Kylie Jenner A "Self-Made" Billionaire? | The View


  1. jayswagdr1ps

    jayswagdr1ps9 hours ago

    Having a famous parent doesn’t give you a leg up? Is she just that stupid lmaoo it completely does

  2. Anabella Flores

    Anabella Flores15 hours ago

    lol jealous of her? no thanks dont want to be a spoiled brat

  3. guanajuatense hasta la muerte

    guanajuatense hasta la muerte17 hours ago

    Whoppie don't know the " self made" meaning. Smh. This world is getting worst and worst. God bless Us!

  4. Solidcompa

    Solidcompa19 hours ago

    In all truthfulness she isn't self made. God also made things happened and for those he sees can manage money, opportunities, ego, emotions ,and people. Period !

  5. Nicole Lee

    Nicole Lee22 hours ago

    Whoopi..ur a boss!👏👏👏

  6. Thomas Fraser

    Thomas Fraser23 hours ago

    I can see both sides of this argument but I boil it down to this... If there were no Kardashians, her product wouldn't sell as well as it does. I believe Kylie put a lot of stuff together herself and there's a point to be made that other people in successful families try to start companies and don't do as well. But I maintain, if there were no Kardashians, the company that she hooked up with wouldn't have sought her out.

  7. tiffany

    tiffanyDay ago

    Whoopie is so defensive over something she's totally wrong about. She got opportunities because she was a Jenner that means she used her family name to get those opportunities (aided) and if a regular person got those same opportunities that means they we're recognized not by their family name but their such and such(unaided)

  8. kat patterson

    kat pattersonDay ago

    I don't agree with the fact that she self made...are you kidding me? It totally helps being part of a rich family...if we all could have that start out..I am sure we could all be self made...come on...really???

  9. Autumn V. Roetman

    Autumn V. RoetmanDay ago

    Whoopi is an idiot. Contradicting herself in the same sentence!! Kylie had A LOT of help. Getting on the map because of her sister Kim's video to her mom-ager having a lot of connections and even her dads fame helped getting her to the status shes at today. She DID NOT do it all herself. Kylie IS NOT SELF-MADE.

  10. Brandie Griffin

    Brandie GriffinDay ago

    Kylie I love her self made I agree is Oprah....

  11. Diana Hunt

    Diana Hunt2 days ago

    She is not self made. Kim fucked the way to the tabloids and everything else. They got a show because Kim fucked. And her mother pushed her her to start these businesses and she did. I am happy for her because I actually like her. But she is Kim and Kris made.

  12. Sonia  Irakoze

    Sonia Irakoze2 days ago

    shut up whoopie

  13. Janessa Price

    Janessa Price2 days ago

    I'm torn because on one hand ..yes she came from wealth but she used the opportunity to create an empire.. and not everyone in her family is an billionaire just saying ... however self made means to me building an empire from nothing to something.

  14. Ziaire Laureen

    Ziaire Laureen2 days ago

    I completely disagree with Whoopi

  15. Nina Nina

    Nina Nina3 days ago

    Whoopy 😍❤️! Yes Kylie is self made ! Those who say not, is jealous 🤣

  16. Derv

    Derv3 days ago

    Annoying when people say we are jealous bcuz we dont support the _self made_ title Jealous of what?? Her billion?? She isn't the first billionaire Are we also jealous of zukerberg and bill gaites They got billions We dont want her money We're not jealous It's just crazy what this world is coming to And we're speaking out on that What's there to be jealous of

  17. Jo 358

    Jo 3583 days ago

    Stop mentioning them they won't exist

  18. Michelle Brown

    Michelle Brown3 days ago

    Why don’t they stop hating on Kylie.

  19. Percy Mack

    Percy Mack4 days ago


  20. El lado positivo

    El lado positivo4 days ago

    I agree with Whopi and Megan...

  21. Jack Robinson

    Jack Robinson4 days ago

    Stupid girl with dreads having famous parents gives u all the exposure u need to be successful

  22. amor powers

    amor powers4 days ago

    Meghan just can't stop to includes herself in every topics! Sick of it.

  23. Marie Loria

    Marie Loria4 days ago


  24. Marie Loria

    Marie Loria4 days ago

    Whoever that Lady is - she just had a real problem for no reason. I’m glad that Whoopi is setting them straight!

