1. raghad alnoman

    raghad alnoman8 hours ago

    i was laughing like crazy seeing that blusher flying away 😂😂😂😂

  2. BumpleBee1

    BumpleBee1Day ago

    I love your eyebrows ❤️

  3. Layla Moore

    Layla MooreDay ago

    And Jac is back!!!! Don’t ever be afraid to be honest. This is why we watch!!! ❤️

  4. Isabel

    Isabel2 days ago

    The Momager collection is NOTHING to write home about...U can get better at Walgreens in the Maybe line , Revlon isle.

  5. Jodiee Sherouse

    Jodiee Sherouse2 days ago

    I agree with your review.... however, you look beautiful in it!

  6. Christian Edmondson

    Christian Edmondson2 days ago

    That blush was flying more than an average bird, lmao!

  7. Christian Edmondson

    Christian Edmondson2 days ago

    I love Jaclyn's personality she's so funny and beautiful!

  8. Kiara Jade

    Kiara Jade3 days ago

    I love you sm♥️♥️♥️

  9. Livinia Fagnani

    Livinia Fagnani4 days ago

    YOUR SO BEAUTIFUL AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Stephanie Martinez

    Stephanie Martinez4 days ago

    "i'm a cool mom" Jaclyn can predict the future lollll Kris being in Ariana's new video Thank u, next as the "cool" mom lmaooooo. I'm living for this

  11. Bad Bella Ent

    Bad Bella Ent4 days ago

    That cloud of Dust, Darling... you was drowning in it. you handled that with style and grace.

  12. Emily Limpert

    Emily Limpert4 days ago

    the target night time makeup removers are just as good if not better than the name brand!

  13. Mayley alonso

    Mayley alonso4 days ago

    Would she make a good singer ?

  14. Kelsey Harr

    Kelsey Harr4 days ago

    I love how she is so honest like there are makeup influencers lying about what they think of the makeup because they don’t want to judge but being honest is the best choice that’s why I love Jaclyn so so much

  15. Jenni Barnes

    Jenni Barnes4 days ago

    *Jaclyn has been removed from the chat*

  16. Miss Szea

    Miss Szea4 days ago

    Does she have her eyeliner tattooed?

  17. Faith Morgan

    Faith Morgan4 days ago

    @Jaclyn hill were did u get ur earrings

  18. iguess ig

    iguess ig4 days ago

    Kylie*left the chat*

  19. Denise Carpenter

    Denise Carpenter5 days ago

    You are really beautiful. And funny. I wish I had your lips. 😂

  20. Nadia Bitar

    Nadia Bitar5 days ago

    When Jaclyn unintentionally predicted that Kris would be the “cool mom” on thank you next

  21. Cordata

    Cordata5 days ago

    I know where the blush the air around her and her lungs

  22. jessi asylum

    jessi asylum5 days ago

    Thank u for being honest u r the first person I ever watched on MReporter ever and I hands down think u are the best person on MReporter that does makeup any girl I know that needs help with makeup I recommend you.

  23. Em Nunya

    Em Nunya6 days ago

    Kylie is so focused on getting money and fame that the quality seems to be the last thing she cares about, quality is the most important thing for other brands so why can’t Kylie make that number 1?

  24. Brianna Werbiski

    Brianna Werbiski6 days ago

    What was the stuff she sprayed her eyeshadow brush again?

  25. Brianna Werbiski

    Brianna Werbiski23 hours ago

    Megan B what brand is it?

  26. Megan B

    Megan BDay ago

    Brianna Werbiski fix plus ... what every MReporterr uses in every tutorial

  27. Lauren

    Lauren10 days ago

    Your blush is flying away like your spot on Kylie’s PR list 😂

  28. galen stone

    galen stone14 days ago

    it's overpriced trash.

  29. MsStarlet21

    MsStarlet2116 days ago

    Please make real videos talking about the truth...

