KINGDOM HEARTS III - E3 2018 Frozen Trailer


  1. Moises Charles

    Moises Charles19 hours ago

    The level of illiteracy and spastic yelling in the comments section, sheesh. Also, did you just spoil something about Aqua? Dude, eff you, trailer.

  2. Evren Cantu

    Evren Cantu4 days ago

    Aqua what happened to you

  3. Kolibri147

    Kolibri1474 days ago

    Aqua:Mickey... You're too late. Me:NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  4. Kawaii Cutie Bat

    Kawaii Cutie Bat8 days ago

    Yas!!! I so wanna play it so bad!!

  5. J.J. Veliz

    J.J. Veliz10 days ago

    Anna and Elsa 😍 I'm so excited Frozen is in the game. Arendelle looks beautiful.

  6. shadowcipher04

    shadowcipher0416 days ago

    i knew theres a wreck it ralph one! been waiting for it

  7. Nour Gilinsky

    Nour Gilinsky16 days ago

    Sora for Smash Bros!

  8. Edii VG

    Edii VG17 days ago

    My favorite part about this trailer is how Nomura thought Frozen would be the big reveal. He clearly doesn't understand his fanbase. Now we're all exploding from the BH6 trailer. If we see Kairinort, Leanort, or Master Eraqus revived, I'm going to flip.

  9. Tanequa Woodson

    Tanequa Woodson18 days ago

    Aqua would love town a little bit too long and she was taken over by the Darkness

  10. Soul Legend

    Soul Legend20 days ago

    I cant wait have good memories with the first game of my grandma watches me play it before she pass away

  11. Queen Elsa

    Queen Elsa21 day ago

    How can 1.2k people hate this when it didn't even come out yet?!

  12. sharon v

    sharon v6 days ago

    maybe its because of Frozen.

  13. Mo Lean

    Mo Lean19 days ago

    Queen Elsa aqua

  14. Ryudai sama

    Ryudai sama21 day ago

    "You either die a hero, or you live longenough to see yourself become thevillain." . . I am so disappointing for seeing NO ONE comment this reference about Aqua ....

  15. FireTeel Videos

    FireTeel Videos23 days ago

    “Mickey you’re too late” My reaction 😱🤩😡😭💔

  16. Jesse Adair

    Jesse Adair25 days ago

    Treasure Planet one Disney's best movie's has never been in Kingdom hearts but this piece of trash gets in?? WHERE'S THE LOGIC IN THAT?????

  17. Jvhmal_ x

    Jvhmal_ x9 days ago

    They're going by most popular and successful films

  18. junrung sritrakulchang

    junrung sritrakulchang27 days ago

    Too Bad kingdom hearts doesn’t have animated tv series I wanna see Bill Cipher:(

  19. Mark Reyes

    Mark Reyes27 days ago

    Kingdom Hearts Logic: Sora doesn't find Christmas Town in KHII cold, but finds Elsa's world really cold.

  20. ArrBe

    ArrBe27 days ago

    I hate Soras voice in III. Why is haley joel osment trying to sound younger than he did in KH2?

  21. MovieManiac 95

    MovieManiac 9528 days ago

    It’s cold! 🤣🤣🤣

  22. Jaylen Jefferson

    Jaylen Jefferson28 days ago

    It was going to happen sooner or later

  23. darknight94ful

    darknight94ful29 days ago

    Alter aqua! Yay!

  24. Envy Homunculus

    Envy HomunculusMonth ago

    Aqua has gone Michael Bay's Nemesis Prime.

  25. Bandido 13

    Bandido 13Month ago

    What should i buy? the ultimate smash or the kingdom 3? AAAHHHHHH agria

  26. เอ่อนั่นเต๊อะ ฮานิบ่าเฮ้ย

    เอ่อนั่นเต๊อะ ฮานิบ่าเฮ้ยMonth ago

    Noooooooo!!! aqua omg!!

  27. matrix gameing

    matrix gameingMonth ago

    butv why aqua

  28. Duck Knight

    Duck KnightMonth ago

    Anybody wanna suck my cock? Ill preorder the game for anyone who is willing to do so.

