KINGDOM HEARTS III - E3 2018 Frozen Trailer


  1. David Lopez

    David LopezHour ago

    She's not aqua anymore she's...... Aquanort

  2. jihoon ari

    jihoon ari3 hours ago

    omg!! Frozen

  3. Lasagnah

    Lasagnah9 hours ago


  4. SMUS16475

    SMUS1647510 hours ago

    0:24 *says "wow" without moving his lips*

  5. Ravagerblade

    Ravagerblade11 hours ago

    Hmm, Actually I think Aqua's going to be the most important person in the series.

  6. Roya Power

    Roya Power17 hours ago


  7. Roi Itzkovich

    Roi Itzkovich18 hours ago

    Are these the same voice actors for anna, olaf and elsa as in the movie. It definately sounds like them and it will be surprising if not, seeing it only aired 5 years ago.

  8. Lawrence Gist

    Lawrence Gist18 hours ago

    *Riku and Mickey find themselves in a Dinner in Twilight Town* Riku: What happened? *Dark Aqua appears* Mickey: What happened? Aqua: You tried to rescue me, and you failed.

  9. Jinseual

    Jinseual19 hours ago

    0:25 doesn't move his mouth when he says "wow." Impressive skills.

  10. Norlan Membreño Coronado

    Norlan Membreño Coronado19 hours ago

    Que rayos está pasando

  11. Justin SNAP

    Justin SNAP19 hours ago

    So do both mickey and riku lose their keyblade?? Rikus gets broken and this new star seeker one could be a keyblad mickey is using or he gave to riku to use?

  12. Alia Ashfaq

    Alia Ashfaq22 hours ago

    ice can get out of shoes but not gloves even gloves are thin then shoes

  13. zerf sefo

    zerf sefoDay ago

    What’s that keyblade at the end? Looks like Star Seeker and Kingdom Key fused together. Plus Aqua says “This keyblade...” so does it mean something in particular? Is that a Kingdom Star or what?

  14. MrGabeanator

    MrGabeanatorDay ago

    I want to play this

  15. boumboe

    boumboeDay ago

    Master Eraqus is crying for Aqua.

  16. logoboards

    logoboardsDay ago

    the rage about aqua going dark is insane from kingdom hearts fans everywhere!!!!

  17. ayy lmao

    ayy lmaoDay ago

    you got the sound effects working 1 minute later... so help me god i don't slap my computer

  18. EasyFreeSounds

    EasyFreeSoundsDay ago

    Im hyped.. but this is so akward.. like there are no sounds in the trailer only a song and akward voicr acting xD

  19. Soul Gear Universe

    Soul Gear UniverseDay ago

    They forgot the...sound effects? Like at least half of them?

  20. binkyboy448

    binkyboy448Day ago

    Stylistic choice. SFX are guaranteed for the actual game.

  21. AllHailBob13

    AllHailBob13Day ago

    Why is NO ONE wondering what's the story with the Kingdom Key D/Star Seeker keyblade?

  22. Lawrence Gist

    Lawrence Gist17 hours ago

    AllHailBob13 Because of what happened to Aqua.

  23. Vrto 11

    Vrto 11Day ago


  24. Say my Namo Lamo That’s the Caso

    Say my Namo Lamo That’s the CasoDay ago


  25. Katie

    KatieDay ago

    Since when Simba burns lol

  26. Fosty Face

    Fosty FaceDay ago


  27. Master Gold

    Master GoldDay ago

    Acqua cazzo fai 😱

  28. Kind Kool Kid

    Kind Kool KidDay ago

    Her hair isn’t fully white so maybe she isn’t fully norted or maybe she isn’t norted at all 🤔

  29. binkyboy448

    binkyboy448Day ago

    Xigbar's hair is turning white too, you know. Notice his gray streaks. Saix's hair is also a lighter shade.