  25. J R

    J R4 days ago

    Kylie, walked 100 miles to school uphill both ways and lived on the streets cutting grass with scissors for 5 cents per hour to get where she is. Her mom supposedly NEVER fed her or gave her shelter and she never used her sister's sex tape and eventual TV show to be even known in the first place.

  26. Varangian Guard

    Varangian Guard4 days ago


  27. RoyTards

    RoyTards5 days ago

    I agree with Whoopi. Nobody is truly “self-made”. She worked hard. Everybody hates the Kardashians, she had to work hard. She’s definitely been aided and I won’t act as though she wasn’t, but she’s had her struggles and she’s truly business savvy.

  28. Alicia Chaddlesone

    Alicia Chaddlesone5 days ago

    Jeffree Star is self-made in my opinion:)

  29. Alicia Chaddlesone

    Alicia Chaddlesone5 days ago

    Not Kylie!!!

  30. Osito Cedar

    Osito Cedar5 days ago

    Whoopi didn’t get it lol UNAIDED.

  31. Monica Angelini

    Monica Angelini5 days ago

    c'mon Woopy dont pretend you dont understand the point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus you are contradicting yourself. Worse calling the person who made a very intelligent analogy jealous is disingeneous. What happened today? You smoked too much before the show ?

  32. Pieter vander Schoor

    Pieter vander Schoor5 days ago

    I always have liked Whoopi. Not any more.

  33. Egeet Gonzalez

    Egeet Gonzalez5 days ago

    “I was not self made, I was made by people” yes, so you agree. Kylie was not self made, she was made by people. ( in this case her family)

  34. KW

    KW5 days ago

    Um...having to prove that you're a hard worker, is a completely different game than having to prove you're a hard worker WHILE starving and not having a roof over your head. Period. Not owning your privilege is sad and pathetic. It's not right that economic struggle is so easily discounted.

  35. Apple Sugar

    Apple Sugar5 days ago

    They’re all defending Kylie because they all had a leg up in life too. #richguilt

  36. Edgar Cardenas

    Edgar Cardenas6 days ago

    $#$#$#$# forbes 1 gold nasa er cheif command $#$# tony stark usa white house

  37. Jinnie Lowery

    Jinnie Lowery6 days ago

    Meghan, shut up!!!!!

  38. jose miranda

    jose miranda6 days ago

    Whoopi doesn't know the meaning of self made?

  39. Storm

    Storm6 days ago

    Whoopi is so out of touch of what’s self made and what’s not. Kylie is not self made her linked to the Kardashian’s is what made her who she is today.

  40. Pena Flor

    Pena Flor6 days ago

    A self made is someone who created her own millions or billions, created her business which was Not provided, gifted or inherited. Kylie Jenner is self made. She created her business, took her own strategies and used her influence and popularity to market her own products.

  41. marion baldwin

    marion baldwin6 days ago

    I'm happy for the kid. She worked. She made money. She got rich. Good for her.

  42. Kelly Johnson

    Kelly Johnson6 days ago

    Love Kylie's products and I am 52😂😂😂🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  43. byron Rideaux

    byron Rideaux6 days ago

    I just did a calculation of the combined net worth of the Kardashian-Jenner family and it is over 1.6 billion dollars 😯

  44. S Marie

    S Marie6 days ago

    Oprah is self made. Henry Ford is self made. Kylie Jenner? No but hey she is a billionaire.

  45. Maryam Khan

    Maryam Khan6 days ago

    Yes everybody is aided...but not by money,that's wht the point is....she had alot of money already when she was born so how could u call her self made for something that was already there when she was born!

  46. Tasha Branch

    Tasha Branch6 days ago

    Most people are not offered that opportunity tho Whoopi...

  47. Jack1uptone

    Jack1uptone6 days ago

    Of course you can give Kylie Jenner a lot of credit for branching off with her own successful brand. But it's really a stupid argument to say she's "self made" when she come from the family of Kim Kardashian...One of the richest, famous, most successful household names in America.

  48. Chelsea Bella Gallo

    Chelsea Bella Gallo6 days ago

    Whoopi is all the way wrong!! A self made millionaire! Is a person who scraped the bottom and struggled! to make it to the big leagues. Kylie was born into the life of privileged wealth. So.. Ughh!🙄

  49. Sean Dorsey

    Sean Dorsey6 days ago

    Sunny, I have NO respect for you at all.

