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  1. ash da dragon

    ash da dragon6 hours ago

    Why didnt he taste them like all the other wich is more expensive episodes??

  2. Lionel Richtea

    Lionel Richtea6 hours ago

    This guys fingers make me want to bleach my crotch

  3. Jordan Clark

    Jordan Clark7 hours ago

    And someone spent 49$ too much for a paring knife😎😎

  4. Sam Carmack

    Sam Carmack18 hours ago

    Still an entertaining video but even as a non-expert I could tell the more expensive knife within 0.01 seconds of them being onscreen

  5. SLUG

    SLUGDay ago

    OK this is the jump the shark moment for your "expert guesses" series, getting a little ridiculous here guys. I mean you were really pushing it with pickle dude but at least he had to pick between things the viewing audience would have difficulty telling apart. For chrissakes the last one is a piece of Skyrim loot next to grandma's Faberware!

  6. pino de vogel

    pino de vogelDay ago

    Apart from the 4 dollar knife (which i woupd never buy as it cant be sharpened long term) none of those knifes are worth their money. A good knufecis between 15 and 65 bucks for quality the rest is just wastefull. And stay away from german profiled knifes unless you plan on chipping. Terrible slicers

  7. Ish The Face

    Ish The FaceDay ago

    You don't need to be an expert to see the difference.

  8. Princess Riikka

    Princess Riikka2 days ago

    That poor guy is going to cry if you make him leave that knife behind D:

  9. Orkan At

    Orkan At2 days ago

    This vid in a nutshell: "That's not a knife" "Now that's a knife"

  10. Justin

    Justin3 days ago

    Two of the cheaper knives are Victorinox, which are made in Switzerland and are actually nice knives. I use them everyday, and while they aren't necessarily cheap, they hold up well to abuse and don't slip from the hand. Like he said, they're workhorse knives meant to be used in professional kitchens, so they're modern and functional not ornamental.

  11. Tiff Sinclair

    Tiff Sinclair3 days ago

    *walks to kitchen to inspect knife set

  12. NightNight 801

    NightNight 8013 days ago

    C'mon anyone can tell if its expensive test its durability, sharpness, construction does it have a design on the metal what is the handle made of....

  13. Darren Faulkner

    Darren Faulkner3 days ago

    I won't be able to cook again until I have that Damascus knife. Link me someone please

  14. Janus Pabrua

    Janus Pabrua3 days ago

    Sword expert!!!

  15. Abby L

    Abby L3 days ago

    I appreciate this guy. 10/10 very wholesome

  16. Ebic Life

    Ebic Life4 days ago

    This is the only episode where more expensive doesn't mean better.

  17. somerandomguy

    somerandomguy4 days ago

    which is more expensive the one with a buried origin or the one with a plastick grip. come on man only blind people can't see the difference

  18. dkaoboy

    dkaoboy4 days ago

    is this for real? You need an expert to tell which of the two knives is more expensive? At first I thought it was bait, like it's so obvious the cheap plastic handled knife was cheaper, and yes. It is cheaper.... uh... duh?

  19. V Remus

    V Remus4 days ago

    heh... "6 inches or 7 inches is all you need for a boning knife"

  20. Fadi YASSINE

    Fadi YASSINE4 days ago

    His finger nails are gross

  21. Thiago Watanabe

    Thiago Watanabe4 days ago

    i think that i am a knife expert too

  22. Krochlikmiov

    Krochlikmiov4 days ago

    Title of the video should be "Knife expert overly qualified to pick out the knife that you'd buy at Woolworths". Would've been a much more interesting video if he was picking between two high quality knives instead of knifes, and knives with rubber like handles.

  23. living Saint

    living Saint4 days ago

    Riddick says he would go for the cheapest knife, as the expensive ones are about a 1/2 gram heavy on the bottom end

  24. giggety goo

    giggety goo4 days ago

    Was this a joke?

