1. Izzy's Madness

    Izzy's Madness47 minutes ago

    No hate but her nose contour is really muddy and patchy it could be the lighting tho

  2. lm xo

    lm xoHour ago

    you’re not even putting it on your face 😂.. smh.

  3. Pretty Princess

    Pretty Princess2 hours ago

    I have one of Kylie highlighters and had to may customs for it as well it was so not worth it because it dosent even show up on my skin 😔

  4. Lisa Howell

    Lisa Howell2 hours ago

    I love your eye brows they are gorgeous.

  5. Daisy Merrett

    Daisy Merrett4 hours ago


  6. Bella Fallaaa

    Bella Fallaaa4 hours ago

    My favourite vidoe of yours for exposing honesty,,, thank you

  7. Astro Sanaa

    Astro Sanaa4 hours ago


  8. that bitch ria

    that bitch ria5 hours ago

    queen finally washed her sins from the kim kardashian video

  9. Laura Powderhill

    Laura Powderhill5 hours ago

    Packaging stunning Quality shit (other than lipstick and liner)

  10. valentina canahui

    valentina canahui5 hours ago

    Please stop inflating your lips... when you kissed the back of your hand your lip print takes up half of it. And you’re way too young for your face not to move... stop putting fillers in....

  11. Yana

    Yana5 hours ago

    The truth is the best

  12. Helena Macho

    Helena Macho5 hours ago

    that pubg reference though 🤣🤣

  13. Famous Bitchachos

    Famous Bitchachos6 hours ago

    I guess kylie is into korean makeup now...

  14. Justice Hayes

    Justice Hayes6 hours ago

    Katie used these and they blended great for her. They looked great and worked well for her.

  15. Natalie van Dongen

    Natalie van Dongen6 hours ago

    Thank you for the honest review!

  16. moon little

    moon little6 hours ago

    at 18:02 to 18:04 you can see the blush powder flyin :/ wow

  17. moon little

    moon little6 hours ago

    at 18:02 to 18:04 you can see the blush powder flyin :/ wow

  18. Elisabeth Samso

    Elisabeth Samso7 hours ago

    dear you're great and the sound is tooooo low. Thanks

  19. Kpopkala Lol

    Kpopkala Lol7 hours ago

    Thank for honest review :)

  20. Kpopkala Lol

    Kpopkala Lol7 hours ago

    That setup 💕

  21. Diva Espinoza

    Diva Espinoza7 hours ago

    Jaclyn, your opinion on makeup is 100% BIBLE so thank you for being honest. Your eyeshadows are pristine and perfect, so yes, I trust your opinion 150%

  22. Austin D

    Austin D7 hours ago

    stop purchasing things for the packaging!!!!!!!!!

  23. analy cervantes

    analy cervantes7 hours ago

    Is anybody noticing that nose contour? Like fuck it is TOO DARK for the rest of her face!! It’s bothering me so much ! Lol

  24. mireya bautista

    mireya bautista7 hours ago


  25. Kathleen Montoya

    Kathleen Montoya8 hours ago

    “There’s nothing I hate more than cool tone browns well... other than cheaters and liars” IN DEADDD THE SHADEEEEE IS SUREAL 😂💀💀

  26. Daniëlle

    Daniëlle8 hours ago


  27. Ionela Craciun

    Ionela Craciun8 hours ago

    I love you 😘

  28. Jonathan Kay

    Jonathan Kay8 hours ago

    I’ve never smelled so much bullshit in my entire life

  29. Taylor Mayberry

    Taylor Mayberry8 hours ago

    Totally off topic but you should do a video where you react to your first video!!

  30. Kimberly Arellano

    Kimberly Arellano8 hours ago

    Blend ya nose Jackie

  31. Nicole L. Chattmon

    Nicole L. Chattmon8 hours ago

    They probably rushed it to get it out on time for mothers day

  32. Dalari Nimitz

    Dalari Nimitz8 hours ago

    Packaging looks like a freemason lodge

  33. Jandi Ama

    Jandi Ama8 hours ago

    I appreciate.. Thank u for the honestly 😘

  34. Hiro isoo

    Hiro isoo9 hours ago

    if you need a divorce group for support join this one, hugs

  35. annah whitehead

    annah whitehead9 hours ago

    idk why but i like your personality way more in this video than i have in a while. it’s just like more authentic and lest staged feeling.

  36. Kolorful Care

    Kolorful Care9 hours ago

    Love your earrings! Please make a video on ear jewelry!!!

  37. iAm Trishelle

    iAm Trishelle10 hours ago


  38. Airam P

    Airam P10 hours ago

    Your nose contour looks a little crazy, but you are amazing, love you

  39. Ron Jeremy

    Ron Jeremy10 hours ago

    Why people use highlighter?it makes your face look oily and greasy

  40. Susan Cuccurese

    Susan Cuccurese10 hours ago

    Love you and totally appreciate you being so honest. Praying that everything going on in your life right now gets better. You’re a strong,beautiful women with and amazing family and wonderful friends and followers who fully support you always ! Love you and God bless you ❤️

  41. Brittney Durik

    Brittney Durik10 hours ago

    Please do google picks my makeup or siri picks my makeup challenge

  42. Rosie Schmitt

    Rosie Schmitt11 hours ago

    Jaclyn, I don’t give a flying fuck about what other people have said, you’re still the same chick! I was watching some of your vids from 2014 and I still see that girl. Just a girl playing with makeup and speaking the truth. Stay awesome 💖

  43. Frances Buesing

    Frances Buesing11 hours ago

    I NEED!! To know where you got those hoops! I need them in my life!

