1. FBE

    FBEYear ago

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  2. Jamiya Petty

    Jamiya PettyYear ago

    Do kids react to horror movies

  3. Autumn Byrd

    Autumn ByrdYear ago

    I love watching the height videos

  4. Nathalie

    NathalieYear ago

    FBE Y A Y

  5. Ginger

    GingerYear ago


  6. Chase Hillman

    Chase HillmanYear ago

    Kids react to Trivium

  7. gamer smuzie

    gamer smuzieYear ago

    i love animals and bugs and everything so yea only teen titans got me

  8. Jerome Pesongco

    Jerome PesongcoYear ago

    Next thing you know, there is a "try not to breathe challenge".

  9. Jerome Pesongco

    Jerome PesongcoYear ago


  10. Dying lil boi

    Dying lil boiYear ago

    Jerome Pesongco hHhHhHhH

  11. Yes-Yes

    Yes-YesYear ago

    7:17 i finally move

  12. Nyx

    NyxYear ago

    I didn’t move. Well, I wanted to get closer on the cockroach one, but I didn’t really move.

  13. Panda Gamingg

    Panda GaminggYear ago


  14. XxAPANMAN AlicexX

    XxAPANMAN AlicexXYear ago

    13 years old is a teenager already

  15. _ItsActuallyAPerson _

    _ItsActuallyAPerson _Year ago


  16. That Guy Over There

    That Guy Over ThereYear ago

    Is Gabe a boy? I’m assuming so but I just want to be sure

  17. Cutler Tablet

    Cutler TabletYear ago

    Gabe is a boy

  18. ArkhamKnight 1007

    ArkhamKnight 1007Year ago

    I moved at the TTG one not because I wanted to dance but because I Falcon punched the screen, out of existence.

  19. Ollie :/

    Ollie :/Year ago

    This channel is epic keep on the good work

  20. Cataru Moore

    Cataru MooreYear ago

    Teen Titans go is in the move challenge? this isn't a try not to get mad challenge

  21. Biscuits

    BiscuitsYear ago

    I thought Gabe was a girl unless he is a girl then I'm sorry 🙏

  22. LemonBird

    LemonBirdYear ago

    i couldn’t hold it in at the teen titans go theme

  23. Music Lover

    Music LoverYear ago

    I moved at the disgusting leg thingy

  24. Wesley-Sharon Gladwell

    Wesley-Sharon GladwellYear ago

    I would lose because I go right and left on my chair

  25. Splow

    SplowYear ago

    6:03 Teen Titans *_Noooooo!_*

  26. brenno fran

    brenno franYear ago

    Dash is my mood everyday. BTW is that name for the incredibles?

  27. Agent X

    Agent XYear ago


  28. Haylee Cannon

    Haylee CannonYear ago

    Hey Cindy Ll have the same shirt as you

  29. Shanice Zammit

    Shanice ZammitYear ago

    The 2 one i moved and i got scared

  30. Gatcha Kitty

    Gatcha KittyYear ago

    Jordan is so cute!

  31. MsKrudtugle

    MsKrudtugleYear ago

    I cant move plz age 10

  32. MsKrudtugle

    MsKrudtugleYear ago

    Im a kid plzzzz stop😢😓😅😓



    I would have ran away from the teen titans go part

  34. ChloeDaBroccoli SKK

    ChloeDaBroccoli SKKYear ago

    *sees cocroaches* OH GOD I AM EATING *skips it*

  35. Random CJ

    Random CJYear ago

    Ok lol wth Jordan the little (7 yr old) won.. lol wth she's a legend xD

  36. PinkLittleMochi

    PinkLittleMochiYear ago

    Random CJ ....THE PERSON IS A BOY.

  37. Random CJ

    Random CJYear ago

    Wait I thought 13 is a teenager

  38. Random CJ

    Random CJYear ago

    SuperAidanPlushBros wait wut

  39. SuperAidanPlushBros

    SuperAidanPlushBrosYear ago

    There's two Jordans on this show

  40. iiExoticii

    iiExoticiiYear ago

    Dash and Gabe is my fav

  41. Savage_ OML

    Savage_ OMLYear ago

    Number 1:this guy is crazy Number 2:this guy is crazy Number 3: *THIS GUY IS CRAZZYYYY*

  42. iiExoticii

    iiExoticiiYear ago

    7:13 ewwwwww

  43. iiExoticii

    iiExoticiiYear ago

    Gabe and Emma is here too 5:44 ilove teen Titans go

  44. ArkhamKnight 1007

    ArkhamKnight 1007Year ago

    FireFoxGamer_ Boy bruh.

  45. ArkhamKnight 1007

    ArkhamKnight 1007Year ago

    Iulian Matulescu bruh.

  46. Iulian Matulescu

    Iulian MatulescuYear ago

    FireFoxGamer_ Boy me too

  47. lucid

    lucidYear ago

    Damn that Jordan guy showing everyone how it's done

  48. shettuce . Pleyz

    shettuce . PleyzYear ago

    But i like teen titans go!

  49. ArkhamKnight 1007

    ArkhamKnight 1007Year ago

    Mousumi Deka ...

  50. SourRainbow

    SourRainbowYear ago

    5:44 Why

  51. Kuruönii uwu

    Kuruönii uwuYear ago

    Rainbow Animations ikr?

  52. Shadoww

    ShadowwYear ago

    Sophie looks like a mix of hipster and a drug addict

  53. Soph and Gino studios

    Soph and Gino studiosYear ago

    Jake is my favorite 😹😆

  54. Mewmewpuff :3

    Mewmewpuff :3Year ago

    Dash looks so different than the last time i saw him on the channel 0-0

  55. Abby Nubla

    Abby NublaYear ago

    Bugs are not biting

  56. Abyplays Roblox

    Abyplays RobloxYear ago

    I moved oneced

  57. Old Man

    Old ManYear ago

    Jordan is a beast

  58. Daisy Vasquez

    Daisy VasquezYear ago

    FBE Do you have a email to send you a for the kid react ToysRus video

  59. kristi granit

    kristi granitYear ago

    dash is 13 hes a teen

  60. Random CJ

    Random CJYear ago

    kristi granit ikr?

  61. TheSilentWolf

    TheSilentWolfYear ago

    Teen titans > Teen titans GO

  62. ArkhamKnight 1007

    ArkhamKnight 1007Year ago

    TheSilentWolf yup.

  63. Jenadee Alvarez

    Jenadee AlvarezYear ago

    A friking 7 year old won good job

  64. The best Airdrop

    The best AirdropYear ago

    Do another one and do gorden Heyward borken leg vs the cavs

  65. LPSCANDY cookie

    LPSCANDY cookieYear ago

    I what to be on the series

  66. Maxine Telebrico

    Maxine TelebricoYear ago

    I was shocked that Jordan won! He beat me and I’m 12!!

  67. *Emilylovescows *

    *Emilylovescows *Year ago

    The young est won

  68. *Emilylovescows *

    *Emilylovescows *Year ago

    I won

  69. Olivia loves shrek ;-;

    Olivia loves shrek ;-;Year ago

    Who else thinks the bug one was cute i also love snakes and all animals so haha😂

  70. Dyshawn AndrewsVEVO

    Dyshawn AndrewsVEVOYear ago

    Ya girl Liv until one comes and bites you huh