Kim Kardashian On Kylie Jenner's Forbes Backlash: 'You Must Just Be A Kardashian Hater!' | Access


  1. Dee B

    Dee BDay ago

    Kim is so beautiful and she doesn't even have jewelry on

  2. James Fontain

    James FontainDay ago

    The only credible thing kim said was that theres tons of other kids in successful families who havent made a billion and arent even doing shit, (Rob) which is sooooo fucking true, even tho ky can never be self made shes still a very hard worker. U cant take that away bc shit i probably wouldnt even be on some business shit like i am if i didnt have to like kylie

  3. James Fontain

    James FontainDay ago

    I love the girl team, i am not a hater. But peep how kim cant even understand why people would be mad about saying ky is self made. KIM I LOVE YOU YOU ARE A BAD ASS BITCH. But its not that anyone who was mad over that was just being a “kardashian hater” its the fact that all 5 of you girls are one in a million to be born in such a wealthy family which the rest of the world just isnt. Understand the fact that normal people CANNOT do what Kylie did. We cant just post a picture on instagram and expect millions of dollars in sales. Let alone one fucking sale. ALL OF KYLIES MARKETING IS FREE! One of the biggest reasons why most businesses do not succeed because they dont have enough money to pay celebrities a million dollars to tap into markets like kylies which all of u girls literally get FOR FREE! You hear that!! Something that normal people have to pay a million dollars for you girls get for free unlimited but cant even acknowledge the fact how incredibly lucky you guys are just to be you. Truly Affluenzas cant even spell struggle and the one thing that motherfuckers have who made it from the BOTTOM dirt poor no money at all. the title “self made” we dont even have that anymore and yal cant even just be like “God has been very fortunate to us” or acknowledge the fact the things u were born with people workthere hole lives to have. The hole family needs some humbling. Esp Kylie and Kendall with the way they grew up. These girls literally dont know that people are out here living like animals cant even afford a second change of clothes and shit

  4. RuDy Bmore

    RuDy Bmore4 days ago

    Yo everyone "💵Ms.CardiB💵" is about to become a BILLIONAIRE flirting with them💎KARDASHIANS💎

  5. chls chls

    chls chls4 days ago

    Ugh she is sooooo pretty. I bet she smells like strawberry amd peaches

  6. notyur bizns

    notyur bizns5 days ago

    I'd just like to know what self tanner brand Kim is using!, it's really an amazing color!

  7. Alice Kiesov

    Alice Kiesov5 days ago

    Kim looks beautiful

  8. Kejsi Xheka

    Kejsi Xheka5 days ago

    What make kylie special is the fact that her parents were millioners and she become a billionaire cuz mostly of millioners kids go to the "comfort zone" like my mom/dad is a millioner why should i work

  9. angila marie

    angila marie6 days ago

    Self made lol really , creating something that is just so not hard to come up with .. how many lip sticks are there around the world already , of course Kylie Jenner knows she beyond wealthy & one day she gets her lips fixed why ? Oh because she can and just wakes up one day and decides to make a lip kit why you ask because she CAN! She may have worked “hard” but if this was another young self made billionaire that came from less than kylie that girl definitely worked much,much harder and would of deserved that tile way more , but sadly there’s isn’t and know Kylie is on that front page , side note Jeffree Star is who I call self MADE ! & that’s the tea .

  10. Vanessa M

    Vanessa M7 days ago

    poor vocabulary

  11. Barbara Minchew

    Barbara Minchew8 days ago


  12. Tanisha Lashay

    Tanisha Lashay10 days ago

    the reason she’s a billionaire is bc haters give her all the clout by always coming to these videos and commenting stuff, it’s not really the fans and that’s why the kardashians will never care about y’all 🤷🏽‍♀️

  13. Frances Kellu

    Frances Kellu12 days ago

    Kim Kardashian has to be the most beautiful women in the world.

