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Kodaline - Shed a Tear (Official Video)


  1. Sydney Wright

    Sydney Wright2 hours ago

    I almost cried when I heard this song for the first time. My best friend, whom I've known since first grade and who has helped me to actually speak to people (I had no friends because I refused to talk) , is bullied for her weight. And her name. And her eyesight. And her sexuality. And her home situation. And it's not fair, because she's such an amazing person, she should never have to be going through this. Thanks to that, now she has depression. She has pills, but they don't work. I've had to save her from committing suicide before. Twice. It's not an easy battle. And every time I tell her that i AM there for her, that i WILL fight for her, I can tell she doesn't quite believe me. This song just speaks everything in my heart when I'm trying to protect her and tell her that I'm here, that I care about her, that I WOULD care if she weren't here. I texted her these lyrics after our first school dance, when she had her heart broken by some stupid boy. I got her listening to this song, and sang it dedicated to her at our school karaoke party, and our whole friend group was singing along. I got so many compliments on that performance, I got an idea, I had a piano recital coming up, so I asked my piano teacher if maybe instead of doing two just playing, I could do one singing my favorite song. She agreed when she heard the song, since it was so beautiful and heartfelt, and she could tell how much it meant to me. Here's my cover, with my AMAZING piano teacher on piano (of course), my WONDERFUL dad on guitar, and me at the mic. Please enjoy and leave a like, comment suggestions or tips! I am currently taking vocal lessons so working on technique and stuff like that :)

  2. Amanda Williams

    Amanda WilliamsDay ago

    I am glad I found this band through Love, Rosie

  3. Life-as-a Tree

    Life-as-a Tree10 days ago

    I love how I came here the day All American came out and there were no comments about it but now, one in every three comments mention All American!! Late much 🙄🙄 Jk😂😂😂 I’m not a rude bitch

  4. Renato Causing

    Renato Causing8 days ago

    when was this song played in all americans i want to know

  5. Jewel Dillon

    Jewel Dillon10 days ago

    I’ll be the first to say that the Pitt bull is cute if nobody else has said it already. I feel like they put a Pitt bull because they are hated when they are actually really good dogs and it’s so sad people take advantage of them.

  6. Pranab

    Pranab11 days ago

    I shed a tear when i heard for first time. Now i love all song of kodaline.

  7. kewayne15

    kewayne156 days ago

    Was watching the show all American came close 👍

  8. Tauvhik Erliansyah

    Tauvhik Erliansyah12 days ago

    This song are so deep 😢

  9. Lil yazee

    Lil yazee14 days ago

    I'm here because of All American

  10. kewayne15

    kewayne156 days ago

    Man that show be laying down the track s

  11. Khadra Mahad

    Khadra Mahad14 days ago

    All American brought me here 😢😢

  12. kewayne15

    kewayne156 days ago

    Perfect song to end on👍

  13. sudean shearer

    sudean shearer15 days ago

    I love Kodaline but in all honesty All American brought me here.

  14. sudean shearer

    sudean shearer5 days ago

    +kewayne15 ikr everytime i hear it i actually want to shed a tear

  15. kewayne15

    kewayne156 days ago

    Man that song was powerful for what was going on ☹️👍

  16. Cubicle 587

    Cubicle 58715 days ago

    All American?🏈🏈

  17. Cubicle 587

    Cubicle 5876 days ago

    kewayne15 Good ep😂

  18. kewayne15

    kewayne156 days ago


  19. Shalena Williams

    Shalena Williams15 days ago

    All American brought me here

  20. Shalena Williams

    Shalena Williams5 days ago

    This song give me chills cause my bestfriend went through this. And he has been clean off drugs now for 6years. So I really feel this song

  21. Mokgadi Rammabi

    Mokgadi Rammabi5 days ago

    Me too

  22. kewayne15

    kewayne156 days ago

    Just came to see if the cw show brought anyone here cause the first time I heard I was like dang prefect song for the episode

  23. Life-as-a Tree

    Life-as-a Tree10 days ago

    Me too

  24. Cubicle 587

    Cubicle 58715 days ago

    Shalena Williams yep just watched

  25. Detroit 313

    Detroit 31316 days ago

    Here from all American???

