[King of masked singer] 복면가왕 - 'unicorn' special performance - Tommorrow 20180513


  1. sheer

    sheer20 hours ago

    Honestly the smartest PR team. Sending him to a different country in a unicorn outfit and singing Annie. Amazing.

  2. sheer

    sheer20 hours ago

    He couldn't have done this in America. His voice is iconic

  3. Khadija Bapindi

    Khadija Bapindi22 hours ago

    I just stan nct. Me too Ryan. Me too.

  4. flou. cyh05

    flou. cyh05Day ago

    " i just stan NCT " ok :) who make this subt? Fight me bish : ' )

  5. jackson

    jackson5 days ago

    The captions said "i just stan NCT"

  6. Noir FOS

    Noir FOS5 days ago

    WHO DID THE SUBS “I just stan NCT”

  7. Arya Arias

    Arya Arias5 days ago


  8. recycling bin

    recycling bin6 days ago

    0:41 did the captions really say “i just stan NCT”

  9. Juulia Saarinen

    Juulia Saarinen7 days ago

    This is actually good from him.

  10. Jessica Guaman

    Jessica Guaman7 days ago

    Deadpool sunbaenim!!❤😍👏

  11. Diana Turner

    Diana Turner8 days ago

    can we appreciate that whoever did the english captions is clearly an nct stan and we love that

  12. Jax Escobar

    Jax Escobar9 days ago

    They need to have a Deadpool version of him singing this song killing people 😂 please Deadpool producers make this happen

  13. • molly

    • molly9 days ago


  14. Ary Riggs

    Ary Riggs9 days ago

    "I just stan NCT" -the person who did the English subtitles

  15. Bonfire

    Bonfire9 days ago

    My boy Ryan has such a voice

  16. mina the fangirl

    mina the fangirl9 days ago

    Captions read: I just stan NCT😂

  17. XxAmayaKurosuxX

    XxAmayaKurosuxX10 days ago

    What is funny is this is a much lower production value than the American one and this one is SO much better??

  18. Isabella W

    Isabella W11 days ago

    Ryan’s got some pipes.

  19. ArnoldsK

    ArnoldsK11 days ago

    Damn he can sing! I guess it goes as natural thing if you've done some actor/theater stuff.

  20. Tao Willemse

    Tao Willemse12 days ago


  21. Sarah Grace Moralizon

    Sarah Grace Moralizon12 days ago

    0:40 though haha wrong translation.

  22. Белла Fox

    Белла Fox13 days ago

    ха ха тупая же Корея あみみみみ

  23. BCF fields

    BCF fields14 days ago

    Lmao this great 😂😂👏👏👏👏

  24. Alexa LaTour

    Alexa LaTour16 days ago

    Go ryan opps i mean deadpool

  25. GunslingerRob23

    GunslingerRob2316 days ago

    This is literally a deleted scene from Deadpool 2.

  26. Lu-Chan

    Lu-Chan17 days ago

    English captions at 0:40 I just stan NCT???

  27. zoya isn't funny

    zoya isn't funny17 days ago

    Brung a tear to my eye.. ;(

  28. nowvoyagerNE

    nowvoyagerNE18 days ago

    wow, their costumes suck in korea!

  29. Joon oh

    Joon oh18 days ago

    Seems like a scene that would literally be in Deadpool though

  30. Joelle Hill

    Joelle Hill18 days ago

    0:40 I just Stan NCT 😂😂


    UNKN0WN SHAD0W19 days ago

    I remember seeing this before deadpool two came out. When this song came on in the movie I immediately thought of this. 20th century fox promo team are on a completely different plane of existence.

  32. missmistress

    missmistress19 days ago

    I knew that voice right when I heard one note.

