Khloe Kardashian Reacts To Kylie Jenner And Jordyn Woods Reuniting As Friends


  1. LaMia Bentley

    LaMia Bentley23 minutes ago

    Who fucken cares !!!Is BIG foot jealous of this girl.Why are these two girls always touching and shit????They seem like they have something going on.

  2. Leslie Rojan

    Leslie Rojan5 hours ago

    Ain’t that about a blip! The Kardashian’s feel that this girl would be “Nothing” without them! Full of themselves much! I used to think they were ok females but after that comment, they are the garbage people say they are. Khloe knee what she had! They have all slept around with other people men and this young girl was simply kissed by one of them. They are only as important “We” make them. If we move on and focus on something or someone else, you will see them doing flips and turnabouts for us! They are only everyday people who do wild things, freaked out things for profit. There’s nothing wrong with that either, but don’t put yourself on some higher level as if to say this girl is nothing. They calmed right down when Jada And Will Smith stepped and supported this young lady. Here’s a 34 year old chic basically Smash and Grab for any athlete or well known person, regardless of who he is with having the audacity to trip on a 21 year old who was kissed by one of them. Stop it!

  3. issrae azouz

    issrae azouz20 hours ago

    I’m happy that Khloe forgives Jordan 😁😁

  4. Blk Queen

    Blk QueenDay ago

    I think Kim should worry about he family and not khole

  5. Vox Nihili

    Vox NihiliDay ago

    Just another Kardashian Jenner hoax for attention. I think if they keep this bullshit up, people are just going to stop caring.

  6. Princess Fray

    Princess Fray2 days ago

    that wasnt Jordyn in the picture with Kylie's mom, it was Jordyn's younger sister Jodie

  7. SalientStar E.V.

    SalientStar E.V.2 days ago

    I don’t think it was Jordyn at that breakfast.. it was her other bestie.. you guys don’t have facts! 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  8. SalientStar E.V.

    SalientStar E.V.2 days ago

    The pic of kris and jordyn’s mom was not with jordyn it was with her lil sister.. 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

  9. Yoo.itzabii __

    Yoo.itzabii __2 days ago

    Kylie don’t gaf about Tristan and Jordyn she just wants her bestfriend back and I don’t blame her🤷🏽‍♀️


    RAIN DROPS2 days ago

    I’m sick of hearing about these ratchet chicks

  11. Kathleen Hannan

    Kathleen Hannan2 days ago

    W.T.F. she knew what she was/is doing.Betrayal point blank!

  12. Lisa Isles

    Lisa Isles3 days ago

    Who cares about this piece of crap guy like he's community 🍆 move on already what u thought u could change him stuppes.. keep tight with your best friend don't throw everything away over this it was an honest mistake on her end and she suffered for it just forgive already

  13. tara1440

    tara14403 days ago

    Wait,did they say jordyn would be nothing without the them the (Kardashians)..excuse me,her family already had money and were socialites.I hate the Kardashians privileged asses to have the nerve to say something so damn she was some sort of peasant..

  14. Brittani Denney

    Brittani Denney3 days ago

    this is wrong, she and kylie were NOT seen out at lunch....that was her other friend Heather Sanders.

  15. Margaret Gallegos

    Margaret Gallegos3 days ago

    Karma is a B....! Just saying!

  16. Kelyhsa Martin

    Kelyhsa Martin3 days ago

    Khloe needs to stop blaming everyone else...Khloe needs to blame herself.

  17. Eminence Royalty

    Eminence Royalty3 days ago

    Wtf! KHLOE K. Trying to lecture you with positivity and not to criticize? WHAT A HYPOCRITE! You did that to JORDYN! That’s called KARMA!

  18. Faye Petrack

    Faye Petrack3 days ago

    The Kardashians are a bunch of hypocritical Hoes." Do as I say not as I do". Everyone of them with the exception of Kendall have been used and abused by so many men its pathetic. Most of which were men that were in relationships with other women at the time. They can dish it out, but God forbid someone do it to them. I wished they would all just GO AWAY.

  19. Nay

    Nay3 days ago

    Kendall is ignoring because she knows its a publicity stunt and is disgusted with her own family.

  20. Tracie

    Tracie4 days ago

    Thats because they fuc*ing......😛

  21. Dream Wet

    Dream Wet3 days ago

    Yup n prolly for a long time

  22. Good to be McKenna

    Good to be McKenna4 days ago

    It’s funny cause Khloe was the reason that tristin and his ex got a divorce 🙄👋🏾

  23. Culture of Chloe

    Culture of Chloe4 days ago


  24. Bae boo

    Bae boo4 days ago

  25. Dai Dasil

    Dai Dasil4 days ago

    Forget the Kardashians they was wrong. Jordyn would be naive and stupid to even befriend any of them because Tristan said nothing happened and jordyn nobody was there and even if they kissed khloe and him been ended allegedly from Tristan mouth and he been tried to show khloe. This girl family was in danger because of the kkks Smh. The hypothetical thing is the kkks is known for wrecking families or relationships.