  26. kewayne15

    kewayne156 days ago

    Perfect song for the episode 👍

  27. Life-as-a Tree

    Life-as-a Tree10 days ago


  28. Cubicle 587

    Cubicle 58715 days ago

    Detroit 313 yep

  29. Mycaina Paul

    Mycaina Paul16 days ago

    My new fav song from him omg is it possible to be so talented u make me wanna wake up listen to his lyrics "let me make it clear I'll shed a tear" remember this guy's ur never alone I may be a 14th year old kid but I've been though enough to understand that when u don't believe in urself many things u never thought u would u will end up doing it so plz know ur never alone ur loved forever and always ❤️

  30. bybytza 51

    bybytza 5116 days ago


  31. kewayne15

    kewayne156 days ago

    Very underrated show awesome song

  32. Life-as-a Tree

    Life-as-a Tree15 days ago

    Me too!! That was such a sad scene.

  33. Eli Nelly-Ricky

    Eli Nelly-Ricky16 days ago

    Same here!

  34. Anti Social

    Anti Social16 days ago

    CW All American

  35. kewayne15

    kewayne156 days ago

    Man that show is something else

  36. Rockey Allen

    Rockey Allen16 days ago

    Hey random person. I love you. God bless you. Have a great life ahead.

  37. John Vincent Quiobe

    John Vincent Quiobe16 days ago

    im really depressed right now and thinking about suicide. how i hope there is really someone who's willing to shed a tear for me

  38. Veronica

    Veronica18 days ago

    share the tea, sis i love this song too much, sorry

  39. Chelyz

    Chelyz20 days ago

    Kodaline Arte puro, así es 💜

  40. far ouk

    far ouk20 days ago

    i hope I'm not the only person who cried a lot on this song 😢💔 visit us in Algeria 🇩🇿 I'll the first one who buy the tickets for ur concert 💙💙


    UNCHAINED SHAMAN21 day ago

    Our communication is really broken as beings. We should have each others back way more in this world. I shed a tear for this reason.

  42. Borja Evolution

    Borja Evolution23 days ago

    Now you're another simply commercial band... this smells to $... where are Kodaline... Two previous albums were much better and you worked more and better... in my opinion. Sorry but you've lost a fan.

  43. merel joosen

    merel joosen26 days ago

    1:06 instagram? plz?

  44. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader27 days ago

    Why tf is dis so underrated

  45. Jose Rodrigues

    Jose Rodrigues29 days ago

    3:35 ?????????????¿¿¿?¿¿¿¿???¿¿¿????¿¿?¿?¿?¿¿??¿¿?¿?¿?????

  46. Marwa Saleh

    Marwa SalehMonth ago

    can you guys please make more merchandise? like a few hoodies, backpack, and a pin

  47. David Tyler

    David TylerMonth ago

    Looking forward to seeing Kodaline next weekend. A great band supporting another great band, Snow Patrol.

  48. Rina Sufr

    Rina SufrMonth ago

    People said that you lost ur music style. They missing sounds like high hope or all i want.some said ur music genre changed to electro pop line, much Adopting from coldplay, imagine dragon or whatever. I’m Still proud of how far you’ve come! from the first debut untill ur third album, I Just never losing ur spirit. Keep up the good work. Cant hardly wait for politics of living tour in indonesia!

  49. Camila Jachetto

    Camila JachettoMonth ago

    Vem pro Brasil, obrigada

  50. Arushi Singh

    Arushi SinghMonth ago

    You are real and beautiful beyond words ♥ I love you

  51. Arushi Singh

    Arushi SinghMonth ago

    Thank you Kodaline ♥

  52. jimmy biscuits

    jimmy biscuitsMonth ago

    I first herd the song on the plane

  53. Noble Gas

    Noble GasMonth ago

    Whenever I feel down and hopeless and I have no one to talk to, I just listen to this song and burst into tears. Crap

  54. Nur Aasiya

    Nur AasiyaMonth ago

    2019 guys?

  55. Greg Rawson

    Greg RawsonMonth ago

    How are these guys not more popular??

  56. Carleigh Kempf

    Carleigh KempfMonth ago

    This song speaks volumes

  57. Saz B

    Saz BMonth ago

    This song is slept on been waiting for it to blow up for ages!!

  58. Aubrey Mae Alutaya

    Aubrey Mae AlutayaMonth ago

    You are kinda my miracle Kodaline💕

  59. Angelica Costa Lima

    Angelica Costa LimaMonth ago

    Belicima canção 😍😍😍

  60. Mark M

    Mark M2 months ago

    Try 1.25x speed.