  25. C P

    C P5 days ago

    If you guys want to see a cool Damascus steel chef's knife check out this recent video by Alec Steele called MAKING A TWISTED MULTI-BAR CHEF'S KNIFE

  26. Mr_honda d

    Mr_honda d5 days ago

    This "knive" expert is bull shitting his way out of this. He is no expert.

  27. 10,000 subs with no videos

    10,000 subs with no videos5 days ago

    Who else is watching in 2019?!?

  28. AntwonAztec

    AntwonAztec5 days ago

    I just came here to look at cool kitchen knives

  29. battletoads22

    battletoads225 days ago

    Aw, no Cutco? But seriously, why would anyone pattern-weld a kitchen knife? That seems extremely decadent and extravagant.

  30. roldanb

    roldanb5 days ago

    is no one going to mention the state of his nails??

  31. Fadi YASSINE

    Fadi YASSINE4 days ago

    roldanb I’m horrified!!🤢🤢

  32. fulop1000

    fulop10005 days ago

    After seeing this guys fingernails at @1:57 he kinda lost all credibility to me..... Dusgusting to look at, content creators should watch out for disgusting visuals like these :(

  33. fulop1000

    fulop10005 days ago

    dammit I actually wanted to watch this video, but can't seem to look away now....

  34. Moises Villasenor

    Moises Villasenor5 days ago

    At the end with the Demarcus knife he’s like seriously guys make this harder decide. A blind man can see the difference

  35. Joshua Steele

    Joshua Steele5 days ago

    No challenge here, but great expertise anyway. That last bit with the Damascus blade was outlandish.

  36. Bronze Destroyer

    Bronze Destroyer5 days ago

    i mean.. here are some basics... they're all knives they all have handles and they are used for the same purpose - to cut something

  37. Preston Shaw

    Preston Shaw6 days ago

    This dude watches alec steele

  38. nicermog

    nicermog6 days ago

    Knife this knife that, I've had a $2 steel knife that's been good for over a decade.

  39. Osric Leondegrance

    Osric Leondegrance6 days ago

    Woah, what's more expensive. Wustof or Faberware?

  40. edgar arroyo

    edgar arroyo6 days ago

    I’m not a knife expert , but just by looking at them , I could tell which one was more expensive and which one was less expensive lol . Wish they could have made it a little more challenging for him and the viewer .

  41. DoNot Need

    DoNot Need6 days ago

    I can pay my mortgage payments at least 5 times for the price of that last knife. Makes about as much sense as using a bicycle as a brush to paint a wall.

  42. Mystic_Thing

    Mystic_Thing6 days ago

    Why would you make a bread knife out of damascus? The time and effort would be way better spent on a chefs knife...

  43. Raafee Khan

    Raafee Khan6 days ago

    Breh, you'd have to dumb not to see the difference instantly

  44. Agapïus

    Agapïus6 days ago

    His nails are horrible he needs a manicure

  45. henners artty-smarties

    henners artty-smarties6 days ago

    Then nails though,child

  46. dennis ndegwa

    dennis ndegwa6 days ago

    Lesson: It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out which knife is more expensive

  47. reece cole

    reece cole6 days ago

    Didnt make it hard at all 🤣

  48. Roy Fung

    Roy Fung6 days ago

    Come on ! I'm not any expert of knives . I can able to pick all of the more expensive knives in this video just by looking at them . The differences between two knives are too extreme , that makes the expensive one stands out . Too easy for this knife expert .

  49. Justin. I.

    Justin. I.6 days ago

    No taste test this time?

  50. NODENS God of the ocean, hunt, healing and hounds.

    NODENS God of the ocean, hunt, healing and hounds.6 days ago

    oh my god, it's papa scaleburns!!!!!

  51. Zachary Marentette

    Zachary Marentette7 days ago

    That's not a knife.

