[King of masked singer] 복면가왕 - 'unicorn' special performance - Tommorrow 20180513


  1. Ccochie Ccochie

    Ccochie CcochieDay ago

    Yeah this is the most unexpected thing I’ve seen by far

  2. Andre Kurnia Putra

    Andre Kurnia Putra2 days ago

    If you didnt recognize his voice then I don't know what to say

  3. Yodi

    Yodi3 days ago

    Things he did: THAT ✅

  4. 王者實況主-李白

    王者實況主-李白6 days ago

    If you are dead pool fan when you hear that song you will know is him

  5. dancingdohl

    dancingdohl6 days ago


  6. Farrel T Kusuma

    Farrel T Kusuma7 days ago

    The voice is really obvious

  7. rhema-beth Boalch

    rhema-beth Boalch8 days ago

    This is such a Ryan Reynolds thing to do XD down to the song haha, he's brilliant

  8. It's Alexandra

    It's Alexandra9 days ago

    Now i love him even more than before..never thought that would be possible but THIS WAS AMAZING❤❤❤

  9. Solo the Dodongo

    Solo the Dodongo9 days ago

    Why am I crying at Deadpool in a unicorn costume?

  10. F.A. Monje

    F.A. Monje12 days ago

    My bike went missing as soon as he showed up.

  11. Hannah Mayr

    Hannah Mayr12 days ago

    Why is he so good at everything

  12. ProtecJooheon333

    ProtecJooheon33315 days ago

    Hes actually really good!!! XD

  13. Tim 123

    Tim 12315 days ago

    Oof, he’s actually pretty good at singing 😍

  14. Everygameking

    Everygameking15 days ago

    cable's daughter sings this is the movie... that's why he's singing it.......

  15. 촤컬릿

    촤컬릿16 days ago

    *Donald Trump*

  16. Rose H

    Rose H16 days ago

    wtf his voice is SO FUCKING GOOD

  17. thetrueCrystalvixen Luna ad parietem

    thetrueCrystalvixen Luna ad parietem17 days ago


  18. 이초자

    이초자18 days ago

    . . . . 😐

  19. Elton John

    Elton John20 days ago

    Ryan Reynolds is truly the best

  20. PewPew

    PewPew20 days ago

    They autotuned the shit out of his voice, lol. Still sounds pretty good though.

  21. Weilin Chen

    Weilin Chen20 days ago


  22. Joshua Vogel

    Joshua Vogel20 days ago

    I want this on iTunes

  23. Luna Dee

    Luna Dee20 days ago

    i thought he was michael buble

  24. AveDumont 510

    AveDumont 51021 day ago

    Damn.....RR is awesome

  25. alessandro santacroce

    alessandro santacroce21 day ago

    Is there anything he can’t do?

  26. Faisal Djau

    Faisal Djau22 days ago

    Which eps this is?

  27. J Sundal

    J Sundal22 days ago


  28. Naaah Fam

    Naaah Fam24 days ago

    Holy Shit give Ryan Reynolds more singing practice and he will conquer the music industry

  29. Ayden Burke

    Ayden Burke24 days ago

    Am i the one who found out it was Ryan just by the voice?

  30. too crafty fox

    too crafty fox24 days ago

    Ryan Reynolds is a better singer then actor

  31. dead move

    dead move25 days ago

    Damn Ryan oppa is daebak! 😍🙏😩💕💕💕💕

  32. Tommy Young

    Tommy Young26 days ago


  33. park jimin san

    park jimin san26 days ago

    i could recognize his voice out of thousands hahaha

  34. Drake Alexandersson

    Drake Alexandersson27 days ago


  35. Kukuh Rizqi

    Kukuh Rizqi27 days ago

    Oh my..... RYAN😂😂

  36. Bat_613 Official

    Bat_613 Official27 days ago

    This sounds like something Deadpool would do.

