Kristen Schaal Has A Big Baby - CONAN on TBS


  1. Noelle Calara

    Noelle Calara4 days ago

    why do i even hear mabel and louise at the same time lmao

  2. ihavesomanysubscribersbecauseofmylongchannelname

    ihavesomanysubscribersbecauseofmylongchannelname7 days ago

    i didn't realize kristen's voice was THIS close to how she voices mabel and boy am i shook.

  3. giggs_01201

    giggs_012017 days ago

    Meanwhile I keep thinking about Sara Lynn from Bojack Horseman

  4. tyro244

    tyro24428 days ago

    Funnily enough, Food Tube is a real thing.

  5. crumblybutt23

    crumblybutt23Month ago

    sarah lynn noooo

  6. Me Time

    Me TimeMonth ago

    I love her so much. Really such a very very funny actor. And she has a sense of humor about herself and life. Someone I would love to know!

  7. Michael Strunk

    Michael Strunk2 months ago

    There were women throughout history who were working in the fields or such until they went into labor, then basically went back to work not much longer than that. Today's women are weak compared to our ancestors.

  8. I can’t find a cool name

    I can’t find a cool name2 months ago

    She should have called her Mabel

  9. Ray Jin

    Ray Jin2 months ago

    Isnt louise like 10 or something

  10. walter

    walter2 months ago

    Mabel? Jake jr.?

  11. Shalamar Thomas

    Shalamar Thomas2 months ago

    Bring Gravity falls back!!

  12. Aliah Cuevas

    Aliah Cuevas2 months ago


  13. Sophienzstein

    Sophienzstein2 months ago

    I had a 10lb baby, thank God for c-sections 😂

  14. amal zuhair

    amal zuhair2 months ago

    I literally no joke was like wait when did that girl from snl get pregnant even after reading the name on the title it took me a good ten seconds into the video to realize this is the actual Kristen Schall that Heidi Gardner impersonates.

  15. Cynthia Estala

    Cynthia Estala2 months ago

    Daniela looks like Amy Farrah Fowler

  16. Matrixie Kitty

    Matrixie Kitty2 months ago

    Awww that’s so sweet! Congratulations to her!!

  17. yoly507

    yoly5072 months ago

    My oldest was 10 lbs 2 oz and I had him naturally.

  18. Tae Yoon

    Tae Yoon2 months ago

    9 is huge? God bless my mother, she had two 10 pound babies 🙃

  19. Jack Merlot Doesn't Live Here Anymore

    Jack Merlot Doesn't Live Here Anymore2 months ago

    "Somebody...Somebody...Somebody Put Something In My Drink." - Joey Ramone

  20. Yooney Lee

    Yooney Lee2 months ago

    I thought her voice was a part of acting until now!

  21. McKenna Rose

    McKenna Rose2 months ago

    Her voice is so iconic.

  22. Birdie Kawaii

    Birdie Kawaii2 months ago

    I love that she does absolutely nothing to her voice when acting Louise!

  23. Jay -

    Jay -2 months ago

    She’s so weirdly cool 😂 I love her

  24. SpookyScarySkeletons

    SpookyScarySkeletons2 months ago

    babies come out the prickly muffin

  25. sierra king

    sierra king2 months ago

    I didn't even know she was pregnant

  26. Joshima M

    Joshima M2 months ago

    Thats an 8 month old child. No WAY that is a newborn

  27. MidnightShadow

    MidnightShadow2 months ago

    Hey I was born 9 pounds and through c-section cool

  28. Kazuhiro Kawamoto

    Kazuhiro Kawamoto2 months ago


  29. Grecia Oceguera

    Grecia Oceguera3 months ago

    Her double looks like Mayim Bialik aka Amy in the Big Bang theory

  30. Jeff, the God of Biscuits

    Jeff, the God of Biscuits3 months ago

    I love Heidi Gardner!

  31. Viviana CCGB

    Viviana CCGB3 months ago

    "You guys become friends?" "....No" LMFAO

  32. JOY-C Musical &Video Channel

    JOY-C Musical &Video Channel3 months ago

    lovely baby,haha

  33. Elizabeth B

    Elizabeth B3 months ago

    I hear Sarah Lynn. rip

  34. Mimicu

    Mimicu3 months ago

    Carol! 💕

  35. Wylie Hill

    Wylie Hill3 months ago

    Take note ladies, her personality Trump's all!!!! Awesome

  36. Shan Kristofferson

    Shan Kristofferson3 months ago

    Pfft. I’m smaller than she is and I had an 11lb baby in 2hrs without drugs

  37. Hello It's Jello

    Hello It's Jello3 months ago

    I always hear Louise do her talking about her baby is so unusual I’m not used to it but it’s hilarious

  38. YaBoiSkinnyPenis

    YaBoiSkinnyPenis3 months ago

    I didn’t realize that she actually sounds like Louise. I always thought she was doing a voice.

