Kylie Jenner A "Self-Made" Billionaire? | The View


  1. S A

    S A58 minutes ago

    Kylie is born to a famous mother and father and famous sister Kim . She got everything on the platter . A home with progress and ideas and cameras and limelight so she is not self made

  2. Jeanette Montanez

    Jeanette Montanez12 hours ago

    I agree with Sonny.

  3. Itohan Akendayi

    Itohan AkendayiDay ago

    Everybody's talking about Whoopi and Sunny. Who are they in this video, sorry this is my first time watching them.

  4. Brendan Jobe

    Brendan JobeDay ago

    Kylie Jenner versus a throw away child, It is not the same station in life. They do not have the same opportunity .

  5. wateriswet

    wateriswetDay ago

    She is NOT self made

  6. wateriswet

    wateriswetDay ago

    Can Whoopi,, like.... shut up

  7. kalista simmons

    kalista simmonsDay ago

    Whoopi needs to disappear.

  8. kyla natan

    kyla natan2 days ago

    OMFG, this whoopy girl omg. I don't follow anyone of these people on the view nor do i watch this "show". but please, RE DEFINE SELF MADE. That's the topic here. Forget about kylie or whoever they are calling self made. It's the term that needs to be clarified. If everyone were given the chance to have 8 trillion dollars to start a company or something, then I bet you everyone would be self made. These hosts wouldn't even let anyone speak without interrupting each other. The hosts need to stop criticizing each other's opinion. They sound all so bias. You can't have a conversation with anyone when no one can truly understand your point of view, or have knowledgeable and reasonable comebacks. Same goes with politics. People tend not to talk about politics because there is always someone in the group who is going to go against everything you said without even understanding each others points. They're so caught up with their own opinion and think that is the right and final answer and watching this fucking 5 minute video was just pure annoying. How can you have a conversation on television when everyone is bickering. Ugh I'm annoyed, with whoopy or whatever u fucking spell that name. I don't know why I even bothered typing this lol.


    LOUIS BRAUN2 days ago

    Someone offered her an investment opportunity...AFTER her fame was established.

  10. Tobi Allen

    Tobi Allen3 days ago

    I wrote a blog post on this if you guys want to check it out xxx

  11. Andre King

    Andre King3 days ago

    She had the connections and millions to invest in this company from her family. Thats not self made if you can get a call to get a seat at the table

  12. Nicole

    Nicole3 days ago

    I love Whoopi! Thank God for her shutting Sonny down she honestly annoys me so much. You are not who your family is. And McCaine's daughter is on point... like THEY HAVE TO WORK HARDER JUST TO PROVE THEY BELONG THERE. So stop with the jealousy people. They made it. You didn't. Tough. Maybe go out there and hustle... rather than complain if she's self made. Make YOURSELF self made.

  13. Tobias Orion *rFitz*

    Tobias Orion *rFitz*4 days ago

    Kylie is Team-Made. Oprah Self-Made. ... Kylie had connection that placed her ahead of others.


    PALE FLESH4 days ago

    If you are gonna keep comparing Kylie to other self made billionaires and think she doesn't deserve the title you are small minded.....Why? Because theres more than 1 story to how people make it there...Kylie worked just as hard for a reason....If she sold GOOD product and made this much what makes u think she wasnt apart of it all? Just because shes a Kardashian? No sorry they work hard too....

  15. Karina  Zarate

    Karina Zarate5 days ago

    Whopping is just probably friends with the Kardashians fam that's all. Money talks yo!

  16. Karina  Zarate

    Karina Zarate5 days ago


  17. Anne syth

    Anne syth5 days ago

    She already had a NAME brand so that was half the battle. The hardest part is to get your NAME brand well-known. Her make up line is a genetic makeup ingredients but her name sold it.

  18. Vanessa Santos

    Vanessa Santos5 days ago

    “Let’s get Kylie Jenner to a Billion by using other people’s money! Totally Self-Made”. It’s official. Human Society is brainless.

  19. bee jay

    bee jay5 days ago

    Go Sonny! Self-made billionaire has a specific financial definition and meaning. Whoopi - of course having a famous parent and having money gives you a leg up. It almost always comes with problems too. But if you inherit money, you have a head start. What you do with it is another matter. Why is Whoopi so reluctant to cobcede the obvious?

  20. Brittnay Does

    Brittnay Does6 days ago

    If you're born a prince and become a king nobody calls you a self made king lol... she deserves respect for it, but she's not self made.