  30. MsStarlet21

    MsStarlet2116 days ago

    Make a video about you ditching make up geek for morphie just because they offered you more money after leading on makeup geek for years and putting people out of jobs and having them lost million of dollars after you stabbed them in the back

  31. MsStarlet21

    MsStarlet2116 days ago

    Make a video about all the times you were arrested

  32. MsStarlet21

    MsStarlet2116 days ago

    I FUCKING LOVE ALL OF KYLIES MAKEUP PRODUCTS AND HATE YOURS Ps I have this kris Jenner set and use it all everyday... bitch

  33. Hanifa

    Hanifa20 days ago

    You could see the blush flying away omg

  34. Lexie Lee

    Lexie Lee20 days ago

    I think that you should be louder but not like loud where its like echoing

  35. Wendy Beckwith

    Wendy Beckwith21 day ago

    I just want to thank Jacyln for the honest review and I wish there were more reviews like this. So we don't spend our money on products that are not worth the money.

  36. Beatrisse

    Beatrisse22 days ago

    Jaclyn is funny af

  37. Idris Sulaiman

    Idris Sulaiman22 days ago

    You still look beautiful though

  38. Claudia Okyere-Fosu

    Claudia Okyere-Fosu25 days ago

    Thanks for being awesome 👏😊

  39. Taylor Casteel

    Taylor Casteel29 days ago

    literally the blush just dispersed all in the air 😂 that made me laugh

  40. Mina Umer

    Mina UmerMonth ago

    I love how she was not biast at all

  41. missrisser21

    missrisser21Month ago

    Thank u for the honesty hun!

  42. ur mom

    ur momMonth ago

    Kylie is popping a LOT of collections lately,girl people dont have time or money to buy ur shit calm ur ass down, thank u, next

  43. Gacha Haribo

    Gacha HariboMonth ago

    Thank u, Next

  44. whateverMaann x

    whateverMaann xMonth ago


  45. خلود العبدلي

    خلود العبدليMonth ago

    I hate this collection but 15:25 i want to be in the PR LIST .

  46. Littleladylulu Lulu

    Littleladylulu LuluMonth ago


  47. chicken nuggee

    chicken nuggeeMonth ago


  48. hailey paige

    hailey paigeMonth ago

    this is the first video I've ever watched by her ,, i looove her energy

  49. Jana Cake11

    Jana Cake11Month ago


  50. Abigail

    AbigailMonth ago

    i really enjoy it when people talk so much shit about the kardashians and other successful people, but they’re still out here making more money than all of us lol.

  51. lalalarebecca23

    lalalarebecca23Month ago

    You say you hate “cool tone browns” yet all lol your vault pallets have cool tone browns. Hmmm

  52. Tara Foster

    Tara Foster19 days ago

    Maybe bc she created them

  53. Rykki Kriner

    Rykki KrinerMonth ago

    Yes! I absolutely loooove your honesty! You in general are just aaaammaazziiinng! I love your corkiness

  54. Claire Taylor

    Claire TaylorMonth ago

    Dude these eyeshadow sucked they barely searched on and all Kylie cares about is the money omg honestly

  55. Jessica Leigh

    Jessica LeighMonth ago

    Apparently she’s now been taken off Kylie’s PR list... for being honest? I’m gonna put it out there that i’m sure Jaclyn isn’t the only one with this opinion... it’s not just jaclyn’s palette and products kicking back and not blending🤭🤔🤔🤔

  56. Brenna Rogers

    Brenna RogersMonth ago

    JACLYN???? YOU. ARE. AMAZING! your vault collection is so awesome I am IN LOVE!!!! YOU ARE BLESSED!!

  57. Eleni Krp

    Eleni KrpMonth ago

    18:03 the fallout lol

  58. Eleni Krp

    Eleni KrpMonth ago

    I say thank you for ur honesty. I wanted to buy the momager collection so much but when i saw ur vid.. The momager collection doesn't cost even a penny. Trash.

