Kim & Kanye's INCREDIBLE Fast Money! | Celebrity Family Feud


  1. Martini Pinilla

    Martini Pinilla6 hours ago

    steve wanted to move his habnd down from here shoulder the whol etime.

  2. Sucio

    Sucio17 hours ago

    I like happy kanye

  3. Seven Deadly Sins Escanor

    Seven Deadly Sins EscanorDay ago

    Imagine Steve without eyebrows and a moustache

  4. Mrs D

    Mrs DDay ago

    Point is Kimmy... it's what the survey said not what happens to you!

  5. Kylie Jones

    Kylie Jones2 days ago

    Rare footage of Kanye West smiling 😃😃

  6. sabrina danny

    sabrina danny2 days ago

    This was too easy like its simple

  7. Noah Sheffield

    Noah Sheffield2 days ago

    pause at 7:25 which is life eternity of depression

  8. sidharth prasoon

    sidharth prasoon2 days ago

    Did anyone notice 7:25....... like if u found it (hint the ladies in the crowd)

  9. dark star

    dark star3 days ago

    Lol kim Kardashian is actually dumb lol so why is she famous again

  10. Kay Harley

    Kay Harley3 days ago

    My mom watches you want TV

  11. rickameurs dragnir

    rickameurs dragnir4 days ago

    on dirait richard pryor ?

  12. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith4 days ago


  13. King Of The World

    King Of The World4 days ago

    They're having a lot of fun. We obviously know they have so much more money than 25K.

  14. makena

    makena4 days ago

    0:38 did kendall really just yell "thats what famous people do"

  15. makena

    makena3 days ago

    +enaana bahahaha good

  16. enaana

    enaana3 days ago

    Thats what family is for

  17. Snooks

    Snooks4 days ago

    Kanye smwart forreal lmaooo

  18. Play and Hang out with Neo and Nia

    Play and Hang out with Neo and Nia4 days ago

    Go watch my video and tell me if you see it too!!

  19. Tina

    Tina4 days ago

    For a minute I thought I heard Stevie wonder 😂

  20. Nicholas C.

    Nicholas C.4 days ago

    Name how many countries join the United Nations?....😱😒

  21. Afro Atheist

    Afro Atheist4 days ago

    She practiced, because, it was just acting. And, she can't even do that....

  22. Alice Leah

    Alice Leah5 days ago

    Wow these questions were so stupid what's in a milkshake seriously

  23. Charles and Heather Wade

    Charles and Heather Wade5 days ago

    Lets show some love, they didnt have to do this for the kids hospital, so ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👏👏

  24. Sam James

    Sam James5 days ago

    Damn, Kim has humongous ASS

  25. JPB productions

    JPB productions5 days ago

    Who else was just waiting for them to show a close up of Kim's ass

  26. Berina Rucic

    Berina Rucic5 days ago!

  27. SOLAR

    SOLAR6 days ago

    That ass looks deformed

  28. Sima Ben youssef

    Sima Ben youssef6 days ago

    How tf did Kanye answer 10 and milk when he clearly heard his wife answer those and saw them again on the big board AND had been also reminded by the guy that he shouldn’t repeat the answers ???? I mean come on pfffff plus, the member u always bang, it’s always been the toes

  29. Ew People

    Ew People6 days ago

    I wish I had the butt problem

  30. michael jones

    michael jones7 days ago

    25,000 dollers ain't shit!!!!!!

  31. Jenn C

    Jenn C7 days ago

    3:14 Guy to the right of Steve busting out his phone to capture that disproportioned ass 😆😂

  32. NesaFashion Channel

    NesaFashion Channel7 days ago

  33. C-Money Allday

    C-Money Allday7 days ago

    idiot's saying "the questions are so easy" It's for charity, why would they make the questions hard? so the charity doesn't get any money?

  34. mjr102395

    mjr1023957 days ago

    Her ass is so fffn gross.

  35. أحمد الصاعدي

    أحمد الصاعدي7 days ago

    these kardashian are really dummies,and sadly people are occupied with them.