  14. john doe

    john doe12 days ago

    i dont kick it with black girl outside of chruch

  15. john doe

    john doe12 days ago

    this is lancaster

  16. Wonhi Monie Monie

    Wonhi Monie Monie14 days ago

    So where do haters think their riches come from? That’s because people support them 10x more than people who hate them. Just think about it. They’re businesswomen in the industry. Money doesn’t grow from nothing.

  17. Lisa Smith

    Lisa Smith14 days ago

    Stop making gods outta garbage people!

  18. Sidney Moore

    Sidney Moore15 days ago

    bright and 🥓 powder 😂😂

  19. Sidney Moore

    Sidney Moore15 days ago

    “you know?”

  20. Belin Romero

    Belin Romero15 days ago

    Kim should have left her face alone

  21. Nirva Rene

    Nirva Rene15 days ago

    OMG Kim look so plastic She used to be so beautiful.

  22. Max

    Max16 days ago

    Ahh the power of having sex with an athlete then recording it...

  23. Christina Alexander

    Christina Alexander16 days ago

    “She has worked so long “😂. Kylie is what .. 21? Kylie has had a lot of help with her brand. She was already famous and already had a huge following and she got so much promotion bc of her famous family and she already had a lot of money to start the business etc. Kylie def had more then most people to get her products launched. She def got her brand to be where it is as fast as it is because of her famous family. If anyone unknown without any money wanted to start a business ... do you think it would sky rocket so quickly to reach almost a billion in just what ... 2 years. ? Nope. I do not agree Kylies brand was self made billionaire

  24. blobasdfghjklqwertyuiop

    blobasdfghjklqwertyuiop17 days ago

    kim is self made, Kylie - not so much. Yes, she’s used her family’s success as a platform but Kim’s right, there are so many others with successful families that live in their royalties and don’t build on it so good for Kylie. She’s a hard worker.

  25. xFellazz

    xFellazz17 days ago

    Kim eyebrows are goals

  26. Jojo Rico

    Jojo Rico18 days ago

    Ta mt feia parece que esta doente

  27. Juses Crus

    Juses Crus18 days ago

    People are ripping Kylie to shreds because it said she self-made and she is if I gave you a million dollars would you do what you live while turning a few million into a billion dollar empire? People don't seem to realize how much a billion is

  28. Jonsa Lyn

    Jonsa Lyn19 days ago

    Kiiiiiiiiimmmmm, STFU, you aren't saying jack shit, lol. Babblemouth, lol.

  29. bea genato

    bea genato20 days ago

    If you stare at Kim’s eyes while the guy is asking questions looks like she’s oin something

  30. Marjorie Araneta

    Marjorie Araneta20 days ago

    Thanks to kim


    ASH GUNAID20 days ago

    I love this a woman 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  32. gianina muvdi

    gianina muvdi21 day ago

    "own everything" "totally"said 14 times!

  33. gianina muvdi

    gianina muvdi21 day ago

    she worked so hard? she is 20! how long and how hard have u worked? since she was a fetus? hard?????working so much???? please!

  34. Rihanna fan94

    Rihanna fan9421 day ago

    *who said you can speak, put kanye's dick back in your mouth & stfu*

  35. southlondon86

    southlondon8621 day ago


  36. Jay R

    Jay R22 days ago

    Is her bottom jaw broken?

  37. Nineveh Zoudo

    Nineveh Zoudo22 days ago

    I think that it doesn’t matter how they came into being successful, what is impressive is how they have been able to maintain it and grow their wealth to a totally new level. I bet that everyone talking shit on this post would love to be Kim right now, so shut the hell up and go back to your uninteresting lives. I think it’s pretty incredible that the sisters are so close, maybe more families should work to support each other this way. You can see the love between them.

  38. Beth & Erik

    Beth & Erik23 days ago

    Cardi B is “self made” eeeeoooowwww

  39. Charla Amen

    Charla Amen23 days ago

    Kim Id like to point out that Kylie is NOT a kardashian

  40. Jordan Avery

    Jordan Avery24 days ago

    Saying Kylie isn’t self made isn’t hating lol it’s just the truth. The girl is wildly successful, that is undeniable but she isn’f self made.