  29. Matthew0337

    Matthew033715 days ago

    Duck Knight boy

  30. Duck Knight

    Duck KnightMonth ago

    u boy or gril?

  31. Matthew0337

    Matthew0337Month ago

    Duck Knight Heyyyy

  32. Tom Jordan

    Tom JordanMonth ago

    "That's amazing! You can control ice! Pfffttt.... What am I joking! Well, I can control ICE, FIRE, and LIGHTNING and MOREEEE!!!!!"

  33. Tom Jordan

    Tom JordanMonth ago

    phuc quang So by your definition of "control" is exclusively to a capability of making a palace? Fine whatever suits you

  34. phuc quang

    phuc quangMonth ago

    Elsa can make everything with ice spell like palace, etc, ...

  35. Tom Jordan

    Tom JordanMonth ago

    phuc quang He can shoots multiple ice chucks simultaneously that fly in curve arc direction, and then now he can make it burst into giant ice spikes. THAT is not a control over ice? Yeah right

  36. phuc quang

    phuc quangMonth ago

    Tom Jordan lol That is not control. Sure Sora can atk with magic but he cannot control ice

  37. Harris Rushwin

    Harris RushwinMonth ago

    I want xion to return

  38. Kira Atletica

    Kira AtleticaMonth ago

    I've never had the chance to play a kingdom hearts game and I really feel like im missing a masterpiece. This is amazing.

  39. Elaine Johnson

    Elaine Johnson28 days ago

    1.5, 2.5, 2.8 have all the games of the series for PS4, and this is the last game of the arc they've had since the start

  40. Silvers Rayleigh

    Silvers RayleighMonth ago

    DONT THINK TWICE to buy this game :)

  41. Skywordstrike

    SkywordstrikeMonth ago

    Um sora, you can control ice also remember?

  42. Astral M

    Astral MMonth ago

    He can make little ice bombs and shoot out shards of ice, not literally turn the ground beneath his feet into ice or create a palace or blue dress. And he doesn't really know that many other magical people tbh.

  43. WiruSenpai

    WiruSenpaiMonth ago

    Why is the English dub so cringey?

  44. Balnazzardi

    Balnazzardi8 days ago

    Ye its the way its originally written in Japanese.....I mean seriously, you never played any JRPGs, Metal Gear or some other Japanese games before? And if you think this is cringey, then just go play Final Fantasy XIII....I swear you will puke out of disgust with that game and its dialogue....and to me it really doesnt matter whether its English or Japanese voice acting on that regard, since what is originally written doesnt change if the lines written are cringey in first place....but atleast with English voice actors who arent usually as freaking high pitched as Japanese ones, its somewhat more bearable

  45. Astral M

    Astral MMonth ago

    The lines and writing itself are pretty cringey, there's no way around that. If you actually ask a native Japanese speaker, who's studied English, to listed to the Japanese dub vs English dub, they'll often favor the English dub for the same reason

  46. Rubiks Gaming CGZ

    Rubiks Gaming CGZMonth ago

    AQUA!!! NO!!

  47. azerty azertu

    azerty azertuMonth ago

    It looks like it's for maximum 14 years old people

  48. Balnazzardi

    Balnazzardi8 days ago

    Well you would be surprised to find out how complex KH's storyline in that regard its definitely not for impatient young audience.

  49. SeanTEMGlitchy6

    SeanTEMGlitchy6Month ago


  50. Jyde K

    Jyde KMonth ago

    7th September 2018 anyone ?? Only 4 and a half month to go 😍😍

  51. Hannah Stidham

    Hannah StidhamMonth ago

    I have literally been binge watching this trailer for 8 days. I would say I need help but I don't :>

  52. Erwan Kadir

    Erwan KadirMonth ago

    This very oh! Will waiting you sora

  53. Stephanie Placencia

    Stephanie PlacenciaMonth ago

    Can you send me some a few subscribersto my channel

  54. AsterPhoenix 1

    AsterPhoenix 1Month ago

    Funny that Nomura thought the Frozen World was going to surprise everyone the most. He's more than wrong Aquanort was way more surprising and you would think so since she's shown at the end of the trailer. Aqua best KH character for me by far.

