1. Yeet Boi

    Yeet Boi9 hours ago

    Hoi oh you found me again


    RIRI MORRIS *DREAMER*16 hours ago

    Absolutely love the way you handled yourself in this review. Honest but not a di** about it. PS I need to know what nail polish that is 😍

  3. Alondra Silva

    Alondra SilvaDay ago

    Winner winner chicken dinner stands for pubg it's a game you can download it right now

  4. demolitionFM

    demolitionFM2 days ago

    I never liked your older videos from the past year or two but I really liked this one. And I’m not a Kylie hater either I love what I have from her. Also I think the blush is sheer (my fav kind) and it being so close to your skin tone is why it didn’t work on you. ALSO that rosey shade you tried on was sooo beautiful on you. I would love to see you try more cool toned looks with mauvey lips 😍

  5. jonatic lovatic

    jonatic lovatic2 days ago

    The shadows are not that dusty BE HONEST❗️❗️

  6. Sam Rivas

    Sam Rivas2 days ago

    andddd 11:02 she sounded like invader zim

  7. Sam Rivas

    Sam Rivas2 days ago

    10:33 is my mood

  8. Dior Diorrrs

    Dior Diorrrs3 days ago

    Dont apologize. If they dont want this reviews, they should work harder.

  9. Mali Beauty

    Mali Beauty3 days ago

    They need a double chinned emoji so I can say... MAMA CRIS

  10. Lily Garcia

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  11. coyote smalls

    coyote smalls4 days ago

    She wouldn't be THAT bad if she wasn't trying so hard to be a kardashian clone. I feel like its her dream to be a kardashian.

  12. Chandra Lawson

    Chandra Lawson5 days ago

    LOVE the setup, sexy and classy!👏👄🖤

  13. Claire Walthall

    Claire Walthall5 days ago

    Good for you and being honest. Very brave and I envy you so thank you

  14. Sarah Lassiter

    Sarah Lassiter5 days ago

    I think jaclyn has such a beautiful face, I love her glam looks of course, but I also think her more natural looks are incredible

  15. Aleksandra Fudali

    Aleksandra Fudali5 days ago

    Baaaah your browns are very ....😂🤮🤢

  16. Maryam Zahid

    Maryam Zahid6 days ago

    Do the new kylie jenner banana pallete review

  17. Annabel

    Annabel6 days ago

    You are more down to earth in this video and i love it

  18. Jennifer Miranda

    Jennifer Miranda7 days ago

    Love this review. You're very entertaining.

  19. Sheena Sharkey

    Sheena Sharkey8 days ago

    Dragging Kim’s sister and mom first let’s remember the beginning of what she said then DRAGGING UR “bsf Kim” fr fake😂😂 no hate Issa joke

  20. Sarah Nave

    Sarah Nave8 days ago

    I appreciate you doing this review where it is not 100% positive. I loved hearing your honest, candid thoughts.

  21. Neon Monkey

    Neon Monkey8 days ago

    It seems like she likes the makeup wipes more than the pr package

  22. Heela Reyea

    Heela Reyea8 days ago

    Did she gain weight

  23. Constance G

    Constance G8 days ago

    Let your opinion fly girl! Your fans appreciate your honesty. I know I do! ❤️❤️

  24. Crystal Campbell

    Crystal Campbell8 days ago

    Fly high brush, fly high

  25. jocelynmakeup 101

    jocelynmakeup 1019 days ago

    Do you see all that blush floating away 17:43

  26. Χρύσα A

    Χρύσα A9 days ago

    If you don't like the eyeshadows, DONT USE THEM!!!!!! YOU urself said that it's nasty talking bad things about others. What's wrong with you???!!!!!!!!!

  27. Χρύσα A

    Χρύσα A9 days ago

    Whaaaaaat? The lipstick is nude. Why yours is red??????????

  28. Nuch Thang

    Nuch Thang10 days ago

    I love Jaclyn so bad . Like seriously she funny and she is so honest

  29. Scarlett John

    Scarlett John10 days ago

    For some reason I first heard of Jaclyn in one of those edited vids where kim k is lookin pissed of at her and I judged J and never looked back. This video came up in my recommendations so I decided to watch and its the first video of J’s I watched and I am just in love I love the way you speak all your opinions your actually funny but super informative and I hate myself for judging too soon and missing out all these years thank you youtube for recommending me this video I am now a subscriber

  30. Verbs describe us

    Verbs describe us10 days ago

    there are actally sad things in this country - well stated

  31. Allyson Wonderlandd

    Allyson Wonderlandd10 days ago

    I like cool tone brown WAY better than warm tone browns. I think they look prettier plus I have hazel eyes and a neutral/semi-cool undertones so those cool tones look better on my skin.

  32. Latifah Gordeeva

    Latifah Gordeeva10 days ago

    I have been eyes why can't I wear black eyeliner and shadow? Just doesn't look right.

  33. Arielle Perez

    Arielle Perez10 days ago

    The audio is Great

  34. Latifah Gordeeva

    Latifah Gordeeva11 days ago

    I want to see dupes for that. No way I'm.paying that kind of money for makeup.