  30. Kind Kool Kid

    Kind Kool KidDay ago

    Patrick Mahoney dang I played almost all the kingdomhearts games and I can’t spit facts like you do lol your right

  31. Patrick Mahoney

    Patrick MahoneyDay ago

    Yellow eyes have nothing to do with darkness. While the Heartless have yellow eyes, they do not have yellow irises like Xehanort; the Heartless just have yellow menacing eyes while the humans; Xehanort and his vessels have regular eyes. We have seen many characters use the darkness but never have yellow eyes; Riku in KH1, Riku Replica, Maleficent, certain members of the Organization, Sephiroth (who is the manifestation of Cloud's darkness in the KH series), etc. Young Xehanort had yellow eyes before he even left Destiny Islands and discovered other worlds. Xehanort was born with yellow eyes and when his vessels share that trait. As heavily implied in Dream Drop Distance by Xigbar, yellow eyes means that they are part-Xehanort. "Me? I'm already half-Xehanort," as the camera zooms straight towards his yellow eye. Master Xehanort also states in DDD, "And now, the last vessel shall bear my heart like the rest," meaning that all the other members of the 13 Seekers of Darkness are part-Xehanort, such as Vanitas and Marluxia (note: there is an exclusive scene in the Japanese version of the Pirates of the Caribbean trailer which shows Marluxia who now has yellow eyes, meaning he is part-Xehanort). Yellow eyes being an effect of darkness is simply a fan-made misconception. Here's a quote from the BBS Ultimania which prove that yellow eyes means that the person is part-Xehanort: "Comparing the Organization members when they were human to when they were in the Organization, apart from Xehanort, only Isa and Braig have differently-shaped ears and differently-coloured eyes - why is this?" "It’s a question of whether or not they’re deeply connected to Xehanort. In Braig’s case, comparing the scene where he’s injured in his battle with Terra and flares up at Xehanort, his appearance afterwards changes, which hints that something happened with Xehanort in between." (Later) "So you’re saying you can’t tell us yet (laughs). Braig had a big role in the game, and he was a little ominous…?" "In the final scene where Braig appears, his eyes have changed to gold." "Did something happen between him and Master Xehanort?" "I think there was a line where Master Xehanort says that he has “many roads that [he] might choose to take”, and that’s also referring to Braig."

  32. Kind Kool Kid

    Kind Kool KidDay ago

    Patrick Mahoney but what if yellow eyes mean that they just got taken by the darkness... the heartless do have yellow eyes

  33. Patrick Mahoney

    Patrick MahoneyDay ago

    Because none of the members ever fully turn into Xehanort. They just end up "half-Xehanort" with Xehanort's traits; yellow eyes and sometimes pointy ears. Even Terra never fully turned into Xehanort. He was always half-Xehanort, but Xehanort had much more control because he had his full heart within Terra.

  34. David Timmer

    David Timmer2 days ago

    I think the reason Sora finds Elsa's cryokinesis intriguing, is because of what Goofy said, he's too used to summer and the beach. That's pretty relatable. I live in Texas and snow and ice is a rarity

  35. Dodgy Dingoz

    Dodgy Dingoz2 days ago

    I love how everyone predicted Aqua to be one of the guardians.... Nope... lol

  36. Astamith

    Astamith2 days ago

    Now I know when I will buy myself a PS4. Have been waiting all this time to finally get a releaste for this hopefully magnificent master piece. Poor Aqua :'(

  37. Kip_ Ninja07

    Kip_ Ninja072 days ago

    "Aqua's been norted!" anyone get that reference?

  38. Dodgy Dingoz

    Dodgy Dingoz2 days ago

    Yeah, but it's not funny.

  39. Nikodimos Triaridis

    Nikodimos Triaridis2 days ago

    People, you do realize that it won't be able to live up to the hype, right?

  40. Dodgy Dingoz

    Dodgy Dingoz2 days ago

    I was one of the few people who said Starwars Battlefront would be shit, no one believed me, and look what happened. The thing is though, Kingdom Hearts has never failed to deliver. At the very worst the games have been 'good', just nothing special. I personally think KH3 will live up the hype, but of course, there's no guarantee.

