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Kodaline - Shed a Tear (Official Video)


  1. Danica Johanna

    Danica Johanna2 hours ago

    This song like telling us that God never leave us and always be our side - in the ups and down, in the happy or sad moment. Thank you Kodaline!

  2. Pieter Singer

    Pieter Singer2 hours ago

    When will u guys come to Indonesia again and held ur own concert?😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. Terry

    Terry2 hours ago


  4. Juantan

    Juantan2 hours ago

    My feeling is sync with the song right now!

  5. mister S

    mister S2 hours ago

    love this! love this! You guys never fail to amaze me.

  6. mister S

    mister S2 hours ago

    BTW hope you come to Thailand for once, me and my family love to see your live performance so much.

  7. hagdar Morack I

    hagdar Morack I5 hours ago

    Uma semana porra, como eu so vi essa música agora

  8. Trilochan Pokharel

    Trilochan Pokharel6 hours ago

    incredible ...

  9. Sanjay Bhale

    Sanjay Bhale6 hours ago

    The most underrated song from the most underrated band in the world!

  10. wiwit budianto

    wiwit budianto9 hours ago

    Indonesia, 💗💗💗

  11. Susen Islamli

    Susen Islamli9 hours ago

    I'm from Azerbaijan. I will wait for you'll come here. Love your songs, sound so much...

  12. Simon Raab

    Simon Raab10 hours ago

    Most underrated group wtf

  13. ник нейм

    ник нейм11 hours ago


  14. tudo junto e misturado

    tudo junto e misturado11 hours ago

    I love you kodaline

  15. fuck off

    fuck off14 hours ago

    i love all Kodaline songs

  16. Anna Czyrska

    Anna Czyrska14 hours ago

    Great song!


    RUTH LAVIGNE15 hours ago

    BR ?

  18. Christoph Leitner

    Christoph Leitner15 hours ago

    Unbelievable :)

  19. Priyashu Singh

    Priyashu Singh15 hours ago

    That's fucking emotional

  20. Lucky Yañez

    Lucky Yañez16 hours ago

    Who's here gets so excited every time they release a new song??

  21. Mr Fly

    Mr Fly17 hours ago


  22. credo pratama

    credo pratama17 hours ago

    This song teach me how to cry in silence.

  23. Pinkler Twight

    Pinkler Twight20 hours ago

    this is soo nice

  24. Israt Jahan Reshmee

    Israt Jahan Reshmee20 hours ago


  25. Kasih Permata

    Kasih Permata21 hour ago

    Good music i like

  26. JohnY Jr Cena

    JohnY Jr Cena22 hours ago

    Tears fallen 😢😢😢



    Wow! a powerful song! LOVE IT

  28. Jeffeson Jesus

    Jeffeson JesusDay ago

    Kodaline 😍❤ Brasileiros cadê vc's?

  29. Ahmed Albrk

    Ahmed AlbrkDay ago

    ❤️❤️❤️ Kodaline

  30. Áquilla Karla

    Áquilla KarlaDay ago

    I can see Jesus in this song! ❤️🇧🇷

  31. Dwi Agsar Prayoga

    Dwi Agsar PrayogaDay ago

    Sounds like a Imagine dragon

  32. Ari

    AriDay ago

    Ay esa voz es hermosa

  33. Fajar Tetuko

    Fajar TetukoDay ago

    everytime i heard the corrs, coldplay, travis and kodaline songs, i felt so happy that i'm only the one who able to describe it, everyone does did the same thing with their only imaginary, thanks for the music guys, keep making a great arts

  34. Sanish Sarasan

    Sanish SarasanDay ago

    I don't need to see or hear the kodaline to put a like for them :) because I always wait

  35. Hafiz Loh

    Hafiz LohDay ago

    A kodaline song without anyone else wow this is rare

  36. masker detdet

    masker detdetDay ago

    Mantep 👍

  37. danger alert

    danger alertDay ago


  38. Yvonne Turner

    Yvonne Turner2 days ago


  39. Ezha Saputra Levine

    Ezha Saputra Levine2 days ago

    makke me cry ... 😢

  40. Byomesh Sarmah

    Byomesh Sarmah2 days ago

    We're always by ur side ....kodaline😘

  41. Ronny Danariawan

    Ronny Danariawan2 days ago

    Another great song from Kodaline. Thanks

  42. Shunali Assumi

    Shunali Assumi2 days ago

    It's really sad but beautiful song at the same time.Thank you. 😥

  43. Viviane Mendes

    Viviane Mendes2 days ago

    Brasil 🇧🇷❤️

  44. Reina S

    Reina S2 days ago

  45. Sarah Alcorn

    Sarah Alcorn2 days ago

    You never disappoint. xx

  46. Octavio Lemus

    Octavio Lemus2 days ago

    Estoooo es perfecto💛 #KodalineEnCDMX

  47. Barbora Adámková

    Barbora Adámková2 days ago


  48. nessy monster

    nessy monster2 days ago

    Why are the old guys fighting? Lmao no but I'm actually asking. Someone pls give me one of those deep, long comments analysing the meaning behind this vid

  49. Benjamin Lane

    Benjamin Lane2 days ago

    I don't know "Kodaline" from anyone, this just auto ran while I was listening. With that being said, the song is really damn good up until 0:54, and could have been so much more if it hadn't wandered into ..... whatever it becomes? Easy listening? It could have had the opportunity to appeal across genres to listeners who otherwise never would have given the band a try.