  26. Ambzer Ambzer

    Ambzer Ambzer4 days ago

    Why are people mostly hating on Jordan? And not Tristan takes two to tango, Tristan is actually more to blame. But if they one kissed why all this drama, and why would Kylie kick her out just for one kiss? They made it sound like the two were having a massive sneaky affair

  27. Laura Ajoiyi

    Laura Ajoiyi4 days ago

    They are made however you look at them. Kerdajenner clan is phenomenal.

  28. Kim Villasenor

    Kim Villasenor4 days ago

    thats jordyns sister not her with Kris and her mom.. Fail! lol

  29. Shari Williams

    Shari Williams4 days ago

    The real question is Khloe finally over her ball player chasing obsession?

  30. Shari Williams

    Shari Williams4 days ago

    Correction: At 00:45 that is Jordyn's little sister NOT Jordyn

  31. Lil.leonardo Danny

    Lil.leonardo Danny4 days ago

    Did she say “good” instead of “god”😂😂 at 2:16

  32. vanessa diamond

    vanessa diamond5 days ago

    The Instagram photo of Khloe doesn't even look like khloe. Think all the botox & plastic surgery is helping her way with The Break-Up

  33. Pamela Fortson

    Pamela Fortson5 days ago

    I am sorry but she has no business at that mans house period...

  34. Kerry Samuels

    Kerry Samuels5 days ago

    The tea ☕️ is too hot 🥵, I’ll wait before I sip on it..

  35. true truth

    true truth5 days ago

    OMG I HATE this chicks HEAVY Accent!!!! ugh!

  36. Sherrell Cherry-Thomas

    Sherrell Cherry-Thomas5 days ago

    I continue to say this is Khloe own fault, she knew he was with his original Girlfriend before they got together she broke them up. Had no shame with it. Laughed and kept it moving. Stayed with him when he cheated on her on her way to deliver. He kissed Jordyn,( they both kissed), kept it moving. Gi e me a Break. Yes she should have said something b4 the HATERS, NEWS, SOCIAL MEDIA, KHLOE SPIES came with it... Ms Khloe you did worse. Check yourself. I fo hope Jordyn and Kylie can eventually get back as friends. Jordyn stay away from the Kardashians. Just chill with the Jenners . They been playing this GAME for along time(Khardasians). Tristan, take care of your daughter that's your main JOB.

  37. queenie a Blige

    queenie a Blige5 days ago

    Kendal is the best one of all very humble

  38. Amyrahh Bambino II

    Amyrahh Bambino II5 days ago

    Why would u want a friend that sleeps with ur sisters man?! Shes a slime bucket

  39. jojo hass

    jojo hass5 days ago

    just her voice is annoying. put other lady to tell these news please.thanks

  40. Sheri Townsend

    Sheri Townsend5 days ago

    Ever hear of "birds of a feather flock together?" That's what you're seeing here. This is a snake pit, and snakes do what snakes do. These women are experiencing what they've done to others. Besides, trashy women like trashy men like Tristan, and trashy men like trashy women like the Kardashians. Money and good looks don't change that fact. It was just a matter of time before they turned on each other. Reuniting as friends doesn't change anything, either. It only improves when people get some morals. No one should be surprised by this drama, just entertained by it.

  41. Udochi Obiukwu

    Udochi Obiukwu5 days ago

    You are bad journalist. She said he kissed her. How did you get "they kissed" from that statement? You seen to like drama and false news a lot.

  42. Annalisa Torres

    Annalisa Torres5 days ago

    OMG... Rich people going through real life struggles? *Gasp* Does every waking thought and feeling need to be publically journaled? News flash... Unrich people deal with this and somehow manage to keep it together enough to NOT tell the world about it. Fancy that!

  43. Pamela R.

    Pamela R.5 days ago

    I have said it before and I will say it again. Khloe always forgive the men who treat her like trash and berates the female. If she actually had compassion and believed the words she was posting about making negative comments then she would be more careful with what she says about Jordyn. Tristan cheated on you while pregnant, not just once but numerous times, he was only caught on film once. Choose a different type of man there are other men to date than NBA players.

  44. Okeke Kingsley

    Okeke Kingsley5 days ago

    No one is talking about what @kendall's think

  45. abraham jesse

    abraham jesse5 days ago

    Maybe all this is just a publicity stunt and Kendall I not for it...

