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Kris Jenner Talks Khloe, Lying About Kylie, and Literally Keeping Up with the Kardashians


  1. Taeyeon Lisa

    Taeyeon Lisa12 days ago

    Lying about Kylie hahahha

  2. Skleyn09

    Skleyn09Month ago

    Who else thinks Khloe is kris fav daughter ?😂

  3. Empire Empire

    Empire Empire2 months ago

    OMG Ellen!! I am just dumbfounded about how you can be so straight to her face and you both were so cool handling it!!! Best ever! !!!

  4. DEbby simelane

    DEbby simelane2 months ago

    Best interview ever!!!


    LAI LAI GONE CRAY CRAY2 months ago

    Love kris sooooooooo positive and dang she looks good for her age I love Ellen as well she is soooooooooo nice and she gives so much away and loves to help people in need love your show peace out

  6. Amina Anjum

    Amina Anjum3 months ago

    Kris is amazing for her kid's.She had to lie cz her child wanted that

  7. Chris K

    Chris K3 months ago

    I feel like when a interview includes a kardashian people expect mystical answers to these questions and the answers are as anti-climatic as the average joe and people just go "thats it?" People are people. More or less the same just at a different level.

  8. Jill Hammer

    Jill Hammer3 months ago

    Kris's bangs are caught on her eyelashes and it's pissing me off

  9. babygurl xo

    babygurl xo3 months ago

    you could hear the pain in her voice khloes that special ONE

  10. Heart Warming Pet videos

    Heart Warming Pet videos3 months ago

    Khloe is so amazing,, she stole Tristan,,, she cheated with Tristan and this amazing girl didn't knew that if Tristan could cheat with her,, he could cheat on her too,, how is she an exception to the rule,,,, fucking 🖕🖕🖕 liars

  11. Kristen Lewek

    Kristen Lewek4 months ago

    I think it was planned

  12. Golden Ray 12th Ray

    Golden Ray 12th Ray4 months ago

    I had a dream overnight on August 1, 2018 that I was friends with Kris Kardashian and some man that she is friends with is stealing jewelry from her and selling it. I don't know why I would have this dream, I wasn't thinking about Kris Kardashian or any of the Kardashians. They were not part of my daily cares, etc. Lately I have been having dreams that other people are doing bad stuff and I happen to be around when they do. I wonder if someone is really stealing from Kris and this is why I had the dream.

  13. Steve Turowski

    Steve Turowski4 months ago

    Ellen why don't you ask her how she turned Bruce into a woman.watchout Kayne

  14. Steve Turowski

    Steve Turowski4 months ago

    She whored her daughter out by leaking the tape.shes a horrible person

  15. jmat1284

    jmat12844 months ago

    Ellen's not a mom of a young pregnant daughter. So Ellen does not understand. Moms lie to protect their children--more often than not.

  16. Janet Horwith

    Janet Horwith4 months ago

    does anyone really care? i sure as all heck do not. phoney plastic pigs.

  17. Lilly Ann

    Lilly Ann5 months ago

    What is she talking about anesthesiologist does the epidural he is a doctor LOL

  18. Rachelle IRL

    Rachelle IRL5 months ago

    Wow! Ellen is a nasty B in this episode, invite a guest over and then call them a liar, repeatedly...not funny or cool.

  19. Speak the Truth

    Speak the Truth5 months ago

    So Ellen knows Kris Jenner is a filthy liar, but still panders to her and her horrible family. What a disappointment. I used to really admire Ellen, but not any more.

  20. Nancy Rojas

    Nancy Rojas5 months ago

    Ouch!!! Straight out in her face "YOU LIAR"😳😂 & what could she say but "HOPEFULLY YOU BELIEVE ME" LOL😌😂😂 they have the $$$$, fame, & friends "like who cares if i lie"!

  21. Abigail Kiel

    Abigail Kiel6 months ago

    U know no one really cares about the Kardashians bc of the drama but other than that they r okay

  22. EU BR

    EU BR6 months ago

    Kloe has no other choice; shall she just forget about her new baby born now? She is there.. 24/7 till the rest of her life. Of course she has to be concentrated .. that's her only option now. ... What an answer is this one Kris!

  23. Surrayya Asia

    Surrayya Asia6 months ago

    Bruh she answers questions horribly lolll

  24. Adam Sohaimi

    Adam Sohaimi6 months ago

    Awhhh, Khloe’s life is so hard.

