Kris Jenner - Introducing My Kris Jenner Collection


  1. Maria Martinez

    Maria Martinez21 hour ago

    What ever negative people talk about kk. They doing something good. They are rich a fabulous.okoko.

  2. Orube Kdo

    Orube KdoDay ago

    The red lipstick is so beautiful.

  3. Orube Kdo

    Orube KdoDay ago

    1:56 and VOILA. She is speaking french ! :)

  4. Bleach

    BleachDay ago

    She looks like Latoya Jackson with that nose

  5. Jenny Ballesteros

    Jenny BallesterosDay ago

    Kris guapisima....

  6. Charissa Corona

    Charissa Corona2 days ago

    Why do they put that weird ass filter over their videos

  7. Inah Jacob

    Inah Jacob3 days ago

    "This is highlighter on FLEEK"-Kris Jenner

  8. Jäylene .Marie

    Jäylene .Marie3 days ago

    I would love kris jenner to be my momger 😅💕

  9. Fios Often

    Fios Often3 days ago

    Lol so cute

  10. Jen- A-Purr

    Jen- A-Purr3 days ago

    The packaging Kylie does with herself or any collab she does is always blowing KKW cosmetics out of the water. She’s so cute I can’t even take it lol

  11. Jade Aguilar

    Jade Aguilar4 days ago

    how many times did she say (it makes me really happy?)

  12. Empress황후

    Empress황후4 days ago

    Kris is a kool mom (yeah I know it starts with a c )

  13. Camren Carmen

    Camren Carmen4 days ago

    When Kris Jenner looks younger than I do..... she’s old enough to be my grandma 😳

  14. Lola Reci

    Lola Reci4 days ago

    Lol omg after this Rob is going to start selling makeup😂😂 family business

  15. Stephani Nicole

    Stephani Nicole4 days ago

    She looks fucking possessed 😵😱

  16. Kim Julia Lee

    Kim Julia Lee5 days ago

    This collection is so cuteeee❤❤

  17. Bo Nieuwenhuis

    Bo Nieuwenhuis5 days ago

    No offense but this looks like a palette you would buy at H&M

  18. Happy Times

    Happy Times5 days ago

    Its hard to hate Kris Jenner

  19. Snoeppie Dough

    Snoeppie Dough5 days ago

    The concept of the product is really nice and the story behind it as well... well done KJ

  20. Ζωη ντεζιρε

    Ζωη ντεζιρε5 days ago

    I shuld that soon as all i take kylie

  21. ewoyah

    ewoyah6 days ago

    is it just me or is her whole face blurred out?

  22. ntv

    ntv6 days ago

    Botox on fleek

  23. AZ Rinna

    AZ Rinna6 days ago


  24. Paola Alexandra Araya Araya

    Paola Alexandra Araya Araya6 days ago

    Regalame uno a mi porfavor.plis .ok.

  25. Sad Bitch

    Sad Bitch7 days ago

    “This is highlight on fleek!” - Kris Jenner 2018

  26. Erin Helgerman

    Erin Helgerman7 days ago

    Yasss mama Kris!!!❤️

  27. Lea Cam

    Lea Cam7 days ago

    4:06 bipolair

  28. Fathma Noor

    Fathma Noor7 days ago

    *Kris jenner obsessing over her collection for eight minutes straight* lol nooffense tho.

  29. Nxtxshx

    Nxtxshx8 days ago

    Actually love her

  30. Aradia Cortez

    Aradia Cortez8 days ago

    I want Jeffree Star to have a review in this

  31. Melissa Wright

    Melissa Wright8 days ago

    I love the funny names of all the shades x

  32. Natalija Dimitrijevic

    Natalija Dimitrijevic9 days ago

    Shes so cute ✨

  33. Helen C

    Helen C12 days ago

    Kringe ‘with a K’!

  34. Avery Jones

    Avery Jones12 days ago

    7:25 “I know what you’re thinking guys. She can’t stay in the lines” Kris you’re doing amazing sweetie!! I can’t do makeup like you so wys. We Stan an icon.

  35. LiFT

    LiFT13 days ago

    T R A S H

  36. Sweeti Pie

    Sweeti Pie14 days ago

    The meadow finger lip stick is nice.

  37. Rosa Brown

    Rosa Brown14 days ago


  38. Syana

    Syana17 days ago

    Kris is soooo beautiful! I've watched their show since it came out almost 12 years ago. I love them like family lol

  39. Claudia Vlahović

    Claudia Vlahović18 days ago


  40. Cacky1

    Cacky119 days ago

    What about placenta and the underwear sniffers?

  41. Rilley Griffin

    Rilley Griffin20 days ago

    all of their voices are so relaxing omg

  42. releena d

    releena d21 day ago

    Who doesnt have a makeup brand nowadays 😏

  43. 周铭涵

    周铭涵21 day ago

    She's really a good mother

  44. Robin Ryan

    Robin Ryan22 days ago

    Her nose is gone...

  45. Yamely Rodriguez

    Yamely Rodriguez22 days ago

    Thank you next, bitch...

  46. Jenni Azucena

    Jenni Azucena22 days ago

    I think she is looking at the monitor a little much..but cutee

  47. victoria rose

    victoria rose22 days ago

    Idk how she “uses this everyday” yet she said it’s her first time opening it

  48. Georgia Keaton

    Georgia Keaton22 days ago

    This is so cute X

  49. jose espinal

    jose espinal23 days ago

    "Kim would you stop taking pictures of yourself. Your sister is going to jail." That would be me taking pictures.


    BOBBA BOP23 days ago

    Kris as a youtuber.. More please..

  51. SamiaMua

    SamiaMua23 days ago

    Is she reading from something??

  52. Kimberly Cardenas

    Kimberly Cardenas23 days ago

    She's literally so cute what the fuck. I love her.