  37. whyhellothere

    whyhellothere29 days ago

    i never knew i needed this till now

  38. Cherisse Tillman

    Cherisse Tillman29 days ago

    His voice is not bad

  39. richy kamy

    richy kamyMonth ago

    Jajaja.. Si mal no recuerdo en la primera película de deadpool aparece el unicornio en ua escena Y este es el momento en que te arrepientes de haberte enterado

  40. TDOY

    TDOYMonth ago

    Can we please get this version of the song on Spotify

  41. Ammiel7

    Ammiel7Month ago

    Inwant to see their faces after they sing but the unveiling doesnt always follow

  42. katelyn nicholas

    katelyn nicholasMonth ago

    Top 10 anime plot twists

  43. michel wittevrongel

    michel wittevrongelMonth ago

    you sing it al wrong it is only a day away

  44. pepe de frog

    pepe de frogMonth ago


  45. Johnny

    JohnnyMonth ago

    Now bring Beyonce

  46. indiana201333

    indiana201333Month ago

    Thank you Ryan and thank you My little pony.

  47. Jenna Magee

    Jenna MageeMonth ago





  49. Quin Kelly

    Quin KellyMonth ago

    I cant hear this song with out thinking about this when it happens in deadpool 2

  50. tram kun

    tram kunMonth ago

    I should have realized this was a major spoiler of the movie...

  51. Rocko 11

    Rocko 11Month ago

    Geez Deadpool wearing an unicorn mask while singing Tomorrow. Great

  52. Sehixneeo Sensen

    Sehixneeo SensenMonth ago

    My daily jam, honestly

  53. 1983parrothead

    1983parrotheadMonth ago

    Annie or Entresto?

  54. iamluite

    iamluiteMonth ago

    What if he also wore the Deadpool suit underneath. That would have been (even more) awesome haha. But.. I guess hard to sing with that mask.

  55. _noodle heart_

    _noodle heart_Month ago

    those harmonies though!! omfg he can actually sing

  56. NoperdyNope

    NoperdyNopeMonth ago

    Ryan oppas voice is so daebak!

  57. _ mamafiya_

    _ mamafiya_Month ago

    Идеальный муж, круто поёт актёр самый красивый мужчина

  58. 박성언

    박성언Month ago

    No offence guys but hes REALLY BADDDD

  59. Saanvi Salkar

    Saanvi SalkarMonth ago

    He even sings well !?!?!?! Why is everyone so talented *ugly sobbing* 😭 *cries in the corner*

  60. Jay Big

    Jay BigMonth ago

    This goes to show that Ryan is gay.

  61. Michael Lai

    Michael LaiMonth ago

    Jay Big he has a wife...

  62. Alex

    AlexMonth ago

    I can’t

  63. Chris G

    Chris GMonth ago

    You can hear that it's the Canadian mercenary Ryan "Deadpool" Reynolds 😍

  64. Linh Nguyễn Khánh

    Linh Nguyễn KhánhMonth ago

    I hope some day I will meet him, Ryan Reynolds.

  65. Luscious Angel

    Luscious AngelMonth ago

    Honestly, it actually sounds like him LOL 😂.

  66. ひかるひそか

    ひかるひそかMonth ago

    this is so cute

  67. Cherry You

    Cherry YouMonth ago

    If you watched the movie deadpool 2 you will know why he sang this song

  68. Lotte GaminggGirl

    Lotte GaminggGirlMonth ago

    WTF Ryan Reynolds CAN sing~! O.o

  69. Rosita Lestari

    Rosita LestariMonth ago

    OMG he is doing until this thing to promote Deadpool 2?! 😂😂😂😂 you're the best Ryan 😂😂😂😂

  70. Story Starlight

    Story StarlightMonth ago


  71. Infa Luv

    Infa LuvMonth ago

    This song in the movie was hauntingly beautiful. This song here is fucking hilarious with Reynolds wearing a unicorn face mask lol

  72. Jordan Vasquez

    Jordan VasquezMonth ago

    Ryan Reynolds please just like actually record this.