  39. Chantelle Streete

    Chantelle Streete3 months ago


  40. nikeeweston

    nikeeweston3 months ago

    It’s Louise

  41. Jungcock

    Jungcock3 months ago

    I hope she has another kid

  42. Taylor Motley

    Taylor Motley3 months ago

    Hospital Food is Bomb, B! Dont lie.

  43. Xavier King

    Xavier King3 months ago

    it would be cool if she names her baby Mabel

  44. Deepa Isaac

    Deepa Isaac3 months ago

    L o u i s e

  45. blindthief

    blindthief3 months ago

    Hard to imagine her as a mother since she sounds so much like a little girl. I'm sure she's a fantastic mom. I mean she'd have to be, right? Having experience in the cartoon business and all.

  46. Sierra Snider

    Sierra Snider3 months ago

    I love you her so much! Cutest

  47. dontbeweird Rj

    dontbeweird Rj3 months ago

    I love her

  48. Olga Soto

    Olga Soto4 months ago

    I only hear Louise as an adult.

  49. ramboroxy123

    ramboroxy1234 months ago

    My nephew was 10lbs 7oz and I think the biggest baby on record was like 15lbs.

  50. Dachdog

    Dachdog4 months ago

    That's nothing. My sister was a size 2 and had a 10.4 lb baby. And she had it naturally. Talk about work.

  51. Diane Berg

    Diane Berg4 months ago

    “Everyone likes to discuss baby weight because they’re so boring otherwise” Truer words have never been spoken

  52. Becky Smeilus

    Becky Smeilus4 months ago

    Her voice

  53. Olivia

    Olivia4 months ago

    I can just hear Louis

  54. michele vitarelli

    michele vitarelli4 months ago

    This baby will watch gravity falls and trip out.

  55. McKenna Rose

    McKenna Rose2 months ago


  56. Rhonda Skinner

    Rhonda Skinner4 months ago

    My son was 9lb6 oz

  57. Molly O'Brien

    Molly O'Brien4 months ago

    her voice is like nails down a blackboard

  58. Alyssa Winegarden

    Alyssa Winegarden4 months ago

    My mother in law is 5'5", and 120 tops. My husband was 10 pounds at birth, all natural vaginal birth. Vagina's do open, babies do come out -Ina May Gaskin.

  59. S Tolin

    S Tolin2 months ago

    Babies get stuck too, not all women have the hip space😏

  60. Mizako 96

    Mizako 962 months ago

    Alyssa Winegarden Yea except “all natural birth” isn’t always an option considering that very thing is what killed women back when hospitals or healthcare wasn’t in abundance.

  61. Julie Weiss

    Julie Weiss4 months ago


  62. Shawntae Mayers

    Shawntae Mayers4 months ago

    wowww Louise Belcher is a mom now? Bob must be Shook! lmao congrats!

  63. Catrenia D'Imperio

    Catrenia D'Imperio4 months ago

    she looks more like Mayim Bialik

  64. curly ray of sunshine

    curly ray of sunshine4 months ago

    Every time people say omg my baby was so big it was about 7 pounds ha!!! with my mable voice try 10 pounds twice and 2 c-sections 😂

  65. Becca Jones

    Becca Jones4 months ago

    My daughter was born in February at 9 lbs 6 oz!! NO c-section

  66. Haley Sadlemyer

    Haley Sadlemyer4 months ago

    “You guys become friends?” “”

  67. pingui089

    pingui0894 months ago

    Lol her eyes when he asks her if she’s friends with her double 😳 LOL

  68. Steve M.

    Steve M.4 months ago

    Does anyone else see her as Andy Kaufmans daughter?

  69. shao jawesome

    shao jawesome4 months ago

    she is just so down to earth! LOVE HERRRRRRRRRR

  70. Talal

    Talal4 months ago

    Damn her voice so annoying

  71. La'Ron Corbins

    La'Ron Corbins4 months ago

    Louise Belcher had a BABY! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  72. starfish2405

    starfish24054 months ago

    Her double looks like Mayim Bialik's double... ? Or ...Mayim!?

  73. Vicky 12

    Vicky 124 months ago

    Congratulations, that is one lovely girl! But holy crap, 9,6 pds?! Ok, in those cases you really don't need to prove anything. Sure, a natural birth is a lot less stressful for the child and better for the post-natal remission of the mother's body. However, if a c-section is the better way for mother and child you should choose it, of course! Still, give the second child a thought. I see your shock, but the majority of newborns is quite a bit smaller! :-D

  74. Incógnita Sem interesse

    Incógnita Sem interesse4 months ago

    Flight of the concords!