  25. brenton.

    brenton.6 months ago

    This whole family lies, whatcha mean Ellen 😂

  26. Dr TG

    Dr TG6 months ago

    Kris stay FLY y’all

  27. Jaqueline L

    Jaqueline L6 months ago

    "We're a force to be reckoned with". I LOVE that.

  28. Kiersten Ashley Aiello

    Kiersten Ashley Aiello6 months ago

    OMG Ellen I LOVE you 😂😂

  29. Mari Monroe

    Mari Monroe7 months ago

    They really know how you avoid these tough questions. 😂😂

  30. Dominique Smith

    Dominique Smith7 months ago

    How in the hell is Chris looking so young? What kind of doctor she working with?

  31. Conny V

    Conny V7 months ago

    She sounds exactly like Kim.

  32. The Tide Family

    The Tide Family7 months ago

    It's funny how Ellen thought the doctor had to be present to administer the epidural :D

  33. Karla Martinez

    Karla Martinez7 months ago

    Too funny! Ellen calling Kris out on lying 😂 love it

  34. Mina Mina

    Mina Mina7 months ago

    Hw can u b such a good mom when u have only been a mother 4 one month? Ijs

  35. Katie siobhan

    Katie siobhan7 months ago

    she's a freemason

  36. MauiGirl 888

    MauiGirl 8887 months ago

    What was unexpected? Amnesia from when he abandoned his first family?

  37. Hayley Stokes

    Hayley Stokes7 months ago

    Like her sisters are? Has Kylie seen her kid this week?

  38. Tiffani Farrington

    Tiffani Farrington7 months ago

    Such a good mom? lol... give it time and then come back.

  39. Jona C

    Jona C7 months ago

    So fun to watch.

  40. Donna Conrad

    Donna Conrad7 months ago

    Makes one wonder if Khloe delivered the baby at home?!? Kris told Ellen she and her daughters flew to Cleveland and Kris had their own doctor and nurse onboard to arrive with them to assist Khloe! That's odd! If Khloe had already been given her epidural while Kris (and the entourage was in-flight) was Khloe already in the hospital? What hospital allows a patient to bring their own doctor and nurse to a different state and perform medical procedures in their hospital?!? Isn't that a lot of red tape to go through to get clearance medical and legal to allow something like that? Was this a doctor/nurse team that Kourtney and Kim had used, too? Or was this all total BS to reflect answering the questions about her having a baby out of wedlock with a total loser?!?

  41. Valentina Galeva

    Valentina Galeva7 months ago

    Doesn't she actually have 10 grandchildren though?

  42. Jusliu829

    Jusliu8297 months ago

    answer the fucking question kris

  43. - Lamoosh -

    - Lamoosh -7 months ago

    The girls mess up .. the mother cleans that mess

  44. Sara Nunes

    Sara Nunes7 months ago

    My boyfriend would literally kill my boyfriend if he would have done that to me!

  45. cookiesncream789

    cookiesncream7897 months ago

    Ellen calling her out on lying is hilarious. And she was such a good sport about it too lol!!!

  46. Ely Recinos

    Ely Recinos7 months ago

    Esta mujer es inteligente! Diga lo que se diga de ella ...

  47. Ak

    Ak7 months ago

    Ellen give me answer that Why The FUC K U bring people like Kim trashian on ur show.She is nothing more than A BULLY.bully bully &bully She seeks Attention from BULLING other people.Bring some talent on UR show not PORNSTARS

  48. Ak

    Ak7 months ago

    Ellen give me answer that Why The FUC K U bring people like Kim trashian on ur show.She is nothing more than A BULLY.bully bully &bully She seeks Attention from BULLING other people.Bring some talent on UR show not PORNSTARS

  49. MaddyAddy

    MaddyAddy7 months ago

    I love how Ellen asked the same question thrice and she dodged it like a pro!

  50. Roha Dhami

    Roha Dhami7 months ago


  51. Gareon Conley

    Gareon Conley7 months ago

    WHY ARE THE COMMENTS ON MASONS INTERVIEW DEACTIVATED??? I watned to write that his life turned upside down within days and he can be happy to be where he is now

  52. Erin Lier

    Erin Lier7 months ago

    Ellen needs david dobrik on the show

  53. nunya biz

    nunya biz7 months ago

    Right on Ellen

  54. Anastacia Louise

    Anastacia Louise7 months ago

    I just completely believe that the whole Tristan thing was a purposeful set up. Tristan, Khloe etc are all in on it. Because look at the uproar and publicity it has gotten them. Now everyone is going to tune in to every new interview, and the show, anything to see what their going to say about it. It was just too sloppy to have been meant to be a secret affair. Were being played by the greatest showwomen on tv ever, these Kardashians are a hell of a force.