  35. Bryce Whitney

    Bryce Whitney12 days ago

    The authenticity and honesty of this video was so refreshing. Love how you kept it real for everyone viewing!

  36. Ana Monzon

    Ana Monzon12 days ago

    I love that she was so real with the review and not just kissing Kylie’s ass and saying what she would want to hear Go Jacklyn 👌

  37. Vicky rainbow Squishes kawaii

    Vicky rainbow Squishes kawaii12 days ago

    Fabulous as always, love ❤️ u Jaclyn

  38. Lucy Haughton

    Lucy Haughton12 days ago

    wait... i love her earrings wtf i’ve been staring at them for ages i’m shook they’re so aesthetically pleasing

  39. Bella Beauty

    Bella Beauty12 days ago

    Jaclyn shut that whole collection DOWN! worst selling collection in kylie history.. much respect Jaclyn for your honesty!

  40. Sister

    Sister13 days ago

    Sister shook

  41. Debbie Escobar

    Debbie Escobar13 days ago

    Geez you sounds like a PR Kiss AsS 😂😂😂😂

  42. Trilly Kayembe

    Trilly Kayembe14 days ago

    Loool at 11:03 it looks like she's doing ASMR into the camera

  43. Skyla Arruda

    Skyla Arruda14 days ago

    Such a suck up

  44. Natali Cobb

    Natali Cobb14 days ago

    Yes Jaclyn! Keep the honesty coming! It’s refreshing and we like to know what’s up, don’t sugar coat it.

  45. Dani Paulino

    Dani Paulino16 days ago

    í love you jacelyn hill

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  47. Brian Green

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    ❤‿❤乂乂❤‿❤乂乂❤‿❤乂乂❤‿❤ God sent His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the dead 2000 years ago. By the blood of Jesus Christ we have everlasting life. Only believe!

  48. Hez Fckn Poppin

    Hez Fckn Poppin17 days ago

    "Your doing amazing sweetie" 😂💕💕

  49. Vanessa Mueller

    Vanessa Mueller18 days ago

    Jaclyn, you are such a cool, smart and honest person. Like it. Your new set up is very beautiful.hugs from Germanyyyyy,

  50. Jazzy Bear

    Jazzy Bear19 days ago

    Am i the only one that thinks the packaging for the blush pallete thing kinda looks like Manny MUA?

  51. cherryblossom6775

    cherryblossom677519 days ago

    I agree too I love Kylie’s lip products but everything else ehhh it fails for me.

  52. autumn laura

    autumn laura19 days ago

    Does nobody care about that nose contour? No? Just me? Ok

  53. Christina Guerrero

    Christina Guerrero19 days ago

    Idk if it’s the lighting but the contour looks dirty. Especially the nose

  54. Alex Rose

    Alex Rose20 days ago

    I LOVE the Jenner/Kardashian fam almost as much as I love you 😊😉

  55. Qeencake10101 10

    Qeencake10101 1020 days ago

    Ya I don’t like eyeshadow palette lipsticks are nice not a fan of the blush at all just don’t like it like the highlights .... but I would not buy it sorry :/

  56. rashasabz

    rashasabz21 day ago

    I like Jaclyn in this video. First time in ages she is being real and acting normal ! Keep it up

  57. shishter SHISHTER

    shishter SHISHTER21 day ago

    I died when I saw the blush fly away😂😂😂

  58. Jobie Aday

    Jobie Aday21 day ago

    That blush flying away is me running away from my problems

  59. Erin Taylor-Boltonx

    Erin Taylor-Boltonx21 day ago

    It makes me happy that you weren't payed to make it sound like it was amazing, thank you for being HONEST

  60. Fatima Fettahi

    Fatima Fettahi22 days ago

    Honestly a truthful video and I love it!!! 😘😘😘😘💗💗💗💗❤️❤️❤️ keep doing a good job 👍

  61. Alexis Richards

    Alexis Richards23 days ago

    Thank you for saving me $150!

  62. S. A.

    S. A.23 days ago

    What did she spray the brush with when she was putting in the eyeshadow ??

  63. Courtney Langley

    Courtney Langley23 days ago

    mac fix plus ^^

  64. Emelie Gustavsson

    Emelie Gustavsson24 days ago

    Love your honesty!! 💫💕

  65. L Cee

    L Cee24 days ago

    @Jaclyn Hill you're a horrible person!

  66. Kayla Michelle

    Kayla Michelle25 days ago

    LOOOVVVVVED this HONEST review! Grateful for your transparency in your reactions and your opinions on this palette! Please give us more of these kinds of review videos! XO

  67. Aya

    Aya26 days ago

    My setting powder has more pigment than those blushes

  68. jumpingbeans36

    jumpingbeans3627 days ago

    it is bear* not bare...

  69. jean ie

    jean ie27 days ago

    Kris is such a sweetheart

  70. Sâd Bôy Dz

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  71. Heather Hillis

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    Talks to much

  72. Gina XD

    Gina XD28 days ago

    I spot a plank face !

