    not self-made at all !

  72. Ronald Webb

    Ronald WebbMonth ago

    That last tweet was funny AF why they had to do kylie like that😂😂😂.Buy in all seriousness trump took the opportunity to expand his fathers business he is the reason that the company is a billion dollar business and even tho he did inherit that money he took the same steps kylie did and at a similar age he is given credit for that but (as far as i know)has never been described as selfmade by any stretch of the imagination.

  73. faisa abdirahman

    faisa abdirahmanMonth ago

    Listen I definitely think it’s great Kylie did something that she was passionate about and created a billion dollar company and not everyone can do it including her sister Kim but the thing is she isn’t self made she was born into a rich family with every opportunity wide open best believe had most people been given half that opportunity they’d do great things. She didn’t start at the bottom of the ladder but at the top and just went higher. Not self made

  74. S A

    S AMonth ago

    Kylie is born to a famous mother and father and famous sister Kim . She got everything on the platter . A home with progress and ideas and cameras and limelight so she is not self made

  75. Jeanette Montanez

    Jeanette MontanezMonth ago

    I agree with Sonny.

  76. Itohan Akendayi

    Itohan AkendayiMonth ago

    Everybody's talking about Whoopi and Sunny. Who are they in this video, sorry this is my first time watching them.

  77. Brendan Jobe

    Brendan JobeMonth ago

    Kylie Jenner versus a throw away child, It is not the same station in life. They do not have the same opportunity .

  78. wateriswet

    wateriswetMonth ago

    She is NOT self made

  79. wateriswet

    wateriswetMonth ago

    Can Whoopi,, like.... shut up

  80. kalista simmons

    kalista simmonsMonth ago

    Whoopi needs to disappear.

  81. kyla natan

    kyla natanMonth ago

    OMFG, this whoopy girl omg. I don't follow anyone of these people on the view nor do i watch this "show". but please, RE DEFINE SELF MADE. That's the topic here. Forget about kylie or whoever they are calling self made. It's the term that needs to be clarified. If everyone were given the chance to have 8 trillion dollars to start a company or something, then I bet you everyone would be self made. These hosts wouldn't even let anyone speak without interrupting each other. The hosts need to stop criticizing each other's opinion. They sound all so bias. You can't have a conversation with anyone when no one can truly understand your point of view, or have knowledgeable and reasonable comebacks. Same goes with politics. People tend not to talk about politics because there is always someone in the group who is going to go against everything you said without even understanding each others points. They're so caught up with their own opinion and think that is the right and final answer and watching this fucking 5 minute video was just pure annoying. How can you have a conversation on television when everyone is bickering. Ugh I'm annoyed, with whoopy or whatever u fucking spell that name. I don't know why I even bothered typing this lol.


    LOUIS BRAUN2 months ago

    Someone offered her an investment opportunity...AFTER her fame was established.

  83. Tobi Allen

    Tobi Allen2 months ago

    I wrote a blog post on this if you guys want to check it out xxx

  84. Andre King

    Andre King2 months ago

    She had the connections and millions to invest in this company from her family. Thats not self made if you can get a call to get a seat at the table

  85. NM13

    NM132 months ago

    I love Whoopi! Thank God for her shutting Sonny down she honestly annoys me so much. You are not who your family is. And McCaine's daughter is on point... like THEY HAVE TO WORK HARDER JUST TO PROVE THEY BELONG THERE. So stop with the jealousy people. They made it. You didn't. Tough. Maybe go out there and hustle... rather than complain if she's self made. Make YOURSELF self made.

  86. Sel Frö

    Sel FröMonth ago

    What a BS, like you need to prove harder to your rich and famous parrents, like rest of us we don't need to prove as hard as rich and famous kids, when we need to prove to anyone, to parrents, to family, to our boss, to banks, to community, to fking everyone.


    PALE FLESH2 months ago

    If you are gonna keep comparing Kylie to other self made billionaires and think she doesn't deserve the title you are small minded.....Why? Because theres more than 1 story to how people make it there...Kylie worked just as hard for a reason....If she sold GOOD product and made this much what makes u think she wasnt apart of it all? Just because shes a Kardashian? No sorry they work hard too....

  88. Karina  Zarate

    Karina Zarate2 months ago

    Whopping is just probably friends with the Kardashians fam that's all. Money talks yo!

  89. Sel Frö

    Sel FröMonth ago

    yea some positive commerical for kardashian clan

  90. Karina  Zarate

    Karina Zarate2 months ago


  91. Vanessa Santos

    Vanessa Santos2 months ago

    “Let’s get Kylie Jenner to a Billion by using other people’s money! Totally Self-Made”. It’s official. Human Society is brainless.

  92. bee jay

    bee jay2 months ago

    Go Sonny! Self-made billionaire has a specific financial definition and meaning. Whoopi - of course having a famous parent and having money gives you a leg up. It almost always comes with problems too. But if you inherit money, you have a head start. What you do with it is another matter. Why is Whoopi so reluctant to cobcede the obvious?

  93. Brittnay Does

    Brittnay Does2 months ago

    If you're born a prince and become a king nobody calls you a self made king lol... she deserves respect for it, but she's not self made.

  94. Diana Augustin

    Diana Augustin2 months ago

    Whoopi you’re reaching. Kylie is not self made

  95. Ankit Bera

    Ankit Bera2 months ago

    Whoopi Goldberg is one blabbering idiot. We completely agree with you Sunny. 👍🏻

  96. Etiros

    Etiros2 months ago

    Whoopi is SO super wrong on this.

  97. amandaandkristinshow

    amandaandkristinshow2 months ago

    I don't dislike her at all, but he really ain't self made lol

  98. JN T

    JN T2 months ago

    Whoopi is so annoying. Sonny said what she said. Your opinion isn't the final say. Who tf are you?

  99. Valeria Ortiz

    Valeria Ortiz2 months ago

    The girl in blue is completely right

  100. Tona-Collijah Manbauman

    Tona-Collijah Manbauman2 months ago

    She is kind of a self made billionaire because they addressed the situation and they said it was Kylie's money that was saving up and she used it wisely and you just need to leave the situation and if you don't want her to be a billionaire don't care about what she does

  101. Anju Shajan

    Anju Shajan2 months ago

    I agree with Sunny. If you didnt start from the BOTTOM without any sense of recognition to a family name, born into money, or had a pre-destined "brand" you were born into, you AINT a self-made anything! She prob just added her name on her lip skits and made her family work team do all the work!

  102. Charles Jackson

    Charles Jackson2 months ago

    That girl is not self made! Self made is someone who got it out the mud. The Forbes issue is specifically speaking about money. She came from money and we all know it takes money to make money. Someone who is truly self made makes something out of nothing. It was expected of her to become a billionaire coming from where she’s from. Everyone in her family should be there. A true self made person is someone who isn’t expected to make it and against all odds, they win.

  103. Ajrian

    Ajrian2 months ago

    Whoopi, shut up. She isn’t self made. Without her family’s money and pull, nobody would know who she is. Give me a break.