  73. dice._xx

    dice._xxMonth ago

    Isn’t this a track from DEADPOOL 2 🤩🤣

  74. Coryrat

    CoryratMonth ago

    The foreshadowing is real

  75. Ann winslow

    Ann winslowMonth ago

    I would have know that was Ryan right away with any need to hear more then a couple words lol

  76. ValroggTheInvincible

    ValroggTheInvincibleMonth ago

    Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the fact that Ryan Reynolds saved his entire career by literally and figuratively becoming Deadpool?

  77. Tae Aaliyah

    Tae AaliyahMonth ago

    When I realized why he sang this song 😂and apologized 😂😂 This song was in the movie 🍿BUT BLESS THIS MAN FOR COMING ON THIS SHOW AND SHOWING HIS TALENT😂😂💛

  78. CartoonistRemix

    CartoonistRemixMonth ago

    SORTA SPOILERISH After seeing DP2 ... I hate this song 😂

  79. Aidan Cumberland

    Aidan CumberlandMonth ago

    God bless South Korea

  80. Mo mo

    Mo moMonth ago

    Omg... His voice is so beautuful😍🤩❤

  81. Kat 1234

    Kat 1234Month ago

    i didn't expect to like it as much as i do well done, Ryan

  82. Creative

    CreativeMonth ago

    Fuck. Why am I crying. Whelp. I just learned to never to combine my favorite merc and song together. Not again. NOT AGAIN. Dammit the tears.😭 no joke.

  83. glancedUp

    glancedUpMonth ago

    If he is among the 5 worst singers in the world, then what am i lol

  84. El Le

    El LeMonth ago

    Blake was like "if I have to deal with this at home, then y'all have to too" 😂😂😂

  85. Chariz Evans

    Chariz EvansMonth ago


  86. Grace

    GraceMonth ago

    I'm so glad we finally have a full song of him singing!! There have been clips and movies with him singing, so finally we hear the full thing!

  87. CartoonistRemix

    CartoonistRemixMonth ago

    this cured my depression.

  88. Wolfy

    WolfyMonth ago

    Added this to my music list

  89. VoxChambo

    VoxChamboMonth ago


  90. Yani

    YaniMonth ago

    I love those celebs who have time to just surprise people, not those who are just so ego.

  91. Yani

    YaniMonth ago

    wtf im so shook to find out this is Ryan (being a huge x-men fan) I cantttt this is just too good to be true this man is perfect

  92. Sky Jhand

    Sky JhandMonth ago

    Deadpool! The Musical. Needs to happen!

  93. Jamz Cruz

    Jamz CruzMonth ago

    Promotion from deadpool lmaoo

  94. Shane Nield

    Shane NieldMonth ago

    Good singer

  95. ミ ミ

    ミ ミMonth ago

    I am honestly now addicted to the song and i heard it more than 100 times. ITS SOOOO GOOOD❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

  96. AUDIE Eighty-tron

    AUDIE Eighty-tronMonth ago

    When I saw the wrist I was like is this Ryan?! And then I was like why a Unicorn?! 😑😂

  97. RM r

    RM rMonth ago

    Omg 😰😍

  98. Weirdo Yul

    Weirdo YulMonth ago

    Wow he is good at singing !!


    GALAXY RIDER XMonth ago

    I know it Ryan is donald trump the truth is out

  100. Gio Panhandler

    Gio PanhandlerMonth ago

    So so beatiful 💕😍

  101. Rithika Ravi

    Rithika RaviMonth ago

    Did anyone else go and see DP2 in cinemas and when this song played when (you know when😂 no spoilers) literally scream "KING OF MASKED SINGER!" no.......just me😂

  102. Joe Fanik

    Joe FanikMonth ago

    Rithika Ravi. I was mind blown

  103. Caden Feather

    Caden FeatherMonth ago

    Internally my mom and me screamed the same xD