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Khalid - OTW ft. 6LACK, Ty Dolla $ign (Official Music Video)


  1. Africa Showcase

    Africa Showcase2 hours ago

    I love this, no mixing of cultures just us! but they will attack me in the comments.

  2. Sudheesh Vkm

    Sudheesh Vkm2 hours ago

    Love ❤❤song

  3. Fashionablykat

    Fashionablykat6 hours ago

    Low key had a dresser set like that one in the room with the girls... just say'n.

  4. Kathy Redd

    Kathy Redd6 hours ago


  5. Kathy Redd

    Kathy Redd6 hours ago

    hey dud

  6. Waleed Malick

    Waleed Malick7 hours ago

    Who here wishes 6lack had all three verses?

  7. Nuno Da Silva

    Nuno Da Silva7 hours ago

    Same Girl from Humble Clip The song is a smooth vibe, well done 🌶️🌶️🌶️

  8. Gaming OnTheMoney

    Gaming OnTheMoney7 hours ago

    Tell me Khalid doesn't look like Jaylen Brown

  9. Jonathan Orr

    Jonathan Orr7 hours ago

    i Love the way Ty says snack lmao

  10. Blair Kipp

    Blair Kipp9 hours ago

    It's a Porsche not a Vette I confess ima flex till they show some respect 🔥🔥


    SON STEAM9 hours ago


  12. jowtag

    jowtag9 hours ago

    2:26 those jeans fit her too damn good

  13. Marths Ledbetter

    Marths Ledbetter10 hours ago

    Cooking my 2018 Thanksgiving dinner and rocking my music with the hubby I have a lot to be THANKFUL FOR THANK YOU GOD FOR MY FAMILY & FRIENDS .🙏🙏🦃

  14. its_ nobody

    its_ nobody10 hours ago


  15. liquidpersuasion

    liquidpersuasion13 hours ago

    1:01 why is that dude using a sidekick like it's 2005???

  16. Nicki NoWorries

    Nicki NoWorries14 hours ago

    Put it in drive I'll be outside I'll be on the way! 😍💗😍

  17. JagGgy R

    JagGgy R15 hours ago

    6lack's part is my personal fav!!

  18. Ari TM

    Ari TM16 hours ago

    6lack 💕💕

  19. zara guastva

    zara guastva16 hours ago

    6lack sound so good😍

  20. Kiara Miller

    Kiara Miller18 hours ago


  21. Gabby Sariya

    Gabby Sariya20 hours ago

    I'm in Love with this Song Damm it Repeat button broke😂

  22. Toni Weber

    Toni Weber20 hours ago

    So throw back this video S/O to the 90s

  23. Toni Weber

    Toni Weber20 hours ago

    Love it how it's like they on the juke box

  24. O Carter

    O Carter21 hour ago

    6lack dancing...rare to see but cute.

  25. Subhajeet Kundu

    Subhajeet Kundu23 hours ago

    Listening this song in the winters at a night drive in a bridge with windows open would be heavenly

  26. Coraline Exe

    Coraline Exe23 hours ago

    6lack is a genius. It has all the vibes. I was all week rewinding in that part of the song to listen to it again and again.

  27. Maleena Gomez

    Maleena GomezDay ago

    When that 6lack verse comes in I just die everytime

  28. Depressed Guy

    Depressed GuyDay ago

    Love the part when 6BLACK raps! damn that shit is smooth!!!

  29. iam k.barbee

    iam k.barbeeDay ago

    Im only here cuz I saw my name. vid by the way

  30. Love

    LoveDay ago

    This a whole vibe!!!!

  31. mamasita nena

    mamasita nenaDay ago

    6lack killed it I love it

  32. Imani Parker

    Imani ParkerDay ago

    Y they look like all the gay cusions at the cook out tryin not to show they real gay side to the uncles at the party

  33. Gift suphatcha

    Gift suphatchaDay ago


  34. cas bae

    cas baeDay ago

    :hey where are you? can you please fast there? the party are starting!! meanwhile you: *opens your phone in 6:00 pm* *you replied* : I'll be OTW (but you need to take shower )

  35. Tay_is_Bae76 Miller

    Tay_is_Bae76 MillerDay ago


  36. Suzan Zimmermann

    Suzan ZimmermannDay ago


  37. jomat4678

    jomat4678Day ago

    What a stupid fucking song..

  38. Sally Masri

    Sally MasriDay ago

    Khalid is such an underrated singer

  39. Logan Hellickson

    Logan HellicksonDay ago

    me when i get a million dollarsXD

  40. Game On

    Game OnDay ago

    One of the Best "Chill Rap" I know for now A huge respect to the association between those guys ( Khalid, Ty Dolla $ign, and 6lack), It's one of the best "American Raps" I've ever heard !!! A mix between Young Thug and Future (when he sings "You Da Baddest") Nothing can stop'em they all the way up, all the way up ! Lit !!!

