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  1. Michael Eber

    Michael Eber3 hours ago

    Damn I must be a knife expert. I knew right away which knife was more expensive!!

  2. DryPaste

    DryPaste5 hours ago


  3. DryPaste

    DryPaste5 hours ago

    knife b is 11 ? i can get that knife for 99c

  4. Mr Steal your peanut

    Mr Steal your peanut7 hours ago

    Im a knife expert. Heh Heeeheee Hehehehehehe AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  5. Winston Smith

    Winston Smith8 hours ago

    Wash your hands.

  6. kenty kent

    kenty kent11 hours ago

    The made in japan stamps are a pretty solid give away for the first 2 lol

  7. floflorian

    floflorian13 hours ago

    Too easy - most people could have guessed this. But the point of the show is to explain what "good" looks like, not necessarily test the experts.

  8. Digidojo

    Digidojo16 hours ago

    Good information on all the knives. However, dude needs a manicure.

  9. John Paul San Luis

    John Paul San Luis19 hours ago

    Not that it's a problem, it's not really, but just wanted to share. @ 0:33 he meant 'integral' but pronounced something that sounded like.. intregal. I've notcied this for some time now usually from the general American accent. Is this common? For the more aggressive folks, again, I'd just like to know. Any group of people has a pronunciation quirk here and there it isn't Aryan race propaganda.

  10. Kellington Link

    Kellington Link22 hours ago

    Very interesting and informative. However, most viewers (non-experts or professional cooks) could and would easily guess which knives were the more expensive in each category. Very informative though. Thanks for putting it together.

  11. Its xCr4zy

    Its xCr4zy23 hours ago

    There’s a expert for everything

  12. PwnDealer

    PwnDealerDay ago

    This guy deserves another chance. Bring him back!

  13. Jimmie Jam

    Jimmie JamDay ago

    I like Geoff's sense of humor lol

  14. Harvey Rogerson

    Harvey RogersonDay ago

    Right off the bat

  15. Gonzalo Marsilli

    Gonzalo MarsilliDay ago

    this was no challenge, construction quality in every example were very noticeable

  16. CBTalon97

    CBTalon97Day ago

    Personally, I prefer a poon tang.

  17. Parker Livingston

    Parker LivingstonDay ago

    ... is this a joke?

  18. JesusTheCookie

    JesusTheCookieDay ago

    Wow no taste tests? Unsubbed,

  19. Ysa Paez

    Ysa PaezDay ago

    If the food testers are able to taste the food, this guy should have been able to cut things with this. At least with the Damascus.

  20. Aryan Desai

    Aryan DesaiDay ago

    china banned this channel in their country...………………………….lol

  21. Cindy Victoria

    Cindy VictoriaDay ago

    Imagine how he’d react if he producers decided to gift him the knife at the end

  22. Cindy Victoria

    Cindy VictoriaDay ago

    bOninG aT a cHiCKen

  23. Tri Edge

    Tri EdgeDay ago

    I don't even need to be a knife expert to guess which one is expensive

  24. Angry Gay Rodian

    Angry Gay RodianDay ago

    ...why’s he talking so loud though???

  25. BitchesBeTrippin

    BitchesBeTrippinDay ago

    2:54 He has some cut up hands.

  26. 100 subscribers without videos

    100 subscribers without videosDay ago

    Why didnt he taste it???

  27. dogbird

    dogbirdDay ago

    The who bought these knifes made this incredibly easy.

  28. Wes DeMoss

    Wes DeMossDay ago

    I'd take a Victorinox boning knife over just about any other, even if price wasn't a consideration

  29. gabr Klanjšek

    gabr KlanjšekDay ago


  30. Cameron Hunter

    Cameron Hunter2 days ago

    I could watch this guy talk about knives all day

  31. Marden Von Grantinge

    Marden Von Grantinge2 days ago

    the cheap pairing knife is $11?! i can literally go to any store here and get the exact same one for $3

  32. Adam Hand

    Adam Hand2 days ago

    These are wonderful for #foodliteracy / #cookingliteracy. So many people don't understand that even though he clearly knows which is the more expensive, he's always highlighting the effectiveness and usability of the less expensive knives. This is not a "rich good, poor bad" game. It's a chance to learn.

  33. Rob H

    Rob H2 days ago

    Dudes fingers and hands look like hammered crap. Hand model he is not. Lol

  34. Jon Ludwig

    Jon Ludwig2 days ago

    You can tell he's a knife expert by looking at his hands

  35. Thumbnail Finder

    Thumbnail Finder2 days ago

    Pretty sure you don't need to be an expert....

  36. Hisoka 1986

    Hisoka 19862 days ago

    I cant cut a bread without cutting myself,and i got all of them right.. Am i an expert?

  37. Jerome Guzman

    Jerome Guzman2 days ago

    Man Paul Rudd is a great knife expert

  38. Jamie E

    Jamie E2 days ago

    He could have washed his hands first 😂

  39. wag0NE

    wag0NE2 days ago

    Basically if the handle looks nicer it's most probably more expensive...