  55. V Lloyd

    V Lloyd7 months ago

    Ellen you were really annoying in the beginning. It’s like you want Kris to cry and express so much hatred. You legit asked the same questions twice about Tristan. You just do everything you can for ratings. Kim already addressed it so why repeat the same question to her mother? The family has been through enough bs as is.

  56. Jessie Mclusky

    Jessie Mclusky7 months ago

    Hillary is deceased with Chris's pantsuit

  57. 냐옹고양이

    냐옹고양이7 months ago

    plz invite sohynag haha

  58. William Stoddard

    William Stoddard7 months ago

    I like Kim, never ever watched her show. Don't know her kids and don't care about them. I don't know why you do. Why do you? I like Bruce Jenner or whatever she's called now, but Chas has done more for trans than Bruce has. I think Chas gotten the surgery too. So he has a penis just like Bruce. I don't remember Chas OR Cher being on your show. I love you Ellen, you'll probably never see this so I'll say what I need too. You do great things for people with other people's money. Not sure what you do with your own, but I'm sure you also help people or gorillas. Oprah opened a girls school, she's helping people. You're helping Walmart too. They gave their workers raises, yes, but then closed 93 Sam's Clubs. To pay for those raises, who helps those people from those 93 Sam's Clubs. Maybe Walmart did, that would be being nice. I know people who work for Disney they pay horrible too. I have no desire to go there. And You're a spoke persons for Spectrum. They bought Time Warner cable and lower their employees wages. You tell us to be KIND TO ONE AN OTHER at the end of every show. How are these companies doing that???? Even though I'm not rich by any means, if I was on your show, I'd give anything I won away. Because there are a lot more PEOPLE out there then me who need the help. And this isn't a plea to come on your show. I'll still watch...if Spectrum gets my cable fixed, right now it's been 5 hrs. You're on in an hour. I think I'll miss today. 5/10/18.

  59. Korenshia Howze

    Korenshia Howze7 months ago

    How does she have 9

  60. BIGBANG and K-pop are my lifeu

    BIGBANG and K-pop are my lifeu7 months ago

    I don't feel sorry for Chloe because when she got with him he already had a girlfriend who shock orror was pregnant so what he done to her is just Karma. She knew she signed up for a cheater when she got with him and she knew he wasn't loyal even with a woman having is child.

  61. Simone Thompson

    Simone Thompson7 months ago

    I am so over the BS with this family, they steal and/or have no form of girl code. Nobody was crying foul when he left his prego GF for Khole. The problem with that family is that they don't give a damn until that karma comes around back to they should have named her Karma not True!!

  62. Onyxx Monopoly

    Onyxx Monopoly7 months ago

    When someone calls you a liar a million times and your don’t go Love and hip hop And snatch a lace front.. #Savage what in the #bestfriendshipgoals is going on here? 😂😂😂😭🙌🏽 #HoOkedOnOnyxx

  63. nicky nicole

    nicky nicole7 months ago

    Kris she be a politician...she stays full of shit! She's looking a little off too.

  64. Venemous Syrin

    Venemous Syrin7 months ago

    Here for the tea 🐸☕

  65. S Molta

    S Molta7 months ago

    Kardashian’s and Jenner family success is a perfect example of be careful what you ask for . Yes they are hugely famous and successful and rich but along with their fame and money has come a lot of drama and tough things , but They keep on moving forward and staying positive and blessed . God bless them and I wish them peace and happiness along with their success

  66. S Molta

    S Molta7 months ago

    Kris is tough and really a good woman . People as I have myself , talk crap about her and her family but I guarantee if we knew them personally we would see that they are pretty good people. She holds her family down and basically turned them into the huge success that they all are. God bless her and family .

  67. Tina Howard

    Tina Howard7 months ago

    Yeah it's a lot of yhall but no one to tell anyone of them that they are enough everyone of them fixi g something on their self so how close are yball,

  68. Paulette Poole

    Paulette Poole7 months ago

    Ellen are you paid by the Kardashian's? Seems like Ellen show is used to clear up the Kardashian's drama. Kris acts like khloe is a teenage girl having a child. Will Kris ever let her daughters grow up and have their lives. Kris seems very controlling, but come across as if she's showing care. Is this care or control? There are so many good mothers who give their adult children respect and don't cross certain boundaries when they are in relationships. Do Khloe need her consistent meddling? Can Khloe map things out with Tristin? Why do Kris feel she has to treat her grown daughter as if she's not capable of thinking for herself. We haven't heard Khloe speak on any of this. Is Kris the one behind the interviews that she and Kim had on Ellen? Did Khloe or Tristin ask them to speak on their issues? Is this Tristin and Khloe drama Kris's way of boosting up ratings for KUWTK.