  21. Diana Augustin

    Diana Augustin6 days ago

    Whoopi you’re reaching. Kylie is not self made

  22. Ankit Bera

    Ankit Bera6 days ago

    Whoopi Goldberg is one blabbering idiot. We completely agree with you Sunny. 👍🏻

  23. Etiros

    Etiros6 days ago

    Whoopi is SO super wrong on this.

  24. amandaandkristinshow

    amandaandkristinshow6 days ago

    I don't dislike her at all, but he really ain't self made lol

  25. JN T

    JN T7 days ago

    Whoopi is so annoying. Sonny said what she said. Your opinion isn't the final say. Who tf are you?

  26. Valeria Ortiz

    Valeria Ortiz7 days ago

    The girl in blue is completely right

  27. Tona-Collijah Manbauman

    Tona-Collijah Manbauman7 days ago

    She is kind of a self made billionaire because they addressed the situation and they said it was Kylie's money that was saving up and she used it wisely and you just need to leave the situation and if you don't want her to be a billionaire don't care about what she does

  28. Anju Shajan

    Anju Shajan8 days ago

    I agree with Sunny. If you didnt start from the BOTTOM without any sense of recognition to a family name, born into money, or had a pre-destined "brand" you were born into, you AINT a self-made anything! She prob just added her name on her lip skits and made her family work team do all the work!

  29. Beauty killer Deal with it

    Beauty killer Deal with it8 days ago

    Just because you disagree doesn’t mean you’re can buy what ever you want but it can’t buy you love...

  30. Charles Jackson

    Charles Jackson8 days ago

    That girl is not self made! Self made is someone who got it out the mud. The Forbes issue is specifically speaking about money. She came from money and we all know it takes money to make money. Someone who is truly self made makes something out of nothing. It was expected of her to become a billionaire coming from where she’s from. Everyone in her family should be there. A true self made person is someone who isn’t expected to make it and against all odds, they win.

  31. Ajrian

    Ajrian8 days ago

    Whoopi, shut up. She isn’t self made. Without her family’s money and pull, nobody would know who she is. Give me a break.

  32. Queen Quan

    Queen Quan9 days ago

    Sunny her makeup lip kits look at the MReporter reviews they don't do well and thank you for being polite cuz the Kardashians could sue you if you said something wrong

  33. Queen Quan

    Queen Quan9 days ago

    Kim just did spoke to the Forbes convention and now kiley's almost a billionaire Kris made the whole story up she's not worth that she hasn't been working she was pregnant for nine months gone from the public eye not creating any new products. So she went from 50 million dollars to 900 million it's not adding up. Her cosmetic line isn't #1. Who cares about her being self-made that's a lot too we all know that it's all lies they have money.

  34. AlienPrincess ATX

    AlienPrincess ATX9 days ago

    The only people who call her aelf made really do not understand what that means.

  35. fonjadidi

    fonjadidi9 days ago

    well it would have been her parent money invested in starting her company you know of bloody expensive that is, she didnt even have a job so..

  36. Felicia Benavides

    Felicia Benavides10 days ago

    She is self made because how many Kardashian’s / jennar are there and they not a billionaire , all of them had a platform and had same opportunities and she did her own thing ! Look at her brother a nobody look at kourtney she said it’s not her thing ! She made it bigger than Kim !

  37. Stephanie Knowles

    Stephanie Knowles10 days ago

    Are her products organic and sustainable?

  38. Natalie Ryan

    Natalie Ryan10 days ago

    Single handedly hate whoopi from this video.

  39. Ashley Tezeno

    Ashley Tezeno10 days ago

    I am selfie/self made Mrs. whoopi and ladies!🙋

  40. Veronica Pointer

    Veronica Pointer10 days ago

    Sonny was on it :)

  41. Tiffany Mathis

    Tiffany Mathis10 days ago

    Whoopie is so hostile.

  42. Tiffany Mathis

    Tiffany Mathis10 days ago

    Whoopi is so hostel.

  43. Austin Matthew

    Austin Matthew11 days ago

    Whoopi is such a fucking idiot lol

  44. S B

    S B11 days ago

    Whoopi is correct!