  52. Javi

    Javi7 days ago

    As an expensive kitchen buyer myself I have to say that these prices are not accurate at all. Perhaps the cheaper knives are closer to their prices, as for the more expensive knives they’re not accurate. The second knife you can pick up at around 60-80 bucks rather than $350. The last knife was incredibly over priced and you call tell from his expression that the price was absurd. You can get the same results for way way way less .

  53. Mitchell Rybak

    Mitchell Rybak7 days ago

    .....ya I’m still using the same knife to cut everything.

  54. jay22098

    jay220987 days ago

    these are way too obvious. they should give them a challenge and make them guess knives that are similar in price - not $60 vs $3000.

  55. Emin Demirci

    Emin Demirci7 days ago

    I can told you that, 5 years old kid can make a guess too.. Trash video

  56. Gavin Blackshear

    Gavin Blackshear7 days ago

    Hidden tang...

  57. Blueshadow 205

    Blueshadow 2057 days ago

    Serial killer wants your location

  58. Lucy Jolie

    Lucy Jolie8 days ago

    Even by the looks i gessed wich one was more expensive

  59. TheMorbidHobo

    TheMorbidHobo8 days ago

    I'm in no way a knife expert, but I could easily tell which ones are more expensive. This is not me pumping myself up, it's me saying this is way too easy for experts.

  60. Randor Garcia

    Randor Garcia8 days ago

    Condom expert next

  61. Anthony Fonua

    Anthony Fonua8 days ago

    Anyone could’ve done this. Years of watching the price is right has prepared me haha

  62. Dan Jennings

    Dan Jennings9 days ago

    Really guys? You brought me a damascus knife? Really? It's like even he's rolling his eyes at how not even close these comparisons have been.

  63. Honeyvha Vagree

    Honeyvha Vagree9 days ago

    I love how detail the explanation is for a dummy like me :)

  64. Melvin Doo

    Melvin Doo9 days ago

    If Paul Rudd was fat...

  65. Alec Saint-arnaud

    Alec Saint-arnaud9 days ago

    He has a lot of cuts on his hands.

  66. Chuck Camaro

    Chuck Camaro9 days ago

    Those hands though 🤮

  67. Nuff Said

    Nuff Said9 days ago

    Damascus steel, that was an easy guess. I'd love to have some damascus steel.

  68. Greig Nicoll

    Greig Nicoll10 days ago

    Worst fingers ever 😂

  69. Tatsuhiro Satou

    Tatsuhiro Satou10 days ago

    It's sad that in a blind test like this any time Damascus steel pops up you have to look at the hand because Damascus can be really good a d really expensive or really bad and cheap.

  70. Matt Reid

    Matt Reid10 days ago

    Wtf is this so easy and I’m not a knife expert at all but can see the Kramer mark on the second heads up

  71. Pranesh Pal

    Pranesh Pal10 days ago

    I don’t know how he does it.

  72. Raouf Razak

    Raouf Razak11 days ago

    This entire video feels like i was watching Volkswagen Polo VS Bugatti Chiron.

  73. lordhaven111

    lordhaven11111 days ago

    I know almost nothing about knives, but from the moment you see them you can tell which of the two is more expensive and which is cheaper. Not even close on a few of them. One of them even had a piece in the handle that wasn't even flush..slightly popped out like a sore thumb.

  74. Cat, -

    Cat, -11 days ago

    im no expert, but i still got everything right

  75. That one dude who hates lgbtq

    That one dude who hates lgbtq11 days ago

    3100$ for a knife *God : yo wtf*

  76. ollie bee

    ollie bee11 days ago

    Jeff Vader, from the death Star! 'here he's Jeff Vader!'

  77. Olivia Hamilton

    Olivia Hamilton12 days ago

    I want a Damascus knife so bad 😩 they’re so expensive lol

  78. Minte

    Minte10 days ago

    yep, and the cheaper ones are usually fake

  79. Kort Kramer

    Kort Kramer12 days ago

    Stormbringer vs a plastic knife, which costs more?

