Kygo & Imagine Dragons - Born To Be Yours (Lyric Video)


  1. Ildikó Koós

    Ildikó Koós2 days ago

    In every respect perfect. 👌

  2. Silver EX

    Silver EX2 days ago

    who is the woman who appears in the video clip

  3. Muhammed Afan

    Muhammed Afan2 days ago

    best drop of the year

  4. Erica de Beer

    Erica de Beer2 days ago

    I love this song

  5. Cherif Serikh

    Cherif Serikh4 days ago

    amaizing sing

  6. Abby29

    Abby294 days ago

    Imagine dragons My favourite band

  7. Jaqueline Fritz

    Jaqueline Fritz6 days ago


  8. Alyssa Morganthaler

    Alyssa Morganthaler7 days ago

    This song is my ringtone so every time hear it I get a sudden feeling to check if I got a text 😂

  9. Asma Sou

    Asma Sou7 days ago

    The best of the best❤

  10. Liam Mallon

    Liam Mallon11 days ago

    Fuck you juliette

  11. Tsurugsr95 Ocampo

    Tsurugsr95 Ocampo11 days ago

    Cool music

  12. Neringa Jankauskaite

    Neringa Jankauskaite12 days ago

    Best song

  13. stu sis

    stu sis12 days ago


  14. Allison McKinney

    Allison McKinney12 days ago

    How am I just discovering this song now?! Love ❤

  15. ugnius

    ugnius13 days ago

    Labai graži daina kas man pritarė dėkite like

  16. Ema Duchovicova

    Ema Duchovicova13 days ago


  17. Cody Smile

    Cody Smile13 days ago


  18. Psybhanu thakur Mafia

    Psybhanu thakur Mafia13 days ago

    Avicii feel😘😘✌✌

  19. The Premium

    The Premium15 days ago

    1:10 , 100% Volume ? test it this crazy dude ^o^ !

  20. naila adine

    naila adine15 days ago

    Born to be yours Jakarta

  21. Fatima Fahad

    Fatima Fahad16 days ago

    KYGO just keeps producing AMAZING SONGS Avicii is still present in him and that's AMAZING ❤️❤️ LOVE U KYGO AND WILL ALWAYS KEEP SUPPORTING U ❤️❤️😍😍

  22. Tài Nguyễn

    Tài Nguyễn17 days ago

    1 year passed, too fast, this song made me feel so excited and much energy in last summer 2018

  23. Lam exo

    Lam exo17 days ago

    Exol here😌🖤

  24. hugo kenzo

    hugo kenzo18 days ago

    Amazing song 💪💪💪

  25. CAT MUSIC 1001

    CAT MUSIC 100118 days ago

    I love this song.This music inspirate To me

  26. Carolina Chillé

    Carolina Chillé18 days ago

    Amo está cancion.......corazón:-D:-D🔊🎧🎶O:-)

  27. Asha -Król lew 4

    Asha -Król lew 419 days ago

  28. Danilo Oliveira

    Danilo Oliveira19 days ago


  29. Zay 780

    Zay 78019 days ago


  30. Franklin Luis

    Franklin Luis20 days ago


  31. Franklin Luis

    Franklin Luis20 days ago

    Imagine dragons a love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🤩

  32. Ari Monroy

    Ari Monroy20 days ago

    man right now my best...sheeesshhh😍

  33. Keke Kia

    Keke Kia23 days ago


  34. Nathan Neri

    Nathan Neri23 days ago

    Love it ✅

  35. BÁNH MÌ 5K

    BÁNH MÌ 5K23 days ago

    This song is good

  36. Kuba Roszak

    Kuba Roszak24 days ago

    I LOVE IT 😉😀👍👍❤💙💚💛🧡💜🖤

  37. Briyith Angie

    Briyith Angie25 days ago

    superrrrrrrrrrrrrr no me canso de escucharla !!! Nunca conocí a nadie hasta que te conocí a ti =)

  38. Piggynhippo 05 / Baxter_Piggynhippo

    Piggynhippo 05 / Baxter_Piggynhippo25 days ago

    Cannot get over this and Walking the Wire right now, two gems of songs

  39. Maja Micic

    Maja Micic25 days ago


  40. Claude Monete

    Claude Monete26 days ago


  41. Fellator Fellatorius

    Fellator Fellatorius27 days ago

    19.6.19 ?!?!?!?!!!!!?!!!!?!!!!?

  42. Christian Fox

    Christian Fox27 days ago

    He's talking about Jesus, not a gf or bf. Just saying. Praise God!!!

  43. Christian Fox

    Christian Fox22 days ago


  44. Carl K

    Carl K25 days ago

    Fuck you, he is singing 🎤 about me u cockhead

  45. shihan Teng

    shihan Teng26 days ago


  46. Alexander Minton

    Alexander Minton27 days ago

    Really good song …. have a great week :-)

  47. Genos !

    Genos !28 days ago

    few songs that can give me shiver

  48. Robert Reginald

    Robert Reginald28 days ago

    i love your songs 😍

  49. RAtHOR

    RAtHORMonth ago

    *dat drop tho... In love!!!!*

  50. DragonMaster _17

    DragonMaster _17Month ago

    This is for me and you, love. You're 691 miles away but you're right here in my storms helping me through like no one else. The song is right, I never knew anybody til I knew you - I was born to be yours 😘

  51. Therese Montes

    Therese MontesMonth ago

    Thanos: cool

  52. raul aydo

    raul aydoMonth ago

    me cargo las pilas esta ultima semana gracias

  53. esdras lzr

    esdras lzrMonth ago

    1 year Born To Be Yours..