  36. joel rangel

    joel rangel7 days ago

    Cum dump

  37. BigRed CacheMachine

    BigRed CacheMachine7 days ago

    *sigh* this is not crushing it. sorry.last 2 questions were about as stupid as asking "what's that big ball of yellow fire in the sky every day"

  38. mudbloodfreak

    mudbloodfreak7 days ago

    it was for charity dipshit. They are hardly going to ask hard questions

  39. Luis Mendoza

    Luis Mendoza7 days ago

    nice show

  40. T_A_Y_L_A _

    T_A_Y_L_A _8 days ago

    Kanye that’s not KANYE

  41. Chynevia Marsh

    Chynevia Marsh8 days ago

    Family feud

  42. Javid M

    Javid M8 days ago

    We should pray for Kanye - he has to call THAT his wife.....

  43. Adiba Triple A

    Adiba Triple A8 days ago

    25000$ that's it???? For a childeren's hospital Do they know how much a bill is for just one treatmant??? 25000$ doesn't cover it for one child

  44. Jayden O'Halloran

    Jayden O'Halloran9 days ago

    #2 is a set up for Kim

  45. Vince DiLorenzo

    Vince DiLorenzo10 days ago

    Kim would say fake ass butt

  46. Emy Gonzalez

    Emy Gonzalez10 days ago

    Why are people always hating , did u all forget this is for a good cause? So why is everyone complaining? Did you guys want them to lose ? I’m glad the questions were easy! It’s for a good cause.

  47. Nyesha Brooks

    Nyesha Brooks10 days ago

    They work my nerves

  48. dr lucky

    dr lucky10 days ago

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  49. eza muhammad

    eza muhammad11 days ago

    is Kim wearing diapers?

  50. Ass Man

    Ass Man11 days ago

    Name something you need to make a milkshake. Kims answer. " milk" steve harvey was amazed and said "wow" lol

  51. JAYJAY Queen

    JAYJAY Queen11 days ago

    I can’t when she said she smashes into things with your but❤️❤️❤️

  52. alex martinez

    alex martinez11 days ago

    who saw kendall's eyeroll in the beginning

  53. Crystal Forney

    Crystal Forney11 days ago

    The hell with them and Jay Z and his wife

  54. Hilbert Purba

    Hilbert Purba12 days ago

    Woopity scoop, scoop diddy woop

  55. Robert Quinting

    Robert Quinting12 days ago

    The Kardishians ain't that smart, but they do have big butts

  56. Sufyan MHMAD

    Sufyan MHMAD12 days ago

    that ass

  57. Rabia Ahmed

    Rabia Ahmed13 days ago

    best show ever

  58. Lisset Miramontes

    Lisset Miramontes13 days ago

    100 mexicanos dijieron Lmao

  59. Jason Kobrynich

    Jason Kobrynich13 days ago

    I swear to god when Kim said running in a wheel for hamster my hamster started running 😂

  60. SirDoodles

    SirDoodles13 days ago

    If you weren’t smiling the entire time Kanye came out, then you’re the one with problems lol 😝

  61. SirDoodles

    SirDoodles13 days ago

    There are way to many flat booty’s out there if Kim’s answer of “Butt” really got a 0 lol

  62. Moon Sky

    Moon Sky14 days ago

    Kanye and Kim looks like their acting strangers -_-

  63. DIY LIFE

    DIY LIFE14 days ago

    The famous people just hug and stuff but the regular family's jump yell and more

  64. Diola __

    Diola __14 days ago

    The smile of Kanye🤯🤯😍 My Heart is melted

  65. Lorraine Directo

    Lorraine Directo14 days ago


  66. Symphony Martinez

    Symphony Martinez14 days ago


  67. Zainab Bukhari

    Zainab Bukhari15 days ago

    Hold up this game is confusing... Who's 'they', like who gets to check the answer to the question? I mean like for the butt banging into things, why didn't she get a point?

