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  1. The Terrible Puddle

    The Terrible Puddle8 minutes ago

    His nails, his hands.. argh! He shouldn't touch such expensive knifes

  2. Miguel Nieves

    Miguel Nieves18 minutes ago

    Anyone els notice his fingers lol

  3. Zyx

    Zyx40 minutes ago

    3100? Even a Honyaki goes for *way* less..

  4. Krista Wheale

    Krista Wheale50 minutes ago

    So basically we should just by Henkel knifes. These knives were very obvious, although I did like his explanations. Like in all of the videos of this series I wish they revealed the product names.

  5. Timbojones Underwood

    Timbojones Underwood58 minutes ago

    Any moron could tell the difference in this vid.

  6. Supsoup Supoup

    Supsoup SupoupHour ago


  7. Reuben U

    Reuben UHour ago

    Cheap vs Expensive Dildos *" **_Let's take a CLOSER LOOK_** "*

  8. Henry Qi

    Henry QiHour ago

    Really? We need a "knife expert" to tell us a handcrafted damascus knife is more expensive than a boring looking mass produced serrated knife? price difference of 50x? Come on... Let me be a "car expert" and tell you a Ferrari vs aHonda. Ferrari is more expensive.

  9. Keith

    KeithHour ago

    You can tell just by LOOKING at these knives which ones are more expensive. Clearly, whoever chose these knives for comparison isn't terribly observant or sophisticated lol...

  10. musixmylyfe

    musixmylyfe3 hours ago

    Sure it was pretty obvious which were more expensive, but he dropped lots of knowledge that I never knew which was rad. His hands probably look like that from working with KNIVES all day. Talks about forging so maybe he also does blacksmithing. Enjoy the knowledge that's being dropped.

  11. Matheus Nascimento

    Matheus Nascimento4 hours ago

    Disgusting nails

  12. GLUR4K

    GLUR4K5 hours ago

    cmon this was to easy

  13. wnmme

    wnmme6 hours ago

    13:50 We get it. You want them to give you that knife..

  14. Master Toddey

    Master Toddey6 hours ago

    So obviously

  15. Divi Divi

    Divi Divi7 hours ago

    As soon as I saw your dirty nails and hands I stopped watching.

  16. Sunnye Daize

    Sunnye Daize7 hours ago

    The Damascus knife explanation was worth it. Beautiful. The differences in quality are obvious though.

  17. Dan Archer

    Dan Archer7 hours ago

    90% of these videos are really easy you can guess witch is better

  18. Hawaiian Brian

    Hawaiian Brian8 hours ago

    Gross hands bro.

  19. TTX XXT

    TTX XXT8 hours ago

    Anybody can tell witch knive is more expensive if one handle is made out of plastick and second is some kind of wood. Like compering ferrari to lada.

  20. Nikolai Shriver

    Nikolai Shriver9 hours ago

    This video is more educational and entertaining than I could ever have imagined. Spoilers: the knives made in Japan, the masters of blades since the beginning of time, tend to be more expensive lol.

  21. Daniel Shiu

    Daniel Shiu9 hours ago

    "Knife expert guesses cheap vs. expensive knives." Comparison 1, a stick vs a light saber "Well right off the bat if we look here at the.....*insert fancy knife terms*" Basically how everyone felt throughout video haha

  22. LegolasAtLegoland

    LegolasAtLegoland10 hours ago

    I'm no Knife Expert but I could tell as soon as they came out, it doesn't take a genius

  23. kevin hunter

    kevin hunter10 hours ago

    more challenge please!

  24. Becky Sherly

    Becky Sherly10 hours ago

    This is more of an episode for people who love knives and like to here what he has to say on them

  25. Minabrine

    Minabrine10 hours ago

    It really seemed like he liked the cheaper knives more than the expensive ones

  26. Monti Blanc

    Monti Blanc10 hours ago

    I demand he tastes the knives like all the other experts did. What the hell makes this guy so special?

  27. Jordan Sheppherd

    Jordan Sheppherd12 hours ago

    Yeah, like this guy doesn't know a Kramer when he sees it.

  28. Giggidygiggidy

    Giggidygiggidy12 hours ago

    I understand the work involved in making a Damascus billet and the work it takes to make the integral bolster etc.... BUT the price of that last knife is absolutely obnoxious. There must be a “name” or “brand” associated with it because no knife, regardless of being Damascus, should ever cost that kind of money.

  29. ElectricBlueSRT

    ElectricBlueSRT13 hours ago

    I think anyone could tell the difference between these knives, minus the insight.

  30. Tim Lucas

    Tim Lucas14 hours ago

    That damascus knife cost twice what I payed for my car...