  44. Damaris Negron

    Damaris Negron11 hours ago

    I respect this so much ❤️

  45. Damaris Negron

    Damaris Negron11 hours ago

    We need more beauty gurus to keep it this real !

  46. Alyona Koneva

    Alyona Koneva11 hours ago

    Why are you so wet for the Kardashians?

  47. melzie Welzie

    melzie Welzie11 hours ago

    Thank you

  48. FruitBasketyay

    FruitBasketyay11 hours ago

    Loved this video so much I subscribed in the middle of it.

  49. ofrierson

    ofrierson13 hours ago

    Right away I noticed the crispness of your sound quality. Nice! Your set up is bonkers beautiful. Keep doing You girl. We love you for it!

  50. Brooke Snow

    Brooke Snow13 hours ago

    I know you don't like cool-toned shadows, but they look so good on you!

  51. Kat Marie

    Kat Marie13 hours ago

    Jaclyn you sound like the biggest ass kisser endorsing that cheap crap. I know if the Jenners ever run out of toilet paper they can count on you to lick them up. Girl bye

  52. Riri Petrova

    Riri Petrova13 hours ago

    She just applied dust on her cheeks 😂😂😂😂😂

  53. Kira R

    Kira R14 hours ago

    Thanks so much for the great video! And your honesty! Maybe was a little dark during the swatches but otherwise great lighting!

  54. Samirah Delor

    Samirah Delor14 hours ago

    Jaclyn, you’re doing amazing sweety ✨

  55. Jisoos Hong

    Jisoos Hong14 hours ago

    Kylie really needs to start taking all the reviews to improve the makeup and make it better and stop to hate and delete people of the PR list.

  56. ᴛʜᴇ ɴɪɢʜᴛ ᴏᴡʟ

    ᴛʜᴇ ɴɪɢʜᴛ ᴏᴡʟ14 hours ago

    *I appreciate the honesty. This is why I'm subscribed to your channel. Kris should appreciate the honesty as well so she can fix the problems. Is this Kris's first makeup line?*

  57. Yea No

    Yea No14 hours ago

    The saddest part about this video is the fact that she has to explain not liking a product. And not wanting to post a video because of a negative review.

  58. Tiffany R.

    Tiffany R.15 hours ago

    The audio was a bit low still for me and my volume is all the way up. Other than that. Everything is perfect!

  59. Lizzie Barra

    Lizzie Barra15 hours ago

    bich i love u

  60. Emilia Lispi

    Emilia Lispi15 hours ago

    I totally understand that you’d be nervous to give a negative review, and I totally would be, too. As a consumer and an OG subscriber to your channel, THANK YOU!! This is what I come here for: honest reviews and great tutorials... plus some hilarious comments throughout. Keep it up!

  61. Veronica Flores

    Veronica Flores15 hours ago

    I haven't seen any of her videos in a while....and I have one question WHAT HAPPENED TO HER FACE?!?!

  62. Just me

    Just me15 hours ago

    i loooove how you are in this video. Genuinly enjoyed it

  63. F

    F16 hours ago

    Am i the one who sees the bluch on her cheeks!!😂😂

  64. Amara Grey

    Amara Grey16 hours ago

    Jaclyn got her lips done

  65. Victoria Production

    Victoria Production16 hours ago

    Fix your crusty nose contour. THEN you can talk shit honey 😂😂

  66. Jess Jess

    Jess Jess16 hours ago

    I can’t stop looking at her brows lol 😐 idk

  67. miriam perez

    miriam perez16 hours ago

    I could barely see the highlighter/blush swatches on her arm. These are for pale people. NEXT.

  68. Leigh-Anne Beverly

    Leigh-Anne Beverly16 hours ago

    Jaclyn you did an AMAZINNNNGGG job with this video. If anyone is going to critique this video, the way you could teach that was just wonderful. All the hate and negative comments don't mean anything because you have such a good heart and you meant well in the making of this. GOOD JOB GURL!! 👊👌👌👍👐🙌👏👏👏💋❤❤

  69. Christina Clabough

    Christina Clabough16 hours ago

    Finally someone that knows how to be honest and not just worried about a pr list. Thank you for your honesty and please do not change!!!

  70. Francis S

    Francis S18 hours ago

    I don't think Jaclyn would want to start drama or kill someone's launch, she made it clear that she like the Kardashians and spoke highly about their previous launch. Anybody can buy this line if you just like the packaging but if you are more interested how it works and less than the packaging, you don't have to use your rent money for this! lol That's why I like Jaclyn and she gets the respect from her viewers.