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Kygo & Imagine Dragons - Born To Be Yours (Lyric Video)


  1. Mallorie Louann

    Mallorie Louann2 hours ago

    This song is beautiful

  2. Fortnite Is Aids

    Fortnite Is Aids5 hours ago

    On google it says this song was made in 2004

  3. Hollyleaf of ThunderClan

    Hollyleaf of ThunderClan10 hours ago

    0:00 A little assist for those like me who broke their replay button.

  4. Kamil Jaworski

    Kamil Jaworski10 hours ago

    really good staff

  5. Céline De Cock

    Céline De Cock11 hours ago

    J’adore 😍

  6. Rose Lacroix

    Rose Lacroix12 hours ago

    I love this song❤❤❤

  7. Marcela Seidlova

    Marcela Seidlova14 hours ago

    Boží písnička

  8. Michal Ostrovsky

    Michal Ostrovsky17 hours ago

    Kygo AND Imagine Dragons? My life is now complete.

  9. Applejuice TV

    Applejuice TV19 hours ago

    Anyone from Germany?

  10. Sir. Moron

    Sir. Moron21 hour ago

    Did Kygo even sang? Because I feel like it was just the Imagine Dragon crew..

  11. varun khare

    varun khareDay ago

    They had uploaded this video by mistake earlier :p

  12. PaddyMate 123

    PaddyMate 123Day ago

    Love it

  13. Amina Jammeh

    Amina JammehDay ago


  14. Lorenzo Battilocchi

    Lorenzo BattilocchiDay ago

    I was born to be yours...

  15. vell vesher

    vell vesherDay ago

    touchy lyrics

  16. Simon Bora

    Simon BoraDay ago

    I like this song

  17. Nevelli

    NevelliDay ago

    AVICII???is that you?

  18. Raynn Carrey

    Raynn Carrey2 days ago

    Tropical vibes is back.

  19. Logic Tutorials

    Logic Tutorials2 days ago

    Logic Pro Remake including project file :)

  20. Wiktor Dembek

    Wiktor Dembek2 days ago


  21. Annabeth S.

    Annabeth S.2 days ago

    This song makes me happy

  22. Csaba Kiss

    Csaba Kiss2 days ago


  23. Ivanna Castro

    Ivanna Castro2 days ago

    Yessss good song

  24. Oanh Ngô

    Oanh Ngô2 days ago

    I'm totally addicted to this song

  25. kachi japan

    kachi japan3 days ago

    i never knew.dskjd fjsajfjsgf .. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuu

  26. Johana Zambrano

    Johana Zambrano3 days ago

    Kygo... 😍 Lo amo!

  27. Rivaldo Francisco

    Rivaldo Francisco3 days ago

    Cadê os BRs?

  28. nayane sousa

    nayane sousa2 days ago

    Em algum lugar por aí 😂


    ANDRÉ GAMA3 days ago

    Linda música

  30. Z3r0

    Z3r03 days ago

    How can music be this nice to listen to?

  31. seth musinguzi

    seth musinguzi3 days ago

    All haters don't know what a good song is.😑😑

  32. Just Bbb

    Just Bbb3 days ago

    This is a excellent song also

  33. PigglArmy

    PigglArmy3 days ago

    Here its named Kygo & Imagine Dragons but i already read Kygo X Imagine Dragons and Kygo ft. Imagine Dragon.

  34. Braddy boy agri videos

    Braddy boy agri videos3 days ago

    good song i hear it every day on the radio

  35. Kira Meower

    Kira Meower3 days ago


  36. Litt Music

    Litt Music3 days ago

    Best EDM song with Truth x Lies - Give It To Me 😍😍

  37. madzia Madz

    madzia Madz3 days ago

    I know i was born to be yours! 💑🙈💍

  38. barchanik007 b

    barchanik007 b3 days ago


  39. barchanik007 b

    barchanik007 b3 days ago


  40. Gilles Lucas

    Gilles Lucas3 days ago

    J'adore !!

  41. Gohar Grigorda

    Gohar Grigorda4 days ago

    Kygo I love you. You are my inspiration. Thank you for your music!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. manuel weichert

    manuel weichert4 days ago

    Summer Feeling 😍

  43. im thai dongnake

    im thai dongnake4 days ago

    2:35 i like this time

  44. im thai dongnake

    im thai dongnakeDay ago


  45. Chrapka PL

    Chrapka PL3 days ago

    Me too, it's the best 😍

  46. barchanik007 b

    barchanik007 b5 days ago


  47. নীল সাগর

    নীল সাগর5 days ago

    Masterpiece 😍💙

  48. Alejandro Cisneros

    Alejandro Cisneros5 days ago

    Mi pn ptos

  49. Atanael Castillo

    Atanael Castillo5 days ago

    this is perfect ♥♫♥

  50. barchanik007 b

    barchanik007 b5 days ago

    Mi lofe miuzik

  51. คำ ก้อน

    คำ ก้อน5 days ago

    คนไทยคับ จัดว่าเด็ดดๆๆๆ

  52. 김진형

    김진형5 days ago


  53. Dingle Dunne

    Dingle Dunne5 days ago

    I thought he said porn not poures

  54. Aaron Cooper

    Aaron Cooper5 days ago

    Best song 2018

  55. Shaggy mofo

    Shaggy mofo5 days ago

    I like it how Chainsmokers get so much shit because people think there music sounds the same but when other edm artist sounds the same no one bats a eye

  56. XReloaded

    XReloaded6 days ago

    Come here from people are awesome video❤❤😍😍😍 And anyone ?