  59. Colleen Conway

    Colleen ConwayMonth ago

    Jaclyn Hill IS MReporter. So happy to see her videos, going through the recent ones in past few months, she is the reason I started watching MReporter to begin with :-)

  60. Leah Junior

    Leah JuniorMonth ago

    thank you for making ur stuff afforble escacilly for moms and ur makeup bomb

  61. Selena Martin

    Selena Martin2 months ago

  62. Susanne

    Susanne2 months ago

    You have to realize though that Kris is an older lady, so that's maybe why the make-up isn't to colourful, you know. I think that her make-up, for people like me (i'm turning 40 soon), could really work! 👍😚

  63. Autumn Campbell

    Autumn Campbell2 months ago

    I honestly love bad reviews😂

  64. Lia Delia

    Lia Delia2 months ago

    Yeah that’s exactly what I felt using your vault collection. Patchy, not showing off right, money waist.

  65. Alyse Andrews

    Alyse Andrews2 months ago

    You go girl! So appreciated you being honest about this review. And to be honest, you didn't even have to say anything because we SAW it wasn't great! Thanks for saving our money! Appreciate your sweet heart that doesn't want to bash anyone. You handled the situation beautifully!

  66. MPVCreatioN

    MPVCreatioN2 months ago

    The Kardashian and Jenners can't take honest reviews. It's hilarious that she took you off her PR list. Very unprofessional but whatever lol thanks for the honest review. It was hilariously sad when you couldn't put on the blushhhh... I'm so glad I don't own anything from that family. Overpriced and just not into that hype. (:

  67. J J

    J J2 months ago

    She is already wearing blush when she tries the blush... how is that a fair review? The blush appears to match the pigment she’s already wearing. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  68. keisha_renee™

    keisha_renee™2 months ago

    Why wasn't you this truthful with your own palettes 😂 guess thats the game though. You are quick to defend your patchy eye shadows a lot of makeup gurus and people who have their own line lie about their products!

  69. Ciaomamabella

    Ciaomamabella2 months ago

    17:36 🔥 Ha. Look at all that *POOF* in the air..This is what happens when brand owners are SO DISCONNECTED from their brand. These people just want to take advantage of peoples wallets. Such a shame. You know Kylie is on the cover of Forbes? Pisses me off.

  70. mark bink

    mark bink2 months ago

    I honestly love the colors but I cant say anything about the texture because I have never felt it or purchased this collection

  71. Lee’s Life

    Lee’s Life2 months ago

    There was literally NO REASON why you should’ve been removed from the PR list. 🙄🙄 It’s not your fault that her “mommy and me” eyeshadows stink! You even repetitively stated that you fully support Kylie and her brand and that her stuff that you just simply didn’t prefer, was still generally beautiful. So Kylie was being salty.🙄

  72. Maddie K

    Maddie K2 months ago

    This was a great review!!

  73. Look gorgeous 4 life!

    Look gorgeous 4 life!2 months ago

    Thank you for being honest.

  74. Mehran Heidari

    Mehran Heidari2 months ago

    You look so good I love it I wish I had it😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  75. Maricca Gogue

    Maricca Gogue2 months ago

    Many may not like it but I’m so glad you were honest!

  76. Thuto Maphala

    Thuto Maphala3 months ago

    I am here for the comments lmaooo

  77. C. Wood

    C. Wood3 months ago

    Is that one of your white Morphe x JH brushes you used for the shimmer? lol

  78. DJM Engelhard

    DJM Engelhard3 months ago

    Kylie Cosmetics should be in the dollar bin. The fact that you can’t return and always have to pay shipping is the reason she is a billionaire.

  79. Marlene Lira-Marrero

    Marlene Lira-Marrero3 months ago

    Jaclyn- I don’t usually subscribe to beauty gurus! But you got my sub girly! And When I find an HONEST BEAUTY GURU I’m like “let’s go”!!

  80. Kailie F

    Kailie F3 months ago

    please keep me on the PR list!!! get wrecked. this girl will honestly do anything for a dime, i mean i would too if i had to deal with a divorce and i was shady AF.

  81. Fee Diaz

    Fee Diaz3 months ago

    Why didn’t we get a close up like this of your shadow pallet 🤔🤔😂

  82. Rose Lee

    Rose Lee3 months ago

    Thank you for the honesty in this video, Jaclyn.