  31. Mike K

    Mike K15 hours ago

    I like the Damascus steel knives too, but not at $3100. I picked one up on Gun broker dot com, from a seller named customknives for under $100. I would love to see a comparison of those knives to the $3100 special that you featured here.

  32. Allan Ala-Outinen

    Allan Ala-Outinen15 hours ago

    You don't have to be an Expert to tell which is a cheap knife...

  33. Lockecole81

    Lockecole8115 hours ago

    $3100 for that damascus knife? I was not ready for that price point. I was thinking maybe $1000, a friend at Bladeshow had one of his integral damascus blades left on his table for $2200 and it was a multibar twisted construction...3100$ for a random san mai? But hey...get what you can for them.

  34. Nipple Guy 3000

    Nipple Guy 300015 hours ago

    This guy is awesome!!

  35. Elizabeth Krum

    Elizabeth Krum15 hours ago

    I love this guy!

  36. AlmaSpiteful

    AlmaSpiteful16 hours ago

    I wanna know about the real star of these series...the person who does the chalkboard art.

  37. Jonathan Davis

    Jonathan Davis16 hours ago

    I guess I am I knife expert because I knew everything he said 😂

  38. Michael Tooman

    Michael Tooman16 hours ago

    WTF...a ten year old could guess these comparisons.

  39. Ghost Certified

    Ghost Certified16 hours ago

    This channel is the non politically biased non cuck Buzzfeed

  40. Michael Fisher

    Michael Fisher17 hours ago

    Literally one of the worst videos I've ever watched

  41. RLS0812

    RLS081217 hours ago

    Can you "cut out" all of the filler material ?

  42. Novia Phan

    Novia Phan17 hours ago

    This guy needs a manicure

  43. Daniel Rod

    Daniel Rod17 hours ago

    I prefer the knife maker video with Will Griffin than this

  44. king james488

    king james48817 hours ago

    this is probably the worst one of these I've seen... it's immediately obvious what ones more expensive just by looking at the handle not to mention the brand and where it was made is stamped right on them. the guy's cringing the whole time he's looking at that cheep knife. those things aren't even worth $11, I think you meant $1.1 cuz I'm sure I've seen them at the dollar store lmao.

  45. Ryan Lambert

    Ryan Lambert18 hours ago

    Are we just not gonna realize his nails are disgusting

  46. Luke Arts

    Luke Arts20 hours ago

    11:20 big mistake on your Damascus identification here... This blade is NOT pattern welded steel damascus, it is Wootz Damascus steel (which does not have symmetric patterns because the patterns are formed in the alloy, not by simulating alloy in a controlled order) It's a pity they picked "Damascus" as a name for both, because aside from the etch-induced colour variations, they have very little in common.

  47. Risk4Fun

    Risk4Fun20 hours ago

    In German Stainless Steel = Rostfreier Stahl wich translates to Rustfree Steel Normaly German Words are accurate but this time its wrong

  48. Daniel Batista

    Daniel Batista20 hours ago

    He needs some O'Keefe's

  49. Unstable1

    Unstable121 hour ago

    You should give him the knife!

  50. Bob Bob

    Bob Bob21 hour ago

    these knives didn't seem like you needed an expert to figure out which costs more

  51. Golden State Warriors fan since 2015

    Golden State Warriors fan since 201521 hour ago

    he should've been able to cut food to test them out

  52. Ronnoc527

    Ronnoc52721 hour ago

    Those were obvious comparisons.

  53. Matt K

    Matt K22 hours ago

    I'd care if I lost a $60 knife...

  54. ZenoDiac

    ZenoDiacDay ago

    Damn, he could've washed his hands!

  55. Manuel Elia

    Manuel EliaDay ago


  56. Kawaii025

    Kawaii025Day ago

    That rare moment when MReporter suggests a video that you actually end up enjoying. Loving this series and can't wait to see more! :)

  57. swankmosquito

    swankmosquitoDay ago

    the first one "i need to take a look at these a little closer" no you don't anyone can tell from a mile away

  58. MananZer0

    MananZer0Day ago

    the comparisons needs to be closer please.. sigh

  59. Christian Flores

    Christian FloresDay ago

    Give him a morakniv, cheap but it perfoms better than knives 8 times the price

  60. Sebashien

    SebashienDay ago

    Why does he has grandpa hands?

  61. Vliegendetapir

    VliegendetapirDay ago

    I want him to guess prices of good knives.