  75. Kate Ellenberger

    Kate Ellenberger4 months ago

    I love Kristen but it sounds like in this interview she has bad audio or a loose retainer or veneers or something?

  76. Aidan The Walrus

    Aidan The Walrus4 months ago

    Bro I was bigger I was 11 pounds and 5 ounces

  77. VianneyCreates

    VianneyCreates4 months ago

    They didn't have to cut this sweet woman open. I had bigger babies the old fashioned way, sounds like her docs went for ease for them.

  78. Malvavisco

    Malvavisco4 months ago

    I wish some network or service would pick them up for one last season so they can finish it off right.

  79. perfectlycreated28

    perfectlycreated284 months ago

    Daniella looks like Amy from Big Bang Theory

  80. zackaryb1013

    zackaryb10134 months ago

    isnt she supposed to be helping her family run a restraunt???

  81. chuckie finster

    chuckie finster3 months ago

    +Esmeralda Hernandez lmao

  82. Esmeralda Hernandez

    Esmeralda Hernandez4 months ago

    wwefan1013 nah she's hanging out with her twin brother and her gruncle Stan at Stan's mystery shack.

  83. SolarFlare17

    SolarFlare174 months ago

    The people who talk about her sounding like Mabel from gravity falls clearly have not watched bobs burgers

  84. Kayla Johnson

    Kayla JohnsonMonth ago

    LOUISE!!!!! :)

  85. Shannon Bristol

    Shannon Bristol2 months ago

    you can actually watch more than one show at a time. or so i'm told.


    GABY DE ORO4 months ago


  87. Muslim Mystic

    Muslim Mystic4 months ago

    First funny woman I've seen

  88. Smokey One

    Smokey One4 months ago

    She sounds like the girl from bobs burgers

  89. Smokey One

    Smokey One4 months ago

    hmdp ok that makes sense lol

  90. hmdp

    hmdp4 months ago

    Smokey One she is Louise from bobs burgers

  91. Claudette Markovic

    Claudette Markovic4 months ago

    Ugh.. procreation stories... 🤢

  92. Daniel Blakey

    Daniel Blakey4 months ago

    I was 11lbs

  93. Marcos herrera

    Marcos herrera4 months ago


  94. CptBaggins

    CptBaggins4 months ago

    I miss flight of the conchords

  95. gumpfoo65

    gumpfoo654 months ago

    Happy for her! Great talent, so funny!

  96. Bunny Tsukino

    Bunny Tsukino4 months ago


  97. Eric Li

    Eric Li4 months ago


  98. Jedi Joey

    Jedi Joey4 months ago

    came here just to here her talk lol

  99. dontbeweird Rj

    dontbeweird Rj4 months ago

    Kristen Schaal(:

  100. Jodie

    Jodie4 months ago

    My brother born in 2001 was 11lb 3oz, born naturally. My mother had gestational diabetes, but her doctor didn’t realise how big the baby was. He got stuck in the birth canal, and his shoulder dislocated. It took him 4 minutes to breathe. Luckily, he’s now a healthy 17 year old.

  101. Jason Krane

    Jason Krane2 months ago

    I was born in 2001 also and my mom said I was 10.7

  102. Trish aka Beauty

    Trish aka Beauty2 months ago

    My friend had a 12 pounder poor girl will never be the same

  103. Esmeralda Hernandez

    Esmeralda Hernandez4 months ago

    Jodie but is your mother OK though?

  104. Chicagoguy84

    Chicagoguy844 months ago

    Someone had sex with her ?????? Ishhhhhhh

  105. DePryde

    DePryde4 months ago

    I can only see Louise with that voice

  106. Jack Gordon

    Jack Gordon4 months ago

    Maybe the baby looks up when about to feed and sees this unattractive face staring down at her and that causes her stress. Also, her voice is rather annoying as well.

  107. A2Z83

    A2Z834 months ago

    Schaal is so adorable

  108. mhtinla

    mhtinla4 months ago

    Well, you can have the other boob. Why wait?

  109. Vigilante OVerloaded

    Vigilante OVerloaded4 months ago

    I just can’t wait for Paul Rudd showing MAC and me for ant man and wasp promotion

  110. awndriuh

    awndriuh4 months ago

    Bring back The Last Man on Earth 😭

  111. Mimicu

    Mimicu3 months ago


  112. meghan wilder

    meghan wilder4 months ago

    awndriuh yes please it’s my favorite show

  113. K Lu

    K Lu4 months ago

    I don't know why but Her voice kinda fits her face.

  114. A2Z83

    A2Z834 months ago

    she looks a little older than her voice sounds