Kylie Jenner A "Self-Made" Billionaire? | The View


  1. missgh1000

    missgh10002 days ago

    Ugh meghan turns everything about one feels bad for you.

  2. Christian Estrada

    Christian Estrada2 days ago

    When I think of self made I think of some of the make up people on MReporter that started with poor lighting and their iPhone camera many of which now they own their own companies.n

  3. Sunshine Jackson

    Sunshine Jackson3 days ago

    I'm late but...Whoopi, Whoopi, Whoopie, Sunny got it right! Kylie has TWO wealthy parents and famous older siblings. Her cosmetics line is undeniably successful, but she is NOT self-made. Disagreeing with Forbes' headline does not make someone jealous Whoopi.🙄

  4. Thibault A.

    Thibault A.3 days ago

    I agree with Sunny but that last point Whoopi made was actually very poignant and intelligent.

  5. Courtney Rene

    Courtney Rene4 days ago

    Whoopi is more and more full of crap lately

  6. Suraya Ranjber

    Suraya Ranjber4 days ago

    I think to be self made you can’t be rich. She used her platform, her fame.

  7. Ashlee Gonzales

    Ashlee Gonzales5 days ago

    Whoopi just said she isn’t self-made Bc she took opportunities given by others to get to where she is...sooo...shouldn’t she agree Kylie isn’t self-made either Bc she did “the same thing”?

  8. Vinithi Vini

    Vinithi Vini5 days ago

    Self made is not agreeable... But she definitely made the best out of it...

  9. p 3vedi

    p 3vedi8 days ago

    To people thinking that it's almost impossible to become a self-made billionaire without being born rich, I feel sorry for you bc maybe you dont know who Oprah, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and others who climbed their way up through hard work and laughs on you

  10. Rhonda Champion

    Rhonda Champion8 days ago

    Really Whoopi? Kylie is not self made.

  11. Jackson Paflas

    Jackson Paflas8 days ago

    I agree with Sunny. Let's not kid ourselves, someone who was born into a family like Kylie's does have a leg up on everyone else. I'm not saying that she hasn't worked hard but the idea that a poor person in inner city Chicago or in rural Indiana has the same chances as her is laughable. She is not a self made for the most part.

  12. Brittney Jones

    Brittney Jones8 days ago

    Anyone see how whoopi gets mad wen sunny praises oprah

  13. Brittney Jones

    Brittney Jones8 days ago

    U wld we feel bad4 u meghan...

  14. Abigail Wilson

    Abigail Wilson9 days ago

    If Kylie grew up poor would she have the money to start a business at such a young age....probably not

  15. AnInternalSunshine

    AnInternalSunshine11 days ago

    Not to mention that Kylie steals palettes and art from other people and nothing is original.

  16. AnInternalSunshine

    AnInternalSunshine11 days ago

    People aren’t buying the makeup because it’s great, they’re buying a product that her mom, her dad and the show Gave her. All that money and she still can’t get good quality out. She would not have had the backing to get people to buy it in the first place, let alone the financial backing of her parents (and the show) to allow her to slap her name on stuff. Let’s allow reality to sink in before we start using alternative definitions to self-made.

  17. iman98only

    iman98only13 days ago

    I totally agree with Sunny 100 % . Not hating, not jealous, she is successful just NOT self made. Jeff Bezos, he's a self-made billionare.

  18. jennifer ramirez

    jennifer ramirez13 days ago

    If Forbes would have said “FIRST female BILLIONAIRE” all woman would be cheering and celebrating together. The issue is “self made” Kylie is THE SMALL one of the family she grew up in an era with social media and into the kardashians already being a big hit. Kim and Khris I admire bc there are kinda self made making a million dollar empire since the 2000s. But Kylie was BIG TIME PRIVILEGED so nope. Not self made but still happy for her. Same way white ppl are always college bound bc parents have that head start as to us we come all the way from the bottom.

