Kim & Kanye's INCREDIBLE Fast Money! | Celebrity Family Feud


  1. Bob Jones

    Bob JonesHour ago

    Repentance GOD IS GOOD

  2. Kelly Parker

    Kelly Parker2 hours ago

    Attention whore.. it's just more publicity, her shoes probably cost more then $25,000

  3. Jaz ASAP

    Jaz ASAP3 hours ago

    I wish kourtney ex would be there then travis and tristan would be there too 😂😂😂😂

  4. Selena Cruz

    Selena Cruz7 hours ago

    Black people against white people, how racist is this?!😲🤔😂

  5. Mai 3

    Mai 313 hours ago

    Kendall looks flawless 😍 👅❤💋

  6. Zeid Alnasser

    Zeid Alnasser20 hours ago

    There's a 400 million followers on the stage !

  7. Masoko Senpai

    Masoko Senpai21 hour ago


  8. Tristen Meekin

    Tristen Meekin22 hours ago

    Yo is Kim wearing a diaper

  9. Beautiful morning 1977

    Beautiful morning 1977Day ago

    I like how Khole laugh :)

  10. Lidia Valentinova

    Lidia ValentinovaDay ago

    Photoooos of sisters Kardashian Jenner and Kim with Kanye!

  11. Victor Velarde

    Victor VelardeDay ago

    He is such a creep

  12. katrina fitch

    katrina fitchDay ago

    I'm not a huge fan of Kanye, but his smile is contagious! #brilliant

  13. kamran bartley

    kamran bartleyDay ago

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  14. Najoui Salaheddine

    Najoui SalaheddineDay ago

    kim is so fucking beautiful tbh

  15. Jessica Brown

    Jessica BrownDay ago


  16. nadda

    naddaDay ago

    Kendal looks v uncomfortable

  17. Ryder

    RyderDay ago

    Those were definitely the shittiest questions and so scripted to respond to people who say she's talentless (and she is talentless) such a bumbass THOT man

  18. JessJ Channel

    JessJ ChannelDay ago

  19. rolandb artandphoto

    rolandb artandphotoDay ago

    Kim's ass look so horrible...

  20. Sadjona Jace

    Sadjona JaceDay ago

    Kim is so cute❤️

  21. AshleyJ

    AshleyJDay ago

    how kanye went from a 10 to a 5 SAME LMFAO

  22. ツEJTDC

    ツEJTDCDay ago

    Ohhhh so cute... I like theyre bonding as a family.. I love Kardashian & West Family.. God Bless Them all..

  23. Yosef Schield

    Yosef Schield2 days ago

    Kendall looks like she doesn’t want to be there. Wonder why? 🤔

  24. Cockdeisel

    Cockdeisel2 days ago

    Kim did you fucking fart?

  25. Aleisha Foster

    Aleisha Foster2 days ago

    isn't Mr west b day on 8 June like mine .

  26. Darith Bluitt

    Darith Bluitt2 days ago


  27. Paula soliva

    Paula soliva2 days ago

    Now, i like kanye. 😁

  28. Eric J

    Eric J2 days ago

    Ridiculous questions. A five year old could answer them.

  29. mrs noname

    mrs noname2 days ago

    5:57 I thought he said "let's remind everybody of Kim's ass" lmao oh lordy

  30. Leewise

    Leewise2 days ago

    They could literally give $25k every day for a year and still have made money

  31. Nidhi Shetty

    Nidhi Shetty2 days ago

    So Kanye smiles

  32. Kiky Roquemore

    Kiky Roquemore3 days ago

    This was one of the best episodes! Too funny!

  33. Elmo

    Elmo3 days ago

    So we decided to donate millions of dollars to the charity. That's what families do! 00:39 O'RLY?

  34. Natalie Lenthall

    Natalie Lenthall3 days ago

    Steve is so cringe

  35. Адела Беликова

    Адела Беликова3 days ago

    Khloe looks so kauuute pregnant, can't wait til I have my baby

  36. Brandon Camarillo

    Brandon Camarillo3 days ago

    That butt hahahaha

  37. Choking Channel

    Choking Channel3 days ago

    This isn’t the new roblox update, huh?

  38. Choking Channel

    Choking Channel3 days ago

    Thicc ASS booty

  39. loot skywalker

    loot skywalker3 days ago


  40. Yousif Omer

    Yousif Omer3 days ago

    Kim is so fine

  41. Naath A

    Naath A3 days ago

    So cringe

  42. Hope 2014

    Hope 20143 days ago

    I hate kim and all her family

  43. Jennifer nicole

    Jennifer nicole4 days ago

    Daaang! This show helped Kanye's appearance A LOT! U can see more of the real him, after getting the mental help he needed 😊👏👍

  44. emmett smith

    emmett smith4 days ago

    is anyone of them not injected with botox?

  45. emmett smith

    emmett smith4 days ago

    the stupidest fucken losers on the planet. i laugh at anyone who thinks this kind of idiotic behaviour is normal

  46. marissa Martinez

    marissa Martinez4 days ago

    They had really easy answers omgsh lol i would of thought the same and im not a celebrity 😂😂

  47. Cavski

    Cavski4 days ago

    Kayne looks smacked


    YOUNG THINKA4 days ago

    🤔why th questions are so easy compare to the normal people, thts a set up

  49. Anna

    Anna4 days ago

    She’s not a good actress

  50. TheGreenDee

    TheGreenDee4 days ago

    Seeing Kanye smiling is so precious

  51. Polly Punani

    Polly Punani4 days ago

    25,000$ goes to medical products and meds... but what about people suffering in hospitals.. relieve their bills. HEALTH IS EXPENSIVE

  52. emmak21

    emmak214 days ago

    0:25 the girl to the left exposes her nipple

  53. Rebecca Garcia Colón

    Rebecca Garcia Colón4 days ago

    I have never seen his bros and sis. They all look just alike!!!