  41. Richard S

    Richard S24 days ago

    She is not a billionaire. Why is that so hard to believe?

  42. Mary Appleyard

    Mary Appleyard25 days ago

    So much hate here.

  43. Steve Cannonier

    Steve Cannonier25 days ago

    Everybody blaming Kim’s tape. So why is Ray J a non factor right now? He was the director so to speak- STOP 🛑 HATING!!!

  44. Nik

    Nik25 days ago

    Oh my gosh! go enlighteaneng

  45. TheSwissDog

    TheSwissDog25 days ago

    With all the money she has you would think she would hire someone to teach her how to put sentences together.

  46. nessnesss8

    nessnesss825 days ago

    lol no one is saying we hate her we are saying he statment of self made was incorrect lol

  47. slumber

    slumber25 days ago

    i quit watching after he was asking the question like "do you think people have a misconception about how hard you guys work *and continues to praise her*".. like, what do you expect her to say? "no, they are all right" or bash her sister "hmm, yes i agree kylie isn't self-made"..

  48. Brittany B

    Brittany B25 days ago

    The reason for the argument starting is the use of the phrase "self made". It is that simple. This family, love them or hate them, has become perhaps the largest fascination over a celebrity family in history..they influence everything: fashion, home decor, diet, make up, etc. Everything they do is being watched and mimicked by everyday women and young girls. My biggest issue is the fascination with the mystery of it feel like you know so much about the family, but you don't really, and there's an obsession with knowing more and more. They get plastic surgery done, and we know it, but we want them to validate that and be open and honest about it so we can breathe and stop talking about it. Kylie Jenner lied and lied about her lip injections blatantly to the public's face until her harmful "tips" that she lied about actually caused HUGE danger when young girls started doing the "Kylie Jenner lip challenge". Girls were physically hurting themselves because they thought that they were going to look like Kylie after sucking on shot glasses. Kylie sold out "Whirl" and "Spice" lip liners at mac because it became public that she used those to over line her lips and people thought they'd look like her after sucking through a glass and then using whirl lip liner. When people started getting hurt, Kylie saw all this and decided to create a business based off of it. With the amount of people doing what she was doing and buying the lip liner she was buying, why not profit off of it by making your own with YOUR name on it?! So she did and she became successful because of who she is. And I am sorry but this fascination with big lips is very disturbing and it's all of a sudden become glamorized and desired, but historically we've made fun of black men and women for big lips. Decide for yourself whether or not you think this family profits off of making black culture their own, but it is really the obsession with this family that is our issue as a society, and they know it and do really well at using it and thriving off of our obsession.

  49. Vickee Yang

    Vickee Yang25 days ago

    Annnyyywayyyyyys Kim.

  50. Music Review

    Music Review26 days ago

    I thought shed be better at interviews by now so cringey but she still bomb af

  51. Zahraa JJ

    Zahraa JJ26 days ago

    She’s so honest here “I see so many pple in her situation and hasn’t made a billion dollar empire”..... I’m really so proud of her too... for a young girl that so ambitious 😍😍😍

  52. Brooke Harrison

    Brooke Harrison26 days ago

    this guys vocabulary makes me suicidal

  53. NinjightNationCorp

    NinjightNationCorp26 days ago

    What do women do all day? I searched this on MReporter and was shocked.

  54. Iceis Phoenix

    Iceis Phoenix26 days ago

    I see a tad bit of just on her chin 😲

  55. Lyre Burch

    Lyre Burch26 days ago

    Sorry but you aren't a self made billionaire when you come from a rich family. If Kylie had been a regular every day woman pretty or not she never would have made the money she has. Not without working like crazy until she was mid 40s to mid 50s if she had even made it then.

