[King of masked singer] 복면가왕 - 'unicorn' special performance - Tommorrow 20180513


  1. Annie Ng

    Annie Ng2 hours ago

    After watching Deadpool 2, I realize why he chose this song!!!

  2. Ophélie REMARQUE

    Ophélie REMARQUE3 hours ago

    I know now why he chose this song ^.^ Deadpool 2

  3. Karen Lee

    Karen Lee3 hours ago

    Goshh he's basically perfect in every way!!😍😍

  4. Josh

    Josh5 hours ago

    Deadpool 2: unused footage

  5. cutiepie girl

    cutiepie girl6 hours ago

    Which episode

  6. Madeline Mai

    Madeline Mai7 hours ago

    It’s too beautiful....

  7. min yoongi's wifey

    min yoongi's wifey7 hours ago

    I've watched DEADPOOL 2.And its really good.


    SHIHA PARK7 hours ago

    I was so surprised when i knew it was Rayn. Korean ppl love hero movies and Ryan sang in the show literally nobody expect one of the hero movie actors singing. Everybody who was watch ing this show was surprised and drop their jar when they knew it's Ryan.

  9. Matthis Henrichs

    Matthis Henrichs8 hours ago

    This is so much funnier after actually watching dp2.

  10. Hi

    Hi9 hours ago

    I get why he sang this song since I just saw deadpool 2

  11. joey mancuso

    joey mancuso11 hours ago

    when I heard this song in the movie after seeing this, I lost my shit

  12. Jake Shultz

    Jake Shultz14 hours ago

    It made me cry in a good way

  13. ChronicalDamage

    ChronicalDamage15 hours ago

    This literally made my night. Such a beautiful song, sung very beautifully :’)

  14. Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau

    Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau15 hours ago

    This song was also in the movie.

  15. James Campbell

    James Campbell15 hours ago

    It's pre-recorded! His lips aren't even moving!! LOL LOL

  16. Teddy Hwang

    Teddy Hwang16 hours ago

    영화보니까 이거 선곡한지 알겠닼ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  17. kunshen thao

    kunshen thao16 hours ago

    This song was in the Movie. Lmfao !

  18. AtticWarrior1994

    AtticWarrior199416 hours ago

    I'm convinced this is just Ryan Reynolds' idea of doing his bucket list.

  19. wattereddownanxiety

    wattereddownanxiety17 hours ago

    the fuck even is this

  20. Carol

    Carol2 hours ago

    wattereddownanxiety a good promotion idea

  21. Van Dai Tran

    Van Dai Tran18 hours ago

    Well, that one way to beat infinity war.

  22. Superhero creations

    Superhero creations18 hours ago

    The dead of deadpool ups spoiler

  23. Meenakshi xo

    Meenakshi xo18 hours ago


  24. Samantha Gonzales

    Samantha Gonzales20 hours ago

    This is so cool HAHAHAHAHHA

  25. Dahyun X Rosé

    Dahyun X Rosé20 hours ago

    *Tell me when you watched this before Deadpool 2 and come back here after watching Deadpool 2*

  26. Jubert Ong

    Jubert Ong20 hours ago

    He actually got the voice haha

  27. Ironman Avenger

    Ironman Avenger21 hour ago

    This song is stuck in my head

  28. 사이키쿠스오

    사이키쿠스오21 hour ago

    his pretty good! I saw that on TV :)

  29. Gamingnerd19 Emonerd

    Gamingnerd19 Emonerd21 hour ago

    I think I died of laughter

  30. iraj wee

    iraj wee22 hours ago

    Deadpool brought me here..

  31. Seno Rai

    Seno Rai22 hours ago

    Didn’t know Ryan could sing 😭❤️

  32. Dahyun X Rosé

    Dahyun X Rosé22 hours ago

    Papa can you hear me ~

  33. Dahyun X Rosé

    Dahyun X Rosé22 hours ago

    This song is a huge spoiler in Deadpool 2 .

  34. Flyswatter Network

    Flyswatter Network19 hours ago

    Wasted For Something I cried when Take on Me started playing

  35. Wasted For Something

    Wasted For Something20 hours ago

    Flyswatter Network yes this I was choked by tears when this song appeared though I've watched the film twice

  36. Flyswatter Network

    Flyswatter Network20 hours ago

    Dahyun X Rosé not really, but if you haven’t seen the film, it seems weird that he’s singing this, but after seeing it, it actually kind of sad!