  19. Tomeca Bosslady

    Tomeca Bosslady13 days ago

    She’s not self made she was born into a rich family so she had a chance already she has the money to already start off and blow up her business people that’s self made get it the hard way

  20. Kay Zion

    Kay Zion15 days ago

    Normally Whoopi im on ur side, but this one. sorry hunni ur wrong

  21. tee cee

    tee cee15 days ago

    Good God whoopi please !!! Urgh

  22. Brandon R

    Brandon R16 days ago

    WOW...many people dont get it...while I agree she may not be completely self-made, she had to come out from behind a shadow of a family with a checkered lifestyle and did something...she never gave herself that moniker Forbes did. This is an instance in which both sides are correct...she may not be self-made but the advantages she made have had probably did not fall into her lap an provide an ease which most assume. Also, the stigma of having a famous name or family member(s) is more difficult.

  23. Malemnganbi Ayekpam

    Malemnganbi Ayekpam20 days ago

    Whoopi sometimes you are very wrong sometimes

  24. Malemnganbi Ayekpam

    Malemnganbi Ayekpam20 days ago

    Oh c'mon ...what work do you think she did.... Went to the lab worked out the formulas herself...created the lipstick herself... absolutely not ...with that kinda platform anyone can sell things.. we should just give credits to the people who created the products

  25. Michael Streich

    Michael Streich22 days ago

    So, Trump is a Self made Billionaire. Make up ur mind.

  26. Malika Harris

    Malika Harris22 days ago

    Whoopi is sooooo wrong. Anyone born into privilege IS NOT self-made! Sonny is correct in her assessment!

  27. Lorenzo Potrich

    Lorenzo Potrich22 days ago

    SHE ISN'T!

  28. Diamond

    Diamond24 days ago

    Whoopi is wrong here ...i agree with Sunny

  29. Debbie debz

    Debbie debz26 days ago

    Kylie isn't self made tho self made is if u were born poor and made nothing into something she was born with a gold spoon in her mouth so she had it easy

  30. LaceeLasers

    LaceeLasersMonth ago

    Kylie was born into that family by pure chance. she started her makeup line because of the constant criticism and attention she got from her lip injections at age 15. 15!!!!! she saw the attention from her lips as an opportunity and she took it, yes, but she was ONLY able to receive that plastic surgery because her FAMILY was famous and rich and THEY paid for it. NOT her. without that family, she would’ve never have been on TV, she wouldn’t have the following she does now and she would never have had the lips injections. therefore, her makeup line would’ve never existed and she wouldn’t be the “self made” billionaire she is today.

  31. Jose Mireles

    Jose MirelesMonth ago

    She is who She is because She became almost famous at the show! keeping up with kardy's If She doesn''t appears on that show She Will never be a billion girl... she's not a self made... She obviously is a product of the kardashians show ( poop: )

  32. ryan merritt

    ryan merrittMonth ago

    Perhaps having children makes you more money. This CAN make sense

  33. matt call

    matt callMonth ago

    I agree with sonny!! An Meghan what are u on girl? U came from a family that paid for your schooling an college u never took on jobs too pay for it An wasn’t left with debt!! So you my love are seriously deluded.. my respect goes too those that are born too nothing An work there arses off too get what they have!!!

  34. R L

    R LMonth ago

    There are a looooooot of children of rich, and there are more Karsashians and Jenners. And she was only one that made it. She took what she had and turned it into a huge company.

  35. Neira2011

    Neira2011Month ago

    Hate this Whoopi person, so stupid

  36. Neira2011

    Neira2011Month ago

    She didn’t choose to be part of the keeping up with the kardashians? She didn’t cast or compete with other people for the part of herself, the family help build her wealth! Kris even charge 10% to her, what do you think that is? And she even started with a half million salary per episode!! Come on people, that is not self made, and copying and robbed from other companies is not why I called a amazing business, she will be over sooner that later, she doesn’t even give costumer service, she is stealing people money!!!

  37. Enki A

    Enki AMonth ago

    Sonny 👍

  38. claudianumberone

    claudianumberoneMonth ago

    how ugly and nasty Whoopie acts towards Sunny bc she has different point of view

  39. Caitlin Anne

    Caitlin AnneMonth ago

    I strongly disagree with Whoopi on this one.