  80. Cheng Lee

    Cheng Lee12 days ago

    Lol. "Made in Japan" gave a few of them away.

  81. Barry Wyman

    Barry Wyman12 days ago

    Knife expert 🤣really?

  82. Zachary Bryant

    Zachary Bryant12 days ago

    Probably the least challenging expert guesses cheap vs expensive. I'm nothing more than a home cook that is primarily self taught... and I am pretty sure anyone without cooking experience could guess this without issue.

  83. Cooking with the Blues

    Cooking with the Blues13 days ago

    @UC_Rp37JgQtg162oXa2AzFQg @UC_Rp37JgQtg162oXa2AzFQg

  84. Daniel R

    Daniel R13 days ago

    "You brought a Damascus knife? Ok, that's where we're going" Seeing the wtf look on his face was priceless 😂

  85. Saburi McClain

    Saburi McClain13 days ago

    What’s more expensive the handmade one or the one from Walmart 🤔

  86. S Rx

    S Rx13 days ago

    Friggin Bob Kramers vs dollar store fibrox stamp metal crap. Jeez.

  87. TX Treazon

    TX Treazon13 days ago

    This was waaaaaaaaay too easy. It took like two seconds of looking at each knife to tell which one was more. These need to be harder.

  88. UR A Meathead

    UR A Meathead13 days ago

    A child could tell you which of two knives are more expensive

  89. tean tan

    tean tan13 days ago

    what's the point of comparing a $3100 knife with a$60 knives? Your time should be better spent on many other aspects of quality knife e.g. how to buy quality knives and what to look for and which brands to seek out.

  90. black hole

    black hole14 days ago


  91. Gee Vee

    Gee Vee14 days ago

    Ask a car expert if he can distinguish differences between a Honda and a Ferrari since that’s what you guys essentially did for this episode.

  92. Wanderingwalker 1990

    Wanderingwalker 199014 days ago

    Same as the bread guy, he’s giving us the answer but not bashing the cheaper version 👍🏻

  93. Teo Rodrigues

    Teo Rodrigues14 days ago

    I'm bored already

  94. Sky Tower

    Sky Tower14 days ago

    "High nickel" Darn. Im extremely allergic to nickel.

  95. Jayant Karmakar

    Jayant Karmakar14 days ago

    All the cheap knives are good enough, I would buy a $4 knife hundred times rather than buying an expensive one on which you have to spend time for up keeping and be very care with, my two cents

  96. Marlin11 2187

    Marlin11 218714 days ago

    I didn't realize that losing knives was such a big problem.

  97. Stacy Smith

    Stacy Smith14 days ago

    So what did we learn? Full tang is always better than partial tang. The more tang the better!

  98. Max Griswald

    Max Griswald10 days ago

    Pootie Tang > Tang > Full Tang > Partial Tang

  99. Veatrikh Blana

    Veatrikh Blana14 days ago

    As someone who doesn't know a lot about knives and clicked on this video hopping to be informative, i am fully satisfied. I learned what i should look for when im buying a knife and that i think was the purpose of this video whilst making it more fun. So for all these people crapping on it because it was easy, I don't think the actual purpose was for it to be a guessing game.

  100. OpIman642 saisan

    OpIman642 saisan15 days ago

    What the crap is a Damascus blade doing on a kitchen knife

  101. Mad Ozzyman

    Mad Ozzyman15 days ago

    I want to hear audiobooks by this guy

  102. R 453

    R 45316 days ago

    Which is more expensive? Plastic knife that comes in a plastic utensil set, or the infinity blade... I wonder..

  103. Antonio Villarreal

    Antonio Villarreal16 days ago

    Wtf happened to his nail they look disgusting

  104. justPlainOl'CommonSense

    justPlainOl'CommonSense16 days ago

    These knive's quality are so obvious