  33. baby jasmine

    baby jasmine20 days ago

    Feel like my mom lullaby to put me sleep 😅😅

  34. Kate Wislowe

    Kate Wislowe20 days ago

    0:40 what the... (turn on captions)

  35. Roy Shephard

    Roy Shephard20 days ago

    My only wish is he had his DP suit underneath with a paper mask of Ryan Reynolds stapled on.😂

  36. Infovest

    Infovest20 days ago

    Terrible singer. *welp* White boy chillax.

  37. lele forever

    lele forever20 days ago


  38. Jacob Wickman

    Jacob Wickman20 days ago


  39. KazCade

    KazCade21 day ago

    *Top Ten Plot Twist In Anime*

  40. Eevee The Useless Thing

    Eevee The Useless Thing21 day ago

    Oh damn I am NOT disappointed at all This was glorious

  41. Alexandra Norquist

    Alexandra Norquist21 day ago

    annie tomorrow

  42. Del Elxii

    Del Elxii22 days ago

    He also played that song on Deadpool 2 it’s like his kids fav song

  43. Del Elxii

    Del Elxii22 days ago

    It’s dead pool I wish I was their he is my fav movie star

  44. Jennifer Sorrentino

    Jennifer Sorrentino22 days ago

    I legitimately thought this was michael buble when I heard the voice 😂

  45. Clayton Nelson

    Clayton Nelson23 days ago

    Low key sounds like Ryan Reynolds

  46. Heithan Delos Reyes

    Heithan Delos Reyes24 days ago

    For sure Deadpool 3 will be musical

  47. Kyung Kim

    Kyung Kim25 days ago

    New side of deadpool

  48. why am i alive

    why am i alive26 days ago

    Aight who made the subtitles? At 0:40

  49. Nox

    Nox26 days ago

    The world doesn't deserve him.

  50. Red Fox

    Red Fox26 days ago

    I actually want Deadpool to sing now, Ryan’s got a good voice for it

  51. ALBcryingSOUL

    ALBcryingSOUL27 days ago

    Anyone who has seen deadpool knew that it was Ryan 😂 love the reference to deadpools unicorn

  52. Miraj Samee

    Miraj Samee27 days ago

    its was so fing obvious that it was ryan

  53. Lethargic Dawson

    Lethargic Dawson28 days ago

    The should bring back the unicorn here in America right we think it’s Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman turns out to be under the mask this time. Than Ryan in his DP suit applauses from the stands.

  54. Kaylin Sucuzhañay

    Kaylin Sucuzhañay29 days ago

    0:40 *turn on captions* great way of promoting NCT

  55. no Name

    no NameMonth ago

    he couldnt do this in the american version its so obvious

  56. Violet MacGregor

    Violet MacGregorMonth ago

    waiiiiiiiiiiiiiit why is Ryan Reynolds on the KOREA masked singer?

  57. Ratih Setiawati

    Ratih SetiawatiMonth ago

    super cool!!!

  58. Muffinturtle

    MuffinturtleMonth ago

    DEadpool marketing to a new level i swear we love him

  59. Juil

    JuilMonth ago

    His voice is so recognizable.

  60. nata

    nataMonth ago

    I JUST STAN NCT 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌👌👌

  61. Laminator

    LaminatorMonth ago

    Of course he sings this song LUL

  62. Merle Engelhardt

    Merle EngelhardtMonth ago

    His beautiful voicee😍❤️

  63. R.E.M.

    R.E.M.Month ago

    He is such a TROLL!!!!! LMFAO!

  64. landon boyd

    landon boydMonth ago

    Wtf I didn't know Ryan was so good.. I mean.. the dude was harmonizing like an so through part of it

  65. nightlight.

    nightlight.Month ago

    He sounds amazing!

  66. Joshua Knode

    Joshua KnodeMonth ago

    If he doesnt have a musical number in Deadpool 3 it'll be a crime against humanity

  67. StickyLabel7

    StickyLabel7Month ago

    WOW who knew he had such a good voice?!