  40. Peter Moholi

    Peter Moholi2 days ago

    That was dumb.... easy to guess

  41. Marcos Waksman

    Marcos Waksman2 days ago

    Great video...but who did the chalk work in the background? That might be more impressive than the knives.

  42. mfeepm F

    mfeepm F2 days ago

    I'd also like to request a full unhidden tang with no finger guard for my boning knife

  43. mfeepm F

    mfeepm F2 days ago

    Bottom line exposed tang is the best of all of the tangs

  44. Santos Quintanilla

    Santos Quintanilla2 days ago

    Hiking boots next, please! Something with shoes at least. I have a hard time knowing what exactly to look for when wanting to buy a pair of shoes.

  45. Denis Alex

    Denis Alex2 days ago

    Its so obvious wtf ....

  46. your boye oye

    your boye oye2 days ago

    You absolutely do not need to be a knife expert for this.

  47. x RednitA x

    x RednitA x2 days ago

    His hands are disgusting.

  48. miles5k

    miles5k2 days ago

    thot this was finna b on combat knives n shxt boooooo

  49. rubiki an

    rubiki an2 days ago

    amazing guy XD another video with this man pls

  50. Nerd Girl

    Nerd Girl2 days ago

    For us people that buy their knives at Walmart, this was very informative! For the rest that criticize the information? Why are you even here? You already know everything. 🤪. But! The video is really is about which is more expensive, but what’s more informative is which knife is more useful for its purpose.

  51. Robert Nicholas

    Robert Nicholas3 days ago

    Why don't you do a more difficult test. I'm not even a knife expert and I could have guessed this.

  52. Crazypig129 Gaming

    Crazypig129 Gaming3 days ago

    No Offense Geoff but from how you talked about knives through this episode you seem like someone who would stab someone to see if the tip of the knife is sharp or not

  53. Pedro Lopes

    Pedro Lopes3 days ago

    He sounds like Chris Pratt

  54. Edward Bird

    Edward Bird3 days ago

    This has been recommended to me so many times.... Bit worrying

  55. Austin denning

    Austin denning3 days ago

    A blind dumb 5 year old could tell cheap vs expensive. DUMB

  56. Dick Anus

    Dick Anus3 days ago

    I guessed the price differences right just by looking at knives; I use $1.09 knives from Dollar Tree for over 5 years.

  57. Le Linh

    Le Linh3 days ago

    the different is so obvious that you DON'T need to be expert to see it , seriously

  58. Makingnewnamesisdumb

    Makingnewnamesisdumb3 days ago

    The last few of these I've watched weren't anything impressive. I don't doubt that everyone they get for these tests is a certified expert in every possible regard, but a lot of these comparisons seem like they would be pretty obvious even to a completely untrained eye. "Let's see, we have a knife that is colorful, full tang, made with 5 different materials, multiple piece assembly with decorative fittings and engravings, and then we have this shank with an ABS plastic handle........ Gee, I wonder which one cost more."

  59. Mia Gomora

    Mia Gomora3 days ago

    His hands are so pink/purple it makes me nervous

  60. Eric Tenaya

    Eric Tenaya3 days ago

    It's not the knives that should bother any of us. It's his hands.

  61. Kæft Du Tyk

    Kæft Du Tyk3 days ago

    Tbh prob the easiest quiz I have seen in my life

  62. cubancannibal gaming

    cubancannibal gaming3 days ago

    where is the taste test in this one?

  63. Jeremy Byers

    Jeremy Byers3 days ago

    None of these had any doubt what was more expensive. Why do this?

  64. Chris Park

    Chris Park3 days ago

    I highly recommend watching this at 1.5 times playback speed for the impatient individuals. You're welcome

  65. Piejii

    Piejii3 days ago

    When you haven't washed your hands in months...

  66. Aston Sydney Hormillosa

    Aston Sydney Hormillosa3 days ago

    I thought that he was about to taste the knifes

  67. bgatten

    bgatten4 days ago

    This host was so much better than the material they gave him to work with! Does he have his own channel?

  68. Nicolas Rulli

    Nicolas Rulli4 days ago

    This is dumb bruh. Anyone could tell which is more expensive. Just look at the handle 😂

  69. Martin Henriksen

    Martin Henriksen4 days ago

    whats up with this guys fingers!

  70. Pius .K

    Pius .K4 days ago

    You don't have to be an Knife Expert to ditect the cheaper Knife.

  71. Tan Hat

    Tan Hat4 days ago

    8:09 "... 6 inches 7 inches is all you really need... You'll want it to be a little bit stiff..."

  72. TheBanthaPoodoo

    TheBanthaPoodoo4 days ago

    If I was the expert, I would be offended. You don't need to be an expert to know which one is more expensive in the cases shown

  73. orlanino

    orlanino4 days ago

    Clean you nails!!!!!

  74. Dmitry Kakareko

    Dmitry Kakareko4 days ago

    You don’t have to be knife expert to guess which one of the knifes are more expensive in this video. It’s obvious for everyone who ever holds knives in their hands. More interesting question is which knife worth its price, which one has a better ratio of price to the usefulness.