  41. Dewan Sukhoo

    Dewan SukhooDay ago

    Meet at five I gonna be online I be all day 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  42. J&B covers

    J&B coversDay ago


  43. Kim Lloyd-moss

    Kim Lloyd-mossDay ago

    Such a wicked tune love it ♥️

  44. Yahya Don Yee Muhammad

    Yahya Don Yee MuhammadDay ago

    This definitely bump!!!

  45. Nxumqueen Phayo

    Nxumqueen PhayoDay ago

    3:03 thou😍😍😍Khali style

  46. Nxumqueen Phayo

    Nxumqueen PhayoDay ago

    I love you Khalid!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😚😚😚😘😘😙😙#biggest fan thou

  47. harjit puaar

    harjit puaarDay ago

    Absolute banger 😂 🔥🔥

  48. Melacca Dickens

    Melacca DickensDay ago

    I love this song, some reason i love 6LACK PART MORE!!!

  49. Nicoletta Lutter

    Nicoletta LutterDay ago

    Amazing ❤️

  50. fuck you

    fuck youDay ago

    Who's the main girl I seen her in a Kendrick Lamar video

  51. Alicia Baeza

    Alicia BaezaDay ago

    I lov África....

  52. Angeline Bena

    Angeline BenaDay ago

    When you look at Khalid a long time and you forget what The Weekend looks like

  53. Elena Andeme

    Elena AndemeDay ago

    M gusta la cancion ok

  54. GÃ¥ss

    GÃ¥ss2 days ago

    Khalid❤️❤️ 6LACK🔥🔥 Ty dollar $ign😑

  55. Subhajeet Kundu

    Subhajeet Kundu2 days ago

    Khalid is the black version of The Weeknd

  56. Kaizoku Ho Ni

    Kaizoku Ho NiDay ago

    So the Weeknd isn't black ??? Oh shit, i knew i had problems with my eyes

  57. king McD's

    king McD's2 days ago

    Deez cats ugly for the dance in 0:20

  58. Skjoldborg

    Skjoldborg2 days ago

    Why are there no White people in this video? Racists. If it was a White video, the law makes us add Black people. Double Standards. Black Privilege.

  59. Ankur Banskar

    Ankur Banskar2 days ago

    Too good

  60. JaNaya TV

    JaNaya TV2 days ago

    Khalid killin it in the beginning

  61. anu nawarange

    anu nawarange2 days ago


  62. Tina

    Tina2 days ago

    Good song.

  63. Gwendolyn Logan

    Gwendolyn Logan2 days ago

    6lacks part was valid asfff i kept replying

  64. RoyalBeast17

    RoyalBeast172 days ago

    Why is Jalen Brown singing???

  65. Aisha Bogan

    Aisha Bogan2 days ago

    Love you Khalid!!! 😚😙😍😘😊

  66. Louva Diez

    Louva Diez2 days ago

    finally a clip of black people who value black women. more is needed thanks guys

  67. jamisonandreaaj

    jamisonandreaaj16 hours ago


  68. Louva Diez

    Louva Diez18 hours ago

    Gabby Sariya ❣️

  69. Gabby Sariya

    Gabby Sariya20 hours ago

    Exactly I bet of course there request like use to be in 90's where we had control of our ish 🙄 Black Goddess Queen They know passion. T.M.H.🌬️ shout out to all Queens around the world. 😘 All love 🌬️

  70. Louva Diez

    Louva DiezDay ago

    Jennifer Rojas lmao ok 😂

  71. Selena beauty and vlogs Hernandez

    Selena beauty and vlogs HernandezDay ago

    Omg if anyone says anything that’s not even offensive people are gonna start being a troll