  50. lily blu

    lily blu6 days ago

    This issue w her being "self made" is that she had help from her family so shes not self made.

  51. Sandra Eriksson

    Sandra Eriksson7 days ago

    Omg Whoopie, did someone seriously WHOOP your brains away recently? I thought she was brighter than that.

  52. Misssparkles

    Misssparkles7 days ago

    whoopy shut up ,. you are wrong,

  53. Eroni Bale Lagilagi

    Eroni Bale Lagilagi7 days ago

    Whoopi 100% WRONG! Sunny 100% RIGHT

  54. Niki Hamilton

    Niki Hamilton7 days ago

    Ray J made Kylie Jenner a Billionaire 🤑

  55. Lab444

    Lab4447 days ago

    Im sure a lot of business people came to her!!!! because shes a Jenner/Kard. falling over themselves to get her name of their products. She sat back and just watched the money come in.

  56. Aileen

    Aileen7 days ago

    Does anyone here like not know when the girl it whites dad it?😂

  57. Breezy B

    Breezy B7 days ago

    I wish I had a rich family. I don’t. She just took the ball and ran with it. She’s a rich thot like the rest of her sisters. That’s all. Made their money on their backs. Oh well.

  58. L U

    L U7 days ago

    No whoopie. You're wrong.

  59. Palacios Palacios

    Palacios Palacios7 days ago

    Sunny Bringing Up Oprah, yass sunny yass, that was self made

  60. Nanita Tillman

    Nanita Tillman7 days ago

    ''she made a billion dollars on a gloss'' lol

  61. Shannon Caldwell

    Shannon Caldwell8 days ago

    haaaaaaaaa! yeah she's not self-made. The only thing that is self-made is her plastic surgery lol

  62. Mima & Mimi TV

    Mima & Mimi TV8 days ago

    Agree with Whoopi ... anyways she got the money thou .. forbes explained why she is selfmade

  63. TWK -Talk with kannan

    TWK -Talk with kannan8 days ago

    Are we just going to pretend that privilege is not a real thing?

  64. Amanda Johnson

    Amanda Johnson8 days ago

    Whoopi sounds dumb.... everyone knows the meaning of self-made except

  65. Jim Fisher

    Jim Fisher8 days ago

    Lets be real - she would have never been able to sell cosmetics that somebody else made unless her parents didnt put her on that reality show and got everyone famous for being priviledged socialites. Self-made? What?

  66. Lee smith.

    Lee smith.8 days ago

    Unless you need to get into college

  67. Tia Enriquez

    Tia Enriquez8 days ago

    I use to like her but now she cooning all over the place. I wish I was a rich spoiled kid 😒

  68. SweetOne always

    SweetOne always8 days ago

    Yeeeaaaah!! Tell em sunny ...

  69. Superstar Lula

    Superstar Lula8 days ago

    Billion in projected future sales by 2023, not present net worth.

  70. Donald Trump

    Donald Trump8 days ago

    Women are so dumb LOL. They just get so excited when they here other females “self made” Fk Kylie is like a 4/10 self made. If she wasn’t born into her family, she would most likely be a broke hooker

  71. Donald Trump

    Donald Trump8 days ago

    That black women is dumb as fk

  72. Missi Rodrigezz

    Missi Rodrigezz8 days ago

    Go Kylie!!! She was given an opportunity and took advantage of it. That's some girl power!!! Let's see more women in the Forbes list. Self made or not weather you like it or not, she's a billionaire, ayyyy!!!!!!

  73. Phillip Bergeron

    Phillip Bergeron8 days ago

    She is self made.. Any of those Kardesians could've made 1 billion under 21.. but they didn't take the opportunities like she did..

  74. Beverly Palomino

    Beverly Palomino8 days ago

    She is right Oprah is a self-made Billionaire is Whoopie stupid or what 😮

  75. faith Davis

    faith Davis9 days ago

    Who cares she's loaded. Good luck to her.

  76. arcanine 917

    arcanine 9179 days ago

    omg this just proves how fucking stupid whoopi goldberg really is

  77. Stephy J

    Stephy J9 days ago

    ALLL I'm saying issss, if Whoopi is really gonna sit here and compare herself to Kylie, thennn does that mean she also became a billionaire? That's what I thought...🙄

  78. Nikki Reign

    Nikki Reign10 days ago

    Whoopi think she has a point by being louder and it's annoying.