  69. Luke Isaiah Das

    Luke Isaiah Das7 months ago

    she looks just like Kim K

  70. Beccas 2020

    Beccas 20207 months ago

    It's what you do as a mother, you keep doing your best no matter what you're going through

  71. YouTube Zone

    YouTube Zone7 months ago

    She is the General Manager of Keeping Up With The Kardashian

  72. ChivyD

    ChivyD7 months ago

    Do you think Kris knew about the video of Tristian cheating before it was released?

  73. Tanner Hornsby

    Tanner Hornsby7 months ago

    Kendall is the only one without a kid

  74. Rachel True

    Rachel True7 months ago

    my last names true

  75. Chimchim Mistress

    Chimchim Mistress7 months ago

    mE: 3:27 - 3:30

  76. African Queen

    African Queen7 months ago

    Kris says she loves Khloe but it's sad that Khloe is the most disrespectful out of all of her kids. Khloe treats Kris like a dog, cursing her out & threatening her all of the time. Also lying is in their blood. They lie & cheat all of the time: surgery, butt injections, lip injections, they constantly cheat on their men. This family is straight bull sh*t & people hang on to their every lie. smh.

  77. Alina Mus

    Alina Mus7 months ago

    Ellen is a low key snake! She is no better then Wendy bringing the Kardashians only when they have scandal and laughing both times with Kim and here when mentioning him cheating! Shes gotten so fukn annoying lately

  78. Amani Renee

    Amani Renee7 months ago

    This Kardashian’s are cursed Scott drove himself to drinking , Lamar altmost died , Tristian out cheating , Kanye got addicted to opioids 🤦🏽‍♀️. And what’s crazy is you can’t leave em alone you’ll always think about them .

  79. Amani Renee

    Amani Renee7 months ago

    Ellen shadyyyyy 😭😂😭😂

  80. Aboodi II

    Aboodi II7 months ago

    Btw they are back Tristan and khloe

  81. Jeff Belanger

    Jeff Belanger7 months ago

    Nobody cares about these talentless wastes of space. Gtfo.

  82. Dana Jones

    Dana Jones7 months ago

    She has the best media training and interview practice. Boss.

  83. Madeline Now!

    Madeline Now!7 months ago

    Ellen should do a “Bet your Ellen” when Ellen and another woman named Ellen go on that wire thing. Like if you think Ellen should do it!

  84. Em

    Em7 months ago

    I never thought i'd say this, but i wouldn't mind having Kris Jenner as my mom.

  85. veronicah munyiva

    veronicah munyiva7 months ago

    That suit z ugly wat happened

  86. Ernest GrN

    Ernest GrN7 months ago

    Who is that kind person who wants to help me improve my English speaking skills..?I need a speaking partner 🙏🏻

  87. A B

    A B7 months ago


  88. cubanbarb

    cubanbarb7 months ago

    This was audience is not real, tapped in for cameras, listen to the fake laughs

  89. Lucy Howarth

    Lucy Howarth7 months ago

    Such troopers 😚

  90. Jeffery Maina

    Jeffery Maina7 months ago

    Opposite Day was funny lol I came here to see her get mad but that was impressive lol

  91. Rose Ukin

    Rose Ukin7 months ago

    One member of the Kardashian/Jenner family who doesn't say "like" and "literally" in every damn sentence.

  92. YaYa.

    YaYa.7 months ago

    Keeping Up With The Kardashians needs to end. The payout is 150 million. No wonder they are all getting plastic surgeries.

  93. Lauren J

    Lauren J7 months ago

    I feel like the awkwardness came through the screen.... yikes

  94. Geraldine Braxton

    Geraldine Braxton7 months ago

    Taking it one day at a time to me means that she is losing it daily.

  95. m and tey h

    m and tey h7 months ago

    You so nice Ellen

  96. Sarah Eller

    Sarah Eller7 months ago

    Kris is Kweeeen

  97. OShawna23

    OShawna237 months ago

    Am still waiting on her answer about #TristainSituation 🙄

  98. Kathryn Gonzalez

    Kathryn Gonzalez7 months ago

    The queen

  99. Lauren Reise

    Lauren Reise7 months ago

    Poor klohe