  68. Christina

    ChristinaMonth ago

    Got to say.. The unicorn costume and the American masked singer looks alot better

  69. Nash Ville

    Nash VilleMonth ago

    The American version has nothing on this! Can we please have their judges or at least kick Jenny off

  70. American Badass

    American BadassMonth ago


  71. hazel credo

    hazel credoMonth ago

    *turn on your cc* 0:39 "I just stan NCT"

  72. Falco Lombardi99

    Falco Lombardi99Month ago

    He needs to be on the US masked singer

  73. John Mangiameli

    John MangiameliMonth ago

    Sorry, what?

  74. sarah white

    sarah whiteMonth ago

    Korean unicorn is so @!#$ awesome

  75. Captain Oblivious

    Captain ObliviousMonth ago

    I knew this boi the second i heard him. This guys got it all man

  76. Lunch

    LunchMonth ago

    Oh boy... Deadpool will never live this down

  77. 캉슬린

    캉슬린Month ago

    The CCs had `I stan nct and grin`

  78. Do You Know My Peach?

    Do You Know My Peach?Month ago

    0:41 i just stan NCT

  79. Lissa D

    Lissa DMonth ago

    translator being NCTzen 😂😂😂

  80. anime life

    anime lifeMonth ago

    The most epic thing I have ever seen.

  81. LexDomino

    LexDominoMonth ago

    I'd adopt orphan Manny but I don't have any money. :(

  82. Destruction Hamster

    Destruction HamsterMonth ago

    I love Asian TV editing

  83. Ilham Dewahid

    Ilham DewahidMonth ago

    this song so familiar?? is this song In the movie Deadpool??

  84. Daria Marina Marcu

    Daria Marina MarcuMonth ago

    0:40 damn did the subtitles just say "I just stan NCT" omg I'm dyingggg

  85. Kookies BTS

    Kookies BTSMonth ago

    Imagine if he had been wearing his Deadpool suit under that 😂

  86. margareth michelina

    margareth michelinaMonth ago

    I knew it's Ryan Reynolds on first lyric

  87. Michael Langley

    Michael LangleyMonth ago

    this is such a deadpool thing to do.

  88. Aiden Bullock

    Aiden BullockMonth ago

    Of course he sings this. It’s on Deadpool 2

  89. Kailyn Kim

    Kailyn KimMonth ago

    0:40 the subtitles! “I just stan NCT” haha

  90. BloodyPastel

    BloodyPastelMonth ago

    Back at it again with that gay shit, love it.

  91. Jabie Dy

    Jabie DyMonth ago

    00:40 wth I just stan NCT?? HAHAHAHHA

  92. David Vazquez

    David VazquezMonth ago

    Idk why I have this on replay.

  93. moch taeyong

    moch taeyongMonth ago

    0:40 “I just stan NCT” HAHAHAHAH wasn’t expecting that you are right Ryan Reynolds

  94. Reina Arana

    Reina AranaMonth ago

    Wasn't expecting to hear a song from annie

  95. fanofmeygan

    fanofmeyganMonth ago

    Disgusting how he thinks its totally ok to steal the spotlight from actually talented people just so his racist ass can do publicity for his movie while he can't sing for shit....

  96. Rose Aicel Villaraza

    Rose Aicel VillarazaMonth ago

    who captioned this lmfao

  97. Thuy Le

    Thuy LeMonth ago

    Once you watch Deadpool, there is no way you'll ever mistaken that voice lol.

  98. WHAAT!? WEIEH!!

    WHAAT!? WEIEH!!Month ago

    Turn on the English captions and look at 0:41 Btw DAmN He's GoOd at singing Not to mention acting 2

  99. Deaganus

    DeaganusMonth ago

    Brainlet posts the clip without the reveal

  100. Fatma Rasyida ᄋᄉᄋ - -

    Fatma Rasyida ᄋᄉᄋ - -Month ago


  101. Kami Lum

    Kami LumMonth ago

    Blake Lively is so frickin LUCKY!!!!!! I want a Ryan Reynold!! First h can act? Now he sings too?