  55. Brenda m

    Brenda mMonth ago

    Waen i was a kid i love this game but the old game

  56. Josnan Avila

    Josnan AvilaMonth ago

    What's the song they have playing toward the end?

  57. Matthew0337

    Matthew0337Month ago

    Josnan Avila Don’t Think Twice

  58. SuperFanboy101

    SuperFanboy101Month ago

    I really hope there's classic Disney films in this game too. Robin Hood, for example.

  59. Federico Bimbo

    Federico BimboMonth ago

    Game of the year!

  60. Majoba García

    Majoba GarcíaMonth ago

    I remembered that this trailer made me so happy because it means we can probably whoop Aqua's ass

  61. Christian Wilhelm

    Christian WilhelmMonth ago

  62. 808 Lucio

    808 LucioMonth ago

    So uh.. now that aqua is a vessel, Whats her name now? A q u a....Qaruax?

  63. Marcus  Cheng

    Marcus Cheng26 days ago


  64. i nu

    i nuMonth ago


  65. Anna Frozen

    Anna FrozenMonth ago

    Q ganas

  66. Zaclke Zacchaeus

    Zaclke ZacchaeusMonth ago

    Everyone loves Aqua including me. I'm crying! Aqua!

  67. OmnisLacrima Somnus

    OmnisLacrima SomnusMonth ago

    Terra is inside of xehanorts heartless ,isn't it

  68. Roxas keyblade master #13

    Roxas keyblade master #13Month ago

    I can't wait anymore

  69. Levi Fout

    Levi FoutMonth ago

    #KH3 Arendelle (Disney's FROZEN)

  70. Rayvern 1998

    Rayvern 1998Month ago

    No never that is not aqua. Maybe Terra/Xherahnot who Took her appearence. I didn't believe she Fall into darkness. Because she fought too long for the light. but maybe that means... Darkness and light need an Equal Level.

  71. GodotRouge

    GodotRougeMonth ago

    Fake, where is Cory, the best character in Kingdom Hearts

  72. Gameboynitro 9

    Gameboynitro 9Month ago

    Ah I see that Disney characters in this game are still glossing over the fact Donald and Goofy are talking animals

  73. John Platz

    John Platz2 months ago

    I think I understand what Master Xehanort meant when he said "And another on your list belong to me now." And I thought he meant Terra.

  74. TheSugarPop

    TheSugarPop2 months ago


  75. Elite Soul

    Elite Soul2 months ago


  76. 1aundulxaldin

    1aundulxaldin2 months ago

    So.... I guess Larxene is human now? Being split down the middle into both a humanoid Heartless and your Empty (Albeit Temporarily) Nobody seems like a pleasant transition that costs you ultimately nothing in the long run. Because once both your halves return to the whole.... .... You become normal again, AND retain the Superpowers you had as a Nobody! Hell, Lea was a dorky kid.... until he become a nobody who could manipulate Fire. Then when he perished through his sacrifice, he become a human again and STILL retained the ability to use Fire! Even better, now HE has a Keyblade too! If I split myself down to a Heartless and Nobody, I know that both would develop their own separate individual identities, but they would also get Superpowers. Then when both are destroyed by a plucky Spiky haired kid wielding a keyblade, and they return to me, I'll have those superpowers as well. Not to be picky, but I want my powers to be Blue Nightime Sky Shadows. Like, being able to move about as freely in a nightmare sky, with a trail of Stars peeping out in the shadows.

  77. Matthew0337

    Matthew03372 months ago

    1aundulxaldin Larxene isn’t human. All the people in the new organization are nobodys again.