  79. Italian CIA

    Italian CIA10 days ago

    All those ladies in that video are a bunch of liars first of all the lip glosses awful it's only made for people her skin tone it's sticky it doesn't stay off the foundation is a joke no highlighter is a joke or brushes suck they fall apart. And she's only famous because of what her sisters are and the reason the sisters of famous is because the mother and the father because of the father's death and she has a father that it was in the Olympics that was all there you go and your subject boom

  80. E Double

    E Double10 days ago

    Lmaooooo! She's a BILLIONAIRE! And the "argument" is whether she's self-made? Hahahaters

  81. RosaEstela Cortez

    RosaEstela Cortez10 days ago

    I agree with sunny

  82. Kitty Kat Congregation

    Kitty Kat Congregation10 days ago

    Whoopie calm your nerves.

  83. Hannah Hymas

    Hannah Hymas10 days ago

    It’s not like it’s insulting to say she isn’t self-made.

  84. kiddada3

    kiddada311 days ago

    To think all of this came from Kim on her knees blowing a rapper... Moral of the story, ladies in you want to make it you gotta start on your knees. Women need better role models than the Kardashians, Cash me outside girl, bachelorette contestants and the women of Real housewives shows. As men we’re all hopeless anyways, if all the women got to sh*t too then we really are all doomed

  85. Ray Best

    Ray Best11 days ago

    Whoopi need to sit her self down somewhere other then that table.. Girl bye

  86. Quin Egbe

    Quin Egbe11 days ago

    People are so hateful in all the comments woow she is a billionair thats what matters full stop. I pray i will be one too in Jesus name Amen.

  87. Quin Egbe

    Quin Egbe11 days ago

    She is selfmade full stop.

  88. Gabrielle Wellington

    Gabrielle Wellington11 days ago

    Luv Kylie....but Sunny is right about the technicality of the phrase "self made ."

  89. mo brown

    mo brown12 days ago

    She is not self made. Whoppie even Forbes said she is not completely self made s shut your dreads up,

  90. Lee Soprano

    Lee Soprano12 days ago

    Why is Whoopi even sucking up to the Kardashians?

  91. paramoxoxo

    paramoxoxo12 days ago

    If you can call her "self-made" then you can call anyone "self-made" and the phrase loses it's meaning. She is not self made. If her parent's cut her off at 15 it's becasue she had been making money on their show for years already.

  92. Kanyesige Muhumza

    Kanyesige Muhumza12 days ago

    Forbes did it again am so done with this topic.

  93. Anastasia Cassandra Wilson

    Anastasia Cassandra Wilson12 days ago

    They're all trying to make the girl in the blue not explain herself because she's the one making the most sense. And how can you take opportunities when you can find any to begin with. People with a platform are given many opportunities. I'm dying and praying for more opportunities to be given to me so I can take them but I'm still here struggling to find a job and a home because even though I'm looking, none are taking me, and if they take me they don't keep me. People like me have to fight to be self made. People like Kylie don't have to fight the playing field is right there in front of her. People like me have to fight to even find the field.

  94. shimar oliver

    shimar oliver12 days ago

    She used money she made to start her business

  95. shimar oliver

    shimar oliver12 days ago

    I agree with Whoopi.

  96. NICOLE2Q

    NICOLE2Q12 days ago

    Beautiful women, happy women day.

  97. Sylvia Rosario

    Sylvia Rosario12 days ago

    Kylie isnot self made, Tx to the show she’s built a fan base that are loyal and will purchase her products. She’s like Kim having the power to help the black woman get clemency by speaking to Trump. People, let’s keep it real.

  98. mochababy1990

    mochababy199012 days ago

    Yeah, this is the first time I'm gonna have to disagree with whoopi. Kylie Jenner is NOT self made. She was given everything in life and never had to worry about falling back on nothing because there was ALWAYS money behind her.

  99. D. Martin Music

    D. Martin Music13 days ago

    Whoopi "Shut up!" Nobody's jealous lol I'm happy with her success, she's just not "Self-made" sorry, not sorry!

  100. Helen Q.

    Helen Q.13 days ago

    Whoopi is just wrong. Sunny is right! Kylie is not self-made. She already had an advantage coming into the business. She is a billionaire and great for her, but not self made by any means.

  101. Earth+

    Earth+13 days ago

    It's so stupid of whoopie to accuse those who don't agree with her as being jealous. According to her argument, all billionaires are self made.