Kris Jenner - Introducing My Kris Jenner Collection


  1. Alice Nguyen

    Alice Nguyen54 minutes ago

    y do they talk so slow?

  2. andres pichara

    andres pichara10 hours ago

    You are a amazing mom. ❤ i really i love you.

  3. Sofia Beatrice

    Sofia Beatrice10 hours ago

    Kris is Queeb

  4. Fransella Blasco

    Fransella Blasco16 hours ago

    Oohhhh my god 😍😂😂😂😂 i loveee her ! I just feel in love with Kris !! 💙 hahahaha i loved it, it was funny and cute and real and i love that she is fully just looking at the monitor i guess ! Haha but i loved it !

  5. Issa Bella Jade

    Issa Bella Jade17 hours ago

    her formulas arent even hers

  6. Cereza G

    Cereza G18 hours ago

    She sounds like your grandmother showing you her photo album

  7. Alec Galpert

    Alec Galpert21 hour ago

    U too can look like a grown up whore

  8. мía мσѕα 🥀

    мía мσѕα 🥀Day ago

    "kinda crossed off her name- and put mine.. I that wrong?" fucking mood.

  9. White Oleander

    White OleanderDay ago

    how come this vid so smooth n blurry when i watch it in super HD. fuck

  10. Mehmet Estela

    Mehmet EstelaDay ago

    Haha so cutee💕

  11. Reyna Alcala

    Reyna AlcalaDay ago

    Mac and cheese is what I raised them on also. Lol

  12. Reyna Alcala

    Reyna AlcalaDay ago

    I am so in love with momager collection, not like I can afford it. I'm a single mother of three on disability with fixed income. But loving it. I'm in my 40s and I wish I looked as good as you Chris. You are so beautiful with such beautiful children. Thumbs up to you mama 👍👍👍👍👍. I gotta to figure how to get that highlighter. 💄💅😘😘😘😘😘

  13. Khunt Phucker

    Khunt PhuckerDay ago

    ...fuck you you nasty bitch...

  14. Enrique Peña Nieto

    Enrique Peña NietoDay ago

    the filter on this video. People get old Kris just face you’re not 50 anymore

  15. tia louise

    tia louiseDay ago

    Yaaaas kirs💥💥💫💫

  16. Why_ Tho123

    Why_ Tho123Day ago

    I love her so much like she is the best of the Kardashian’s

  17. kylee nixon

    kylee nixonDay ago

    Love her

  18. Taylor N

    Taylor N2 days ago

    Fantastic job Kris! I love you guys. So beautiful. Congratulations on the collaboration.

  19. Chik_makeup

    Chik_makeup2 days ago

    You can tell from the hair line that her face is filtered

  20. Chik_makeup

    Chik_makeup2 days ago

    Is it me or is her face filtered wayyy too much

  21. Chik_makeup

    Chik_makeup2 days ago

    Is it me or is her fave filtered wayyy too much

  22. Lisa Bates

    Lisa Bates2 days ago

    who uses an airbrush filter to show how good their makeup is lol, no thanks

  23. Jade Lovette

    Jade Lovette2 days ago

    This whole video makes me wanna cringe. She sounds like a 12 year old, all their family (ESPECIALLY Kris) care about is breaking the internet, fame and money. Love how her makeup is already done and she won’t stop from bare face and show us what her makeup actually does. Old lady we’ve seen the other review, we know your product is shit, get over yourself!

  24. eileen peters

    eileen peters2 days ago

    I really love this one!!!!!!

  25. Ruliani Octaviana

    Ruliani Octaviana2 days ago

    I love you momager!!!

  26. A` La Cartoon

    A` La Cartoon2 days ago

    There you go America, keep buying their products. Maybe we can get their net worth up to a billion dollars...

  27. Guillermo Brito

    Guillermo Brito2 days ago

    Es rojo descubriste el agua tibia

  28. Guillermo Brito

    Guillermo Brito2 days ago

    Oh bitch you left me bind

  29. Guillermo Brito

    Guillermo Brito2 days ago

    Poor whore

  30. David Loaeza

    David Loaeza2 days ago

    Honestly fuck ABH, Tom Ford, Tarte, Smashbox, Mufe, MAC.... I’ll be throwing away my $110 Tom Ford Bronzer and $37 NARS Highlighters for my queen Kris

  31. אפרת אהרונוביץ

    אפרת אהרונוביץ2 days ago

    So fun and intersting video!! I love the kollection came out in "Mother Day"💖 The kollection looks really perfect and lovely!! :)

  32. SadChicks

    SadChicks2 days ago

    "A lipstick, a lipliner and.." I feel like she thought there wasd more lol

  33. Henly HENLY

    Henly HENLY3 days ago

    I Love her so much she s so cute

  34. Alejandrav006

    Alejandrav0063 days ago

    What kind of name is middle finger? What about "everything started with a sex tape", "attention whore" or "not without my 30 pounds of butt".