  40. Lana Delreyes

    Lana DelreyesMonth ago

    of course she is not "self-made"! her family paid for the start up and the opportunities were because of them

  41. Alexander Stewart

    Alexander StewartMonth ago

    I wonder if her beauty has anything to do with her marketing and success? I wonder how she was able to afford the surgeries to make herself beautiful? I wonder how her business line was so easily accepted by other businesses? Did she market it herself? Did her family’s politics and fame have anything to do with it? It helps when your name is recognized by half the people in the room wherever you are. It also helps when you know you can fail drastically and still live in a 10 million dollar home and have support and have other options.

  42. Jules LaFern

    Jules LaFernMonth ago

    Oh plllleeeeease ..... self made what a joke 🤣

  43. Energizer Erica

    Energizer EricaMonth ago

    UNAIDED? Who among the unarguably self-made were NEVER aided? Most of them HAD TEACHERS; many of them READ BOOKS (as you all know; books are a form of education and a form of assistance!); some of them got LOANS from family, friends and banks; so YES, EVERY STEP OF THE WAY THERE WAS SOMEONE HELPING THOSE PEOPLE. NO ONE’S AN ISLAND HERE. To say that Kylie’s not self-made is to ignore everything that she has accomplished on her own! How many people who come from wealthy families do you see that are as successful as her??? Many of them only contribute to the world by spending tons of money.

  44. Angela Orellana

    Angela OrellanaMonth ago

    whoopie is SO incredibly wrong. Kylie IS a successful however she is NOT self made. taking oppertunities is different than being born with the plata ($$$$$) to create your own oppertunities. Ex- you're in a play at school, a talent scout sees and recruits you to join their agency. That is an oppertunity that you yourself EARNED so you would still be self made. however of your mom is MERYL STREEP for example, maybe from a young age she'll have connections that you wouldn't have had if your mom wasnt who she was. not self made.

  45. Shady Kermit

    Shady KermitMonth ago

    I like Kylie but she is no way close to being self made. For example Apple started out with 2 dudes in a garage and now it’s a huge empire. That’s self made

  46. Zach Bond

    Zach BondMonth ago

    I get what Whoopi is saying...but the scope of her lens is slightly off

  47. ariel williams

    ariel williamsMonth ago

    I think Whoopi and the rich white girl don't understand is, yes Kylie has work ethic, but so do millions of middle and lower class people as well, but they're not all rich. Her following was already established, she already had access to funds, resources, and people, where as regular people have to grind just to get to the door.

  48. kops7693 tkmb

    kops7693 tkmbMonth ago

    woopi is a tool


    DAVID BURNSMonth ago

    Well it's about time Megan say it something right about Kylie Jenner


    DAVID BURNSMonth ago

    I think Kylie Jenner is self made

  51. Geneen Abdallah

    Geneen AbdallahMonth ago

    We all need to rewatch the "pursuit of happiness". Then we can talk selfmade...

  52. B Michael

    B MichaelMonth ago

    Some of us arent as aided as the Jenners, Whoopi

  53. imskinne

    imskinneMonth ago

    Self-made = without the help of others, to succeed in creating something all by yourself alone. Unless kylie is not from a famous family of jenners, so wouldn't have the least attention to let people recognize her and she wouldn't have an opportunity to collaborate with anyone without the influence her family have. It's a FACT!

  54. Jesus flower child

    Jesus flower childMonth ago

    I disagree with whoopi... and anyone who disagrees with her is always "wrong"... smh

  55. Katherine Vasseghi

    Katherine VasseghiMonth ago

    As a human being on this planet, shouldn’t be just be happy for other humans who are successful? Yeah we SHOULD. why would someone waste their precious life being angry that a woman they’ve never even met is successful? Lol

  56. Asia Baban

    Asia BabanMonth ago

    okay but sunny is too woke for this stupid bs show. KLYIE ISNT SELF MADE!! PEOPLE WHO HAVE CONNECTIONS AND ARE RICH ARENT SELF MADE!!

  57. Briana Bembry

    Briana BembryMonth ago

    I feel like whoopi shuts down everyone that doesn't agree with her

  58. Beirut Sun

    Beirut SunMonth ago

    She's not a billionaire, C'mon 😆

  59. Stephanie Stites

    Stephanie StitesMonth ago

    Usually agree with Whoopi and Meghan but Sunny was 100% in the right here.

