Kris Jenner - Introducing My Kris Jenner Collection


  1. Zohra Bhati

    Zohra Bhati2 days ago

    So you're basically paying so much of money just for the packaging and for THE NAME

  2. Yayneris Casademunt

    Yayneris Casademunt2 days ago

    Is sad and upsetting how all y’all some real fucking haters . The shades in this collection are beautiful, just because is a kris collection doesn’t mean anything atleast they’re creative and made a makeup collab like that using lines from the show . Y’all gonna stay bitter and broke.

  3. Måriå Unicorn

    Måriå Unicorn3 days ago

    james charles wig flew to the sun.

  4. R

    R3 days ago

    guys she really done lubed up her camera

  5. amima limbu

    amima limbu3 days ago

    The names are so hilarious... Haha loved it...

  6. Gigi Marie

    Gigi Marie3 days ago

    "hahaha im a real youtuber" lmfao im dead. love her

  7. Daniel J Greek

    Daniel J Greek3 days ago

    never wanted to buy Kyle Cosmetics.... UNTIL NOW! THIS IS WHAT I NEED IN MY LIFE.

  8. Alice Kiesov

    Alice Kiesov4 days ago

    happy for you and your family

  9. Candy Feyrer

    Candy Feyrer4 days ago

    What would kris do with out her 30 % of her kids thief products and shit her family does plues the crap that she put her kid through for money to take care of her and her to work the deal with people that she still from bad manager like alow you child to have plastic surgery at 16 yrs shame on her i out done with that family she had money from poor husbands she never worked in till now

  10. Queen Baby

    Queen Baby5 days ago

    Y’all people in these comments are a bunch of haters real shit

  11. Jen C

    Jen C6 days ago

    kris is hilarious i love her

  12. No one

    No one6 days ago

    Omg be beauty guru

  13. Rebecca Zvobgo

    Rebecca Zvobgo7 days ago

    Kris is a really good rolemodel I love it love Kylie your biggest fan in the world

  14. Rebecca Zvobgo

    Rebecca Zvobgo7 days ago

    Wow I love it when I get older because I am 10 I clicked on it when I so Kardashian and Jener your biggest fan in the world

  15. purnima kumar

    purnima kumar7 days ago

    Do you have a kris Jenner foundation

  16. Mafer GR

    Mafer GR8 days ago

    The smoky eye is the best... because i knew how to do it 😂

  17. Precious make up stories

    Precious make up stories8 days ago

    Glowing to the gods ...Where?

  18. Cannigirl99

    Cannigirl998 days ago

    Kris is such a hollywood hungry cunt.

  19. Filiz KIZIL

    Filiz KIZIL8 days ago

    She is reading not speaking free

  20. Marcus Madden

    Marcus Madden9 days ago

    This is ASMR

  21. Julia Angela

    Julia Angela9 days ago

    here I am on the other side of the planet wondering how I could get these 🙁😭

  22. mirabelle Portelli

    mirabelle Portelli9 days ago

    Can she look at the camera?😂😂

  23. Gtube Tv

    Gtube Tv9 days ago

    Yes out of EVERY ONE I LOVE KRIS

  24. EdensSecret1

    EdensSecret110 days ago

    It looks great, love all the slogans and the colours look lovely

  25. Allison Etzler

    Allison Etzler10 days ago

    “I torture them”😂😂😂😂

  26. jawa ahmed

    jawa ahmed12 days ago


  27. ash

    ash13 days ago

    Does anyone know the video of this where when she says the title of the product like “you’re doing amazing sweetie” and “your sisters going to jail” it inserts the video from where she says it, I think it’s like a meme page kinda like beef, shook, Sebastian Williams or something like that. Please help!!

  28. josephine akurut

    josephine akurut13 days ago

    Kris Jenner is an intelligent mother. Her gals a Soo lucky to have her by their side. God bless you mama for all you have done for ur gals and every one you have inspired.....iluv u

  29. Ula Krawczak

    Ula Krawczak15 days ago

    I bet the makeup artist is like "why, why, why, WHY!?" When she was putting on the lipsticks

  30. Ari Berri

    Ari Berri15 days ago

    Kris looks like a combination of all of her children tbh

  31. Mia Santos

    Mia Santos15 days ago

    Where is kris Jenner from

  32. Jomana Shaheen

    Jomana Shaheen15 days ago

    IS it bad I'm eleven and I want this kit

  33. Simply Paige

    Simply Paige16 days ago

    I freaking love kris and Kylie honestly my favorite kardashian/Jenners I’m getting the palette because it’s so cute and good for everyday

