Kris Jenner - Introducing My Kris Jenner Collection


  1. Tashanna Foster

    Tashanna Foster20 hours ago


  2. Itzjust Andrea

    Itzjust AndreaDay ago

    I think someone hacked her account. She commented on Mr. Grande's video, using an inappropriate verse.

  3. Elin Figueroa

    Elin Figueroa2 days ago


  4. Abbey’s diy laboratory

    Abbey’s diy laboratory2 days ago

    *HiGhLiGhT oN fLeAk*

  5. yusra edrissi

    yusra edrissi3 days ago

    😂😂😂😂love the press powders names especially your sister is going to jail that name made me laugh😂😂😂😂

  6. MelissaUnicorn Believe In Your Dreams!

    MelissaUnicorn Believe In Your Dreams!3 days ago

    Wit a k

  7. Jobie Aday

    Jobie Aday4 days ago

    *Jaclyn Left The Chat*

  8. 7fallenshells Xoxo

    7fallenshells Xoxo4 days ago

    *doesnt look One time in the camera*

  9. lencie wtf

    lencie wtf4 days ago

    "Crossed her name off and added mine " ......"is that wrong" 🙃

  10. Kim Tov

    Kim Tov4 days ago

    *kris jenner coming for every beauty guru in 8 minutes and 44 seconds*

  11. Abby Esparcia

    Abby Esparcia4 days ago

    I wish kris was my mom

  12. Sparkles & Love

    Sparkles & Love4 days ago

    Veronica Lodge : Karma’s a bitch Kris Jenner : Payback’s a bitch

  13. J Lei

    J Lei4 days ago

    Crappy makeup that sells for a lot of money just by adding "Kylie" over it 😒😒😒

  14. Flying Saucers

    Flying Saucers5 days ago

    Awww she’s such a mum it’s actually kind of cute

  15. Himeiioh YT

    Himeiioh YT6 days ago

    *8:44** minutes of kris jenner being better beauty guru than kylie*

  16. jared Edmondson

    jared Edmondson6 days ago

    This is iconic

  17. Hettie Petra

    Hettie Petra6 days ago

    They need to hire a new video editor. They filter tho.

  18. Jade Williams

    Jade Williams6 days ago

    Kris is me everyday pretending to do a haul

  19. Issy Winn

    Issy Winn7 days ago

    I love Kris sm!

  20. jane showman

    jane showman9 days ago

    She's so cute omg I can't handle

  21. Bismillah Roshna

    Bismillah Roshna10 days ago

    Her mom is so beautiful

  22. Jocelyn Zamudio

    Jocelyn Zamudio10 days ago

    She was lowkey reading something

  23. Princess Diy

    Princess Diy12 days ago

    The people that disliked this are trash people!!!!

  24. Grace Evans

    Grace Evans12 days ago

    “This color makes me really happy” 😂😂😂 love you kris

  25. octqne

    octqne12 days ago

    why did this give me asmr 💀

  26. Alea Macaga-an

    Alea Macaga-an15 days ago

    She's cuuute

  27. Tania Zaman

    Tania Zaman15 days ago

    Why is she acting so weird😩

  28. Emily Smith

    Emily Smith16 days ago

    Why does everyone feel the need to hate? You don't have to like any of the Kardashians, just keep it to yourself. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all.

  29. seokjin's rose

    seokjin's rose16 days ago

    *I C O N I C*

  30. Rohit Singh

    Rohit Singh18 days ago

    Would like to know...what's next business Kylie will be in apart from Cosmetics

  31. Hexx Monroe

    Hexx Monroe20 days ago

    Stupid old whore

  32. Ruchini Rupasinghe

    Ruchini Rupasinghe22 days ago

    she should have her own channel

  33. Ruby Martinez

    Ruby Martinez24 days ago

    Kendall x Kylie????

  34. Lindsay Baker

    Lindsay BakerMonth ago

    Can u do a video on braces and what to do about them? I just got braces today and ur my mentor for makeup Kylie and I feel like u would be super good at it.

  35. Amber Slime’s

    Amber Slime’sMonth ago

    Yass queen kris

  36. Makbule Degirmenci

    Makbule DegirmenciMonth ago

    Lan babaannem bundan küçük karı yürüyemiyo eli ayağı titriyo bu taşırmadan kırmızı ruj sürüyo

  37. Elle Park

    Elle ParkMonth ago

    Kris is so pretty!! You should do more videos like this!! I love it!!