  57. R. GAMES

    R. GAMES6 days ago

    Algum BR com gosto de musica Boa??

  58. nayane sousa

    nayane sousa2 days ago


  59. itsstrici _

    itsstrici _6 days ago

    This is so fucking amazing 😍😍😍

  60. Petr Adámek

    Petr Adámek6 days ago

    📂Documents └📁Music └📁 Kygo └📁 Bad Songs └⚠️ This folder is empty

  61. Petr Adámek

    Petr Adámek4 days ago


  62. Alejandro Cisneros

    Alejandro Cisneros5 days ago

    Tu pinche cola pto

  63. JPZ Grabbarna

    JPZ Grabbarna6 days ago

    I was here before 84 million views

  64. Pferde Girl Lena

    Pferde Girl Lena6 days ago

    Born to hear *imagine Dragons!*

  65. Michal Tokar

    Michal Tokar6 days ago

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  66. -Syphec -

    -Syphec -6 days ago

    Starting to sound like Tobu?

  67. Asra Adam

    Asra Adam6 days ago


  68. Arnau Pol

    Arnau Pol6 days ago

    it's my favourite song. fantastic song

  69. j destiny gd

    j destiny gd7 days ago

    May life sooooooooooooooooooob

  70. j destiny gd

    j destiny gd7 days ago

    My faborite son

  71. Very Doge

    Very Doge7 days ago


  72. Jorge Fontalvo

    Jorge Fontalvo7 days ago

    Is amazing!!!

  73. Kenisha Jackson

    Kenisha Jackson7 days ago

    Born to be yours ;)

  74. N N

    N N7 days ago

    Mein Kommentar

  75. Victor Fernandes Fernandes

    Victor Fernandes Fernandes7 days ago

    Did not expect that imagine dragons could give us songs like this one , love it.

  76. Stormy Mind

    Stormy Mind8 days ago

    I was born to love ya Kygo , ;

  77. Colin Chin

    Colin Chin8 days ago

    Why don't Kygo collab with Coldplay?

  78. Hardbbline26

    Hardbbline268 days ago


  79. Noah Gavin

    Noah Gavin8 days ago

    The chorus is so unbelievably addicting.

  80. Javi Pueyo

    Javi Pueyo8 days ago

    Me gustan las colitas chicos

  81. margit güldenkoh

    margit güldenkoh8 days ago


  82. Karla Van Hauvermat

    Karla Van Hauvermat8 days ago

    Brasil, doí o cu

  83. ThisIs SliiFRY

    ThisIs SliiFRY8 days ago

    Nothing to say.. Its just perfect.

  84. EFA22000

    EFA220008 days ago

    Sounds a little like NOWE - heart of gold. A little much.

  85. DanimalLawlz

    DanimalLawlz8 days ago

    This is magic in a bottle :')

  86. Jkevin Tquispe

    Jkevin Tquispe9 days ago

    I love imagine dragons

  87. TH3-_4V3NG3R _-MX

    TH3-_4V3NG3R _-MX9 days ago

    My favorite song 🎧🎧🎶🎶🎶💯💯💯💯💯💯

  88. Mariana Zuniga

    Mariana Zuniga9 days ago

    I born to listen this kind of music!

  89. louis böhler

    louis böhler9 days ago

    cool musik

  90. Anna Morawska

    Anna Morawska10 days ago

    Made my day 😍 awesome

  91. Polly B

    Polly B10 days ago check this lyric video out! :)

  92. Sssjsjwk H2kwjsgd

    Sssjsjwk H2kwjsgd11 days ago

    Best song ever😙😙😙😙😙

  93. Fokuz

    Fokuz11 days ago

    My job is famous youtuber and fernanfloo

  94. Fokuz

    Fokuz11 days ago

    I am like the music

  95. Cameron Jane

    Cameron Jane11 days ago

    this is a very good song

  96. Helen Mamani

    Helen Mamani11 days ago

    que bonito tema

  97. Julia Kotarska

    Julia Kotarska11 days ago

  98. Federica Brullo

    Federica Brullo11 days ago

    Canzone stupenda,la mia preferita🤩🤩

  99. Florian Weiss

    Florian Weiss11 days ago

    Das ist cool

  100. Muhammad Jordi

    Muhammad Jordi11 days ago

    This song will be my wedding song

  101. J K

    J K11 days ago

    한국 분?

  102. Igor A

    Igor A12 days ago

    The Best!

  103. A GENIUS

    A GENIUS12 days ago


  104. breanna12392

    breanna1239212 days ago


  105. SylentNoise

    SylentNoise12 days ago

    *Anyone listening in 2018??*

  106. Shem Baclay

    Shem Baclay12 days ago

    Kygo rocks 🤟😎