  78. Lil Moseley

    Lil Moseley2 months ago

    I hope they can get aqua back before the final clash. I really want to see aqua fight as one of the guardians of light

  79. Matt Kugelman

    Matt Kugelman2 months ago

    Sees Sora, Donald, and Goofy sledding Sonic adventure you’re still here

  80. Henrique Vasconcelos

    Henrique Vasconcelos2 months ago

    Fcking hate larxene she's a bitch!!!

  81. Marcus  Cheng

    Marcus Cheng8 days ago

    Be grateful we r getting her instead of Hans

  82. Balnazzardi

    Balnazzardi2 months ago

    Nah she is the best! :D She was the only member from Organization XIII that really stood out besides Im really glad she is back

  83. G2 Enix

    G2 Enix2 months ago


  84. Robert Berg

    Robert Berg2 months ago

    It’s nice to see Sora all grown up

  85. Blake Cowling

    Blake Cowling2 months ago

    SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER THIS: How does no one know who namine is in KH coded if coded takes place after kh2 and at the end of kh2 Sora and Kairi meet Roxas and Namine? Is that a major flaw in the story or is it explained cause I don’t even want to play coded if the whole plot isn’t cannon

  86. Blake Cowling

    Blake Cowling2 months ago

    Matthew0337 oh, thank you. Why wouldn’t mickey just tell them in the very beginning what “thank namine” meant?

  87. Matthew0337

    Matthew03372 months ago

    Blake Cowling Mickey knows who Namine is. Goofy, Donald, Jimminy, Data Sora and Data Riku Don’t.

  88. ukhistorian

    ukhistorian2 months ago

    January can't get here sooner.

  89. DA WAE

    DA WAE2 months ago

    ma per che console è?

  90. Marcus  Cheng

    Marcus Cheng2 months ago


  91. rontavius snipes

    rontavius snipes2 months ago

    I’m taking off work for 2 weeks when this releases. I’m buying cases of water and other food I can quickly eat I will not leave the house!!!!

  92. Blanko _

    Blanko _2 months ago


  93. Fabricio Soares

    Fabricio Soares2 months ago

    Bopeararo sora

  94. DD All

    DD All2 months ago


  95. Barry Slieker

    Barry Slieker2 months ago

    Can you making Zootopia world please?

  96. KeybladeKing

    KeybladeKing2 months ago


  97. Jyde K

    Jyde K2 months ago

    Who else Hope that KH3 Will Be uncensored in The whole world, Not just like The 2. Part...

  98. Ugandan Strawberry hedgehog

    Ugandan Strawberry hedgehog2 months ago

    I don't know why but seeing Aqua as a heartless just gives me unversed vibes.

  99. Gabriel

    Gabriel2 months ago

    Aqua ♥

  100. Shadow Warrior

    Shadow Warrior2 months ago

    Why did Mickey just leave her in Dream drop distance????

  101. Shadow Warrior

    Shadow Warrior2 months ago

    Oh yeah my bad 😂

  102. Patrick Mahoney

    Patrick Mahoney2 months ago

    They didn't even meet in Dream Drop Distance. After the events of 0.2, Mickey didn't have any way to access the Realm of Darkness. And even if he managed to find a way in, it would be nearly impossible for him to find a way out.

  103. Jun Misugi

    Jun Misugi2 months ago

    Damn 1 Month have passed already

  104. Tyler Osburn

    Tyler Osburn2 months ago

    You know. Once it comes out, I kind've wish that there should be some crossover dlc from Kingdom Hearts and other games such as Halo, Gears of War, Star Fox, Mario, or maybe Destiny.


    GESU DI NAZZARET 772 months ago

    This fame is a really shit

  106. Matthew0337

    Matthew03372 months ago

    GESU DI NAZZARET 77 what lol

  107. Akai 32

    Akai 322 months ago

    I want to see dark elsa

  108. Marcus  Cheng

    Marcus Cheng2 months ago

    YES spread the petition for ELSANORT as Larxene will fuck her up

  109. Shane studio

    Shane studio2 months ago

    My baby girl why why papa Normora why just what did aqua do to you 😳😢😢😭😭😢😭😢😢😭😢😭😭😢😭😭😢😢😭😭

  110. CadyGamer Pix

    CadyGamer Pix2 months ago

    Wow. This is super cool! The boy with brown hair looks like Jordan Sweeto...