  62. Shun Li

    Shun LiDay ago

    This video is so stupid

  63. John Bovee

    John BoveeDay ago

    Little bit of info on the Damascus blade. Being a knife maker myself I can tell you that's a raindrop pattern, not random. Random pattern is folded in multiple directions, i.e. Lengthwise, along the width and diagonally. Raindrop Pattern is produced by drilling, forging into a bar, twisted, drawing it out into a bar again, and then forged out into a blade

  64. HighVoltageCarnage

    HighVoltageCarnageDay ago

    What I found interesting was that he kept pointing out that the cheap ones were the more useful ones :D

  65. The Triggerati

    The TriggeratiDay ago

    Whoever did that chalk art rocks.

  66. Mr Krabs

    Mr KrabsDay ago

    $3100 compared to a $60 knife come on man....

  67. Mr Krabs

    Mr KrabsDay ago


  68. Congrue Woodworks

    Congrue WoodworksDay ago

    Please tell me they let him keep the $3100 knife.

  69. lizzy o

    lizzy oDay ago

    Was anyone else just staring at his nails the whole video?

  70. David Little

    David LittleDay ago

    Made in Japan = better quality

  71. Seth Wright

    Seth WrightDay ago

    it’s sad I know all of the manufacturers of most of these knives... haha

  72. Ina Leaux

    Ina LeauxDay ago

    Screaming hot! SCREAMING HOT!

  73. Ina Leaux

    Ina LeauxDay ago

    Those fingernails tho

  74. Christopher Yee

    Christopher YeeDay ago

    Difference between cheap and expensive is to big it's like night vs day at least make it hard to distinguish which is cheaper and which is expensive

  75. Abilawa andamari

    Abilawa andamariDay ago


  76. Rando Boyz

    Rando BoyzDay ago

    Ok seriously no offense, but what's the point dude as soon as I saw the knives I knew the immediate answer, and I know nothing about knives. Like some literally have wood v.s brass. C'mon man.

  77. tswerve24

    tswerve24Day ago

    Those fingers

  78. Indiequas

    IndiequasDay ago

    What's the 4$ knife?

  79. Nick Thorpe

    Nick ThorpeDay ago

    Man I actually really like this guy I want to see another one with him

  80. Cory R

    Cory RDay ago

    Give him something difficult. Hmmm, I wonder what is more expensive, a plastic handled knife that weighs an ounce, or a well crafted, full tang blade? Of course you can tell the difference with that big of a gap.

  81. ulises perez

    ulises perezDay ago

    I absolutely love his explanations

  82. Peter Nguyen

    Peter NguyenDay ago

    He just told the world what he wants for Christmas

  83. Peter Nguyen

    Peter NguyenDay ago

    I liked the chocolate lady more

  84. Jeff Patton

    Jeff PattonDay ago

    just bad so bad

  85. Lee Michel

    Lee MichelDay ago

    a 2 year old could have figured the results , not a great video

  86. Art Gutsy

    Art GutsyDay ago

    That knife is more expensive my college tuition

  87. Separated Fox

    Separated FoxDay ago

    Is a knife bag an average thing to own.

  88. Tommy Tindall

    Tommy TindallDay ago

    Says the last knife is lighter because it isn't a full tang, when you can clearly see the rivets and the full tang running down the back of the knife when he turns it in his hands. :|

  89. Cameron Vinall

    Cameron VinallDay ago

    not sure how I got here, but now I'm happy I showed up.

  90. MattThaGameGod 1

    MattThaGameGod 1Day ago

    My man's got that type of confidence I aspire to have

  91. Aidan S

    Aidan SDay ago

    *The Last one* Here we have an ordinary knife, and here we have just your every day ordinary DAMASCUS STEEL knife. Nothing too special. Nothing is stopping that blade. Good luck keeping that blade from slicing through everything in sight!

  92. vette0812

    vette08122 days ago

    Am I the only "non-knife expert" who also guessed all of these right within the first 2 seconds of seeing each one?

  93. SavvySteak

    SavvySteak2 days ago

    These are California prices. I have the same knife. That came in a set...that was worth $10.

  94. Vikkstar Doom

    Vikkstar Doom2 days ago

    i hate the way you say integral

  95. MasterPlaxy ッ

    MasterPlaxy ッ2 days ago

    Why do i watch this?

  96. Aliu Dakaa

    Aliu Dakaa2 days ago

    Have you seen those fukin nails that he has

  97. NZXEagle

    NZXEagle2 days ago


  98. NZXEagle

    NZXEagle2 days ago

    Wow I'm amazed Knife experts exist?! Aren't blacksmiths different

  99. Yury Primakov

    Yury Primakov2 days ago

    Can you do an episode on underwear and/or garment fabrics?

  100. OddlySatisfying Rewind

    OddlySatisfying Rewind2 days ago

    No one notices his hands? Yuck