  46. Kaya Afia

    Kaya Afia5 days ago

    It was Heather Sanders not Jordan 🙄

  47. EveAgua

    EveAgua5 days ago

    Khloe reacts to Kylie and Jordyn reuniting as friends? This stupid video said nothing about it!

  48. Cassie Vandermeer

    Cassie Vandermeer5 days ago

    Actually that's Jordans little sister in the picture with Kris Jenner

  49. smiles

    smiles6 days ago

    *that green screen*

  50. Sabrina Fabiola Winter

    Sabrina Fabiola Winter6 days ago

    Lol false info this was Not jordyn eating with kylie

  51. Tahlia Jayde

    Tahlia Jayde6 days ago

    the photo of Kris and Jordyn's mom that isn't Jordan, thats her little sister jodie

  52. Jakini Lumpkins

    Jakini Lumpkins6 days ago

    That’s not Jordan in the picture. That’s Jordans younger sister!!....

  53. Natalia RIncon

    Natalia RIncon6 days ago

    *Am I the only one who just doesn’t give a shit about the Kardashian’s... like no hate ..but I just don’t rlly care* 💀

  54. Ivory Sulva

    Ivory Sulva6 days ago

    They try to be a friend with 21 yrs old and try to damage her . She make her own money ... kardashain no one except use ppl to normalised their life

  55. Sarah Ezi

    Sarah Ezi6 days ago

    She said a picture of Kris, Jordyns mom and Jordan WRONG that’s Jordan’s little sister Jodie get ur facts right ur you’re going to report a story hunny😂🖕🏾

  56. So Glitter  So Glam

    So Glitter So Glam6 days ago

    This is all staged for the masses

  57. Ashley M

    Ashley M6 days ago

    Wait they do realize this was NOT Jordyn she as out with, but her other friend I think her name is Heather. The one who was pregnant with Kylie at the same time. There are many misinformation in this video y’all gotta do your research

  58. Diamond Christin T

    Diamond Christin T6 days ago

    She didn't say they kissed she said he kissed her

  59. Healthy Living

    Healthy Living6 days ago

    Wait I'm confused you cant forgive her for a kiss but you can steal your friends boyfriends without being questioned.. lmao

  60. ImJustChanel Msp

    ImJustChanel Msp6 days ago

    0:44 that is jordyns sister jody but she kinda looks like Jordan

  61. Kendra Jordan

    Kendra Jordan6 days ago

    I went to ultra website because the media said Kylie Jenner Mark all of Jordyn Woods makeup line 50% . I didn't see one piece of makeup of Kylie Jenner brand with Jordyn Woods on it for 50% off nothing not one thing! I also check online could not find Kylie Jenner's brand with Jordyn Woods for 50% off was it for one day only? but Jordan has her own lashes line so I'm going to buy some of those to support her it's a shame to see this young girl being bullied by these grown old women in their thirties almost hitting 40 over something she had nothing to really do with if a man forces a kiss on you it becomes your fault

  62. Kayte Larsen

    Kayte Larsen6 days ago

    The world? No. Certain Americans? Maybe

  63. Syb Vicious29328

    Syb Vicious293287 days ago

    Do you REALLY think they just kissed?!? Come on

  64. Seksi Wellness

    Seksi Wellness7 days ago

    People with money always geht everything they will find away is nothing new

  65. Simone Kleinbooi

    Simone Kleinbooi7 days ago

    run from these ppl jordyn

  66. Osu Osubi

    Osu Osubi7 days ago

    Them two girls love each other. Their love is so deep that Kylie cannot function without Jordyn

  67. Cheryl Lees

    Cheryl Lees7 days ago

    They were not at breakfast together it was another friend

  68. SuperMerchus

    SuperMerchus7 days ago

    Khloe is my fave .

  69. Keisha Alexander

    Keisha Alexander7 days ago

    That isnt Jordan with kris. That’s her little sister

  70. Kitchen Livin with Shay

    Kitchen Livin with Shay7 days ago

    He kissed her AND she offered to take a lie-detector test. *Watch my Slowcooker Pot Roast Video, help me get this to 100k views!* 😋

  71. bae Baby

    bae Baby7 days ago

    Really if it was only a Peck on the lips I don't see that as cheating and I think Kylie needs to forgive her bestie and kloe needs to put it behind her and just stay focused on true.

  72. Barbs H444

    Barbs H4447 days ago

    I thought Tristan kissed her and it was unwanted??