  60. rosana conta3

    rosana conta3Month ago

    Vídeo Maíra Medeiros que "Não somos Kylie " 29/10/18 18-29

  61. haley bain

    haley bainMonth ago

    Sis needs to stop defending her. She literally was offered to be the face of a hair extension line at 16. Then, since she was 18 she basically just had her face on products that she knows nothing about. All that she does is put her face on products. It literally shows on keeping up with the Kardashians at 18 years old she didn’t even know how to do laundry. Do not try to defend her.

  62. Jag Rich

    Jag Rich2 months ago

    Shes gets credit but she is not self-made. She was born into a famous, rich family which gave her connections most people will never have.

  63. maurice palmer

    maurice palmer2 months ago

    We are all self made but only the successful will admit it.- Earl Nightingale

  64. anonymous anonymous

    anonymous anonymous2 months ago

    Kris a pimp and she marketed her brood of attention hoes very well. End of story.

  65. Cassidey Ousley

    Cassidey Ousley2 months ago

    Oprah is a self-made billionaire. Kylie might be a billionaire, but not self-made and quite an Important distinction.

  66. lucy 3.98

    lucy 3.982 months ago

    Everyone is aided.... No no to the hate.

  67. Open Mind

    Open Mind2 months ago

    Yet they would't say Donald Trump is a self-made. I dunno

  68. Simz tan

    Simz tan2 months ago

    Sometimes Whoopi Goldberg can be an idiot. Some topics she just needs to close her mouth it just ain't for her. I'm with sunny all the way..

  69. Haleem Valentine

    Haleem Valentine2 months ago

    She chose to be pregnant?

  70. Kevin Hill

    Kevin Hill2 months ago

    Goldberg her mother and father gave her money and privilege period.

  71. Dreamwalk Baby

    Dreamwalk Baby2 months ago

    I'm waiting for the show Kill the Kardashians. When's that going to happen?

  72. Akhila Ramesh

    Akhila Ramesh2 months ago

    Maybe I’m assuming things too much, but she was someone born into a celebrity family with connections handy. The simple fact is that she didn’t earn her connections over time with a good business acumen. I give credit to her for using her advantages, but she started off big. She wasn’t a small business owner who made it big starting a lemonade stand first or something.

  73. J C-EXO/MCUmunchkin

    J C-EXO/MCUmunchkin2 months ago

    Everyone is saying because of her mom but...did we forget that Kylie’s father was Bruce Jenner a Gold medal winning Athlete. He is even in a museum for crying out loud. Sonny is %100 right I don’t know wtf Whoopi is saying but Kylie Jenner is not a self made billionaire. If it wasn’t for her 3 sister’s and that lie about not getting lip injections kylie would have never been ‘Kylie Jenner’ Thank you and goodbye.

  74. WickedThreshold

    WickedThreshold2 months ago

    I'm with sunny all the way! The money and fame came to Kylie, when Kylie launched her lip gloss line the audience the consumer fans etc. etc. everyone brought in to her product cause of her huge following..... Kylie didn't build her brand...when someone goes from the average walk of life to riches that's self made!

  75. Barbara Augustin

    Barbara Augustin2 months ago

    On the backs of Black Woman...and no she's not a self made billionaire.

  76. shanon roberson

    shanon roberson2 months ago

    please shoot whoopi in the mouth.

  77. Dr. B

    Dr. B2 months ago

    Whoopi is so unbelievably wrong


    CHERRY BLOSSOM 7162 months ago

    Why do they always bring up Trump..whoopi how do you know what her mother did for her ... you think your a know it all ... shut the f up whoopi

  79. dineski

    dineski2 months ago

    Whoopi's clouded up here... kylie aint just got one famous parent or even two she has a whole army of kar-jens like.... no wtf she aint close to self made.

  80. Angelique Coke

    Angelique Coke2 months ago

    yes she did work hard to build her business. but she was gifted with talented managers, mentors, marketers, and paired with reliable distributors and suppliers etc. She was GIVEN all the tools she needed for success. She used those tools to do great things but she did not get herself where she is because of her hard work and its kind of insulting to people who helped her get to where she is today AND people who have to work significantly harder that are not even given the same opportunity to obtain the same tools she has used to build her success. This heterosexual cisgendere female was was born into a white, upper class, well educated, and famous family. This does not mean she lived a life without struggle, but she started her life with the opportunity for prosperity that most people don't get. I think a better title would be Influential Young Billionaires or something like that.