  45. Jackna St.Fleur

    Jackna St.Fleur11 days ago

    Goldberg stop and let people talk please

  46. ebass and ukulele

    ebass and ukulele11 days ago

    whoopi sorry but no

  47. SKO xxx

    SKO xxx12 days ago

    Of course the term "Self Made" is a broad word people view differently. I think she isn't "Self-Made" because of course she's already coming from riches and had a HUGE leg up in comparison to Mark Zuckerberg who studied in school and did the actually bottom up grind. Kylie was privileged yes but self made in terms of business, no. I give her many praise at the end of the day because she has a booming business and everyone should give her props for being on Forbes.

  48. XRavenHairSexGod

    XRavenHairSexGod12 days ago

    I hope Kylie's empire implodes and she becomes a ' Maid ' 😄

  49. Oneal Guill

    Oneal Guill12 days ago

    I think she's not a self made millionaire because she got a third base head start from her family. Point blank I agree with Sonny.

  50. Helaman Cedeño

    Helaman Cedeño12 days ago

    whoopi doesn't think anyones opinion matters but hers. Meghan is literally only there because of her last name and sonny worked HARD af to become a lawyer and then on The view

  51. Lynn Adore

    Lynn Adore12 days ago

    No way. Self made means you made 1 dollar turn into 1 million. She had her mom pay for the whole beginning of her life. She hasn't worked one job!

  52. Jayne Marshall

    Jayne Marshall12 days ago

    Just because her name is on the company doesn’t mean she’s the one doing all the hard work. She is not self made she’s privileged & she took advantage of those privileges. There are self made billionaires who grew up with no privileges who took the opportunities given to them. They worked hard & put in 110% which is why they are where they are. I’d like to see the stats that tell you how much actual input Kylie has into this venture. There’s a difference between running a company & being the face of one.

  53. Kik Kiki

    Kik Kiki12 days ago

    Dumb rich people

  54. Angel Valencia

    Angel Valencia12 days ago

    What is the point of this argument. LOL. 😂😂😂😂 self made or not the girl is going to be a billionaire. Yasssss, get them coins honey!

  55. C Bell

    C Bell13 days ago

    Oh please Whoopi stfu with this! She is not self made. Let’s all give Ray J a applause for all his help in this. She is not self made!!! She had it all handed to her. Whoopi is delusional as the morons that bought her kits to make one of the kartrashians as famous as they are for having no talent!! Just a whores sister.

  56. Jenni

    Jenni13 days ago

    Not self made

  57. Tiffany Mathis

    Tiffany Mathis10 days ago

    She is definitely not.

  58. Gyan Prakash

    Gyan Prakash13 days ago

    This is America...

  59. jenifer wendt

    jenifer wendt13 days ago

    3:52 Whoopi says she wasn’t self made and then she describes Kylie’s situation as similar to her own but then says Kylie is self-made... “I’m not self made...but that makes me self made..” wtf 4:01

  60. Sarah Cha

    Sarah Cha13 days ago

    I love Kylie....but sorry, she really isn't "self-made."

  61. Trader Jedi

    Trader Jedi13 days ago

    Fashionnova has 14m visits per month = the founder isnt billionaire. Kylie’s website has 1m visits per month = billionaire from Forbes You smell the bullshlt? 😂😂😂

  62. Sumiya Aanwezig

    Sumiya Aanwezig14 days ago

    She is not selfmade. But who cares

  63. Anascissors

    Anascissors14 days ago

    Whoopie is not very intelligent

  64. sweetnessrisin

    sweetnessrisin14 days ago

    WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY WHOOPI WHY?! Surgeon made. Trust fund made. Canned stupid. Standards exist???

  65. Glenn Rudman

    Glenn Rudman14 days ago

    Whoopi overtalks everyone she has a big mouth,ABC is a terrible network to allow this joke of a show

  66. Glenn Rudman

    Glenn Rudman14 days ago

    Whoopi is a hateful,fowl mouth disgraceful person,the View needs to be shut down

  67. sarineh syossefian

    sarineh syossefian14 days ago

    thats stupid she was known when she started she wasn't doing marketing to introduce her name and product to people. she had her millions of people fan base and sold out in minutes when she started. not self made

  68. Obi

    Obi14 days ago

    Parent, Parent, parent.. IF IT WERE NOT FOR KIM NO KARDASHIAN NOR JENNER WOULD BE RELEVANT, Period. Kim has made the statement on numerous occasions that if it weren't for her none of them would be where they are today! Sole purpose of why Kourtney is bothered by the whole thing because it's all making sense. That girl is not self-made because the way was paved for her success. Whoopi and Meghan are walking contradictions. You can't mix logic with emotions because the outcome will have you looking and sounding like a complete narcissist.