  73. CJ Rey

    CJ Rey28 days ago

    Hummmmm.... I thought you would never release a sub-standard palette #JaclynHillXmorphe #thevault #Becca Maybe you would like to re-review the Kris Jenner eyeshadow palette

  74. AirFixed Bri

    AirFixed BriMonth ago

    I love your honesty and how transparent you are!

  75. Daisy Bain

    Daisy BainMonth ago

    did anyone else laugh so hard when she tried the blush...litterally died!! jaclyn your reaction was the best thing ever! 😂🤣🤣

  76. Abi Gail

    Abi GailMonth ago

    Hey Jaclyn! I think it would be great if you could give brutally honest reviews, I don’t mean completely bash the products I mean just give an honest informational review. Everyone loves constructive criticism.

  77. Datboiis Afatboi

    Datboiis AfatboiMonth ago

    The Sahara desert is SHOOOOK 😂😂

  78. Chelsea Cottle

    Chelsea CottleMonth ago

    I just resubscribed to your channel specifically because of this video. It was beautifully done. It was completely honest but yet respectful. It was SO fresh. And I felt like this review video was one I could 150% trust and have faith in. I love seeing videos like this. I understand not wanting to do videos or reviews on products you don’t like because you don’t like to be negative and all that BUT I think that as viewers and potential consumers of these products, I have to say I really loved this because there was a certain respect for the brand but there was also a certain respect for us because as consumers I feel that we deserve to know the truth about products and know what our money is going to and if it was worth spending. I also appreciate that you point out the effort that goes into the smaller details like packaging and the people behind the business and whatnot and they you also pointed out that while it was a beautiful idea and collab, that you personally would’ve said that it needed to go back to the lab and be worked in more to improve before releasing.

  79. Jacob Edenfield

    Jacob EdenfieldMonth ago

    Love your videos girl. You’re so professional and such a strong person. Thanks for being an inspiration. In regards to your new setup, the audio is great and your camera quality is on point. However, I’m a photographer and your lighting on your face is a little dark. It may just be the dark backdrop but that beautiful face is getting a little lost in the frame. Keep on chugging! XOXO

  80. Alexandra Valdivia

    Alexandra ValdiviaMonth ago

    So glad this was an honest review Jaclyn, took a lot of bravery honestly. And people didn’t waste money on hype. Still Love kris Jenner

  81. Desiree Benitez

    Desiree BenitezMonth ago

    Love and appreciate the honesty. I feel the same. Best video for being honest and not just trying to kiss butt

  82. Mackenzie Hill

    Mackenzie HillMonth ago

    Enjoy the honest review ❤️

  83. Austin Cross

    Austin CrossMonth ago

    Did anyone else notice her middle finger turning blue?!?! GIRRRL that ring is tight on that finger!

  84. Mihaela

    MihaelaMonth ago

    good work. thank u for this video and for your honesty

  85. Cassandra Crakes

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  86. Michelle Santa Cruz

    Michelle Santa CruzMonth ago

    That eye makeup is so not you!

  87. Brooke Tufankjian

    Brooke TufankjianMonth ago

    Liars and cheaters and cool tone browns but she has many palettes with cool tone browns and lies 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  88. Kennedy Daily

    Kennedy DailyMonth ago

    is it just me or did anyone see all the blush just fly away from the brush at 17:47?!

  89. Kennedy Daily

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  90. Florence Tovani

    Florence TovaniMonth ago

    Honesty is the best policy👏👏👏

  91. Rachel Stephens

    Rachel StephensMonth ago

    you are crazy!!! It is the best eyepallet ive used In a while. The colors go perfect w both day night.You are right about the excess that does come each his own...

  92. Khennouf Khennouf

    Khennouf KhennoufMonth ago

    Thank you now i dont have to bye it 🙎💄

  93. Sincere Presence

    Sincere PresenceMonth ago

    Oh no, the fallout is HORRIBLE!! Nope! Not doing it for sure now, waiting on The Vault 😉.

  94. Maria Saldivar

    Maria SaldivarMonth ago

    Thank you for your HONEST review. Nothing worst then purchasing something because a Beauty Guru said it was amazing...and it’s really the dumps and waste of money. Keep the integrity and honesty coming!

  95. Ana Hutchins

    Ana HutchinsMonth ago

    And..,.. can't wait to get your new colab with Morphe. I'm buying the whole collection.

  96. Ana Hutchins

    Ana HutchinsMonth ago

    This must've been a hard review to do. Thank you for being honest. I bought the lipstick and it's AMAZING! The eyeshadow..... ridiculous dude. The face palette..... not great. Great review grrrrrl! It's hard to be totally honest when it's someone you like. Great video

  97. rileyy ensingg

    rileyy ensinggMonth ago

    totally off topic of the vid but the way your foundation matches your skin is great.

  98. Christina Alcantar

    Christina AlcantarMonth ago

    I have been looking for Jaclyn hill brush set but I can't find it . Please someone help me I look on Morphe but I could find it please help

  99. Jaclynn Murdoch

    Jaclynn MurdochMonth ago

    I find you get really blurry when you start to apply lippies maybe look in to fixing

  100. Ashley Skees

    Ashley SkeesMonth ago

    Love ya and thanks for the honesty i mean we need to know