  35. William Parsell

    William Parsell3 days ago


  36. jayla morris

    jayla morris3 days ago

    Odds governor signal properly rapidly circuit round.

  37. bratzyeh

    bratzyeh3 days ago

    shes such a cool mom bro, my mom don't even know what highlighter is 😂😂

  38. Storytalker

    Storytalker3 days ago

    we all know that this is trash

  39. Ashley Tracey

    Ashley Tracey3 days ago

    I have to admit, the names for the highlighters are adorable lol

  40. Carla L

    Carla L3 days ago

    I like how she gets her makeup done by people but tries to show everyone how she does her makeup 🤔

  41. maddy k

    maddy k3 days ago

    i love her

  42. Ana Hussein

    Ana Hussein3 days ago

    Lmfaooo her blush is like a desert

  43. Angeline Palileo

    Angeline Palileo3 days ago

    I love the names 😂 it makes me cry from laughing ❤❤

  44. Ania Idziaszczyk

    Ania Idziaszczyk3 days ago

    How to be the best woman on internet tutorial

  45. Joseph Sherman

    Joseph Sherman3 days ago

    Is this what Bruce wears ????

  46. Adelia Alessandra

    Adelia Alessandra3 days ago

    Was the collection a flop?

  47. Sharkes are Sexy

    Sharkes are Sexy3 days ago

    Old crusty SLUT!

  48. basic shitttn

    basic shitttn3 days ago

    You‘re really rich if you got a guy holding your mirror😂 💵


    CRAZY FUN3 days ago

    Aww how amazing is she I love her x

  50. Stella Harvey

    Stella Harvey3 days ago

    when this first came out the channel name changed from Kylie Cosmetics to Kris Cosmetics for like a day! No joke

  51. Meep

    Meep3 days ago

    "Gimme a kiss!" "I torture them" 🙌 mom goals lol

  52. MànOù ùùchà

    MànOù ùùchà3 days ago

    A lot of middelfingers on this kit -_-

  53. Arlisa Mango

    Arlisa Mango3 days ago

    I love kris😂😂 i love the packaging. Kris was totally feeling herself in this video. 😂

  54. Katelyn Barakat

    Katelyn Barakat3 days ago

    Your amazing business women Kylie and I'm always going to support you

  55. makeupmukbang

    makeupmukbang3 days ago

    The packaging is unique and really works. Congratulations 🎊🍾

  56. vane Semprun

    vane Semprun3 days ago


  57. Chloe Diane Villamor

    Chloe Diane Villamor3 days ago

    You dont have a collab with kendall

  58. Sarah A

    Sarah A3 days ago

    youre so adorable! i wish you were my mom :(

  59. Ju-ju's Wardrobe

    Ju-ju's Wardrobe3 days ago

    All those shade names yet none of them are called “underage surgery”

  60. Xalli Gonzales

    Xalli Gonzales3 days ago

    unfortunately the only good thing about that pallet is the packaging

  61. The Global Deception

    The Global Deception3 days ago

    Look! A satanist selling makeup

  62. Toto Bryja

    Toto Bryja3 days ago

    why the Jenner's have a bart station btw there legs gee non stop in and out anything and anyone LOL they use ten;s to make $$$ on make up made in China and not tested by LAB'S beware of reactions and lost of $$$$$$$$

  63. labyrinth cat

    labyrinth cat4 days ago

    Girl your eyeshadow is so PATCHY noooo!!!

  64. Mindy Andres

    Mindy Andres4 days ago

    Mommager! So witty!😍

  65. Moon Angel

    Moon Angel4 days ago

    She's so cute omg

  66. Stephen Burpo

    Stephen Burpo4 days ago

    bruce didnt seem to like it.

  67. Arya Stark

    Arya Stark4 days ago

    What if kris wasn't born? The world would have been more intellectually developed.

  68. DaBratt

    DaBratt4 days ago

    I want to know what kind of scrim is being used. Her skin looks all photoshopped.

  69. Kab Yaj

    Kab Yaj4 days ago

    Kris has had so many facelifts, why does she need make up on?

  70. Sexy Meme

    Sexy Meme4 days ago

    i bet my mom will like this