  69. starweaverstyle

    starweaverstyle14 days ago

    I was extremely disappointed of most of them going to bat for Kylie in this segment. She already had money and Fame and she ran from it. "Born on 3rd base," I loved that. Sunny killed it here. Oprah, born in a shed was SELF MADE. Hillary Swank and her mom, leaving everything and everyone they knew behind, sleeping in a car, homeless, just to be near Hollywood for auditions, that's SELF Made.

  70. Hannah Jasmin

    Hannah Jasmin14 days ago

    wow kylie's *success* was a huge slap in the face to those that were actually born dirt-poor or middle class....

  71. Purplemetall007

    Purplemetall00714 days ago

    She is MAMA KRIS made. If Kylie merely said she's not interested in a make up line or anything else, she would immediately been cut from the Will. Kris doesn't do anything for her kids unless she makes $$$.

  72. wondah black

    wondah black14 days ago

    Does Whoopi honestly think that Kylie would have became a billionaire with her Lipkits if she was a regular small town girl just trying to get her name out there? Keep in mind Kylie’s business I believe is under 5 years old. Ok I’m sure Microsoft and Apple did not even reach that in the first 5 years of the beginning of their business. ( I could be wrong, I don’t know the exact stats).

  73. naphshi

    naphshi14 days ago

    i agree with both sides of the argument... i give kylie much credit though... i don't think anyone is ever self made.

  74. Jacob Glenman

    Jacob Glenman14 days ago

    Sunny hatin on white folks lol Wht a racist human she is Plz fire that racist POS sunny ASAP Plzzzz 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  75. Liz D

    Liz D14 days ago

    Meghan, I don’t feel sorry for you for your privilege, I feel sorry for you for having to make everything about “you”. Meghan, there are other people in the world that has to overcome having to prove yourself. You have a chip on your shoulder.

  76. Muriel Oduro

    Muriel Oduro15 days ago

    Whoopy really!!! When a great point is made about Oprah.. Oprah is self made.. Kylie has made the most of her fame.

  77. DJ Scarlet X

    DJ Scarlet X15 days ago

    It’s annoying watching rich people talk about what self made is. Whoopi has lost her sense of reality since she has been rich for so long. Unbelievable if they think Kylie is self made. I love Kylie but she is not self made. If she was a regular middle class girl from a small town do you think she’d be as famous? 🤦🏻‍♀️ she wouldn’t have even had the money to do 1% of what rich already famous Kylie has done. These rich privileged fools on The View don’t know what they’re talking about.

  78. Osvaldo Reyes

    Osvaldo Reyes15 days ago

    Self made rags to riches not Kylie

  79. Jacqueline Yamaguchi

    Jacqueline Yamaguchi15 days ago

    The can of soup comment at the end of this vid is perfect!

  80. jai simone

    jai simone15 days ago

    Are they serious?in the interview she(Kylie jenner)said her mom is a huge success in her business she never said "self made"Forbes did.

  81. Belin Romero

    Belin Romero15 days ago

    Let her be. She has worked very hard. She has done more than most people her age

  82. Sarah Lopes

    Sarah Lopes15 days ago

    Kylie cosmetics is Colourpop and ppl have gotten their makeup palettes with bugs in it. I’m gonna hate all day, her makeup artist should be getting all that money 💰 he’s the one who makes her look like that

  83. Sarah Lopes

    Sarah Lopes15 days ago

    And furthermore the chicks that’s started melt cosmetics I would consider self made and it’s a phenomenal brand

  84. LeNoire West

    LeNoire West15 days ago

    Whoopi's been sipping the kool-aid way too long and wants us to be dizzy like her! No one's hating on Kylie...Kylie was already known globally. Have you watched Shark Tank? The average person CANNOT wake up with a concept, have their mom make "A" phone call to an elaborate marketing firm, assemble a top design team and have investors, or an investor (i.e; mom) assembled in a board room by 1pm. Kylie who is a "Jenner" and her "elite" marketing team road off her family association, name and faces known around the world. Her product(s) stand own there own merit, but her global Marketing campaigns put her in the 9 digits, vastly approaching 10. She didn't need a starting block. It was already built into her name and DNA! Kylie has the leverage of being associated with and born under the Kardashian umbrella. If not for her families face and name her products may have been fighting for shelf space. They definitely would not been found there way into major retail, or have reached the masses "as soon as they have." Her campaign team hit the market hard. How many people are privileged enough to do this? Great Job Kylie! No hate. Use what you've got! But let's keep it real Whoopi...