  41. ROBOT 077X

    ROBOT 077X2 days ago

    Put this on switch

  42. 그린칙 코뉴어 토리우스[토리] Conure Torius[Tori]

    그린칙 코뉴어 토리우스[토리] Conure Torius[Tori]2 days ago


  43. Christopher  Moore

    Christopher Moore2 days ago

    Rip x

  44. FabulousFerret Studios

    FabulousFerret Studios2 days ago


  45. Detektiv Kaito kid conan

    Detektiv Kaito kid conan2 days ago

    OMG 😱😍

  46. Léonard CHERON

    Léonard CHERON2 days ago

    Xehanort must die for having stolen the smile and the blue eyes of aqua (I'm 99% sure it's him, not 100% because square can surprise me)

  47. Rayxz

    Rayxz2 days ago

    This is honestly really cringy

  48. Ernesto Chacon

    Ernesto Chacon2 days ago

    2:13-2:16 Am I the only one who got emotional at this scene while the song was still playing? 😢😭

  49. renegades_forever

    renegades_forever2 days ago

    Oh man I gotta make sure I play that Frozen world when my little cousins aren't around I can see it now "PLAY FROZEN PLAY FROZEN"

  50. AsTonIsHed SoNiKku

    AsTonIsHed SoNiKku2 days ago

    I never bought a Kingdom hearts game, But i’ve played the Drop Distance 3DS demo.

  51. David Timmer

    David Timmer16 hours ago

    You can finally experience it for yourself now that the series is in one system

  52. J pawz

    J pawz2 days ago

    I wOn'T lEt hEr FaLl To DaRkNeSs

  53. Fabio Laochunshack

    Fabio Laochunshack2 days ago

    'Coming in 2018' they said.

  54. Solomon Ndogu

    Solomon Ndogu2 days ago

    2:55 oh hecky naw

  55. Nicholas Sek

    Nicholas Sek3 days ago

    i thought it will be finally release this year now it said 2019 damn i been waiting for 13 years i was 15 when i played kingdom hearts 2 now i am 28 how long will it keep me waiting

  56. Cha'Chi Loso

    Cha'Chi Loso3 days ago

    It looks perfect but poor Aqua she's Norted

  57. nathan walton

    nathan walton3 days ago

    can i kill the entire cast in frozen stage i wish :)

  58. a wild sardine

    a wild sardine3 days ago


  59. Agent Bandicoot

    Agent Bandicoot3 days ago

    Nem bírok várni!

  60. Rascio

    Rascio3 days ago

    Ma il preordine sul sito della squere come funziona? Ti arriva il corriere a casa?

  61. Vortex2257

    Vortex22573 days ago

    Aqua...why... GOD DAMN IT XEHANORT

  62. réda eloualladi

    réda eloualladi3 days ago

    00:40 "a walking talking snowman! You really are alive!" Okay he's surprised by that but he's okay with a humanoid duck and dog and a girl whose steps create ice on the floor

  63. Tuyet Le

    Tuyet Le3 days ago

    Holy moly guacamolely

  64. llostinspaceee

    llostinspaceee3 days ago

    Why they gotta add Frozen tho.

  65. zeroa69

    zeroa693 days ago

    it drives me nuts that they didnt use this fight system for ff15 instead of that gay ass auto pretend to be action fights itself just buy lots of potions shit

  66. Noah Chavarin

    Noah Chavarin3 days ago

    Me:This can't be happening..... Aqua....*starts to cry* AQUA!!!!!

  67. Yaramaz Kedi Tv

    Yaramaz Kedi Tv3 days ago

    subscribe to thank you

  68. Rahul

    Rahul3 days ago

    Almost 2 million...