  37. Richelle Black

    Richelle Black23 hours ago

    Now imagine Deadpool and Wolverine doing a musical together.

  38. OppasForever Noona

    OppasForever NoonaDay ago

    His voice, gosh. My lullaby❤.

  39. AngryGam3r

    AngryGam3rDay ago

    hahah Ryan is the king, he can even sing :D

  40. ianbowss

    ianbowssDay ago

    Ryan Reynolds is a fucking God.

  41. Sona Mathew

    Sona MathewDay ago

  42. Nam Balloon

    Nam BalloonDay ago

    this is actually pretty good !!!! this is a great idea and the company knows how to promote wow amazing 💕💕

  43. Sona Mathew

    Sona MathewDay ago

    Wow! I never knew he could sing so well!!!!

  44. HI DEBBIE!!!

    HI DEBBIE!!!Day ago

    The unicorn mask lured me to click on the video...

  45. Yuui Nguyễn

    Yuui NguyễnDay ago

    I'm so impressed :")

  46. TheAkrillion

    TheAkrillionDay ago

    Ryan Reynolds is the personification of Deadpool. I can DEFINITELY imagine, if Deadpool was real, him going on a Korean singing show randomly and just singing to promote his new movie. I mean, for fuck's sake, the game was all about how he wants to rewrite the game's script!

  47. Dahyun X Rosé

    Dahyun X RoséDay ago

    This song was featured in Deadpool 2 .

  48. Tribesmen Origin

    Tribesmen OriginDay ago

    wooo 🔥🔥🔥🔥 he need to sing this song in dead pool 2 😁💯🔥

  49. Veronica Jessie

    Veronica JessieDay ago

    spoiler alert this song is used in the intro for Deadpool 2

  50. OneBeastGamer

    OneBeastGamerDay ago

    I came here after watching deadpool 2. If you're reading this, GO WATCH IT! This song is a big part of the movie.

  51. Román Sánchez

    Román SánchezDay ago


  52. Román Sánchez

    Román SánchezDay ago


  53. Mega Maurizka

    Mega MaurizkaDay ago

    now i know why he sing that song

  54. Treesan Tran

    Treesan TranDay ago

    When half the people commenting aren't even kpop fans but came for Deadpool

  55. Brandon Lara

    Brandon LaraDay ago

    Didnt think this could get any better, then I saw the movie. I feel born again, with baby legs (this is a refrence, not a spoiler).

  56. thevanishingflame

    thevanishingflameDay ago

    *slight spoiler: halfway through this I realize the songs actually in the movie ha.

  57. jenny ricardo

    jenny ricardoDay ago

    Ryan Reynolds can sing? 😮😮😮

  58. Senpai-BPZ -Gaming

    Senpai-BPZ -GamingDay ago

    The plot twist when **Ryan** out of Deadpool 2 sings...

  59. 60x25

    60x25Day ago


  60. Ryan Stillman

    Ryan StillmanDay ago

    The world needs a Ryan Reynolds album asap.

  61. Kikikirah

    KikikirahDay ago

    He kinda sounds like Michael Bublé!

  62. Talon Obrovac Gorgon

    Talon Obrovac GorgonDay ago

    of course he would be a unicorn

  63. Guadalupe Mendez

    Guadalupe MendezDay ago

    OMG!!! He's voice is so good!!! I like it!! 👏😊😆😊

  64. kooolkidninjamaster

    kooolkidninjamasterDay ago

    Literally the Deadpool marketing team is on a whole other level

  65. Red Hunter

    Red HunterDay ago

    After the movie it gets some depth

  66. RustySacks

    RustySacksDay ago

    Who's man is this

  67. Brenna Paulson

    Brenna PaulsonDay ago

    And now that I’ve seen the movie I understand why he sang this song!!!!

  68. Belinda Coates

    Belinda CoatesDay ago

    Wow!! I can't wait to see the US version on Fox!

  69. - meanhyuns

    - meanhyunsDay ago

    I think he is look alike Donghan a bit 😂😂😂

  70. bts is our lifeu

    bts is our lifeuDay ago


  71. Fluffle Puffle

    Fluffle PuffleDay ago

    Ryan is insane.

  72. Chimchim Is my bae

    Chimchim Is my baeDay ago

    Expecting him to sing this in Deadpool 2

  73. Dylan

    DylanDay ago

    Ryan Reynolds can sing

  74. AreaGames

    AreaGamesDay ago