  54. Red Bottoms

    Red Bottoms4 days ago

    Its good to see Kanye smile ❤️

  55. Franz Kafka

    Franz Kafka4 days ago

    Yeah, Kanye do got that creepy, cringey smile

  56. Franz Kafka

    Franz Kafka4 days ago

    Kim got that big ol diaper butt

  57. Kit Bina

    Kit Bina4 days ago

    Fill in the blank.. Slice of booty. Lol that's what I had on my mind😱🤔

  58. Vimala Dava

    Vimala Dava4 days ago

    Gay Fish☺

  59. Gizzy's Travels

    Gizzy's Travels4 days ago

    What is with kims hips.... has she had some implants in them or her but that dress made her look mis shaped.... strange...

  60. Sirikun Brown

    Sirikun Brown5 days ago

    Her ass is so UNREAL 🤣🤣

  61. a w

    a w5 days ago

    Love kanye !!!!!

  62. Saleema Williams

    Saleema Williams5 days ago

    A 1st grader would get those questions right....

  63. Miracle Ogar

    Miracle Ogar5 days ago

    Kanye west is smiling!!!!!!!

  64. Saylor Werthington

    Saylor Werthington6 days ago

    K but why is Kendall standing backwards

  65. Azzan Khan

    Azzan Khan6 days ago

    Steve harvey a creep

  66. KingoftheKings

    KingoftheKings6 days ago

    Steve is 1.78 and kendall is 1.79. Whytf steve is higher than kendal with high heals. WTF!

  67. Paige White

    Paige White6 days ago

    She Bumps her butt into things because it's a Fake attachment & she is NOT used to the circumference.

  68. Martha Esther Luerra

    Martha Esther Luerra6 days ago

    Ofcourse she hits her butt its gigantic and fake lol

  69. Jennifer nicole

    Jennifer nicole7 days ago

    Kanye's smile is infectious! 😁 so happy that his mind is in the right place now, and depression is better

  70. Vegan Peasant

    Vegan Peasant7 days ago

    how disgusting is this lot eh?

  71. PonyBaloneyPony

    PonyBaloneyPony7 days ago

    This is too easy

  72. Vara Ashbaugh

    Vara Ashbaugh7 days ago

    Kim is hilarious and I only know a few alother girls who have a butt like her lol not too common just sayin

  73. Jonathan Cragle

    Jonathan Cragle7 days ago

    "Name the game show you're on" - Uhh, keeping up with Kim & Kanye? :-S

  74. FUNK.tioning With Tina

    FUNK.tioning With Tina7 days ago

    Steve have a hard on. Ye looks so happy 💗

  75. Names Regine

    Names Regine7 days ago

    Whos the lady in green

  76. me me

    me me7 days ago

    Simple questions hmmm

  77. Jinforever

    Jinforever8 days ago

    Steve is everything 😂

  78. Shane McFamous

    Shane McFamous8 days ago

    Kim honey "your" in the editorial sense... they gave the easiest questions luckily so the charity won.

  79. G G

    G G8 days ago

    They gave her the easiest questions . A damn shame dumb ass

  80. astro boy 365

    astro boy 3658 days ago

    Kanye so fucking fresh

  81. Matthew Mascaro

    Matthew Mascaro8 days ago

    I have a vagina

  82. rachel lakhi

    rachel lakhi8 days ago

    Dumb questions for dumb people and Harvey looking for attention, What a dumb show.

  83. Craig Walton

    Craig Walton8 days ago

    Good job yall

  84. Cassian Lee

    Cassian Lee8 days ago

    Kim's arse looks fucking ridiculous

  85. beez luuphoriaa

    beez luuphoriaa8 days ago

    Kim's hair looks like a wig! Lmao 😫👎 go back natural or do it better. IJS

  86. C Martin

    C Martin8 days ago

    What the hell kind of questions were those

  87. Susan MinhTrang Nguyen

    Susan MinhTrang Nguyen8 days ago

    Kanye West smiling 😮

  88. MyNevaeh

    MyNevaeh8 days ago

    Good lord the Kardashians are ugly shit

  89. Shay Baille

    Shay Baille8 days ago


  90. Music man That likes old and new music

    Music man That likes old and new music8 days ago

    Kim’s ass is full ov oil and fat. I love it but it waz better 2 years ago when it was more smooth

  91. Jashondra Morris

    Jashondra Morris8 days ago

    Is Kim’s butt real???????

  92. Jesus Ramos

    Jesus Ramos9 days ago

    Khloe is beautiful

  93. Alienxlicker

    Alienxlicker9 days ago

    *stares at Kim’s ass the whole time* Jesus..

  94. mmmmmsup

    mmmmmsup9 days ago


  95. NateOfChill

    NateOfChill9 days ago

    3:37 LMFAOOOO

  96. Nineveh Zoudo

    Nineveh Zoudo9 days ago

    I’m sorry but those questions were way too easy. On a scale of 1 to 10... omg, really

  97. RamBow

    RamBow9 days ago

    7:21 hand training......

  98. Teniola Adedokun

    Teniola Adedokun9 days ago

    He looks happier on this show than he ever did with kim

  99. Errique Young

    Errique Young9 days ago

    Fun show

  100. Corrin Kamui

    Corrin Kamui9 days ago

    They are millionairs btw