  83. Candice Micele

    Candice Micele3 months ago

    Sounds about as bad as your vault collection..

  84. E gush

    E gush3 months ago

    This is my first time watching a Jaclyn video.I really like this format with her face so close so you can see what she's doing. She does a great job of teaching you how to create a look while other tutorials, it's all about the person being extra and entertaining but not really showing you what to do.I finally feel like I understand how to apply eyeshadow correctly. I wish I had subscribed long ago. I personally loved the honest review. I'm so over the drama of the other channels and this was very refreshing!! Great job!!!

  85. Emma Stark

    Emma Stark3 months ago

    i hate that she pulled her off the pr list

  86. Cqc Cqc

    Cqc Cqc3 months ago

    Well... Regardless the things I've heard about her, I do know one thing... She's hilarious 😂! In case this makeup gig of hers doesn't pan out, she should look into stand up, because this woman's way too f a h h n e e e y 😂!!!! BTW... Yes, I was being facetious about her makeup career. I get it, she's in it to win it and not going anywhere, but she really does need to look into stand up, just saying

  87. Honey

    Honey3 months ago

    You know what’s patchy and not living it’s best life???!!!!! THE VAULT!!!!!!

  88. Park Areum

    Park Areum3 months ago

    God bless you sister for this tea🍵.

  89. Sharyn Waghorn

    Sharyn Waghorn3 months ago

    TOTALLY agree ....terrible palette!😱 lipsticks were gorgeous tho !

  90. Charlie Wright

    Charlie Wright3 months ago

    Holy cow your skin/base looks amazing! Also, I'm in love with this background.

  91. Kylie Kaye

    Kylie Kaye3 months ago

    This is the best review! Finally a MReporterr is being honest, even if you did it in a nice way- we could tell you were being real. The fact she took you off her PR list is so petty, I can’t even support Kylie cosmetics if that’s how they respond to constructive criticism.

  92. Sidra Salman

    Sidra Salman3 months ago

    I can't believe she was removed from her PR list for this. She was so niceee about it

  93. HausOfFine

    HausOfFine3 months ago

    Wet & Wild is better! That palette was junk.

  94. Julia Petrykowski

    Julia Petrykowski3 months ago

    show higher

  95. Queen Beyonce

    Queen Beyonce3 months ago

    Ok sis but let’s not forget how fucking trash the vault is

  96. Katlin Barnes

    Katlin Barnes3 months ago

    They shoulda wrote the book about how the blush was gone with the wind instead lol XD

  97. Leanne Wells

    Leanne Wells3 months ago

    Really enjoyed this video, could you review blood sugar Pallette please as we are similar skin tone xx

  98. Angela Dalessandro

    Angela Dalessandro3 months ago

    People buy this makeup for the name not for the quality. I think eventually her makeup line is gonna stop making so much money because someone else is gonna come along.

  99. Capri Corn

    Capri Corn3 months ago

    Appreciate ur honest review & I don't wanna waste money over poor quality. And I bought a lot from Kylie, never liked any, her lipsticks r too dry, my lips peels off after few hours. The lip liner breaks easily with one use. Kylie's eye shadow & blush r not high pigmented, I have to do several applications b4 I could see them on my face. I bought KKW & I appreciate the quality of her products.

  100. McKennah Chafin

    McKennah Chafin3 months ago

    Try the simple makeup wipes. I used those but they burned my eyes and then I tried the simple ones so try em!!!

  101. DolphinPotato

    DolphinPotato3 months ago

    Oh my gosh, this is the first review video I've watched of Jac's, I didn't realise how funny she is!

  102. Chelsea Coggins

    Chelsea Coggins3 months ago

    Rewatching this video & DAMN... all that shadow around her edges. Jaclyn, honey you over did it a bit didn't ya?!

  103. Victoria P

    Victoria P3 months ago

    Am I the only one that thought the icons of Kris looked like Manny MUA?