  72. Marty B

    Marty B2 days ago

    This is my Favorite Song & Video...❤❤❤❤❤

  73. Alina Salazar

    Alina Salazar2 days ago

    Who loves this song

  74. Alina Salazar

    Alina Salazar2 days ago

    This is the best song that I heard in my hole life

  75. Susen Harry

    Susen Harry2 days ago

    This song is so smooth

  76. Keoni Chun

    Keoni Chun2 days ago

    Not to bad I have playing this at my house so much times

  77. Kotsios Apollwn

    Kotsios Apollwn2 days ago

    Na, na, na, na, ooh Oh, no, oh, ayy Put it in drive, I'll be outside, I'll be on the way I'll be on the way You can meet me in five, I'll be online, I'll be a-all day I'll be a-all day Put it in drive, I'll be outside, I'll be on the way I'll be on the way You can meet me in five, I'll be online, I'll be a-all day I'll be a-all day Yeah, yeah, yeah This the type of shit that you been waiting all year for Back in town for a minute, if you with it (yeah) Got a lot of time, I just need somewhere to spend it I just press a button and the top go missing I kept the slip so you know it's not rented, yeah, oh, oh What you wanna do? Worried 'bout your friends, they saw you this afternoon I been reading your mind No fair, but you gotta let me know I'm all ears and I got a lot of room in my whip If you wanna take it there, I'm on my way Put it in drive, I'll be outside, I'll be on the way I'll be on the way You can meet me in five, I'll be online, I'll be a-all day I'll be a-all day Put it in drive, I'll be outside, I'll be on the way I'll be on the way You can meet me in five, I'll be online, I'll be a-all day I'll be a-all day Drop top the Porsche, put that bitch in sport Out here in the field, oh yeah (yeah) I'm already here, yeah Come outside, looking like a snack Hurry up, get in, hell yeah (yeah) Come with me on this mission Riding down the coast (ooh yeah) I want that for sure (ooh yeah) You say, "Play Khalid" (ooh yeah) I say, "Pass the weed" (ooh yeah) Pull up to the crib, oh Said you've never been before Put you in Provocateur Girl, I made you mi amor You said you left your ex, that dude was always gassy You said before me, you ain't never been this happy You took an L with him and winning ever since (ever since) You hit my phone, I'm on my way, I cancel plans, yeah, yeah Put it in drive, I'll be outside, I'll be on the way I'll be on the way You can meet me in five, I'll be online, I'll be a-all day I'll be a-all day Put it in drive, I'll be outside, I'll be on the way I'll be on the way You can meet me in five, I'll be online, I'll be a-all day I'll be a-all day You tryna make a move, tonight I got the time Tell me what you wanna do Call the squad if you wanna rendezvous They gon' push up on it, on it, I only got room for two From the 'jects on the set, it's a Porsche, not a 'Vette, I confess, I'ma flex Ayy, show some respect Get away so we can make sense of your life You was in park but I just put your shit in drive Now coast like there's no tomorrow Moving too fast, I'm hoping to drive slow (yeah) I don't want you to wonder where I go Can learn a lot from this and it's something that I know Put it in drive, I'll be outside, I'll be on the way I'll be on the way You can meet me in five, I'll be online, I'll be a-all day I'll be a-all day Put it in drive, I'll be outside, I'll be on the way I'll be on the way You can meet me in five, I'll be online, I'll be a-all day I'll be a-all day

  78. Maria da Conceicao de Almeida

    Maria da Conceicao de Almeida2 days ago

    não encontrei o recado que enviou para mim.

  79. Justine Röseler

    Justine Röseler2 days ago

    Love this...

  80. Doğa Değirmenci

    Doğa Değirmenci2 days ago

    My favourite is 'Call the squad if you wanna rendezvous'part

  81. Deandra Joshua

    Deandra Joshua2 days ago 💦🇹🇹🔥

  82. Jozueiro

    Jozueiro2 days ago

    umtiti de zagueiro do Barcelona, ainda por cima canta muito. kkkk

  83. Kara Marie Frederick

    Kara Marie Frederick3 days ago

    What a grinder

  84. stxy fxded

    stxy fxded3 days ago

    First makes "Location" Then makes "otw"

  85. Len Hatsune

    Len Hatsune3 days ago

    I love the 6LACK's part. 😚😚

  86. The Drifting Sea

    The Drifting Sea3 days ago

    Can't stop replayin

  87. devin mentley

    devin mentley3 days ago

    soooo smooth flow like water.done up in a big way.

  88. Ashley Jacques

    Ashley Jacques3 days ago

    6lack sounds exactly like adam levine...who agrees

  89. Alyssa Nichole Neal

    Alyssa Nichole Neal3 days ago


  90. FTjack AoE7AoT

    FTjack AoE7AoT3 days ago

    God, I'm only 21 but seeing Khalid makes me feel so old.

  91. Daivon Smith

    Daivon Smith3 days ago

    Ty Dolla Sign for Sure 💯💯💯💯

  92. ryan ng

    ryan ng3 days ago

    talk all those thing to trash others for what, some more like not even nice to heard it, why don't just quit friendly and trash them up.

  93. hamood aidroos

    hamood aidroos3 days ago

    6lack made the song holly shit what a voice

  94. PK LaSure

    PK LaSure3 days ago

    2:11 u said u left that dude that dude was always gassy

  95. ใคร วะ

    ใคร วะ3 days ago


  96. The Denfition Of EPIC

    The Denfition Of EPIC3 days ago

    i dont like black people but i like this song

  97. hoopbutts fantana

    hoopbutts fantana2 days ago

    You're a cunt

  98. teno_drew

    teno_drew3 days ago

    Can you picture you and your boys doing something like that with a straight face?🤣...dope song ✌️

  99. whau

    whau3 days ago


  100. Brooklyn Twiggy Marie

    Brooklyn Twiggy Marie3 days ago

    Plot twist:6lack and Khalid trade verses?!(:

  101. Nyran Hamilton

    Nyran Hamilton3 days ago


  102. Shuo Li

    Shuo Li3 days ago


  103. Tiara Ivy

    Tiara Ivy3 days ago

    The theme of this music video got me even more shook than the song wth😦

  104. Jasmine Taylor

    Jasmine Taylor3 days ago

    imagine khalid and layton greene... i c o n i c .

  105. oscar p

    oscar p3 days ago


  106. 003 Jungleboy

    003 Jungleboy3 days ago


  107. Aryanna Burns

    Aryanna Burns3 days ago

    I LOVE 6lack