  38. laurie

    laurieMonth ago


  39. Royalty Cosmetics38

    Royalty Cosmetics38Month ago


  40. Preety Mcsteel

    Preety McsteelMonth ago

    That's so creative and well done Kylie.. She's so gud

  41. a l d c f a n

    a l d c f a nMonth ago

    The fact that someone is holding a mirror for her... is just um... idk 😂

  42. Ruth Demski

    Ruth DemskiMonth ago

    She has the nerve to say share OMG ! Thanks for sharing and I am glad to share my money in my pocket.


    KRYMINALMonth ago

    "pressed power" is only in caucasian skin tones

  44. Panini Flowers

    Panini FlowersMonth ago

    This is a cute palette for legit moms and older women those neutrals are pretty cute

  45. Ana Dulewicz

    Ana DulewiczMonth ago

    Why is this so cute

  46. G

    GMonth ago

    2:46 when you see your replacement

  47. Matthew Fahy

    Matthew FahyMonth ago

    Kris: This is highlight on fleek Me:😂😂😂😂

  48. JC Bruv

    JC BruvMonth ago

    Honestly a part of her personality is like a teenager. She is a 18 year old diva trapped inside a 60 year old pensioner. It doesn’t work. I can’t say to act her age.. Because it’s too late for her.

  49. Simple Daphne

    Simple DaphneMonth ago

    Should be entitled "Kris Jenner Selling Better Products than Kylie"

  50. lauren vega-cruz

    lauren vega-cruzMonth ago

    where do i buy? my first kardashian beauty product!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Laura Fradkoff

    Laura FradkoffMonth ago

    Noooooooo. Just looking for money

  52. goth girl

    goth girlMonth ago

    I’d buy this for my mum if her skin tone was a bit lighter, the lip colour would be lighter than her

  53. 비소가씨바

    비소가씨바Month ago

    I don't know why but her voice is so soothing

  54. b kelly

    b kellyMonth ago

    The middle finger is so trashy. She is so proud that she has raised some classless nasty women.

  55. Cateryna Purnama

    Cateryna PurnamaMonth ago

    This gives me livessss

  56. Rebecca Marshman

    Rebecca MarshmanMonth ago

    I just got your hair style and really love your makeup this is fantastic I thought you were great here on utube and I'm getting this collection you are truly beautiful love me xooxoxooxooxoo more vids please 💕💕💕

  57. Jerry Burger

    Jerry BurgerMonth ago

    What a fake bitch.....jeezas

  58. David Lopez

    David LopezMonth ago

    *we love a beauty guru*

  59. lily blu

    lily bluMonth ago

    Look at all my goodies, I'm so excited to get your money...I mean.. share this w you.

  60. Francelina Camilo

    Francelina CamiloMonth ago

    Kris I wish you all the best you are a very good business woman I believe you will very successfully you leve on right country 😘❤🤟

  61. Lydia Antunovich-Bozinoska

    Lydia Antunovich-BozinoskaMonth ago

    With the red lip kris looks so much like Kendele

  62. Nicki & Jess

    Nicki & JessMonth ago

    Yall go subscribe to my channel pleaseeeee

  63. christine

    christineMonth ago

    love these cuties so much

  64. Caitlin Anna

    Caitlin AnnaMonth ago

    Kris needs to become a regular youtuber

  65. Kennedy Alexander

    Kennedy AlexanderMonth ago

    James Charles who?

  66. Arianna merida

    Arianna meridaMonth ago

    The packaging is way better than the Brush set. Kylie learned from her mistakes

  67. Sammy68305

    Sammy683052 months ago

    Money for nothing.....bullshit millionairs with no Talent at all......dumbass kids bying every Fart of this embarrasing Family

  68. ari.

    ari.2 months ago

    Love it 😍

  69. michaela the creator

    michaela the creator2 months ago


  70. Zohra Bhati

    Zohra Bhati2 months ago

    So you're basically paying so much of money just for the packaging and for THE NAME

  71. Incognito Duchess

    Incognito Duchess2 months ago

    Real classy, kid.

  72. Incognito Duchess

    Incognito Duchess2 months ago

    Let her live, will you? Regardless of whether or not its a good investment, people will buy what they want to buy.

  73. Yayneris Casademunt

    Yayneris Casademunt2 months ago

    Is sad and upsetting how all y’all some real fucking haters . The shades in this collection are beautiful, just because is a kris collection doesn’t mean anything atleast they’re creative and made a makeup collab like that using lines from the show . Y’all gonna stay bitter and broke.