  34. Princes Consuela Bananahammock D

    Princes Consuela Bananahammock D16 days ago

    Wait... hold up, is this seriously happening 😂 I can’t even with the Kardashian’s anymore

  35. Ashley Rivera

    Ashley Rivera16 days ago

    Your just trying to show how nice the formulas are to convince people to buy it. I bought it , the eyeshadows came in cracked and the powder everywhere 😑😤

  36. Tavina Sivapalan

    Tavina Sivapalan16 days ago

    Actually I love the whole Kardashian-Jenner family. Everyone has a bright attitude. I do understand that they turned to a lot of cosmetic surgery and stuff to improve the way the look but they're all filled with a bright bubbly personality. I don't see anything to hate with them. They send good vibes everywhere. They make their money and it's their wish what they want to do with it. I'm proud of everything they do and I 100% support them for everything. I learn new things everyday with their videos and I love their big happy family. I think Kris Jenner is a great mum who supports her daughter's passion and dreams. Don't ever change ❤

  37. Sara Mahmoud

    Sara Mahmoud17 days ago

    It’s easy to say that your my fave Kardashian/Jenner

  38. lexi z

    lexi z18 days ago

    "Is that wrong"??? 😂😂😘

  39. Jostan Vallis

    Jostan Vallis18 days ago

    I don’t use makeup, but I’ll probably buy one of Kris’s pallets just to display on my wall because she’s the best Kardashian-Jenner out of all of them and icon.

  40. Rosy Sanchez

    Rosy Sanchez18 days ago

    " is that wrong" I'm dead😂😂😂😂

  41. themoon 89

    themoon 8918 days ago


  42. Brenda Kinsley

    Brenda Kinsley20 days ago

    I have made the most incredible skin and face salv from cannabis I smoked ciggs up until ayear ago.. I'm 46 and did drugs in my 20s and 30s. Cannabis repairs cells!!! It's amazing

  43. Mandy Harper

    Mandy Harper20 days ago

    I thought for a sec you couldn't apply lip product then I realized the left side of your mouth is fucked up.

  44. David Mendoza

    David Mendoza22 days ago

    I fucking love krisss yooo😭😂

  45. phuong. acx

    phuong. acx23 days ago

    this is so precious

  46. Theresa Garletts

    Theresa Garletts23 days ago

    i'm a real youtuber THIS IS HIGHLIGHT ON FLEAK GLOWING TO THE GODS!! this is why we all love kris.

  47. Sanda

    Sanda23 days ago

    way too much smoothing

  48. Steph Mcbroom

    Steph Mcbroom23 days ago

    Amazing! You are such a cutie. And the girls are lucky to have you as a mom. I unfortunately growing up was not that fortunate but my mom passed this passed February. We weren't close but she was my mom. Love you sweet lady .great video!!!!!! Steph

  49. addiskiddan Ermeyes

    addiskiddan Ermeyes24 days ago

    When you realize you don’t have that much product *stares* “and Um walah

  50. Ana Diaz

    Ana Diaz24 days ago

    "This is highlight on fleek!" OMG I'M dying 😂😂😂😂


    RACHANA PATEL24 days ago

    She’s just so cute and bubbly ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  52. sanquinette phillips

    sanquinette phillips25 days ago

    I love you Kristen..

  53. Emmatheweirdone _

    Emmatheweirdone _25 days ago

    She has the same laugh as koko I love it 😂💕💕

  54. Emmatheweirdone _

    Emmatheweirdone _25 days ago

    She has the same laugh as koko I love it 😂💕💕

  55. Timeless Beauty

    Timeless Beauty25 days ago

    No. Just no. Let Kylie stick to her line by herself. She does better. Have you seen the lip kits?

  56. Mary Allen

    Mary Allen26 days ago

    Hilarious and cheesy!

  57. Erin Armstrong

    Erin Armstrong26 days ago

    Every colour makes her happy

  58. Erin Armstrong

    Erin Armstrong26 days ago

    'This is highlight on fleek' 😂

  59. Sienna A

    Sienna A27 days ago

    CAN I BUY 1200000 OF THESE PLEASE, just because it’s kris jenner❤️❤️

  60. Anneth Garza

    Anneth Garza27 days ago

    I don't own anything from Kylie Cosmetics but for Kris Jenner I would spend on that You're doing amazing sweetie palette. Just for the packaging. 😹💖

  61. Melinda Feliciano

    Melinda Feliciano27 days ago

    Oh gosh funny as hell lmao

  62. Mini ALDC

    Mini ALDC28 days ago

    When she does the quiet voice she sounds like Kim

  63. Fasya Elsya

    Fasya Elsya29 days ago

    Ppl bought it because the packaging

  64. Sydney Da Pig

    Sydney Da Pig29 days ago

    0:16 she said she was getting it for thee first time but during the video she said she has a lipstick on from the package and I think she had on a couple of other stuff. But why did she say that she is getting it for the first time!?!?