  69. Cotton Crush

    Cotton Crush3 days ago

    im crying rn

  70. Asian Nick Compton

    Asian Nick Compton3 days ago

    Kingdom Hearts Moana is next

  71. Tea Tea

    Tea Tea3 days ago

    Let it go already why is frozen still a thing my god my ears are bleeding

  72. Free Gaming

    Free Gaming3 days ago

    This is a very poorly made trailer

  73. dragon heaven

    dragon heaven20 hours ago

    Free Gaming 1: again that's not bad dialogue. I don't see how saying "look out" makes it bad. The no sound effects is annoying though. "No emotion", yeah because saying "all I do is hurt people" in a very sad voice is "emotionless". Lol 2: Jurassic park *. You can't even spell Jurassic. Anyway Jurassic world is not that great, but it's not the very terrible either. Star wars is kind of meh, they're just using the same formula from the old movies. I don't see how emoji movie compares to kingdom hearts. Besides isn't that hated by everyone? 3: I don't see how fortune got into this or how it's terrible games? I don't even like online battle royle games. 4: isn't a normie somewhat like a conformist ? Wouldn't that make you s conformist, because you accepted the ideas and behavior towards the movies games? Lol 5: again give a actual specific good example. Also if you don't like the game you can leave don't have to be bothered with the game. Duh again dude ;)

  74. Free Gaming

    Free Gaming22 hours ago

    dragon heaven 1:28 Look out! Wow that's amazing, you can control ice Control it? No all I do is hurt people. The dialogue is extremely bad and the delivery is pathetic. No emotion at all. I'm assuming you don't notice these things because all you are a normie. Next thing I know is that you love jurrastic world and you think that the new Star wars movies are amazing . The Emoji movie was probably your favorite movie and you are playing Fortnite right now

  75. dragon heaven

    dragon heaven22 hours ago

    Free Gaming I've seen the trailer, the only thing notice is the audio. Again give a specific good example and detail

  76. Free Gaming

    Free Gaming22 hours ago

    dragon heaven 1:28

  77. Free Gaming

    Free Gaming22 hours ago

    dragon heaven 1.28

  78. John Flores

    John Flores3 days ago

    where are the sound effects

  79. Pizza Steve

    Pizza Steve3 days ago

    1:58 that late dive roll..

  80. Dresnax 99

    Dresnax 994 days ago

    1,1 thousand heartless don't like this epic trailer

  81. スプラットファイアーSplatFire

    スプラットファイアーSplatFire4 days ago

    Take out Kingtoms Hearts 3 on the Nintendo Switch, please

  82. Angel Bolaños

    Angel Bolaños4 days ago


  83. freesia 143

    freesia 1434 days ago

    I noticed soras eyes are a crystal deep blue color now.,. Did it change? Werent they brown or something from wat i remember 15 yrs ago

  84. freesia 143

    freesia 1433 days ago

    But i dont remember his eyes standing out as much awhile ago.. did they change it? I know they did something to his eyes

  85. Patrick Mahoney

    Patrick Mahoney3 days ago

    Nope. They were always blue.

  86. freesia 143

    freesia 1434 days ago

    Whos aqua?? I remember playing n lovin kh when i was young its been more than 10 years im 25 now and clicking on this vid brings so much memories

  87. binkyboy448

    binkyboy448Day ago

    If you can't or don't want to play through hours of games, there's a series of five recap videos to help people catch up, about 3 minutes each. They're only in Japanese right now, but we can bet there will be an English version to come later.

  88. freesia 143

    freesia 1433 days ago

    Patrick Mahoney then i missed out on birth by sleep

  89. Patrick Mahoney

    Patrick Mahoney3 days ago

    Aqua is a Kingdom Hearts character introduced in Birth by Sleep.

  90. Swan Arima

    Swan Arima4 days ago

    oh shit aqua.....

  91. TheOriginalGrownB

    TheOriginalGrownB4 days ago

    I had a hair on my on my screen but didnt knock it if. Suddenly I realized it was a real hair and not a profile photo

  92. Benda Demona

    Benda Demona4 days ago


  93. Wickedkwwe

    Wickedkwwe4 days ago

    Im surprised there arnt many comments about the no sound effects

  94. Chris Kokolios

    Chris Kokolios4 days ago

    Please Square Enix we need final fantasy vii remake we live for it but make it great

  95. Businessman Ginger

    Businessman Ginger4 days ago

    Alex Jones: What do I do Lord? Xehanort: Destroy the child, corrupt them all!!!