  61. Eren Jeager

    Eren Jeager2 months ago

    It's harder to see through the eyes of a stranger It's easy to love when the world doesn't hate ya When you tryna send out but nobody hears a word It's easy to swim when the tide's not against ya I know that you've been here before (Never letting go) And giving up is letting go (Never fight alone) But you don't have to fight alone I'll shed a tear for you Open your eyes, I'm by your side I'm never leaving you Darkness to light, stay through the night I'm walking in your shoes So you know that it's the truth When nobody's here for you Let me make it clear That I shed a, I shed a tear (Shed a tear, shed a tear, shed a tear Shed a tear, shed a tear) And I feel your pain when I know you're in trouble And I'll take the blame from your hurt in your struggle And when you tryna speak out but nobody hears a word I'll be your voice, lay your head on my shoulder Oh (You've been here before) I know you've been here before (Never letting go) And nothing is impossible (Never fight alone) You don't have to fight alone I'll shed a tear for you Open your eyes, I'm by your side I'm never leavin' you Darkness to light, stay through the night I'm walkin' in your shoes So you know that it's the truth When nobody's here for you Let me make it clear That I'll shed a, I'll shed a tear (Shed a tear, shed a tear, shed a tear) I'll shed a, I'll shed a tear (shed a tear) I'll shed a, I'll shed a tear (shed a tear) (Shed a tear, shed a tear, shed a tear) I'll shed a, I'll shed a tear (shed a tear) And when you're livin' in your darkest hour And when you're gettin' closer to the ash I'll shed a tear for you Open your eyes, I'm by your side I'm never leavin' you Darkness to light, stay through the night I'm walkin' in your shoes So you know that it's the truth When nobody's here for you Let me make it clear I'll shed a, I'll shed a tear (Shed a tear, shed a tear, shed a tear) I'll shed a, I'll shed a tear (shed a tear) I'll shed a, I'll shed a tear (shed a tear) (Shed a tear, shed a tear, shed a tear) I'll shed a, I'll shed a tear (shed a tear) I'll shed a, I'll shed a tear (shed a tear)

  62. PuuRPLE ra, ra, ra!!

    PuuRPLE ra, ra, ra!!2 months ago

    makes me cry.

  63. Putri Dayana

    Putri Dayana2 months ago

    Theres no a tear.. its just fountain flowing down right now😢😢

  64. Shalom

    Shalom2 months ago

    Came Here After Hearing This Song On ( God Friended Me ) 😍😍😍

  65. desire Kabran

    desire Kabran2 months ago

    you re the best kodaline

  66. Fernanda Pimentel

    Fernanda Pimentel2 months ago

    Que música linda!

  67. Trish Lukosius

    Trish Lukosius2 months ago

    merry christmas to kodaline

  68. Jihane Benz

    Jihane Benz2 months ago

    Good song 👍🙌🙌

  69. Kyla Hemmings

    Kyla Hemmings2 months ago

    Naiyak ako kahit hindi ko na gets 😔

  70. Claudia Robichaud

    Claudia Robichaud2 months ago

    Steven you will a tear for me!!

  71. Nicole Słowik

    Nicole Słowik2 months ago

    I stumbled on your music while I had very difficult time. It was one from first of your songs, which I heard and loved. It let me cry and remembered that in spite of the solitude somebody is helping me to go through it. It's is a form of prayer for me. Perhaps it is funny, but listening to the lyrics I'am feeling as if God talked to me. Thank you💙🐼

  72. Yasmin Sofea

    Yasmin Sofea2 months ago

    arghhbhbhhhhh ahgsjsdjsbnsndgjsjdhdhdjs I love them so muchhhhhh hdudhdhhdhdjshsafaha

  73. Trish Lukosius

    Trish Lukosius2 months ago

    went to toronto to see them love this song

  74. Sabrina Mohammed

    Sabrina Mohammed3 months ago

    The band could change the world ...all you need to do is just listen

  75. Elivandro Pembele

    Elivandro Pembele3 months ago

    He looks like olly murs

  76. Bipul Kafle

    Bipul Kafle3 months ago


  77. ender shamrock

    ender shamrock3 months ago

    I suffer debreshin and this song kindof helps me

  78. Janjounn 112

    Janjounn 1123 months ago

    this is so good

  79. Loys tasman

    Loys tasman3 months ago

    Love this song..😍😍

  80. Random Creature

    Random Creature3 months ago

    Somehow listening to so many of your songs in an hour made me sick, weird, they're heavenly

  81. Rocío Torres Otero

    Rocío Torres Otero3 months ago

    la amo, la amo, la amo, la amo, la amo, la amo, la amo, la amo, la amo, la amo, la amo, la amo, la amo, la amo, la amo, la amo, la amo, la amo, la amo, la amo, la amo y amareeeeee esta canción

  82. plext alter

    plext alter3 months ago

    Share the tea Share the tea!!