  65. Anke Shact

    Anke Shact29 days ago

    “Your sisters going to jail” BAHAHAHAHHA I CHOKED

  66. Lumina Chinyere

    Lumina Chinyere29 days ago

    I love u Kris jenner

  67. Meredith A

    Meredith AMonth ago

    Oh woww !!! I'm in shock !!! Seriously

  68. Change1

    Change1Month ago

    Kris, you spend too much time in France to not be able to say "VOILA". You're a queen tho

  69. Laura Febles

    Laura FeblesMonth ago

    Kris is super cute ^^

  70. Nicolae A. T Harris

    Nicolae A. T HarrisMonth ago

    This bitch is crazy

  71. Rebecca Tang

    Rebecca TangMonth ago

    I feel like she’s more excited about the packaging and the names of the products than the actual makeup.

  72. Agnes Frankel

    Agnes FrankelMonth ago

    so cool

  73. Marce bayona

    Marce bayonaMonth ago

    Lindo labial te luce..

  74. Marce bayona

    Marce bayonaMonth ago

    Beatifull..Estas hermosa.

  75. LOADING...

    LOADING...Month ago

    She crossed her own daughter name (logo) and put her name on the box. What kind of mother is that?

  76. Spencer Rolen

    Spencer RolenMonth ago

    yeh they have run the make up line in the ground, no doubt that will fall off, they just get greedier, it's funny how we aren't seeing them giving much, just showing their greediness more and more...take a stand people

  77. Phoebe Isobel

    Phoebe IsobelMonth ago

    Take a shot every time she says viola

  78. Simply Zoe

    Simply ZoeMonth ago

    did anyone buy this?

  79. AshleyM. Cruz Hilario

    AshleyM. Cruz HilarioMonth ago

    I really really love Kris Jenner, like I just love her

  80. Queen OftheNile

    Queen OftheNileMonth ago

    Kris Jenner is a queen. We don’t deserve her for many reasons!!!!

  81. figueroasylvia22

    figueroasylvia22Month ago

    okay cause I love what you did

  82. Verbs describe us

    Verbs describe usMonth ago

    a make-up with quotes, that is very creative, Mrs. Kris! :)

  83. Queen zeba 786

    Queen zeba 786Month ago

    When she was applying the reds she was looking like marlyn

  84. Jeree Anderson

    Jeree AndersonMonth ago

    “I’m a real MReporterr!” 🤣♥️

  85. Jane Campbell

    Jane CampbellMonth ago

    Dance dance revolution

  86. Jocelyn Wong

    Jocelyn WongMonth ago

    I really liked this 😍

  87. aisling crotty

    aisling crottyMonth ago

    Omg im Cringing 🙉when she uses words like "on fleek" , " it's like she doesn't know she is not young.

  88. Kingin King

    Kingin KingMonth ago

    y'all hating but y'all still buying

  89. Ellie R

    Ellie RMonth ago

    Bo8iiiiiiiiiii no

  90. mjchannel

    mjchannelMonth ago

    Kris Jenner should be a youtuber right now

  91. Riana Krista Mandia

    Riana Krista MandiaMonth ago

    7:33 She look so very Kendall-ish

  92. Unknown

    UnknownMonth ago

    *lol need mommy to sponser Kylie Cosmetics*

  93. Pradnya Meow

    Pradnya MeowMonth ago

    So is it cause they pay her 10%? As a manager

  94. Pradnya Meow

    Pradnya MeowMonth ago

    I like kris more than a her daughter

  95. Megan Lentz

    Megan LentzMonth ago

    I’m obsessed w her

  96. doll maleficent

    doll maleficentMonth ago

    you do know she doesn't use any of this it's all for sales lol haha 😂 she has her own style and makeup not this cheap stuff

  97. doll maleficent

    doll maleficentMonth ago

    a nod to her mom saying fuck off OMG OMG

  98. doll maleficent

    doll maleficentMonth ago

    people are so gullible

  99. doll maleficent

    doll maleficentMonth ago

    people are so gullible

  100. Fun Vids With Annika

    Fun Vids With AnnikaMonth ago

    "This is highlight on fleek"