  50. fadil abearsak

    fadil abearsak2 days ago


  51. Cocodrilo

    Cocodrilo2 days ago

    I still can't get over it how this brand is underrated. In my opinion every song is just beautiful, has meaningful lyrics and obviously sounds amazing! I really wish this band to get more popularity because it totally deserves it

  52. Yøz wørld

    Yøz wørld2 days ago

    Lot of love from INDIA..

  53. naddie94

    naddie942 days ago

    Was that Ragnar Lorthbrok?

  54. Trixia Montefalco

    Trixia Montefalco2 days ago

    ❤️ from 🇵🇭

  55. Ada Porwoł

    Ada Porwoł2 days ago

    I love sad and beautiful songs of Kodaline, always and forever

  56. Majid Khan

    Majid Khan2 days ago

    ❤ from 🇮🇳

  57. Cetak Uang

    Cetak Uang2 days ago

    pasti selalu trandinh di indonesia

  58. AFRY 1998

    AFRY 19982 days ago


  59. PrestigiousGamer

    PrestigiousGamer2 days ago

    This will be a song for an end of a film

  60. Cristy

    Cristy3 days ago

    Love it:)

  61. alemir1975

    alemir19753 days ago

    Imagine dragons, is that you?

  62. B. McAllister

    B. McAllister3 days ago

    Fuck yes.

  63. Nicole Gonzalez

    Nicole Gonzalez3 days ago

    love u guys! come to mexico GDL!!!!!!

  64. jazmin garcia

    jazmin garcia3 days ago

    Que hermoso

  65. mohd syafiq

    mohd syafiq3 days ago

    Another art from kodaline

  66. Dylann :3

    Dylann :33 days ago


  67. Izadora Alves

    Izadora Alves3 days ago

    Cadê os Brasileiros? 🇧🇷❤

  68. Mikw Araújo

    Mikw Araújo3 days ago

    Kodaline's music is so perfect CAN'T HANDLE Love it!

  69. Dark Entity 303

    Dark Entity 3033 days ago

    Philippines here! 😍

  70. Eryn Greenwood

    Eryn Greenwood3 days ago

    I agree with you. 100%

  71. R J

    R J3 days ago

    Thats so cool you made this in my friends shed wow its huge you met them so you know what im talking about and who he is and who she is if its true

  72. Tess Luka

    Tess Luka3 days ago

    Literally shed a tear because of this song

  73. Usama khalid

    Usama khalid3 days ago new song by twenty one pilots Jumpsuit (audio) 2018

  74. 原住達斗

    原住達斗3 days ago


  75. Jolanta Kamińska

    Jolanta Kamińska3 days ago

    Just eh..

  76. Anto Pisoias

    Anto Pisoias3 days ago

    Here before 10 mil. viewssssssss Edit: the song is wonderful i killed the replay button!!!!

  77. Marie Klímová

    Marie Klímová3 days ago


  78. Lucas Jenniskens

    Lucas Jenniskens3 days ago

    Good song👌🏻

  79. saiqoh dianah

    saiqoh dianah3 days ago

    I love ya' all 🤗

  80. Thatiane Rocha

    Thatiane Rocha3 days ago


  81. Julia juliet

    Julia juliet3 days ago


  82. かがわしんじ

    かがわしんじ3 days ago


  83. SuryaVenkat

    SuryaVenkat3 days ago


  84. Harmony Faith

    Harmony Faith3 days ago


  85. Fajar Dinda

    Fajar Dinda3 days ago


  86. Kevin Bennington

    Kevin Bennington4 days ago

    I 😍 love it....

  87. Duy Á Nguyễn

    Duy Á Nguyễn4 days ago


  88. Nicou Tionko

    Nicou Tionko4 days ago

    High Hopes still sends chills down my spine.

  89. Revika Julia

    Revika Julia4 days ago

    Support song and fight song as mean

  90. Loris Lewandoski

    Loris Lewandoski4 days ago

    Kodaline makes me cry by his songs.

  91. Karen Zamora.

    Karen Zamora.4 days ago


  92. Karen Zamora.

    Karen Zamora.4 days ago

    Son los mejores ❤

  93. Rivazza salsa

    Rivazza salsa4 days ago

    In ❣️

  94. Anton Dolade

    Anton Dolade4 days ago


  95. Darwan Oenly

    Darwan Oenly4 days ago

    Fans dari Indonesia angkat tangannya 😊

  96. Fitri Leona

    Fitri Leona3 days ago

    *angkat tangan*

  97. Zan Lee7u7

    Zan Lee7u74 days ago

    Me encanta 😢❤

  98. Raising 7 munchkins

    Raising 7 munchkins4 days ago

    Great song, great video! Saw them live beginning of the year!! They were awesome 👏

  99. Maria Luana

    Maria Luana4 days ago


  100. Matt Box

    Matt Box4 days ago

    Every single song suprise me! KODALINE FOREVER❤

  101. Team Homeless

    Team Homeless4 days ago

    We are all family. We must open our hearts for each other. Song nails it. Great song

  102. Love bordzia

    Love bordzia4 days ago

    kodaline is wonderful in every form!!! LOVE U