  74. Måriå Unicorn

    Måriå Unicorn2 months ago

    james charles wig flew to the sun.

  75. R

    R2 months ago

    guys she really done lubed up her camera

  76. amima limbu

    amima limbu2 months ago

    The names are so hilarious... Haha loved it...

  77. Gigi Marie

    Gigi Marie2 months ago

    "hahaha im a real youtuber" lmfao im dead. love her

  78. Daniel J Greek

    Daniel J Greek2 months ago

    never wanted to buy Kyle Cosmetics.... UNTIL NOW! THIS IS WHAT I NEED IN MY LIFE.

  79. Alice Kiesov

    Alice Kiesov2 months ago

    happy for you and your family

  80. Candy Feyrer

    Candy Feyrer2 months ago

    What would kris do with out her 30 % of her kids thief products and shit her family does plues the crap that she put her kid through for money to take care of her and her to work the deal with people that she still from bad manager like alow you child to have plastic surgery at 16 yrs shame on her i out done with that family she had money from poor husbands she never worked in till now

  81. Queen Baby

    Queen Baby2 months ago

    Y’all people in these comments are a bunch of haters real shit

  82. Jen C

    Jen C2 months ago

    kris is hilarious i love her

  83. Anthony03

    Anthony032 months ago

    Omg be beauty guru

  84. Rebecca Zvobgo

    Rebecca Zvobgo2 months ago

    Kris is a really good rolemodel I love it love Kylie your biggest fan in the world

  85. Rebecca Zvobgo

    Rebecca Zvobgo2 months ago

    Wow I love it when I get older because I am 10 I clicked on it when I so Kardashian and Jener your biggest fan in the world

  86. Mafer GR

    Mafer GR2 months ago

    The smoky eye is the best... because i knew how to do it 😂

  87. Precious make up stories

    Precious make up stories2 months ago

    Glowing to the gods ...Where?

  88. Cannigirl99

    Cannigirl992 months ago

    Kris is such a hollywood hungry cunt.

  89. Filiz KIZIL

    Filiz KIZIL2 months ago

    She is reading not speaking free

  90. Marcus Madden

    Marcus Madden2 months ago

    This is ASMR

  91. Partly Crimson

    Partly Crimson2 months ago

    here I am on the other side of the planet wondering how I could get these 🙁😭

  92. mirabelle Portelli

    mirabelle Portelli2 months ago

    Can she look at the camera?😂😂

  93. Gtube Tv

    Gtube Tv2 months ago

    Yes out of EVERY ONE I LOVE KRIS

  94. EdensSecret1

    EdensSecret12 months ago

    It looks great, love all the slogans and the colours look lovely

  95. Allison Etzler

    Allison Etzler2 months ago

    “I torture them”😂😂😂😂

  96. jawa ahmed

    jawa ahmed2 months ago


  97. ash

    ash2 months ago

    Does anyone know the video of this where when she says the title of the product like “you’re doing amazing sweetie” and “your sisters going to jail” it inserts the video from where she says it, I think it’s like a meme page kinda like beef, shook, Sebastian Williams or something like that. Please help!!

  98. josephine akurut

    josephine akurut2 months ago

    Kris Jenner is an intelligent mother. Her gals a Soo lucky to have her by their side. God bless you mama for all you have done for ur gals and every one you have inspired.....iluv u

  99. Ari Berri

    Ari Berri2 months ago

    Kris looks like a combination of all of her children tbh

  100. xsxmiaa

    xsxmiaa14 hours ago

    Ari Berri oh! Well now you know 😘

  101. Ari Berri

    Ari Berri16 hours ago

    xsxmiaa OH REALLYY????? I wasn’t aware of that!!!

  102. Jessica Jordan

    Jessica Jordan19 hours ago

    They look like her

  103. xsxmiaa

    xsxmiaa21 hour ago

    Maybe because she’s their mother? Common sense?

  104. Ari Berri

    Ari Berri2 days ago

    Macky Schmit no, I mean she looks like a combination of all her children, which means all her children took a bit of her beauty. I know what I said

  105. Mia Santos

    Mia Santos2 months ago

    Where is kris Jenner from

  106. Jomana Shaheen

    Jomana Shaheen2 months ago

    IS it bad I'm eleven and I want this kit

  107. Simply Paige

    Simply Paige2 months ago

    I freaking love kris and Kylie honestly my favorite kardashian/Jenners I’m getting the palette because it’s so cute and good for everyday