  85. Kaleidoscope Productions

    Kaleidoscope Productions15 days ago

    It has slightly restored my faith in humanity that people agree with Sunny. REALLY... Kylie DIDN’T ride in on the coat tails of ALL of her sisters ALREADY millions of followers...? Her genius is in social climbing. That is all. Self made means creating SOMETHING from NOTHING. Not adding a brick to an already existing empire.

  86. Vision L

    Vision L16 days ago

    I’m sorry Whoopi. Not hating but Sunny is correct. Here you go they need to be talking about Pat McGrath. I'd met Pat McGrath several times while covering New York Fashion Week she is totally down to earth person! Her team was always working all the high-end fashion shows. In addition, she started off working on several big makeup campaigns and fashion shows.

  87. Rosa C.

    Rosa C.16 days ago

    But kylie is more famous/exposed than her parents ever were so i dont think she has same issues as whoopi's daughter

  88. cia o

    cia o16 days ago

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  89. chelsea rojas

    chelsea rojas16 days ago

    Whoopi is wrong lol Team Sunny! Kylie is hardworking and gorg, but self made is the wrong way to describe her success! like she said, Oprah is self made!

  90. Andre TxT

    Andre TxT16 days ago

    She's 100% heavily aided, it's like saying Donald Trump is self made. She had the money to start her business, she didn't start at zero and saved to get to the point where she could invest in her business idea. Now of course she gets credit. She grew that, she's not self made but she's a business woman.

  91. かわいいメイド

    かわいいメイド16 days ago

    I don't know any of their names, but I only agree with the one in blue

  92. Tamyah Copeland

    Tamyah Copeland16 days ago

    Kylie us NOT SELF MADE!!!!!

  93. Miranda Pillsburry

    Miranda Pillsburry16 days ago

    Sunny is right...

  94. drac464

    drac46416 days ago

    Whoopi drinking that "K"ool aid.. guurll, that is not self made when you are raised with a household name.That is called riding the coat tail of your family members. That's like saying Ivanka Trump is self made or Donald Trump is self made (they were kids running around in limos and living in mansions). Whether you do something with the silver spoon is a choice, but that doesn't negate from the fact that she took the silver spoon in her mouth (and something else that was in her sister's mouth - cough, cough) and ran with it to the plastic surgeon and had the backing of a reality television mogul (her mom) and a porn chick (her sis). To compare the aid of the daughter of an Olympian champion, and the daughter of a mother who was well connected through her marriage to a famous attorney, to an average joe, is beyond unfair to those who actually go to work everyday and sweat to just put food on the table. She was beyond just being aided, that is also being well funded and well connected.

  95. Nadia B

    Nadia B16 days ago

    Wow, Whoopie rude and aggressive towards Sunny again 🙄. And I agree Kylie is not self made. She had connections to help with her business. Same goes for most famous peoples kids. A lot of actors in Hollywood have their kids in the same business. It’s not cuz of talent. It’s cuz of connections. Meghan is another one.

  96. evian

    evian16 days ago

    self made billionaire, all that money; sick to my stomach 😷

  97. evian

    evian16 days ago

    self made billionaire, all that money; sick to my stomach 😷

  98. evian

    evian16 days ago

    self made billionaire, all that money; sick to my stomach 😷

  99. Pearl Ephraim

    Pearl Ephraim16 days ago

    I watched The Real each and every day... I love it but was happily shocked they won an Emy... so I decided to watched The View to see what they were competing against... now I SEE why The Real won. The ladies of the view are on big mess, even when they dont agree with each other it doesn't flow or show warmth or friendship. I love The Real!! The whole time I was watching this I thought WTF is going on 😯

  100. Miss Maww

    Miss Maww16 days ago

    She worked hard yes but she did not come from nothing

  101. Jewel's Joyful Life

    Jewel's Joyful Life16 days ago

    Give me $1M and I will be self-made, too!!!

  102. Goddessofthe Geminis

    Goddessofthe Geminis17 days ago

    Two words. Kim Kardashian. End of discussion

  103. Glenys Starzzz

    Glenys Starzzz17 days ago

    No one is self-made it’s only God🙌🏾 Thank God