  53. Emma Grigoryan

    Emma Grigoryan24 days ago

    I love this woman.

  54. StrawberryNinja Nibbles

    StrawberryNinja Nibbles24 days ago

    She’s living so hard through her kids it’s cringey

  55. Regan Endacott

    Regan Endacott24 days ago

    “I’m gonna break the internet” at the end though lol

  56. Duane Caddy

    Duane Caddy25 days ago


  57. Anonymous ___

    Anonymous ___25 days ago

    g o o d i e s

  58. kate pyckowski

    kate pyckowski25 days ago

    kylie should make a collection called Krismas omg that’s would be iconic

  59. Maya Luna

    Maya Luna25 days ago

    Oksobasically she makes all my favorite quotes

  60. Esme The dog

    Esme The dog26 days ago

    I would bye this just coz kris is an icon

  61. Sarah Holcombe

    Sarah Holcombe26 days ago

    She says the same thing it makes me feel happy and I love this color

  62. Kristal Bee

    Kristal Bee26 days ago

    *Kris jenner doing a review in less than 10 minutes*

  63. Isabel La catolica

    Isabel La catolica26 days ago

    Kriss es Bellízima y con Kylie Cosmetics su Rostro se ilumina de Belleza

  64. Jaxon Zhang

    Jaxon Zhang27 days ago

    Hahahahahah this is so good n funny

  65. Anne Licht

    Anne Licht27 days ago

    Love you kris😍❤️😘👍❣️

  66. Bella Hurd-Wood

    Bella Hurd-Wood29 days ago

    I hate that she is not looking at the camera the whole time and looking like down

  67. Ssssniperwolf fan Lumpy case

    Ssssniperwolf fan Lumpy case29 days ago

    Love your makeup I have it please come out with another palette 🎨

  68. Nisa Ashruf

    Nisa Ashruf29 days ago

    *why does she look 3?*

  69. Naima Sadiq

    Naima SadiqMonth ago

    I don't wanna be rude , but all the makeup is practically for lighter skin tones I mean, I'm mediumish and I cant use it ...

  70. Ketchupbrot Msp

    Ketchupbrot MspMonth ago

    My mum would never Bring a Makeup Collection out so very proud of you ❤️

  71. o̸o̸f.Itz_ Xochilt

    o̸o̸f.Itz_ XochiltMonth ago

    Who got the yubo app with larray

  72. Hey its Andreia

    Hey its AndreiaMonth ago

    *Nicol concilio has angrily left the chat*

  73. Alexis

    AlexisMonth ago


  74. Daisy Goodin

    Daisy GoodinMonth ago

    Anyone here in December 2018???

  75. Maya Murray

    Maya MurrayMonth ago

    Literally the only mum who can say on fleek and be cool 😂😂

  76. Everliegh Stacyxo

    Everliegh StacyxoMonth ago

    I love you kylie+😘

  77. Rama Elboshra

    Rama ElboshraMonth ago


  78. AD

    ADMonth ago

    Thank you next bitch

  79. Shruti Pandey

    Shruti PandeyMonth ago

    She looks like Shah Rukh Khan with the glasses on the packaging. 😂

  80. poo teen

    poo teenMonth ago

    thank you, next bitch

  81. Rachel Green

    Rachel GreenMonth ago


  82. aldine bros

    aldine brosMonth ago

    i feel like she’s looking at my lips this whole video

  83. siv tone hasselquist

    siv tone hasselquistMonth ago

    Does anyone buy the "photoshopped in real life" filter??

  84. Alyssa Norris

    Alyssa NorrisMonth ago

    Highlight on fleek 😂😂😂yass gurl

  85. SimplyMy Life

    SimplyMy LifeMonth ago

    Thank You Next bitchhh

  86. pink victoria 's secret fan

    pink victoria 's secret fanMonth ago

    Kris is so happy

  87. TrulyNeha

    TrulyNehaMonth ago

    Thank u, next .

  88. Lataillade Family

    Lataillade FamilyMonth ago

    They didn't really have to make this collection but they did

  89. Liliana Serrano

    Liliana SerranoMonth ago

    this highliter is on fleek

  90. emzo bemzo

    emzo bemzoMonth ago

    is kris on the pr list yet

  91. IRuinEverything

    IRuinEverythingMonth ago

    Fuck your collection.

  92. Victoria’s makeup box

    Victoria’s makeup boxMonth ago

    Kris did AMAZING for her first time doing a tutorial!!!😘😘😘

  93. Dan Is Not All That

    Dan Is Not All ThatMonth ago

    *james charles has left the chat*

  94. tat ilovearianagrande

    tat ilovearianagrandeMonth ago


  95. Vintage Hippy

    Vintage HippyMonth ago

    2:38 I’m hyperventilating

  96. Maria Glushkova

    Maria GlushkovaMonth ago

    GUYS! Can we just sit and laugh at Kris’s attitude and sarcasm? Yes,the collection wasn’t the best (I don’t like the products myself), but the way she acts and all those little phrases keeps me sane. Let’s just laugh (in a good way) and be happy:) I actually like her attitude,she is very funny to watch)

  97. betah 555190

    betah 555190Month ago

    Am i the only one who saw ,that she didn't mention the shade "talent" in the smokey eye pallete? She just like skipped it...No shade maybe Kris didn't saw it but....Idk

  98. uwu

    uwuMonth ago

    kris is iconic tbh

  99. Johanna Saska

    Johanna SaskaMonth ago

    Did she just say blogers instead of vlogers

  100. HeythereImHannah

    HeythereImHannahMonth ago

    yes queen

  101. Olivia Dunne

    Olivia DunneMonth ago

    Omg I just noticed that khloe Kim and kylie all talk so much like you