  68. Jackson Griffiths

    Jackson Griffiths15 days ago

    "Slice of PAH"

  69. Rocker Chick

    Rocker Chick15 days ago

    But don't they already have money ? 😂

  70. Helena S.

    Helena S.14 days ago

    its for charity lol

  71. AnnMarie Phang

    AnnMarie Phang15 days ago


  72. AnnMarie Phang

    AnnMarie Phang15 days ago

    Boys every commenting about Kanye's smile

  73. Pooja Takah

    Pooja Takah15 days ago

    the questions were so stupid lmao

  74. Yassin ATTIA

    Yassin ATTIA15 days ago

    I whbdndjuuuuuuuuuuuu4ur777748484848448484848484848696969696969696969696969696969696969696969696969696969696969696966969696969696969696969696969696969696969696969696964545454545454548484848484848848448848484488448484848484844848484848484848484848484848484884886969696969696969696969666969696996969969696969696969696a696969y969knhmfl,

  75. The truth hurts

    The truth hurts15 days ago

    Kanye seems happy

  76. Earth Visitor

    Earth Visitor16 days ago

    Why does kanye look like he is blind .

  77. T. B.

    T. B.16 days ago

    I have never seen so much plastic surgery in one!

  78. Lina Sky

    Lina Sky16 days ago


  79. B M-Y

    B M-Y16 days ago

    Ugh...Kim's annoying friend is there again?? What a fame whore.

  80. hondansx1972

    hondansx197216 days ago

    you notice the questions were so damn easy , its for charity thats why and ive never seen a bunch of losers in one room, what a waste of life.

  81. J Ha

    J Ha17 days ago

    Hate that family

  82. Asha Sidris

    Asha Sidris17 days ago

    Khloe is like a copy of Kim. When you look really close👀👀.

  83. Tirah5

    Tirah517 days ago

    from time to time Steve should bring someone with NO TALENT to keep the balance just like he did this time

  84. Exxen Rooby

    Exxen Rooby17 days ago

    So fucking arrogant

  85. DatFaceClan

    DatFaceClan17 days ago


  86. Hellfire Kce

    Hellfire Kce17 days ago

    Feels like she is doing this for reputation

  87. Yuki chan

    Yuki chan18 days ago

    Kim's arm muscles

  88. Justin Wade

    Justin Wade18 days ago

    Ice cream is basically frozen milk.

  89. Lar sen

    Lar sen18 days ago


  90. Lar sen

    Lar sen18 days ago

    Its strange to me that Everybody seems to be forgiving Kayne what he did to Taylor. But if some like kevin spacey get blamed for assult and being judge unguilty. They dont want nothing to with it. And kevin doesent got a chance like Kayne did. If its what up to me i would let Kayne get to any award again

  91. Shawn Love

    Shawn Love19 days ago

    3:13 Steve high key enjoyed that hold wit Kim 😂💯

  92. alex m cervantes

    alex m cervantes19 days ago

    Were playing

  93. Tripp Parsley

    Tripp Parsley19 days ago

    Not to be rude but what is 25,000 going to do for a hospital?

  94. Romonica Jones

    Romonica Jones19 days ago


  95. Hallie McMullen

    Hallie McMullen20 days ago

    why is Kendall's back always turned

  96. William Johnson

    William Johnson20 days ago

    Why is her ass so huge compared to her other body parts

  97. Cocaine Minaj

    Cocaine Minaj20 days ago

    His face @4:06

  98. South_ girl xxx

    South_ girl xxx20 days ago

    Ey kanye and steve kinda look alike! Hahaha

  99. Bethany Bryant

    Bethany Bryant21 day ago

    They all have enough money why do they need to play a game to donate to charity?

  100. Nigga Gorilla

    Nigga Gorilla21 day ago

    Such a fat ugly belly. Yuk! Fat gorilla try to eat less bananas

  101. Nigga Gorilla

    Nigga Gorilla21 day ago

    Gorilla wearing suit! Gorilla can talk ! Hahaha! And silicon tits silicon lips also here! Fat gorilla eat your banana!

  102. Jean-Marc Eudaric

    Jean-Marc Eudaric22 days ago

    Dix .///

  103. David Arjon

    David Arjon22 days ago

    Kanye's smile is pretty great

  104. David Arjon

    David Arjon22 days ago

    You all have to admit they make life funnier with their dumb stuff lol