  75. Ariel Baum

    Ariel Baum4 days ago

    a blind grandma can tell that apart

  76. Lovin9Lives

    Lovin9Lives4 days ago

    yall really couldnt put some tape over the made in japan/carbon steel identifiers on the blades? like realllyyyy now

  77. Daenerys Targaryen

    Daenerys Targaryen4 days ago

    Bachelor of Metal Study

  78. god of flames

    god of flames4 days ago

    Says he's a "knife expert " doesn't know the difference between a rivet and a pin -_- as a knife maker this irks me

  79. Kalypsone

    Kalypsone4 days ago

    Nails 😦

  80. Stephen Imsong

    Stephen Imsong4 days ago

    Steel is real!

  81. Isaac Meyer

    Isaac Meyer4 days ago

    Better knives help you cook better? Lol

  82. maps ola

    maps ola4 days ago

    Why am I even watching this? Why am I even posting this knowing that no one is going to answear wtf? xD

  83. Scott Hollander

    Scott Hollander4 days ago

    This guy is asking to be framed for murder. Who the hell is losing knives?

  84. UG0TT40113D

    UG0TT40113D4 days ago

    You can tell he works with knives by looking at his hands

  85. Jan Verschueren

    Jan Verschueren4 days ago

    First pairing: I expected B to have been under $5,-... $11,- for that piece of crap? -get out of here.

  86. Kaptain Kid

    Kaptain Kid4 days ago

    Come now . . . I got as far as your paring knife comparison . . . Get real. Have both. It is unfair to compare them. It's like comparing a bicycle to a Ferrari. Bottom is is, you get what you pay for and you pay for what you need. When I was in college I had no money. I bought the cheap knife. At 75 years of age, I can afford any knife I want. I still don't buy the hyped knifes. Chicago Cutlery makes decent price for a very low price. Check them out. I just bought a complete set at Walmart for about $18 bucks. And they are stainless steel, so they don't "patina". When they wear out, I'll buy another set. Go figure. Having said that, I enjoyed the video. It is informative. Bottom line is, you get what you pay for. If you are able to afford the best, definately buy the expensive knives, you will enjoy them. But you had better learn how to sharpen them . . . dull knives take lives, or at least fingers.

  87. Paul Murphy

    Paul Murphy5 days ago

    Most pointless drivel i ever seen the knive's should of been a £100 v £175 a £250 v £360 .

  88. Narice

    Narice5 days ago

    All knives were obvious. wtf

  89. Ka0s Billz

    Ka0s Billz5 days ago

    Im no knife expert but i could tell the cheap from the expensive

  90. The_Ne1d0rf

    The_Ne1d0rf5 days ago

    Why did he not taste it?

  91. Eliel Ehimare

    Eliel Ehimare5 days ago

    P A R T I A L T A N G .

  92. Robert Panther

    Robert Panther5 days ago

    Take 2 minutes out of staring at knives all day, and wash your disgusting sweaty meat hands, they are gross.

  93. Headcrab_King

    Headcrab_King16 hours ago

    Y'all haven't met many blacksmiths have you? when you work in a forge for a living that's how your hands end up regardless of washing or not.

  94. Katzen33

    Katzen334 days ago

    Right?? It wouldn't have taken long for him to clean his hands and nails considering he's about to get close up shots of his hands that over a million people will watch. That has to be one of the most important times in his life to wash his hands.

  95. Krine

    Krine5 days ago

    "you don't want it to be too long, 6 inches 7 inches at most"

  96. Patrick Diaz

    Patrick Diaz5 days ago

    Soooo Stupid, ya let's put a plastic handle knife next to riveted resin handle and guess I was hoping for 2 knives that looked very similar that only a professional could tell apart :(👎

  97. loriquayleio

    loriquayleio5 days ago

    3100... Oof, you could (and I'm not joking) buy 2 high quality swords for that price... Like 2 Albion swords or something.

  98. William Hoskins

    William Hoskins5 days ago

    Listen here . Well said my friend ! 3100 $ Is cheap at twice the price.

  99. Skyla Waddington

    Skyla Waddington5 days ago

    This guy needs to wash his hands jfc his nails are filthy

  100. Jupiter Eye

    Jupiter Eye5 days ago

    All you need to see about this guy is his hands. His fingers are destroyed from work...

  101. MrCactuar13

    MrCactuar135 days ago

    I think I'll spend hours sharpening pasta instead

  102. Quick Attack Films

    Quick Attack Films5 days ago

    If I spend $3100 on a knife, you best believe it's doing more than cutting bread. Gonna perform some sort of sacrifice with it, maybe kill the dragon that's threatening to destroy Skyrim and enslave all of Tamriel. If I spend that much on a knife, it WILL have the blood of my foes on it.

  103. Quick Attack Films

    Quick Attack Films5 days ago

    $60 is too much to spend on a serrated knife. If you're spending $3100 on a knife, your name damn well better be Gordon Ramsay.