  81. Taylor Branson

    Taylor Branson2 months ago

    Literally born in to fame and wealth with press and a reality show. All she does it take selfies all day and lets a brand use her name to sell make up and people say she is self made...smh what a terrible role model for young women that would never have these privileges. Starting to think we live in an idiocracy.

  82. Intrinsically Me

    Intrinsically Me2 months ago

    Her sister in a sex tape sealed the deal for Kylie's fate. She wasn't self made. If anything Kim can get more of a credit for being self made.

  83. Curtis 187

    Curtis 1873 months ago

    She is selfmade

  84. Li-marie

    Li-marie3 months ago

    she cannot be self made she had her family links

  85. BTS Visi

    BTS Visi3 months ago

    Are we really fighting over this Kylie Jenner is obviously not self made. Does she even know how to make her own lipstick!!

  86. Anthony Diaz

    Anthony Diaz3 months ago

    Whoopie is dumb AF kiley would not sell a dam lip stick if her sisters were not the Kardashians... Talentless idiots.. One who made a sex tape and was intruduced to celebrity friend Paris Hilton

  87. Bart Branch

    Bart Branch3 months ago



    COOLZAY ROCK3 months ago

    I do not like Whoopi she always rude to Sunny.

  89. Alma Montoya

    Alma Montoya3 months ago

    Haters! Sonny, you're wrong on this one! Kylie she deserves her fame and fortune. Personally, I haven't purchased her product. She deserves it!!! Don't compare her to Oprah and Whoopie.

  90. Celene Jimenez

    Celene Jimenez3 months ago

    Not self made period.

  91. Mike Roberts

    Mike Roberts3 months ago

    Whoopi can't admit she's wrong.

  92. Kaypple

    Kaypple3 months ago

    Kylie is self made cause her parents did not make it in her name she had small lips so she didn’t find a lip liner and lip gloss that matched so she made her own that’s what makes her a self made billionaire

  93. Sharayah H

    Sharayah H3 months ago

    lol 12 times harder, eh?

  94. Sel Frö

    Sel Frö3 months ago

    WG you know what i respect you and what you do for all, BUT you are FULL of BS with Kylie "self made" billionare and taking an opportunity, like rest of us, average person who are battling with colleage loans and credits, that we are never taking any opportunity, CUZ we don't get any opportunity from anyone, we need to do everything by ourselfs cuz we don't have rich family and powerfull friends to back us up with capital, connections and special treatment. People have much much much more respect for those who started with 0$ (or immigrants workers with zero dollars) and build an empire then those who inherent money, power and special treatment from theirs rich family or politician friends. And watch out WG if you want to continue with this kinda BS you will lose your fans. Just think before you talk.

  95. alex bade

    alex bade3 months ago

    I agree that you are not what your parents are ... but WG is wrong about this. Period. I think she is projecting some eventual problems that her children might have with her being on TV and famous. Nobody is saying that you are what your parents are or were ... can you understand that ? What they are saying is that being a member of this rich family had a crucial role in what she became and the money she made. If you are not willing to admit this obvious truth, I reserve my right to think you are a hypocrite.

  96. tosheatower

    tosheatower3 months ago

    I love my Whoopie, but she is so wrong here.

  97. Sowmya Iyathurai

    Sowmya Iyathurai3 months ago

    kim kardashian is self-made, but she aint no billionaire. kylie (and arguably everyone else in that family) profited from her sister's fame and used that to build her social media platform and cosmetics empire. her products are good and her brand will make her a billionaire soon enough, but she aint self-made.

  98. Megan Fujimori

    Megan Fujimori3 months ago

    Whoopi is always so hypocritical.

  99. Maselebeli Morebotsane

    Maselebeli Morebotsane3 months ago

    Whoopi Maturity!!!, no one is unaided, EVERYONE is come on!!!!!

  100. Ben Martinez

    Ben Martinez3 months ago

    Good mom behind her