  111. Michael Solarek

    Michael Solarek2 months ago

    They tried to kill Hamm they must pay!!

  112. Pinkfox 08 .F

    Pinkfox 08 .F2 months ago


  113. gamertyler

    gamertyler2 months ago

    I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy I’m gonna pre order the game for my PS4 I’ll also be live streaming gameplay to my channel so be sure to subscribe


    KL14 KASARAGOD2 months ago

    Beautiful to look like animated movie

  115. Evolution Vegeta

    Evolution Vegeta2 months ago

    Well he was to late XD

  116. Hoody Bob

    Hoody Bob2 months ago

    0:32 Wow sora was like : *HOLY SHIT JESUS EXIST*

  117. The Real Joker Gaming

    The Real Joker Gaming2 months ago

    Hey guys, check out my theory on why Sora may die in Kingdom Hearts 3 on my channel!


    TRIPPY ZAY2 months ago

    Let’s go bruh

  119. Vin Cordeiro

    Vin Cordeiro3 months ago

    Damn Ansem and Xemnas look SO BADASS,also THAT VOICE HNNG 😭😭❤❤❤

  120. FBI 1987

    FBI 19873 months ago

    well she has been in the realm of darkness for over a decade, it's not surprising she fell. what is surprising is that she lasted as long as she did.

  121. Matthew0337

    Matthew03372 months ago

    justin Harris The source came from a Japanese magazine called Famitsu and was translated by this guy . Just look up “Aqua is norted confirmed” on MReporter and there’s videos all about it.

  122. FBI 1987

    FBI 19872 months ago

    Matthew0337 really? please provide a link, i'd love to see it!

  123. Matthew0337

    Matthew03372 months ago

    justin Harris Actually it was confirmed in a interview with Nomura that Aqua is in fact possessed by Xehanort.

  124. FBI 1987

    FBI 19872 months ago

    Matthew0337 as much as people have been saying such, there is no evidence of such. it's entirely possible her change of hair and eye color is due to her time in the realm of darkness, as we don't really know what kind of effects such an extended period of time in such can do to a person. as for her being a Xehanort heart carrier; it's not impossible, but there is literally no reason for such to happen, nor is this ever even suggested in the series before such. an example: in dds, Master Xehanort claims that two of the people Mickey had counted belonged to him, and the two people he was clearly talking about were Terra and Sora, who was unconscious at the time, being prepared to be a new vessel. so, he never mentioned Aqua, and, other than Sora, we count twelve "seekers of darkness" already present, it seems extremely unlikely that Aqua was among their number, as she was still in the dark realm at the time. now you could argue that, to shore up his numbers, Xehanort turned Aqua, but like i said, there is no evidence for such currently, and until some indication of such does come out, i think it is more accurate to assume she simply fell, as all available evidence suggests such.

  125. Matthew0337

    Matthew03373 months ago

    justin Harris She didn’t fall she got possessed by Xehanort

  126. Levi Agbon

    Levi Agbon3 months ago

    Simba knows Fire Spin!!!!????!!?!?!?!?!?😱😱😱

  127. Levi Agbon

    Levi Agbon2 months ago

    YoungMasterEraqueez YES HAHAHAHAHAHA

  128. YoungMasterEraqueez

    YoungMasterEraqueez2 months ago

    Levi Agbon You mean Flame Wheel?

  129. teen843

    teen8433 months ago

    Have you heard of the princess avenger?

  130. Pedro Armany Santos

    Pedro Armany Santos3 months ago

    Whats The for music ?

  131. Pedro Armany Santos

    Pedro Armany Santos3 months ago

    Oque aconteceu com a Aqua???? 😥😥😥😥

  132. King Mickey

    King Mickey3 months ago

    YESSS!! Frozen World hype 🙌🙌

  133. itsguy 246

    itsguy 2463 months ago

    No audio