  83. Victor Costa

    Victor Costa3 months ago


  84. 瓦斯是隻熊

    瓦斯是隻熊3 months ago

  85. Eng ineer

    Eng ineer3 months ago


  86. Vishnupriya Srivastava

    Vishnupriya Srivastava3 months ago

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️this song

  87. Vilmaria Rabello

    Vilmaria Rabello3 months ago


  88. ndg43

    ndg433 months ago

    Beautiful song and video. Great to see compassion for those who are struggling.

  89. chu chu

    chu chu3 months ago

    luv u forever:)

  90. Hameh Tambadou Tambadou

    Hameh Tambadou Tambadou3 months ago

    “ God friended me “ brought me here. What a beautiful song 👍🏾👍🏾

  91. Hameh Tambadou Tambadou

    Hameh Tambadou Tambadou2 months ago

    Zechariah Cameron yes that too

  92. Zechariah Cameron

    Zechariah Cameron2 months ago

    Hameh Tambadou Tambadou what a beautiful show!

  93. Millie Hayes

    Millie Hayes3 months ago

    i love this song

  94. Hinata KUN

    Hinata KUN3 months ago

  95. Lauren Mgx7

    Lauren Mgx73 months ago

    This song hits me hard

  96. Youtube Youtube

    Youtube Youtube3 months ago

    A beautiful song very meaningful lyrics ☺

  97. Leanne Donnellan

    Leanne Donnellan3 months ago

    Who came here from the advertisement on RTÉ? Amazing song and band 😍😍😍

  98. Rafael Nunes

    Rafael Nunes3 months ago


  99. Thomas McKeon

    Thomas McKeon3 months ago

    Lovely song great singer

  100. tamar pana

    tamar pana3 months ago

    Love this♥️♥️♥️

  101. cabrina roche

    cabrina roche3 months ago

    TeHess guys are so under rated

  102. Bigwon

    Bigwon3 months ago

    Class love it,better and better kodaline are getting

  103. Karan Sharma

    Karan Sharma3 months ago

    1.2k dislikes. Wtf are those ppl some monsters or from hell or don't have any music sense

  104. D. Janet Ramírez

    D. Janet Ramírez4 months ago

    Loving :)

  105. bluebeetle

    bluebeetle4 months ago

    Good song, good music, good lyric, but just 6 million views, this so sad..

  106. Minh Tâm Lê

    Minh Tâm Lê4 months ago

    Suprise that this song doesn't get more than 10M views, I think it deserve more because of its emotional message and beautiful music.

  107. Lyria Steel

    Lyria Steel4 months ago

    Please come to the UK on your tour!

  108. Sophia Mc Namara

    Sophia Mc Namara4 months ago

    Stunningly amazing song ♥️💕♥️💕♥️

  109. fabb4i2

    fabb4i24 months ago

    Ireland's probably biggest music export of the decade!

  110. Kori Lawrence

    Kori Lawrence4 months ago

    Kodaline couldn't make a bad song if they were homeless, recording out of the back of a van, that they also live in, coming down off of heroine and going into the DT'S.

  111. Marly Mora Vasquez

    Marly Mora Vasquez4 months ago


  112. Intan

    Intan4 months ago

    Fav ever!

  113. Eliana Santos

    Eliana Santos4 months ago

    Eu amo essa música!

  114. Hyeon Seong An

    Hyeon Seong An4 months ago

    My favorite song among all of the kodaline songs

  115. Ananya Bardalai

    Ananya Bardalai4 months ago

    I lived🌌


    PUSHPENDRA SACHAN4 months ago


  117. Mabel Carcab

    Mabel Carcab4 months ago

    😍😍😍😍😍 #1

  118. Kate- Liz Mendoza Toro

    Kate- Liz Mendoza Toro4 months ago

    Enemies should Shed Tears too. NOT ONLY THE FRIENDS.

  119. Exo's proud mama bear

    Exo's proud mama bear4 months ago

    Jelatin ,Jelatin

  120. color tube

    color tube4 months ago

    I love this song

  121. Jewel Rana

    Jewel Rana4 months ago

    Great work❤️❤️❤️

  122. Feline

    Feline4 months ago

    3:40 I like this part. Its really good to the ear.