  56. kriti raj

    kriti raj26 days ago

    beware kim.. 900m comes with sacrifice..try to praise kylie always 😁

  57. Lizzy

    Lizzy27 days ago

    This was a little painful to listen to

  58. Katie siobhan

    Katie siobhan27 days ago

    they say the same thing about every backlash "I'm so proud of her " 😂

  59. kay

    kay27 days ago

    Kylie's family and she herself had the money and resources to allow her to build her brand and start her company. She was already popular and well-known, especially on social media, which allowed her to promote it and allowed it to be an instant success. Most new businesses fail in the first couple of years. Someone like Kylie was/is far less likely to see a new business fail because of the situation she is fortunate to be in and was in before she started her brand.

  60. Far Enough

    Far Enough27 days ago

    Kylie bought a house at 17. She had money. If she wasn't on this show, she wouldn't be shit...

  61. szejwer hair

    szejwer hair27 days ago

    Why she have ampthetamine eyes?

  62. T Moc

    T Moc27 days ago

    Hahahahaha!!!!Hard work!!!Idiot like me seeing every move and buying from you Fam!

  63. Nikoo Arbabian

    Nikoo Arbabian27 days ago

    I don't know if Kim's head would be on a normal woman, without such extreme curves, she's still attractive to men?

  64. Joe McDonald

    Joe McDonald27 days ago

    If she works hard then I... fuck idek 😂😂

  65. Frishta Siddiqui

    Frishta Siddiqui27 days ago

    I am not a "hater". But Kylie is not self-made. She already had the fame, and the connections, and the help of her family. Good on her for making such a successful company, but that does not make her self-made. She basically had everything handed to her, while there a people who started from the bottom, and worked there way up.

  66. amy smith

    amy smith27 days ago

    dufuq. most ppl who are self made dont have capital to start with, they have to fight to get any such as thru investors or other means. Kylie did work for her brand, but lets not forget the privileges she started out with. If she wasnt a kardash clan she wouldnt be as popular, her sales makeup sales depend on her popularity.

  67. Thewest jillo

    Thewest jillo27 days ago

    Enough with all the hate comments honestly haters get a life!!!!! Kardashian talents is 1- They have made more than 16 reality TV shows which aire in about 60 different countries worldwide. - They authored almost 4 books -Kim more than 50 Million dollars from app game - Kim more than 350Million Dollars from her KKW cosmetic products. -Is a role model and entrepreneur And their career is still expanding!!!

  68. Tia M

    Tia M27 days ago

    All I'll say is She looks So Beautiful here.

  69. Clorox Soda

    Clorox Soda27 days ago

    Fuck the haters the Kardashian’s are bum asf

  70. Ebony Cummings

    Ebony Cummings27 days ago

    It’s just so funny how they use terms like, “we are ready for our wigs to be snatched”. What wig sis? And Kim saying okuuurrrt it’s just fucking 😁

  71. Yasmina djezzy

    Yasmina djezzy27 days ago

    Kim is such a beautyyyy with or without plastic surgery. She’s a beautyyyy

  72. Orange Hitler

    Orange Hitler27 days ago

    These people are so diaguatingly superficial ans shallow to the point where it is unbearable.

  73. Mansi Mohan

    Mansi Mohan27 days ago

    you will never be able to justify because it can’t be . lol

  74. Shana Hernandez

    Shana Hernandez27 days ago

    Her business is self made but her success not so much. But she works hard and has taken advantage of what she had in life.

  75. Mariam Alawieh

    Mariam Alawieh28 days ago

    She looks like a horse

  76. ll we

    ll we28 days ago

    Why is Kim so brown all of a sudden?? 🤔What happened to self love.

  77. Jasmin Jasmin

    Jasmin Jasmin28 days ago

    Her eyes.. So wide. Like they are gonna jump out at you. I'm not a hater for them just noticed that her eyes are so bugged out even in her show.

  78. Veronica V

    Veronica V28 days ago

    Her eyes are too wide open I'm scared👀

  79. fiop jack

    fiop jack28 days ago

    she's so pretty omg like she is and always will be serving looks

  80. b f

    b f28 days ago

    You know... you know.... wtf did she just said!!!???... like betch what's ur point tho (on my Carli B voice) my gosh just listening to her hurts my brain lol

  81. Julie Heffernan

    Julie Heffernan28 days ago

    lmao she’s so hungry she said bacon instead of bake. jfc ppl EAT

  82. Rah -

    Rah -28 days ago

    Kourtney said that Kim ever was competitive with her sisters.. I think that at the moment she's not so happy about Kylie Cosmetics Sucess. She's so beautiful

  83. k jojo

    k jojo28 days ago

    Lol “Is there any tea you can spill sis?”