  96. Nagonahara Mio

    Nagonahara Mio4 days ago

    Love it

  97. Doge 347

    Doge 3474 days ago

    What the fuck is this discusting peace of shit

  98. OneGamer2EnvyThemAll

    OneGamer2EnvyThemAll4 days ago

    Wow calm down.

  99. Colin Eickhoff

    Colin Eickhoff4 days ago

    oh no

  100. Connor Mcsweeney

    Connor Mcsweeney4 days ago

    AHHH THEY NORDED AQUA! What does that even mean

  101. binkyboy448

    binkyboy448Day ago

    It means Xehanort (the bad guy of the series) put a piece of his heart in her, and she's slowly turning into him. And he's done this with at least 11 other people.

  102. Patrick Mahoney

    Patrick Mahoney3 days ago

    'Norted' is the fan term meaning someone has become part-Xehanort.

  103. Shakeem Murray

    Shakeem Murray4 days ago

    Bout fucking time, what took ya

  104. ElPsyKongroo

    ElPsyKongroo4 days ago

    Sora in love with elsa

  105. Irsyad Zaidan Bilqisty

    Irsyad Zaidan Bilqisty4 days ago

    Wait, did Disney and Square Enix have a sponsorhip with Hello Neighbor as well? Oh wait, it's just Aqua... Well shit

  106. RANI Dz

    RANI Dz4 days ago

    لعبة مقودة

  107. Fara Mesi

    Fara Mesi4 days ago


  108. GRand

    GRand4 days ago

    *"I won't let her fall to darkness!"* Go Sora!

  109. Alec Bartzman

    Alec Bartzman4 days ago

    Sora is still a cringey bitch give me Roxas or something

  110. Xeyyakkenn

    Xeyyakkenn4 days ago

    After watching this, go back and watch the Kingdom Hearts 2.8 intro and tell me you don't feel some kind of way.

  111. DCTV

    DCTV4 days ago


  112. Nero Alphoenix

    Nero Alphoenix4 days ago

    Moana, Treasure Planet and Brave world are all I need for this game. I hope they will add it in KH3.

  113. Daniel Espinoza

    Daniel Espinoza4 days ago


  114. Ravioli ravioli Dont lewd the dragon loli

    Ravioli ravioli Dont lewd the dragon loli4 days ago

    God I wish the sound effects were in there around 1:27 because it's very...very off putting. the rest of the video are scenes that were definitely supposed to have sfx, and the fact that they removed sfx just so you could hear the song kinda.. bothers me. theres a point where you don't need/shouldn't have the sfx for the scenes but, at least keep the sfx for the scenes that need them. also rip aqua. I have no clue what you did between bbs and kh3 to get norted like this but oh well. I'll miss you, sweet blueberry mom x.x

  115. NyX Avatar77

    NyX Avatar774 days ago

    Oh my godddd,this game is freaking awesome

  116. LordCrump Fan

    LordCrump Fan4 days ago

    I think it is a safe assumption that since it seems that the Monster's INC world is following the story of the movie that Randal and Mr. Waternoose should be in the world. I don't know is going to voice Mr. Waternoose since his original voice actor died but I bet Steve Busemi will reprise his role as Randel. I also think both Mike and Sully will be voiced by the guys that have voiced them in video games before, not sure about Boo though.

  117. God

    God4 days ago


  118. Thicc Dogo123

    Thicc Dogo1234 days ago

    Olaf look like shrek.

  119. Christopher Beherns

    Christopher Beherns4 days ago

    What a train wreck

  120. MrAJ

    MrAJ4 days ago

    Jesus confirmed

  121. fearless bros

    fearless bros4 days ago

    This game looks Stu pid

  122. Jon Ang

    Jon Ang4 days ago

    i want olaf's icy peen in me

  123. holyfuck444

    holyfuck4444 days ago

    Mickey you failed Aqua man. You had so much access to WoD in KHII and after Castle Oblivion.