  73. tiggz R

    tiggz R7 days ago

    No one in the right mind would reunite with a friend that did that to their own sister unless the whole situation was faked for a TV show...all the proof i need thanks talko

  74. OPZ **

    OPZ **7 days ago

    Jordan was not married to Khloe or her girlfriend, therefore she doesnt owe her loyalty. Get over it Khloe, you were with a cheater time and time again. He's the one that needed to be faithful. Its good thing Jordan took your trash out!!! 😱😱🤭🤭🙊🙊🙊

  75. nony sweet

    nony sweet7 days ago

    I wish they disappear soon 😂😂😂😂😂guys this is toooooo much 😲😲😭😭😭😵😵😵

  76. elizabeth lane

    elizabeth lane7 days ago

    Every man that enters that family something always goes wrong

  77. Nicole Kenz

    Nicole Kenz7 days ago

    Stop predicting Their life

  78. Julie Marie

    Julie Marie8 days ago

    Why do the Kardashian’s shade and get away with making fun of others for the same things they do. Like steal other women’s men. Not just Khloe. Amber heard said Kim stole Kanye from her, while I didn’t even know they were still together then, unless they got back together before he left her for Kim. She’s dated and rumored to date a lot of people. Men and women 😏

  79. Sopersuasive S

    Sopersuasive S8 days ago

    Fake news she it was really Heather Sanders Kylie was eating with..

  80. Abbey Baker

    Abbey Baker8 days ago

    That’s jordyns little sister in the pic w/ kris and Jordyn’s mom

  81. lilato means love

    lilato means love8 days ago

    It was just a publicity stunt 🙄

  82. Cyn Rod

    Cyn Rod8 days ago

    Kris Jenner is the biggest cheater of all she’s her own “Homewrecker”!!!! Let’s be real people she busted her own home twice Kardashian and Jenner!

  83. Angel Garcia

    Angel Garcia8 days ago

    Wow! The Kardashians are so full of them self. 'she would be anything if it wasn't for us' is such a self centered thing to say. it's for the people to say. not for you to say yourself. how ridiculous lol

  84. Walter Brown

    Walter Brown8 days ago

    MAN Stealing girlfriends aren't LOYALTY ! Women who has no man the go after someone else's man are no friend of anyone !

  85. vernice mcneil

    vernice mcneil8 days ago

    I believe Jordyn stated that Tristan kissed her they didn't kiss each other also Khloe is hurt and anyone can become a target at this point the best thing is never go near a friend EX I wish them the best

  86. MYDDM 19890506

    MYDDM 198905068 days ago

    Stop making stupid people famous.

  87. Karell Edgerton

    Karell Edgerton8 days ago

    That was most definitely Jordan’s little sister 😂

  88. Squadgoals Lashiya

    Squadgoals Lashiya8 days ago

    Just make up

  89. RodbusterJake

    RodbusterJake8 days ago

    And who cares???

  90. Kamila Garcia

    Kamila Garcia8 days ago

    I'm confused is all that happened is that Jordyn and Tristan kissed on the lips...

  91. mia glossender

    mia glossender8 days ago

    No matter what that is his daughter and he should be able to go to his daughter's birthday with no drama !!! She went out with a guy who had Tristian as her fiance she was 7 months pregnant he seems to impregnate and bolt so be it leave the man alone the fact that he says he wants a mediator for his daughters sake speaks volumes coparent and deal like the rest of us do

  92. awtrace87

    awtrace878 days ago

    Feels like the Kardashian lured Tristan into this one just for publicity.

  93. sarikatimmi

    sarikatimmi8 days ago

    truth hurts buddy

  94. Stevielynn Reynosa

    Stevielynn Reynosa8 days ago

    This was a publicity stunt to stay relevant because no one is pregant, getting married, or is posting some wild nudes because those things from them dont suprise us anymore so they needed something new and different and not predictable

  95. Rage rex

    Rage rex8 days ago

    Yeah. Every day some is reacting to one of the Kardashians/Jenner's doing something because all they do is post, and then all the talk shows do is talk about them , wow it's that something like,smh c'mon 🤐

  96. Josh From dunder mifflin

    Josh From dunder mifflin8 days ago

    The earth is dying... just thought y’all should know...

  97. sindos rashad

    sindos rashad8 days ago

    Damn 🔥 that’s all I gotta say smh

  98. Jessela1988

    Jessela19888 days ago

    Khloe was the other woman twice .... so I dunno what comes around goes around she should just get over it....

  99. c d

    c d8 days ago

    I hear gossip but I don't actually know the Kardashians Jenner's. I never watched one episode of theirs ever!

  100. Zebah Khair

    Zebah Khair8 days ago

    I actually made video called “Living like Jordyn woods for a day” please check it out (not trying to seem annoying just want to see if this works and if people actually find me funny) :)❤️❤️

  101. Tommy Johnny

    Tommy Johnny8 days ago

    We she on about lmao?