  84. LJ Jordan

    LJ Jordan28 days ago

    Kyle explination was very vague.

  85. Soberbia Channel

    Soberbia Channel28 days ago

    he watches rupaul's drag race.

  86. Maati Sll

    Maati Sll28 days ago

    You stupid bitch

  87. FashionJusticeTV

    FashionJusticeTV28 days ago

    OH PLEASE!!!!!!! Her mother is the one behind this business. She is the puppet...have you heard about the poor working conditions of the poor people working on her products? They actually found BUGS in her products. A self made person is someone who started and built from noting, not from mommy.

  88. Daniel Ger***

    Daniel Ger***28 days ago

    the fuck?

  89. Michael Hood

    Michael Hood28 days ago

    They always tell the public how "hard they work"

  90. Melanie Ceren Ruiz

    Melanie Ceren Ruiz28 days ago

    She looks so beautiful here

  91. sweettazcandyy

    sweettazcandyy29 days ago

    "i love thats she getting that recognition".. "im so glad shes getting recognized"... "she works so hard"... "were not the type of people to shout from the rooftops that were working hard".. "if u dont get it.. then yeah u just must not get it".... ok kim, the struggle.. (she repeats the same thing over and over and makes it sounds like shes saying different things but girl u just said the same thing 3 times in different ways..)

  92. Stephanie Smith

    Stephanie Smith29 days ago

    This conversation makes my head hurt. She is talking in circles. The thing that bothers me about Kim is she got famous off of sleeping around. Smh

  93. staceyluvmexoxo

    staceyluvmexoxo29 days ago

    She has no idea what she is talking about. When people say something that does not make sense people tend to check them, the Kardashian/Jenners are no different. To say she is self made makes absolutely no sense because it is not true. It has nothing to do with people being "haters". It is nice to see a young business woman succeed whether or not you think her family are a bunch of self centered whores. She is the youngest billionaire not self made. She did not have to start from the bottom which would make her self made. There are jewelers out there that started from home putting beads on string getting a table and selling their jewelry in 92 degree whether. They are self made. Kylie was given $250,000 to start her company and already had a huge fan base which is free promotion. Kim needs to have several seats, too many pauses so you know she was trying to come up with a lie.

  94. LadyImagine

    LadyImagine29 days ago

    And we're all just like recognizing things, and everyone around us are just like... recognizing us.

  95. Tama'a Ma'u

    Tama'a Ma'u29 days ago

    “Oh Mom I have it at home” makes lme look poor asf 😩

  96. Цветана Полянская

    Цветана Полянская29 days ago

    Есть перевод?

  97. Layla Aaron

    Layla Aaron29 days ago

    Did Kim get her neck done? Looks sooo small not natural but i must be a kardashian hater. Lol no im not she looks gorgeous for the work shes had done waist up

  98. Heidy Hernandez

    Heidy Hernandez29 days ago

    Michelle Phan is self made. Pretty much every single MReporter artist out there that could barely afford a camera 6-8 years ago is self made. Don’t give me this bs Kylie is self made.

  99. Heidy Hernandez

    Heidy Hernandez29 days ago

    Kim: She like or uhm your just really don’t get it. Uhm your like just a hater. Uhm ok I lost my thought. Let me start over... ok uhm so yeah ok so yeah ok I lost my thought again... what was I saying? Ok... uhm so yeah. I can’t, I can’t, I can’t!! The bullshit is soooo bad! At least practice what your going to say!

  100. Pam Garcia

    Pam Garcia29 days ago

    She needs to take a public speaking class🤡🤡🤡. Not a hater just don’t want to hear the same word over and over😂😂😂